Best Drywall Hole Repair Kit

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1. Red Devil 0549 Patch A Wall Kit

Red Devil 0549 Patch A Wall Kit

If you don't like their kit, they'll give you a full refund. If you have a problem with it, contact them at any time for help. Spackling, Wall Patch, Sandpaper and Putty Knife are included in the 4 piece kit. There areEADS that are quietly. The included knife can be used to apply a professional finish. Only one application is required to create a permanent, long lasting repair. It is paintable in minutes. It's good to be fast and save time. It can be used anywhere in the home. It can be used anywhere in the home.

Brand: Red Devil

👤I am an older lady with few skills. This was ordered to fix a large nail hole in a wall that I was trying to hang a picture from. It was easy to manage coverage because of the consistency of the spackle. The sheet of plastic mesh allowed me to cover the offending nail hole before I applied the spackle. The kit is wonderful.

👤This was easy to use for someone who is newer to do it. I used this kit to patch my walls. I cut the patch because you might not need a big patch. I cut the hole and patched it. You need to probably use it all in one day, because this one container was good for a few different projects. After it was opened, the spackle seemed to dry out. I forgot to remove the label from the scraper, so some of the paper came off as I was applying the spackle. Make sure to take that off!

👤I have used this product before. It is a decent little kit. It gets the job done with a small amount.

👤This stuff is great. I patched 4 holes that were about 1/3 inch in diameter. I filled a lot of the nail holes. The instructions were easy to follow and it dried quickly. I will recommend this product to everyone who has holes.

👤First time in a garage. It is easy to understand instructions. The screen was difficult to cover, but I did a good job for my first time. The estimate was $150 for a professional repair. I think this will work. I was able to tackle all the nail holes and bumps with the remaining putty. It was very easy to paint over after I quit.

👤It was dry and could not stick to the wall. It worked well for small nail holes.

👤Very happy with the purchase. This was the perfect size because I had a few holes to fix. I barely made a difference. I didn't need to do any sanding.

👤Everything you need to patch a few small holes in your wall or plaster. It was exactly what I was looking for when I bought it, because I had everything I needed in one package.

2. Wallshark Drywall Repair Kit All

Wallshark Drywall Repair Kit All

US Recording Media has exclusive rights to sell genuine TME products. An all-in-one wall patch repair kit is an innovative solution to large and small hole repair. They want to make home improvement simpler so you can fix wall holes in a matter of minutes. You can patch up the walls in a matter of minutes. The instructions manual and how-to video are online, so you can use it like a pro. Fix broken towel bars or cripple rods in a matter of minutes, instead of the hours of hassle that come with it. Any repair or new installation can be done in minutes with Wallshark. It is easy to repair a hole wall without the use of sanding or wall anchoring. The Wallshark sheetrock patch kit does not require texturizing, spackling, or sanding. If you rely on faulty wall anchors to keep your toilet paper holders or coat hook hanging, you're not doing your job. Everything you need in a single pack is included, including two repair manuals, a screwdriver bit that is easy to attach to your drill, 8 screws, two threaded wall plugs, a wall cutter, a sander, and a drill guide. They have a replacement kit with 5 plugs, 10 screws, and 2 spare sandpaper rings. Everything you need in a single pack is included, including two repair manuals, a screwdriver bit that is easy to attach to your drill, 8 screws, two threaded wall plugs, a wall cutter, a sander, and a drill guide. They have a replacement kit with 5 plugs, 10 screws, and 2 spare sandpaper rings.

Brand: S&w Manufacturing

👤After seeing a review in a magazine, we bought this. I was able to cut out the damaged area with the provided tools and drill and create a perfect circle for both sides. The setup and installation is very easy to do and works well. The plugs installed flush with the wall gave the impression that you get one shot to align it correctly, so I recommend going slow and careful. Customer support was quick to reply that the repair kit would be able to support a lot more weight than a towel, but it was dependent on the surrounding material. When lite pressure was applied to the fixture, it had a wobble, because it had been re-installed and looked flush. The screw holes for the fixture are plastic and feel snug, but they don't seem to be something you want to tighten or remove, so trying to reset the fixture made it loose. There is a If an adult were to use the finished repaired product it would probably work, but the wobble under a child's use will only cause fatal damage to the provided anchor, whichever is the cause of the wobble. I would not re-use this for the described use, but I can see the potential and appreciate the ease of install.

👤You are handy. You can build a workbench, build cabinets, build sinks, and mount a TV in a utility room. You're not a construction engineer, but you can follow directions and work out, which is probably better than the average bear. The product doesn't work that well, and the plug you'll have to use for a center mount TP holder doesn't work well. It works better if you don't use the center plug. The center plug won't come out once it's been inserted, according to the instructions. That would imply that it's already been inserted into the wall after you've sanded and cut the hole. Alas, no. It will come out when you're trying to fit your TP holder. What will you be left with? There is a slightly tighter fitting. If you ever try to change the fix, you'll have a 2-inch hole. The whole thing is a waste of time and money.

👤The towel bar was ripped out by one of my kids after our bathroom renovation. I had tried a lot of different methods of repair and they all failed. They all failed in 6 months. I was skeptical at first but was desperate to fix the damage. I used the kit to read the directions. The "blades" of tin can cutter found a part of a wall stud when I got to the hole cutting portion. The hole I made when I pulled the cutter out was larger than the wall plug. I thought that was great. I have a bigger hole in my wall that will have to be repaired by a professional. I should have saved the money and had a pro do it. The issue would not have arisen if the blades were made of metal. A picture of a real hole saw blade was included. I want my money back.

3. Duck 282084 Self Adhesive Drywall Repair

Duck 282084 Self Adhesive Drywall Repair

60-day full return guarantee. If you are not happy with their products, you can return them for a full refund within 60 days. 100 percent fiberglass. There is no need to apply a joint compound. It's great for difficult jobs. Fix holes and cracks in the wall.

Brand: Duck

👤I use this product as a drain-clog catcher, and I cut a square, stick it over my shower drain, and it catches most of the hair that would otherwise go down the drain. It lasts for several showers at a time. I cut a fresh square when the tackiness of the glue wears off. It doesn't hamper the water drainage at all and leaves no trace on the drain. This 25' roll will last me a long time, I only cut 5 at a time. This works better than any other hair-catch drain trick I've seen.

👤I had 1.5 sq ft of drywall to fix the leak in the closet. Installation by a licensed plumbing professional is required by the city and cost me around $1500. That was taken care of. I didn't notice until I moved some shelving. It's always something, even though there is no mold. It's been hard to find a good handyman in this town. The area had sustained water damage and was not in good shape. I was afraid that it would fall apart and leave a gaping hole. I had to move everything out of the entire closet in order to get a $250 estimate from a professional dry-waller. That wasn't going to happen. I tried the fiberglass repair tape. What could go wrong, but not my area of expertise? The fiberglass fabric is light colored and sticky. The instructions say to cut repair pieces larger than the problem area. I was prepared for disaster because I was told that even a gaping hole can be fixed using cardboard backing. I spread a thin coat of joint compound and applied tape. You don't have to use the compound first. I didn't want to push on anything until it had set. When the structure dried, I covered it with a thicker coat of compound, feathering any edges that were not smooth. It works better with light coats. I like the compound. It's easy to work with and the last coat I tried to be as smooth as possible so less sanding was involved. It was more fun to smooth with a wet hand than it was to sand. It felt like new drywall after a day. I can't say that it would pass on a wall, but I can say that it wouldn't be a problem. Enough leftover for life is probably the total spent. It's good to know that these kinds of repairs are easy to do. Tomorrow it will be something else and today it will be the back of a closet. Stay informed.

👤I would recommend this fabric. The fabric I used to repair the hole in my wall was made from an 8 pound medicine ball. The medicine ball was thrown at the wall and went through to see the damage I had to fix. I was able to fix the problem with the help of this material. I uploaded a before, during, and after picture. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to fix a hole.

4. Mending Spackling Pinholes Graffiti Self Adhesive

Mending Spackling Pinholes Graffiti Self Adhesive

The special customer ingredients blend will not shrink or break, which makes it easy to store. It is effective to repair and quick. The safemend wall mending agent can be dried and used to repair wall cracks and wall damage. It can be completely dry in 4 hours. You can repair the drywall better if you include a wall patch. It's simple to use, clean the wall surface before use, and squeeze plaster wall repair on the wall to be mended. Remove the repair paste with a scraper and let it dry naturally. To make the repaired wall flat, you have to use sandpaper. Safemend Wall Mending Agent Free Scraper is made of Talcum paste,vegetable gum, and inorganic filler cover. It is safe for everyone. Most wall damage problems can be solved with wall putty. It is good for repairing cracked walls, graffiti, peeled walls, and wall stains. It is possible to repair plaster wall with wall repair cream. Wall mending can be used in a lot of places. 2* wall repair cream, 2* putty knife, 2* nozzle extender, 2* sandpaper, and 1* drywall patch are included in the package. Wall mending can be used in a lot of places. 2* wall repair cream, 2* putty knife, 2* nozzle extender, 2* sandpaper, and 1* drywall patch are included in the package.

Brand: Jollcyn

👤When we moved in, there were chips in the corners of the walls. The product was easy to use and fix the damaged walls. The other products are going to be out of business. We didn't need to sand. The texture is on the wall. The second photo is ready to be painted. The product is white when it is dry.

👤It's easy to spread, but when it dries it pits. It dries very hard and you need an electric sander to clean it. It's much easier to just get something.

👤I thought this would be a nice compact kit to keep with me because I am always running into my plaster walls and making dents and holes. It comes with a straw and a metal patch. The patch has a decent adhesion and it smells gross. It heals the wall but it feels cheap and it wipes off easily. I think you should get a spackle kit instead of this product because it doesn't feel like it will last long-term in patching your wall. It's okay for what it is, but not the best.

👤You can get more than enough spackle to deal with small punctures and cracks. It's close enough to match my white paint color. It is easy to use and includes the spatula.

👤I ordered this product to fix the crack. I was not sure if it would work. I hoped it would help me avoid calling someone and paying for something I might be able to do myself. I thought the product worked well. The product filled in the cracks rather well and I haven't completed the project yet. The set comes with a repair grid, sand paper, and two tubes of product. It comes with plastic attachment that screw onto the nozzle to give you a more fine top repair.

👤I needed this product to fix a patch in my wall. You can't tell what happened when things dried up. If you are in the same situation, you should definitely suggest this product.

5. Kit Drywall Mending Drywall Self Adhesive Repair 100g

Kit Drywall Mending Drywall Self Adhesive Repair 100g

Repairs stay fixed and you can move on to other repairs if you choose, because special blend of ingredients won't shrink or crack. The Safe Wall Mending Agent is non-toxic and high quality. This wall repair cream is green and free of harmful substances. Green ingredients are safe for people and pets. Please be sure to wear gloves while applying this cream. Repairing wall crack and wall damage, cover graffiti and stain, filling the drill hole is easy to use. Remove and repair holes and cracks quickly. The repair cream can be scrapered to make the wall plaster smooth. You can use it again after you open the lid. It is easy to repair broken surfaces on the wall, and can hold a nail or screw. White scrub resistant will give you professional looking results. Within 4 hours, wall paint can be dried completely and repaired easily. Water won't be sucked in. This patch is perfect for repairing cracked walls and peeling walls. It can be used for a variety of projects at home. You will get professional looking results from the mending. You will get 1 x Wall Mending Agent (100g), 1 x Nozzle Extender, and 1 x Scraper. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon. You will get 1 x Wall Mending Agent (100g), 1 x Nozzle Extender, and 1 x Scraper. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Supbec

👤It's a good idea to go to a store for this type of product. You can get more for less there. It does dry well after a day.

👤I've never used a tube for wall repair before, but I love it! It is very easy to apply.

👤My 12 year old was able to use this to fill in holes made in her bedroom wall from posters and scratches on the door frame. I can't tell if the holes or scratches were there after applying this and repainting.

👤When I moved out of my apartment, I used this product to cover the nail holes. The product was easy to spread. The job was done.

👤It was purchased at a great price range. It's a nice item.

👤The product does what it says it will do. Excellent covers. Will buy again.

👤The only complaint I have is that it is hard to squeeze out of the tube. It is a great product.

6. WDSHCR Drywall Fiberglass Extended Self Adhesive

WDSHCR Drywall Fiberglass Extended Self Adhesive

3 x wall repair paste, 3 x nozzle extender, and 3 x scraper are included in the package. Clean and dry the wall hole, tear the backing and apply the patch to the hole with a scraper. It's very easy to use. Each patch is independent and convenient for hole repair, which is enough to meet your repair needs. This patch is used for all kinds of holes in the house, office building, wall, roof, factory and more. The mesh wall repair patch is made of rustproof aluminum for easy patchwork and comfortability. If you have a question about the kit, please contact them. If you have a question about the kit, please contact them.

Brand: Wdshcr

👤Excellent kit for patching small areas. It was easy to use. Follow the directions on the package and it will be repaired in no time at all. It is surprisingly easy to use and very durable once dried. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤Excellent instructions! Good quality is something that I am grateful for.

👤If you are looking for patches and supplies, this is a good product. Did not have spackle. Will have to buy it on its own.

👤I don't like doing home Reno projects but this was easy to use and everything I needed came in that one package.

7. 3M High Strength Small Repair

3M High Strength Small Repair

Skin tags are easy to use for small to medium size. It takes 3X more time to make repairs than traditional vinyl spackling. It is easy to repair nail holes. HOLE repairs can be up to 3 inches in diameter. A spackling compound for hiding power. Some people are playing with paint. No cracking, sagging or shimmying. There is a light spackle compound.

Brand: 3m

👤The back label on the product reads "WARNING! IRRITANT. There is a chemical in the nose and throat that can cause cancer. Are you messing with me? Why isn't this included in your product description? I was sold on using this product after reading your reviews. I don't want my family to be exposed to a product that is harmful to them. Do better and update your product description. When you take my review down, I will take it down as well. Meanwhile. Here it is.

👤I have been repairing plaster, old and new for 40 years and this product is different than anything I have used before. It has the consistency of whipped cream, but quickly dries rock hard, and can be dry sanded. I wet sanded it and it worked. The ability to dry sand is a great feature. It accepts paint as well.

👤This stuff blew my expectations out of the water, I am a big fan of doing things my own way and I have used every kind of spakle there is. There is a It's light and fluffy and dense enough to fill a 5"x9" hole. You build up from the outer space and add to the middle. It does not fall down or dry up. I will only use this for now. It works for wood and sands.

👤Quickly. Work quickly. It's not dried out like people are saying. It's supposed to be that way. It's almost like a spongey foam. It's not the mud I used to hang. I don't believe it's supposed to be. I'm new to this. My child fell and put her foot through the wall. It's all better now.

👤The product works well for patching small holes. No one needs to be an expert. You don't need anything else except a knife and a tool. The spackling should be spread over the damaged area as many times as necessary. You can use your finger to reach hard to reach areas. Let it dry. You may need to reapply a small amount of this product because it shrinks a little after it dries. Let it dry overnight. Sand smooth when product is dry. If you smooth as you apply, less sanding will be required.

👤It's amazing to say the least. A small amount of paint was damaged when I took some command strips off the wall in my dorm. I didn't want to be charged a lot of money at the end of the semester and I decided to fix it myself. I let it dry after I used my fingers to apply it. I used a nail file because I don't have sand paper. I don't use it because it's too coarse. I'm glad I did this because I'm not great at fixing things. $7 instead of $100, hmm. Yes, it's a no-brainer. I will have more stuff to take off the walls later, hopefully I won't need to use it again, but if I do, I recommend it.

👤This stuff is amazing. We were doing a whole house remodel and they recommended this product. It goes on for a while. It was my first time spackling and it was easy to use. I felt like a pro with the results. This is not a product that I would recommend you put on with your hand, you need a good knife and a sanding block. You can paint in a few minutes. Add a small amount of water to the tub if it dries out. The best!

8. 7PACK Repair Drywall Extended Self Adhesive

7PACK Repair Drywall Extended Self Adhesive

We will help you solve the wall patch kit problem as soon as possible if you contact them with any quality with their wall patch repair kit. Are you worried about all the holes in your home? If you have a wall repair kit, you won't have any problems. The wall sticker repair kit is easy to use. First clean and dry the wall hole, tear the backing and apply a patch of plaster with a scraper. A simple and practical way to repair a wall is to use an invisible patch. Adherent backing is easy to stick onto the outside of a hole. It provides an effective cover and has a strong glue feature. It can be cut to the size you need. Their patch kit includes 2 pieces 2''2'', 3 pieces 4'' x 4'', 2 pieces 6 x 6 inch, and it is perfect for all sizes. They will give you a piece of sandpaper to help polish the hole in the wall. The mesh wall patches can be used to repair damaged walls. The repair kit for wall holes are made of rustproof aluminum panels and high density fiber mesh, which are durable to last for a long time and are suitable to repair most damaged wall. It makes your repair surface look nicer, and you can fix it. After using it, you have no worries. Every patch from the pack has been carefully checked to make sure it's okay. It's important for you to clean the dust on the wall that you have sanded with a sandpaper so that the glue can stick. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, please contact them.

Brand: Hhan

👤I may return if I haven't used them yet. Getting a smooth finish would be more difficult because they arrived damaged.

👤It was very easy to use. The hole was covered perfectly. The spread was easy to spread across.

👤Perfecto de adherir.

9. Spackle Scraper Waterproof Drywall Solution

Spackle Scraper Waterproof Drywall Solution

We will help you solve the problem as soon as possible if you have any other questions. It is quick and perfect for repair. The spackle wall repair kit can be used to repair broken surfaces on the wall in less than 4 hours. The traces of their spackle will not be visible after drying and sanding. Their repair kit is made of wall glue, carbonate cover, and other eco-friendly materials. The wall repair patch kit is safe for both humans and pets. It is possible to use it for home improvement. 3 simple steps will help you repair damaged wall surfaces. Squeeze, scraper, and polish. First, gently squeeze the wall hole filler onto the scraper. Apply it to the broken surfaces and smooth the putty to fill the walls. After drying, sand with a piece of paper. The lightweight spackle is a good help for wall repairs. Their wall patch repair kit is perfect for repairing cracked walls, peeling walls, pinhole holes, wall flouring, nail holes, wall graffiti, etc. The spackle kit is a great way to save time and money. Their magic kit can change your wall. They are committed to offering the customers better products and thoughtful after-sales service. If their wall mending agent doesn't meet your requirement, please contact them in time, and they will replace it quickly. They are committed to offering the customers better products and thoughtful after-sales service. If their wall mending agent doesn't meet your requirement, please contact them in time, and they will replace it quickly.

Brand: Yondarli

👤This is my first review of the Spackle Wall Repair Kit with Scraper, and I will continue to update it as I use it. The spackle wall repair kit makes it easy to fix the wall. It's a great solution for making the wall or ceiling cracks disappear. You can apply patching material directly to the problem area with this repair kit. This is an excellent alternative to renting a noisy, dust-generating air gun which typically has to be used in combination with expensive replacement materials and excessive sanding. The Spackle doesn't just create a smooth surface, it repairs the underlying problem by completely surrounding the damaged area and creates new bonds between the area that has been patched and the surrounding drywall, with the supplied Scraper as well it makes the job so much easier. I highly recommend it. If you found this review helpful, click on the button below to help other customers make better decisions and raise more awareness within the community.

👤I want to thank you. In August of 2020 Illinois etc. I and my family were disabled from being able to finish this project. I appreciate the help, opportunity, and quality product. Very impressed! The Yondarli Wall Mending Agent is more solid than liquid. It holds itself well. It was hard for me to use one hand. I had to make sure the material was at the tip before recording. It does not take a long time. It is very easy to do a small ding in a flat surface. It's better to have a little more than to go back in that situation. I showed how I applied, reapplied, sanded, and repeated. The restoration was of a curvy wall with exposed structure and a door knob. It did not take long for it to dry. I think it was dry in four hours. Thin applications are more drying. You can see the bright white and dry finish on the wall mending agent. You can sand it if it looks like a bright white powder. Don't be concerned if it looks transparent while wet. After it dries, it has coverage. The yellow wand has a medium width handle and is light in weight. It bends without breaking. It takes some of the larger pieces. I use a razor to remove paint layers. It is designed to pack and flatten. I used the corners to build up and design some. I will post my attempts at a later date. I could have put the agent on the wand. The cone tip is very useful. If there is more depth, fill it. Press and take a picture. 3. Continue until the desired effect is achieved. Allow for drying periods. It stays in the piping without being removed. The gloves are more sturdy than they look. My hands are large, which meant that they weren't as functional for application with the fingers like in 90 degree angles. The gloves are a little tight. They are not like medical gloves. Regardless, the Wall Mending Agent washes off skin quickly. The sand paper is very soft. That's how Yondarli Wall Mending Agent sands. It is hard to touch and similar to a dry wall. You can see how fine the powder is. In the video, I use a two by four for a more even surface. The fingers can curve the finish. I would like to try a nail file next to a nail block file. I'm curious if that would be a good substitute. The sand paper was stained with red. I like the finish of the Wall Mending Agent. I could see sculptors loving this for minor repairs. I had a great time trying the agent and am grateful for it. I don't want to record myself using it at the same time. I went from beginner to pro in no time. You can come back to check for more reviews. I can't help that Amazon posts my visuals in a different order.

10. Drywall Self Adhesive Aluminum Sticker Sandpaper

Drywall Self Adhesive Aluminum Sticker Sandpaper

The wall patch kit can be used to repair a wall hole in a home. The drywall hole repair kit will stay for a long time. They provide 3Pcs 2x2 inch repair patch, 3Pcs 4x4 inch repair patch, and 2Pcs 6x6 inch repair patch, as well as wall pre deal tools. You can repair a wall hole with this kit, you only need sand the wall and stick the pach on the wall, then you can start repairing and painting the wall. The wall patch can be used for a wide range of places, including kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, ceilings, and other surface of the wall repair. They provide a good value quantity wall patch repair kit to meet your needs. The wall repair patches are made of high quality rustproof aluminum and high strength fiber meshe, they are easy to clean and will keep the wall surface smooth and new. The wall repair patches are made of high quality rustproof aluminum and high strength fiber meshe, they are easy to clean and will keep the wall surface smooth and new.

Brand: Megxit

👤This product was easy to cover up, had an excellent stick, and I loved that they had different sizes that fit perfectly to the size we needed.

👤It's pretty straight forward, but there weren't any directions. The screen was wide enough to patch without a lot of product to fill, and the glue stuck better than the usual tape. The dried and sanded down were the same color.

👤Good price and quality. It worked out perfectly.

👤I liked how it dried quickly.

11. Saint Gobain ADFORS FDW9098 U Filler White

Saint Gobain ADFORS FDW9098 U Filler White

Saker Silicone caulk removal is a great product for removing and spreading caulk, improving the quality and the aesthetic sense of surface. All-in-one compound, spreader. It fills holes caused by screws and nails. Product can be used for multiple repairs. Smaller repairs do not require sanding. Only interior use is allowed. Only interior use is allowed.

Brand: Saint-gobain Adfors

👤I give out 5 star reviews but this stuff is amazing. I am not a handy person. I am a big fan of decorating and I am constantly moving pictures around on the wall, which leaves holes in the wall. It was easy to blend into the paint and can be resealed for more uses. I will be purchasing more after spending the best $5 I have ever spent. I just fixed all the holes in my house in about 15 minutes and I couldn't be more pleased with the product.

👤We needed to hang something in our apartment since we shouldn't have nailed anything to the walls. We decided to put a few nails in the wall because it was too lonely and white. We were able to fill in all the holes on the wall. The fill ins blend well with white paint. I was able to get my rent deposit back after purchasing this hole filler.

👤The product works well and the tip is unique. It's thicker than other compounds I've used and can be used upside down to patch ceiling nail holes. The tube I bought was four months old. Make sure yours is current.

👤It was very easy to patch the small holes and help remove the previous wall set up. It was easy to use and work with, and I used it to cover the previous wall damage. I painted and sanded it to make it even more flush with the wall after it dried. Can't tell if there was previous damage. It's definitely a good idea for anyone to rent a space.

👤The idea behind this has merit, as the applicator is easy to use. The seam where the tube is connected to the applicator is very flimsy and can be burst at the first squeeze. I threw it away after I applied it for what I needed. It would have been nice to keep it for future uses, but with the tube rupturing and no extra sealed container there wasn't any place to store it.

👤This stuff is great. I filled in a few nail holes and a small chunk of the wall that was ripped off. It worked well. The built in knife works perfectly. It's great for the next time I hammer a nail in the wrong place. It dries off white, which is the color of my walls. If your walls are colored, you'll have to use some touch unbleached, but that's not the case with a drywall product. A great product!

👤This was used to fill nail holes. The instructions were followed. It didn't adhere to the holes. It's a waste of time and money.

👤It was very thin and discretion dry fast, it busted open in several places down the tube, so it was oozing out in all kinds of places. The tool has a grooves in the middle where the liquid comes out so it doesn't smoothly scraper. Don't buy it.

👤I was looking for something that was similar to what I was looking for.


What is the best product for drywall hole repair kit?

Drywall hole repair kit products from Red Devil. In this article about drywall hole repair kit you can see why people choose the product. S&w Manufacturing and Duck are also good brands to look for when you are finding drywall hole repair kit.

What are the best brands for drywall hole repair kit?

Red Devil, S&w Manufacturing and Duck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for drywall hole repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Jollcyn, Supbec and Wdshcr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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