Best Jacket Patch Repair

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1. Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Camping

Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Camping

Remove the backing and apply the Tenacious Tape gear patches for a jacket repair. It is machine washed and permanently bonds synthetic materials like nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic. This black nylon fabric tape can be used to make repairs to outerwear, backpacks, sleeping bags, and gloves. It can be used to cover up stains or to personalize your gear.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I want to be able to give 5 stars. I do. I love the concept and designs. I got a different pack of these and bought this set for more patches. The material is flexible and easy to apply, so it is not difficult to patch something regardless of where it is on a clothing item. They come off. It's a pity. If I'd reviewed them after the first few wears, I would have given them 5 stars and thought they stayed on well despite the rough wear. Things began to fall apart. The first thing to go was the edge with a point, which would pull off from the garment. The more rounded shapes began to pull off. I changed my rating to 3 stars because I thought it would make a cute patch and stay in place better.

👤These were purchased to repair a jacket. Since then, I have found multiple uses. So far, the results are very satisfactory. The patches are difficult to remove from the backing, which can cause the edge to not adhere as well. Maybe a knife or razor would help. I use the back of a spoon to work the patch on a hard surface, even though they claim finger pressure is adequate. If I ever need to re-do one, I will follow the best results recommendations: wash the item, clean the area, and iron the patch. It may never need a do over after a few washes.

👤After buying my kid a really expensive down coat, I had a heart attack and shredded it with my puppy's nails. There were feathers everywhere. I put tape over the coat until I could figure out what to do. I started looking for patches because my wife was not happy with that look. I was going to throw it away but decided to try these and it worked like a dream. They stuck to the nylon. The father made the coat usable again after exploding it. I use it on my coat. I slept one of the patches that were on it and it worked perfectly after I received a puncture hole on it. It would be a good idea to buy again.

👤My coats become casualties of nails and teeth when I walk shelter dogs. I usually donate my torn coats after a dog sees feathers or stuffing coming out, they think you're an oversized chew toy. These saved a dog. I had to make sure that the large slit in my coat was covered by one of the patches. I didn't want a rectangle that looked unattractive because it wasn't a color match. Getting the bigfoot off the sheet without ruining it was quite an effort. I laid it over and realized I didn't line it up right. I had to pull up, removing some fiber fill in the process, but still able to position it to stick. I let it sit for a while and then took it out to shovel. Everything is in place. I will be happy even if it only lasts a few weeks. There are enough patches to last me a while. The designs are very cute. I feel like I have upgraded my coat.

2. ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Strongest Decorating

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Strongest Decorating

Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron. The package includes 12 iron-on fabric patches. The ideal size will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes. Shades of brown and beige will complement your clothes. The patches are made of cotton and covered with a hot-melt film. High quality materials are used to make the patches. It will take only a few minutes to repair or decorate your outfit, as only an iron is required. Put the patch on the desired spot and iron over it with pressure for 60 seconds. The hot-melt film on each patch is very durable, you don't have to sew it on or use further fabric glue. Do not use hair straighteners or other heating objects to apply patches, only use an iron. You can put patches on the outside of a garment. You can cut the patches with scissors or die-cut machine, the package includes several templates to help you decorate your clothes. You can apply patches from the inside of a garment, this way the shiny rear side of the patch shows through the hole. The glue will look like normal fabric after a couple of washes. Applied patches can be tumble dried on a high temperature setting. If the patch starts to peel off, re- iron it. Even after washing, one patch can be re-ironed at least 3 times. To prevent the felting from curling up, pay special attention to the corners, butt areas and seams when applying the patches. Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron.

Brand: Zefffka

👤I've tried many times to get these to stick to my vest. I washed it and iron it after reading the instructions to the letter. I left it for 24 hours and then handled it. I tried again and the same thing happened. I could have used a $10 bill and tried to iron it on, it would have been the same. It's complete waste of money.

👤I needed to patch up a small hole in our cushion. The original hole was small and half a sheet would be enough. I set the lowest setting to start because some reviews said the iron on the highest setting melted their fabric. I pulled the original fabric away from me after I heard sizzling and smelled burning. I was left with a few holes where the iron touched the cushion after less than a second. I have to use all 3 patches of the same color to cover the holes and then sew them in. I did not have to sew because I bought this iron on patches. I have to do it for 5 times more. The plastic backing of the patches makes it difficult to sew through. I regret buying them. I could have found the exact match of fabric for 10 dollars. Not worth it at all!

👤I got a tear in my sand colored pants after 4 years of hard use. The tear was shaped like an L. I use the pants for backpacking and general yard work since they have knee pads. I can't sew. I can, but it's a waste of time. It would take a week to sew that job. I decided to look for a patch because I knew it would be a waste of time. I just wanted the hole to go away and not bother me. I was surprised how quickly this fix was done. I was surprised that one of the patch colors was the same as my pants. They are a total match. I used an iron on the patch for 60 seconds. I wore them outside to dig holes and plant some trees. The patch held up well for 3 weeks. You are supposed to wait a day or two for it to cure, but I'm impatient and it worked out just fine.

👤I liked the patches so much that I just bought a set of tan shades. They are easy to iron on and adhere well.

👤If you apply pressure and iron at the highest setting, it may burn the article of clothing you are trying to patch. If you have an iron, you could use it to make a patch that is the exact size and shape you are using. My khaki pants were ruined by it. I did follow the instructions. What's more? The patch didn't stick.

👤The iron on patches have a medium heft so they are good for heavier shirts. Good glue. Stays on with medium heat on the iron.

👤I bought these a while back. The instructions were clear. It's easy to apply. Good coverage. I am impressed. I didn't give it a five because I don't know how long the patch will last.

3. Patches Adhesive Different Clothing Outerwear

Patches Adhesive Different Clothing Outerwear

If you don't like the color in the picture or description, you can complain. You can contact them within 24 hours if you have any questions. The package comes with 9 nylon repair patches in 3 different sizes and shapes, there are 3 pieces rectangle styles and 6 sheets geometry combination styles with different sizes, which can satisfy your needs in daily life. The nylon patches are easy to peel and stick, and they are durable for you to use, and not easy to break. Each shape measures approx. The geometry combination shape measures approx. You can cut them into your desired shapes and sizes. You can make your own patch for repairing clothes, mend or reinforce your bag, tents clothes, down jacket and other outwear, and also make your own sewing projects. These clothing repair patches are easy to apply and operate, you only need to peel and stick them to your clothing, you can also share them with your friends or family.

Brand: Syhood

👤These patches are useful. When I got a new down jacket, my kitty tore an opening in the nylon and clawed my coat. These patches stay on after washings. It's great to have tears, holes, and more in nylon jackets. They have a lot of different shapes and sizes. Works great! Even if you don't have a hole or tear, you need this on hand. A sewing kit accessory. No sewing here! It's easy!

👤It works well on jackets. I was trying to fix the tent when it came off the net window. The net should have been stronger.

👤I used this product to fix my speaker. This worked well. It looks like it is supposed to be there and I was lucky that it was the same color I needed. It comes with lots of patches.

👤The product was very bad after I stuck it on my jacket.

👤The patches have different shapes. They're waterproof and reuseable. It's great.

👤It is so easy to use. There were a few small holes in the inner bedroom. These could not have been simpler to use. I don't bother with the holes anymore.

👤My dog ripped a hole in my jacket. These are easy to use and cover the hole. It did the job, but not sure if it will hold up in the wash.

👤My kid broke a down jacket in a month and I wanted to find someone to fix it. It is very expensive. This is a great change.

👤There is a good selection of nylon patches.

4. Azobur Adhesive Waterproof Tenacious Lightweight

Azobur Adhesive Waterproof Tenacious Lightweight

The Extra-large patch is perfect for repairing holes, burns, and tears. The nylon repair patch is very high in viscosity. The price is cheap, the appearance is luxurious and convenient to operate, cut off the suitable size and stick to the broken part, press with heavy weight, it will hold tightly, about 30 minutes, it can work. It is easy to wash and can be used for a down jacket, rain umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag and air mattress. Make your jeans different all the time with sufficient quantity of fabric patch supplies. It's not easy to paste in a stain or break. If you don't like the color in the picture or description, you can complain. You can contact them within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Azobur

👤It was easy. I used to fix a torn spot on my blanket. Peel and stick is easy if you trimmed loose threads, lined up fabric edges and put tape over smoothing out all areas. Couldn't be simpler. This is a great fix and boy, does this stick and stay put. I can't remove this bad boy if I wanted to. This purchase was very happy with. The turnout blanket is new and not noticeable. I bought the CLEAR repair tape.

👤I didn't know there were fabric patches. I need an old bedquilt to last a few more months to clear my christmas debts and I plan to replace it. I was looking for patches to keep him from getting stuffed on stuffing, so I found these that would set in as little as 30 minutes. They are made of nylon, so they are not a good idea. I used a cutting board and a bag of charcoal to make the actual rip, the Amazon ad said to use something heavy to press it, I used a flat piece. The bottom of the sandwich was the mattress. Let it sit for 3-4 hours with the weight on it, hope it lasts and the dog can't tear it. The two roll pack was the cheapest I could find. I thought I had gotten gypped, there was only one roll. I opened the bag and saw 2 strips stacked and rolled into a bigger roll. You know to check and verify before complaining. Even if it worked well, I wouldn't have given it a star. Before leaving that review, double checked. It seems to work so far, hope it lasts long.

👤I used transparent tape to patch the flag. It was easy to work with, and it held its shape without curling on the edges. I wanted it to be thin, but I didn't want the edges to show. There were no directions, but they are not needed. You peel off the backing and apply. I cut some small pieces for the smaller holes, and it still worked. I wouldn't try to apply a strip longer than 4 or 5 inches as it might be more difficult to work with. I can't speak for the flag's resilience if it's exposed to the elements.

👤I have never used this tape before. I have a jacket for work. A tear was just outside of the right pocket. The nylon material was so thin that it would have been difficult to maintain the look of the jacket. The tape worked well for me. I was able to repair the coat, and I think it looks great. I put tape on the left and right side of the jacket to make the patches look intentional. I would buy again.

👤I bought Azobur nylon repair patches to fix a 30 inch tear in my furniture cover. The cover was damaged due to the rain. I tried to fix the furniture cover with the patches, but they were too small. It works well. It was very easy to apply. Apply the tape after cleaning the surface. It doesn't need heat to apply. It is strong enough to hold a few gallons of water weight.

5. HCBLUE Assorted Embroidered Applique Backpacks

HCBLUE Assorted Embroidered Applique Backpacks

No hassle return policy, full refunds without the hassle of mailing back the item for 2 items or less. There are 37 patches in the package. The material is fabric. As the picture show. As the picture show. It's easy to iron on or sew on high quality embroidered with hot melt glue on the back. You can design into different styles with the iron on patch. They can cover the flaw or ugly hole on your clothes and make them look cool. It's widely used to decorate and repair jeans jacket, blouse, shoes, bags, vests, hats, backpack, clothing, curtain, pillow, scarf, and quilt.

Brand: Hcblue

👤The patches in the pack were cute, but they did not adhere to the garments. I tried my heat press and it only stuck halfway on. If this isn't an issue for you then these patches might be good for you. If you want to do a quick fix or enhance a piece quickly, I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I sewed onto my daughter's backpack. The mesh water bottle holders were beginning to rip. They were easy to sew with. My daughter was allowed to personalize her backpack. It was a good purchase. There are more quick fixes or personalization that I have.

👤I only received 27 patches. There were 10 missing.

👤My daughter loved them but they were hard for her to put in the crocodiles and broke easily. She had so many that she wasn't concerned.

👤I always sew my patches on. They have glue. I iron after sewing.

👤These patches are pretty and well made.

👤4 out of the whole pack stuck to the shirt, but the others didn't even try and stick after ironing.

👤They are okay, but they do peel a little.

6. ACKLLR Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Polyester

ACKLLR Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Polyester

This nylon patch can be used to decorate and repair clothes, you can apply it to repair or reinforce clothes, it can also be used to repair down jacket, umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag, coat, backpack, etc. The patches are made of durable material, which can last a long time, and are hard to be worn out. These patches with self-adhesive design are very convenient and easy to use, they provide fast, instant repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing, without sewing skills or ironing required. It is suitable for fabrics and leathers with smooth surfaces, such as down jackets, jackets, raincoats, leather bags, mountaineering bags, tents, sleeping bags, leather sofas. They could decorate and repair your clothes effectively, suitable to be applied to mend or reinforce your clothes, bag or other needs, these patches can be shaped to different design again, nice for craft works as well. There is a packing list with 8 repair patches and a modeling guide sticker. The size is 7.87x3.93inch and 20 x 10 cm. You could easily cut the patches into different shapes to fit your needs.

Brand: Ackllr

👤I confess I didn't pay much attention to what I was getting. I probably have had a pea coat for a decade. I can't seem to part with the wear in the breast pockets. Two holes opened. I used the dark gray or black piece in this set to patch the holes in my coat. Since it is a pocket that no one else sees, you could always use any of the colors. I thought it was funny. Is there a sheet or two of shapes pre-cut for you? I guess the idea is that you could use the clothing items as decorative touches. The red Batman logo will probably be on my laptop. I don't think I'd be able to put them on clothing since the description said they might not hold up in the wash. These will work for a coat that is usually dry clean or minimally clean. These are not the kind of things that you blow dry. They are made of a material called polyester and have held up well in the winter.

👤There is a small hole on the edge of the seat. The hole was put together with product top and bottom. It lasted about two days. My body was not impacting the patch. Disappointed didn't work out. There are sheets of different colors. I don't know if I will use them.

👤Not as expected. There are no instructions of any kind. The colors are off. Would not buy again.

👤I have used this to repair a strap on a 9 foot screen canopy and a tear in a dog bed, it is easy to use and super strong.

👤The tears in my comforter are sealed by these. I bought some wild colors, glad I did.

👤I purchased this to patch a small hole in a pair of nylon pants, hoping the patch would survive a washing, as the listing states that it is waterproof. I put it underluke water after applying it. Not! The corners of the patch started to move. It is not worth it unless you plan to wash your item, and I am not sure how long it will last.

👤The color didn't match.

👤I put a patch on my coat with a warm iron. It seems to be holding up well after a couple weeks. There was a small amount of fraying along the edges.

7. Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

You will get 8 sheets of self-adhesive repair patches, each sheet contains many repairing patches in different sizes and shapes, you can easily choose the one you need, enough quantity can meet your different repairing use 15 pieces of nylon repair patches, sufficient quantities to meet your sew needs, help fix many kinds of fabric very effectively is what you get. nylon is a quality and durable material. They are durable, hard to be worn out and safe to use, and can last a long time. These patches are easy to use and provide fast, instant repairs to holes in clothing, without sewing skills or ironing required. Each patch measures approx. You can cut the repair patches into different sizes and shapes to meet your needs. You can use them to decorate and repair your clothes effectively, suitable to be applied to mend or reinforce your clothes, bag or other needs, these patches can be shaped to different design again, nice for craft works as well.

Brand: Willbond

👤These were purchased to fix the knees. You can cut the patches in the pack to the size you need. I followed the directions and applied the iron directly to the patch. It has been a few weeks and so far it has been good.

👤When the wind is blowing and trying to wear holes in my easy up, I cut strips and applied them to all of the vulnerable areas.

👤No instructions came with these. If you do it wrong, both sides will look the same and ruin your iron.

👤I used this to cover a hole in my coat pocket, but it started shredding after a couple of wears. It is easy to iron on and look professional, but there is no long-termDurability.

👤These were better than anticipated. It is quicker to sew than it is to sew for delicate fabrics.

👤We tried these for my husband's uniform snowpants because he doesn't get enough uniform allowance. I had high hopes that the patch would last for him. The color was perfect. It was easy to apply. It didn't hold up to mailman life in Wisconsin.

👤They arrive right away. I would love to get the iron ones.

👤The material is cheap. Doesn't stick to backpack.

👤It would be a better fix for a tent than a jacket because it is too thick to repair a jacket and not very sticky. Blue did not match.

👤It was great to be delivered early.

👤Im Parka eingerissen hat meine Frau aus dem Lsung um den Riss aus verschlieen. Die blichen Sticker ist lange gehalten. Da was meine Frau, die beispielsweise beispiel Ich ist bestellt und ist uns. The gut is so gut, wie so gut. Ihren Geld wert, wenn das so bleibt.

👤Consegna puntuale. Attaccano bene sul piumino. A piacere is a possono ritagliare. Non consigliate... Notano tanto.

👤Die matschhose von Sohn war eingerissen. The Belastungen und Waschungen trotz in der Aufkleber. I am immer gut. Is wasserdicht. Ichtig die Ecken rund!

8. Sheets Patches Self Adhesive Clothes Clothing

Sheets Patches Self Adhesive Clothes Clothing

The package includes patches and template paper. There are 10 sheets of self-adhesive repair patches in this package, which can be used in a variety of projects. There are different patterns in the down jacket patches, such as tent, bear, squirrel, rabbit, hat, tree, mushroom, moon, and different geometric shapes. The patch is made of nylon fabric and denim fabric, which is soft and easy to wash, and can offer a strong, soft and subtle repair. You can use iron to press the patch or sew it on the clothes to make it more stable, it is self-adhesive design, just choose the pattern you like and directly paste the patch on damaged or stained places. Mixed style fabric repair patches can be applied to repair or decorate different items, such as down jackets, jeans, knee patches, tents, sleeping bags, gloves, and more, both decorative and practical.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I needed to patch my favorite jacket. I have had this jacket for over 3 years and I love it. It's warm but not heavy. I bought these because the feathers were coming out of a hole. They have survived 3-4 washes so far. They're where I put them. Great product.

👤I was surprised that there was no patch for my new job. A puppy is playing with a hole. I found these and they work. I now have a lifetime supply of patches. They stick well.

👤It was pretty good. They are thin and cannot be used in areas where there is movement.

👤I used the patches to patch up my jacket. I was expecting it to start peeling after the first wash, but it is still there. No peeling. Great value too.

👤Excellent and with a good price. Thank you!

👤It was easy to use. I can wear my parka again. There is a It should come with more and better pattern.

👤There were a few items that were saved from total ruin and temporary tape. Have not washed yet.

👤Well constructed would buy again and again.

👤Ich ist das Patch-Set, um das Riss in meiner Daunenjacke. Ich beispielsweise die Stelle gereinigt, bevor die schadhafte Stelle geklebt. Die Wsche war voll von den ausgetretenen Federn, die natrlich in der Jacke fehlen. Fehlkauf was absoluter.

👤Li sto utilizzando. Sono aderenti anche se su uno strappo un pochino pi.

👤Also, es gut. Ihren kleben ist das, das ist das, das ist das, das ist das, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist

👤No se mueve, Genial para los Sietes.

👤Gut and super schnell are the same thing.

9. Pieces Patches Repair Clothes Jackets

Pieces Patches Repair Clothes Jackets

If you can't determine the color of the product you're ordering, please let them know. As soon as possible, they will assist you. The jean patches are made of denim cloth and are hard to be worn out and safe to use. You will get 30 pieces of iron on denim patches in dark blue, royal blue, sky blue and light blue, sufficient quantities to meet your sew needs, making your jeans different all the time. The iron on denim patches are easy to use, just cut them into the right shape and heat them with iron on the clothes, they are well made with hot melt glue on the back, which has stickiness after being heated. It only takes a few minutes to repair or decorate your clothes if you use iron on denim patches. The denim patches are not recommended for use on nylon or rayon fabric.

Brand: Boao

👤I was skeptical at first, but these are a money saver. My husband is a mechanic. I bought these to save the jeans he has and they work better than I expected. I doubled the hole on the front and back. They are still holding up after a few washes. I don't have an iorn. After pressing and holding for about a minute, they stuck on and have lasted. To get a good hold, pay special attention to the edges and let it cool before handling. I was able to get close to some spots that I can't even see unless I'm looking for it. Great value and savings!

👤The amount of patches you get is good, but the patches themselves are garbage. They have no instructions. I looked at other reviews to figure it out. I applied them according to their direction and how I thought they should go. All failed. After 30 minutes of him wearing them, some came off, others after I washed them, and one popped off. I tried sewing them on, but it was a mess. If I had to do it again, I would throw the jeans away and use the patches.

👤These did not last one wash. I was disappointed. After the first wash, the jean material and glue material separated, leaving me with a glue patch instead of jean. They were cheap. I wouldn't use them on everyday clothes.

👤The patch fell off after I washed the jeans. Worthless. I bought leather glue to glue the patch on.

👤Within a few hours of use, the patches began to peel off the pants. If the patches were in an area that doesn't get a lot of walking trouble then they might be okay. They aren't worth the money spent on them.

👤I redid each pair of jeans six times after just one wash because they do not last. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I bought iron on patches to attach to the inside of the pant leg of a pair of jeans that came with a slight flaw. I cut a piece with rounded corners and used an intermediate cloth rather than ironing on the patch to follow the instructions. The patch appeared to be secure even when tested by lightly pulling up at an edge. I wore the jeans a few times and then washed them in the washer. When they came out of the dryer, 1/3 of the patch was detached. I have used other iron on patches over the years and have never had to redo a patch after a single wearing and washing. I don't recommend this product.

👤After reading the reviews, I purchased. It was easy to iron the patches on. I immediately sewed a patch on. I wore jeans for 3 or 4 days. I made a funny noise when I walked. The unseen side came up on one corner after I washed it in warm water. I sewed the other side, and everything is good. The glue won't stay on if you wash them. The purpose of glue on was defeated.

10. Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

The leather repair tape has a width ofX15 (ft). Sticks well to a variety of surfaces and leaves no mess. The price is cheap and it is hard to find paste in the break or stain. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. 100% environmental health. Their repair tape is on leather and vinyl couches, chairs, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture.

Brand: Azobur

👤The product works as expected. We plan on replacing furniture in the next couple years so I wouldn't call this a permanent solution but it seems very sticky and covers a hole in the couch. I just put it on so I can't speak to the longevity, but they send you a good sized roll so if it comes off, I can re-tape it. I would recommend it.

👤The product is not mentioned. I need to fix a patch on my couch. The tape is67531 due to lack of glue. It is useless and a waste of money. The vendor should make sure that the tape has the right amount of glue on it. I will not recommend this product.

👤This stuff is great. We moved into a rental that has a bar with vinyl on it. I would tear it out if I had the choice. My husband's job here only lasts for a year, so it's a corporate lease. I'm not putting a lot of effort into this shack. Someone repaired the bar with duct tape after it was torn. It had to have happened a long time ago because the duct tape was bad. I am not trying to live like that. I went to Amazon. I was going to buy vinyl graffer tape in a similar color but I found this. It worked well. It looks like a new ugly vinyl strip. I have never done anything like this before, so you can imagine there were a lot of mistakes. I had to make about 100 cuts. The stuff is very easy to understand for things like that because you can't tell if it's one solid piece or not. I was going to patch the part that had tape on it, but I ordered the wrong color. I went ahead and did the whole thing again. I had to pull it back up when I had bubbles or creases. The tape was the same as it was the first time. I have one piece of ugly brown vinyl that goes down the side of the bar. I am going to order another roll and do the last piece today. If you're still with me in my novel-of-a-review, I wish you luck in your repair and recommend this product to everyone.

👤There is nothing surprising here. The job was done. My favorite chair was saved.

👤Don't buy this product. Does not stick. Glue and looking very cheap. Don't buy. It was easy to return.

👤It works well. I melted scented hot wax on my chair and left nasty looking streaks. The tape was very thin and strong. The tape should be a shade darker. I hope it has a bigger selection of brown. Unless you focus, it's not really noticable.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. I have had to replace it on my couch 3 times. I am leaving the hole on my couch.

👤I think this works well for a first try. If you need a quick fix at home on a piece of furniture, I would recommend it. I use this on my leather desk chair that is about 8 years old. It was in excellent shape before the current work-at- home situation. After sitting for nine hours a day for the past few months it has obvious wear in the lower leg area. I thought this would be worth a try because I noticed pieces of the leather cracking and breaking off on my floor. I have a dark brown leather chair, and if there's no light on it, it might look black. I chose the dark brown. It is a great match. It has some variations, but I think it would match most people's dark leather. It was sticky on the first peel. I thought the stuff was going to be like duct tape, but much more sticky. The outer area is not like duct tape. It's almost like a plastic shower curtain if that makes sense. If the furniture you're applying this to has a lot of crinkles and non smooth areas then you might want to look for something else. You will be able to tell. For my purpose in a chair that no one will care about, it works just fine. The pictures I took before and after are helpful. If I can remember in the next few weeks, I will take a follow-up review. I don't think it would hold up very well on a couch with animals. You're taking your chances if you put it in a place that's not heavily hidden. If you're looking for A-1 quality to make expensive furniture look good, this won't do it. It's just a quick fix, but it's worth it for me.

11. Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

A peel-and-stick repair that requires no sewing or ironing can be used to patch a hole or fix tears quickly. 2 black nylon and 2 clear patches per pack are included in the pre-cut 3” round patches for a barely noticeable repairs that stays on even after a wash. This patch is also available in 2, 3 and 4 packs and can be used to repair camping gear. Don't use cotton, denim or natural fabrics on almost any surface, including nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric, vinyl, and rubber.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I had a trail scout mattress that had holes in it from a cat. I used the clear patches only, and they completely sealed the holes to the point that I could sleep on the mattress. I think they would work well on a worn pair of frogg toggs, even though they don't work as well on nylon or sil fabrics. If you want to patch fabric, use alcohol to clean the dwr off of it. The black ones worked well on my parka. I have washed it many times and they haven't budged. I could have thrown it out. I keep the black and clear in my pack repair kit when I purchase them again. Highly recommend using over duct tape.

👤I ripped a hole in my jacket when I fell. The black patches were used to mend a hole in the arm. Looks great! I was able to cut another patch to cover the whole thing because my hole was bigger than just one patch. Can't tell, looks great. I wish I'd gotten all the back patches and not tried the clear patches, but overall it works great. The paper backing was hard to remove in one piece. I was trying to get a nice even flat patch job.

👤I tore the sleeve of a new, lightweight nylon running jacket when I fell while running. I figured I could patch it. The Tenacious Tape has worked well so far, holding up to one wash of the jacket. I was worried that the patch on the inside of the sleeve wouldn't catch on my watch, because it's thin enough that it doesn't. It's perfect for what I needed.

👤Don't buy this for shoes because it's not intended to be used on shoes. It's not strong enough to run in.

👤This product deserves some serious credit. I ripped a hole in the pop up tent last winter. The walls are made of insulation fabric and not a simple sew or patch job. I used a different patch kit than the one I found at the camping store and it lasted for a couple outings. I found these online and I am very happy about it. It has been crumpled multiple times when the tent is folded back up. It looks like we just put it on. It's one thing if a patch works in normal temperatures, but not when it's -10F. It doesn't show any signs of wear, that's impressive.

👤I needed a solution for a tear in my suitcase. I mention the name because they are very tough and wear like iron until the baggage handler gets their hands on them. I searched for an alternative because Tumi had no suggestions. These fit the bill. It isn't a perfect repair. I don't care about that. Even after additional travel, the patch stayed on. I put black on the outside and a patch on the inside. It is very durable. A bargain repair.

👤I love it! Someone recommended this. My son poked a hole in his jacket with a stick and feathers started to poke out. He would remove the feathers. He would create a bigger hole by sticking his fingers in. The rep suggested this tape and it works great, we were half a month out of a guarantee to fix it. I haven't tried to wash it yet, but it looks like it will hold up. He will grow out of it next year, so he will need to make it through this winter.


What is the best product for jacket patch repair?

Jacket patch repair products from Gear Aid. In this article about jacket patch repair you can see why people choose the product. Zefffka and Syhood are also good brands to look for when you are finding jacket patch repair.

What are the best brands for jacket patch repair?

Gear Aid, Zefffka and Syhood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for jacket patch repair. Find the detail in this article. Azobur, Hcblue and Ackllr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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