Best Extension Cord Repair Female End

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1. Leviton 515CV Commercial Straight Connectors

Leviton 515CV Commercial Straight Connectors

3-pronged outlets and grounded plug for convenience, with super flexible cord meaning less tangles when used. The screws are triple drive head screws. The face of the device has a NEMA configuration number molded on it.

Brand: Leviton

👤There are no instructions, but I'm including photos that show steps and tools used. This is a fair weather plug, I use it for outdoor use, and it beats buying a new cord when the weather is nice.

👤I bet you cut your favorite extension cord with a hedge trimmer if you're looking at this. It happens to the best of us. It doesn't come with instructions, so this is just an example to remind you. White goes to a screw.

👤I bought it because of the round shape that will fit nicely into my generator transfer switch. The thought that went into making it was for the do it yourself consumer. The wire placement is easy because of the L shaped plates on the screw fasteners that allow you to place the stripped wire straight in and screw down tightly; no more having to make a hook shape in the wire and fight to affix it with the screw. I wrote a review on this item because of this feature.

👤An old leaf blower caught fire and melted the cord. I didn't want to have to buy a new extension cord because they haven't gotten any cheaper in the past 20 years. I thought I would try to replace the end. I decided on this one as the best bang for the buck after reading reviews of other products. And it was! The wires and plug are very secure, and it was very easy to assemble. It's not waterproof, but the yellow makes it highly visible, which I like. The plastic is durable. It has worked well for a couple of months now. If I need another one, I'd buy it. It fits the receptacles of corded electric lawn equipment just fine.

👤Leviton extension cord plugs (male and female) Discussion: As part of this project, I needed to cut down the green seventy-five (75) foot extension cord, so I used Leviton connections to re-terminate the ends. The plugs below are for 14AWG. Be sure to buy the correct size plug. You can use the Leviton 515CV plug with a 3-wire 12AWG extension cord if you remove the white inserts. I wanted to use the solar generated power inside the house from the temporary solar/PV battery backup project in the garage. I wired up a couple of electrical boxes and a cut-out switch because the extension cord through the door to the garage was not safe. The inside and outside connections are standard wall outlets, with a twist lock plug for extra security. The parts are listed at the end and grouped by category. I looked at a lot of generator inlet receptacles, but most were less than 30 Amp, and I don't need that large of a receptacle. I wanted to attach the electrical box to the stud if possible, as this was going to be a twist lock plug. The boxes for Madison Electric Products were perfect. I used a single gang on the inside box and a 2-gang on the outside to fit a cut-off switch. I mounted the 2-gang box to the normal orientation because I could screw it into the horitzontal stud, and because I could put the plug on the bottom and switch on the top. Leviton has had great success with electrical parts and I usually go with it. I would have ordered the right angle plug from Leviton, but I didn't see it when placing the order. The products listed in the review were used for this project and I am rating them 5-stars. There are other products related to electrical wire. The Madison Electric Products MSB1G One Gang Device Box is $2. The AC Multi Plug Outlet is $11. The Madison Electric Products MSB2G Two Gang is $4. The Nema L5-15P 15 Amp 125V 2 Pole 3 Wire is a right angle product.

2. Leviton 102 EP Connector Straight Residential

Leviton 102 EP Connector Straight Residential

Attach a replacement plug or bulk cord to create a custom length cord set. 2Pole, 2Wire,

Brand: Leviton

👤I pay a lot of money for garbage. You're saying it's only $4. What is the problem with this guy? The wire route is hard to navigate. There is no way to fit wires out of the enclosure. My problem is that one end is secured with a screw but the other ishinged plastic which is guaranteed to fail. The price of 20 cents to make them is a problem. I had to modify it for a 3 prong plug, at least I knew that when I bought it. After scanning all the garbage imports, I thought I would go with a well known brand so I could rely on quality, but instead I get the same garbage from them as I get from everyone else. We have to spend hours online sorting through garbage products to find something dependable for even the most simple products; I spent more time writing this review than should have been needed to find and purchase a quality version of this product. People stop coming to the store when it's full of junk because they don't want to spend a lot of time looking for things. For a simple product like this, at this price, I expect high quality and to spend only 10 minutes online to find it.

👤I took the cord off the old sweeper. I thought the extension cord would be good for the sweeper I use. I have female plugs at home, but they are big and bulky. The sweeper has a couple of tools. The plug was easy to install. The wires stayed in after I pulled on the cord. I tried it anyways and it fits perfectly, even though another person said it wasn't for a round cord.

👤You have a lot of clearance for wiring because this sucker folds open wide. The terminal screws don't back out very far, so you have to push the wire in and around them to get a tight fit. Not convenient. The single screw for closing the sandwich is far away from the back and in the center, so you have to remove the wires' outer sheath at least that far back to allow wire to go on either side of it. I want the outer sheathing to be continuous up to the plug, so I want to cut it carefully. A small amount of pain. These are cheap, and they're not big and bulky like a lot of replacement plugs. Not bad.

👤The design is easy to use. The back of the blades have a connetion that folds away from them for easy access. The protectors are raised around the screws. The wires come out of the back and are fed through two channels. Simple design. I wanted to make an extension cord for my lamp. This cord is being used. This was tight when closing the clamshells. It was a snug fit. The wire won't be pulled out by mistake. You don't have to be around electricity to do that. I was worried about crimping the wire too much. I didn't screw it closed all the way. Very strong connection. Looks good, it was a good purchase. It draws little attention because it is an antique look that it doesn't have. I decided that the crimps were fine even though I could have made them less force.

3. STARELO Electrical Replacement Connector Industrial

STARELO Electrical Replacement Connector Industrial

The built-in cord grip adjusts for use with 18-12 AWG. 125V, 15A, 2 Pole 3 wire grounding type. There is a rear cord clamp for different wires sizes. The electrical replacement plug is made of high quality plastic materials and it secures wires from pulling out. The male and female electrical replacement plugs are in the set. It is recommended to use multiple strands wires to complete the work. It is recommended to use multiple strands wires to complete the work.

Brand: Starelo

👤I needed a 12 gauge drop cord to run my power tools, so I decided to make my own. I bought a 25 foot length of 12 gauge equivalent cable at a local hardware store and ordered the plugs on Amazon. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. They are not as large as the Leviton male plug that I replaced, but they still have a lot of feel to them. Attaching one to each end of the cable was easy. You just need a utility knife, a wire stripper, and a screwdriver to tighten the plugs on the cable. The drop cord will be plugged into an outdoor outlet. I don't want to use my power tools in the rain or in wet conditions, so waterproofness is not a priority for me. The pictures of my result are attached.

👤The fourth and fifth pictures show the channel that is supposed to align. The green ground screw on part ONE directly faces the channel along the interior of part TWO. Look at photos provided for the product if that is a poor description of the key. The key is the orientation of the ground. When the replacement end is laid sideways on a flat surface with the ground oriented at the highest position, the part will be horizontal. The screw holes are in that position. When the ground is up, that horizontal clamp can be turned 180, but the 3 screws don't have alignment with the 3 holes. If you have 3 screws lined up with 3 holes, ground up. You are good to assemble it. Is it also Alternately? Before the pieces are disassembled, make a mark on the side of them. You made your own key with a little planning.

👤Not this time. You get what you pay for. The grounding pin receptacle collapsed for the first time. The receptacle runners are free-floating and not related to anything. They are lightly crimped to the wire plate. I would only trust this product to start a fire.

👤I used this to make a string of lights. It was good enough for the job at first, but I found that the bolt-head of one of the wire bolts was off-center making it hard to loosen and tighten. The effectiveness of the wire plate was reduced when it was drilled twice. The plug and outlet were not affected by either defect. If I buy this again, I will make sure to inspect the packing materials thoroughly before I dispose of them.

👤I tried several times to get 12 gauge extension cord wires to solidly and safely attach. The screw and screw lugs weren't large enough to hold the wires securely after fastening. I think it will work for 14 gauge wires. I was surprised that it had approval for this size of wire, given the small size of the screw head.

👤Not great. One of the hardware screws that came with the extension was stripped. The wire was held in one of the contact blades by a screw. The hardware is made of metal. The screws come back out and you don't have to do anything. I did that. The screw was not getting tighter when it was tightened. I didn't bother returning because of the cheap price.

4. STARELO Extension Connector Replacement Electrical

STARELO Extension Connector Replacement Electrical

125 watt, 15 watt, 2 pole 3 wire grounding type. It is suitable for different wire sizes. New life is brought back to electrical appliances if the broken extension cord end is replaced. There are male and female replacement plugs. It is recommended to use multiple strands wires to complete the work.

Brand: Starelo

👤Garbage. I've done electrical work for 40 years and I don't know how to secure a wire.

👤The plastic doesn't actually hold the prongs in place, so they fall out. Good luck getting it connected as there isn't enough space for the wire to go underneath the screws. This product was made by someone who explained what a plug is to someone who had never used one and then had someone make one for them. Completely useless, went to the garbage.

👤It's great for use on equipment. Standard plug ends are too large. These are not as easy to install as the larger ones, but a competent mechanic can do the job. They have to be soldered or loose. I used it on 12g wire, which was too large. I had to squeeze the cord through the hole in the back. Don't buy these unless you are trying to use a block heater. Plug ends are easy to install.

👤J thought this looked like a good replacement end. I tried to attach wires when I opened it. The screws are small and flimsy, the support is flimsy, and there is no room to knot the cable so it doesn't pull out if tugged. I used them. We will see how they hold up.

👤The quality, ease of use, and price are great. The instructions did not correspond to the type of female cord ends I purchased, so I had to research to connect the correct wires. If you don't slide the cord end onto the wire, you will have to take the wires off and start over. The added benefit of wrapping electrical tape around the wires was that they would stay in place over time, and there would be less chance of a wire coming lose over time.

👤Our son uses a bidet because of his disabilities. The extension cord had to run behind the faucet to reach the bathroom outlet. The electrician wasn't able to install an outlet before he arrived. The solution was to drill a hole in the wall below the toilet. The plug was cut off to decrease the hole in the walls that would need patching later. After the cord was pushed through the holes, a plug was added. It was easy to attach and take no time to install. We found it easy to do. It would be great if it was offered in white.

👤Very cheap. The wires have small screw downs. Good luck, unless you know which wire goes where, because they are not colored. I'm sure many people would know which wire goes where, but for a significant portion of the population that is looking to match black to gold and silver to white, just know that there are no gold screws, they're all silver. The wires fall out of the plastic as you assemble it.

👤The round replacement ends are a little harder to assemble, but I prefer this type. Some of the big round ends are hard to use with power tools, like electric chainsaws, because they don't fit tight spaces. The female ends have loose terminals which can fall out when the plug is disassembled. These are a quick way to use. I made a heavy duty extension cord out of a roll of solid core wire.

5. Miady Extension Replacement Connector Grounding

Miady Extension Replacement Connector Grounding

The cost-effective 5 group plug. Miady 15amp Male & Female Replacement Plug helps you save more money and provides spare electrical cord ends for your emergency in the garage or office, besides, the straight blade angles suits for replacing most household appliances plug. The design of the plugs is called Heavy Duty because it is made up of durable and heavy duty quality plastic materials and can keep dirt away from important points of contact. It also protects wires from being pulled out. If electrical cords that are torn or worn are very dangerous, it may cause a fire or electrical shocks. By using this group plugs you can fix or replace a cracked or broken plug and save your life. It needs to be unplugged and replaced immediately. Meet the Biggest Need: With the ability to adjust the rear cord clamp for different wires sizes, it is possible to make new power cables or repair extension cords for maximum connection. The 2-pole, 3-wire grounding type at 125V, well-conductive copper parts and nylon bases are rugged and durable for dependable use. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them. The 2-pole, 3-wire grounding type at 125V, well-conductive copper parts and nylon bases are rugged and durable for dependable use. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Miady

👤I'm surprised there are so many good reviews and can only assume they are based on price alone. The directions should be on hand so you don't forget in the future. Zero weatherization or water proof. The entire plug is cheap. I don't know how long it works. It was good to have a fast fix, but not something I would buy again in the future.

👤This is a good time to do basic repairs. Several extension cords were found to be in need of replacement. It is a good time to buy extension cords because of the bad weather of winter. The sealed plastic bag that protects them while in transit is where these Extension Cord Ends are packaged. See the photo. Instructions are provided for those who don't know how to replace Extension Cord Ends. There is a photo of the Extension Cord Ends on the instruction page. The plastic used to make these Extension Cord Ends should last through normal use. They are best used indoors, away from bad weather. The extension cord end is covered with a silicone seal that will act as a weather seal for limited outdoor usage. If the cord ends need service, you can cut off the end and install a new one. These are a good solution to normal wear.

👤These plugs and jacks are cheaper than the name brands you will find at big box hardware stores, and seem to work just as well. Assembly isn't as polished as those brands, but they go on. I like that you put the stripped wires into the holes and tighten the screw to fit. There was no wrapping the stripped wire around a screw. Five stars for better than average quality for off-brand connectors. I think the extension cords and shortening 100 ft cords to 2 x 50 ft will last a long time from where I sit.

👤There is a package that can be used for repairs to outdoor extension cords. I use less gas powered devices and switch to electric. Sometimes my extension cords get a bit shorter due to my carelessness. I can use this pack to cut one of my cords to power another device. Not big enough for the heavy duty extension cords, but works for my cords up to AWG 10. If you can fix it in 10 minutes or less, you will be back to work.

👤I had to replace male and female plugs on my extension cords. The plugs are perfect. All three wire screws face the same direction so you don't have to twist or turn the plug to tighten them. The cord keeper on the end of the plug has a good grip when tightened, which eliminates the risk of pulling the cord out of the plug. I ordered a second set of 5 to keep on hand.

👤The strain-relief clamps have no removeable inserts to take out large cables, so they must be drilled-out in order to assemble them. An extra step. Time will tell if the connectors are sturdy.

6. Miady Replacement Connector Straight Grounding

Miady Replacement Connector Straight Grounding

15 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA 5-15P + 5-15R, 2Pole, 3Wire, 1875 Watts, Heavy Duty, With Lighted, is the replacement Plug and Connector Set. The ADJUSTABLE-Wiring gauge is the best design. Light indicates that power is moving. Theugged nylon/PVC body is resistant to chemicals. It's easy to wire. The transparent pass-through terminal blocks and color-coded clips make wiring quicker and easier. Plugs on tools, appliances and extension cords can be replaced with a cUL listed approved plug. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them. Plugs on tools, appliances and extension cords can be replaced with a cUL listed approved plug. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Miady

👤I make a lot of extension cords. When I make a remote control switch for my computer, I buy an extension cord of the right gauge, cut off one or the other of its ends, and then install a replacement end. I got a Leviton line of replacement ends at a big-box store, so I've been using them for the last few months. I'm glad I tried the Miady connectors. I found that the Leviton screw-type connector was much easier to use than the 12/3 cord. The strain relief on the cord is so tight that it shouldn't be a problem. The strain relief is built to fit onto a large range of wire sizes. The Leviton competitors are more difficult to wire than the well designed ones. I have a Leviton female plug that has been giving me fits, and I'm going to replace it with one of these. My new standard will be these Miady connections.

👤I used it to repair a heavy duty extension cord. The cord is being used to charge the vehicle. The car would reduce the amount of power being used if the plug and sockets got very hot before the repair. I'm changing at full capacity 120V 12A nominal, not even a hint of heat coming from the connections.

👤It's very easy to install with the light at both ends. If you live in a high humidity area, it will be a problem because it is not water or moisture resistant. I think I need to fill both ends with some caulking.

👤Don't waste your money. Go to Home depot and buy a 4 dollar plug.

👤It is easy to install buy not red. There is more of an orange or amber color. The red led was a nice touch, I needed to replace the plug on my arcade cabinet. The color is not what I was expecting. Had I known this would be the result, I would have saved 8 bucks and bought a cheaper one.

👤It was difficult to remove the screw that opened the plug for wiring. I tried to remove the screw a second time after wiring, but it is now impossible. I've never seen anything like this before. Very disappointing.

👤These were bought to replace the ends of my long extension cords. It's a great idea to have them light up when the power is on. I installed both ends in 10 minutes. The quality is very good and the price is better than the big box stores.

👤The easiest cord ends I have installed to date are the ones that only require a good twist to tighten the strands.

7. Leviton 5266 C Industrial Grounding Black White

Leviton 5266 C Industrial Grounding Black White

The application is for something. 13 Amp, 125V, 1625 Watts max applications are rated. Black and white wire, 125 volts, and a Leviton 2 Pole Industrial Grade Male Plug. Grounding is an electrical specification. This is made in the United States. An ideal surface for pulling and gripping can be created by a Fluted Body. It is easy to identify a catalog and NEMA numbers on a cord. Individual conductors are isolated in the internal wiring chambers to prevent flashover, Arcing, and excessive heat build up. There is a means of visual inspection of conductors and Terminals.

Brand: Leviton

👤I put a 10ga SJOOW cord into this as part of a long extension ford for some of my equipment with high current draw. I was able to get it in there without any pinching. The plug body made by Hubbell has less room inside than the internal layout of the plug body makes it.

👤A very strong, industrial- grade component. It is made of nylon. The plug will not break if someone steps on it or runs over it with a wheelbarrow. It will take a car to break it. It is easy to install. The strain relief is bomb proof. I have several of them in my wood shop. I can't say enough good things about the Leviton black-and-white connectors. The female is connected to the 5269-C.

👤I am using these on 50 ft. 10 gauge by 3 extension cords. It's difficult to get a cord this large in this plug as I believe it will take 12/3. It can be done! A little patience and careful cutting is all that is needed. It's difficult to find 10/3's.

👤After a couple of attempts, it worked with 10 gauge wire. The yellow jacket cable cover was too small to fit with the insert removed so I closed it with the screws and self- fusing tape. A $100 cable saver.

👤The plug was shipped with an incorrect ground screw. The metal bar that holds the wire was too short for the screw to engage. I had to go to the hardware store to buy a longer brass screw. It took 2 hours to complete the project. Quality control went out the window at another company. After obtaining the correct parts, it made a solid repair connection on a 50 ft, 10 gauge wire extension in which the original plug had broken off.

👤There were terms that were important to doing a safe, secure connection that weren't illustrated. It was just common sense. I have it to work well. My wires were 16 gauge. It's difficult to see if you're holding the wire housing down when you tighten the connection screws, and they warn you not to. This is not a waterproof plug, and it is less waterproof than a regular indoor extension cord. Don't mix up your hot and neutral. The ground was green.

👤The review doesn't know what sheerness is. I bought this to connect to a switch. The plug was easy to put back together. I had to use 3x magnifying glasses to see which screw was silver and which was gold. I guess I wired it correctly. It was easy to handle a thick power cord. It was a good purchase. If I could tell you which terminal was gold and which was silver, I would give you 5 stars.

👤I replaced the wiring in the power box of my pool after buying a house. The pump cable was turned into a plug with the help of this plug and self- fusing electrical tape. I will try to get a better picture of the plug when the pool is closed.

8. Female Extension Replacement Electrical 3 Wire

Female Extension Replacement Electrical 3 Wire

It is recommended to use multiple strands wires to complete the work. The male and female end plugs are included. The rubber has galvanized steel to keep the cord secure. A set of male and female 3-wire plugs with positive and negative posts. Plugs that are worn or broken can be replaced to bring new life to power tools, appliances, and extension cords. Plugs that are worn or broken can be replaced to bring new life to power tools, appliances, and extension cords.

Brand: Vip Home Essentials

👤I do a lot of electrical repairs and installs. This product is not very good. The rubber material won't hold the screws because they don't line up. There is an addition to review. I noticed that there was no UL label listed. There is a red flag.

👤I would give these junk pieces of junk if I could. How bad could they be? Really bad. I bought two sets, but both were missing parts. This was more expensive than buying plugs from Leviton, Lutron, or Belkin because I was able to cannibalize two sets to get one working set. Don't buy these. Oh, also... The "color coding" is not present on these. They have a silver and brass screw connection, but they're assembled. These are not listed on the USA market as being UL-Listed, and therefore should not be on the market.

👤This was bought to fix an extension cord that was pulled out of the wall and then lost its grounding wire. I was not impressed by the rubber construction that made it feel flimsy, and I was also annoyed that no one writing which wire goes to which on the internet ever. The rubber construction makes it almost impossible to line up the screws with the sockets and barely does anything to retain the screw, so I'm pretty sure the same use the previous plug suffered for a decade would destroy this.

👤I think they are great. They can hold 12 gauge cords, the screw terminals hold the wire just fine. I like how the outside is made of rubber and plastic, no need for a metal housing if there is a short. I've been a contractor for 27 years and I've read the negative comments, but now that I've received the product, I don't understand why they would give a 1 star rating. No need for the screw terminals to be marked "black" or "brass", you can use the internet. The big terminal is for the white wire. The plug housing is preset for a small cord. The plug can be removed for an extension cord which is not skinny like a lamp cord. This is a positive. I want the whole cord to fit. This can do it. The complainers need to spend money on a name brand. I can buy a new cord for that price. Ps. I knew I was going to get a male and a female plug.

👤You have to align and screw in the plug heads when they are on the base. It sounds simple. There is a slot to align the plug sections. Never worked. I couldn't get the screws to bite and the plug sections kept pulling apart. If they pulled apart the energized part it would expose the electrical leads. I will keep trying, but I need to try a different brand. Even if I get it to work, it shouldn't have to be that hard.

👤It was useless. There's no way to tell which wire goes where because the terminal that wires to attach are not marked. Terminals should be marked with gold and silver. All of them are the same color. Nobody has noted this. If the wires are crossed, it could be an electrical or fire hazard.

9. EATON 4228 BOX Commercial Grade Connector

EATON 4228 BOX Commercial Grade Connector

Solid brass plug blades are firmly embedded in the body of the commercial grade thermoplastic vinyl plugs. The terminal screw clamps are designed to hold wire. The terminal screws are ready for wiring. Terminals in individual chambers are supposed to insulate conductors. There are eight possible positions for vinyl angle plugs. There are eight possible positions for vinyl angle plugs.

Brand: Eaton

👤It's difficult to install 12 wire in a small space. The terminals could be improved to allow easier entry of wire ends.

👤The three screws that attach the front of the plug to the back barely thread into the back seems like a quality plug. They need to be able to resist getting stripped out.

👤The screws don't open enough to wrap wire around them. The screws had to be removed. The ground screw was not large enough to allow wire and screw. The guard was shaved off and the screw was finally seat.

👤Not much wire to work with to make a connection and there is no water proof. If it gets wet, it could be a possible BUZZZZZZZ.

👤Think about it, if you ran over an extension cord or something, it's time to get rid of it. Don't take more than 5 minutes. It's back in business. It's well built and well worth the time to keep it, you'll bring it back to life if you replace the ends. I would love to give this 6 stars.

👤These used to be very good. I assume they're less durable than before, because they're lighter and cheaper.

👤I bought a male and female extension cord. Plugs 3-Wire Pack and FBA_MF2 were junk. You get what you pay for if you purchase this brand. It was easy to install. It is a secure fitting. Exactly what I needed. I will only buy this brand if I need to repair another cord.

👤The engine was rediCULOUSLY ENGINEERED. The screws that pull the plate to secure the wire are threaded into the body, meaning you can't open the space wide enough to insert and secure 12G stranded wire. What kind of 20A plug is this? I'm having to spend $6 for a Nother and hope that will resolve the issue.

👤Tel, trs bonne qualité conforme mes attentes!

👤A extension pour génératrice.

👤It works well and no problem installing.

10. Leviton Available 515CR Outlet Grounding

Leviton Available 515CR Outlet Grounding

The plug and connector is made ofPVC. The Nema 5-15R is a straight blade, residential grade rubber female connection. Grounding is an electrical specification. This is made in the United States. The screws have triple-drive head screws. The face of the device has a NEMA configuration number molded on it. The rubber body is resistant to dirt.

Brand: Leviton

👤This product is superior. One of the yellow cords is acceptable if you only need an extension for a short time. Those yellow ones don't do the job if you need it to conduct 15 Amps for several hours. The problem is the connection's resistance. The lower the resistance, the better. You want a plug that has a good bite on it. Plugging in easy doesn't do it. If you have a 1500 watt heater, it will draw 12 Amps. 1500 watt is equal to 120 volts times 12 Amps. If you have a "loose" plug connection that has a resistance of less than 0.2 ohm, the heating at the connector will be 12 times 12 times 0.2, which will make the connection warm. I had an extension cord with a yellow connection and it was so hot that I couldn't handle it. It is still cool with this connection. The same problem can be experienced at the wall plug. Many house fires start because of this. When you use a duplex in the wall, you want something that is better than the 29 cent ones from Lowes because they don't have a good grip on the plug. The heavy duty 20 Amp duplex wall sockets are available for a couple of bucks.

👤The first thing you should know is that the screws holding the receptacle together are not evenly spacing, which is not obvious because of the black color and smaller size. The thing will only screw together one way. The wire terminals on the inside have small plates underneath the screws to sandwich the strands of wire. I wrapped the cut end of the outside jacket with good 3M electrical tape so the back side wouldn't get wet, because I was only repairing a 16 gauge orange extension cord. I might have to take it halfway apart again to use glass fiber tape as a base layer and 3M electrical tape over that. I am happy that my trouble light doesn't go out when I'm underneath the car, and that my car battery charge completely charged my truck battery twice.

👤If you want good quality wiring terminals that are easy to use, you have to make a tradeoff, and that's bulky. The wire is entrapped nicely by the wiring terminals. The strain relief is easy to use. I put black RTV on the back of the TV so the water wouldn't run in. It's not completely waterproof, but it's as good as you can get with a replacement sockets.

👤I decided to make two smaller extension cords instead of repairing the 50 ft one because it took some damage in the middle. The outlets are larger than the ends, but you have to access the screw terminals to make the connections. The quality of the brands is better than some of the cheaper brands. The extra price is worth it to me. I want to do this once and done. I use extension cords all the time and I don't want to have to worry about the quality of the connection or the failure of the installation, I just want to use a different one. It's easy to make an inferior outlet for less money than an outlet that a machine can put on. The price for the male and female ends is the same as the price for a new extension cord, but I would rather not use a cable that has damage in one spot. You get what you pay for and these are well constructed.

11. Leviton 515PV 07196000501 Pack Yellow

Leviton 515PV 07196000501 Pack Yellow

There is a choice of 8ft waterproof outdoor extension cord in 2 or 6 pack sizes. The heady screws are triple-drive. The face of the device has a NEMA configuration number molded on it. Terminal screws are backed out to draw backwire clamps securely. The module and Husk are keys for easy alignment. The built-in cord grip adjusts automatically for use with no.18-3 through no.12-3 cords.

Brand: Leviton

👤A great quality replacement plug for power tools. The instructions are available on the website. There is a capsule version of instructions. Strip wire ends. Attach wires before placing the plug on the cord. Black to brass, neutral to silver, green to green. The yellow case may cause the silver screw to look like brass. Look at it in a good light. The wires are not meant to be wrapped around the screws. They are between the plates. Attach screws to the back of the plug.

👤The plugs were delivered to my door at a cost of $2.85. The plug in my floor edger never gets hot. I use 12 AWG cord for my sander, tablesaw, cut-off saw, which this plug accepts easily, and some lesser plugs will not accommodate 12 gauge. I knew I'd been happy with the plug I'd placed on the sander, so I had to figure out which one to use. The quality still remains good, and I continue to be happy with them.

👤The plug seems to be high quality and I was happy with the construction. There are two small complaints. The green ground screw is obvious to see and it connects to the ground. The other two were hard to tell apart. Both looked like brass and silver. The inside plate may have had better indicators. I had to check with a bright light. It's almost impossible to align it without a third hand because the screws are tight against the plastic housing. If the cord is heavy, plan on having an extra person to help. The plug never ran hot and seems to be working well.

👤I bought these to use with some outdoor floods. I would save a trip to the local big box store to purchase these if I bought them with the floodlights. I received them and they were of the correct rating. If this is the style you are going for, make sure you understand the wiring process and connect the correct wires to the correct terminals. Get someone that knows what they are doing to get involved if you are unsure. I was surprised when I went to the local big box store and saw that the same plugs were the same price as I paid for three of them. I need to have these guys laying around in case I need them or I can help a neighbor. The quality is great.

👤There was a guitar tube amplifier that had broken off. I took the easy way out because I was away from the amplifier and wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. The connections are very secure. I don't intend on doing any, but it definitely feels as if it would survive a lot of pullings from the cord without the plug failing. It was very easy to install, even though you had to get the setting screws lined up. I have no reason to look for anything else if I need to replace a grounded plug.


What is the best product for extension cord repair female end?

Extension cord repair female end products from Leviton. In this article about extension cord repair female end you can see why people choose the product. Starelo and Starelo are also good brands to look for when you are finding extension cord repair female end.

What are the best brands for extension cord repair female end?

Leviton, Starelo and Starelo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for extension cord repair female end. Find the detail in this article. Miady, Vip Home Essentials and Eaton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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