Best Crest Enamel Repair and Gum Toothpaste

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1. Crest Enamel Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

Crest Enamel Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

There are three 4.1 ounce toothpastes. Advanced Whitening toothpaste is formulated for Crest Gum & Enamel Repair. Gum problems can be treated at the gum line. It is proven to help reverse gingivitis. It is a mild abrasive for cleaning. Penetrates tooth surface.

Brand: Crest

👤I've been using this toothpaste for about 3 weeks and it's not even the main result it claims to be. I had gingivitis, which was red and sore, and my gums were higher in places than they should be. This toothpaste is amazing. I havePeriodontal disease and no oral pain for the first time in a long time. My teeth are back to where they should be and my smile is beautiful again.

👤This product is for people with rare talent of accumulating plague despite brushing and flossing daily. I have been blessed with a genetic makeup that has allowed me to accumulate plaque and gum line even though I tried to keep my teeth clean. For the first time in my life, my periodontals are healthier, my pockets are no longer 3-4 on the scale, and my dentist told me that it was a good job for once. It helps to whiten my teeth, not the artificial white looking color, but an overall natural whiteness that doesn't come with any teeth sensitivity. It is a little pricey and doesn't last very long, but it still beats paying for my deep cleaning copays.

👤My teeth were discolored and painful. I was unable to use a toothpaste because of my sensitivity. I was thinking of having crowns. I was skeptical when I found this toothpaste on Amazon, but I would give it a try. The problem has been reversed by this toothpaste. I have been using this toothpaste for several months and it made my teeth white. I still can't believe the dramatic improvement and the fact that I can see sparkling white.

👤This stuff works. I don't go to the dentist often because I was a smoker for a long time, and I have some receding gums. I have seen a marked improvement in my teeth since I started using this toothpaste. The areas where it is just starting to go down are better. I have one area that isn't quite there. It is better than it was. The taste is great and I haven't had any issues with staining. It is cheap to buy 3 here as well as in stores. Very happy.

👤Only one pack was delivered.

👤Just got back from the dentist. He is happy with my teeth, they were worried about my gum, but they are happy with my teeth. I think this toothpaste helps my teeth by keeping them healthy. Will continue to use.

👤I was shocked that I was seeing a difference. You see your teeth changing, but not for the best. I don't have to have dentures because I have my own teeth. After two weeks, it seems to work. I will post again in three months.

👤I've been using the Crest Gum Detox paste and the Crest Enamel Paste and I'm glad they decided to combine them. Stannous floride can stain your teeth but is more effective than sodium floride. I've been using these premium toothpaste for a while now, along with my Water Pik and Oral B, and I still get scolded by my Hygienist who thinks I chew tobacco. The cost is the biggest negative, so you have to think if it's worth it.

2. Crest Pro Health Advanced Protection Toothpaste

Crest Pro Health Advanced Protection Toothpaste

Three tubes of Crest Pro-Health Advanced Gum Protection Toothpaste are included. Crest Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste has the highest level of protection against plaque. Deep cleaning formula. The crystals are for stain prevention. There are 8 advanced benefits in one toothpaste.

Brand: Crest

👤After brushing my teeth, this toothpaste leaves a film in my mouth that I have to take off manually. The film is falling off for two hours. It looks weird when I have a conversation with people and have to take some food out of my mouth. I will not purchase this product again after having this experience with it.

👤I'm not sure how FDA approved it. My oral mucosa has been damaged by this toothpaste. If you feel that your mouth has been damaged, stop using it. I don't want people to feel bad. I didn't post the photos.

👤It's toothpaste, right? What should I be excited about? I have had mediocre dental hygiene for a while, brushing and flossing once a day, but I know that's not enough, don't judge me. I had a metallic taste in my mouth after a small part of a tooth was removed. There are some worrisome spots on my gum line and I'm not sure what they are. Decided to give it a try. It's too early to say that it fixed all my problems. There is a difference between regular old toothpaste and the new ones. My mouth feels cleaner for hours after. I'm brushing twice a day to keep that feeling going. If I don't have photos of those spots on my teeth, I'm still very happy with this toothpaste. I look forward to brushing. The tubes are 5 ounces and work out to about $3 and change each. The 3 ounce tubes cost $4.39 at my local grocery store. This is a great deal.

👤The toothpaste I buy in the store is not the same as this one. It leaves a weird film in your mouth. Don't buy it. Something isn't right with this stuff.

👤This stuff tastes terrible. It is bitter and nasty. I'm fine with the bitterness of the baking soda. It becomes unbearable when it's combined with an off-mint flavor. I bought a three pack because I thought it was a good deal, but after trying to get used to it, I threw them all in the garbage. I know it's a waste, but this stuff made me not want to brush my teeth. The regular old Crest tastes great. Why change the flavor so much? It doesn't matter at this point. I will never buy Crest products again.

👤The first time this toothpaste was used, it caused severe mouth and lip irritation. It feels like my lips were burned. Minor swelling of the lips was caused by it. The tooth-gum line had an effect on gum Irritation. I don't know what combination of ingredients may be causing the reactions because the toothpaste is loaded with many. The burn sensation continues even after a mild antihistamine and 500mg Tylenol tablets reduced the swelling and inflammation. I bought a pack of these that will be thrown away.

👤Crest is the best. I think they improved their quality at some point because I stopped using Crest many years ago and started using other brands. It is great to see a new Crest product. I'll keep buying it as long as they keep making it good. It is ADA accepted, unlike most toothpastes on the market. This is the best toothpaste you can buy. Other users are reporting that film in my mouth. I am also having a burning sensation on my lips. I liked this product at first, but am getting some negative side effects after using it for a while. I should have bought Crest regular, but it seems like it is more aggressively marketed, easier to find, and more affordable. I will not buy it again. I suppose it's okay for short term use. Too much protection on the mouth is not good.

3. Crest White Luxe Glamorous Toothpaste

Crest White Luxe Glamorous Toothpaste

Up to 80% of surface stains can be removed in 3 days. Protects against future stains. The toothpaste is safe to use. Adults and children over 2 years old.

Brand: Crest

👤Micro plastic or microbeads are contained in this product. Crest puts plastic in its ingredients which is harmful to humans and aquatic life. I need to return the toothpaste I bought, but I would have liked it if I had not found it. They hid the fact that the ingredients list had plastic in it by using PEG6. The plastic is called PEG and it is made of polyethylene glycol.

👤I really liked this toothpaste. I used regular toothpaste and it stained my teeth. I am applying to dental school and want to promote tooth health, but I don't want to have yellow teeth. I would have liked to have taken a before picture, but I noticed a change in my teeth. If you notice more of a difference, then teeth Whitening works best for you. I highly recommend this. It makes me feel better about my teeth. They look like they used to.

👤I have been buying the 3rd iteration of this toothpaste since it was first introduced. I stopped using the first one because the little blue beads under my gum line were causing problems. I liked the new version without the beads. I got a smaller version when I ordered it several weeks ago, but it was more expensive. I used it despite being surprised. After a week or so, my tongue and gums started to burn. I couldn't eat anything except bland food because my mouth was so upset. It took another week for it to feel normal again. The paste is thin, not like most toothpaste, and the tube is not very long, but it did not bother my teeth at all. If you have any oral sensitivity issues, I wouldn't recommend this product to you. I bought a bundle of 4 tubes and will not be able to return 3 of them.

👤I love the toothpaste. I received one tube after ordering a four pack. I paid $18 for one tube of toothpaste. There is no easy way to report this for this product.

👤This works well on my teeth. I drink a lot of coffee and tea and it's good for the stains. I could see a big difference within a week. My husband and friends were watching me. I want to know what dentist cleaned my teeth.

👤You have good and specific toothpaste tastes if you buy this toothpaste. You would expect the same thing from this brilliant 3D. White is pretty. Imagine this coming in. This isn't what you ordered. It is not. You can see that what I got does not match the picture, even though I thought I accidentally ordered the wrong one. I didn't think Amazon would do me this way. I feel offended because I am stuck with this. I am sad.

👤Only use one product at a time. You have been warned. If your gums get sensitive, stop using it. Don't buy it if you don't already have healthy gums.

👤This product took away the yellow cast from my teeth, it really works. Within a few brushings, you'll notice the difference.

4. Crest Pro Health Active Defense Toothpaste

Crest Pro Health Active Defense Toothpaste

The #1 Toothpaste Brand in America. The P&G calculation is based on the sales data reported in the U.S.

Brand: Crest

👤My teeth are white. The product keeps the dentist cleaned look in tact and prevents cavities if I drink coffee or smoke cigs.

👤I like the taste of my teeth when I brush them.

👤I want to use this toothpaste. I noticed a brown stain around the edges of my teeth a few days after I began using this. I found out that stannous flouride can cause staining after using it for the first time. This is what is causing it. I've never had an issue with other toothpastes and I've always had naturally white teeth. I like how much cleaner my mouth feels after brushing my teeth with this toothpaste, I have gum issues, and it helps with sensitivity. I like this toothpaste more than Sensodyne because it never felt as clean and refreshed as it did when I used that brand. I had to use a whitener to clear up the staining because it was getting deeper. I will have to stop using this and switch back to Sensodyne or a non-stannous flouride product.

👤I like how this toothpaste makes my mouth feel good after brushing. I have a dental deep cleaning that lasts all day. This toothpaste is very good. The flavor is good. The 3 pack is a great deal.

👤It's very comfortable to brush your teeth. There is no pain in the teeth after brushing. The smell is fresh, the teeth are yellow, and the odor can be removed. The cleaning effect is good. You can brush the mouth with soap and water.

👤It was bought for the house and my sister's bathroom. I hope I win the next one.

👤This toothpaste has a great taste, is an actual paste not gel which I like, and has brightened my teeth and made my mouth feel very clean and fresh. I stopped using this because it makes a thick white film on the inside of my mouth and makes it hard to sleep. I have to peel the inside of my mouth the next morning. It is so gross. I stopped using it because of that. I am not sure what is causing this. I wouldn't recommend it. It didn't work out.

👤I decided to look for the best toothpaste. I'm glad I bought this one. I don't buy into toothpastes that are whitening, because they don't do a good job of cleaning my teeth and keeping my mouth fresh. This one is definitely in line with those two things. I find that this toothpaste seems to foam more than others, but in a good way, and gets my teeth/mouth really clean, and my teeth don't start feeling grimy during the day at all. The toothpaste was really great. I would definitely recommend purchasing again. Hope it's helpful for someone.

5. Pronamel Intensive Enamel Toothpaste Strengthening

Pronamel Intensive Enamel Toothpaste Strengthening

Extra Fresh Sensodyne Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth is a 3.4 ounce tube. Toothpaste is used to repair demineralization, repair microdamage and rebuild strength. The sensitive enamel toothpaste 3 pack protects you against pain. Acid erosion from exposure to acidic foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. Sensitivity toothpaste is made to protect you against cavities. Extra fresh toothpaste leaves your teeth clean. Twice daily, brush for two minutes with this sensitive toothpaste.

Brand: Pronamel

👤The Sensodyne toothpaste has the same two active ingredients...potassium nitrate 5% and sodium fluoride 0.15%. The inactive ingredients are the same as before, just listed in a slightly different order. Sensodyne was recommended by my dental hygenist. She probably never looked at the packaging information.

👤I've used several versions of the Sensodyne Pronamel toothpastes for years and decided to try the repair version when it became available. My gums became sore and irritated from this formula. I used it for a while before I realized it was causing pain and irritation. My problem disappeared when I stopped using it. I may be allergic to something in this formula, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is having irritation after using it.

👤After I got my first crown, I was very picky about what I used on my teeth. This repair has made my teeth less sensitive to cold temperatures. I used to grimace on a cold day because the air hurt my teeth, but after weeks of use ice cream barely bothered me.

👤These are small tubes. That's less than a tube of toothpaste. I didn't read the fine print when buying them. The price per tube is not very good.

👤I started using this toothpaste about 2 months ago in order to get ready for the bleach processes and dental work. I wanted to make this process as painless as possible because my teeth have always been sensitive. I accidentally bit into an ice cream cone the other day and I hadn't thought about it. There was nothing to scream about. I did it again and again, but nothing happened. I have never been able to bite anything cold. I've spent most of my life ordering drinks without ice because it would hurt my teeth. I can't believe it! I hadn't even realized that my life-long tooth sensitivity had been reversed in only 2 months. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤The pack of 3 is not worth the money.

👤I have sensitive teeth. I've been using the original for a long time. I was told by my dentist that I need some toothpaste. I prefer sensodyne to other brands for teeth sensitivity, so I thought I would try this. This is a waste of money. It almost feels like you are brushing your teeth. It hurts my teeth and makes them bleed. I'm very disappointed. Sensodyne needs to be in stores. Some of the new things they've come out with are painful and don't work as well as they should.

👤I really like this product. The new packaging of the tube is very attractive. I've never been disappointed when I've bought Sensodyne. The quantity you get is less than most other brands, that's the only negative that I see. I'm not sure, but it might be because it's a higher end specialized product that it's more expensive. It's ability to help with sensitive teeth... I don't have any complaints.

👤This is my first purchase from this seller. I'm used to seeing print and packaging in this way. It is slightly different. The Sensodyne toothpaste has a seal. This one didn't. I'm just thankful that it works the same. Have used it for a couple of days. My teeth hurt when I brush with other types of toothpaste. Thank you. The one with red tick is what I had been buying from a different seller.

6. Crest Pro Health Advanced Protection Toothpaste

Crest Pro Health Advanced Protection Toothpaste

Deep cleaning formula. Helping prevent gingivitis by making your gums healthier. Crest Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste has the highest level of protection against plaque. The crystals are for stain prevention. Acid erosion effects can leave teeth less white, weaker, and sensitivity.

Brand: Crest

👤The flip-top cap that is pictured on Amazon is not the cap that arrived at my house. The product I received has a small screw cap. The kind that gets lost down the drain or under the sink. I ordered this product based on the pictures I saw and assumed it would have a wide flip cap. The wide flip-top cap allows the tube to stand upright. You can see from the picture that that is not what arrived.

👤They say a picture is worth a lot. AMAZON USES THAT FACT TO PROVIDE MULTIPLE PRESENCES OF PRODUCTS FOR BUY. I have a man's bathroom. I store there because it is near the water. I'm always looking for products that take up a minimum of space. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this was the flip-up cap. I ordered six tubes. They all had the same treatment. On the numbers. I'm not a happy customer of this seller.

👤I ordered this toothpaste because it was supposed to have a lid. The bottle lid was not upright.

👤I wonder if sitting in a warehouse for too long caused the flavor to go bad, because I can only describe it as "You know what foam packing peanuts smell like?" It smells like that scent. I used it once and it was disgusting, but I tried it again the next morning and it was the same. It still tastes bad. I don't want to use it again. It's also worth mentioning that I ordered this because it has IDENTICAL packaging to a tube I bought in a store not too long ago, so I don't know why it's so different. The store-bought version had a great flavor. This stuff tasted like packing peanuts. The tube is long and has a screw-on cap, as opposed to the short, flip-cap version that's advertised in the product images. The tube style doesn't bother me at all, but I figured I'd mention it to verify some of the other reviews that didn't like it.

👤I was very impressed with this toothpaste. Cleans the teeth and the gums very well. My teeth are clean. Does not leave a bad taste in your mouth. It makes mouth feel fresh and clean all day. I am very pleased with this product. The twist cap on this toothpaste is not a bother to me, depending on your preference. It's great for the price. Delivery was on time. I recommend!

👤I have been using Paradontax for a long time. It worked well, but it was on the spendy side. It is less expensive than the one I found from Crest. The toothpaste tastes good and does what it claims to do. I no longer have sore teeth. I like this stuff. Crest makes some great dental products. Thank you Crest!

👤I was annoyed that this expired 6 months after I bought it. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it by that time. I discontinued use because it made my teeth cold. It got better.

7. Crest Pro Health Sensitivity Toothpaste Protection

Crest Pro Health Sensitivity Toothpaste Protection

Crest Pro-Health Gum and Sensitivity All Day Protection Toothpaste are included. Starts working on sensitivity immediately for relief. Protects food and drinks. Healthier gums are clinically proven. Sensitivity relief is refreshing.

Brand: Crest

👤The product description doesn't mention that you're not supposed to use it for more than 4 weeks. It's disappointing that Crest didn't point this out in advance. If you happen to read the fine print, you'll be able to discover it as soon as you bought it. This wouldn't have been an issue if I'd been aware of this important fact. I have not seen the "All Day Protection" that was promised in their advertising. I brush twice a day. I will say that no other sensitivity toothpastes have done this, but Crest's promise that it would be more expensive than other sensitivity toothpastes convinced me to buy it. If you have cold sensitivity like me, you can eat ice cream after dinner if you brush your teeth in the morning. You will be disappointed. Crest promotes a Money Back Guarantee in order to get potential new customers to try their products. I followed the instructions and sent the request, but it was rejected due to an invalid UPC, and I only received a postcard weeks later. I contacted Crest support and they told me that the 3 pack that sells here isn't considered a qualified UPC. Crest's Money Back Guarantee states that there is no information to that effect. Despite having used Crest products in my family for decades, I don't see why I shouldn't tell my family about this bad experience and never buy any other Crest products again. If the "Crest Community Manager" who I've seen posting on here wants to contact me and make arrangements for the money back guarantee to be approved and sent, it would greatly improve my feelings about Crest and the entire P&G company. I hope someone from Crest does the right thing and provides a means to resolve this issue by monitoring the comments to this review.

👤I like the crest Pro Health line. I went to the dentist because of my sensitivity. I didn't have a good experience with Sensodyne. I decided to give it another try. I ran across the Crest Pro Health line and bought it. It tells you to start with the sensitive areas of your mouth. I noticed a change immediately. I was able to speak and brush my teeth without pain. I hope this works for me.

👤I wanted to use this toothpaste. I used another brand of toothpaste before and it was good, but I wanted to try this one because it would give me more care for my teeth. The active ingredient in this brand is not the same as in other brands. Didn't think it was a big deal? I loved it at first. The freshness lasted through most of the day, even after coffee. My teeth sensitivity went through the roof after a couple weeks. I couldn't breathe without the air hitting my nerves. I went to the dentist thinking I had a lot of problems. She said my teeth were perfect, the xrays were clear, and the cleaning and exam didn't hurt. She told me to go back to the brand with the other active ingredient. The pain is gone after I did. I have two unused tubes and this was a 3 pack. It's a good thing.

8. Crest Detoxify Plus Whitening Toothpaste

Crest Detoxify Plus Whitening Toothpaste

Fights gingivitis by neutralizing plaquebacteria around the gum line. Clinically proven results in a week. 6X gum health improvement in one week gingivitis improvement. Step 2. Whiter teeth in a week.

Brand: Crest

👤This was recommended by my dentist. The toothpaste works well, but the paste hurts my teeth. The white line under my tooth is caused by the peroxide in it. It has only been a day or two. The taste of Chlorhexidine was terrible. He switched me to this. I have gingivitis and my gums were very swollen and bled a lot when I flossed. This was supposed to help reverse it. After the first few days, my gums no longer hurt or bleed. My mouth feels great. Will continue to use!

👤I brush my teeth twice a day, floss every day, and have a dentist every 6 months, but in the last 3-4 months I started to have problems with my teeth and my body. flossing was becoming very painful as they were sore and swollen. I tried this toothpaste for a few days. The swelling goes down when I use it twice a day. I used my other toothpaste just this morning and it hurt again a few hours later. I brushed it away and it was already gone. I don't know what it is doing, but it is helping a lot.

👤Since the start of this, my gum health has increased by 50%. My father has lost teeth because of periodontal infections, not because of the tooth, but because of the gum line or bone. I believe that advanced periodontal disease has affected his heart, now having issues with advanced non-Biologically-based arrhythmias. I started using both crest detoxify plus whitening to step and there matching mouthwash after I found out I had two teeth that could possibly start to disappear. I found that the ingredient was the same one that the dentist recommended to get from the pharmaceutical companies. All of my hair had stopped or was stabilizing six months later at my dentist's office. After my last cleaning, they were not as clean as they are now. I can tell you from experience that it is amazing to have a product that is good for lightening your teeth and also good for removing plaque from your gumline.

👤The set is good. My mouth feels clean. Within a week or so, you can see a difference in the color of your skin. I was amazed. I didn't give it 5 stars because you stop noticing a difference after a while. I think it works best on surface stains. Don't expect your teeth to be white if you have deep stains. I think it works well. I would buy this again to maintain the shade I achieved with the toothpaste and the health and feel of my mouth achieved with it.

👤I've been using this tooth paste duo for 3 days now and it's already amazing. After only 3 days my teeth are better. My mouth doesn't hurt anymore. I'm smiling again. It's just awesome. Can't wait to see my results after a week.

👤The first picture of the day. The second picture is Day Ten. I drink coffee daily. I floss and brush at the dentist twice a day. My teeth are in good shape. Coffee and tea are my weakness. I think my normal oral hygiene practices made this product more effective and my teeth weren't in worse condition. I have definitely noticed a difference. I don't think my teeth are white, but they are brighter and less dull. I usually don't use toothpaste with flavors that are light but this one is very light. There is a The price point is pretty good. I use a regular toothpaste in the morning and then use the 2 step system at night. A small amount goes a long way. I am happy with the purchase and will probably continue to use it, but I need something more effective. If you already have good oral hygiene practices, I would recommend it.

9. Crest Brilliance Toothpaste Vibrant Peppermint

Crest Brilliance Toothpaste Vibrant Peppermint

The #1 Toothpaste Brand in America. The P&G calculation is based on the sales data reported in the U.S.

Brand: Crest

👤There are many brands of toothpaste on the market. They all do the same thing using the same number of ingredients. An abrasive designed to clean without damaging your teeth. 2. Either stannous flouride or sodium flouride is better for gums. 3. A bleach is a whitening agent, almost always hydrogen peroxide. 4. It is said that Flavoring agents. 5. The chemical mess can be made into a paste with the help of binders. 6. The particles that are scrubbed off your teeth are held in a foaming agent. 7. Preservatives. That's it! That's what's in the tube of any toothpaste you use every day. None of them are different. Ever! They all buy their component chemicals from a few suppliers. They all sell the same solutions. The branding is different. The pricing, packaging, and advertising are what distinguishes these products. A number of people have noticed that the product size has shrunk. The product shrunk from 4.1 to 3.9 ounces. That results in a small price increase for the brand manager at Crest. It's a sleazy tool that has been used for decades in the industries of consumables like food and medicine. The price increase will either be ignored or not noticed by most people. Your apathy is what the brand manager at Crest is counting on. You can vote with your wallet. Toothpaste is not a secret formula. Crest is one of the more shady players. The amount of bleach in the product is the same as the amount of hydrogen peroxide. Crest doesn't give out the level of bleaching agent in their product. Colgate disclosed that they are using 3% hydrogen peroxide in their equivalent product. Colgate took the high road on product transparency. Colgate charges more for a 3 oz tube of toothpaste than Crest does for a 3.9 oz tube. The people who seem to be upset with the change to an old school screw cap instead of a snap top cap may be a good thing. bleach is a highly reactive chemical. When you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, hydrogen peroxide and carbomide peroxide will react with oxygen. The bleach won't produce any more effects once it's done. An effective seal on your toothpaste tube is important to keep out oxygen for 23 hours and 59 minutes a day. Crest may have decided that people were too lazy to close the snap top cap or snap to just not be effective enough to seal out atmospheric oxygen, which resulted in spoiled product and customer complaints. If you screw the cap on well after each use, it will seal out air. If you don't use your toothpaste, it won't work. Crest does work and the price is generally better than the direct competition, despite the sleazy pricing through product shrink and lack of transparency about the amount of bleach in their product. I said that toothpaste is a commodity.

👤I can't believe how effective this toothpaste is. It's a little pricier than other toothpastes, but it's not much, and when you consider how effective it is, it seems like a steal. I stopped drinking sodas and switched to tea, and before I knew it, my teeth were a shade lighter than I thought. I didn't want to smile because I was depressed. I ordered the bleaching trays and kits online immediately, and I can tell you that this toothpaste worked 10 times better than the kit. I was scared my teeth would be too stained to whiten when the kit didn't show results, but I stopped using it after using this toothpaste and seeing the results. You'll see the results the first time, and I was blown away after 3. USES, not days! It's worth it, so effective, and you'll feel better about your smile, which is so important. This is an amazing and rewarding purchase, and you can't put a value on your self-esteem. This definitely manages to do so, as few products actually live up to their claims. It makes your teeth feel clean. I hope that Amazon keeps the price at this point, because I will never purchase another toothpaste. I'll be ordering at least 9 tubes as soon as I move to make sure I'm stocked up for a while, as I'd be devastated if they discontinued or changed this in any way. If you want to whiten your teeth without using bleach, you will not regret this. It's a great toothpaste for dental hygiene, so I can't live without it. I found this after searching for hours online for the best teeth Whitening products. Your search is over. You can thank me later by being happy when you look in the mirror. I paid the full AP price for this review and will continue to do so as long as I'm alive. If there's a hint of a discontinuation, I will become a huge fan of it. I hope you love it as much as I do.

10. Crest Pro Health Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste

Crest Pro Health Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste

The #1 Toothpaste Brand in America. The P&G calculation is based on the sales data reported in the U.S.

Brand: Crest

👤I like to create pro health. This was the second time I bought this pack from this seller. The air in them was more apparent. There were holes in the tube. The end is not near the toothbrush. I became suspicious when I had this 3 pack and noticed my teeth weren't right after the 1st pack. I just bought a 3 pack of groceries and it doesn't have air in it. You can't squeeze toothpaste through a pin hole. I made the mistake of using these from Amazon when it was clear something was wrong with them. I can't review my first 3 pack and 2nd because Amazon isn't allowing it, but I will say the first 3 pack had a separate hole. I used this for a long time and it has helped me with my dental issues, I have used it for 10 years.

👤The flavor is mild. I like the creamy consistency. I used this for about 6 weeks until my teeth started to look dirty, and then I started getting terrible sensitivity to air, hot, cold, touch, and everything hurt my teeth. Here is my history with sensitivity. I used sonic brushes that were too hard years ago. It was my fault that my teeth became sensitive. Within days my sensitivity was gone after I used the product 3 times a day. 3 years ago, Apagard fixed my problem. I tried this paste at my doctor's suggestion and all of my sensitivity was gone for about 3 years. My teeth are getting white again since I returned to Apagard, I will never use fluoride again. I don't know what caused this to happen to me. I don't use a strong sonic brush, most times I use a brush that is soft and fine like a make up brush. Unless Crest comes out with a toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride. I'm beyond that now. goodbye crest You had a chance. This is an excellent price compared to what I would find in the store. It hurt my teeth very badly. I gave one away to a friend. Maybe she could use it. The same thing happened to her. People with sensitivity should stay away from this toothpaste. payback is what I may send the third tube to my ex.

👤It's easier to open and close the flip cap with limited fine motor. It's easy to keep clean. The mint taste of the toothpaste is stronger than the original crest paste. A good clean after taste. We have been using this for a year and our dentist says to keep using it. The crest original paste is being used by our children because they are not fans of the strong mint.

👤You're getting ripped off because it's light and fluffy and has air. Just buy it in the market.

👤I decided to buy this toothpaste after reading a review. The review said that this was the best general use toothpaste so I decided to try it out. This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It has a good flavor and a reasonable price. I will use it from now on. You can combine it with Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouthwash for better results. After flossing and brushing, use it.

11. Crest Gum Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

Crest Gum Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

Anti-cavity and anti-gingivitis toothpaste is made with floride. It is proven to help reverse gingivitis. Repairs weakened it.

Brand: Crest

👤I love building tooth pastes. My dentist does not believe in them. I don't like crest because they have too many odd chemicals in their toothpastes. Better Than Sensodyne takes the tooth sensitivity away. It may not be an actual substitute for the tooth paste, but it may be using a novacaine-like alternative. The pain is not as bad. Good stuff, but we really need a real builder. Better than Sensodyne.

👤I had a small chip on one of my back teeth and another small chip on the other side of my mouth. After using this toothpaste for a while, the teeth started to feel smooth again, as if they were iceskating. This toothpaste remineralizes the teeth because of a lack of minerals in the teeth. Whatever it's doing, it's working, as my enamel has definitely made a comeback!

👤The last date was in 4 1/2 months. Don't buy this before you need it. The flavor was lacking. It seems to be ok toothpaste. My husband was not impressed by regular Crest. We will use what we have.

👤The best toothpaste. My husband and I love it. I have sensitive teeth and this is the only toothpaste that doesn't bother me. My teeth are not discolored. Thank you Crest!

👤I've been using it for a week now. I can see the effect on my teeth. My teeth are clean after brushing. The toothpaste was recommended to me by my dental hygienist because I have sensitive teeth. I haven't been able to do that yet. It works if it's anything like the whitening effect.

👤After using this for a few weeks, my gums no longer bleed when brushing.

👤The product is great but a little expensive.


What is the best product for crest enamel repair and gum toothpaste?

Crest enamel repair and gum toothpaste products from Crest. In this article about crest enamel repair and gum toothpaste you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding crest enamel repair and gum toothpaste.

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