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1. SCOBUTY Leather Restorer Scratch Protect

SCOBUTY Leather Restorer Scratch Protect

Each order comes with 10 sheets of anti-scratch cat tape that is non-toxic and pet-safe. Cut a sheet of cat training tape to fit smaller areas. There were strips of tape that were ugly and messy. Their leather repair cream is very suitable for quick and easy renovation work, so that your damaged, torn, cracked and peeling leather sofas, car seats, leather clothes, etc. will be restored to a new state. Their leather repair agent is waterproof and will not scratch. You can use their leather repair agent on the sofa to restore a brand new state and protect them from the sun while giving them a natural luster. Their leather repair agent has mild ingredients that are healthy for family and pets. It is possible to repair leather products. Restore the leather's luster. Their leather repair cream is easy to use and does not require great learning skills. The best colors are instantly available. The repair cream can be applied to the leather surface. The original luster of the leather can be restored after it dries. The sofa leather repair cream is very suitable for repairing all kinds of leather. Smooth leather can be repaired with this leather repair cream. The sofa leather repair cream is very suitable for repairing all kinds of leather. Smooth leather can be repaired with this leather repair cream.

Brand: Scobuty

👤The money was wasted. My couch has a few cracks and I thought it was a way to make the scratches and cracks disappear. It didn't do anything. It was changed to what it was before. The can is so small that it will not cover the couch. This isn't a substitute, it's a small amount of leather dye that will run out quickly. You should buy a real thick filler to cover the flaws on the leather. Then worry about matching the color.

👤It was easy to use, but it didn't meet the purpose of fixing a fake leather jacket. Only 100% leather can be purchased.

👤Will recolor in a darker shade.

👤I recently purchased a nice Italian black leather sofa and it only had one issue, a patch of discolouration from heavy use, two coats of this stuff and as you can see it is my tip to do it with a cloth and go up.

👤The best way to apply it is to smooth it over the bad parts with a spatula or finger and then hair dry it for about 15 seconds, then spread it around with a cloth.

👤This product is amazing. I followed the instructions on the box and it came out. The second patch took an additional layer to be smoothed out. The couch is new.

👤The product didn't work for me and left my sofa with black-greyish stripes that I am not able to remove. I can't polish the dull bits because they look fine for a moment and then the shine goes dull over the treated areas. I wish I didn't use this product as my couch looks terrible. I'm happy to revise my review if anyone has any idea what went wrong and how to fix it, I did follow the instructions, but I didn't do as much as I could.

👤The chair it was used on was destroyed. If you value your leather product, this product should not be used. A sticky layer on the chair attracts bits of hair, dust and clothing. The leather is no longer slippery or shiny. The postage will be much more than the item itself.

2. Leather Refinish Repair Restore Recolor

Leather Refinish Repair Restore Recolor

It was made in the USA. The easy to use kit has 3 color shades to blend with. It's great for restoring or changing a color. Clean up with water and no need to mess with tiny tubes, will not rub off on clothing. Comes with instructions and links to other websites. Look at the pictures to see how to repair and restore worn and faded colors. Look at the pictures to see how to repair and restore worn and faded colors.

Brand: Blend It On

👤The leather cleaner I used destroyed my Lexus seats. It looked bad when I opened my door. I searched for online solutions and tried every cleaning solution that came up empty-handed. The guy at Lexus said there was nothing he could do. They said it would cost $900 to replace the bottom seat. It was a perfect match after I purchased it through Amazon. I showed my seat to my girlfriend. She was upset that I paid for a new seat. I showed her the leather paint I bought and convinced her that it wasn't new. The product is great. I took before and after pictures. I only needed the lighter gray to match it.

👤I used a mix of Grey and brown leather to fix my dining chairs. I don't have the "before" picture. The leather on the chairs was peeling off badly. I'm very happy with the results of the work I did on my dining chairs. After the repair material cured, I used leather paint to paint all the chairs and get a uniform look, even though I couldn't get the exact shade of grey-brown I wanted. If there is peeling, make sure you don't remove the peeling part, but use the repair material to glue it back together. There is a If the whole part has splintered, try to build a thicker layer of repair material. The repair will be visible. Good luck!

👤The dog got into sharpie on the couch. This worked well as we worked with the sharpie. It did its job because you have to really look close and no one seems to notice.

👤This product delivers. I have 20 years of experience as a car detailer. The product is very easy to use and requires little skill. You can mix your colors to match the color you want. I used this on my car and did a little paint matching. I'm happy I bought this product. The foam is great. If you use it properly, it will keep your hands clean. Would I use this in my car? Yes! My car has low mileage. I definitely recommend this! A car enthusiast likes to keep his cars in top shape.

👤This is a good paint and it works well on the couch. It's difficult to find the right color to match my couch so it has been given 3 stars. I tried many different blends and amounts to get the color I wanted, but I have yet to be able to fix the scratches on my leather. They give you a lot of paint, but the process of using it yourself is too difficult to be worth the money. If you are good with paint, I recommend this product, but if you are just starting out, it will not be a good fit. I reached out to the company to let them know that my package was missing because I lost it for a short period of time. I never received any communication from the company after I found the package. I would lose my money if my package was not found. They need better customer service.

3. Leather Restore Color Repair BROWN

Leather Restore Color Repair BROWN

There is no need to change the leather. If you have a NADAMOO leather repair kit, you can bring back your couch's original look without spending a lot of money. Leather Restore brand is a premium leather care and repair company. Repairs and fixes scuffs, scratches, and cracks. Simply apply a coat and let it dry. It's very easy. The formula is ready to use, the air dries fast, and no heat is needed. Recolor discolored and stained leather. Can be used in large areas. Restore dull, faded, and worn out leather and make it new again. The finish will not peel or rub off. The bottle is made in the US. The bottle is made in the US.

Brand: Leather Restore

👤I have a leather couch that has the "Top Grain" type of leather, which is a variety of finished used on couches. It was supposed to be impossible to re-dye. I picked a match that looked close. My dog has been sleeping on the couch with her head resting on it and she has left the leather in good condition. I used this product to slowly touch up the area. It doesn't wash off when it's wet, but it soaks into the leather and doesn't wash off when it's dry. I tried to wipe it away with a wet cloth, but it didn't work. Wow. Very impressed. A bottle goes a long way.

👤I have a brown leather couch combo that is almost 4 years old. There are places in the seats where the dark brown color is starting to wear off. I thought I would use this product to restore the color. The solution comes out of a bottle in a deep brown color but I didn't find anything to change my furniture. The leather did not absorb the color. I shook vigorously and put the lid back on the bottle in case it was the issue, but it didn't make a difference. Maybe I have a bad bottle. I didn't find anything to help restore the original color of the leather. The quality of the leather is not an issue for me because I have top of the line furniture. I hope that other people have better luck with this product.

👤Water rings and scratches on my leather sofa were not covered. The leather around the water rings/scratches is not camouflaged. You might as well use markers. Think twice before buying. I've decided to keep mine because I don't want to use gas, postage or wait in line to return a $9 product. I hope I can use it on furniture and wood floor. Who knows? It might be good for something. I don't think leather is it in my experience.

👤The product is a life saver. When I first tried it, I was amazed at how well it worked. The dog and kids scratched the leather couch. When we bought the couch, it was very expensive and we didn't want to buy another one while we had a dog and kids. Our couch was saved by this product. We are no longer embarrassed to have people with us. I have to reapply every few months. I don't have a problem with it being offered at the lost cost.

👤I didn't check to see how big the product was, but it was smaller than I expected. There was a lot of product to restore the color to my couch. I had used a leather cleaner on my couch that stripped away a lot of the color, lightening it from dark brown to tan in blotches. The Leather Color Repair made the couch look better. It is not perfect, but it is better. I don't know how long it will last, I only used it for a few days. You don't want to rub in the color too much as you spread a thin layer over the leather and let it dry. It makes the leather look better.

4. Leather Recoloring Recolor Restore Cracked

Leather Recoloring Recolor Restore Cracked

The bottle is made in the US. The leather recoloring balm is a great tool for restoring color to faded and scratched leather. It's easy to repair genuine leather products. Use their leather color restorer for furniture to save your vinyl and leather items from their worn-out condition. It can restore and renew leather and vinyl furniture. The leather repair cream can protect and restore your vinyl items and can maintain their pristine condition, supple texture, and stain-free surface. The leather balm for furniture and leather contain nature oils, which can make your leather couches looks shiny and new. The leather conditioner is easy to use. No glue or patches were needed. There is no need to hire a leather expert to get high-quality results. It can give you the same effect without spending a lot of money. The leather conditioner is easy to use. No glue or patches were needed. There is no need to hire a leather expert to get high-quality results. It can give you the same effect without spending a lot of money.

Brand: Drtulz

👤The instructions don't help. I used a big sponge, which was not going to fit in the can, and put on 3 coats. It was dry in about an hour. You can see that it doesn't blend well. It's not certain if this is good for touch ups. When the camera is on, the first picture is before, 2 pictures when dried and the third picture without a flash. You can't really tell when my living room is not bright unless someone stares at it. The rating was 6.

👤This has made my leather couch look brand new. The before picture has a notice in it. The only picture I could find on my phone was when my son was playing. The color had worn off. My account looks new again after applying this product. I am very pleased with this product.

👤This product restored my love seat and I rarely write reviews. I don't know if this will hold, but I will change the review if it does. The photos of the love seat are attached.

👤I was surprised at the results. This product is more than what it is. Put it on lightly. I would go over the circular application a few times to make sure it is even, otherwise you might see the circles. The second recommended step is to buff it out. I tested this product on a couch that had a lot of pet scratches. The first picture shows it filling the scratches nicely. If you are looking for them, you can only see them from an angle. I conditioned the leather couch. I'm happy with the results. The package includes disposable gloves, an application sponge, and a buffing cloth.

👤It worked great. It's been on for a month and hasn't faded. It goes on very quickly. A small amount goes a long way. Put a thin coat on and let it dry. You should be good to go if you let it dry overnight. After it dries, it will look great if you use a good leather conditioner on it. I used this on my steering wheel. I lightly sanded the leather before applying it. Don't put this on your clothes or skin.

👤The product had cracked and was oozing everywhere. I used what was usable because the couch needed some love. Every person who has sat on the couch has rubbed off on the product. The color didn't blend. It has been terrible. I would have been angry if it had been on the couch, I was already looking to replace it. The leather couch that had rubbed spots and was at least natural looking now looks like a giant oil spill. The couch is not nice. If you buy this product, you should test it first. I will admit that my product failed me because it was compromised, but at the same time. I need to warn others of my truth. Couches are not cheap. I don't want someone to be surprised by this outcome.

5. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Millions of happy customers are part of their small family business. If you don't like their leather care products, you can return them for a full refund. Everyone has something leather in their home, so this kit works on all things leather, seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas and more. They all wash their skin and hair on a regular basis and use conditioners and lotions to keep it hydrated and fresh. The leather cleaner has a balanced pH to make it the most efficient for cleaning and preserving the leather's strength,Durability and appearance. If you use products that are easy to use, and leave no trace, it's more fun, and you won't have to clean with soap. Leather cleaner and leather conditioner are both good for your leather and can help reduce UV damage. The kit is an amazing value because the products have been formulated so you get a lot of uses out of each bottle. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤Do not use this leather conditioner. After reading many positive reviews and watching the Chemical Guys official video on use/application, I purchased it. They say the smell is nonsense. The smell of this stuff is rank, perhaps they were going for the skin of a dead cow rotting in the sun, because they nailed that perfectly! This smell will never go away. The product will always be fused with anything this stuff touches. Cloths, microfiber cloths, DONE, your leather. I washed off the applicator that I used to remove excess product, and threw it in the wash with my other micro fiber towels. A big mistake. Even with a small amount of product left on the applicator, it penetrated everything in the washing machine, including the washing machine itself! I cannot get the smell to go down after 3 cycles. All of my microfiber towels are ruined now. Do not trust this product, it's awful. I don't think it does anything for your leather. You have been warned.

👤I wear jeans all the time, and the dye transfers onto the beige leather seats of my 2016 Camry. I applied twice in a row. Seven sprays with paper towel wiping. Five sprays, 60 seconds, then paper towel wiping. The picture shown here was taken after the first application. One application does the trick when it comes to application 1 and application 2.

👤I have used products that made claims but have been disappointed. This product was back by many reviews all saying the same thing. My review will support the product. I have a service dog that rides with me in my car. Even if you try to avoid it, dogs can make messes. This will never change. I love the leather interior and it's comfortable. I can't find a seat cover for the seats in this car. The leather gets dirty after being hit. I will never pay someone to do interior detailing because it is not hard to do. I can only conclude that people did not follow directions or take their time doing the job after reading the negative comments. My experience with this product was better than I expected and my interior is now clean again. I needed to use the brush that Chemical Guys offers because the cleaner was fantastic. The conditioner was the same as before, you follow directions and the leather will look new. The car smells of fresh leather, no harsh fumes, or oily or sticky stuff to contend with. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to take care of their leather interior and do a great job detailing their car. People tend to skip directions because we know everything.

👤It worked well for my leather couches. I won't be changing now. I cleaned my couches with the cleaner and then applied a conditioner that I left overnight to absorb. The dust on the top of the couches was brought about by the application of conditioner. Next day, I applied the cleaner again. The couch was shiny and beautiful. Light scratches from my dog's nails were gone. The leather couch looked great.

6. Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

The leather repair tape has a width ofX15 (ft). Sticks well to a variety of surfaces and leaves no mess. The price is cheap and it is hard to find paste in the break or stain. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. 100% environmental health. Their repair tape is on leather and vinyl couches, chairs, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture.

Brand: Azobur

👤The product works as expected. We plan on replacing furniture in the next couple years so I wouldn't call this a permanent solution but it seems very sticky and covers a hole in the couch. I just put it on so I can't speak to the longevity, but they send you a good sized roll so if it comes off, I can re-tape it. I would recommend it.

👤The product is not mentioned. I need to fix a patch on my couch. The tape is67531 due to lack of glue. It is useless and a waste of money. The vendor should make sure that the tape has the right amount of glue on it. I will not recommend this product.

👤This stuff is great. We moved into a rental that has a bar with vinyl on it. I would tear it out if I had the choice. My husband's job here only lasts for a year, so it's a corporate lease. I'm not putting a lot of effort into this shack. Someone repaired the bar with duct tape after it was torn. It had to have happened a long time ago because the duct tape was bad. I am not trying to live like that. I went to Amazon. I was going to buy vinyl graffer tape in a similar color but I found this. It worked well. It looks like a new ugly vinyl strip. I have never done anything like this before, so you can imagine there were a lot of mistakes. I had to make about 100 cuts. The stuff is very easy to understand for things like that because you can't tell if it's one solid piece or not. I was going to patch the part that had tape on it, but I ordered the wrong color. I went ahead and did the whole thing again. I had to pull it back up when I had bubbles or creases. The tape was the same as it was the first time. I have one piece of ugly brown vinyl that goes down the side of the bar. I am going to order another roll and do the last piece today. If you're still with me in my novel-of-a-review, I wish you luck in your repair and recommend this product to everyone.

👤There is nothing surprising here. The job was done. My favorite chair was saved.

👤Don't buy this product. Does not stick. Glue and looking very cheap. Don't buy. It was easy to return.

👤It works well. I melted scented hot wax on my chair and left nasty looking streaks. The tape was very thin and strong. The tape should be a shade darker. I hope it has a bigger selection of brown. Unless you focus, it's not really noticable.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. I have had to replace it on my couch 3 times. I am leaving the hole on my couch.

👤I think this works well for a first try. If you need a quick fix at home on a piece of furniture, I would recommend it. I use this on my leather desk chair that is about 8 years old. It was in excellent shape before the current work-at- home situation. After sitting for nine hours a day for the past few months it has obvious wear in the lower leg area. I thought this would be worth a try because I noticed pieces of the leather cracking and breaking off on my floor. I have a dark brown leather chair, and if there's no light on it, it might look black. I chose the dark brown. It is a great match. It has some variations, but I think it would match most people's dark leather. It was sticky on the first peel. I thought the stuff was going to be like duct tape, but much more sticky. The outer area is not like duct tape. It's almost like a plastic shower curtain if that makes sense. If the furniture you're applying this to has a lot of crinkles and non smooth areas then you might want to look for something else. You will be able to tell. For my purpose in a chair that no one will care about, it works just fine. The pictures I took before and after are helpful. If I can remember in the next few weeks, I will take a follow-up review. I don't think it would hold up very well on a couch with animals. You're taking your chances if you put it in a place that's not heavily hidden. If you're looking for A-1 quality to make expensive furniture look good, this won't do it. It's just a quick fix, but it's worth it for me.

7. Magicfly Leather Furniture Couches Material

Magicfly Leather Furniture Couches Material

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Magicfly leather couch repair can be used for repairing or refinishing scratch, rip, tear, burn hole, crack, peeling, etc. It's easy and quick to put on your leather and vinyl goods. If you're not sure about the effect of color mixing, you can try a bit of color mixing first, and then paint after you see the effect. You need to spend some time to match the colors because of the different approach of each customer. Practice makes perfect. The All-Ready Leather Repair Kit contains 10 mixable color compounds, which can be used for tan, walnuts, chocolate, cream, tan, burgundy, black, blue, red and yellow. It has 2 backing fabric, 1 mixing jar, 1 brush, and 1 spatula as assistant tools. It is easy to create a custom color to match and apply to your furniture with the coloring mixing guide and instruction. Glue, dye and tape were not needed. The kit is widely used in mending leather and vinyl products at home, office or other occasions.

Brand: Magicfly

👤I bought a used 2001 pickup and it was in great shape except for a few minor worn spots and two larger tears, but I was afraid it wouldn't work because of the larger tears. I followed the instructions and the patch on the side of the seat fell out. I think I did something wrong. My seats were renewed and I can no longer see the places I used to. Be patient and mix the colors to get the closest match. Don't rush!

👤I am very pleased with the results of the leather repair kit. My husband usually sits in the area where the leather was rubbed off. I mixed the colors to make a dark brown and applied it to the bare patches. It was very simple, and looks better now. See my before and after pictures.

👤This is a good repair kit. It has any color you need. My husband wanted to sit in his truck. Everything you need is in the kit. I needed this to fix my couch. I was amazed at how well this kit worked for me. You can't go wrong buying this. The price is worth it. I recommend this leather kit to anyone. It would be good for a repair shop or someone who needs a good kit. The quality of this one is very good.

👤This does not include glue. I used the kits backing cloth to glue the tear together. I used the paint from the kit to fill the cut. I was able to match my leather color quickly after the paint mixed. The color dried darker when wet and is still a great match. The kit is a great value for the amount of paint colors included.

👤It is a cheap solution to small tears. If you have more damage, consider a professional replacement. I used this on my boat to fix my seats. It was difficult to match the colors because there are many shades you can have. It's best to trial and error on mixing a small amount of product. They look better than they did before, but I didn't get it perfect. It cured as described. You will have to make additional repairs under constant wear and tear. Time will tell.

👤It works well. Make sure your tip doesn't fall from the backing. Use the stuff inside and on top of the tear.

👤It worked well for me. I had a small scratch on the leather chair I wanted to cover and this worked well. I'm happy with the results, but I probably could have done a better job. It's possible to mix up a perfect match with a little time and effort, because there are so many color choices in the kit.

👤I burned a hole in my SUV. Had no idea it was available. I only needed a beige color to repair the beige leather, however, having all these colors on hand is convenient, and in the future I will find uses for the rest of the kit. It's not a bad idea to find a scrap of leather or vinyl to practice on, but there are detailed instructions for the repair process.

8. Leather Self Adhesive Genuine Furniture Drivers

Leather Self Adhesive Genuine Furniture Drivers

The leather repair tape is 3”X60” Enough length will make you think. Leather that never leaves scratches is a new product. Excellent application is what it is. It is difficult to find paste in the break or stain. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. No smell, 100% environmental health. With this leather repair patch, you can bring your furniture and clothes back to life. There is a repair patch. First aid works on leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics.

Brand: Onine

👤I put my motorcycle seat on and added Gorilla Glue gel. Gorilla Glue gel has some give.

👤I feel like it has held up well after 6 months. It doesn't look as good as it did at first, but I don't think you can go into it expecting permanent results. The area I had to fix was large enough that I had to put together 3 pieces of leather tape side by side. Most of the issues I have are where two pieces are butted against each other, but are starting to come up. If you only need 1 piece of tape to fix a small area, you will have better results. I would still recommend it all. I used this to fix an area on my leather sofa. It was very easy to apply, and it looks great. I rolled the warm water back and forth on the pieces after applying it and it seemed to help. I just applied it today, so it's still not certain if it will hold up, but I would definitely recommend it and buy again if needed.

👤The leather strip on my chair was torn by my lab. I ordered this after doing various things to fix it. It is the exact match for my leather.

👤If you're looking for superior quality, look no further. It is strong and thick. If you mess up, you can separate the parts without damaging them. I ordered another roll.

👤I like the way you can cut it to fit. It took some time because this stuff comes in a roll and it wants to roll back up when you want it to stick to the couch. I applied a layer of liquid nails to make sure the tape wouldn't move when someone sits on it. I would like to see an option between dark brown and black. I got some colorful pillows to distract from the patches on the couch, so I think it's fine. It's a good thing.

👤It's hard to tell the difference between the shades of brown. I took screen shots and labeled them for anyone who was trying to choose the lightest brown. I didn't do this before I bought the dark brown 3 and it is a bit lighter than my couch. The new dark brown seems to have a burgundy color, as does the dark brown 2. I have uploaded the picture. The tape hid cat damage on the couch. You can see the damage to the couch, but you can't see the tape covering the other side. It is lighter because of my mistake in color choice. I will order the darker shade to cover the other side.

👤I have a leather couch that is in good shape, but I had a few tears on it. I was not sure if it would work. I was wrong. It was easy to apply and I have not had any issues with it. It has been great for the last few months, with no pulling up at the corners. The arm of the chair is on for one year. Both areas were easy to put on. You only notice it when it is close to you. I would have liked to have bought it sooner. I bought two rolls for future use.

9. Coconix Upholstery Vinyl Leather Repair

Coconix Upholstery Vinyl Leather Repair

Your purchase is protected by a LIFETIME warranty. They will return your money if you don't like it. It is easy to restore with clear instructions for the best finish. It's an excellent fix for scratches, tears, cracks and burn holes. It's a good idea to have a touch up for shoes, belts and coats. Enough compound to patch up the wide and midsize rips. There are professional results on new or old genuine leather, imitation, faux, synthetic or premium upholstery. 30 day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30 day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤Our pets have damaged our leather couches. We decided to try the repair kit as a last-ditch effort to save them, because we were about to buy a new couch. I was not sure if the kit would do the job, but it did. Look at the pictures and video. The tears and scratches are gone. You need to watch the videos and use the color matching tools to match any color. The repair is almost invisible. I still can't believe it. It saved us a lot of money. I am happy I tried this.

👤I was able to mix a very close color to the couch I needed to repair, because of the way this stuff went on and dried. I need more. I only need brown and black in the small containers of the compound. For 18 dollars, I expected more. If you have a bigger job, the company should sell separate colors so you can get the amount you need. This is good if you burn or tear a leather item. If you have a bigger job, you will not have enough of the colors you need.

👤This worked better than I had expected. I was very impressed with the results of my dog leaving small tears in my vinyl couch and love seat. When I bought it, I was unsure of what was in the package, but it came with small containers of paint like substance that should match what you are fixing. An instruction sheet tells you what to do and which colors to mix to get the right color. After it dries, it suggests rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to make sure everything is okay. Do not try to do this step. I was amazed that everything came together after this step. I wish you could purchase individual containers of color. I don't want to buy another whole kit just for one color because I didn't have enough brown. Maybe you can... I will let you know as soon as I can after I find out. The product was great and the price was great. Excellent customer! I e-mailed the company just over two hours ago and have already heard back. They are sending me the entire kit free of charge because they haven't started selling the containers yet. I can finish my repairs. This is an amazing company. It was refreshing to see great customer service. So impressed!

👤This didn't fix my leather couch. I could see where it was applied and it didn't fix the issue. I was trying to make the scratches look better. It didn't work. It looked worse after trying to use it than before, because it didn't seem to want to cure or dry at any point, and anyone who sat on it would stain every place where it was placed. It was a couple of thousand dollar Italian leather white couch, so having blue jean fibers stuck to it made it look terrible. I would have been better off just leaving the scratches.

10. Scratch Furniture Protector Natural Protecting

Scratch Furniture Protector Natural Protecting

The sctratching mat is made of high quality nature sisal fabric which is eco-friendly. It's a good choice for animals. It is convenient to use because of the flexibility and practical design. Protect your furniture from cat scratches and allow your cat to scratch. Even if you are not home, you don't worry about the sctraches anymore. The natural sisal is long lasting and eco-friendly. The fabric provides a satisfying scratch session. Large size to protect your sofa and furniture. While couch remains protected, your cat can sharpen its claws. It is easy to install and can be placed on the sofa or other furniture. It doesn't affect the beauty of furniture for it can blend into the decoration nicely. When you are sitting on the couch, the left hand is the side.

Brand: Oroonoko

👤The cat won't scratch it, but at least he's leaving my love seat alone.

👤There are 7 cats in our house. They destroyed our last sectional. We started looking for ways to protect the furniture when we got it. I bought one for one side of the couch. It is worth the money after a few days. I bought the other side as well. This product is very well made.

👤This is the best scratching post we have ever had. I was not sure if they would use it. I was wrong. The chairs are protected and kept happy. One word of caution, make sure the arm of your chair is shaped correctly for this scratching device, we have one chair that it will not attach to correctly because of the shape of the arm. I will be uploading a short video to add to the review of the cats using it.

👤We got a new couch sectional and I bought these about 4 months ago. I wanted to avoid any damage to the couch because I have a cat. The thick square chunk legs on my couch are not long enough to be strapped in, so the straps on the legs are not long enough. Everything else fits well. I put them on the couch ends and within 2 months one is falling apart. I think it's because the cats claws are pulling on the far side and the seam on the other side is pulling apart. I was hoping for more quality in this for the price. These were the only issues I had with them.

👤It was a bit of a wrestling match to get it onto the couch. She is all over it daily.

👤We gave up on the couch protectors and bought these for the ends of our two sofas, the cat loves them. He was a stray outside cat that was nice inside but wouldn't use the scratching posts so this was the best thing to do.

👤This product is advertised and does what it says on the tin. My cats destroyed my sofa before this purchase, so I recommend them from the get go. They cover the most unattractive part of the sofa arm to serve the purpose. When the sofas were new, I wish I had put them on.

👤I regret not knowing about this product sooner, we are taking a hit, just like every other cat household. As soon as we apply this to the couch armor, it doesn't look bad and it looks cute. I've gotten a lot of praise for it. I'm so happy we found this.

11. Cat Scratch Tape Furniture Protectors

Cat Scratch Tape Furniture Protectors

The cat scratch tape is effective. This cat friendly tape is great for protecting furniture. Cut and stick where you need to. The invisible sticky surface will stop your cat from SCRATCHING. The cat has a couch. You like your couch, but you also love your cat. The anti-scratch cat tape is safe for kittens of all ages. It's great for cat and kitten training. Cat furniture is versatile. This tape can be stuck anywhere your cat scratches, from fabric and leather to vinyl floor tiles and doors. You can protect your firearm with a little tape. Forget no scratch cat spray, this sticky tape keeps paws off your furniture, doors, and couches without any smell at all! You can be sure your sofa is safe because kittens quickly learn to keep their claws to their cat scratching post. It's guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied with the results of this pet couch protectors tape, you can return it for a full refund. The Cat Scratch Tape is used to protect couches and furniture throughout the country.

Brand: The Good Stuff

👤This tape has been used more than we anticipated. We got this because we have an old style furnace in our new home and we wanted to make sure the cats were trained quickly so they wouldn't jump on and lay around. I have never seen cats on the furnace, but I did find a tuft of fur in the tape where someone tried it. When we got a kitten, we had a door scratching incident. We put some tape on the bedroom door so the other cat wouldn't intimidate them and they learned to never scratch a door again. The one caveat to all of this is that the glue is not strong enough for a cat tape training product. The packing tape is strong. If you aren't careful, you will lose a bit of paint. We found that it was best to put the tape on your jeans first to get a lint layer over the tape so that it was less likely to cause damage later. Hope it helps!

👤I use tape to keep my cats from scratching my couch. Does it work? Yes. It also sticks to a throw, my clothes, and a pillow. It looks messy. It saves the couch. The tape is almost impossible to use because you have to peel it off the backing. For a while, I thought I got the wrong tape. The paper is not split in half to make it easy to fold the tape and remove it from the backing. You are frustrated until you get a corner free. One of the hardest rolls of tape you have ever had to start. It is about that.

👤I moved into a new apartment and bought this to cat train. I wanted to keep them out of the kitchen counter. Five stars! As soon as they touch it, they jump back. They have stopped trying to get on the windows in less than a week. I think I will leave it up for a month or so. This does stick, but be careful how you apply it. I decided to put strips of cheap contact paper on the ledges and apply the clear tape over the paper in my house. This is what the picture shows. I went ahead and applied it to the counter top in the kitchen, which keeps them off. I decided to remove it because I was also sticking to it, but there was a sticky substance that I need to remove now. I think it's a good idea to prep your surface with contact paper since it will hold up nicely on sofa sides and fabric. I bought a roll of scat cat plastic spike tracks that you lay out, the cat jumps on and steps on non- harmful plastic spike material. It is impossible to use in places like this unless I use a staple gun to hold it down because it is not available in flat sheets. This tape works well.

👤A new rescue cat has been destroying the house. We can save some of the furniture and banisters. It's easy to apply and it's visible. He doesn't seem to like the tape so it deters them from scratching it. There was a revision. The finish of the couch was ripped off by this tape. The furniture finish was damaged. I don't recommend. The furniture was destroyed more than the cat.


What is the best product for cat scratches leather repair?

Cat scratches leather repair products from Scobuty. In this article about cat scratches leather repair you can see why people choose the product. Blend It On and Leather Restore are also good brands to look for when you are finding cat scratches leather repair.

What are the best brands for cat scratches leather repair?

Scobuty, Blend It On and Leather Restore are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cat scratches leather repair. Find the detail in this article. Drtulz, Chemical Guys and Azobur are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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