Best Door Frame Repair

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1. Prime Line 9476 Maximum Security Strike

Prime Line 9476 Maximum Security Strike

The screen rolling tool has a steel roller at one end and a steel roller at the other. It's compatible with both the right and left swing-in doors. It's ideal for adding increased security at vulnerable areas of door. The plate height is extended to allow for a secure installation. The steel has a chrome-plated finish. Fastens deep into the door frame. It is easy to install in less than 30 minutes. You have everything you need to make your home more secure.

Brand: Prime-line

👤I am very satisfied with the plate. The old plate was removed and the new one marked. The screws on the old plate were shorter than the ones on the new ones. The package came with a few screws, but it wasn't a big deal. The package and size screws I received were better for me. If you don't want to break the screws, you need to drill a pilot hole smaller than the diameter of the screw, and drill to almost the size of the screws, so that the wood won't crack. It helps if you have a bar soap, scraper the screw on the bar soap, it reduces the amount of friction and driving Torque, making the job easier on you. The Home Security Door Lock with 8 Screws, Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock with 3 Stop Withstand, and the Inward Swinging Door were all purchased for more protection. You can find it using the ASIN. Thanks.

👤I returned it. The strike would not extend beyond the door frame. The hole for the door latch allowed the anti-jimmy pin behind it to go into the hole in the door strike plate, allowing the in-swing door to be jimmied. Door jimmy is when you use a charge card to open the door without a key. The "maximum security" is defeated by this. You have to be aware of this when the plate is installed, or you could be changing your door from jimmy proof to easy to jimmy.

👤The strike plate is the weakness of the door. The cheap product with the extra long hardened screws in the vertical posts beyond the faade is awesome. To avoid splitting, align and pre-drill first. To bust off my bolt? You need a Sherman tank and a steel door to get in. Folks... The strike plate and screws are the weak part of your dead bolt. The screws and plate are similar to the Main battle tank. Attempting to bust out the door hinges is better. Good luck.

👤I had doors in my house that weren't properly latched. The plate was slightly off, so trying to move it by a hair meant drilling two more holes that would be different from the current ones. The existing holes would be made bigger by any attempt. This product is perfect for inside doors and is labeled for security, which was a blessing for my doors. I could position it so that the door knob would engage and the plate wouldn't overlap the existing holes. The problem was solved. They should make plates with screw holes that can be adjusted.

👤The standard plate used 2 very short screws to secure this plate. The plate has 4ea. The longer screws anchor the plate into the door jam and the 3 12 inch screws anchor the door framing as well. There was only one slight issue. The plate is not as heavy as I would have liked. The thickness of the gatehouse plate on the door is a lot. The plate that came with the door latch was more secure.

2. Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

It's perfect for residential and commercial use. It's easy to fill a chip, crack, hole fill, screw or knot cover. Excellent fix for the best finish in any colored desk. There is a repair compound, no glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set needed. The results on any material include painted or natural, dark, light, and maple. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤The marker and crayon wood repair set I bought before buying this set. I didn't think those were ideal for deeper repairs. The markers worked well for small scratches, but not for large scratches, and the crayons weren't good for dents, chips, or big scratches. I tried it because of the high reviews, but wasn't sure what it was. It is a set of several tubes of paint and a tube of wood putty. The wood putty is used for deep repairs and the paints are used for shallow repairs. The wood putty was too dry and it wouldn't trowel on very well. The instructions said to mix it well. I didn't think the wood putty was any better or easier to use than the putty, which you can buy at a big box store. The paints were great. They are thick enough to deal with scratches, dents, and chips. The crayons in the other wood repair set were not as good. There is plenty of paint in each tube to last a long time. I'm happy with the paints. I prefer the markers over the paints for very thin, shallow scratches. The paints are too thick for scratches where you don't really need to fill in, but just even out the color. I'm still happy with the kit, but it seems odd to market it as a full wood repair kit, but not include markers.

👤I bought this product to repair the damage caused by my puppy on my floor. The kit includes tubes of different colors that will be used to create a custom color for the repair. The color chart included shows the many shades of color that can be mixed. It is difficult to pick the right color from the chart. I started to use a tiny bit of the colorant to make some combinations on a scrap of paper. I was shown in the bottom of the picture. I decided to email Coconix customer assistance to ask for their expert assistance. Maria was the Customer Success Manager at Coconix. Maria gave detailed instructions on how to recreate the grain of the wood using the colors that I had chosen. The pictures are only shown with the colorant applied. I ran out of the color. Maria at Coconix volunteered to send more colorant so that I could finish the repair for free, after she followed up to check how the repair was going. Coconix does a great job at customer service. I haven't applied the grain or top coat yet because the colorant needs to be completed first. Maria made suggestions about what could be done to restore the top coat. You must be patient and take your time, this product is excellent for a indistinguishable repair. You will get used to using this product after you make some test colors. If you want to get the color correct before you do the actual repair, mix the color, then test it on a piece of scrap or in a remote area. The artist's pallette knife is shown in the picture. The blade is flexible and can be used to level off the filler and create clean lines between the wood floor planks. If you would like a professional grade repair, give this product a try. Take a picture of the damage so that it reflects the actual color. Don't use flash. A cell phone picture with a distant room light is good. Purchase the kit and send the picture to Coconix with the damage description. Take your time to get the best results. Coconix will help you get a great repair.

3. Elmers E855 Carpenters Filler 3 25 Ounce

Elmers E855 Carpenters Filler 3 25 Ounce

Paint and sand can be used. The sands were easy to finish. Resists cracking. This is an aftermarket for a generic part. Paint and sand can be used. The sands were easy to finish.

Brand: Elmer's

👤I love this stuff. It's very easy to sand and have the patch look perfect when it's dry. We have a lot of white in our house, so I use the white filler, which is a true white, not ivory or cream white. It doesn't take long to dry and paint over. Every time you close the lid, put a drop of water in it. It prevents the tube from being easy to squeeze. If you find yourself having to squeeze hard, it's time to put a drop of water in the lid, close it up and try again. It will be easy to squeeze again. I had to use a skewer to poke out the clog once or twice, but every other time the water trick worked. If you put in more than a drop, your first squeeze will be a bit watery but it will be fine after that initial burst.

👤I bought this to cover up the knife stab wounds in my pantry door that I sustained while fighting with my boyfriend. The pantry door was the only victim of my bad aim. This covered it all up after applying generoursly and sanding down. We don't see the door anymore because we aren't reminded of that crazy night.

👤When we first moved in, my dog chewed some of the baseboards. I thought wood putty would look better even if I had never used it before. He made a hole in the first place. It was easy to use and dried quickly.

👤I used it to fill in some large holes in a door frame where I had been too enthusiastic with a chisel. I used the Minwax wood filler, but it was more coarse and required sanding. The product is very easy to work with and smooth, it's like spakle when it's wet, so it's very easy to work with. I used the entire tube on this job because it can fill large cracks.

👤I have white doors in my kitchen. I decided to replace the knobs on the doors and drawers with new handles because I hated them. The old handles are shorter than the new ones. I filled the old holes with white wood and drilled new ones for the new handles. The white is perfect. I put on a latex glove and used my finger. The tip allowed me to fill the old holes without making a mess. It dried to the touch within half an hour. You can't see the old holes unless you look very close, and even that will be completely unnoticeable after I put the new handles on tomorrow.

👤Before painting, some poorly coped ends needed to be sealed. This product is hard to work with at times. It was simply to squeeze into the cracks and wipe the excess off before it dried to avoid a lot of sanding. It was very easy to get off that one. I simply used a high-grit paper to cover my finger and it was done in a few minutes. You can't see the seam where the corner comes together once painted over. Someone was too aggressive with sanding prior to purchasing this product and broke off the tiny top tip of the floor trim on another section. I used this product to reform a perfect corner after partially dried. Once painted over, it is completely invisible. For those considering options, I had neutral wood that could be sanded and painted. I tried it in the past but it was too hard to work with on tight corners and stayed visible once painted.

4. Saint Gobain ADFORS FCS9831 M Fiberglass Charcoal

Saint Gobain ADFORS FCS9831 M Fiberglass Charcoal

It is easy to disassemble from the mandrel with backing plates. Everything you need for a screen replacement is in the kit. x 84 in. A fiberglass screen. The tool is 140 in x 25 ft. Approximately 2 average size window screens or 1 door are replaced. The screens are Greenguard certified and ortho-phthalate free, making them ideal for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time. All screens comply with California law. The screen will not crease. Backed by a limited period. Backed by a limited period.

Brand: Saint-gobain Adfors

👤This is a review for the type. This is the only one I have used and bought. I can't say that everyone will have the same issues that I did, this is how it worked out with the windows I worked with. I have cats, but when I moved into this place the screens were destroyed by pervious owners. After a couple of years, I decided to replace the window frames. I thought they would be a good choice as the cats can get rambunctious when it comes to the birds outside, and they were listed as pet resistant. Let me do all of the good parts first, and then we can talk about what it takes to do the pet resistant version. These are made to order. The material is very strong and it would not be easy for a cat or dog to tear through it. It all comes in a nice little kit. I think there was more screen than there was, but only three standard windows. There is enough spline to do all of the screens. There is a link on the front of the package that will show you how to put them in. It is very simple in theory. Take the screen off, clean out the old spline, pull off the old screen, lay a new screen over, push the spline in the tracks with the tool, Miller time. I understand the term, but I am not a contractor. The problems seem to arise here. The thicker the screen is, the more pet resistant it can be. I mean a lot bigger. The videos show it being folded in half, but it's not as easy to push the spline in. Expect a work out. It takes a lot of effort to get that channel snug enough so that the screen won't pop right out. Everyone in every review here says it is very easy. I think it is for them, but I also think that a lot of them aren't getting the pet resistant version and have the battle to get the spline in the channel like I was. The little plastic tool should be thrown away. It takes forever for it to do what it is supposed to, and it isn't strong enough to push in the thicker material. Get a metal one. You can buy it on Amazon for five bucks. I found it easier to use that than the little plastic tool that it came with. It seems like it can do what it is supposed to do. I don't think animals can tear through it all at once. It is so much thicker that it is a nightmare to install. Minus one for the fact that it is a major pain to install, minus one for the ineffective plastic tool, and minus one to think that the one that does install a screen does. The struggle to install the pet resistant version is covered in the blanket video. I would probably buy more of it to finish the other windows. Tl;dr. It does what it is supposed to, but is ready for a fight. Up a star. They look nice.

5. Bi Fold Hardware Repair Brackets Components

Bi Fold Hardware Repair Brackets Components

It takes only 30 minutes of CMP time. The cured in 24 hours. The Prime-Line bi-fold closet door pivot and bracket repair kit has components made of steel and plastic. It can be used on doors up to 50 lbs. Bi-fold replacement components can be used to restore a bi-fold closet door system to optimal performance. The kit is for one set of doors. There is a floor mount pivot, a bottom pivot, a spring-loaded roller guide, a closet top pivot, and a plastic pivot. This replacement hardware can be used on many doors. The inner track size of 1” W is what the pivot guide works for. They offer repair and replacement hardware products for your home. Prime-Line has a commitment to quality that results in repairs that look as good as the initial install, making them the go-to solution for their loyal customers. Refer to the line art drawing before purchasing. Refer to the line art drawing before purchasing.

Brand: Prime-line

👤If you need to fix your bifold door like I did and have put it off for years, then this is the route to go. There are pictures of each piece with the words "top" or "bottom" written on them. Even a cave man can do it. The door measures had a gap of 1.5 inches because the bottom pivot was too short. I turned it over again and was amazed. I was able to adjust it an inch and a half to my fitting and my top pivot was locked into the brackets. I received it within 24 hours after ordering it. I canceled the order because Lowe's took 11 days to process it and never shipped it. Way to go Amazon, a great experience.

👤I would think of a complete grouping of items and 2 sets as being twice that. The photos show that is not the case. There is only one set of screws included in the packaging, which states "2 sets". I am not upset with the price, the quality is good, and I haven't opened the package yet, but I am upset at the misrepresentation of the product.

👤The kit was perfect. New carpet was installed before we moved in to our new home. The parts for the bi-fold doors that are needed to put them back up were lost. Not only that. Some of the parts that weren't lost were on the worn side. I replaced all the door hardware with the new kit and the doors work perfectly. I would buy this kit again.

👤I was happy to find this hardware for the folding doors. The metal quality is good, but the plastic gets brittle with age, which is the reason I had to get a replacement. The screw is not very secure as it sits in the plastic tab, and you can remove the tab and install the screw directly through the brackets. The directions are not very good so you should know what you are doing. We had to get a different top bracket and roller pin because ours was a little smaller, but the rest of the hardware worked fine. I liked the springs on the pins.

👤I live in a construction zone. Something comes up missing a lot. My new bi-fold door mounting hardware was missing in action. My brothers will throw things away when cleaning. I was able to find a Prime-line. The Bi-Fold door hardware issue was properly sorted by the Bi-Fold door hardware repair kit. There was no need to do any more drilling, measuring or adjustments. The door glides quickly. My doors are made of wood and glass. The doors are heavier than I am. The floor and top anchor are good.

👤The cheap Jeld-Wen bifold doors were the reason for the pivot. I had to pry it out and get a new one after it broke. The stock Jeld-Wen pivot sticks more than the pivot from this kit. Didn't try the other parts, but they look to be a one-for-one match.

6. Screw Again EMW5953260 10 Count

Screw Again EMW5953260 10 Count

The door strike is made of stamped steel with a nickel finish and is sure to last the test of time. Measure the holes in the center for your replacements. These are designed to be used for less than 6 inches. Fix stripped screw holes in wood. The packaging type is clamshell. The capacity is 135 lbs. The product is a wood anchor.

Brand: Screw It Again

👤I don't like the idea of wood anchors. They don't hold that well. They're the bomb, but in practice they don't hold up. These anchors are expensive, but toothpicks are less so. They don't work well in most of the applications that I've used them for. The best bet is some wood filler. In 10 or 15 minutes you'll be able to drill a new pilot hole.

👤These really worked. The door from 1975 was not strong enough. They broke off the excess when they were inserted by hand. The screws and door have been reinstalled.

👤Nothing else would hold, so I was ready for a whole new door frame. I decided to try these out and see if they work. There is a small remnant of it on the bottom screw, but they are all reinforced and it stopped getting loose. Been going strong for a while now.

👤I got my boat back from the shop and when I opened the battery hatch cover, the screws were falling out and the hatch was becoming separated from the hinge. I was going to glue the holes together. I saw them with a high rating. I thought I would give these a try, even though they are a bit expensive. The smallest tip was cut off. They were gently inserted by screwing them in. I was a little disappointed to see that the little side grips on it had already been wiped off. I broke them off when I put them in. I wish they were made from a harder material. The little grips wouldn't come off easily. They were easy to install and snugged down. You have to be careful not to get the screws too tight or they will strip, but have to be tight enough. There is no motion. The boat is old. I will consider them good if they hold on for another 5 years.

👤I believe a #8 size is the size of thePhillips wood screws that are used when repairing a residential front door hinge. The instructions for the package warn you to "gently" screw in the molly. That's good. You don't want to use too much force. I had a drill, a screwdriver, and a wedge to hold the door and a crowbar. If you're doing it on your own. I need to do a pilot hole first. The third thread on the fat end would get the molly in. I would hit the sticking out part with the screwdriver handle to remove it. It worked well. I would not tighten the screws since they are after plastic. I would go tighter if they were metal. I made them tight enough to hold up. They are designed to expand with one slit. If you make the pilot hole small, the phillips bit will strip the head. It has a slot for a large flathead to be removed. I used a small bit. Why only 10 units? Most doors need 12. I had to buy two packages. It reminds me of the hot dog packages with 6 hot dogs in them or the rolls with not enough. Hello.

7. 3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

It takes 5X more time to make repairs than traditional vinyl spackling. The repair pantyhose are 5” in diameter. For exterior repairs when sealed with exterior paint. There are damaged areas on walls and ceilings. It is possible to repair large holes, cracks and damaged surfaces in plaster, stucco, concrete and wood. No cracking, sagging or shimmying. It is easy to sand after application.

Brand: 3m

👤The 12 oz was only 6.4 ounces. Stuff works, but we should get what we paid for.

👤I bought this because my cute and non disposable living floor cleaner kept chewing holes in the crown molding of my house and after patching it with 2 other brands and having her just chew it out again, I needed something stronger. It has fibers in it to increase strength. I believe that. After opening it and almost being stunned, I thought that she might not eat it and that I would feel bad for her. If you have any experience with patching or plastering walls, like many people with rage issues do, then you shouldn't have any problems making this acceptable looking. It will go on rough and need to be sanded down like a furniture restorer, so make sure that you add a little more than you think you need. I think that's a win. This bonds well with wood and particle board. I broke the lid on it because I was bored and it was going to go bad.

👤It's not better than the cheap compound from a dollar store, but I bought it for the fiber component. It may dry a little faster, which is not the best thing, especially if you are working with tough surfaces like window and door opening corners. I only give it 2 stars because it did the job. It's overpriced for that kind of job. Next time, we'll go with a regular compound.

👤It took a bit of patience to get that stuff to stick and fill the hole. I didn't take a picture of the hole because I didn't think it would work, but I spread it with a butter knife and it attached to itself and stopped falling off. My hole was about 2 1/2 inches long. I didn't attempt the gash above it because I was more interested in the hole. I was going to paint it. Since the siding is sky blue, it was hard to match the paint I bought, and it was hard to find anything at your local stores during the Pandemic. I mixed in some white. At least it's not a glaring hole, I'm still slightly off on the color. I tried to sand it after smoothing it with a wet knife. I stopped because the dried putty was coming off.

👤It worked well. It will smooth better if you are generous with it. Don't fool around, it's important that you're quick. It vaccums up nicely. Don't let the little pieces fall dry before you clean them up. The metal spatula I bought worked better than the plastic ones. It got the job done quickly. It smoothed out a rough wall surface after filling it with a patch. There was a lot of product left over after I did a 10x4 wall area.

👤This stuff has become a miracle fix for me. I will show one such case. I was replacing a bathroom light fitting and found a huge fist size hold in the wall behind the old light. I had to cover the hole because the light fitting is narrower. I tried to fill as much of the hole as I could, because I didn't have a backing to use. They filled the rest of the hole after I let this dry. The material was solidly in place, like it was part of the wall. I painted it and you wouldn't know there was a big hole there.

8. Door Repair Kit Stripped Enhanced

Door Repair Kit Stripped Enhanced

The ZZem Screw is a new invention that takes care of an old problem in home repair. The doors are sagging because of stripped or loose screws. Door hinges, gates, locks,latches, hand rails are needed. For Wood only! Hardware that only uses #9 HINGE SCREW is not allowed. Measure across the screw head. Easy installation. ZZem screw repair kits include a drill, screwdrivers, and screws. It's easy and permanent with simplicity in mind. Home security should be improved. ZZem Screw door reinforcement kit will help reinforce the weak points of your doors by extending the holding power of screws in hinges and latches deep into the door framing. The patented home defence design will help protect you and your family. Fast and easy solution! The product provides affordable stripped screw repair in all doors. It is possible to repair stripped screws in just a few minutes. ZZem Screw is a veteran owned company with manufacturing done in the USA. ZZem Screw is a veteran owned company with manufacturing done in the USA.

Brand: Zzem Screw

👤I was surprised to see that the small screws have a notch on the thread to "bite" into the wood, even though they are small. The thread for wood is wider with longer spacing to not crack the wood and the thread could be much more durable if the seller removed the do not over tighten. I couldn't screw it more than half way into the bigger screws or it would destroy the thread. I replaced it with a metal screw, which worked, and the manufacturer can fix it without a design change, just change the smaller screws included. The easy to install section is where I put the invalid screws as you need to be very careful or purchase different screws.

👤I was doing a renovation on a Condo. After removing the front door trim to match the interior trim, I discovered the door frame had a huge gap all around it with no shims and a ton of 3 inch staplers holding it in place. The door always felt loose. Push the frame on both sides to get in. I tried using 3 1/2 screws in the hinges andlatch plates, but it bowed the frame and pulled the door to one side. I put some plywood under the latch plates and cut a couple of the staplers to fix the latch side. I secured the plywood to the door frame with wood glue and then re-installed the strike plates with 3 screws to make sure they were in place. The side with the small plywood shims on it was square. The side that held the frame had too many things to do. The gap was larger on this side. I tried the ZZem screws and they worked perfectly. The door frame was anchored to the stud with the help of 12 of them. It worked well. I was able to adjust the door and frame so they line up perfectly on both sides, and I also set each group of 4 hinge anchors. I don't expect any future issues since there is no force being applied to the frame by the door anymore. It's going to take a lot of work to knock this thing loose, because 12 more anchors were added where the hinges attach to the door. The product would be better if there were more screws and more threading in the anchor or steel. The threads on the hinges didn't match exactly, so I tried to find some longer screws. The threads only go in a standard screw length, so no extra bite even if I could find a longer screw with matching threads. It probably doesn't make a difference since an attack would be applying shear force on the screw. In my case, where I use the anchor as a shim, a longer screw/anchor thread would add strength. Thanks for the great product. I ordered more to make sure the new solid core doors don't break in the future when I rent this place. I secured these with 3 screws, but I think they will hold. The things that renters break are always amazed at.

9. Prime Line 7505 Screen Rolling Handle

Prime Line 7505 Screen Rolling Handle

The cloth and spine are inserted into the screen frame by applying gentle pressure using the included rolling tool. If included, other sizes of spline can be used for your application. If it's too thick, stretching it may help it fit. The screen rolling tool is a must have for replacing window and door screens. It adds value to screen repair jobs. It works with most screening materials. The screen spline tool has a wooden handle and steel roller wheels. The wood handle is easy to hold and the metal wheels are strong. The screen roller tool is easy to use. The wheels turn smoothly to roll the screen into the frame and the tool is comfortable in the hand. The screen rolling tool has a steel roller at one end and a steel roller at the other. The vinyl screen sizes range from.115” in diameter to.165” in diameter. Steel rollers that areconvex andconcave. The line size range is.115 to.235. The line size range is.115 to.235.

Brand: Prime-line

👤I needed to complete a screen job so I ordered this. The package said it was for aluminum screen material. This was not mentioned in the sales pitch. It was a hard way to find out. It was cut on the fiberglass screen after being tried. The plastic or nylon wheels reduce the chance of cutting the material. It would have been nice to know before ordering. I decided to look into a local shop. The wasted time waiting on the 3 days to get this is not worth it. $10 for the material for the tool. For 100 feet of screen, it's $45. Not a good purchase for me. Trashed it and went to the local shop to deal with the problem. They included a 90 day warranty. Can't get that with this tool. Steel wheels for aluminum screen should be in the ad.

👤It's a must have for re-screening jobs. Many reviews complain that the product cuts through the fiberglass screen. That's because it's being used wrong. If you use the wheel to push the screen into the frame, it will cut the screen and you cannot push it into the frame. Simply place your screen over the frame and use the wheel to push the spline into the grooves. It works like a charm.

👤I used this to replace my torn aluminum screen, using an excellent video by "seejanedrill". You can push the screen into the channel by using the single edge end. The double edge has a small grooves between it and the other edge, so push it into the channel. Push hard to get the right diameter spline, and make sure you use the right one. It goes fast when you get used to it. Make sure the screen is tight when you push it into the channel. When you get to a corner with the spline, use a flat head screwdriver, as the spliner won't go to the corner.

👤It would have been helpful if the description mentioned that this is only intended to be used with aluminum screen. I was able to see this before the screen was damaged.

👤The suggested size range is not possible using this tool. I have a tool that is half the width of the spline and it is not possible for the wheel to ride on it. The width of the wheel is 1/66" and it is stamped material. Unless you have a diameter of at least 1/66", forget about using this tool. If the right size was used, it would have done the job.

👤The wooden handle is more sturdy than the plastic ones I found. The tool has two roller ends, one of which has a different design than the other. I used the side that was not straight to put the window spline in the slit. Slow and steady pressure keeps the tool out of the guide. The metal roller will last longer than the plastic ones I've seen.

👤I read many of the reviews, so I am surprised at the negative reviews and comments here. The dog pushed out the screen when she wanted to enter the house, and this tool was perfect to reset it. I usually leave the screen pushed to the other panel of my double sliding door, but forgot it this time and was surprised the dog was running around the house until I realized that I forgot the screen... The dog let herself in after pushing. A tool with a wider wheel wouldn't fit the narrow grooves in my screen in a few minutes. The four dollar tool is a 5 star rating for me. What more can I say? The little job would be even easier if I had a small flat tool with several pins sticking out to engage the screen and help pull or push the screen into the grooves holding the screen until I roll the little rubber string back into the grooves. The screen was already reshaped to fit, so it went well after I got it into the grooves. Excellent job!

10. Products PC Woody Repair Epoxy Two Part

Products PC Woody Repair Epoxy Two Part

The line size range is.115 to.235. The two-part paste is resistant to dry rot, UV light, fresh and salt water. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications with a temperature range of 35 to 115 degrees F and a service temperature range of -20 to 200 degrees F. High tack helps reduce drips. If you want to mix PC-Woody part B with PC-Woody part A, you must use a stiff knife. It is not recommended to mix PC-Woody in small amounts simply because of the chance of an off-ratio mix. The work time is 30 to 40 minutes at 70 degrees F. After fully cured, can be painted, stained, and machined.

Brand: Pc Products

👤The first project I did with this was a disaster, but I learned a lot from it, so I will probably do it again. It would have been nice to know that before. The important lessons are 1. Don't use your hand to mix the two parts. You will lose 25% of the mix right off the bat. You need more than 6oz of compound 1 and 6oz of compound 2 to make a 6.1oz mix. This really did catch me off guard, but I'm exaggerating. 3. After I wasted the first batches, I found a way to mix and spread it. Put it in a baggy, mix it, and then cut the corner to squeeze it where you need it. It's annoying to work with if it sticks to every trowel.

👤This works well for repairing wood. It makes it easy to work with. Woody's gives you plenty of time to apply and "tool" the mixed putty, unlike Minwax or Bondo, which only take a few minutes to apply. This works well when you are covering a larger area and need more time to detail. Woody's takes a bit longer to be ready for sanding and painting. I used all three products on the project. After mixing in the hardener, I found that Minwax and Bondo set so quickly that I had to work fast and often felt rushed. The putty would solidify before I could apply it all. The Minwax and Bondo products are great for smaller repairs or other situations where you can apply the material quickly. You can complete those repairs in half a day if you are able to get both of them ready in under an hour. Woody's is best when the repair is larger, more complex or requires a bit more time to apply and shape the material. Woody's is a two-part product and you have to pay attention to mixing close to equal portions. It won't set properly if you have too much of one part and not enough of the other.

👤I was able to fix the large area of dry rot on the wood railing with no experience. It was impossible to get someone to do a small job in my area, so I decided to do it myself. After applying several coats, the product should dry thoroughly between coats. Sanded to finish the job. I was happy to find this product on Amazon and to get reviews from other people in order to find the best product for the job I was doing.

👤I used this to fix a rotted door frame. It was easy to apply and cure the rock. It is easy to sand and drill. Our front door is made of good wood.

👤I've tried a number of different products, including this item, which I bought at a local hardware store, and another product similar to the one I bought. The PC-Woody product was a nightmare to use. The other products have the same consistency of play-doh, and you can mix the ingredients easily by mushing it around with a gloved hand, and you can mold the product and shape it easily. You cannot shape the PC-woody product by hand. If you want to rebuild a sill, you have to reshape it multiple times with a knife until it stops sagging. The additional cost is worth it for the play-doh like products.

11. Prime Line Products 10385 Spacings Deadbolt

Prime Line Products 10385 Spacings Deadbolt

The door strike is designed to replace the standard strike plates with a one-piece combo plate. The door strike provides maximum security. It comes with a combo plate. The long screws are for security. The longer screws allow for a strong hold. The door strike has slightly taller latch and bolt openings to accommodate door hardware. To 6 in. The hole centers have holes. Installation is quick and easy, and the door strike can be fastened with screws. For a flush install, some drilling may be required. The door strike is made of stamped steel with a nickel finish and is sure to last the test of time. Measure the holes in the center for your replacements. These are designed to be used for less than 6 inches. The door strike is made of stamped steel with a nickel finish and is sure to last the test of time. Measure the holes in the center for your replacements. These are designed to be used for less than 6 inches.

Brand: Defender Security

👤I replaced the two plates that were only using 2 screws with this one that covers them with 9 screws. I used 4 inch screws from the hardware store because the reviews here showed they may not be high quality. mine looked fine I swapped out the hinge screws on my door for more 4 inch screws because they only used 1/3 inch screws. If you are buying this plate to reinforce your door, you should also replace your hinge screws because the frame will fail and the door will get knocked out.

👤This item is built to last. The screws were great, and you can use your body as leverage on the drill. It was installed easily and perfectly. The large holes allow you to adjust the placement of the strike. I beat the door out of my house after it was installed. The wall the door was attached to was taking the brunt of the impact. The door was not moving a square centimeter, but I could see that the energy was going through the wall. I will buy more of them.

👤This was added to the door. I was able to mount it on top of the frame, which is fine for that location. The original openings in the frame are smaller. You can see the bolt sizes through the large openings of the strike plate, but you don't know why the manufacturer made them that large. I haven't found a model with standard-sized slots. The screws that come with this plate are not very good. The whole point of this plate is that you are using a lot of long screws that reach into the stud framing the door. The screws are light weight and feel like they are made of aluminum. They strip like there's no tomorrow. Whatever you do, spend a few dollars on high-quality screws. I've seen other reviewers agree with me. If you insist on using cheapo screws, use an impact driver; this will ruin your door frame if you shear off the screw heads.

👤I bought a few to keep my door open. These things are very heavy. I tried to break the door frame by putting it in a dummy door, but it wouldn't budge. These are great for added security. I have these on all my doors. I need this to stay safe in a area where home invasions are high. The screws are junk. Don't use them. You should buy yourself long 3/16 Diameter x 3-1/4" length concrete anchor screws. The heavy duty screws will not break off. It's a good idea to first drill holes to prevent cracking the door frame. I screwed the anchor screws in and it split the door frame in two. To make the holes in the strikers plate, use a drill bit. The product is sturdy and will do the job. Don't use the screws that come with the strikers plate if you buy your own screws. They are cheap and will break apart.


What is the best product for door frame repair?

Door frame repair products from Prime-line. In this article about door frame repair you can see why people choose the product. Coconix and Elmer's are also good brands to look for when you are finding door frame repair.

What are the best brands for door frame repair?

Prime-line, Coconix and Elmer's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for door frame repair. Find the detail in this article. Saint-gobain Adfors, Prime-line and Screw It Again are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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