Best Denture Repair Kit Repairs Broken Dentures

Dentures 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Fixodent Ultra Denture Adhesive Ounce

Fixodent Ultra Denture Adhesive Ounce

Fixodent's strongest formula. For an all-day hold, use once a day. Don't experience dentures, experience life. Food can get between dentures and gums if there is a strong seal. It helps to prevent gum soreness.

Brand: Fixodent

👤This is a good fixative for your dentures. I lost most of my teeth in a horrible accident. I have full dentures with only a small amount of them left for the remaining teeth. I need a good bond. I'm active. It was a unique experience before my marriage. I dated and kissed several men in a couple of years of dating in order to encourage those of you who are new to dentures. He doesn't mind that I found a husband. Life goes on. Anyway, back to fixodent Ultra Max. I believe it is the same as the regular fixodent. The Fixodent factory has created a tube with a bigger spout so that you can put more product on your dentures. Not what I want. I would rather have a regular Fixodent. If I want to put on twice as much product, I can just keep squeezing the thin strip where I need it. My lower denture has a small gum grooves to place the glue. The Ultra Max in this tube extrudes a strip of glue that is larger than my gum grooves. Not good! It costs more and forces me to throw it away. I will never buy it again. If this was the time of Corona, I would return this for a refund. Fixodent is an excellent product and a better value.

👤This version of Fixodent lasts all day. The nozzle tip is too wide, leaving wide blobs of product that need to be smeared into a thinner layer over the denture surface. Product with thinner tip would be perfect. You only need the smallest amount of the product after a few months. I used to use large amounts of the reg strength Fixodent Plus in order to adhere the loose-fitting upper denture in place. The lightest possible use is required in this new stronger version. I unintentionally caused my upper palate damage when I used too much. I was told by my dentist to use less. I only use a tiny fraction of the original amount, my mouth is healed and my dentures fit well all day.

👤They are the best we have ever used and are hard to get out in the morning.

👤I liked the product. I don't think it is better than the maximum hold. If you want to take your dentures out. Forget it. I rinse mine with mouth wash after a few days. I brush them with toothpaste and toothbrush if they are stained. When they become loose enough, I take them out and soak them in denture cleaner.

👤It is always good if you know where your teeth are.

👤The glue is very strong. It was very difficult to open my mouth after I bumped my lips with the glue. Great product. The tip is used to distribute glue. You use less with it being smaller.

👤The product was disappointing. I thought this would be what I was looking for, but it's not very good. Ultra max, please! Not right. I used regular Polident before and it wasn't great, but it worked better than this. If you want something to hold tight, don't waste your time. I need to keep looking.

2. Dentures Temporary Whitening Alternative Substitute

Dentures Temporary Whitening Alternative Substitute

What you get is a box of false teeth that will help you have a beautiful white teeth and meet your daily needs. Practical smile dentist. If you have missing or discolored teeth, the smile denture can help you cover them and make them look better. If you have temporary false teeth with thin teeth Whitening technology, you can get a pair of white teeth instantly, regardless of gender, and there is no shame in wearing it. Their temporary denture teeth are made with quality material that can fit your teeth well and bring you comfort. The teeth whitening kit is portable and easy to pack in a box after use, and can be attached to the body after cleaning.

Brand: Kdgtebo

3. Acryline Advanced Formula Denture Reliner

Acryline Advanced Formula Denture Reliner

The second photo shows a 25-year old denture that was never cleaned before. The left side of the house was cleaned. The right side was not cleaned. Targets loose dentures. It is easy to apply for a snug fit.

Brand: Acryline

👤This is a great product to use when you can't afford a professional dentist to replace your dentures. This product helps to fill the gap until one can save enough to get them replaced because Medicare does not cover them.

👤I received a box with most of the liquid leaking even after the product description said it was "new and improved, no more messy leaks with sealed single-use container". The picture of the new sealed containers is included in the description. The old stuff is leaking and sticky. I don't think these tubes are leaking. The box was old and oily, like it had been on a shelf for a long time. I think they'll start sending out the new and improved version after they get rid of their damaged packs. Wrong on so many levels.

👤I have used a variety of soft denture reliners to help my teeth fit. The product came in one day and was great. The liner solution has almost no taste when it is in your mouth. I've tried all the brands and they taste terrible. I put it up to have comfortable dentures. Never again! I highly recommend this.

👤I have been using this product for years and it took me a long time to dry, but I was told to do it the other way. I have told Amazon many times to box it not envelope it, but it doesn't always work. My husband says that when the cap is tight, the contents expand and cause the cap to go crooked and let the liquid leak out.

👤They have a plastic container for the liquid instead of the glass bottle. It cannot spill out anymore. I am happy!

👤My box was damaged and one bottle of liquid leaked out and the other bottle was loose and wet. I believe part of it leaked out. Should I get another box? If I liked it, I was going to order more boxes. Let me know the address to send it back to.

👤The ingredients leak out into the box when I order this product for the second time.

👤The bottles containing the fluid were leaking when I received them. The bottles are not full. This is very disappointing, as it means I will most likely only be able to use this item once. As soon as I use the product, I will update this review.

4. Temporary Kit Thermal Filling Missing Adhesive

Temporary Kit Thermal Filling Missing Adhesive

There is a temporary tooth repair kit. It works great for instant and temporary use as well as it can do you a favor in smiling. It is a useful product. The product can be used in a variety of ways, from cosplay to model making. It is a useful product. The item is made of high quality material. It can be tailored to your liking just by boiling water for a few minutes. It is easy to get a teeth replacement and you will be able to smile again. There is enough material to make a temporary tooth 20 to 25 times. They offer a high standard of after-sales services. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting them.

Brand: Brige

👤I made a set of teeth. It is easy to use.

👤They give you three big bags because all five stars are lies and you cannot eat with them. You have to do it every day. I tried to glue mine back in, but it wouldn't work.

👤I was concerned about how the tooth would hold up. I was prepared to make many attempts to make it work. I went to the internet and it was not clear. I jumped in and tried it. I made a few mistakes, but the stuff is so easy to use that I just put it back in the hot water and tried again. I got a tooth after three tries. Once you have the shape, I will put it in cold water. I tried it again and it was back to the hot water. I decided to use ice water instead of putting it in because I wanted the shape I wanted. I have a tooth that fits perfectly, but it is not the same color as my other teeth. Who cares for now? I don't have a broken tooth, I looked like I was inbred from a banjo player from that movie. When I tell my family what I did, they were amazed. I have so much material that I am going to mess with coloring with coffee or tea. Hope this helped anyone sitting in the fence. Since no one can go to the dentist, the product is great. Good luck.

👤It does the job according to others. It takes a few tries to get it right. I was discouraged but my husband got his formed. I am not a patient person. My husband is. You can't tell a fake from a real one. Buy it. You have nothing to lose.

👤At the beginning of the stay-at- home lockdown, I had a tooth chip. I can't go to the dentist because it's not an emergency. I was ready to hide the chip immediately. I had to use these several times for a fix. Sometimes they stay in place in order to eat and drink. Fix-o-dent seems to help. I can finally go to the dentist for a permanent fix because of the three (3) bags that I received.

👤It was worth the money for a quick fix, but can't say how long it will last, I had cancer and the treatments, but I was happy with it, even though I had a molded mouth piece.

👤The udder must rip off. I bought this for a gag to make vampire teeth, but it didn't work out. I had to boil the water so hot that the beads would melt and form putty, then mold them. It would have been simpler to make a real tooth. It was horrible. It wouldn't hold, didn't stay in place for more than two seconds, and wouldn't stick to my teeth. It wouldn't adhere to a cracked tooth in the back. Garbage! Don't waste your money. I think they made up the other comments, they seem to have written them well. It is not a good product. Don't waste your money, save and see a dentist. There are alternatives to a new tooth.

5. Multi Functional Temporary Moldable Confident Adhesive

Multi Functional Temporary Moldable Confident Adhesive

It is the best gift for a loved one. The denture cleanser brush set is the perfect gift for a loved one with a partial or full denture. Offer it to your significant other, to the grandma or grandpa, as a gift, and enjoy their smile! It is convenient and multi-functional. The moldable thermal beads can be used for temporary repairs, like broken teeth, big gaps, and missing teeth, you can just shape it yourself, and it can be used until you can get a dentist. Refer to the instruction and the details shown in the image. The beads are made from environmental friendly material. It can be used for all types of cosplay, model making, and more. There is no need for any of the above. It's ideal for a lot of different projects, and all skill levels, and you can mold it with your hands, tools, or press around an object to make a mold. Any questions or concerns will be addressed within 24 hours.

Brand: Meikai

👤I had a hidden tooth problem that I didn't know about until it broke off and I cried. After 6 pregnancies and lots of morning sickness, I lost my teeth. We are a week before thanksgiving and it breaks. I tried garbage snapbon teeth and ordered these. That was a joke. These are miracles. They give more than what is needed. They will last me a long time. I plan to fix it after the holidays. Professionally. This works wonders until then. I eat with it. It's a tip. Only use a few plastic balls per tooth. More than that is a waste. I drink ice water and hold it on the tooth to make it harder to cut.

👤The color looks very similar to tooth color, but once melted, it becomes clear. It was sticky to work with. I have found that cutting a candle into pieces and using the same heating process works well. I place a piece of candle in a paper/styrofoam cup, fill with 1 cup water, place in microwave for about one minute, roll around with a plastic spoon, and then gently press in all directions until it is smooth. Sometimes I'm able to reuse things the next day.

👤This product works. I'm going to get what I can afford. I'm happy!

👤This was a great help when I needed a temp fix for a tooth and needed to go to a dentist over a month later. The nerve was not affected by the air or food in my mouth. It was easy and bought me time. I thought I would try it, but I was not really hopeful. I made a mold of my tooth and it worked for weeks. I could keep debris out of the opening and not cause more pain. It's easy, I know anyone can. The product is very good and I would highly recommend it. I don't need it, but I have a lot left for other uses. The value of what you get is outstanding. I will keep this handy in case. Really helpful product.

👤I have never used this item. It works amazing after you bought it. Would definitely recommend this product.

👤I had an accident and can't see a dentist. There was a big tooth problem. Was running out of temporary filling. This is an alternative to Temparin Max, which is chalky. I'm worried about how this bonds will work because of what people here are saying about how fast it sets, but I think it's worth a try. The beads melted with the water so I was able to see how hot my food can be to avoid breaking or warping. Here goes. I took 6 beads. I thought it was enough to fit in the cavity. I poured out some hot water and used a metal stick to poke at the beads and the water was hot enough to make them melt and bond to each other. It's still mold-able and isn't immediately set as it seems, even though it was rolled up. I was able to pack the material tightly in. The shape of the missing part of the tooth would be formed by pushing it. The cracks between my teeth are fine since I assume that's one way to keep it in place. The whole thing felt like it was in my mouth and I had to rinse it off. After a while, it did finally set a margin for error, so it still felt like it was flexible. I think it will work because I'm feeling it with my tongue and fingers. I'm not worried about the color since it's a temp measure to avoid making a tooth worse. It's awesome for the initial use. I haven't tried it with food but I think I can eat it as if it wasn't there. Hot or sticky foods are nothing crazy. I was happy with the first day results and hope it will last at least a week or more unlike my other option which fell through. It is nice after some use. I don't like hot food or sticky food, but I can eat normal. Sometimes it gets loose, but a nice splash of hot water will allow it to reform again.

6. Imako Cosmetic Extras Plastic Temporary

Imako Cosmetic Extras Plastic Temporary

The best product for filling in a missing tooth is this temporary tooth filling. A bleached white that will look fake is a more natural color of actual teeth. Can be used to make upper and lower teeth. Imako product is authentic.

Brand: Imako

👤I've been using Temptooth and other products for a while. I thought I'd try it. When it arrived in the mail, I was not happy about how little it was for the money. I tried making a tooth to fill a gap between two broken teeth. I used to fill in the missing tooth with the other products, but I molded it to cap the broken tooth. I let my teeth overlap for stability. I use a product called Poligrip that works the same way as the others, but it's easier to use and matches my teeth better. It feels snug and secure as I believe the material shapes into fine detail. The material feels harder to me than the others. Other products are not as good over time. Time will tell how this goes. I will post an update in a couple of weeks. I'm very impressed! After wearing this for a week, I am very happy. I don't need the Poligrip because this product shapes into fine detail, and that is something I don't find in other products. The molded teeth stay in place even after a broken tooth. The products I've used have been better than the ones I've eaten. I would like to see a product that is harder to set up. It seems like a slight change in material specification could achieve it without much trouble. I'm very pleased with the product.

👤It took me about three to figure out how to use the packages correctly. Many people don't have good things to say because they are difficult to understand how to use, and I think many people just give up. I formed about 20 of these into a snap-in for my missing tooth. I've tried them small. I've tried a lot of them. I've tried them both wide and thin. I have finally come up with a solution that is comfortable, looks good, and lasts for a long time. It took a lot of trial and error. If you are drinking semi-hot liquid with them, you will have to put them in a little bit of hot water and reform them as you go throughout the day. When they are in your mouth, just heat of your body can reform them a bit, and make them a little more comfortable, but it can also cause some sharp edges that will irritate your gums. I have to snap mine in and out to eat. They will not last forever even when you get a good one formed, just daily use will make them dirty and wear them out, even when you got the perfect one. DRAT! So anyways... The learning curve is steep, but I think this product is worth it. Keep with it!

👤It was a life-saver for me. I have wanted to share my experience for a while. I used this differently than most others. I lost a vagrant off the front of a bridge. My dentist is making a new one that takes a while and I will have a lot of work done next month. He said he couldn't do it in the office. There was a side tooth that showed some. I was so upset. The piece that came off formed a small layer from this stuff. I used the D.O.C. Repair-It Kit to glue it onto the missing spot on the bridge. It has been on my bridge since the fall. It is not noticeable, but is a shade different than my teeth. I fixed my issue on my own. I was helped out by the kit and the kit only cost me$15 for my temporary fix. It was a lot for making this available. It helped me out with my dilemma.

7. Instant Smile Complete Denture Repair

Instant Smile Complete Denture Repair

The most versatile repair kit on the market. Remove loose fitting dentures. Repairs cracked, fractured, or broken dentures. Replacing missing or broken teeth. Instructions are included.

Brand: Instant Smile

👤The kit had no instructions. The liquid and powder mixture was very hard to shake after we mixed it. We didn't get to use it. After paying $20, I went to walmart and got the same thing for $5. I was very disappointed at the wasted money.

👤A person who is interested in money. The teeth are grey. Don't eat after you get them on your dentures. I almost ate one. I wish I hadn't bought them. I want my money back. I should have listened to the bad reviews.

👤After reading and following the instructions several times, the beads wouldn't stick to the broken tooth or the dentures. I'm searching for an alternative method until I can get to the dentist and have it done correctly. Highly disappointed.

👤When a person loses a tooth and the dentist office price is through the roof, you want something that works for a while. These didn't last long.

👤I broke a tooth on my dentures. They would make me replace the whole thing if I brought them in. It was difficult to get the mixture just right, and it smelled bad, I was sure I would not like it. Not at all when it was set. It is holding. It looks natural. This saved me a lot of money because I would advise doing this in aventilated room or outside as it does stink.

👤I ended up swallowing the rubber tooth three hours later because it was not easy to use.

👤The taste is horrible and I had to take it out. I tried soaking my dentures in water overnight. If you could tolerate the taste, it would do the job.

👤I used my experience as an artist to make a very realistic match for my Mom's missing front tooth. The material is very workable despite being a little softer than expected. It is not as hard as her teeth. It's a grey tone and there's no way to change it. It has been in existence for 3 weeks and is holding up well.

👤Great product! I bought this set because my dentures were in pieces after the dog got hold of them. I have a couple of suggestions, however the instructions were clear. 1. It's easier to mix the powder and glue in an old spoon. 2. To apply the mixture, use a small screwdriver. 3. Put a piece of tape on one side and apply the glue to the other, then stick another piece of tape over the top. 4. Set file off any excess and fill any gaps. I built up the layers over the course of a few hours.

👤I bought this because I was worried about a large bill for having a crack in the middle of my dentures. After several failed attempts, I resigned myself to biting the bullet and called a dentist lab. They charged me $12.50 for the repair that I waited for and after 30 minutes I had my dentures back as good as new with no visible signs of the repair. This product is vastly over priced and useless.

8. Complete Acrylic Denture Synthetic Materials

Complete Acrylic Denture Synthetic Materials

A2 is a material that is made from acrylic. They are not crowns, they are not hollow, and they are not solid. If you want to make full dentures, you need to use a professional dentist's guidance. It is a box of 28 teeth. It is suitable for dentists to make complete dentures or single dentures for patients.

Brand: Angzhili

👤On my 50th birthday, I had my two bottom teath break off. I couldn't stand talking to anyone and I looked like a tweaker. I got creative. I was able to make my own partial using a wallmart brand acrylic nail kit that has liquid acrylic monomer and pink acrylic powder. The dentist charged me 2 grand for my last appointment. I made a partial for 5 teeth using the same method. I've been wearing them for 3 months and they work great. There is a It cost me 20 bucks.

👤If you pulled them out of your own head, they are just like teeth. I would like to practice dentistry for my friends. If you glue them all together, they will fit in your mouth and look like a beautiful grill. No excuse to look bad anymore.

👤These teeth are great. An implant for a lost tooth would cost four thousand dollars, and I found out about it two months ago. I am an average person and do not have a lot of money. I was afraid that my teeth would shift and cause more pain. I tried temp tooth and it looked like I stuck a piece of candy corn in the hole I left. I was confused. I came up with an idea and decided to look at the different types of teeth, mostly because you get a lot of teeth for your money and if the idea didn't work, no harm. I bought some polygrip and left some plastic beads from temp teeth. I made my own bridge out of the items and it fits perfectly and costs less than twenty dollars. You can't tell if the tooth is real or fake. Thank you so much.

👤I think they look great. There are a lot of reviews that say they are too small. I think they are the perfect size and the color is just right.

👤I was happy that masks were required because I have become so self conscious about my missing tooth. I made everyone trade places because I was afraid of having my missing tooth show up in family photos. I cried when I saw my old smile again after using the tooth from this kit with the beads for other temporary teeth. I had forgotten.

👤The looks are so real. One problem, polygRIP, doesn't work at all. Other than that, who made these?

👤These are great! I bought them to fill up my suitcase. I like to pull it out of my jacket pocket and slowly pull people in as I open the suitcase. When they see the realistic teeth, the shock and terror in their eyes is always well worth it. I had someone think I was lying when I said they were fake. I would buy these again if I ever needed more teeth like this.

👤Not the right color. How will they be applied?

👤God send bloody Abosolute. I lost my crown for the first time since the lock down. These teeth look natural.

9. NEOMEN Health Professional Dental Guard

NEOMEN Health Professional Dental Guard

Neomen dental mouth guards are moldable and have a protected case. It is easy to clean and can be used again. The package has a high quality case. Their product mouth guard for teeth grinding is made of safe materials, well-constructed, and comfortable to use every single day. Perfect fit. Their dental guard has 4 mouth guards and 2 different sizes. If you clench or grind your teeth and want to protect them, their bite guards are right for you. Confidental dental guards are custom made to fit any mouth size. The Neomen 3-in-1 dental night guard can be used as a teeth Whitening tray and as an athletic mouth guard to protect against sports related impacts to the teeth. Buy with confidence. If you don't like the night guard, you can return by 30 days and get a full refund.

Brand: Neomen

👤I grind my teeth at night. I can't sleep at night. I sometimes get upset with my husband. I went to see a few doctors, but they didn't work very well. I bought a dental guard last year. It was okay in the first few days, but it is too thin. I was sad because I broke in a few days. My friend recommended me to buy a dental guard. There are four different sizes of this dental guard. It's easy to put in my mouth. I don't grind my teeth at night. I sleep well and don't disturb my husband's rest. If you are grinding your teeth at night, I recommend that you get a dental guard, as it will help you.

👤I bought it in January. They had small sizes that would fit my mouth. If you don't make sure it doesn't touch the bottom or sides of the pot, it will stick and be shaped differently. You have to mold it to your teeth quickly. I didn't have any luck with this. I put it away after I made it and it hurt when I put it back on. I tried the process over and over again and it didn't work out. I am not using them. I received a letter in the mail from California a month later. I live on the east coast. The partner at the law office wrote a letter asking me to rate and review this mouth guard for $5. I hope that this company and this lawyer know how bad this is. Why don't you let me buy a mouth guard on Amazon?

👤I've been going to the dentist for a sore tongue on the side of my teeth for the last couple of times and they've never found a reason for it. They asked if I grind my teeth in the night, and I said I haven't done that in years. My wife told me that I grind my teeth almost every night. I bought this product to see if it would help. I don't know if the guard is protecting my tongue or if it is just building an awareness in my sleep not to grind. I don't have the soreness after a couple of nights wearing this, I could care less.

👤I have to wear teeth guards all the time. They've been around for a long time. I drive right through them. They are very comfortable. You can put one in your bag and medicine cabinet in your room if you get a few. You don't have to wake up with a jaw and headaches when you take a quick nap. These things are lifesavers. I would recommend them to you and a friend, I feel so comfortable with them. The mouth guard saved me some money. That's what he wanted. I only use one of them on my bottom teeth at night because I sleep. I wake up without the sore jaw because I am grinding while I sleep. My dentist wanted to make a one for me. I made my own. I opened the box after it arrived. I washed all the guards and picked one that fit. I put a glass cup in the microwave and it took two and a half minutes to cook. When the cup was pulled out, I waited for a second to put it in my mouth, and waited for the temperature to be right. The mold stays in all night. I'm glad I did it. Good luck with the night grinds.

10. Amazing Temporary Tooth Complete Replacement

Amazing Temporary Tooth Complete Replacement

You lost a tooth and don't have the money to go to the dentist. You can get a temporary tooth that will help you get your smile back. Some brands use materials made in China, but their temp dental material is the highest grade, non toxic material available, and it is made right here in the USA. You don't need a special cup, spoon, or dental tools to use this kit. There is no need for special tools. The kit is the best on the market because of its easy to follow instructions and bright clear pictures. Do not be fooled by brands that charge you extra for gifts you don't need. They provide you with access to a video that shows you how easy it is to use this product. You will be able to make a temporary tooth from the comfort of your own home after watching their instructional video. It is easy to fill a missing tooth with a realistic looking tooth, that is comfortable and will give you the confidence to smile again. It's easy to follow instructions. There is an instructional video. Don't wait, buy now and smile with confidence.

Brand: Amazing Temporary Tooth

👤I like it but it's not perfect and I need a crown.

👤It's plastic. You can get a large jar for 18 bucks. He has thermal beads in a jar. Not worth anything. See the picture.

👤I had a fight with my estranged husband and he knocked out one of my front teeth, I was very self conscious and wouldn't smile at work. I went to the dentist to have it fixed and it was going to cost me a lot of money, so I took a chance and did it. It was a life saver. I have my confidence back.

👤He lost his tooth cap when it fell out. He has stage 4 cancer and doesn't want to spend $800 for a tooth that he won't live long enough to make it worth it. He just wanted to be respected. He said it was easy to use the product after he tried it. It has been in his mouth for three months and still holding up. I think it is yellow now, as it does absorb stains, but he cleans it with a magic eraser. It is not a perfect solution, but it is cheap, works and looks better than no tooth at all. Maybe it looks different from the rest. You don't notice. Thanks for the cheap alternative.

👤I chip one of my front teeth while eating. I am pregnant at the moment and don't want to risk my baby's health by going for dental work. I was worried as I had several engagements ahead of me, such as my baby shower, maternity shoot, and birthday party. I didn't want to show up to those events with a missing tooth. This is where the amazing temporary tooth comes in. I put the beads in a cup of water and warmed them up in the microwave. I put the solution on my tooth and was able to mold it back together. It was very easy to use, however you will have to work fast because the solution is very fast. I almost had a brand new tooth after a few adjustments, and the color matched my teeth perfectly. My dentist said it is the whitest shade available for porcelain teeth. The substance dried, blended, and held on to my partial porcelain tooth without looking like a repair. My family and husband thought I had gone to the dentist for the repair when I told them I had fixed it myself. I am going to have my dentist fix my tooth, but this will allow me to finish my pregnancies and save money, as the kit comes with tons of beads and I am confident I can use the product for at least a year.

👤After my front tooth broke off, I ordered this as a quick fix. We wear masks all day. I still remove my mask at times. I couldn't smile when I removed it. My dentist moved my appointment for root canal and crown fitting because I refused the covid test. 2 long wks toothles! Ahwww! It was easy to use the instructions. I made 3 teeth in 30 minutes. I lose one. I don't eat with it. I can smile at work when the mask is off. I'm very happy! This is my first time doing reviews and I felt the need to do so.

11. Oral Essentials Treatments Sensitivity Artificial

Oral Essentials Treatments Sensitivity Artificial

Whitening without the harm is what it means. It's important to lift stains without taking the enamel. The use of harsh bleaches that damage your tooth structure can lead to sensitivity. There are 42 strips and 21 treatments. All the better-for-you ingredients are meaningless if they don't prove results. They set out to scientifically show that your smile could be achieved with Lumineux. With over 50 double-blind university studies backing them up, they can proudly say they clean, whiten, and refresh ourselves, without the harm. This one is unique. I bet that the only oral care company that can claim that they are safe is Lumineux. Their products work with your body to protect your good and bad oral flora. You can check out the ingredients lists on their products. They are packed with ingredients that can nourish and help improve your oral health. In their latest study, they had participants use their strips for 2 weeks without pain. They didn't get a single complaint of pain or damage to teeth or gums, even though they got incredible reviews from those who participated. There was an average of 14 shades that were white with this study.

Brand: Oral Essentials

👤These strips are gross. They tend to turn to a liquid while wearing them. They taste good. These strips are for you if you are buying them for Whitening. I find it helpful to place the strip, then use my fingernails to gently shove the strip between my teeth, as they really do whiten, and I want the cracks to whiten as well. I noticed a difference after the first try. I started getting comments on my teeth after three. I would be begging for tooth relief on my knees by the third day of wearing a Crest strip.

👤I couldn't find a strip that didn't hurt my teeth after using them. They all left white spots on my teeth. These strips don't do any of those things. They are easy to use. I love them!

👤The box has 42 strips and 21 treatments. I received 6 strips, 3 treatments and the box was damaged. I am not sure if I would purchase these again, and I would urge people who are interested to be cautious.

👤I was a little skeptical of these since it was an IG ad but they are amazing! They do a great job of lightening your teeth, and they don't make your teeth sensitive. All. My teeth were whitened within a week. I used the toothpaste and the mouthwash, but you could just use the strips and see the results. I will be using these as my routine.

👤I can't believe it! I drink black coffee and red wine, and after two uses, my results were amazing. The bottom strip is hard to put on and could be an operator error. I use the product twice. Buy this product and bite the bullet. I have sensitive teeth and these give no sensitivity, don't taste bad, and give actual results.

👤After only three days of use my teeth are completely white. The top photo is the first one and the bottom is the last one.

👤When I was in the Bahamas, I met a woman who had the most beautiful teeth and she told me that she had washed her teeth with coconut oil her whole life. It's worth $50.

👤The teeth Whitening Strips work well. I was a big coffee drinker and thought nothing would work, but I was pleasantly surprised after my first use. I can see a big difference after 10 days.

👤The product was very disappointing. It hasn't made a difference after many uses.

👤I have sensitive teeth, but these strips haven't made them sensitive and my gums haven't reacted either. I applied them daily for the first week and now apply them three times a week as a maintenance dose. I also use their toothpaste. They have whitened my teeth.

👤I didn't see much of a difference between the two, but there was no sensitivity or damage. I don't think it's a good idea, especially considering the price. If you want to whiten your teeth that don't damage or sensitise them, I would recommend a kit with less than 1% hydrogen peroxide.


What is the best product for denture repair kit repairs broken dentures?

Denture repair kit repairs broken dentures products from Fixodent. In this article about denture repair kit repairs broken dentures you can see why people choose the product. Kdgtebo and Acryline are also good brands to look for when you are finding denture repair kit repairs broken dentures.

What are the best brands for denture repair kit repairs broken dentures?

Fixodent, Kdgtebo and Acryline are some of the best brands that chosen by people for denture repair kit repairs broken dentures. Find the detail in this article. Brige, Meikai and Imako are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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