Best Air Mattress Repair Patch Kit

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1. Mattress Swimming Inflatable Plastic Deflate

Mattress Swimming Inflatable Plastic Deflate

Money back guarantee or satisfaction? The pool patch repair kit can be used to make quick and easy repairs. The deflate tubes make the pool deflate faster. It is easier to fit into the budget than a new pool. Saving your products and money is not the only thing you can do. It's reliable. The repair patches are made of high strength material. It is transparent and durable. There are wide applications. It's suitable for repairing a leak on a swimming pool, bounce house, inflatable boat, inflatable raft, air mattresses, air bed, above ground pool, pool tube, pool float, inflatable ride-ons, inflatable sofa, waterproof bag, balloons, inflatable toys, and other inflatables Bring you a lot of convenience. It is easy to use, just stick on the patch and apply pressure to make it stick firmly. The package includes 5 pieces of plastic vinyl pool patches and 2 pieces of deflating tubes. It is possible to cut the required size upon a hole or puncture.

Brand: 10leccion

👤I have a blow up mattress that has a hole in it. I bought these to fix the hole, but they are not very strong for that kind of mattress. I'm sure it would be great on a regular plastic mattress, but it has a texture that the glue can't stick to. In the middle of the night, I find myself on a deflated mattress.

👤I used it on my air mattress, which has a very small hole, and it is still losing air. Don't use an air mattress that has deep bumps.

👤Put air in the mattress after applying one patch. The mattress was low again within 24 hours. The patch was tested and found to be leaking around it. No effort was made to remove the patch. The peeling process started with my finger nail. It looked like there was very little glue on the patch. I went to Lowe's and bought a few more patches.

👤I would wake up on the ground because we had a slow leak on the queen air mattress. The instructions were followed, but the glue wouldn't patch the hole. I assumed it worked, but after laying on it, I noticed a slow leak. We filled it up several times throughout the night after two people were on it. I think this product doesn't work well on air mattresses with grooves because the hole was in between the grooves.

👤It lasted one use. I followed all the instructions. The first night was great, and the next night was not as good. It was tried again. Same result.

👤You definitely need extra glue, it doesn't stick very well.

👤The patches were bought for an air mattress.

👤Es fcil de colocar pero fue cuestin de tiempo.

👤Use para reparar un Alberca. Funcion a la perfeccin.

2. Coglans Plastic Rubber Repair Kit

Coglans Plastic Rubber Repair Kit

The complete package includes an air mattress for car, inflatable air pillows, children safety baffle, electric air pump, repair patch, and a storage bag. Any vinyl, plastic or soft rubber item can be repaired on the spot. For on the spot repair of soft rubber items. There is a rubber patch of 2.25" x 3.25". There are four rubber patches that are 1.25" x 1.25". Cement,.30 ounces. oz. There is 1 metal rasp.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤My cat bit my inflatable queen size mattress. I used one patch and it saved my mattress. It has been enough for an adult to sleep for 20 days.

👤Didn't stick or seal. The Excersise ball was leaking and patches were falling off. They are too thick to use. I had better luck shutting the hole with superglue.

👤It was bought to make repairs on sleeping pads and tents. They will get you out of a jam but are not a long-term solution.

👤I have a cheap pair of rubber boots. I thought I would save money by cutting my boots with this kit. I followed the directions twice. The patches stuck to the boot. The glue does not adhere.

👤My husband's boots had a crack. The patch came loose after a while. I reapplied the glue and it came loose. I think I will try a tire innertube repair kit.

👤It does not stick to my blowup mattress if I follow the directions to a T. If you need to repair something, invest in something that is more expensive.

👤I used this on my son's waders. Great for his hunting gear. We took less than 5 minutes to fix it. Will buy again.

👤This was used to patch a large hole in the inflatable sofa. The hole was large enough for me to put a patch inside and glue another patch to it. I put more glue around the edges of the patch and let it sit overnight. After 3 uses, it has held air.

👤It was able to patch my 15 year old rubber 'Le Chameau' Wellingtons which had cracked in a few places. The patches were there for a few weeks. It was worth a try.

👤I was trying to get a large sheet of thick, green, rubber from the advertised product, which was called "Coglan's Plastic or Rubber Repair Kit (860BP)". I received the "Coghlan's Vinyl and Rubber Repair Kit", which does not contain the green rubber sheet, but instead two orange/brown patches, which is a typical for bicycle repair kits. The two rubber patches are very large, and the glue tube seems to be too much for them. The kit is ok, but it's not the right one. The product shown on the photo at has the same manufacturer's ID# as the one I noticed on the actually shipped product. This means that Coghlan's is mixing things up in a bad way.

👤This is for small tears. There are two rubber repair patches, one is a small circle and the other is a small rectangle. This kit is only used for small cuts, because the instructions say that 50% of the surface should have glue on it.

👤Ich ist die Produkt gekauft, um die Gummistiefel abzudichten. Ihren Anleitung ist die Flicken, aber das ist die Stunden Nutzung. Leider ist das Produkt. The Hndler ist bei der Reklamation kmmert und bei Mail-Nachfragen.

👤Exactly what I needed. There is a small kit to add to the camping repair kit.

3. HLOGREE Repair Patches Swimming Inflatable

HLOGREE Repair Patches Swimming Inflatable

A lot of convenience can be brought to your daily life by using these air mattresses pool patches in inflatable products such as air mattresses, inflatable boats, trampolines, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, beach balls, swimming pool, inflatable toys, etc. You will get 3 pieces kayak patches and 2 Rolls patches Raft Patch, which are sufficient to meet your repair needs, or can be applied as preparation to store at home. The material is high-quality. The kayak patches Raft Patch is made of a light material and is easy to prepare in a boat. Hlogre is a good choice for repairing inflatable items, saving your time and efforts. It's easy to use. You only need to cut the patch into the shape you want. Stick it with glue. Use their tools to squeeze out the bubbles. If possible, apply weight to the patch and wait 24 hours to reach full strength. Hlogre boat repair patches are puncture and tearing resistant and will serve you well for a long time. You can contact them directly if you have a question. You need to stick it with glue and not the glue that's not included.

Brand: Hlogree

4. 3 Inches 20 Inches Waterproof Exercise Inflatable

3 Inches 20 Inches Waterproof Exercise Inflatable

It is easy to peel and slice. This vinyl and fabric ripstop tape makes it easy to repair different surfaces. It's easy to install and conform to any surface type. The person is a ring-resistant. This heavy-duty waterproof transparent tape makes sure that whatever you patch won't rip again. It bonds to a lot of things. There is no application. The best way to patch holes on tents, exercise ball, kayak, inflatable bed, sofa, and pool float is with this vinyl repair tape. It does not require sewing or glue. There is a weatherpROOF. The clear tent repair tape is weather resistant and will not be affected by harsh sunlight or heavy rain. It works well against heat, rain, and UV. When exposed to intense heat, the patch doesn't turn gummy. Any place. It's a transparent patch tape that blends perfectly on all surfaces. Don't compromise your style by keeping your furniture intact.

Brand: X Fasten

👤It worked well to repair the puncture in my air mattress. It's very easy to use. It was easy. I would be on to something if it could tell me where the second tiny hole is.

👤It worked perfectly to stop the leak.

👤I needed to patch a hole in a sleeping pad, but it wouldn't adhere. It's still attached, but the air finds a small leak. I will be trying to layer them. The material is vinyl, but it has a fabric-like feel.

👤I bought this product early in the summer to have on hand for any pool inflatables that might have a hole. I was happy to have a repair kit on hand after my pool toy got a small puncture. I spent 30 minutes trying to remove the repair tape from the backing, but it was not possible. It has been in my air-conditioned home for the entire time, so no heat damage or anything like that. I normally wouldn't have a problem with long nails. I am unable to repair the tube because it is too late to get a refund. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it.

👤I bought this to fix my exercise ball. I bought this because it was stated in the description that it was good for pool inflatables. When the ball has external pressure applied, the patch didn't seal it. I put a 50lb weight on the patch after cleaning the area around the hole. Application wasn't the problem. I gave it two stars because I think it's enough to seal a flat surface that has a tear and prevent it from tearing more. It's not enough for inflatables that you intend on putting weight on.

👤I bought this to fix my RV cover. I have had it on for 3 weeks and it is holding up well, but has turned yellow. If someone needs it to stay clear, this is not for you. I cut the corners to make it harder to peel off. This seems to be helping. I will update the review if it ends up peeling off.

👤The tape was great. I didn't want to cover up the spine of my mom's bible with duct tape because the front cover had started to tear. This was easy to work with. It took me a while to get the tape out of the backing. I couldn't find a place to pull it away. It was tacky and worked better than I had expected.

👤This is a heavy tape with extra glue. If you can hide the repair, it will work, but it will be much heavier than if it was visible. I think it will be less expensive.

👤It was damp when we took the gazebo cover down. I left the deck for an hour to dry, but I didn't see the acorn under it. The squirrel chewed a hole in the cover. This product was used to repair the hole when we put up the cover, just had two days of very wet and very windy weather. I am very pleased and impressed. Great product. This product has far exceeded my expectations after a whole summer of exceptional heat. The gazebo cover was saved. Excellent product.

5. Self Adhesive Plastic Mattresses Swimming Inflatable

Self Adhesive Plastic Mattresses Swimming Inflatable

The operation advice is to make sure the bonding area is dry, clean and flat, otherwise it will affect the waterproof effect. The plastic repair sheet can be used to repair holes on inflatable items without leaving obvious repair marks. The repair patches are made from a reliable material that is water resistant and can serve you for a long time. It's easy to do, just clean the surface near the crack and keep it dry, then apply the patch to the target area, then paste repair tape, please lay aside about 30 minutes. The patch's size is appropriate. The plastic repair patch can be trimmed into various shapes or sizes to meet your needs, and it is portable and helpful in your daily life. An effective way to repair inflatable products is to use a practical repair kit, which can fix holes in inflatable items without leaving a noticeable repair trace. You can use them to repair your inflatable watering products, such as inflatable boat, raft, kayak, canoe, toys, inflatable sofa and more, bringing much convenience to you.

Brand: Outus

👤Per la riparazione dei fori, perfetti.

6. Inflatable Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Mattresses

Inflatable Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Mattresses

The plastic repair patches can be sued for repairing inflatable beds, inflatable boats, inflatable cushions, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, beach balls, sleeping bags, inflatable toys and more. The patches are made from reliable material. They are reliable and practical to support a long time service. These waterproof patch repair kits are easy to use, you just need to clean the surface near the crack and cut the shapes you want, no sewing skills or ironing required. The size of the air mattresses pool patch is approx. 6 x 6 cm/ 2.36 x 2.36 inch, transparent backing paper is approx. It can provide you with a quick and immediate way to repair flaws or holes on different inflatable products, the corresponding size can be trimmed according to actual needs. There are more applications waiting you to find out, because these flexible TPU patch can be applied in many types of inflatable products. There are 30 pieces of durable repair patch sets for you to choose, sufficient quantity to meet your daily use and replacement, you can also share them with your friends if you need them, TPU repair patch can fix holes in your inflatable items effectively without leaving a noticeable repair trace.

Brand: Outus

👤I brought these. They are very durable and perfect size. I made my little ball pit into a splash pool. My tub was peeling bad. I used small patches to stop the spread of peeling in my tub. They are heavy duty and water resistant.

👤Their clear, all different sizes, worked well.

👤It could work on a flat surface. Not working on the corner.

7. Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Green Type

Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Green Type

The package has dimensions of:0.25" x 9.14". TEAR-AID repair patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. TEAR-AID repair patches are made from a tough, matt finish and resistant to puncture and tearing. Only vinyl and vinyl-coated material can be used for the repair patch. The oils in vinyl cause the glue to turn gummy and lose its bond. The Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches block the oils found in vinyl and result in a long lasting repair. The TEAR-AID patch is UV resistant and can work on any color. It has no sewing, no mess, and instant adhesion. The patch will not turn gummy in high heat. The patch kit contains a 3' x 12' TEAR-AID Patch that cuts easily with scissors to any size, and a 12' Reinforcement Filament for repairing tears at edges. TEAR-AID repair patches are made in the U.S.A. Prepare to be a hero by keeping TEAR-AID handy. Don't throw it away.

Brand: Tear-aid

👤The backside of the tear should be patched with another patch. Rub the entire patch. So. This product cannot be used to fix any inflatable item that is indicated to fix. We would need to cut the inflatable open to apply the second patch. That would cause another big tear. That's what it's being said. Only one side worked.

👤I bought this product to cover the tears on my table. I applied this product on a day I wasn't using the table. The alcohol cleaner was used to clean the areas. I applied the tape. I wouldn't call it clear, it was very visible when applied. It looked like I had tape on my table. The small tears it covered slowly grew and spread outside of the tape, and it did not take long for this tape to peel up around the edges. What the heck! I pulled the tape off because it looked worse than cracks. I think this product could work on something that isn't being used at all or something that doesn't stretch, but it didn't do anything. Next, I will buy a glue-style product.

👤My son put a big one, which was an inch and a half tall by an inch wide. The Thermarest base camp sleeping pad only costs $80 and you can use it once. This is the right patch for vinyl. I was concerned that the thermarest wasn't completely flat and that the tear was large. I didn't patch the tear before applying this. Here's what's positive about this. I was supposed to have the patch extend an inch past the tear in all directions, but it was not in the instructions. The instructions say you can overlap the patches. So far, so good. The patch is holding up. I blew the pad up with my mouth because I didn't have air pressure inside. It's been held so far. My son slept on the pad next to our bed last night and I spent some time sitting on it and the patch was holding. I deflated the pad and then inflated it. So far, so good. This is a good product so far. I have half of it, as well as the two small puncture patches that came with it. I'll probably buy another and add it to my camping kit. I have a good feeling that it will hold up on this ridiculous tear.

👤I needed this product along with another vinyl product repair kit to fix a 4 person vinyl raft. It took 24 hours to cure, but the glue was instant. If you prepare the surface as instructed, make sure the edges are rounded. The edges were not raised up or stuck.

👤This stuff saves people. My husband bought a bounce house for the littles to play in during the bicyle. One of our teens fell in it and ripped one of the anchors out, despite being told not to. We had it for a day. I told them not to worry and watched some videos on repair on the internet. The day was saved when the tape arrived. This stuff is amazing. The hole was repaired and my littles are bouncing their hearts out again. Great product! You saved us! We are very thankful. If you have a bounce house years are gone, I can't say enough about this. This is a must buy now. It will save the day for you as well.

8. Outus Self Adhesive Swimming Inflatable Products

Outus Self Adhesive Swimming Inflatable Products

It's easy to use, just cut the patch into the shape you want, apply it to the target area, and press the area with heavy things for several minutes to achieve better results. The plastic repair patch can be easily trimmed into various shapes or sizes to meet your needs, a must-have for your daily life. The vinyl repair patches are made of a good material that is firm to use, non-toxic, and long lasting, so they can be used for a long time. Plastic repair patch can fix holes in your inflatable items effectively without leaving a noticeable repair trace, if you choose a large quantity of sets. You can use them to repair your inflatable watering products, such as inflatable boat, raft, kayak, canoe, water toys, inflatable sofa and more.

Brand: Outus

👤I was worried about using a self-repair kit, but I thought I would give it a chance to work out. The hardest part is getting the backing off of the patch, however after doing a few I got it down and repaired the pool toys. Make sure the repair area is clean and dry and stick on the damaged area. It fixed the items in minutes and did not have to worry about glue drying up. Very happy.

👤I used these patches to repair the inflatable swimming pool. I used a knife to remove the patch. The patches permanently stuck to the pool surface after I cleaned the damaged surface. They sealed it right away. No wait time, no mess, the best product to seal your pool. Reliable, durable and permanent! I'm 100% satisfied!

👤Not as sticky as other patches. I use a vinyl air ring on the Intex pool to slow air leaks. This patch does not stick to the body of the pool like other patches have. It is almost like they are old and hard. I gave it 4 stars because it is working on the air ring, but would not buy again or recommend it.

👤I would give no stars. They were bought to fix a water tube. They did not have any instructions at all. After cleaning with alcohol, one of the papers was pulled off and stuck to the punctured area. All of 30 seconds. These are not inches.

👤They had no stick to them. Went to buy some Flex tape. They won't stick to your finger when you peel them off the sticker. I read reviews and thought it worked well. I wouldn't tell others to buy.

👤These are not for a float tube or something that needs a heavier duty patch. They are very light and flimsy. I smothered the thing with marine goop. It would never work on its own.

👤I sit at a table with arthritis and do a lot of cooking. I use a tablecloth. I get holes in the tablecloth when my knife finds the edge of the cutting board. I like these patches. They are so thin that they don't come up like tape does on the edges. They are perfect for what I was looking for, but maybe not the outdoor water/pool/inflatable purpose.

👤My son and I use a blow up pool on our porch. I don't know if the cat walked across the bottom. There were small tears on the bottom of the pool. I used these patches and they were very easy to put over the tears. I didn't have to put one patch on each side of the liner. These patches have held up. There have been no leaks. These will work if you need to patch anything.

9. Inflatable Self Adhesive Patches Swimming Mattresses

Inflatable Self Adhesive Patches Swimming Mattresses

The boat repair patches are easy to use and will serve you well for a long time. The inflatable patch repair kits are made of TPU material, they are very durable, water resistant and not easy to break, and can be applied for a long time. Because of their self-adhesive design on the back, you only need to clean the surface near the crack and keep them dry to use these square shape repair patches. The size of each patch measures approx. The pool repair patch is square and can be easily trimmed into various shapes or sizes to meet your different needs, it is portable and helpful to your daily life. There are 50 pieces durable repair patch sets for you to choose, sufficient quantity to meet your daily use and replacement, you can also share them with your friends if you need them. A lot of convenience can be brought to your daily life by using these air mattresses pool patches in inflatable products such as air mattresses, inflatable boats, trampolines, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, beach balls, swimming pool, inflatable toys, etc.

Brand: Outus

👤2 of these were used to patch a small leak in my water mattress. It is much easier to patch and tube cement. I cleaned and dried the area after adhering very well. You don't need a tube of cement to dry up. Very happy so far, and may find other uses for them.

10. Taoanlo Bike Patch Repair Portable

Taoanlo Bike Patch Repair Portable

Their patches can be used to repair inflatable products, such as inflatable products, swimming pool, beach balls, sleeping bags and more. They will make your life easier. If you are a cyclist, the bicycle patch kit is more suitable for you because it is longer lasting and durable. Whether it is pierced by nails or sharp glass shards, the bicycle patch kit could solve the problem. Simple and convenient. The introduction of how to use it can be found in the bicycle patch kit. 3PCS metal file and 2PCS lever are included in the tool kit, which is easy for you to remove the inner tube and provide assistance during repairing. The box of accessories for the bike tire patch repair kit is light enough that you can put it in your pocket. The bike tire patch repair kit is widely used. The team is committed to 100% satisfactory service. Please let them know if you are dissatisfied. Will replace or refunds immediately.

Brand: Taoanlo

👤A lot of the patches I've used don't hold on the inner tube after a month and they break.

👤Don't buy it just for the tire levers. The first time I used them, they broke. The instructions are easy to follow and the rest of the kit is of decent quality. For now, it seems that the patch is holding up, but it will be updated later about how well it holds up.

👤I don't like that you make me type in this box.

👤This is the best combination package because the purchase arrived on time and worked. I can put it in my bike kit.

👤This is very easy to use and I have used it to fix 3 sets of bicycle tires.

👤Not sure what to say. A bike tire is fixed.

👤I left the patch on for 24 hours and the glue didn't hold.

11. Maifede Bicycle Portable Motorcycle Inflatable

Maifede Bicycle Portable Motorcycle Inflatable

Any place. It's a transparent patch tape that blends perfectly on all surfaces. Don't compromise your style by keeping your furniture intact. The Unparalleled Patch Kit is easy to use and has large and small inner tube punctures. It can be used for perfect repair if it is pierced by nails or glass shards. Maifede Vulcanizing Patch is a professional repair tool. The correct method can make the Vulcanizing Patch and the inner tube fuse permanent. How to use it correctly? The area must be larger than the patch area if you want to cover the puncture hole. Wait 1-2 minutes, then paste the Vulcanizing Patch, use a rubber hammer or wooden stick to hit the patch to exhaust the internal air, and use it after it is fully dried. The 25PCS patch, 2PCS fluid, and 4PCS swatch are integrated in a beautiful box for easy use. Maifede team is committed to 100% satisfactory service. Please let them know if you are dissatisfied. Will replace or refunds immediately.

Brand: Maifede

👤The purchase was great. There should be a lot of patches here for at least a season or two. It was nice to see so many patches available, I'm that cyclist that will patch the same tube 6-7 times. It looks like a tube of cement will cover me all season long. My secret is to use lots of rubber cement so you don't have to worry about dry patches. When you get three flats in two miles, the patches in my kit and extra tube are of great use. This purchase was very happy with. It's hard to come by in these times.

👤Money was wasted on a product that is not good.

👤Even though I received only 24 patches, I still have doubts as to whether the single tube of glue provided will be enough. Do anyone really need four sandpaper swatch for cleaning, I would think two of them would suffice, if not for the fact that it is easy to get sandpaper if not for this. The free return for any reason, in new and unused, for either a new kit or full refund seems more reasonable.

👤The product fixed the leak after we had a puncture in one of our bike tires. The product was easy to use and the instructions were easy to read. I applied the patch three months ago and it is still holding up. We've used patch kits from other manufacturers and none have stopped a leak, this one did! I followed all the instructions to get the T. This patch kit is very good.

👤It is easy to work with the patches. You only stick on the kind that I trust more.

👤There are a lot of patches. The inner tube needs a lot of sandpaper to be cleaned. You will probably have to buy more cement. The cement will dry up in a few weeks after you crack a tube. It is a good value. I can't say how good the patches are. I think they are ok. There are no flats yet.

👤I have a lot of yard equipment around here. I don't want to get a stump grinder or a tiller only to find it has a flat. These things have helped me keep track of my lawn work. I would buy them again.

👤I tried many times to make this product work. My bike tires still leak.


What is the best product for air mattress repair patch kit?

Air mattress repair patch kit products from 10leccion. In this article about air mattress repair patch kit you can see why people choose the product. Coghlan's and Hlogree are also good brands to look for when you are finding air mattress repair patch kit.

What are the best brands for air mattress repair patch kit?

10leccion, Coghlan's and Hlogree are some of the best brands that chosen by people for air mattress repair patch kit. Find the detail in this article. X Fasten, Outus and Tear-aid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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