Best Cracked Nail Repair for Natural Nails

Nails 24 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Fiberglass Adhesive Reinforce Extension Protector

Fiberglass Adhesive Reinforce Extension Protector

It can be trimmed to fit. Fix damaged or damaged nail tips and strengthen your nails. When coated with top gel, you will become invisible. Natural nails can be scratched, so keep your polish nails beautiful. It's ideal for nail experts or nail learners. It's suitable for use in nail salons.

Brand: Nt-ling

👤The 2 star rating is for the fact that the glue does not work for me. I gave this 4 stars. Why? My big toe does not have a nail. Even though the silk wrap doesn't work, I peel off my nails even though I can't see the glue. I use a hand file to shape it up after I put it down and use the gel base and UV to dry. I am not suppose to do it since I have no nails, but it is what is carrying me through the summer until it grows back. I use the gel color UV light to illuminate the base and then put the top coat up. I took it off after 3 weeks, but it didn't come off my toe. I was surprised it stayed on despite the storm and only using the gel nail polish. The wrap is very strong even though the glue does not work.

👤The products work well. The nail is held together. It lasts my clients the full 2 weeks before their next appointment, and I use it on any cracks.

👤I thought it was self-adhesive. You need to use glue and then do the rest of the repair because it doesn't stick to the nail. It would be better if it were self-adhesive.

👤I bought it to fix a couple nails that were starting to break at the edges, but used glue because I didn't think the tape was self stick enough to stay put. It began peeling up two days later. I used glue before putting it on. It should not have left. It came up and took my broken nails with it. It doesn't work.

👤This is not what it was advertised as. The box is small and the wrap does not become translucent when glue is applied to the surface. The wrap did not become translucent after 3 coats of gel on top, and when it was filed with a nail file, it was torn off. It looks like a linen wrap from the 1980s. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Save your money!

👤I wanted to see if it would fix my nail. I followed the directions that were posted. This only sticks to nails. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

👤The description on Amazon said it was not fiberglass, but silk. If you get your hands wet, it will come off like any other wet sticker.

👤It was difficult to get the backing off the wrap, but once I got it on my nails, it looked pretty good for about 2 days. It started peeling off. Will not use it again. Too much trouble.

2. Toenail Fungus Fingernail Remover Solution

Toenail Fungus Fingernail Remover Solution

The treatment for nail problems caused by mold, yeast and fungi is called MAXIMUM-STRENGTH FORMULA. Deacetyated Chitin, O-hydroxybenzoic acid and angelica dahurica are some of the clinically probable ingredients. This powerful formula helps to eradicate persistent fungi to help resolve thick, discolored and brittle nails quickly. A nail strengthener and repair formula that works quickly and effectively with visible results in 2 to 4 weeks. It can reach remote areas under the nail and in the nail bed. Pens that are free of mercury ensure that targeted applications are made for fingernails and toenails. To apply nail repair solution to the brush, twist the end of the pen. To the affected area, apply thoroughly. It is recommended that you apply ariella to toenails at least 2 times per day. fortifying your nails several times daily will make them stronger and healthier.

Brand: Ariella

👤I will write a review after using all four tubes. The product seems to work. You should cut the nail as far down as possible and keep the nails clean while using this product. I am waiting to see if the product is a cure or just a quick fix. Do you have to keep using? It's a huge improvement so far. I recommend. Will update.

👤After a month, there is no change. The company has tried to pay me to remove the review 3 times.

👤I was hesitant to post a review because I didn't want to show the state of my toe nail. I've tried other products but this one actually worked for me. I use it after showering. If you want to cut and file down the top of your nails, you should. I think this is a good idea.

👤The nail repair pens were in a set. They are easy to use. Simply twist the brush to get the liquid to come through and then apply it like nailpolish. I wear mostly open toed shoes and apply at night. When I cut back the toe nail as much as possible, it works well because I've suffered with fungus on this toe for a long time. It has a tint to it, but for the most part it is sheer, which is so much better that the nail had looked along with no pain anymore. It has grown back as a normal nail for most of the part, even though it had been almost completely covered. I've been using it for a while now. The best thing to do is to keep it clean, dry and reapply, cutting away any excess you can to make applying work the best it can be. This product is the best thing I've used so far and I've tried a lot. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked and that my nail was pain-free again.

👤I've tried a lot of products to clear up my nails. I had the nail removed but it grew back. It's hard to remove nail fungus. I'm happy to have found this product. I am starting to see a difference after using it for a couple of months. My nail is getting stronger. The product seems to be working. It is easy to apply. I love that!

👤Results can be seen in a few weeks. It's not clear if it will remove the fungus completely. I used it for a long time, but when I was close to the end, I ran out and there was a long delay getting more shipped to me. There are short term benefits. I don't know if there will be a complete stop to the fungus.

👤This product works. I thought it made my feet worse. I didn't apply it because my toenails were orange. The next day I washed the orange off and my toenails looked normal. It might stain your feet for a day, but that is normal and I would definitely recommend this product!

3. Daggett Ramsdell Nail Repair Ounce

Daggett Ramsdell Nail Repair Ounce

At last! You can use this nail repair at home, office or while traveling. No more messing with glues. A clear brush-on formula instantly seals broken or split nails. It won't affect nail polish color. If you notice a broken or split nail, brush on 2 coats of nail repair. Use as often as is necessary until the nail grows out.

Brand: Daggett & Ramsdell

👤I'm tired of products that say they will do one thing and then don't deliver. This is another one of them. I was excited to find a product that would take care of broken nails. I have a crack in a nail that is not very close to the bed. A band aid was used to protect it for a couple of days. When the polish arrived, I immediately put it on and let it dry before painting my nails. I was thinking so far so good while my nails were drying. You could not see the crack. That lasted less than an hour. This product is terrible. Go buy some crazy glue and save your money. This product is useless.

👤I wash dishes by hand and then I lift a tab on a soda can and do something stupid. This can cause a weak and peeling nail. This is similar to Bondo┬« for your nails. I fill in the hole and buff it until it is flush with the nail. Since it's clear and buffing, you can't see the repair. So there you go. Guys can use this product as well.

👤This works! I didn't expect this to last because they did nothing in the past. Put 2 coats on top and 2 coats on the bottom of your nail and you will get a strong bond. As soon as I saw this worked, I ordered another. It adds shine to your polish. Put your polish on top of the repair polish to make the nail even more secure. Either way it works. I put nail repair on the split daily until it has grown out enough to be filed with my other nails. The price is also great.

👤I'm very impressed with this product. Two years ago I was cleaning tile grout and used muriatic acid and it still seeped to my hands and my nails have been damaged ever since. I've tried home remedies, vitamins, and even vitamins, but nothing has made them grow like this product. I only write a good review if I'm impressed by something and this stuff definitely has done that and beyond my expectations, but it's only been a few days.

👤The nails are chip and split. I can wear polish with this product. The manicurist applied the undercoat. It worked well.

👤Para m, el producto. Tena una Ua. La rotura despareci por magia. Increble. Hace ms de una semana ahora. Otra Ua se afloj. Es la primera es normal. Estoy encantada!

👤This is clear nail polish. Buyer beware. No refunds. The stuff is wet. You can get a base coat for 99 cents.

👤I love this product. Over the course of a year, I have used 2 bottles to grow my nails. I have used silk and glue nail kits a few times for large nail damage, otherwise this product is sufficient to reinforce any small nail damage. I have a question. The product becomes too thick from exposure. I'm debating whether to use nail polish thinner to make the rest of the bottles useful. Help! What is the best way to thin out the product?

4. Maccibelle Professional Instant Emergency Portable

Maccibelle Professional Instant Emergency Portable

To ensure that it meet the quality of the professionals, it was manufactured to the highest standards. The nail technicians use their products. The brush-on glue gel is perfect for repairs and strengthening. Gel is versatile and offers maximum strength and flexibility for all nail works. There is a non-toxIC and odorless DIP system. The Gel Powder Dipping system is odor free, resistant to chipping and cracking, and water resistant. The kit come with it. There is a brush on resin, dipping powder, nail buffer and file.

Brand: Maccibelle

👤There was a small tear in my nail. Had I torn or trimmed the nail at that level, it would have bled and been very painful. I found the nail repair kit after trying to file it smooth. It works well. There's a good supply of powder and glue for future nail repairs, and it's very easy to use. I agree with the instructions that you apply a second coat of glue and dip in the powder, but I would advise you to hold your finger over the powder and gently tap the nail into it, rather than using your finger in the powder vertically. If the first coat isn't fully set, a second dip in the powder will push the first coat back and make it hard to file down. The product worked well and I recommend it.

👤I had a break in my nail bed. I followed the easy directions that came with the kit, and now my nail is no longer ripping further. The glue made my nail strong again. It leaves a smooth finish and I love that. 10/10 would buy again.

👤The kit gave the nail a protective coat when it was splitting. My nail grew and stopped splitting. It's very easy to use and give nails extra strength.

👤I have strong nails, they don't bend, and they break often in the nail bed. I broke my thumb nail and was able to hold it in place with nail glue and acid free tissue paper, adding a new layer every day. I couldn't find the glass my mother-in-law used to make the strips, so I used a temporary solution. I read all the reviews on Amazon and they all said that the nails were broken at the tip. Someone had broken a nail in the same location as mine, so I found this product. I bought this item because I wanted it. Excellent! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, I applied the gel and powder immediately. My nail was fixed. I couldn't find the break. I polished the nail to match the rest of the fingers. I had to trim the nail after 2 weeks because it took a long time for the nail to grow out. Also, note: I use my fingers to remove the contact lens, not the tweezers, because of the gel coating on my thumb nail.

👤These things don't usually work out. You buy a useless product on a whim, hoping for a quick fix, and realize you blew a lot of money. Not this one! I am amazed! I can't feel the split on my nail, but you can see it in the photo. As a baby's butt, not getting caught on anything anymore. I am happy that I have a solution now, instead of having to cut my nail down and have a lot of pain as it heals. It's good for stuff that works. There is a Ps. INRDeals Is there a product for that? I think that's correct.

5. Instant Cracked Strengthener Phototherapy Recovery

Instant Cracked Strengthener Phototherapy Recovery

We will send you a gift for Nail Recovery. The brush is not included. Put nail repair fluid on the broken nail. Wait about 60 minutes for the nail to dry. Apply nail polish.

Brand: Succeedtop

👤All of my fingers became sick after one use. After putting my nails on my face, I felt a red sensation in my face and it lasted for a few days. The skin around and under my nails took longer to heal from the swelling. I think it came from China, I don't know what the ingredients are.

👤I had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the product and I had to take it off. It might be me, I have never had this type of reaction. It caused a burning sensation.

👤This is what you get. The product is thick. I understand that it is glue. It does not dry. They should tell you if you need a dryer to cure it. They tell you that brush not included, so be aware of that. That is fine if the product worked. Very disappointed. I will not be ordering this again.

👤Disliked. Is not a substance. Did not have any type of catalyst.

👤I broke a nail before my friends wedding. I tried to save money by growing my own nails. The gel had exploded inside the bag. I needed it so I opened it and it went everywhere. It doesn't just come off with soap. I tried to fix the nail. The webbing wanted to leave. I got it to work after 5 times. I am not a happy bunny. I hope I can paint over the webbing and make it look good.

👤I got this product because my nail split a little bit from the side going across and I wanted to patch it up long enough for it to grow out. I could clip it. I followed the instructions on the box. The paper patch kept sliding off even though the liquid never solidified. I left it untouched for 45 minutes when I tried it again. Same thing. The paper fell off the gel. The gel was not dried.

👤I have weak nails that chip frequently and cause irregular nail length. I thought I would try an in- home kit. There is no box with instructions after delivery. There is a pure white box with a tub of gel and a packet of tissue-like sheets in it. 1 x 1. There are no instructions on how to apply. I don't think it's a good idea.

6. Second Brush Repairing Cracked Natural

Second Brush Repairing Cracked Natural

5 second magic, fast drying nail glue. For use with nail tips, full cover nails, and for repairing natural nails, IBD 5-Second brush-on nail glue is a great choice. It's fast-drying, durable and more resistant to water than any other glue. It dries in 5 seconds so you don't have to worry about it not drying quickly and your nails sliding around. A nail salon is a must-have. There is an application for even and stout. It is applied like a polish for a smooth application. For nail tips and full cover nails, just apply a thin coat of glue to the overlap of the nail tip or the natural nail, apply slight pressure to hold the nail in position for a few seconds. For repairs, apply a single drop directly on the split, broken, or soft nail, apply slight pressure to hold the nail in position for 5 to 10 seconds, then gently file or buff nails until smooth! Fix splits, cracks on natural nails, and full cover nails with 5 Second Brush-On Nail Glue - it's in three packs. Professional nail salon and nail art lovers use strong nail glue. It has a brush that goes on smoothly, so you don't have to worry about it dropping or making a mess. It doesn't have a weird smell. They stay for up to two weeks once they apply. Your nails will thank you because they are made in USA. IBD 5-second brush-on nail glue is 100 % cruelty-free, never tested on animals and proudly made in the US. Start with clean, dry, polish-free nails. When not in use replace the cap to maintain freshness and prevent clogging. The Go-to NAIL BEAUTY BRAND is made in the US. The 5 Second Brush-On Nail Glue is one of the best nail glues on the market and is used by top nail technicians. The way in which they experience beauty and nail care at a salon is changing because of IBD's focus on building stronger relationships with the best salon and professionals in the world.

Brand: Ibd

👤Natural nails are great to keep from chipping. You need to dip in the powder after applying it.

👤I like applying fake nails, but I don't like how often they fall off because the glue has failed. I was unsure how to use the nail glue and was looking for a nail glue with a brush. This product is not a nail glue with a brush, but I am very happy with the quick acting and long lasting secure bond that occurs when I use this product. Even when I travel with it in my purse, it tips on its side, but it doesn't get stuck like other nail glues.

👤This product was not what I was expecting. It was called brush-on. It is brush-on glue. I bought links to nail wrap glue. If you want to glue this is it!

👤It works well, but it starts to solidify on the brush. I put the clumpy brush in a small plastic cup with acetone for a while.

👤I dip the end of my nail into the powder. I buff the rest of the nail after dipping it. You can paint gel polish and it sticks very well. The picture is of my real nails that I painted myself after coating the tips with powder.

👤I have thin nails and this product seems to help me get through the day.

👤The brush does not last long before it getsloppy.

7. Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler Ounce

Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler Ounce

Barielle has a hydrating ridge enhancer that can be used to repair and smooth your nails. Your nails will grow strong and healthy because of the hydration and strength of the silk fibers. Dehydration and ridge filled nails are treated with silk fibers. It's best used as a base coat. 7 Free Promise is a pregnant woman's guarantee of safety and security.

Brand: Barielle

👤I've had ridges on the sides of my thumbnail since puberty. They almost look like folds. My other fingers became ridges after I was 800-273-3217 I've tried every ridgefiller I've come across. Most didn't do anything at all, although some helped a little, although nowhere near enough. I stopped polishing my nails a long time ago. I decided to try again after I started looking at the manicures I saw on You Tube. I looked up "ridge fillers" on Amazon, read every review for every product, and ordered this Barielle hydrating Ridge Filler. And guess what? It works! I'm prepared for any kind of polish, with one layer on my fingernails and two on my freakish thumbnail. It is the best ridge filler on the market. Don't give up on your nails just yet.

👤I have bad ridges, but buffing them off weakens them, so I ordered this. It goes on smooth and covers ridges well. It provides a better surface for polish to stick to. I polished my nails a week ago, and they are still looking great with a few small chips. I usually wash my hair and have my hands in water for a while, but this time I have a good top coat and the polish is peeling off in chunks. I'm so happy I found this stuff.

👤This product is not like a base coat for color polish. Two coats filled in ridges in a nail that grew because of an old injury. Barielle dries smooth, unlike Bridge the Ridge.

👤Natural nails. I used to use this to fill a "scar" on my nail, but I have to use it again to help with peeling and ridges that are showing up with age. Excellent result. It almost seems to hold my base and color together better than a smooth base. When I take all off, I can tell. The smooth surface shows after top coat.

👤I really like this ridge filler. It is a good value and works. I don't want a clear coat because I have ridges in my thumb that are dry and cracked, but something that would smoothen out my nail is what I was looking for. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I can see a difference in my nails after using it about 2 times a day. They are stronger, smoother and the ridge filler is not a weird color. It looks like a clear coat in the bottle. If you have ridges, weak or brittle nails, I would recommend this. It works.

👤I have good nails. For the first time in my life, I was ashamed of my nails, as they have begun to get ridges. I was very happy with the product I purchased. It did not require a top coat or color. I took it out. Wow! The ridges are worse than ever and my nails are split. I have had to cut them down as quickly as possible and keep cutting as the damage grows. I am going through a lot of embarrassment right now, so please do not purchase this product. I can't cover them with polish. All I can do is wait for the damage to heal. I would give a negative 10,000 star review if it was possible.

8. Shirleyjj ORLG0238 Orly Nail Rescue

Shirleyjj ORLG0238 Orly Nail Rescue

1 _ The brush-on nail glue is 5g. 1 _ The repair powder is.15oz.

Brand: Orly

👤Wow! This works better than I expected. The nail on my left index finger was starting to rip on the inside edge of the nail bed. I tried to fix it with nail glue and coffee filters. My hair would get caught in it while blow drying and that would pull the tear even further. The outside edge was starting to tear, to the point where only 25% of the nail was still intact in the middle. I cut down the length of the nail, put some Scotch tape over it, and prayed the Orly nail repair kit would arrive quickly. I took care not to increase the rip on the broken nail by removing the gel polish I had on it. I cleaned the nail with alcohol and contemplated putting my gel bonder on it, but decided not to. I followed the instructions on the Orly kit, which are quite simple -- paint the entire affected nail with a glue-like substance, dip the entire nail into the little tub of powder it came with, shake/brush off the excess powder, and voila -- no more rip! The process was repeated twice since the rip was bad. The result was a thick and bumpy surface, like a poorly applied nail. I used the small buffer that came with the kit to smooth it out. I cleaned the whole thing again with alcohol and a lint-free wipe to make sure it was ready to apply the gel. The gel seems to have stuck to the repaired surface. I was able to use all the normal coats of the gel system without any issues and there was no burning under the UV light, which I was a little concerned about. The price for this kit seemed a little steep, but I think it was worth it. It seems like you could make a lot of repairs with the amount of material included. I would have had to cut the affected nail all the way down to the nail bed if I had found this, I am approaching a level of nail obsession so this was not an acceptable option. I hope this fix lasts for at least a week or two when I strip the current gel color and apply the new one.

👤I had to glue my nail back on. I am amazed this worked. I've used Orly nail rescue before for small cracks, and it's been great. It makes your nails look thicker, but it's better than a broken nail. I didn't think I would be able to cut a nail in half. I'm shocked that it came out a little crooked. I got my nails back. Didn't think it was possible. There is a You can see that it changes the texture on the nail. It's difficult to buff this stuff. I will be wearing a ridge-filling base coat.

👤I was wrong to think this product was a lifesaver. I didn't want to have to cut off all my nails. I decided to dip my nails as a preventative strike against future breaks after I repaired the cracks and the product seemed to be doing a good job. I just soaked this stuff off and now I have the most peel-y nails I've ever seen. I had to cut my hand down because my nails just bend in half, because it broke my ring finger nail. I'm angry at this. I'm not going to soak off my left hand right now because it took too long. I would rather wait and enjoy my nails for a bit. I thought I was protecting them even though they've been ruined by this product. The worst mistake I've ever made is putting this on my nails.

9. Karlash Repair Cracked Emergency Crystal

Karlash Repair Cracked Emergency Crystal

Karlash Dip Powder is a non-toxic and odor free alternative to nail enhancements. The gel powder dipping system is odor free, resistant to chipping and cracking, water resistant, and has no damage to the nails beds. The Karlash Professional Dip System has a brush on it. Super nail glue for broken nails is long lasting.

Brand: Karlash

👤The kit is easy to use. I have a split that never goes away. It splits more, 888-270-6611 It is my middle finger, it gets a lot of use, I wash my hands constantly, cleaning, typing, picking, it just is what it is. I thought I would give it a try. It is easy, basic and I know what I would do differently. I contacted the company and they sent a new bottle of glue right away, free of questions. It's easy. I would order it again. I wouldn't have the patience to do all my nails. It is cheaper than going to the salon. I am sold if it helps my nail grow out a bit and it doesn't catch on.

👤I would give it a 10 out of 10. This product is amazing. I was going to lose half of my nail, but this product saved it. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you for making it so easy!

👤I needed this for my thumb nail. The procedure works the same as the nail salon procedure at a fraction of the cost. It comes without instructions, but photos and a video can be found on the Amazon page. I will order this again.

👤I have been fighting a broken nail. It would stop in the same place. I used different nail polishes and the tea bag method to fix the broken nail, but nothing worked for more than a couple of days. The nail repair kit does wonders. It is easy to apply and lasts two weeks. The polish doesn't look good in two weeks, so I just remove it. I wish it was simpler to remove it. It does help fix the broken nails. Thank you!

👤I've written reviews for Amazon in hundreds of orders. This kit is delivered. I used it to repair a horizontal nail crack below the cuticle line and it lasted a week before cracking again, and only when I caught my nail on a box. You can still see the "dip" under the polish once it's polished, as it's matt and grainy. It is not like a dip polish. That's okay. I used a textured polish. - If you're using it to strengthen your nail, you're wrong. This is a fix. One of their dip polish kits is a good way to strengthen. Don't expect the cracked nail to be any stronger than your natural nail. I will use this to get me through the "if it breaks it will be painful" phase, and then trim it short. I don't think this would be as good for long nails that break across the tip. I was able to do a polish change on top of the patch. It worked out fine.

10. Moisturizing Natural Therapy Exfoliating Peeling

Moisturizing Natural Therapy Exfoliating Peeling

Lock in MoistURE for ULTIMATE RELIEF is a program that helps restore the radiance by repairing damaged, dry and cracked skin. Their hand mask gloves are made from high quality ingredients. The gloves are easy to use and allow your hands to be immersed in the skin, which is beautiful and comfortable. The gloves will be a great fit for both large and small hands. If you have sensitive skin, please do a good skin test before using, if the red swelling allergy phenomenon shows after using, please stop using immediately.

Brand: Gaobeisi-makeups

👤So relaxing! I use a lot of office products and my hands are always dry. It's ridiculous that I use so many different creams. I found these on Amazon and took a photo, my hands felt better after one use. I will keep using these gloves because my hands didn't feel dry or cracked for the first time.

👤These days of increased hand washing and hand sanitizing have been lifesavers. They are definitely making a difference when I do them on the weekends.

👤When my hands get super dry this time of year, I look to Amazon for a solution, and these gloves come up on my search. I can't help but notice my hands are soft after using a few of them, but if I put a few squirts of my favorite lotion into a disposal latex glove, I would get the same results. The instructions are not easy to understand. There are no marks to separate the gloves. You need to use scissors. There are tabs that say "open" but they don't open anything. The tabs are to cinch the cuff around your wrist to keep the solution from leaking. I bought the cheap ones to try out because there's a lot of them on Amazon. I will not be buying anymore.

👤The packaging is easy to carry. I was doing dishes and used it. The skin is soft and silky. I'm hoping for a big improvement in the condition of my skin if I use it twice a week.

👤I wash my hands all the time. My hands became very dry. These helped a lot. I used to put them on before bed so my hands wouldn't feel raw.

👤It has been a long time since I have had softer hands. This is after just 20 minutes of treatment. I am amazed at how well they work and how soft my hands are. What a great find. Thank you Sissy for that recommendation.

👤My hands are soft. I got this because I was having problems with flaky spots around my finger tips. My hands feel better now that they are soft. This is a must have for winter.

👤Garbage. There is no perforated line in the two gloves. The tab is just a sticker. There are non English words in the directions. I didn't use them out of fear of what they would do to my skin.

11. Tea Tree Foot Peel Mask

Tea Tree Foot Peel Mask

For men and women with a shoe size up to 11. It can be used for dead skin. Tea Tree and Papaya are included. Can be used on all skin types. Natural ingredients are used.

Brand: Dermora

👤I've used the baby foot peel in the past but decided to give it a try because it was so much cheaper and the reviews were good. I think the booties are not as good as the ones that are made of plastic, they don't go as high up the ankle, and it doesn't affect how well they work. I had liquid oozing up and leaking out of the top. I will not cut across the bootie completely when I open them next time, so I have to move over the foot coverage. I put the baby foot on and put some heavy hiking socks on and let them sit for 2 hours. I felt like my feet were peeling quicker and quicker. I feel like I didn't get as much dead skin off of my heels, but it's possible my heels were worse than ever before. The one spot that didn't seem to peel as thoroughly as baby foot was the worst part of my heel. But for the price? I can clean that spot. I would definitely suggest trying them out.

👤The images of my feet should have a warning. Sorry. The results of one of the treatments are amazing. My feet look like they are from a horror movie. 40 years after I was born, I'm paying the price for running barefoot around a lake. My feet are almost the same size as the booties, no room to spare. It's easy to chill with them on for an hour or so because the treatment feels nice, smells good, and it's nice to smell good. Large slabs of dead skin were peeling from my feet within a couple days. If you try to speed up the process, you can tear your feet up, so be patient and let the skin peel away on its own. The peeling will be complete after a week or so. Most of you will get 1 treatment. If you ran around in the jungle as a kid, you need to do a second round. I'm about to start mine. You can do the treatment twice with 2 pairs. I think you'll be doing it more often once you see the results. Thanks!

👤I have had bad athletes in sports for 20 years. The feet were bad, bad callous, and just horrible. It's a good thing! My feet are 1000% better after I used this foot peel. I tried to scratch my feet with my callous heels but they glided off without me scratching. It is so smooth. I had horrible feet for a long time, but this completely took off all the calloused skin, dry peeling parts, and I have new feet now! The foot peel is what this is. There was no joke. I took a chance on it. It was easy to use. My feet began to peel after a few days. I did not force any skin off. I started to use a pumice stone to get the last bits of dead skin that weren't falling off on their own. I use a foot cream to keep them smooth. Nothing fancy.


What is the best product for cracked nail repair for natural nails?

Cracked nail repair for natural nails products from Nt-ling. In this article about cracked nail repair for natural nails you can see why people choose the product. Ariella and Daggett & Ramsdell are also good brands to look for when you are finding cracked nail repair for natural nails.

What are the best brands for cracked nail repair for natural nails?

Nt-ling, Ariella and Daggett & Ramsdell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cracked nail repair for natural nails. Find the detail in this article. Maccibelle, Succeedtop and Ibd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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