Best Iphone 7 Plus Repair Kit Screen Replacement

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1. Replacement USlansis Digitizer Protector Instruction

Replacement USlansis Digitizer Protector Instruction

COMPATIBILITY The screen is not suitable for iPhone 7. APPLICATION Replacing damaged or broken screens with touch or display issues. If you don't have a home button, ear piece, and front camera, please transfer them from the old screen. Follow installation instructions. TheLansupp screen replacement package includes a QR code, which can be scanned and followed to install the screen. All screens are inspected by a professional team before shipping. Feel free to contact them with any issues.

Brand: Lansupp

👤The package came with everything I needed to replace the screen of my phone. I received three plastic screwdrivers instead of two plastic screwdrivers and one metal screwdriver as pictured in the item description. It didn't make much of a difference, but it is worth noting if you really wanted the metallic bit. Installation was easier because the screwdrivers are magnetic. I was able to replace my cracked screen after watching a few videos. The new screen was the same as the original one. There were no dead spots, dead pixels, ghosting, or abnormality. Make sure you don't get too rough with the ribbon cables. I noticed that the new screen sits a little higher than the original one. I tried to put the phone back in my full body case, but it wasn't right. The problem can be seen when you compare the height of the original screen to the replacement screen. There is a small gap at the top of my phone where the screen meets the aluminum body. The water resistance of the phone is negatively impacted by this. I would give it a higher score if the screen was more flush to the phone's surface.

👤I was able to install the new Screen after figuring out where the screws went. I would buy a set of quality tools if I replaced screens often. 1. You should have some websites ready to view to help you with your task. 2. If you can, take some pictures of the phones layout. 3. A parts location map and a set of zip bags that are labeled with the locations that parts and screws are taken from is a must have. Keep in mind the different sizes of screws Apple uses in their phones. 4. It works well to use a Microfiber cloth to keep screws from bouncing into a black hole when you drop them. It's like the socks that disappear in the wash. 5. There is a lot of light in your work area. 6. Take pride in your ability to repair your phone.

👤5 stars! The screen is easy to install and the 3D Touch works on my phone now. The only downside was that it got delayed and there was a dark spot in the corner of the screen due to the heat from it being shipped but that was the fault of the shipping company. The company is positive and ships it out quickly. It is a very good quality screen. The screen protectors they sent were the real thing, not the cheap plastic ones.

👤These are not easy to install, but you can do it. I am in my 50's. I did it first time. The box had no instructions in it. Follow along with the video on the website. The screen cracked after 2 weeks. It was not mistreated or dropped. He doesn't keep his phone in his back pocket, so I don't know how it happened. He thinks it is a stress fracture and a flaw in the design. We might be the only one with this problem. I did not buy this brand again for the second replacement.

2. Replacement Digitizer Assembly Earpiece Protector

Replacement Digitizer Assembly Earpiece Protector

It's easy to install the touch screen with its proximity sensor, earpiece speaker and front camera. You are expected to have your cracked Screen replaced in less than 20 minutes after you watch the video and read the instructions. If you want to purchase a compatible black iPhone 8 plus 5.5” only, please make sure you know your phone's serial number. The screen is high quality. Before shipping and fast FBA delivery, each LCD is double tested to make sure it is in good condition. There is a bonus for you, a repair tools kit and screen protectors. + There is an instruction by a man. 3 months warranty! If there is a problem with your screen, please contact them immediately. Their best motivation is your 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Keytas

👤I have not installed this on my friend's phone yet. I will change the review if something is not expected. Overall, wow! I have purchased many screens to replace for friends, and this exceeded my expectations. I wanted to write a review. The tools are included. It is nice to have a spare set for later or single use. Most likely you will get 3 uses out of them. The camera and speaker are included. This saves a lot of time and the possibility of losing screws. If you have replaced a screen, you know what I am talking about. A screen protector is included in the 3rd. Excellent idea and nice touch! The packaging is proof that this is the best. The camera and speaker assembly is pre-installed on the back of the screen. It was a time saver.

👤The original 8 plus screen had a hot spot and a small scratch, so I swapped it out. It is easy to install. I have replaced screens on other phones. I would like to watch a video on the internet. The instructions are good but the pictures are small. I can confirm that the True Tone features do not work after a few days of use. If you have a tool to take some programmed code from your original screen and transfer it to the new screen, this may be the case for all aftermarket screens. It's not nice to lose autobrightness. I think it's better than having dead pixels. I was expecting the colors to be more vivid than the original screen, but they are a little less so. I think this will last me 10 months, because I am holding out for the new phone. Had I known about the limitations of aftermarket screens, I might have paid $169 for a genuine replacement.

👤The attached picture shows the right side of the home button and there should be a connection. There is nothing to plug into. Where is the quality control? I was planning on doing this repair myself, but the instructions that came with the replacement screen were printed so small that I couldn't even see the images under a lite magnifying glass. The add in Amazon says the video comes with a replacement screen, but where did it come from? Keytas has a phone number to contact someone for a replacement or technical support. The seller has claimed everything in their add with Amazon. This is not true advertising. What do I know? I got a new screen from Amazon, but I have to pay the technician a second time and go to the nearest repair location. I think I deserve this because I tried to save a couple bucks. I think I should be happy with the apology from Amazon or the offer to return my money. Who pays for the rest? Oh... I think I do. This is an update. I received a second screen from Keytas. I paid the technician to install the second screen. The lower right hand side of the screen is dark, but I was told it went in with little difficulty. The brightness needs to be turned up on full. I can see all the icons. Very disappointed again. The screen on my wife's phone was damaged when it got dropped. I will replace the screen myself. I bought a screen from a large independent internet seller. It arrived in two days. I replaced my wife's cracked screen with no issues, instructions were clear and everything went as expected. It took 45 minutes. It works perfectly. There are other quality suppliers on the internet.

3. IPhone Replacement Display Digitizer Assembly

IPhone Replacement Display Digitizer Assembly

Only the black 4.7 inch screen replacement for the iPhone 7 is compatibility. Before purchasing a phone, please check the model. The home button, earpiece speaker, front camera, sensor flex and LCD shield plate are not included in the screen replacement. They must be transferred from the old screen to the new one. The screens that are cracked, broken, dead, damaged, touch is not working, and non-functional are replacements. The package includes a screen replacement, 3 x magnetic screwdrivers, a plastic triangle opening tool, and a screen protectors. Screens and tools are not easily damaged or crushed. The black screen of the iPhone 7 must pass strict technical tests before it can be shipped. If there is a problem, please find your order and contact them at any time, they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Hoysg

👤I ordered a replacement screen for a white Iphone 7, but ended up recieving 6 different screens, none of which was the one I ordered. 3 of the screens were broken, 2 didn't work at all, 1 wasn't even for an Iphone 7, and 1 works but only with a malfunction. There were also two batteries in the box. The seller I brought from needed to get rid of junk parts used Amazon as a scam to get rid of it all. What a waste of time, money, and materials. I can't return items without paying to return the big box. Don't waste your money on a scam, buy from a legit seller.

👤Wow. I've replaced dozens of screens through the years, this one is garbage. The phone had to be removed to make room for the new one that had to be put together. It should have been a sign. The cables need to be tucked in, creating too much'stuff' between the two phone parts. I have a bricked Iphone 7 instead of a cracked screen. Do not buy!

👤The Apple logo is on the screen of my phone, which has a very cheap resolution similar to the first generation iPhone. I would rather buy a new phone. There is a black dot on the right side of the screen. I would rather take it to a professional so they can give you parts. Get a new phone.

👤It is very easy and affordable to fix a son's broken phone. Thanks!

👤I have done a lot of screen replacements. After turning on the screen, the out of box wouldn't work. Once power was shut off, it wouldn't turn on again. Several times, I tried. The battery wouldn't turn on again for a single time. Same result many times. Everything works just fine with the phone if you put the cracked screen back in. You should keep looking for a better screen. Don't buy this one!

👤It was a great product, but the graphics are a little darker than they should be, unless you watch a lot of movies on your phone.

👤I bought this to fix my phone. After I got it, I realized it was my home button that I broke and put it in the junk drawer. So I didn't get to use it. I started stalling and the kit seems nicer than the ones I've bought before. I will buy from here in the future.

👤I found it a few days ago. The delivery was fast. I will open it for use after I receive it. It's convenient to operate. The quality is very good. The resolution is good. The touch is very sensitive. The price is cheaper than the outside. It is worth buying. I inquired about the price in the shop. It's cheaper in the shop. I can use this screen to change the curtain after the screen broke. The image is clear. The package is very good and the baby is intact.

4. DATTON Replacement Compatible Digitizer Assembly

DATTON Replacement Compatible Digitizer Assembly

Only the iPhone 7 Plus is allowed. A1784 is the model number. Black is the color. Touch scren with frame set, full front glass. Installation was easy and fast. The quality of the screen is compared to the original one. The presentation is fully display functional and touch responsive. Required tools kit is included. If you leave your phone at an apple store or repair shop, you will pay 1/3 more. A brand new foam box with no scratches on the screen. Make your phone work again.

Brand: Datton

👤The screen was just installed. This screen is just as good as Oem and I have replaced it from two different sellers. The colors looked washed when first installed. Go to settings and tint. All the way to the right is what you can see on the red screen. Take hue back to the left until the screen is purple. Now slide intensity all the way back to zero. It's good! The colors are vibrant!

👤The screen front camera does not have a plastic aligning piece, but it is clear, and I think it is because of the glass. Home button is a tight fit thought it might break, home button slightly below glass level some covered by buttom of screen side glass if this description makes sense. When I turned the phone on, was the most upsetting. I will return the screen because it had a black stripe just right of the middle of the screen. Please note. I think it's a result of the previous damage to the phone connections. Not likely. I don't think so, but it's still possible. The camera and screen are clear, but the home button is a bit small, it could be fixed by changing the hole. Will try a different screen to see if there is a black streak.

👤It's easy to replace a screen on the planet. If you watch a video on YouTube, you will know what to expect. The tools are included but the screw drivers are not very good. I have an iFixit repair kit that has all the best stuff, so I didn't have to worry about it. Your mileage may be different.

👤The screen on my phone is not correct because the home button is different. I bought a new home button.

👤The phone is the same size, but there is a connection missing.

👤It is ok. It was on the cheaper side. The 3D touch screen is kind of sensitive as you can hear a static click as you run your thumb across the screen whenever the screen senses just enough pressure and thinks you want to use the 3D feedback. If there was a need for a new screen, probably wouldn't buy again.

👤The screen was perfect for the phone. The repair kit has a link to a video that will help you through the repair.

👤This has been the worst screen I have ever replaced. I have an old phone that is not very good. The touch screen works when it wants to. Save your money.

5. FFtopu Compatible Replacement Black(5 5) Digitizer

FFtopu Compatible Replacement Black%EF%BC%885 5%EF%BC%89 Digitizer

Only compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement. Each screen is subject to strict quality before shipment. If you have any problems, please contact me. Home button, front camera, cables for home button and front camera, earpiece speaker are not included in this part. It's a must to transfer them from the old screen. Follow instructions and watch videos on the internet during installation. Fast shipment from US Amazon Warehouse.

Brand: Fftopu

👤This is the second time I have replaced my phone, the first time I bought this one from Amazon. The old one would be a little shaky sometimes. The screen did not come with a replacement water seal that goes around the edge of the screen, which is a negative. This was not something I remembered to look out for until I removed the old screen. I wish it had been advertised as coming with the seal. The screen looks great and works well. I am happy that the price was paid. The replacement time took 45 minutes to watch and pause a video.

👤I decided to get this screen replacement after reading the reviews. I noticed a stark difference between our original screen and this one once installed. The contrast is very high with the blacks dominating. The saturation/vibrance level was too high with a yellow/orange hue. We wanted to be able to replace our screen with something similar. Purchase this screen if you want to replace the screen and don't care about the quality of the photo or the color. If you want your photos to look the same as they did before you broke your original, make a hard pass on this replacement. We purchased a used Apple online the night we installed the replacement screen, so I highly recommend looking elsewhere. Just a heads up, the original screen cost over double, so just look at the 888-666-1846 In this world, you get what you pay for. When a product needs a solid review or to help people avoid wasting time and money, I only leave reviews for companies that are heavily image based. This is one of those times.

👤The first screen that I received caused ghost touch issues when I used my phone outside or in the car due to the heat. The seller gave me some steps to take. They sent me a replacement screen when nothing worked. The new screen works as it should. I had to transfer the plastic holder pieces from the speaker to the new screen. Excellent customer service and quick replies are 5 stars. The phone is as good as new. Thank you!

👤If you watch a few videos on the internet, it's easy to replace. I had to check out iFixIt for a screw placement diagram. The internals of various iPhone 7 models have some slight nuances, so pay attention. I had a purple spot on the screen that went away when I heard one last snap as the screen finally settled into place, but I pressed the display rather firmly. Leaving 3 stars for a few reasons. The screen isn't like the original one. The surface is not as smooth as it could be. 2. The color is off. I am not sure if this is the display or the fact that it has not been adjusted like Apple does with screen replacements. 3. The most annoying thing is that 3D Touch doesn't work anymore. I don't recall reading that in the product description, but it seems like a major omission. The screen was cheap compared to a replacement done in store by Apple. You get what you pay for.

6. Replacement CYKJGS Digitizer Protector Proximity

Replacement CYKJGS Digitizer Protector Proximity

It's easy to replace the iPhone 7 Plus screen, it comes with a number of features. The only compatible screen replacement for the iPhone 7 is the 5.5 inch one. It's worth every penny. High definition and high responsive are what you'll get with an upgrade to the LCD screen. It's perfect for replacing cracked, broken, damaged and faulty screen displays. If you don't mind the fact that the home button doesn't come with a fingerprint feature, you can get a new one. Please make sure that the boardgame has no problems, first make sure that the power is disconnected, and then install correctly. All products are double tested before shipment so you can purchase with 100% confidence. Team after-sales service.

Brand: Cykjgs

👤The whole experience was pretty frustrating. The kit was extremely helpful in the install, but it had the screwdrivers' color coding mixed up. The caps were on the wrong ones and it was easy to fix them. I think they should get a 2/6 because I think someone else who can't see the tips of the drivers would get frustrated trying to use them and have it either not work at all or round out the screws. They did not email me an instruction guide as they said they would. I used the iFixIt website and will probably just order from there. The screen was initially great, but soon led to disappointment. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of changing the home button over to the other one, so I chose the screen with a home button. I had to swap over my old home button because the home button didn't work. The phone is useless without it. After opening it up again, I was ready to use the camera and speaker. No issues were reported with the camera. The ear-speaker did not work at all. You can't make a phone except on a speaker phone. I wanted to see if my old speaker was still up to date, so I swapped it for a new one. That didn't fix the issue. The connection to the screen seems to be bad. There is a hidden wire behind a sheet of metal. I didn't feel like doing a deeper dive like this because it seems like this sort of thing should have been tested before I tried to rebuild my phone. I have asked for a replacement hoping that I can just swap the screen and have everything work as it should. At that point, I will update this review.

👤The home button didn't work. The touch screen broke. I didn't have to move the home button because I spent the extra money. It didn't work.

👤This screen assembly is the best phone screen kit I've ever ordered, it's the best screen kit I've ever seen, and it's even better if you're looking for a repair kit for your phone.

👤I was charged extra for the home button, but was not told that it must stay together in order to function properly. The colors on the screen are not what they used to be. Although easy to install, the Home button isn't functioning until I disassemble it and put it in the original phone. I would have saved that 20 bucks.

👤This is not real. The home button does not work. The speaker is not able to hear people. My daughter's phone is a paper weight. The speakers and home buttons don't work when you use this. I would give zero stars.

👤The home button stopped working after 2 days.

7. Replacement Digitizer Assembly Earpiece Protector

Replacement Digitizer Assembly Earpiece Protector

It's easy to install the touch screen with its proximity sensor, earpiece speaker and front camera. You are expected to have your cracked Screen replaced in less than 20 minutes after you watch the video and read the instructions. If you want to purchase a compatible black iPhone 7 plus 5.5” only, please make sure you know your phone's serial number. The screen is high quality. Before shipping and fast FBA delivery, each LCD is double tested to make sure it is in good condition. There is a bonus for you, a repair tools kit and screen protectors. 3 months warranty! If there is a problem with your screen, please contact them immediately. Their best motivation is your 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Keytas

👤Had no idea it was pre assembled. That is a huge plus, no swap of camera or ear piece, just the 2 pentelopes, screen off, and pop the ribbon cables off. 10/10 would recommend that. I have used similar products in the past, but I am glad I paid the extra money for this screen replacement because it is one of the best I have ever seen. The pre-assembly saved me a lot of time.

👤The fact that this comes with the camera and speaker already installed is amazing. The directions are blurry and have a few typos, but you can watch a few videos on the internet. The screen is really good and I can not complain. The kit comes with an awesome addition, a protector. I did a screen for the first time and it took me 30 minutes to finish. I put a new sealant on the old one. This kit did not come with the extra Sealant.

👤I have a new phone. I had no problems with my purchase. I went without the camera and ear phone because it's too complex for me. I got this one. I have to replace the screen because the plastic part has already turned yellow, but it's much easier than my previous experience. The screen is of good quality, works as good as the original, all tools are included, and the instruction manual is very easy to follow and understand. All things work perfectly. It is just like having a brand new phone, it is amazing. The sensor, earpiece, and front camera are all in very good condition, can still use my touch ID, and the glass screen protectors are nice. This screen is perfect for me and I highly recommend it.

👤The kit is perfect. I went above and beyond in making this fix for a heavy handed tow truck operator and even surprised him by doing it. The instructions are dead, but nothing like a good video can fill in the blanks. If you find yourself a channel to promote and you can save yourself a few bucks with paperwork, pictures don't do it justice. Thanks for making this possible. You made me feel like a kid when I was learning how to ride a bike.

👤I have been in the industry for 25 years. I started as an electrician, moved up to a technician, then sales and finally management. The technical career is lost because it is easier to buy a new phone. I like repairing because it is more cost effective. The screen took me about 30 minutes to complete. It works well. This is a great replacement if you have basic technical knowledge. You can do it even if you don't have any technical knowledge. The most important part of this repair is to make sure you are grounded to eliminate static shock from damaging any sensitive components and to be gentle with the ribbon cables. This is an awesome product for me.

👤The kit includes all of the tools you will need. The speaker and camera are included. You don't have to move your old ones to the new screen. The front camera and earpiece speaker are not included in most other screens. My kit didn't come with a screen gasket to keep it safe from accidental water intrusion. I'm not saying that everyone should replace their screen, but for the average tinkerer, this isn't a big project. The hardest part for me was opening the case. It takes a few cover plates and screws to get the old screen off. The home button on your old screen will have to be moved to your new screen. Be very careful. If you damage the home button, you will need to go to the Apple store to get a replacement screen and button. Touch ID will likely be rendered useless if your home button is damaged. Remove your old home button with care. If you can keep track of your screws and cover plates, the job can be done in a few minutes. I replaced the battery I purchased from the same time I didn't have a gasket. I probably spent 1/3rd of the cost to replace the screen and battery.

8. Premium Screen Replacement IPhone Plus

Premium Screen Replacement IPhone Plus

The screen on the iPhone 7 Plus does not work with the other phones. It should not be confused with other versions. 6 months warranty for non-human factors. No questions about the quality problem are asked of the full replacement service. All of their items were tested before shipping out. It is easy to replace your old screen with step by step instructions. The back plate is used for the screen replacement. It will reduce the risk during installation. There is a set of high quality repair tools. The best value is high quality, compatible price, and professional install guide.

Brand: Diyrepair

👤I have replaced hundreds of phones and some screens are not good. This kit is one of the best I have ever seen. It comes with tools and instructions, but the parts and pieces are of the highest quality, and it's easy to install. The product is great and will be buying again soon.

👤Every tool was in the product. I do this regularly so I have my own tools, however for a one off fix this is perfect, the water resistant strip fit perfectly, but the instruction manual did not specify how to put that on, not a huge deal. I can see how someone would want it written clearly. Everything works well.

👤I was skeptical about ordering this. I didn't want to pay someone else to fix my screen since it was cracked, I'm not the most handy person. I ordered the screen after reading the good reviews and the bad reviews. I'm glad I did. I found a video on the internet that I recommend to anyone who is undecided on the weather to buy this. It took me about an hour and a half to get it. The screen is brand new and works perfectly. 10/10 recommend!

👤The best screen I've ever purchased. We're higher quality than most screwdrivers. The cup wouldn't work and it was expected. I'm pretty sure that there's not much you can do about it as all screen suction cups are useless. The product was great in both screen quality and materials provided.

👤I recommend this item to everyone, it is easy to install and it comes all kit.

👤This is the second screen I have bought for my phone, the first was from another seller. The superior product is this kit. The included tools are of the highest caliber. The kit includes a screen protection stick.

👤This was great! The instructions were easy to follow and the tools were needed to change the screen. The small screws are helped by the magnetic tools. The addition of a screen protectors was perfect. The product is a great price. Would buy again if necessary.

👤Put this screen on today! My screen is perfect and a great kit. Expect good instructions if you have everything you need. I ended up on YouTube because it didn't give me clear instructions to assemble the phone after I replace the silver thingy. I would recommend this product to others. I'm going to trade in my phone for the new one, but right now everything is perfect.

👤The package is very good. The tools were very good. The magnets in the screwdrivers helped keep the screws in the screw driver. The quality of the screen was good. It's as close to an apple screen as it gets. The whole package was very good and included some nice extras. If you want touch id to work, you need to detach the battery ribbon and transfer the old home button first. The ribbons are paper thin and can rip easily, so be gentle when removing them.

9. Goldwangwang Digitizer Replacement Compatible Exquisite

Goldwangwang Digitizer Replacement Compatible Exquisite

Only replace the screen of the Plus version of the phone. 100% working perfectly, high quality, fully compatible, tested before shipping. The pack of Touch screen replacement set with high quality repair tools and Tempered glass screen protectors need to be taken from your old screen. Your damaged screen, shattered screen, or touch response issues should be replaced. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them. It should be installed by a professional or by your patience with the instructions inside the package.

Brand: Goldwangwang

👤I paid $130 three weeks ago to get my screen fixed and it broke again, so I thought to make this. I did this all by myself and I think it was not as complicated as I thought it would be. When you put the camera strip back, make sure you put the sensor part in. The first time I tried to use my camera, it wouldn't come on. I had to redo that part. Take your time and be careful with the ribbons. I placed the screws on a sheet of paper so I wouldn't mix them up.

👤It is a patch to use your phone for a while. The installation is difficult. This is not related to the screen at all. You get what you paid for. The image is worse than the original screen, but you are paying a fraction of the original price. The glass is softer and it is easier to scratch. I feel that the accuracy and sensitivity of the touchscreen is lower. It can't be used with any screen protectors as it becomes unresponsive. That shortens the lifespan of the screen and defeats the purpose of the screen protectors. You decide to buy a new phone, and I see it as a cheap parch.

👤The screen had to be removed with the included tools, but it came off in the end. The installation of the new screen was easy. The screen is not as bright as the original, but it is still pretty decent in terms of lighting and colors seem to be the same. The screen has a huge issue with the touch not Registering at all. If I start typing fast, it doesn't register half my presses and sometimes even press other keys from the one I want as if the screen wasn't right. You can forget about fast pace games that require button spamming because half your clicks don't register. Unless you need a cheap temporary fix or you type like a turtle, I don't recommend.

👤I have had my phone for a few years and just cracked it. I had to have a new phone by the time I was going to trade in my old one. I decided to fix the broken screen myself after I saw how much my trade-in value went down. I like to say that I'm a very tech savvy guy, and have always been able to fix any tech issues that have come my way. I bought this screen repair kit because it didn't seem bad of an idea. I began to disassemble my phone after receiving the kit. The tools were cheap, but I wasn't having any big issues. It took me a while to separate the old screen from the phone frame, as the spudger was too wide to fit in easily. After getting inside the phone, I noticed that I was having issues with the small screws on the inside of the phone. The screwdriver I was using seemed to be getting stripped. I should have been aware of this. I was able to remove everything and put the new screen in. I put the wires in place, double checked to make sure they were seated correctly, and then powered up the phone to see if everything was ok. This is where it gets better. I was very happy when I saw the Apple logo on my screen. It sat there for a while, then went away for a while. Then it came back on again. Then it went back on. My phone sat for about five minutes, trying to decide if it wanted to actually boot-up. I forced it to stop and restart. Success! After a few minutes, my phone powered on. Whew! Sike. I was plagued again after using the new screen for about four days. I let my phone battery die last night, which was a huge mistake. The infinite start-up loop was once again greeted by my phone when I plugged it in. I went to bed angry because I left my phone on the charge. I woke up this morning and was greeted by a start-up screen, so I began to test everything again. I took my phone apart and made sure the cables were not bent. I plugged my phone into my computer. I couldn't find my phone. I tried to force-quit like I had before, and I tried everything. I decided to write a review about this product after hours of trouble-shooting, because my phone might decide to turn on or not. If you can get past the fact that the screen quality will fry your phone if it ever gets shut off, it's alright. The colors are not as rich as they used to be, but for $30. I expected that. 3d Touch is a hit or miss, but that could be because of the screen protectors that came with it. The tools are cheap, but they did a good job. Don't buy this screen. I had read the reviews and didn't think this would happen. I am very disappointed with the result of the simple and cheap fix. I hope I can get my money back.

10. SIMDOG Replacement Digitizer Earpiece Components

SIMDOG Replacement Digitizer Earpiece Components

The Incell technology screen has an original size of 1:1. Smooth touch, full perspective, anti-fingerprint. Replacing a faulty touch screen digitizer assembly with a new one will fix many problems, such as the screen doesn't respond properly, display problems, distortion, cracked screens, and old or dead screens. The facial recognition function and 3D touch are similar to the original screen. They provide 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 and manual with tips and tricks for a quick and easy install. They recommend that you watch the video to become familiar with the procedures before attempting the installation. Every order comes with a replacement screen assembly and 8-piece tool set, for a quick and easy install. The components include front camera and earpiece. This replacement screen for the iPhone 7 Plus is easy to install and will fix all screen problems. The repair screen kits can be used to fix faulty screens, display problems, dead pixels, cracked LCD screens and wrong color issues. It's compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus. There is a model number on the back cover. All lcd iPhone 7 Plus screen replacements are double checked and 100% in good condition before shipping and working perfectly. They offer a one year warranty service for non man-made quality issues. If you have a problem with the installation of the screen replacement, please contact them.

Brand: Simdog

👤The most time consuming part of lining up the "water proof" glue layer was tearing your old screen apart. The service was quick. Follow the instructions in the box, not on it. The added full rounded screen protectors is a bonus.

11. Keytas Replacement Digitizer Assembly Protector

Keytas Replacement Digitizer Assembly Protector

If you want to purchase a compatible black iPhone 8 plus 5.5” only, please make sure you know your phone's serial number. The screen is high quality. Before shipping and fast FBA delivery, each LCD is double tested to make sure it is in good condition. Home button, front camera, cables for home button and front camera, earpiece speaker are not included in this part. It's a must to transfer them from the old screen. There is a bonus for you, a repair tools kit and screen protectors. 3 months warranty! If there is a problem with your screen, please contact them immediately. Their best motivation is your 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Keytas

👤The screen is installed correctly. When I turned it on, it seemed to work fine, but when I looked at it more, the screen wouldn't respond in certain places, but there was no issue on my side.

👤The tool set that it comes with is beyond inadequate, the plastics break, and one of the screw drivers did not fit the T or X shaped screws up by the camera, and I almost returned it, but I asked my friends to see who had it. I was able to swap the screen.

👤This is a good replacement screen. Everything works as it should and has the same touch response and resolution as the original. It is difficult to do the swap but follow the instructions and be careful with the ribbon cables. I used a knife to pry the cables. A hair dryer or heat gun can be used to help loosen the original screen. The screen does not come with a glue. I used a tooth pick and clear silicone around the edge to set the new screen in place. I am very satisfied with the product.

👤I was frustrated when I dropped the phone on the concrete and threw it on the rock. I have to buy new insurance for my mobile phone because it is not insured. A friend suggested that I try to change the screen on the phone first, and then find the kit. The old screen and the new screen need to be deleted. I was a bit nervous at first, but was able to follow the instructions. The operation is very easy.

👤I cracked my phine screen and ordered a replacement. I have not noticed a difference between my old screen and this one. It works the same as my original product. I will order from them again if I need another screen.

👤We switched everything over from one phone to another to find out the screen didn't work. The screen wouldn't light up when the wiring was reconnected.

👤It is a lot cheaper than a name brand screen. It seems like quality is very good. Transferring the front facing camera and speaker was a challenge. I broke one of the gizmos off the ribbon cable, but it seems to work. Ifixit has instructions.

👤This is the second time I have bought a replacement screen from this seller. The first screen I received was just as good as the original. I received a screen replacement that is off colored and has a green tint to it. I think I will have to put my old screen back in. I wanted it to be perfect. I would rather deal with a crack that isn't noticeable then deal with this off colored screen.


What is the best product for iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement?

Iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement products from Lansupp. In this article about iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement you can see why people choose the product. Keytas and Hoysg are also good brands to look for when you are finding iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement.

What are the best brands for iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement?

Lansupp, Keytas and Hoysg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for iphone 7 plus repair kit screen replacement. Find the detail in this article. Datton, Fftopu and Cykjgs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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