Best Denture Repair Kit Permanent

Kit 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. D C Reline Denture Reliners

D C Reline Denture Reliners

You can connect your August smart lock to the internet. You can set up smart reorders to make sure you always have replacement batteries when you need them, or you can also use the notifications provided by Amazon to make sure your batteries are running low.

Brand: Dentemp

👤The price and 2 ct lead me to believe this was more than one box. Don't buy if you're warned. The product is fine.

👤There are stuck on teeth. It took a long time to pry this off of dentures. Don't say I didn't warn you while you try to remove this stuff from dentures, go ahead and buy it.

👤It seems to be old, and has been used many times, so it was installed properly.

👤The instructions say it only lasts a week, but I thought it was a permanent reline.

👤Great product, good price, fast service.

👤The product is not worth the money.

👤As it squeezes out of the denture, it's not the greatest. I had to double up on each denture twice in six weeks so it was becoming expensive. The packages are very small.

👤The reline material has good elasticity. It works well on the bottom denture, but could use a little more work on the upper one. You are set if you buy two.

👤Good product. Australian pharmacist should sell it, it can save a lot of money. It's easy to apply for because of the big support of people using it. I would like it to come in bigger sets.

👤I have ordered it more than once for her so I would have to say she really likes it or she wouldn't have ordered it.

2. Multi Functional Temporary Moldable Confident Adhesive

Multi Functional Temporary Moldable Confident Adhesive

It is the best gift for a loved one. The denture cleanser brush set is the perfect gift for a loved one with a partial or full denture. Offer it to your significant other, to the grandma or grandpa, as a gift, and enjoy their smile! It is convenient and multi-functional. The moldable thermal beads can be used for temporary repairs, like broken teeth, big gaps, and missing teeth, you can just shape it yourself, and it can be used until you can get a dentist. Refer to the instruction and the details shown in the image. The beads are made from environmental friendly material. It can be used for all types of cosplay, model making, and more. There is no need for any of the above. It's ideal for a lot of different projects, and all skill levels, and you can mold it with your hands, tools, or press around an object to make a mold. Any questions or concerns will be addressed within 24 hours.

Brand: Meikai

👤I had a hidden tooth problem that I didn't know about until it broke off and I cried. After 6 pregnancies and lots of morning sickness, I lost my teeth. We are a week before thanksgiving and it breaks. I tried garbage snapbon teeth and ordered these. That was a joke. These are miracles. They give more than what is needed. They will last me a long time. I plan to fix it after the holidays. Professionally. This works wonders until then. I eat with it. It's a tip. Only use a few plastic balls per tooth. More than that is a waste. I drink ice water and hold it on the tooth to make it harder to cut.

👤The color looks very similar to tooth color, but once melted, it becomes clear. It was sticky to work with. I have found that cutting a candle into pieces and using the same heating process works well. I place a piece of candle in a paper/styrofoam cup, fill with 1 cup water, place in microwave for about one minute, roll around with a plastic spoon, and then gently press in all directions until it is smooth. Sometimes I'm able to reuse things the next day.

👤This product works. I'm going to get what I can afford. I'm happy!

👤This was a great help when I needed a temp fix for a tooth and needed to go to a dentist over a month later. The nerve was not affected by the air or food in my mouth. It was easy and bought me time. I thought I would try it, but I was not really hopeful. I made a mold of my tooth and it worked for weeks. I could keep debris out of the opening and not cause more pain. It's easy, I know anyone can. The product is very good and I would highly recommend it. I don't need it, but I have a lot left for other uses. The value of what you get is outstanding. I will keep this handy in case. Really helpful product.

👤I have never used this item. It works amazing after you bought it. Would definitely recommend this product.

👤I had an accident and can't see a dentist. There was a big tooth problem. Was running out of temporary filling. This is an alternative to Temparin Max, which is chalky. I'm worried about how this bonds will work because of what people here are saying about how fast it sets, but I think it's worth a try. The beads melted with the water so I was able to see how hot my food can be to avoid breaking or warping. Here goes. I took 6 beads. I thought it was enough to fit in the cavity. I poured out some hot water and used a metal stick to poke at the beads and the water was hot enough to make them melt and bond to each other. It's still mold-able and isn't immediately set as it seems, even though it was rolled up. I was able to pack the material tightly in. The shape of the missing part of the tooth would be formed by pushing it. The cracks between my teeth are fine since I assume that's one way to keep it in place. The whole thing felt like it was in my mouth and I had to rinse it off. After a while, it did finally set a margin for error, so it still felt like it was flexible. I think it will work because I'm feeling it with my tongue and fingers. I'm not worried about the color since it's a temp measure to avoid making a tooth worse. It's awesome for the initial use. I haven't tried it with food but I think I can eat it as if it wasn't there. Hot or sticky foods are nothing crazy. I was happy with the first day results and hope it will last at least a week or more unlike my other option which fell through. It is nice after some use. I don't like hot food or sticky food, but I can eat normal. Sometimes it gets loose, but a nice splash of hot water will allow it to reform again.

3. SPECTROSEAL UV Glue Pen Ultraviolet

SPECTROSEAL UV Glue Pen Ultraviolet

The operating temperature was 50 to +170C. The ultra-fast and super-strong led liquid plastic welding kit can be used to make precise, no-mess repairs on almost anything in at least 5 seconds. A special ultraviolet light kit is used to cure the liquid plastic glue and create a rock-solid bond. UV light goblets are in seconds. The UV Glue Pen is different from other common glues. It is a plastic and liquid solder that is exposed to UV light and creates a strong bond. It stays liquid until you shine the UV light, so there is no rush to get your repairs into the perfect position. It's almost impossible to fix anything with UV activated caulk. Simply squeeze out the liquid and shine the UV light to seal it. You can save your things from the bin by repairing them. The glue is ideal for bonding plastic. The performance of the joints depends on the materials and techniques used. Doesn't bond well with leather and fabric. Easy to use pipettes are designed for ease of use, control, and precision. The glue pen shape with a nozzle sits comfortably in your hand and lets you apply the perfect amount of ultraviolet glue when you are bonding a repair. Make sure the surface is free of dust. It works best in 1mm gaps. You can make your own plastic guillotine welder with the starter plastic repair welder kit. Fix broken toys, cables, jewelry, glasses and many other objects quickly. The ultimate tool for everyday repairs, SpectroSeal liquid plastic welder glue dries clear and creates a waterproof, permanent glue bond.

Brand: Spectroseal

👤The item works well, but has limitations. It works by curing with ultraviolet light. The glue must be on the edge of the item. If you want to glue 2 pieces of metal together, you can't put glue in the middle and put them together on top of each other, the light won't reach and the glue won't harden. If you glue the edges together, the light will hold together. I used it to glue a snap on my jacket that kept coming undone, and it is now impossible to separate.

👤I tried to fix a bench seat. I got a blob which was not strong. It might work better for other applications. The item was in good shape when it was received. The kit was easy to use. The seller was very good. Product is not much.

👤Absolutely a rip off! Does not work. If it would let me, I would have left no stars. I want my money back. Amazon should return anything they sell because they are allowing people to sell junk.

👤I have a piece of plastic that has been broken off. I taped it. I have used superglue. I have used gorilla glue. I have used two parts of the same substance. Nothing worked right. Within 20 minutes of opening this, I fixed it and it is very sturdy. I spent most of my time cleaning the two pieces. Yeah!

👤I was a bit skeptical when I first read about this glue, but after seeing all the positive reviews I thought I would try it out. I have never been a fan of Super Glue. I had a plastic guard on the gun. I thought I would try the glue after learning how much it would cost to replace it. After using the UV light, the repair was good. I like that there was no long setting time.

👤The product was superior to Bondic. Here is the reason. The UV light is easy to move to the glue joint. Bondic has a fancy metal container for their product that is better than the cardboard box provided by Spectroseal. There is no value in that.

👤I tried to use it on some wicker. Super Glue worked great. The UV light was left on the piece of plastic after it was tried on. I'm returning it.

👤I tried to glue a plastic reindeer's antler after it broke apart, but it wouldn't hold. Sorry, but could not recommend.

👤The product is a life saver. It helps to fix my products. It's so easy to use. It sticks to glass, chip plastic, and spectacles. It is easy to apply on smaller areas with the well-designed tip. Would definitely use Spectroseal for small repairs at home. Superb product! It's a good thing.

👤It works, but you have to follow the instructions.

👤The UV glue pen works. It is easy to use, and provides a strong bond while I was trying to fix two broken plastic pieces together. It is easy to carry around. It works better than a glue gun.

4. UltraFix UV Light Glue Pen

UltraFix UV Light Glue Pen

Lower and Upper 30 pads for your needs. Better than gum. Their formula stays liquid until cured by a UV light, which creates a permanent bond in five seconds. Glass, plastic, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, wiring/cables are all types of surfaces. It's great for fixing toys, jewelry, electronics, cups/Dishes, glasses, and more. Fix, fill, build, and bond are perfect for home projects. It can be painted and sanded. The tip is fine for surgical precision. 100% waterproof and heat resistant. EU 174 project testing passed Environmentally Safe. Everything you need to get fixing and stay fixing is included in the ULTIMATE STARTER KIT. The plastic welder pen has a carrying case, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipes, and sanding file.

Brand: Ultrafix

👤It's a portable tool that makes repairs very easy. Super glue options were a great improvement over this. The carry case is a bit flimsy.

👤This really works. I glue a Barbie dream house support pillar and a Lego Piglet hand back on the arm. This is very easy to use and it didn't stick to my skin. There is a strong smell so use in aventilated area.

👤These reviews are not legit. I tried to repair two items made of plastic, but the glue didn't work. The UV light on the glue did nothing. Save money. I'll send both of them back.

👤It didn't cure all the way after I shined the UV light on it.

👤I used this to repair a worn guitar nut slot. I put the string over the repaired slot and it sliced through it. It could be a weak UV light.

👤Not close to Bondic UV glue. Did not fully fix with UV light. It was like rubber cement. Just in case, I tried the refill. Returned it. Get Bondic UV glue.

👤I didn't work on my sunglasses. I thought the liquid wouldn't stick. Even after holding the light over it, it was still flexible.

5. Plastic Adhesive Fingernail Complete Cartridge

Plastic Adhesive Fingernail Complete Cartridge

Bondic is waterproof and also heat resistant when fully cured. After it is Hardened, Bondic can be Sanded or painted. Non toxic. When the liquid is exposed to the UV Light it cures in seconds to a permanent bond. BondIC is not a cure. The formula stays in liquid until it is Hardened by UV Light, which means there is no chance of it drying up in the container. Bond, build, fix and fill include Plastic, Wood, Metal, PVC, Steel, Rubber, Wiring, Ceramic, Figurines, Vinyl, Kevlar, Polypropylene, Leather and so much more. What is included? Includes everything needed to start fixing. The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Emery Board are in a travel case.

Brand: Bondic

6. Instant Smile Denture Reliner Molds

Instant Smile Denture Reliner Molds

Quickly reline a denture. Remoldable and changeable. You can adjust the amount of material used and re-soften in hot water until you find the perfect fit. The Disk Denture Reliners is not permanent. You can remove it from your denture whenever you want, and you can also make adjustments whenever you need to.

Brand: Instant Smile

👤I loved everything about this product. I had not been able to wear my dentures for 3 months. The soft reline didn't provide any support. The soft reline wouldn't stick to the glue. I used this disc to fill in the gaps between my actual gums and mouth shape, which were made before my teeth were pulled out. It didn't seem to resemble the landscape of my mouth. I trimmed them to fit. Put the wafer on top of the denture. Pushed it into the periodontals. It was taken out. When it cooled, I put them in and took them out to let them set up again. I used to use a razor blade to trim the excess on the dentures. They have been working for a month. I use a very strong glue. It began to pull the plastic lining out after a month of using this glue. I poured boiling hot water on it. Let it be. Put it back in my mouth. It reset just fine.

👤I knew this product was not for me after I drank my first cup. Everything I ate or drank that was hot caused the product to melt and run down my throat, making me cough nonstop.

👤It worked well until I tried to remove it. If you try to reuse it will become a ball of plastic that you can't manipulate. The leftover on the denture is very difficult to remove.

👤The pad is very hard to spread and take it off was like taking gum off your shoes. I was hoping this would be a great fit. Not for me.

👤The best solution for a soft reline is this product. It is so easy to use, do not even think about buying another product. You form it into a disc and apply it. Put it back in the hot water if you don't do it right. It can be done many times without being thrown away. You might think it would be full ofbacteria. I thought the same thing. It is the longest lasting solution you will ever find, because you just soak it in cleaner at night. The product will last me for 4 months for $10, it's worth it! There is no other product on the market that can give you a redo. Beautiful color and forGIVING! Lmm.

👤Definitely not for me. Couldn't mold good enough. It's a big problem to take it back off. Money wasted for me.

👤I'm still trying to get it off my dentures.

👤This is a great product. The soft relines at the dentist didn't work for me, so I found this on Amazon, tried it, and I am completely devastated. The reliner works well. It is remoldable and easy to use. Just follow the directions and you're good to go. I used to have to use a lot of glue. It was gross. Since I've tried this reliner, I don't need any glue to hold my plate in. It's snug when I eat. I highly recommend this product.

7. Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

There is a pack of 6 that is labeled as "Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13plus Repairs, 2.64 Grams". Seal pipes, fix leaks in tanks and drains, repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts, pools and cracks in concrete. Bonding to a range of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, marble and many rigid plastics. It is easy to use, just cut, knead and apply to the damaged area. 10 minutes: Kneading and use are done. The curing time is 10 minutes to 24 hours. Completely hardened and fixed after 24 hours. After use can be fixed, please use within a year. They will reply to your questions at the first opportunity.

Brand: Xudoai

👤It seems to get the job done. It is easy to use, even if you are not familiar with these types of putties. Take it out, guess the size you need, and cut it off with a razor blade. I think it's best to recommend approx. To start with, half inch to 1/3. Roll it into a ball and mix the 2 solutions together. Use your palms and fingers to mix. Then apply to the area you need it in. You will not need much, but use your judgement. You can shape it with your fingers, x-acto knife or sculpting knife. Attach whatever part you need to do it. Attach something to it by hand or with a weight, and hold it together for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I give it an hour because it only takes a few minutes for it to be fully hardened. If necessary, sand it down. You can paint over it to match the product you have added it to.

👤The seller got this to me quickly. The soap holder above my sink was damaged, so I bought this stick. I didn't want to take the whole thing down. I decided to try it. It worked out well. All I had to do was cut the size I needed and massage it to a consistent color. It was large. I had to do it in stages. It would have matched perfectly if I had been a little more patient. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you inspect it closely. I would get the product from this seller again.

👤I have a chandelier that the taxk welding came off on, and it is one of the decor pieces that holds the light. I put a small clip on it to hold it for an hour. It was perfect when I came back. It held the broken tack together. Highly recommended.

👤A small cement statue is being repaired. I tried several other products and they didn't work. It was easy to apply and it was fast to bond. It was very close to the cement. After adhering the broken pieces and letting them cure, I used a Dremmel tool to ground off any excess to match the statue's shape. I used it as a fill in to hide the cracked areas and smoothed them out. I can't see where the original break was. This is amazing. We'll see how it holds up after being exposed to the weather.

👤The first statue was slightly chippy and the second split almost entirely down the middle. I did the chip first and it looks great. I think I don't have to paint it because the color is a near match. It's easy to work with, but you need to stick to it. Quickly. Hope it works on the larger project. I was glad I bought it.

👤I used this to stop the leak in my sink. I used my fingers to cut off a slice from the stick of putty and it turned into a gray color. I wrapped it around the pipe joint and pressed it into place. The repair has held up for 2 weeks so far. I put someXtreme Tape around the putty just for an extra, but my guess is that this wasn't really necessary. The putty was hard to clean off my fingers. I had to use soap and water on my nails. The package told me to wet my fingers. This might have made a difference.

8. LOCBONDSO Light Liquid Curing Adhesive

LOCBONDSO Light Liquid Curing Adhesive

The Thixotropic Index 1.2 Cure Time is from 1.00 to 4.00. At 65C 24.0 hours. 180 min at 25C. You can make permanent seals and repairs with UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive, a super powered liquid plastic welding compound. The curing glue works on many items. It's fast and strong and can create an Everlasting Bond in just 7 seconds. Cures in 7 Seconds, makes a strong, lasting bond, can be shaped, sanded, drilled, polished, and painted once hardened. When it is fully cured for less noticeable repairs, it is clear, but it is not a good idea to use it on plastic. If you have any questions, you can consult their customer service at any time, they guarantee to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Brand: Locbondso

👤This brand works as well as the other brand I used before. It takes a bit longer to cure, but the best part is that it gives you a little more time to get the bond in the right place. The cap on the tip allows it to remain standing. The glue should be in the right place when you need it. The glue has two tips, the outer one with a wide end and the inner one with a black rubber tube.

👤The product was good when I opened it, the glue was still working, but not much came out, just points off for leaking.

👤The metal case is too big for the cap/stand. The case will not close completely. The glue is very thick and difficult to squeeze. There is no manufacture date on the glue. The rubber cap is not secured. It's easy to slip off. The curing light is the only pro. It is easy to use and very strong.

👤I am impressed with how quickly this sets up. I had a hard time getting the glue out of the container.

👤I bought this product to fix my glasses frame. It didn't work. I cured for much longer than recommended. It doesn't work for my plastic glasses.

👤The product has a three-step process, but no time. It doesn't say how long to expose the glue to the UV light or how long it will take for full strength. Proper use is dependent on this information. I'm using glue.

👤It won't last a day. Which stinks.

9. Denture Adhesive Cream Pack Application

Denture Adhesive Cream Pack Application

Beautiful Blue Gel, Wintergreen Burst, and Ultra Foaming Action are included. The Extra Strong Hold Denture Adhesive Cream has been rigorously tested to make sure it stays in all day. There is no food in between your teeth. Enjoy life with freedom and smile. The #1 priority was health and safety when making the denture cream. The safest and most effective ingredients have been used by Avistar to make sure you are safe. It's easy to apply a cream tube that is bulky, make the cream ooze and are a pain. This cream has a narrowed tube for maximum precision when applying and it looks and feels great. Extra fresh! The application of the cream is just as joyful as the preparation. Your cream will feel great with a mint flavour. They promise that there will be no hassles. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like their product.

Brand: Avistar

👤I've tried a few different things. I found out that the Fixodent was the best. Fixodent is not as good as Avistar in my opinion. I drink a lot of liquids during the day and feel like the bottoms are loose before supper time, which is often the case with nothing left of what I used to glue the bottoms in. I can put my dentures in at 5:30am and they are still secure at 8pm, thanks to the first adhesive I've come across, Avistar. It's not expensive because it's a 5 pack. I have to remember to put my two cents in when I first read about this product.

👤I have a condition that makes me hypersensitive to many things. Since getting full dentures in October of last year, I've been looking for a dental glue that held my dentures in place, but didn't irritate my mouth. I couldn't use anything with zinc in it. Most of the flavors made my mouth hurt. It wasn't strong enough for brands without zinc. I tried different flavors but they were all strong. I tried this brand for the first time. It is great for my needs. No zinc. There was no ride. My dentures are in place all day. The taste is mild. I can finally wear my dentures without making my mouth feel sore or swollen. I am buying this brand. I did not give it a 5 star because it is difficult to get out of the tube. It is difficult to push the glue out of the tube because it is not rolled up like a toothpaste tube. I'm going to put a clip on the end of the tube to see if it helps.

👤The taste of this product is great. It is better to have a bad taste than having a good one. This product fits in all of my purses discreetly so I don't have to carry around denture cream. The consistency of the cream makes it easy to apply, and it's easy to keep it away from the edges of the dentures so it won't ooze over when you put them in. After using this product, I will never use any of the other products I have tried before.

👤2 sets were ordered by mistake. I was going to return one set. I will keep all ten of them after trying it out. The best glue on the market. It works as advertised. One application will set your dental work for the day and night. I have a full upper with a metal plate. I have strong jaw muscles. I've never found a glue that was as easy to apply as this one. The quality is professional.

👤This was a huge disappointment. I was excited about the reviews and was looking for great adhesion and no sticky, tacky mouth. I had a lot of sticky goop. This was a huge disappointment.

👤Some of the cleanest ingredients I have seen in any glue. I appreciate the fact that you guys made this formula with consumers safety in mind. Love the thin tips.

10. Secure Denture Bonding Cream Dentek

Secure Denture Bonding Cream Dentek

It creates a strong bond between the gum and the denture by promising up to 12 hours of holding power. Slipping, sliding, and embarrassing moments are over. The ADVANCED WATERPROOF ADHESIVE is the only zinc-free, waterproof denture glue that is different from other water-soluble glues. It doesn't change the taste of food. It is easy to apply long lasting and economical in the morning. A good bond can be created with dry dentures and a dry mouth. Remember, a little goes a long way, so use 2 to 3 pearl sized drops and spread along the ridge of the denture. The supply will last for almost two months. The only cleanser on the market that can remove the glue while cleansing and disinfecting in just five minutes is called Secure Denture.

Brand: Secure

👤My teeth are still in Immediate dentures. I thought I'd give it a try, because it was so frustrating to have them so loose halfway through the day. I can't explain it, but I think they fit better with this stuff. When I ate or drank, they didn't get loose. I've been very pleased with the hold. I need to make sure I don't run out. When I get my real dentures, I want to keep it on hand. Thanks!

👤Are you having loose dentures? I did my homework online and found this product to be highly recommended. I was amazed at the amount of videos on the internet demonstrating the use of this product. I was impressed. I have only had my dentures for a short time. HA! I survived cancer. I received radiation treatments to my throat for 7 weeks. I pray that you don't have to go through it. Words can't describe the experience. I had to have all of my upper and lower teeth removed prior to the radiation treatments. There are side effects. The destruction of my saliva glands is the most important side effect. I have no saliva at all. The reason I mentioned this is that the Secure product may work differently for someone with normal saliva glands. I use this product every day and it works great for me. I saw a demonstration on the internet of how to apply the glue. The box shows you how to use it. You would apply any kind of glue to your denture. I learned from the video that I need to spread it all over the interior of the dentures, so I can get rid of the glue. Does it work? I put the dentures on in the morning and don't remove them until after 11. I have to have a tug of war to get my dentures out of my mouth. The dentures are stuck on my gums and I have to pull on them. Drop the dentures into my mouth and rinse it off. Next, using my dental brush, rinse and clean my dentures. The dentures are easy to remove with the secure glue. The only places I have been able to find it are online. If you purchase the 4 tube package, Amazon has the best price. One tube has been used for a month. I get my Amazon Prime membership in 2 days. I highly recommend both! If you haven't purchased it yet, you can get the secure denture bonding cream and the Amazon Prime membership. You can search for Secure Denture Adhesive on the internet. You will love it! The video producers are not actors and you will get kicked out of watching them. They took the time to make and publish the videos for us. God is good. All the time! I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

👤This product is used to hold your denture in place. I have to use Super Polydent twice a day. The gum is not held securely by the glue. It did not clean off well and left a rough build up in two days that caused a sore spot in my denture. The spot has been healing for a week. I brushed my dentures with Dawn detergent and it wouldn't come off. I was able to remove the last of it after three days of soaking. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. I had my husband try a tube for a few days and he had the same problem. He has had his teeth for several years and never had a rough spot until he used this glue. buyer beware

11. Temporary Moldable Thermal Adhesive Halloween

Temporary Moldable Thermal Adhesive Halloween

You will get 100 g teeth pellets, which is enough to meet your daily needs. The tooth solid gels can be used as makeup tools on Halloween, as well as help you to cover missing and broken teeth with a nice looking smile, and make your smile more confident. It is simple to use, just put the teeth in boiling water, put 15 pieces of glue and stir, then stick the glue on the teeth, it can be applied. The color of the teeth pellet adhesive is the color of most people's teeth, so it can meet the needs of most people, at the same time, when you use it, it looks like your natural teeth, so you don't need to. Warm remind, please do not drink hot drinks when wearing the teeth solid glue, and be careful not to be scalded when making the teeth solid glue, and small and inedible items, please keep this product away from children.

Brand: Nuanchu

👤The beads had no instructions. I have used similar products before, so I didn't think it was a big deal. It was in a pot of boiling water. It did nothing when it was put in the microwave. This product is hard to mold. I couldn't get it out of the pot. This product is not worth it and has a nightmare. I couldn't do anything with it.

👤Do not buy. Don't waste your money! If I could, I would give zero stars. I want to warn people. I would like to read the reviews first. I was trying to find a product that would get to me in the fastest time possible. It wasn't worth it! I have used thermal fitting beads before. I know how to use them, but they don't get clear because they don't form into the shape you want in seconds, and it doesn't harden to the right. Either is so unhappy.

👤I don't know what I was sent, but it wasn't what I was expecting. It didn't turn clear and it didn't become moldable. It didn't work even on the stove top. It sticks to the bottom of the pan. It's very difficult to get it off. You get a piece loose. Within 2 seconds, it turns solid. Absolutely worthless.

👤It doesn't absorb enough water. They don't stay connected to one another. I've bought a few different brands of "tooth replacement beads" and they've worked according to the instructions. After 3 tries, these were barely soft and don't like to stick to one another, which is not good for the product to work. The color is very accurate and natural looking, which is something I've never seen from any other brands. This didn't work out well. To answer your questions. I left the beads in the hot water. The water was very hot.

👤This product is terrible. #1 The product is white. It is not realistic in dental applications. After heating it in water, the shelf life to use is very short. It's too rigid to manipulate. #3 It's not an indicator that it's ready to use. When ready to use, theirs turn clear. This is bright white throughout the process. There are four The product does not clean up very well. I used to heat the water in a plastic cup, but it left a trail of waste. I had to throw it away. There are five The bag is 100g. Considering all the other options, it's expensive. Hope this helps.

👤I didn't work as advertised. Other brands work better for me. The water needs to be stirred to make it softer. It's too hot to mold. Other brands will not be affected by hot water.

👤The way this product is manipulated is not easy. This is a different product than I thought. It was difficult to form and not as easy to manipulate as the thermal beads. Will not buy again. It is too fast to position the way you need it when it is taken out of the hot water.


What is the best product for denture repair kit permanent?

Denture repair kit permanent products from Dentemp. In this article about denture repair kit permanent you can see why people choose the product. Meikai and Spectroseal are also good brands to look for when you are finding denture repair kit permanent.

What are the best brands for denture repair kit permanent?

Dentemp, Meikai and Spectroseal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for denture repair kit permanent. Find the detail in this article. Ultrafix, Bondic and Instant Smile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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