Best Car Bumper Repair Kit

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1. GOOACC Removal Upholstery Remover Portable

GOOACC Removal Upholstery Remover Portable

The portable tire inflator come with a carry bag to store the full set. The noise decibel is reduced by 50%. Buy with a 2 year warranty. There are 19 different kinds of door panel removal tools, excellent for automotive, marine, furniture, and aircraft trim removal and installation. Their car tools are made of impact resistant nylon material and will not scratch or damage your car in the modification process. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. The auto tool kit has lightweight and easy handheld features which can be used for various interior and exterior car trimming. It's easy to steal. You can come with a pouch to store your tools. You won't worry about losing them. The package includes 11 disassemble tools, 2 release tools, 2 stereo removal tools, and 3 car terminal removal tools. There is a portable storage bag. The package includes 11 disassemble tools, 2 release tools, 2 stereo removal tools, and 3 car terminal removal tools. There is a portable storage bag.

Brand: Gooacc

👤This is not fair. This set is not new. I fixed one of them. Very cheap look. I don't like cheating. On the same day, I made another order of the same product.

👤These were bought for upcoming projects. There is a lot of tools for the money. I saw these and decided to try them out because I have more expensive tools. They were used on an older Ford truck door panel. There were no issues with chipping or breaking. I thought I was going to chip one of the tools since they are hard plastic. It did better than I had hoped. The case is very nice. The hard plastic tools are just hard plastic. I will rely on my specialty tools for the more serious work. The tools were better than I thought and as long as you are aware of what you are doing, they should be okay for light to medium duty work. Would recommend.

👤The set has a lot of tools and a nice case, but the trim pin removal tool bent after only a few uses. You get what you pay for, that's the old adage, while you get a ton of tools in here. If you are looking for a set of tools to do a few pieces of trim, this may be the one for you. You may want to invest in a quality American made tool.

👤I've used a set like this, but it didn't include all of the niche tools. No-mar plastic is great but too much force. You will break them. The two metal edging trim removal tools are better than the larger tool, but it is an inch too long for a nifty case. Since the case is not a heavy duty one most likely the edge will be ripped by the business end of the tool. I swapped positions with the shorter of the two and used a bubble wrap around the pointed end. You can't go wrong with the price.

👤I'm a professional automotive technician and I also service and repair my own vehicles. This is the best set I've seen and used, and I have a few Harbor Freight brands. It has everything needed to repair external trim and molding, as well as interior trim and fasteners. I have used this set for many things. More tools are in this set than the leading brands, at a quarter of the price. The other brands do not have a case.

👤Most of the pieces in this kit are the same as your basic plastic knife. It's nice to have a separate slot for each one, but do you really need one? I use a larger Stanley parts holder to keep a selection of fastenings in the same place as the tools. I can just grab the box and go since everything is in one place. The tools seem like they're on par with others I've purchased, but they're too heavy and thin, and they break easily.

2. GOOACC GRC 30 Retainer Expansion Replacement

GOOACC GRC 30 Retainer Expansion Replacement

It has a 2. A very thick flexible insulator is used to make the cable. There are buttons on a computer. The Up and Down buttons allow for scrolling the menu and the Enter and Exit buttons allow for navigation. There are 4 hole sizes from 6.3Mm to 10mm. Push pin rivet for many brands of vehicles. The bumper clips are made of high-quality black nylon and would not break or crack easily. Push clips are widely used for trim panel clips, door trim clips, door Panel clips, bumper clips, fender clips, engine cover and splash shield retainers replacement. Telecom equipment, motor vehicles, domestic appliances, furniture and electrical equipment are some of the applications that it covers. The package includes a 6.3mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Bumper Push Rivet Clips. The package includes a 6.3mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Bumper Push Rivet Clips.

Brand: Gooacc

👤The tool broke when it was used on the first clip. I tried to get a refund, but it wasn't worth it. Stay away, what a ripoff!

👤The kit was bought for the compatible clip. Unless the lower engine cover is shaved down, this clip won't fit on the front lip of the Honda Odyssey. The outer dimensions are the same as the original, but the inner dimensions need to be shaved down. I cut my finger with a box cutter after shaving. Went to the Honda dealer to get the last two clips. It was a perfect fit with the Honda clip. The honda compatible clips are okay. The removal tool is useless. I had to remove some clips. I had to use a small flat head screw driver three times to open the stud tab. I use the included tool to pry open the clips, but it could be done with a bigger screw driver. There is a difference between the original and the after market clip.

👤Plastic screws were torn off the bumper plates after hitting some debris. I didn't know which size I needed, so I bought this set and put it back together. It's been two months and I'm still working well.

👤Most modern cars have plastic liners that are held in place with push screws. I recently noticed that a few of these had gone missing or were damaged. I searched Amazon for an assortment of auto parts and found it. The kit had everything I needed for my truck. Plastic bolts are less expensive than plastic ones, but they do not last as long. I don't know if failure of these fasteners will cause plastic parts of your car to fall off, but it's possible that they will cause weird noises.

👤It's a great alternative to factory clips. The kit and a screwdriver were all I needed to install the front bumper. I used 3 of the 6 different styled clips for the bumper. To attach the lower bumper attachment points, you had to first disassemble the new clips, insert the outer shell of the clip through the bumper, and then press in the inner retainer of the clip. It worked well and held it all securely. It's more important that they hold firmly so that's not a big concern, even though removing them could be difficult and they would probably break. The included tool was useful.

👤A nice set for the price. I have a Honda and have used some of the clips in areas where they were missing or have broken, but you have to realize that not all of them will fit on your car. You get nice quality tools with it. The tools in the kit are what I like the most. You get all the tools you need to remove panels without scratching the paint or interior. I have a set of plastic tools that I use a lot, but they can get beat up after being used a lot, so I always have another set. It's well worth the price to get various clips and tools that will be useful.

3. Plastic Welding Seesii Heating Repairing

Plastic Welding Seesii Heating Repairing

The package includes a plastic welding machine. * Outside Corner Staple, 50. If you have any questions, please contact them for the best solution. It is ideal for car repair. It's great for repairing cracked car bumpers. The unit, which resembles a hot glue gun or soldering gun, uses heat to put the included staple into the plastic, reinforcing the area as it repairs. You can fix damaged bumpers, save hard-to-replace interior trim, or do some custom work. This welding repair tool kit is designed to repair the plastic parts of the car, it will not hurt the surface of the automobile, very sturdy and keep a long service life. After repair, shock and torsion are resistant. The clip will not rust. There are different types of staplers included. The kit contains 400 staplers. The plastic welding gun has a motor that can quickly heat it up. It is more efficient than most machines on the market. It can save you a lot of time. The work light provides better visibility. The bright light can help in dark places. It includes a plastic welding gun, 400 x Staples, 1 x Pliers, 1 x Utility knife, and a suitcase for you. This kit can do the job if you just need to do a small repair. 247 friendly customer support keeps you away from after-sales worries. It includes a plastic welding gun, 400 x Staples, 1 x Pliers, 1 x Utility knife, and a suitcase for you. This kit can do the job if you just need to do a small repair. 247 friendly customer support keeps you away from after-sales worries.

Brand: Seesii

👤The only reviews I've seen are those people who received the kit for free. I bought it with my own money. I used it for the first time today. I made two thin plastic shoe totes. It worked well. Light handed is what you have to be. The welder gets hot fast. I believe it will work well on thicker plastic. I will update with photos later. The smoothing attachment is missing from the kit. I haven't been able to get in touch with the seller about the missing attachment. P.S. The staple nubs need to be flushed. You will need a Dremel for grinding. No wire cutter will do it. The cheap wire cutter that comes with it.

👤This thing is the best. Fixing plastic saved a lot of money. I have fixed large cracks. It takes a fast job if the wire gets hot very quickly.

👤This is a good investment to make when fixing plastic parts. I saved a lot of money by fixing my plastic stuff with this device.

👤I haven't tried it yet but I think it will work well.

👤This really works. Save me from buying more body parts.

👤This thing is awesome. I have a plastic welder that is more like a heat gun with a small nozzle. The plastic is melted by the hot air and you can manipulate it with the tip. The problem is that the entire area gets soft and melty, so you can't do small, intricate work with it. Not so with this one! The small wire inserts allow you to get into small detail. I bent one of the tips to fit my needs as I repaired the broken trash can lid. The tips heat up very quickly. It comes with a lot of tips, being that they are meant to be used as plastic-bonding staplers, and you can melt the tip into the plastic over the crack, and leave it there. It is a useful tool to have around the shop.

👤I am very impressed with this kit. It comes with everything you need for plastic repairs, the different size staple included should cover most repairs that you're trying to accomplish. It's very easy to use and repairs cracks quickly. It gets to operating temperature fast and maintains that temperature well so that you don't cause any more damage to the area you're trying to repair. The gun is light and easy to use. I've tried the traditional plastic welding kits and they didn't work out. The repairs are stronger because the tool uses the staple to melt and hold the plastic together. It's a game-changing thing. The product is very good at an excellent price.

👤I was able to connect a couple broken tabs on my headlight. There is a clip on the case that broke.

👤I like this staple welding gun as a kit. It has a nice selection of stables, all enclosed in a slim blow molded case with nice clasps. The 100w is mostly a positive but also a negative depending on how steady your hand is and your experience is. It takes a steady hand and a light touch to staple burn at a quick rate with the 100w. It is not rocket science but does require coordination, judgement and a steady hand. You can push the staple right through the project material if you push the 100w too fast. If you don't have the experience or steady hand, it's a little easier to shoot with a 50w gun. The 100w will allow you to burn through a big job in half the time. The sled is strong enough for a small child to ride, and it took me about 20 minutes to fix it. It's a fairly simple process. I would recommend a bit of practice before you start working on a job. I would recommend that you place the staple on the material first, before you press thetrigger, and then ease it in gently. You can slide the staple a bit if it starts to go in. It is a niche tool. The end result won't work in situations where the joint is bent or stressed. Repairs can be made quickly and provide a strong bond with thick plastic. It is not the most sitely repair solution, but you can use a smoothing tool and/or a dremel to grind the staplers perfectly, flush, and take off burring. If you can, leave the plastic burring as it helps ensure the staple stays in place. Good results can be achieved with a steady hand and a little practice. It is a good niche tool for plastic repairs.

4. Kaisiking Suction Remover Granite Lifting

Kaisiking Suction Remover Granite Lifting

Before using, please read the product description and manual. They will help you solve your issues if you contact them through Amazon. They only service through Amazon, so please do not trust any third-party information. The suction cup lifter is high quality. The cup pullers are made of high quality material and natural rubber. The rubber pad is soft and won't scratch the paint. The convenience of single stroke pump operation is achieved by the unique design of the Dent suction cup. The pull is not easy to change. The tool is a 4.5 inch cup and a 2 inch cup. The tool kit allows you to remove dents from your vehicle. Make sure the dent is in the flat surface and not the bottom of the cup. Dent is an easy to use tool for moving flat objects. If you want to move glass, tiles, objects and car dents, just put the dent puller on a smooth object surface and pull the handle up. It must be used on clean, smooth, flat, non-porous, dry surfaces. Make sure there is good lift quality. The diameter of the car dent should be larger than the diameter of the bottom of the cup, if it is on a flat surface. The hot water should be poured on the dent area. After pouring the hot water, place the cup on the car's dent and pull it out. It must be used on clean, smooth, flat, non-porous, dry surfaces. Make sure there is good lift quality. The diameter of the car dent should be larger than the diameter of the bottom of the cup, if it is on a flat surface. The hot water should be poured on the dent area. After pouring the hot water, place the cup on the car's dent and pull it out.

Brand: Kaisiking

👤I pulled out the dent on my car. The 60 second video shows how easy it was. I was amazed.

👤In my photos, you can see that someone bashed into my parked car and left a large hole in my number cover. The small cups were the perfect size to pull out the dent. The second photo is the result. The area needs to be heated up first for this to work. I used a hair dryer, but you can also use a heat gun or boiling water. Once the area is heated up, pop on the cups and pull the dents out.

👤I am not impressed. I tried to remove some hail dents and a small dents in the rear quarter panel, without much change. I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe I am not doing something right. I locked the cup in place and pulled it up.

👤I accidentally damaged my clothes dryer by balancing a knee on top of it while changing a light bulb. The dryer works fine despite the dents. I thought I might be able to pop the dent out with a cup. I ordered these because I took a chance. I used soap and water and rubbing alcohol to clean the metal surface of the dryer. The small cups were very strong. The orange cup wouldn't stick to anything. The rubber underside of the cup wouldn't bend in a way that would allow the cup to make a seal on a hard, flat surface, as my husband and I tried multiple surfaces. The small cups were not big enough to pull out the dent, and the orange cup was faulty. The dent in my dryer is still there and serves as a daily reminder for me not to be an idiot and use my expensive appliances as a step-stool.

👤It didn't work to get the dents out of my fridge.

👤I hope I can pull a dent in my car. But failed! On a flat and even surface, it is not possible to have good suction. It should have been called a glass grip. It doesn't hold on to a dent, the small ones are useless, and you have to look for another solution.

👤I accidentally backed my car into the washer in the garage, causing a big dent in the washer and causing problems during the spin cycle. I was able to pull out the dents with the help of the cups. It worked out perfectly. There is a Two small cups were able to hold the washer/metal surface. The larger one needed to make sure that there were no gaps between the cup and the surface in order to create a vacuum. I used a hair dryer and space heater to warm up the metal surface in some videos, but I'm not sure if this technique helps.

👤I bought this to use on my car dents, but it doesn't work, I follow the instructions, but it is not strong enough. Very disappointed.

5. Bondo 280 Bumper Repair Syringe

Bondo 280 Bumper Repair Syringe

Massca Products takes great pride in the quality and reliability of their welding plastic kit, which is why it is backed by their responsiveness customer service and 30-day guarantee. It is flexible for automotive plastic panel repair. There is no premixing required with the 2-part epoxy adhesive. Permanent repairs can be made as an adhesive or a filler. It creates a fully sandable and paintable surface. The kit has a plastic spreader and reinforced mesh. It is flexible for automotive plastic panel repair. There is no premixing required with the 2-part epoxy adhesive.

Brand: Bondo

👤I had a lot of luck with this product, but I prefer Amazon for their in-depth description of the product, the reviews by other users, and the deals they usually offer. I was very lucky. My bumper on my truck was cracked for years. I think it was getting worse from that period. It was nice to improve the image and I was impressed by how easy it was to apply and bond the plastic bumper back together. I won't have to worry about my bumper flying off when I hit the highway now. I think this product is more of a bonding and strengthening agent that works well and cures quickly. You have 6 minutes to set the glue where you want it before it starts to cure and really hardened between 30 and 45 minutes after you mix the two agents together. I only used half of the tube, wore latex-free gloves, stirred and applied with a drum stick, and also applied. The plan was to apply again as necessary to get the strength that I wanted, but one application seemed to be enough for my project and needs, because I was able to kick the bumper without anything falling apart. It's black and doesn't look like there were any cracks on it. I'm really happy that it feels like a new bumper again. If you're considering doing these self-help services, make sure you do your homework on the internet, because they get paid by the views they get, so don't be shy to return as necessary to bring in more revenue. It's easy to make repairs when you have everything planned out and well thought out. I'm very pleased with this product.

👤I took my bumper to a body shop for an estimate because it had a small hole. They don't fix them. They paint a bumper cover. They wanted a lot. I looked at the route. The bumper cover was cheap, but you had to pay more to have it painted the same color as your car. I found this product while looking around. I applied the product after prepping the area. I use it to many applications. My bumper no longer had a hole. I order a can of spray paint that matches my car color from the company that supplies Toyota with their paint and some clear cote. I was out less then $100 with the paint, clear cote, sandpaper and bondo, but my bumper looks great.

👤I used this great stuff to save a front bumper. The driver ripped off half of a tab that held the bumped to the upper fender, which was a key point in securing the plastic bumpers. I wrapped a piece of fiberglass over the half inside tab and mixed it with some other stuff to make a repair. I just flexed the bumper back a bit. I trimmed it a bit with a knife and sanded it a bit, then drilled a new hole in the tab where the bumper bolts to the car were. Repairs done!

6. Neiko 20709A Heavy Hammer Repair

Neiko 20709A Heavy Hammer Repair

Quality: Excellent. They provide three years of quality for the dent repair tool, their official will serve you within 24 hours whenever you have a question, and you can return back to Amazon and take back your money if the quality problem is not solved. The hammer and dolly repair set has all the tools needed for fender, bumper, and large or small body car dents. The hammers are easier to hold and operate with the rubber non-slip handles. Hammers and dollies included are suitable for flattening metal panels, removing dents, and creating curves for auto repairs in the garage or at home. The ultimate kit in metal repair includes a standard bumping hammer, pick & finish hammer, reverse curve hammer, curved dolly, utility dolly, double end hand dolly, and shrink dolly. The heavy-duty blow-molded storage case for organization and storage in your body shop is appreciated by auto tools professionals. The heavy-duty blow-molded storage case for organization and storage in your body shop is appreciated by auto tools professionals.

Brand: Neiko

👤Absolutely junk. The sand castings for these hammers are the worst I have ever seen. The head broke in half after 15 minutes of light use. This junk should not be sold on Amazon.

👤The set is a waste of money. I expected them to be junk for $20, but they are beyond junk. The hammer surface is poor. I spent an hour regrinding and polishing the hammer heads only for them to get very angry on the first hammer blow. These things are softer than cheese. During the first hour of moderate use, one of the hammer heads snapped off. I have not looked at the dollies. You'll do more damage to whatever you're working on if they come straight from the box. I don't want to spend time making them usable in fear that they'll be just as soft and useless as the hammers. At least the case came before it was cracked.

👤Quality control will cause more damage to the panels than it will remove. Not heat treated, surface imperfections, porous casting, and not heat treated. The tools will break on you.

👤I wanted to try my hand at hammering out dents in my old truck, so I bought this hammer set. The hammer handles are cheap, but should do the trick. The dollies are cheap and less desirable than desirable. I'm not sure if this is normal, but a hammer has different faces. I'm getting around to it after the case was collapsed on arrival. I will have to see if the manufacturer will give me a new one. It's what I would expect for 25 dollars.

👤This is not a polished product, it is for body work. The faces on the dollies are scratched. The faces of the Hammers are the same as before, they have been painted with a bunch of clear coat paint. You can do paintless dent removal with a hammer and dollies. The hammer and dollies will cause more damage if they are on a rough surface.

👤The head of the hammer broke when I used it on my fender. Right out of the box. I wouldn't buy this product.

👤The tool set is not recommended. If it was possible, it would have received a zero. The tool set looks like it was manufactured in a small shop. There are no hammers that have a face that can shrink dents in automotive body panels. There are many defects in the impact faces of the dollies. The craftsman was short in a piece quota system and was almost done with his work when they looked like it was Friday night. The body panel tools kits are the same price range.

👤I use them for what they are constructed for, but I went into this knowing I wouldn't be buying a $300 set of hammers, if you want perfectly drop forged hammers and forms this is the item for you. They are exactly what I paid for and they work well for my use. There are some discrepancies in the finishes of the metal, they have been tooled but not polished, and there are dinging. The whole kit is half the price of most single hammers of this type, so I don't mind working them on the bench grinder. If you're not sure if they are what you're looking for, or if they're not something you're going to use everyday, it's a good starting set.

7. Plastic Welder Stapler Welding Staples

Plastic Welder Stapler Welding Staples

A professional dental REMOVAL KIT for cars. It is a professional kit. It is designed to give a strong grip on the surface of the dents. It is made from high quality material. It's smart design makes it suitable for a professional setup. The welder kit is designed to repair broken plastic. It's easy to use, just choose the right staple, insert into the brass holder, press power button, wait a few seconds, and let the staple melt into plastic parts slowly. V shape staple can resolve inner corner issue, M shape staple can resolve outer corner issue, and another two staple can resolve flat surface issue with the welder kit. It's convenient to operate in dim environment because the welder gun has a front light. If you don't like their products or receive a broken one, please contact them, they can offer a refund or exchange. If you don't like their products or receive a broken one, please contact them, they can offer a refund or exchange.

Brand: Popamaz

👤I bought this to fix some motorcycle parts. I can't say anything else. It works. It is very simple. It may take a while to get your technique. I would let the gun go before I tried to remove it, and then I would let it sit for a moment before I tried to remove it. I used a dremel tool to remove sharp edges, then used a brass-tipped solder iron to melt the replacement material. I was enjoying the project by the end. I wanted to fix more things. A great tool.

👤The product worked well, but be careful not to push hard on thestaple or it will go right through the plastic, and some of the spouts have a slight burr on them which make them get stuck in the gun. With a little trial and error, you will get good results with this purchase.

👤This was purchased to make plastic fender flares. The small doodads that are to be used to make the plastic work well. They fit in the gun and welded the plastic back together. Take a grinder with a tiger disk and smooth them out. This one worked perfectly. This did the job, no need to buy the more expensive one.

👤I can't believe how easy this thing is. I used this to make a crack on the inside of my bump. It was very easy to use. The crack is more supportive than the rest of the bumper. The product is easy to use.

👤I was able to fix my car bumper and it was very easy to use.

👤It looked like I had wasted my money when I opened the package. It became an important part of my tool box when I started using it. There are plastic breaks and plastic on it. This tool saved me 100 dollars and I am very satisfied.

👤My son received this gift. This was the perfect gift for the man who is trying to restore his old truck. He is very happy with it. I think it is a good buy for anyone who wants to restore old vehicles.

👤I didn't know that a tool existed until I had a John Deere riding mower. The crack was fixed by these staplers. Did a great job. It was easy to use. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤Every staple has a burr on the end so they don't fit in the gun. The cutter blades that come with it won't cut the staple because the tip needs to be clipped off. You need to buy a set of side cutters.

👤a fonctionne trs beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et beaucoup, et Je l'ai essayĆ© sur le couvercle de poubelle.

👤The only thing wrong was the tool to cut the tips off, it was small and hard to use, and the kit would have been better if it had larger handles on the clippers.

8. Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kits

Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kits

The heavy-duty blow-molded storage case for organization and storage in your body shop is appreciated by auto tools professionals. Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kits are the perfect professional high-end simple suit of car repair tools for your life. Completely Paintless Dent removal is environment friendly and won't bother the original painting of your car. It is possible to repair the dents from 0.1 inch to 10 inches, which are caused by hail damage, strike, and so on. The dent removal process is so easy with the tools that come with repair steps. These car tools are good for professional auto repair people and also suitable for family people. It is so portable that you can save money and time. You don't need to pay a lot of money for automotive repair shops if you use these tools to remove most of the dents. Car tools can save you money and time. 4. There are 1 Glue Gun, 1 Gold Dent Lifter, 9 Metal Tap Down with 9 heads, 15 Glue Sticks, 1 rubber hammer, and 1 clean cloth. You will get a professional service center, 30-day full amount refunds, and quality warranty from Amazon. Customer service is great and will make you feel good after purchase. If you have a question, please contact them. You will get a professional service center, 30-day full amount refunds, and quality warranty from Amazon. Customer service is great and will make you feel good after purchase. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Anyyion

👤This is a complete kit. The glue gun has an on/off switch, which is really nice, and it's not like you have to plug it in and turn it on. The glue in the kit is junk and there are no real finishing tabs. If you want to learn dent removal quickly, you should get yourself some of the Tack Weld gray glue sticks, the Burro Cactus Green glue sticks, and the Ke glue sticks. You can pull on and pop the tabs with these proper glues. I told you from experience that I learned the hard way. The glue they give you is junk. The rest of the kit is well-equipped with the money you get and the suggested items. You are at a good place to start popping out dents. I was able to do some pretty impressive work after getting the correct glue, finishing tabs, and a tap down point. You can take out some pretty respectable dents if you watch a few videos on how to relieve high pressure areas so that the flow of the dent is reversed. I was surprised at how well I was able to do with this kit and accessories. Most of the items in the kit are very good quality and it is definitely worth the money, even though the glue they give you is junk. It is all well worth the money with the extra items that correct the issues not addressed in the kit. The slide hammer is the best way to fix dents. The pop handle is cool, but you have to use different tools. The tip is to make sure that you don't touch the impact side of the slide hammer. That is a pinch and blood blisters of epic proportions that will have you kicking over lawn furniture for a good hour afterwards and you will be dropping F-bombs the whole time. You will be fine if you keep your hand on the slide handle. The slide hammer is more effective than the squeeze popping tool. You get great force when the pull is direct. If you want to see the metal moving as you pulse the handle to get the dent up, you should use the squeeze tool. Don't press the tabs hard. The tab tip should be wiped off with alcohol each time you glue it down. If you want to get it directly after applying the glue to the tab, plant the tabs down gently and straight off the dent area. You want a thin layer of glue between the tab and the surface, not the tab touching the surface. Make sense? You only have to wait about 30 seconds before popping a small dent, with the Tack Weld gray and Burro Cactus Green glues. If you are pulling a large tab with a lot of surface area to cure, wait 2 or 3 minutes. The idea is to pull when the glue is still tacky but not fully cured. You don't get good force in your pull if you wait long. You have the same issue if you pull too soon. You will get the feeling of a sweet spot. Most of the time, it takes multiple pulls and pops to get out a small dent. It works well. This kit and all the suggested extras are a great place to start. Pull some dents. It is quite satisfying. Can save you a lot of money.

9. Gino Development 01 0143 Plastic Welding

Gino Development 01 0143 Plastic Welding

Customer support is available 24/7. You will always get a 30-day return without reason, a 1-year free replacement and a 24 hour customer support. If you have a problem with the trim puller tools kit, you can contact them. It is designed for everyday users and is strong enough for professionals. There are a lot of opportunities, from arts and crafts to car bumper and trash can repair. This kit will work with many different types of plastic. The plastic welding tool is designed to quickly heat up to 525F so you can get to work on your plastic projects. The TruePower Plastic Welder Kit includes a Welder, Plastic Rods, Welder Tip, and a Heat Stand. Their product has a 1-year warranty. Their product has a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Truepower

👤I should have gotten a plastic welder a long time ago. I have tried many times to glue broken plastic together. This welder works. You can reinforce the repair with the included mesh. I can fix parts that I would have trashed. The tip is bending. If you press down too hard, this will happen. The tool should be allowed to do the work. Make sure it is hot for at least a few minutes and press gently as the plastic is melted. The tip is too cold if the plastic is not melting. Let the tool heat up and then remove it. If you bend the tip, you can use a piece of metal in the opposite direction to bend it back. When using this tool, wear a pair of leather work gloves to protect your hands from burns. This is an entry-level tool that you would use a few times a year. If you plan on welding a lot of plastic, this tool is 888-739-5110

👤I used this item to attempt to repair a large water tank after reading the instructions and watching some videos. It worked well for the first pass, but after letting the iron cool, it didn't work as well. The tip of the iron broke when I started to work. I found out that his iron drills a hole through the tip insert to place a screw. The metal around the screw has split and caused the tip to fall off, poor quality materials used in making the tip and the placement of the hole through the tip is a structural weak, causing the tip to fail.

👤I bought this months ago on a sale. It was a steal and I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner or that it sat unused for 4 months. I used it to repair the support on the bumper of my car. The bumper was no longer attached after it ripped off. I melted the mesh into the bumper. I used some of the included material to add more coverage. It was a difficult angle to work in. I didn't think I was pressing hard, but the tip bent and didn't break. The bumper was repaired after I burned my thumb. It is stronger now than it was to start. My mind is blown. I'm handy. I've never had a project turn out so well on a first try. I didn't take pictures before I had low expectations. If you want to use on the regular, you need to replace the tip because it will need to be done soon. This can save a bundle. A new bumper with paint and install would have cost a lot more.

👤I was hoping that this was not as bad as some reviews said. I bought this to do a repair on a canoe but decided to fix a small tank first. I was able to reinforce the tank using 2 sticks. The tip was bent under the pressure. I received a message from the seller asking about my experience and I wanted to use this for something else. They advised that the tool was only meant for smaller objects. I fixed a small engine tank, but I don't know of a smaller one. The tank was washed and aired before it was repaired. The metal of the tip is not as strong as a small shaft to handle the heat. I will return the item to Amazon to see if there is something better. I am mad that I wasted my time on an inferior product and will hold off on canoe repair. Advice is the best. Don't buy.

10. Manelord Repair Puller Double Removal

Manelord Repair Puller Double Removal

It is used to fill holes and provide reinforcement. The Dent Puller item does not include a hot melt glue gun or hot melt glue sticks, so they suggest the user purchase a hot melt glue gun or hot melt glue sticks. It is not suitable for metal surfaces over 1mm. The principle of leverage is used to design the dent puller, and it can be adjusted to fit the dents, the efficient and labor. It's suitable for any dents, repair door ding and hail damage. The action on metal dents is efficient. The package includes a Double pole bridge dent puller, a black tab, a blue tab, a glue shovel, and a black clean cloth. Before using, please read the product description and manual. They will help you solve your issues if you contact them through Amazon. They only service through Amazon, so please do not trust any third-party information. Before using, please read the product description and manual. They will help you solve your issues if you contact them through Amazon. They only service through Amazon, so please do not trust any third-party information.

Brand: Manelord

👤Don't worry, watch the video. Expectation and reality are two different things.

👤I bought it to fix dents on my car. The sliding hammer kit and extra glue sticks were purchased by me. The dent is about 2 inches, but it's gone now. I want to pass on a few tips. Glue won't stick if you apply it while sitting next to the car, and you have to travel 10 feet to get to the car. 2. When pressing the plug to the car, apply lots of glue to cover the whole plug well. 3. Give the glue time to dry. Give it more time if the instructions said 4-5. 4. It pulled most of the dent but left a small hole. I used a small plug to take that out. 5. Most of the glue came off with the plastic scrapper provided with the kit. The rest was taken off with a micro fiber towel. The next step is to remove the big dents from the fender where my daughter hit the garage wall. It is about 4 inches long and 1 inch deep. I might want to use the slider first. Will post updates.

👤The new product design is more energy efficient. The glue is not included in this set, so don't buy it separately.

👤It works perfectly. Simple tool for anyone to use. It is a bonus if you have one. They will give you a glue gun as a free gift if you place an order. Hot glue liberally and glue over the top of the pad for a better grip. Also! It isn't a one and done process. I have been massaging this dent out with glue processes. I will post photos when it is done. A heat gun and a Bondo hammer is a good idea. They will help speed up the process.

👤I used this product to repair a dent on the driver's side door before I returned my car. It worked out well. Highly recommend this product!

👤Acorn hit my car roof. I bought a kit to fix it. I didn't clean the surface the first time, so it took me two tries to fix it. No paint got affected and no stain was left.

👤I received the tool quickly. If you don't have a glue gun, you have to buy it separately. It looks good. If there was a glue gun, I would give six stars. The adjusting system and tensioning is something I like. After using it, I will do more updates.

👤The product is very sturdy and craftsmanship is excellent. It isn't cheap plastic which gives me more confidence that it will hold up. I will try to add before and after pictures of my repair.

👤If you have small dents, this kit will work well. There is a If the dents are larger, I would recommend you buy a T handle. You will get better the more you do, but it really depends on the dent. If it's cracked or chipped, be aware that pulling paint from the body work will make it look worse. How deep is the dent, and does it have curved edges. The temperature on the day of repair will make a difference. Do not expect perfect results. The more time you spend the better. There was a crease in the rear wing of my car. The crease was three inches long on a sloping gradient that was skinned closer to the wheel arch. I couldn't get to the dent from behind to knock it out. Another good reason to use this kit. There is a I started after reading the instructions and watching a video. It was resolved to 75% by my first efforts. A second bout a day or two later achieved a 95 percent fix. I'm happy that it won't be noticed in most lights and angles, but I may do more. It is not perfect. It has saved me money. Hope that helps people with this purchase.

11. Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

To protect and ensure a perfect factory matched finish, a clear coat is needed. Black and dark paint splatters are repaired. The Ultimate Black Edition Car Paint Scratch Repair Kit is designed to be used on dark paint. You can use it on any paint. If your car has light scratches, swirls, or other marks, you can easily fix them with their Scratch & Swirl Remover Kit! Their specially formulated compound will allow you to remove years of wear and tear from your vehicle's paint and appearance using the included buffer pad! If you have deep scratches that can be felt with the tip of your fingernail, the product may not help as much. This will remove swirls and scratches and restore the shine and gloss of your paint, which will bring it back to its original brilliance! Water spots, oxidation, and other contaminants will be removed with the special rubbing compound. Their included buffer pad can be used to buff it all out. There are premium chemicals. They make sure their products are the best. It's easy for anyone to use. They use the best chemicals and don't use color dyes or scents. You get the best cutting polishing compound in a formula that's specifically formulated for you and a kit that lets you go right to work. Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message. Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message.

Brand: Carfidant

👤I don't write reviews for products. I think this is my first. I'm not sure if product claims work but this one really works. The black paint on my car scratched some of the surface. I'll be interested to see how long it lasts, but first impressions are that it does what it claims.

👤The product is just as described and it removes small scratches easily. The instructions say to apply in a circular way, but it worked for me as my scratch was straight line. Highly recommended.

👤It's simple to use and it hides scratches and minor dents.

👤Simply bag in a plastic bag with a bottle and a pad. The product does not have a backing that can be attached to a polisher, and is rather hard compared to what I have used in the past, but it will work for most average consumers. In my test, the actual scratch and swirl removal worked well, removing most of the scratches on red paint with a clear coat with less than 200K miles on it. I am satisfied with the product and would consider buying from Carfidant again, though I would not suggest using the applicator pad that came with the product, instead use a polisher pad equivalent. An average consumer is at risk of damage to their vehicle due to improper technique.

👤I am in awe of the Carfidant black car scratch removal. It is amazing. It is very easy to use. I used the sponge that came with it and it worked well. If it takes a few minutes to start seeing results, do not be discouraged. It took me about 15 minutes to apply the solution to the sponge, buffing it in, re-applying and buffing again, over and over. I didn't use gloves, the solution didn't get on my hands, and I didn't find it messy. I used a larger yellow car sponge, made of the same material as the one that's included, to finally buffing the car after 15 minutes. I am very happy. And relieved. Thank you so much!

👤I own a fleet of 2 black luxury vehicles. I tried a scratch and swirl removal on my car, it worked great. I expected it to help but it didn't. My car looks new, my costumers says the same. Awesome!

👤The Carfidant Ultimate Scratch Remover is black. It did what I was hoping it would do, as well as what the product details said it would do. I have no more small scratches on my paint and it looks as if nothing was done to it. There is no difference between the two colors. I get a lot of praise for referring people to this product. I am satisfied with my purchase, as I received it quickly, which was nice. I will be giving some of the other products a try. I will do a follow up review in a month or two. To let everyone know that it's holding up. *

👤The product is very good and highly recommend!


What is the best product for car bumper repair kit?

Car bumper repair kit products from Gooacc. In this article about car bumper repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Gooacc and Seesii are also good brands to look for when you are finding car bumper repair kit.

What are the best brands for car bumper repair kit?

Gooacc, Gooacc and Seesii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car bumper repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Kaisiking, Bondo and Neiko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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