Best Denture Repair Kit

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1. Zinc Oxide Eugneol Cement Dental

Zinc Oxide Eugneol Cement Dental

You can finally bring your furniture and clothes back to life with this leather repair patch. Leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics can be repaired by repair patch firstaid. It is suitable for instant filling, bridges and caps. Self Curing, self adherent, and Universal shade. 20gm powder, 10gm liquid, measuring spoon, mixing pad, and leaflet are required.

Brand: Mastermedi

👤I tried every type of cement, but they would chip. The dentist left a hole in my mouth, I didn't have a structure to hold it properly, this cement work grate and allows me to press it to the side before it gets hardened and actually built a side structure. It lasted for $25 and I can eat, it is better than dentist work. Don't look around, buy it and follow the instructions. It sets very quickly. The white part of the cement is amazing, I thought it might help, but my dentist had to yank it out after 10 minutes. Great stuff! I'm very happy with this.

👤Six months ago, I had front teeth crowns done. I went to see the dentist after getting a crown fall. The crown fell off after he recommended it. I didn't want to spend more money and look for something that I can fix myself. I bought this product on Amazon. I followed the instructions. I put it back even though I didn't know how much I needed. It's been almost a month. I don't have a problem. I know how to fix my crown, so I don't worry about it falling. I am very happy with this product.

👤This stuff is as good as the dentist. There was no irritation to the gums. When I was chewing, my front cap fell out. I didn't go out until I got this glue. Within 48 hours, I received it. You have to mix it. It is easy to use. It lasted for a month. I redid it. Working well. It's better to pay a dentist to do it than it is to pay a lot of money. I can chew on the tooth. I can eat soft foods, but not carrots or corn on the cob. Don't be afraid to buy it. It should last me a long time because of the applications in the bottle. Thank you Amazon.

👤I have a rare 7 unit bottom bridge that is on one side and on the other side it is on a dog. The entire bridge was released about 2 months after the canine side. After buying this, I dried my bridge and contact points and applied the solution, which went very well. I have plenty left for any other times this may happen. It sets very quickly. Follow the directions. I only did one thing different, instead of mixing the 2 ingredients on the sheets they give you, I used a measuring cup so I can maintain control and consistency during stirring it up. I'm very happy and I have a lot of money saved. My first order is this one. I had a lot left to order. I didn't know the shelf life when I used it. I bought a new kit. I'm very happy. I will couch for this whenever.

👤The side of the tooth will not stick to good compression cavities. It's not good for vaneers.

👤My tooth fell out. I used glue. I am so happy that it worked. I was saved a trip to the dentist.

2. LIVFRESH Dental Gel Livionex Wintergreen

LIVFRESH Dental Gel Livionex Wintergreen

It is recommended that you remove plaque 250% better. Bad Breath and Tartar Formation are eliminated. A Powerful Antioxidant is included in the ingredients. It's safe for all ages. There are zero products with any of the following: Sugar, SLS, Triclosan, Sulfates, PHA, and Parabens. Beautiful Blue Gel, Wintergreen Burst, and Ultra Foaming Action are included.

Brand: Livfresh

👤My hygienist recommended that I reduce plaque. When they changed the product name, they used livionex and livfresh. 2 Twice a day, I brush with paradontax tooth paste. Every evening, Floss. There is a new brush and floss routine. The product was used for 4 months. The hygienist recommended livionex. I waited for her to finish the cleaning. Is the plaque level the same? I cannot recommend this product because of their statement. Hope this helps.

👤This stuff is amazing. I took before and after pictures and I was shocked at the difference. Wow.

👤I have 99 problems but no plaque. It seems expensive, but effective. I've used sensitive toothpastes and other dental hygiene products before, but this one works the best for my sensitive gums. After only a few uses, I was able to reduce the gum bleeding and leave your mouth with a clean feel. Highly recommended!

👤My dental hygiene costs me a fortune. After using this product, my teeth have never felt so clean. I signed up for the program instead of the product after I found the price too high, and I got it for $17.00 on the product's website. It's worth it if you clean your teeth but wake up with a bad mouth, since I really cannot complain about the price!

👤I've been using this product for three years. It cost $20 for a tiny tube. The price increase to $25 with no change in quantity is abusive. I won't be buying this again.

👤I've been using livionex for a long time. Not a fan of the new formula. The mint tastes like something you'd find in a candy store. My teeth are clean, but not the rest of my mouth. I didn't feel that way with the old formula. I think I just bought my last bottle.

👤I recently bought a product from the manufacturers of Livionex Dental Gel. The company has changed all of its products to the LIVFRESH banner. According to the Company, all of its products are clinically proven to remove plaque. Wintergreen foams have a different flavor than Peppermint. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after trying it, I like it. It leaves my breath fresh for a long time and the flavor is not overwhelming as compared to other brands. I brush my teeth with it every day, and I have no plaque or sensitivity. I have begun to recommend LIVFRESH to friends and family.

👤The new re- branded Livionex dental gel is terrific. The wintergreen flavor is great. The gel is getting rid of the film that sits on your teeth, and I can tell you about it by the way your mouth feels. My dentist has told me that I should be doing a better job of brushing my teeth because my plaque deposits have been reduced and there is not as much gum inflammation. I am sold on this product and will continue to use it.

3. DenTek Temparin Temporarily Repairs Fillings

DenTek Temparin Temporarily Repairs Fillings

It's easy to repair lost filling. Before you go to the dentist, secure loose caps and crowns. Until you can see a dentist, this is temporary relief. There is a pack of 6 that is labeled as "Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13plus Repairs, 2.64 Grams".

Brand: Dentek

👤One was enough. A little is all you need. I had a surgery that exposed a nerve and it hurt so bad. I covered it with this. I couldn't get it off for almost 20 days. I didn't care until it turned into a tooth infection. I couldn't get the putty out as it was hard. I learned the hard way that covering a tooth is not the solution to tooth decay. Good life lesson.

👤I would like a more permanent product, but it works well when you attach a crown. It works well on molars where the attachment is intact. It usually holds for 30 days. I eat a lot of raw fruits, vegtables, nuts, seeds and crunchy foods. I like hamburgers and steaks. I don't like sticky things. My finances prevent me from going to the dentist.

👤I tried DenTek for the first time and put too much on my tooth for a filling. Was able to remove most of it. My first was not as bad. I rolled the DenTed into balls this time and built my filling slowly. I lost the filling and now my tooth feels the same.

👤I have used this item before and it was great. I was very disappointed when I only received one pack for the price of a 6 pack. I need the product because I can't get to a dentist right now because of COVID-19. I feel like I have been taken advantage of. Honest feedback is meant for the seller and not the product. Pack of 6 by DenTek is $19.86 and contains Temporarily Repairs Caps, Crowns, Fillings and 2.64 gram.

👤The product did not work at all. They don't do returns so I have a small amount used out of one container and 5 boxes and no refunds for useless products. This product is not something I would recommend buying.

👤My teeth were sensitive for months after my filing came out. I bought this after hearing about do it yourself kits. I put it on my front teeth in the middle of the night because it takes hours to dry. It's been 3 days and it's still in my mouth. I don't think it will come out. It is very easy to use. It got rid of my toxicity after I installed it correctly.

👤I waited 3 hours for my crown to set after applying a healthy amount of glue to the inside of my crown, wiping the excess glue from around the edges, and pushing it down hard. I had a salad made in a food processor that was soft and creamy and had no tuna in it. The cap came off. The cap came off while eating orange slices, which are relatively soft, after cleaning it up and trying again. I was surprised that it was not returnable, but I know I should have known, but it is what it is, and I don't want this product.

👤I think this product works well. I pulled out most of the filling from my tooth. I panicked when I bought it online and it arrived the same day. It was easy to use. Make sure you follow the directions and have your mouth wet to set the product. It tastes bad, but you can get rid of it. I put it on the tooth even though I was brushing it over. I don't know if a 6 pack is necessary as you don't really need that much to fill a tooth. It was reasonably priced and has a long expiration date. You can get your money's worth. It's worth buying to hold you over until you can get to the dentist.

4. Plate Weld Temporary Emergency Denture

Plate Weld Temporary Emergency Denture

Repairs cracks or breaks. A plate weld emergency.

Brand: Plate Weld

👤She dropped her bottom dentals and they broke in half. It was a long break. The best value for the buck was Plate Weld. The halves were bonded together perfectly after being worked as described. My Mother has no sensations around the broken area, it was a smooth weld, and she says they feel great. I think this repair will last for a while.

👤I like that it bonds my dentures. If you get to a point where you are in a good spot, you have a lot of work to do. I'm happy with it.

👤I'm a retired dental technician and couldn't get this stuff to work. Don't waste your money.

👤It was difficult to do without knowing what I was doing since I have never used a welding chemical for dentures.

👤It doesn't work. Even when you are very careful.

👤I tried to use this for a small crack in the denture. It's hard to get it into the crack. It's hard to remove the denture once it dries. It may work well for a break, but not for a crack. I can see that others have had this. You should try it for yourself.

👤I didn't use it and forgot to come back.

👤The instructions are not clear. There are no tube videos available. A mess and a waste of money. Purchase something else.

5. AA BOND FDA22 Medical Grade Adhesive

AA BOND FDA22 Medical Grade Adhesive

There is a Spec. Pot Life 3 hrs solids contents % 100 The Hardness Shore D 78 Bond Strength is 2200 psi. At 25C, the color light tan is 5 percent. Volume Resistivity is 1.50e+14 ohm- cmdielectric Constant. The Thixotropic Index was at 1000 Hz. The Temp Air is -76.0 F Min Service Temp Air and at Temp 68 F. The Thixotropic Index 1.2 Cure Time is from 1.00 to 4.00. At 65C 24.0 hours. 180 min at 25C.

Brand: Atom Adhesives

👤Only a small amount was needed to re-bond the crown. I went to Mexico to have my eye tooth fixed. After a few months, it came off while eating popcorn. I have tried this and it is so good. I put it back on the tooth at night. I've been careful not to chew hard and it has lasted 4 days so far. I wish there was a way to reuse the glue without it being hardened.

👤The product was applied on Saturday. I had a throbbing head Saturday night. My face was swollen and my throat hurt by Sunday morning. I feel like a razor blade in my throat every time I swallow. The swelling in my face is not as bad. My tongue is swollen and I can't talk without slurring. I don't recommend this product to anyone. The swelling is still here and it is now 8 days later. It is almost as bad as it was when I got antibiotics.

👤I followed all the instructions to fix my partial tooth and let the glue dry for 36 hours. It held my tooth in place for a few days. I used cheaper glue from the dollar store. The super glue at the dollar store cost a lot less.

👤It is easy to use and works.

👤It was easy to use. It takes 24 hours for the final set. Would order again.

👤I think the bond works but it is a matter of waiting and seeing if crown will last for 2 years. It works as of right now.

👤I have caps on my 4 bottom teeth, if I go to the doctor, they will charge me more, but I used this AA bond and now have caps on for more than four months.

6. Dentemp Maximum Strength Fillings Repair

Dentemp Maximum Strength Fillings Repair

It has been proven to temporarily repair loose caps and crowns. It is easy to use. Provides immediate pain relief. A dentist created it. It takes 60 minutes to eat on it.

Brand: Majestic Drug

👤I have bad insurance and have to wait forever for an oral surgery. The general dentist sent me the form. They are so backed up that they have to call again. With a huge tooth, you have extreme pain. You have to eat because you can take so much antibiotic. That's where Dentemp comes in. You have to clean the hole first. Pack this in there. Pack it tightly. That is the way it will work. It can be messy and have a medicine taste. Don't let that happen. The pain when you first fill your tooth will be very bad. It will be gone after that. This lasts for two and a half weeks. Do not let this affect you. Pros. I don't know what I would have done if I had heard of this, but it gets a 5 star from me.

👤I lost a big filling in my back tooth. The first attempt failed to fill the whole. I tried to trim it off too fast. I put the ball of dentemp in place and closed my mouth. At this point, don't worry. The parts fell off on their own. Don't mess with it for an hour. Don't pick it. In a few hours, it will be hardened. chewing gum doesn't hurt the tooth It was worth it!

👤It takes a few times to perfect application technique, but if you start with a small amount, you can use it for a long time. I believe saliva helps in the process.

👤There was a big hole in the center of my tooth when a filling came out. It's hard to get to because it's on the furthest back molar. I tried making a ball and sticking it in, but it didn't stick very well. I didn't get it completely filled. It wasn't workable for a long time because it was in contact with water. I could get the material into the smaller hole on the side of my other top furthest back molar because it was on the side. I was able to keep the material dry. It stayed in for a few days. The taste is something I don't like. It smells like cinnamon and tastes bad. I used it once and then several months later, I thought the taste couldn't be that bad, so I tried it again.

👤I was supposed to have a root canal on my tooth, but it was causing me so much pain that I had to have it removed. I wanted to drink water again. I put it on and packed it in a tight place and it was painful all the way down to my nerve. If you have a bad tooth like me, you should be aware that doing this hurts more than anything else in your life. After about 4 hours, the pain is gone. I can drink water and eat most things with no issues. If you choose between nerve pain and this, it's no contest.

👤I followed the instructions to put this in my crown and then back on my tooth, but it never set up. I put the crown on my desk but it was not set up. Don't put your money in a bag.

7. Professional Cosmetic Upper Instant Crafted

Professional Cosmetic Upper Instant Crafted

The healthy benefit plus program is eligible. You can get a great smile from your home. Instructions for step by step. The hand was made with plastic. Their teeth are 10% larger. There are natural tooth and gum colors. Does not stain. There is a detailed gum line and tooth structure. It is safe and tested to standards. You can have them fit over your natural teeth.

Brand: Instant Smile

👤I see a lot of negative reviews on these and I can't comprehend why. These are the only things that keep me going. I had bad British teeth from a young age. It was stained, crooked, and busted. I have been haunted by my smile my whole life. Being an avid thumb sucker did not help. These gems were discovered during this process. I used the Imako teeth, but they slid out too much and looked less realistic. They worked. I decided to give these boys a chance and I can't go without them. They are comfortable. Sturdy and realistic. Everyone keeps asking where I got my teeth done. It can be done, they are a little tricky to figure out. Don't slip once you fit them in. They don't hurt. No one is aware of it. I buy replacements every 3-6 months. It was worth every cent.

👤I've got the Imako brand teeth, the Instant smile comfort flex, and just tried the professional cosmetic uppers. Don't buy the knock-offs of the real Billy Bob brand Instant smile products. The difference is noticeable. The Instant smile Comfort Flex is my favorite. They feel like real teeth, look like real teeth, and as long as they are fit, they will change your life, bring back confidence to smile, and be out in public again! I've gotten 2 pairs of the comfort flex so far, and I have to be very careful when heating it, because if you handle it too soft, it will rip. There was a rip in the middle of the 2 front teeth, but I glue them back together, and there's no sign they ever tore. It's important to remain patient, try less or more fitting material, and don't give up, the end result is worth it! Once you get the right fit, you'll know it won't be awkward, bulky, or cause any issues with your speech, and then you realize why so many people have given this an unfair low rating bc they gave up before they got the right fit. They don't realize that they won't ever experience the benefits of the miracle piece. I gave the professional uppers a 4 stars because they were large for my mouth, but my main problem is my front teeth, which are not perfect. This company is giving people a reason to smile again, a reason to laugh, a reason to talk, a reason to be confident, a reason to be happy, a reason to be proud, a reason to be proud, a reason to be proud, a reason to be proud, a The greatest part is when your family and others that have known you all your life think that you had quality dental work, it makes me sad. I smoke with them all the time, I eat soft foods with them without any issues, and after 3 months with the comfort flex, I wear them all day, and sometimes I forget. These are worth the time and effort, and for the price, it's a life saver, and it's truly beyond words that it can define the miracle in the power of these teeth! The Imako brand was the lightest to wear and the most false looking, they felt like thin plastic and didn't have a definition between the teeth. If you smoke, the Imako brand will stain immediately and you won't get them clean with bleach, baking soda, lemon juice or Whitening gel. If you're trying to decide which uppers to try, I'd recommend going for the Billy Bob Instant Smile comfort flex or professional uppers over the Imako because I'm sure you'll be disappointed if you skip the Imako experience. Imako's picture is left to right: instant smile comfort flex, my natural smile, comf flex, comf flex, professional cosmetic uppers, and Imako's picture.

8. Plastic Adhesive Outdoors Complete Cartridge

Plastic Adhesive Outdoors Complete Cartridge

The Polident brand of denture cleaner is recommended by the dentist. Bondic is waterproof, heat-resistant, and non toxic when fully cured. It can be sanded or painted after it hardens. The kit has a light. There are quick repairs and easy to use. When the liquid is exposed to the UV light, it cures in seconds and forms a permanent bond. There are quick repairs and easy to use. When the liquid is exposed to the UV light, it cures in seconds, thanks to the easy press button. Plastic and jewelry. Bondic can be used on plastic, wood, metal, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather and so much more. A complete starter kit includes everything needed to start fixing: a handheld device, a light, and a tube of liquid glue.

Brand: Bondic

👤I'm out $20.00. This is a flop. It does not work as well as glue. If you want to join something again, you have to build up the material around the join area. You will see a lump of material. The repair needs to be in a place where you don't care that the material is visible. There's not much material supplied. It's too expensive to refill. There is a product on the market for half the price. The refill is half the price. I could have replaced that item with a new one for only $15.00. No cost savings. I don't believe that this material is 100% non toxic as advertised, it is a synthetic polymer like any other synthetic polymer. If you smell it, you'll see it. If the company wants to claim that it is non-toxic, they should state exactly what the chemical is. I would review the data sheet on that chemical. The kind of material used in 3D liquid printer prototyping may be what it is. You would be bankrupt after your first few models if you paid this much for liquid goop. This is a huge loss for me. I wouldn't buy this product again. It's not worth it.

👤If your cat is planning to kill you, then you need this product. He put tiny claw holes in your washing machine drain hose in an attempt to flood your house and drown you. You may need it to fix the damage to your cell phone charging station if he tries to bite it in half.

👤This was developed for the dental industry and should have stayed there. It may work well in the crevices of the teeth, but not much else. It must be part of the repair. Larger repair projects will need more product. My friends, think twice. Super glue is much cheaper than regular glue. Thirty dollars was thrown down the drain. If you don't have a specific use for this product, then don't buy it. You are going to be disappointed. Super glue is the best for home repairs. This product may be what I'm looking for in an adhesive at some point in the future. UV light can cause this to harden. It is a poor bonding agent.

👤Good points first. It applies, dries, and hardens in a matter of seconds. It is clear that it may not adhere to non-ridged surfaces. Without sanding the surface of that area, it kept Separating apart. It's not the products fault, but before you purchase, understand that it's not going to fix "any and everything". The product is amazing for 70% of household uses.

👤Bondic is great. Bondic is great. Bondic won't replace superglue in every situation. There are two more They recommend roughing the surface prior to application because it is not as strong as quality epoxy and it will not work well unless there are edges or texture for it to grab. There are 3 more It is not ideal for repairing clean breaks as it is not a true glue and if it does not have edges and texture to grab onto it will not hold well. If your material is opaque, it will be difficult to get the Bondic in the middle of the crack to cure. There are four It doesn't stick to polypropylene, but with the right texture it's as good or better than anything else you can buy in the store. What is this Bondic stuff all about? Bondic is an instant-UV-cure material. Bondic combines the best features of a liquid glue, a paste glue, and a caulk in one product. Bondic is a thin, clear liquid that flows easily into tight spaces and forms around odd shapes, but with just enough viscosity to not run all over the place. When you hit it with the Ultraviolet LEDs, it becomes a clear, durable, and odorless material. You can fill large gaps by building up layers of stuff, and you can sand and cut the cured material like it was soft plastic, which is what it is. The bond strength on porous materials seems high, but on smooth non-porous surfaces it will break off easily. Bondic won't hold your pieces in place until it gets hit with the UV, and you will need to be able to hold your working pieces in place. I have used it to insulate wire junctions, and have used it to fix a tail-light lens, which was leaking. I haven't tested the claim that it works underwater, but based on the technology involved it probably does, you just have to be sure all the water has been pushed out of your intended joint before you cure. If you are working outside on a sunny day, you can expect the rays of the sun to cause a build-up on the nozzle in a few minutes, but Bondic can be cured by Ultraviolet light. If you want to avoid this happening, shade your work area. Bondic is a nice addition to my junk drawer and is useful in a wide variety of small repair and construction projects. It's a little expensive, and could be considered a novelty if you're patient, but it really is neat and functional. You will hope that it gets less expensive so you can use it more.

9. Secure Denture Bonding Cream Dentek

Secure Denture Bonding Cream Dentek

It creates a strong bond between the gum and the denture by promising up to 12 hours of holding power. Slipping, sliding, and embarrassing moments are over. The ADVANCED WATERPROOF ADHESIVE is the only zinc-free, waterproof denture glue that is different from other water-soluble glues. It doesn't change the taste of food. It is easy to apply long lasting and economical in the morning. A good bond can be created with dry dentures and a dry mouth. Remember, a little goes a long way, so use 2 to 3 pearl sized drops and spread along the ridge of the denture. The supply will last for almost two months. The only cleanser on the market that can remove the glue while cleansing and disinfecting in just five minutes is called Secure Denture.

Brand: Secure

👤My teeth are still in Immediate dentures. I thought I'd give it a try, because it was so frustrating to have them so loose halfway through the day. I can't explain it, but I think they fit better with this stuff. When I ate or drank, they didn't get loose. I've been very pleased with the hold. I need to make sure I don't run out. When I get my real dentures, I want to keep it on hand. Thanks!

👤Are you having loose dentures? I did my homework online and found this product to be highly recommended. I was amazed at the amount of videos on the internet demonstrating the use of this product. I was impressed. I have only had my dentures for a short time. HA! I survived cancer. I received radiation treatments to my throat for 7 weeks. I pray that you don't have to go through it. Words can't describe the experience. I had to have all of my upper and lower teeth removed prior to the radiation treatments. There are side effects. The destruction of my saliva glands is the most important side effect. I have no saliva at all. The reason I mentioned this is that the Secure product may work differently for someone with normal saliva glands. I use this product every day and it works great for me. I saw a demonstration on the internet of how to apply the glue. The box shows you how to use it. You would apply any kind of glue to your denture. I learned from the video that I need to spread it all over the interior of the dentures, so I can get rid of the glue. Does it work? I put the dentures on in the morning and don't remove them until after 11. I have to have a tug of war to get my dentures out of my mouth. The dentures are stuck on my gums and I have to pull on them. Drop the dentures into my mouth and rinse it off. Next, using my dental brush, rinse and clean my dentures. The dentures are easy to remove with the secure glue. The only places I have been able to find it are online. If you purchase the 4 tube package, Amazon has the best price. One tube has been used for a month. I get my Amazon Prime membership in 2 days. I highly recommend both! If you haven't purchased it yet, you can get the secure denture bonding cream and the Amazon Prime membership. You can search for Secure Denture Adhesive on the internet. You will love it! The video producers are not actors and you will get kicked out of watching them. They took the time to make and publish the videos for us. God is good. All the time! I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

👤This product is used to hold your denture in place. I have to use Super Polydent twice a day. The gum is not held securely by the glue. It did not clean off well and left a rough build up in two days that caused a sore spot in my denture. The spot has been healing for a week. I brushed my dentures with Dawn detergent and it wouldn't come off. I was able to remove the last of it after three days of soaking. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. I had my husband try a tube for a few days and he had the same problem. He has had his teeth for several years and never had a rough spot until he used this glue. buyer beware

10. Portable Electric Professional Manicure Polishing

Portable Electric Professional Manicure Polishing

The professional nail drill set comes with a variety of 3/32” drill bits and 56Pcs sanding bands, which are multi-functional for carving, cutting, polishing, removing gel polish and cuticles. The speed control button can be used to adjust the speed. The design is suitable for both right and left-handed use. The electric nail file is easier to use. The portable and compact design of the nail drill machine makes it easy to carry and handle. It makes the electric file low heat, low noise, and low vibration with a professional high-tech speed bearing and motor. To start working, you need to connect the power cord with the efile. It's professional for both home and school use. They have a 24 hours customer service. If there is a problem, kindly contact the seller.

Brand: Airsee

👤I've spent a lot of time using nail files to smooth my nails. But no more! I studied many electric nail drills and decided on this one. It is perfect! It's easy to use and it arrived quickly.

👤It's small and has good weight, which makes it easy to maneuver for small hands. It's not very long but good for table seating. There is a If you apply a lot of pressure on the drill, it will keep spinning, but if you turn it higher, it will stop. I thought the two drill bits highlighted had more teeth on them, but they seem to be the same size as the diamond bit ones. They still get the job done. Don't be frightened by it on low, it touched my skin multiple times. It saved a lot of time.

👤Wow! I hope that this nail drill can work for a long time because I really like this little guy and its function is too powerful. The dial can be used to control its speed. Does not get hot or vibrate. If you add pressure, it will not stop. I didn't expect a good price for a good product. This is the same as what I experienced at the nail salon. A manicurist who is good with me said that the nail drill she bought in the store would cost $300. There are too many grinding heads. The pen is very integrated and smooth because it has a switch on the wire. Nice! I recommend it to all my friends.

👤The nails are smooth and polished.

👤I ordered this because I am using the poly gel system to do my own nails. The drill is small and portable and comes with all the bits you would need to file and smooth your nails, as well as extra sanding bits. I will be ordering from this company again soon.

👤I had to use my skills because my city's nail salon are closed due to the plague. I have been wearing a coat of paint on my nails. I got them done before my city shut down, but it's clear that personal care businesses won't be opening any time soon. Amazon to the rescue! The drill is powerful enough to get the job done, but not powerful enough to overwhelm a beginner. The dial is a bit indiscreet and the speed is variable, which is great, but you have to test the direction of the speed before you work on your nails. The drill bits can change direction. I used the bands to remove the gel polish and smooth it out. I think it did a great job. Now to see how long it lasts. Although I love my nail tech, I may just be doing my own nails now.

👤I love this e-file because I am learning how to do nails. It's easy to use and hold in my hand. It makes filing my own nails great.

👤This is the perfect size for my hands and it is easy to use. The bits that come with it are pretty good. The on/off switch with turn wheel is easy to use and the power cable is long. I like that it has a reverse setting. It makes it easier to use the opposite hand. The company reached out to me and was very nice, they wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied with the product. I will definitely purchase items from them again. I will continue to do business with companies that want their customers happy.

11. Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex

Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex

You can check out the ingredients lists on their products. They are packed with ingredients that can nourish and help improve your oral health. The Bright White Comfort Fit Flex Teeth coloring is slightly darker than the Natural Shade. Fix your smile in a few minutes. The teeth are comfortable. Speech Disruption is minimized by Ultra Thin Flex Technology. The front 4 teeth are about 1 inch across. If you are happy with the fit, you can remold as many times as you need.

Brand: Instant Smile

👤I had a missing tooth and my front tooth broke. I love this temporary fix until I get a permanent fix. I wish my own teeth were this good, you have to mold the grip on the underside of the teeth while the material is hot, so that when it becomes hardened, you can slip on a narrow cup like structure and use it again. There is a If you don't get it right on the first try, you can melt them again and re-mold them. My opinion... Press them tighter to your teeth to make them less bulky. I don't think it's bad that you put it over your own teeth so it doesn't get bulky. It's better than walking around with broken teeth and everyone turns away because they don't want you to think they are looking at your mouth. People love the warmth of your smile. Its really worth the effort... I love what it did for me. I don't know how safe materials are to use in the mouth, but it worked for me.

👤I can smile again after many years. It is taking some practice to get used to it. I used to look down at the ground when I was talking or laughing and avoiding smiling at all costs. A recovering alcoholic as well as a patient who had a gastric bypass messed up my teeth. I felt like an ugly monster when I was sad. I can make eye contact with people again, and gain some self confidence, thanks to this. The product doesn't work on the first try. It takes practice for fitting to happen. Don't waste your money if you don't have the patience for that. Quality of life will be improved if you have patience and determination to smile and laugh again. Buy the extra beads to have handy if you need a second one. I have a product that I am working on but already my selfies have taken on new life and people have commented on how I look lighter or brighter now that I smile more. If you can't afford the expensive implants, the solution is here. If you want to rebuild your life again and show the world the best version of you, then you should not be ashamed of how you look.

👤These teeth are of high quality. I couldn't be happier with the way they look. My teeth are so bad that I can't smile or talk. I'm a person that talks a lot and loves to smile and laugh, but my teeth kept me from being able to do that. Since I can't afford dentures, I'm trying to find an alternative. I decided to pay the price after seeing others and doing some research. I can't tell you how happy I am. They took some time to adjust, but I'm happy. If you can't afford to fix your smile, I suggest giving it a try.

👤It takes a couple of practices to fit it. You can put it back in its original place for a mold that is perfect for your top teeth.


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