Best Jean Crotch Repair Patch Kit

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1. Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

A large leather patch. Do not drop, paste on a few seconds with advanced technology. The price is cheap, the appearance is luxurious, and paste in the break or stain is hard to find. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. 100% environmental health. Their kit works on leather and vinyl couches, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture.

Brand: Azobur

👤The product works as expected. We plan on replacing furniture in the next couple years so I wouldn't call this a permanent solution but it seems very sticky and covers a hole in the couch. I just put it on so I can't speak to the longevity, but they send you a good sized roll so if it comes off, I can re-tape it. I would recommend it.

👤The product is not mentioned. I need to fix a patch on my couch. The tape is67531 due to lack of glue. It is useless and a waste of money. The vendor should make sure that the tape has the right amount of glue on it. I will not recommend this product.

👤This stuff is great. We moved into a rental that has a bar with vinyl on it. I would tear it out if I had the choice. My husband's job here only lasts for a year, so it's a corporate lease. I'm not putting a lot of effort into this shack. Someone repaired the bar with duct tape after it was torn. It had to have happened a long time ago because the duct tape was bad. I am not trying to live like that. I went to Amazon. I was going to buy vinyl graffer tape in a similar color but I found this. It worked well. It looks like a new ugly vinyl strip. I have never done anything like this before, so you can imagine there were a lot of mistakes. I had to make about 100 cuts. The stuff is very easy to understand for things like that because you can't tell if it's one solid piece or not. I was going to patch the part that had tape on it, but I ordered the wrong color. I went ahead and did the whole thing again. I had to pull it back up when I had bubbles or creases. The tape was the same as it was the first time. I have one piece of ugly brown vinyl that goes down the side of the bar. I am going to order another roll and do the last piece today. If you're still with me in my novel-of-a-review, I wish you luck in your repair and recommend this product to everyone.

👤There is nothing surprising here. The job was done. My favorite chair was saved.

👤Don't buy this product. Does not stick. Glue and looking very cheap. Don't buy. It was easy to return.

👤It works well. I melted scented hot wax on my chair and left nasty looking streaks. The tape was very thin and strong. The tape should be a shade darker. I hope it has a bigger selection of brown. Unless you focus, it's not really noticable.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. I have had to replace it on my couch 3 times. I am leaving the hole on my couch.

👤I think this works well for a first try. If you need a quick fix at home on a piece of furniture, I would recommend it. I use this on my leather desk chair that is about 8 years old. It was in excellent shape before the current work-at- home situation. After sitting for nine hours a day for the past few months it has obvious wear in the lower leg area. I thought this would be worth a try because I noticed pieces of the leather cracking and breaking off on my floor. I have a dark brown leather chair, and if there's no light on it, it might look black. I chose the dark brown. It is a great match. It has some variations, but I think it would match most people's dark leather. It was sticky on the first peel. I thought the stuff was going to be like duct tape, but much more sticky. The outer area is not like duct tape. It's almost like a plastic shower curtain if that makes sense. If the furniture you're applying this to has a lot of crinkles and non smooth areas then you might want to look for something else. You will be able to tell. For my purpose in a chair that no one will care about, it works just fine. The pictures I took before and after are helpful. If I can remember in the next few weeks, I will take a follow-up review. I don't think it would hold up very well on a couch with animals. You're taking your chances if you put it in a place that's not heavily hidden. If you're looking for A-1 quality to make expensive furniture look good, this won't do it. It's just a quick fix, but it's worth it for me.

2. HTVRONT Patches Clothing Repair Shades

HTVRONT Patches Clothing Repair Shades

Save your favorite jeans that have holes or are worn out on the inner thighs with patches for jeans. Would you like to change the look of an old pair of pants? The patches have iron on them. Say goodbye to peeling off after wash. Their jean patches have more glue than others, which makes them last through multiple washes and dry cycles. They provide free sewing needles and threads. It is easy to apply iron on patches for clothing repair, only a few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes. For 50 seconds, iron or 330f on "Cotton". The clothing patches are made from high quality cotton. It can be applied to most fabrics. The size of denim patches will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes and will allow you to create your own design. You could barely tell the difference between the different colors of jean patches.

Brand: Htvront

👤I have never used an iron patch. It was used to fix the inner thigh of my jeans. It was easy to put on, and held up nicely. I was happy with the patches. My son was impressed with the repaired pair of shoes. Use iron to warm the area, then iron it, then let it cool completely before wearing.

👤I don't use iron-on patches a lot. I needed some to keep the hems of my jeans from curling up. Follow the directions and take your time. These went on great. I will have to see how many washes they last through. This was a good buy for the price and variety of colors. A bit of thread, a pin, and a needle was included. The dark-faded-blue jeans that I wore were a common color and neither of the blue shades were right for them. If you are going to apply these to the outside of denim, make sure you check the colors. Follow the directions. You have to use high heat in order for these to adhere. The most important thing is to keep a piece of paper between the iron and patch. I had to throw out the paper backing because I forgot to remove it. These are doing the work for me. Follow the directions to avoid ironing parts of your clothes together. If you are going to apply these to the outside of denim, make sure you check the colors.

👤I've never used a patch before, but it was easy to use and I was a beginner. It was fun putting it on. I might make shapes and patch my kids pants just to torment them because they were so affordable.

👤The glue is the best. I washed them four times and they were still stuck, I used them on a pair of jeans that were worn out in the seat. After the first wash, others would start peeling off. I'm happy with the patches.

👤Not impressed. Bluejeans were chewed up by my washer. If they don't adhere then it's wasted money. It's easy to iron on. I have used iron-on patches before. There are a number of denim colors. I put ironing board on the inside of the jeans. They wouldn't be full of patches. They seemed to adhere well, but first they had to wash. They are peeling off. They didn't get rubbed during the washing process because they are on the inside of the garment. There were patches on one pair of jeans. Only one was attached. The others are curling around the edges. I took pictures of 3 different patches on a pair of jeans. I made sure I applied enough heat and pressure to make them stick. I haven't looked at the other jeans I patched. Several places and holes were repaired due to my faulty washer. Don't buy a front load from the company.

👤I wear a pair of insulated overalls for hunting and working outside. A couple of weeks ago, I must have gotten them caught on something, because a small hold started to form and after washing got bigger. I have found that cotton garments with holes that get bigger over time are not being made anymore. I'm okay with a needle and thread, but I didn't want to go to a tailor shop for the sewing job because the hole was above the knee. I decided to try an iron on patch. The patches seem to stick perfectly after following the directions. The black patch was a bit lighter than the black overalls, which looked a bit hokey, so I got out my Sharpie permanent marker and just colored it black, and it's now nearly invisible. We will see how long it lasts. I hang dry these overalls rather than putting them in the tumble dryer.

3. Johnson Smith Iron Patches Rectangle

Johnson Smith Iron Patches Rectangle

You can design your own patterns, cut jean patches into shapes, or decorate your clothes. It will take a few minutes to repair or decorate your clothes. You can now mend tears in your clothes quickly and easily with their simple, step-by-step instructions. You can melt the iron patch with an iron. They offer a great set of jean jacket patches or shirt patches that include 10 iron on patches and 10 iron on patches for elbow or knee reinforcement. These black patches for clothes are easy to apply and will save you the hassle of sewing patches. They make the perfect bag patches, backpack patches, pants patches, or denim patches. Their fabric patch set is extra-durable, non-fray, and has an ultra-adhesive backing that ensures a secure hold on clothing. A clothing repair patch set is a good investment. This clothing hole repair set is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you are not happy with your iron on patches, they will send you a replacement or a refund on the spot.

Brand: Johnson & Smith

👤These are very small. Terrible to use. It is hard to adhere to the item. Don't waste your money!

👤Good options and have stayed put.

👤There is a good range of colors to match my jeans. It is easy to patch areas with high wear and tear. Would recommend.

👤My child is going through pant knees. I sealed the patches up really well by ironing them on the inside of the pants. I put something under the ironing board to prevent it from getting on it. I am keeping an eye to see if washing will peel them off, but so far it has been over a month and they are still strong.

👤There is a great selection of colors. The instructions were easy to follow and the patches were great to cover ripped areas. I liked that they are not very thick. The patched area doesn't stick out. The patch stuck on really well after the instructions were followed. Would recommend. It would be great if there was a similar item in other colors so I could save other clothing items.

4. Patch,Self Adhesive Flannel Patch,Multicolor Available Scratch

Patch%EF%BC%8CSelf Adhesive Flannel Patch%EF%BC%8CMulticolor Available Scratch

Velvet patch size 8. Cut as you please to meet your needs. The leather patch is more durable and non-residual than the traditional leather patch, and velvet is the surface material, which is more silky and soft. The material is 100% eco-friendly. It is not easy to find the price that is cheap. You can trust that this velvet patch will bring your furniture and clothes back to life. The repair patch firstaid works on many upholstery fabrics, such as car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases and leather jackets. Each product sold by the company has a lifetime warranty. If you don't like your leather patch, you can contact them and they will replace it or send you a full money back refund.

Brand: Azobur

👤We used this patch to cover up some horrible cat scratches on the side of a double recliner. Everyone walks past and sees it on the side. The video is not the fault of the patch, it is the damage from our stupid cats. The patch was a great alternative to replace heavy furniture and difficult to move furniture. The cats haven't scratched it since we put the patch on. It was a great value and even if it wasn't a perfect match it was still worth it.

👤I didn't notice the chair had a tear when I bought it from the thrift shop. I wanted it to be very easy to cut and stick on the fabric. The chair doesn't have to look perfect because it's being used in a very casual way. It will be rare that anyone will see it. The patch performed just as I hoped it would, just peel and stick, thanks to the color of the patch. Very easy. I have no skills for mending. I still have the rest of the patch on hand, so I didn't notice the new tear that I hadn't noticed before. There is no iron required. A quick and simple fix is what I wanted.

👤Before I dive in, let me level up. I am middle aged. In 7th grade, I sewed a football pillow in Home Economics class. I loved that thing. Since 7th grade, I have not seen a needle, thread, or sowing machine. Ok. I might or might not be exaggerating when I say that this could be one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. Is it possible to use a pair of scissors? Is it possible to peel a piece of plastic backing? Do you like the feeling of velvet? If you answered yes to more than one of the questions, this patch is for you. Well done Velvet Repair Patch company. Well done.

👤I bought a few grey patches to make sure I got the right one. The second grey matches perfectly in the picture. My baby made a small tear. The patch can be saved and used later. It is cheaper to have someone patch it than it is to pay someone to do it.

👤I ordered a new couch and waited for it to be delivered, but it was delivered twice. Due to waiting times for a new product and the possibility that the delivery company may still have injured the product, returning wasn't an option during one of the deliveries. I ordered this as a close color and material match, and it was a win. I don't feel bad about having a new couch with a puncture wound because it fixed it exactly as I had hoped.

👤I used this patch for my sofa cushion because it was beginning to wear out. I applied the patch to the side. I cut the patch size I needed for several different places after I opened the sofa cushion cover. It worked well. I applied the patch to the underneath side of my sofa because the description of the product said it was used on the outside of the repair. When I saw how well it worked, I ordered 2 more and applied them the same way I would have applied the fabric on my sofa. The patch is sturdy and durable.

5. Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

A peel-and-stick repair that requires no sewing or ironing can be used to patch a hole or fix tears quickly. 2 black nylon and 2 clear patches per pack are included in the pre-cut 3” round patches for a barely noticeable repairs that stays on even after a wash. This patch is also available in 2, 3 and 4 packs and can be used to repair camping gear. Don't use cotton, denim or natural fabrics on almost any surface, including nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric, vinyl, and rubber.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I had a trail scout mattress that had holes in it from a cat. I used the clear patches only, and they completely sealed the holes to the point that I could sleep on the mattress. I think they would work well on a worn pair of frogg toggs, even though they don't work as well on nylon or sil fabrics. If you want to patch fabric, use alcohol to clean the dwr off of it. The black ones worked well on my parka. I have washed it many times and they haven't budged. I could have thrown it out. I keep the black and clear in my pack repair kit when I purchase them again. Highly recommend using over duct tape.

👤I ripped a hole in my jacket when I fell. The black patches were used to mend a hole in the arm. Looks great! I was able to cut another patch to cover the whole thing because my hole was bigger than just one patch. Can't tell, looks great. I wish I'd gotten all the back patches and not tried the clear patches, but overall it works great. The paper backing was hard to remove in one piece. I was trying to get a nice even flat patch job.

👤I tore the sleeve of a new, lightweight nylon running jacket when I fell while running. I figured I could patch it. The Tenacious Tape has worked well so far, holding up to one wash of the jacket. I was worried that the patch on the inside of the sleeve wouldn't catch on my watch, because it's thin enough that it doesn't. It's perfect for what I needed.

👤Don't buy this for shoes because it's not intended to be used on shoes. It's not strong enough to run in.

👤This product deserves some serious credit. I ripped a hole in the pop up tent last winter. The walls are made of insulation fabric and not a simple sew or patch job. I used a different patch kit than the one I found at the camping store and it lasted for a couple outings. I found these online and I am very happy about it. It has been crumpled multiple times when the tent is folded back up. It looks like we just put it on. It's one thing if a patch works in normal temperatures, but not when it's -10F. It doesn't show any signs of wear, that's impressive.

👤I needed a solution for a tear in my suitcase. I mention the name because they are very tough and wear like iron until the baggage handler gets their hands on them. I searched for an alternative because Tumi had no suggestions. These fit the bill. It isn't a perfect repair. I don't care about that. Even after additional travel, the patch stayed on. I put black on the outside and a patch on the inside. It is very durable. A bargain repair.

👤I love it! Someone recommended this. My son poked a hole in his jacket with a stick and feathers started to poke out. He would remove the feathers. He would create a bigger hole by sticking his fingers in. The rep suggested this tape and it works great, we were half a month out of a guarantee to fix it. I haven't tried to wash it yet, but it looks like it will hold up. He will grow out of it next year, so he will need to make it through this winter.

6. Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Clothes

Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Clothes

You can make your own nylon patches, which are cute and appealing, and stick them to the broken part of your clothes, not only practical, but also beautiful and appealing. These patches are made of nylon, they are hard to be worn out and safe to use, so they can last a long time. These patches are self-adhesive, you peel it and stick it to specific areas, no sewing or ironing is required, they are easy to operate, and provide fast and lasting repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing. Each patch is suitable size. You can cut the repair patches into various sizes and shapes to meet your needs. You can use them to decorate and repair your clothes, and also apply them to mend or reinforce your clothes, and fit for down jacket, rain umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag, outerwear, backpacks and gloves.

Brand: Willbond

👤The patch is easy to work with, but it curled up on the ends after a few minutes of setting it where I wanted. I wouldn't recommend this patch to anyone. I used it to patch a fabric cover and apply it to a dry flat surface. No good!

👤I got this to open the pocket of my jacket. The hole was close to the edge of the pocket, but the part of the patch that came away quickly. One will want to know the location of the hole or tear when purchasing this product. The color didn't match as well as I would have liked, but luckily the patch is on the inside of the jacket, so no one will notice.

👤Great patches for money. It's really easy to patch small holes in clothing. The patch is hard to notice as it begins to blend. If someone points out the patch and knows what to look for, it is possible to see it.

👤I was hesitant to buy them after reading other reviews. I used this to patch a hole in my daughter's pants. It has been on for at least 2 weeks. She wears her snow pants 3-4 times a week. The patch is still in place despite being soaked and washed more than once.

👤It's easy to apply, but won't stay on for long. The corners started folding up after about 10 minutes and it was curled up in half within 20 minutes. I wish I could have used it.

👤I bought a used jacket that had a small tear and these were perfect to patch it. Can't tell unless they look for it. I have plenty of spare time to patch any new holes that may arise. I was able to save money from having to buy a new item.

👤The first time I wore my new jacket, it was torn by a thorn. It was like new when I used one repair patch. It doesn't match. The patch will never be noticed. I think easy repair will last a long time. I will add another patch if it doesn't.

👤The patches are perfect for jeans, carhart jackets, and other things. I used to repair a tonneau cover. Thank you!

👤If you are a horse person, you would know that rugs are a constant battle of the mud. My horse ripped a rug. I thought I would try these because I needed to fix it quickly. Even though the rug was dry, it was still dirty and the sticky patch didn't stick very well onto the rug. I decided to glue the perimeter of the patch and allow it to dry overnight because I had some rug repair glue. It has stayed waterproof and looks neat, and seems to have worked well now. If you are going to do a horse rug repair, you need to keep in mind that your rug needs to be clean and waterproof.

👤They were used to repair a marquee cover. When rubbed down, the patches seemed very tough. It is easy to cut. Returned to the marquee frame after 24 hours. The patches held, but where there was some tension, the first breeze gave it away. It would be fine for less stressed repairs such as a tent.

7. Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

You will get 8 sheets of self-adhesive repair patches, each sheet contains many repairing patches in different sizes and shapes, you can easily choose the one you need, enough quantity can meet your different repairing use nylon is a durable material and can last a long time. You can cut the repair patches into different sizes and shapes according to your needs. The patches are self-adhesive, you just peel it and stick to the areas you want, no sewing or ironing is required, and they provide fast and lasting repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing. Their patches can be used to mend or reinforce your clothes, as well as being used for down jacket, rain umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag, outerwear, backpacks and gloves. You can cut nylon patches into different patterns with your hobby. It's practical to cover the holes in your clothes, but also beautiful and appealing, if you stick it to the broken part.

Brand: Pimoys

👤Some dog beds were chewed on and the patches worked well to fix them. They stopped the flow of stuffing that the dogs pull out and scatter around the house when they chew an opening in a pillow. A small piece was used to patch a well-loved item. There have been no issues with patches sticking to fabrics. There is no black or brown patch.

👤I bought these because the material I was patching wouldn't tolerate the heat needed for iron on patches and came off the first time the material was washed.

👤The purpose of these was to repair a small hole on the leg of my son's black snowsuit. I wish they were a bit thicker, but I am very satisfied with what they have. Would recommend.

👤These were not as thick as the patches my Mom used to put on the knees of my jeans, but they worked for me.

👤I used it on a pocket in a nylon jacket and it worked well.

👤These aren't "water proof" in the least. Came off when it was wet.

👤The knees of my 5 year old snow pants were patched with these.

👤It was used to fix a hole. Can't see where the patch ends. It was blended perfectly. I haven't washed the vest yet. I will let you know if there is a problem.

8. Spackle Scraper Waterproof Drywall Solution

Spackle Scraper Waterproof Drywall Solution

Master Manufacturing Company is a member of the National Minority Business Council. The wall mending agent can easily and instantly repair broken surfaces on the wall, and the repair kit has very strong adhesion. The mending will be virtually invisible if it dries completely within 3 hours. It is waterproof after drying, and is resistant to breakage. 100% safety and high quality: The spackle wall repair kit is made from plant rubber powder, synthetic resin, and other materials. The wall patch is safe for both humans and pets. They will use their wall hole filler. The plaster wall repair can be used to repair cracked walls, peeling walls, pinhole holes, wall flouring, nail holes and wall graffiti. The wall repair can be used to repair broken surfaces in the home, including trim, interior doors, cabinets, blinds, windows, and more. There are many problems in a wall mending. The wall repair cream is easy to use. When using the spackle, please use gloves to squeeze it out and use a scraper to smooth it out. The repair marks are almost invisible when the wall patch is dry. The portable design of the wall spackle is a must-have for every family, it is very easy to use and will save time and money. They want to provide customers with good products and services. If you don't like their wall mending agent, please contact them in time, they will fix it for you as soon as possible. The portable design of the wall spackle is a must-have for every family, it is very easy to use and will save time and money. They want to provide customers with good products and services. If you don't like their wall mending agent, please contact them in time, they will fix it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Yondarli

👤This is my first review of the Spackle Wall Repair Kit with Scraper, and I will continue to update it as I use it. The wall repair kit is easy to use. Before applying plaster on the spot of the drywall, there is no need for a primer, cleaning, or painting. It can be used to repair any surface of walls. Forget about spending time, energy and money on things that don't work, and hire a good quality wall fixer for your home renovations. After applying it, it was completely dry in 3 hours, and I was very happy with the results. It's very easy to use, just squeeze it in the crack and let it dry for 3 hours, then sand it. I highly recommend it. If you found this review helpful, click on the button below to help other customers make better decisions and raise more awareness within the community.

👤It seems to work well for a wall repair but requires sanding and takes a long time to dry. I had to purchase my own spreader tool after the box came with it. The seller made it right. Red Devil one time spackling works better, dries fast, and requires almost no sanding. This works well if you don't need a quick dry product.

👤Does what it says will happen. That is all.

👤It's easy to apply and effective on damage from cats. The wallboard was pulled off after the pet gate damaged it.

👤I used it to fill all the small halls in my house. They are easy to dry and the extra paste can be cleaned quickly. I did not use it for a large hall. They worked perfect for me.

👤A small hole in the wall was caused by the installation of a pull up bar. The hole was filled nicely by this. Would recommend.

👤I hit a low ceiling and made a dent that worked, but I can't see the mark.

👤The banging from the demolition knocked off some of the ceiling paint. I found this product on Amazon. It was easy to apply and smoothed it out. Great product!

9. Singer 00079 Repair Assorted Colors

Singer 00079 Repair Assorted Colors

Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron. There are 12 iron-on denim patch repair kits. It's perfect for mending blue jeans, shirts, skirts and jackets. The bonus stencil was included. Cotton is 95 percent cotton and 5% Polyester.

Brand: Singer

👤It was easy to use. The jeans were pre-ironed to get them hot and flat. I put the side down and made sure to iron it out for about 45 seconds. I pressed all around the edges. I also washed the jeans. The setting was turned off. Let other Amazon shoppers know... Every patch has staple holes, so they were awarded 3 stars. All were stapled together. Other reviewers have stated that you may receive at least 2 Heavy Duty staplers. The staplers are difficult to remove with a stapler. Use needle nose pliers and a small flat head screwdriver to pry the edges. Pull without opening the stapler first, as you may damage some of the patches. The jeans have gone through a few washes and the seams are holding up well.

👤These were terrible. I don't read reviews because some things are actually good. These are terrible. It took too long to iron them on. I had to put them on the inside of my jeans. I could feel them every second I wore my jeans. It wouldn't be a big deal for me, but it might be to other people. I washed them and they fell off after one wash. That was cool.

👤The product works perfectly. A patch goes through repeated washings and drying at hot dryer settings. Iron-on may be interpreted as "to iron a shirt" in some reviews. You need to heat the plastic coating hot enough to melt it and then press it into the fabric hard enough to penetrate the fibers. Allow the patch to cool slowly and keep the pressure on it. I put some material over the hot patch and keep hand pressure on it while it cools. Don't blame the drier for the loosened patch. If you want to experiment, let a new patch tumble in a drier at the highest heat setting. Take it out and look at the side that is glue. It won't change at cooler temperatures. I hope some of the suggestions will help.

👤Wanted to use Levi's for work around the house. Washed before putting on patches. After ironing flat, patches were applied using cotton setting on iron for 45 seconds. After wearing for yard work, washed in warm water, then cold rinse, and medium dryer. Two of the patches are loose on one edge. I bought iron mending tape to fix all the loose patches. I thought Singer patches would be good. I don't recommend. Iron on patches stayed on when I was a kid.

👤They work. They survive the wash if you heat em up real good. If not, then attack any lifty corners with an iron and it will stick right back down. Getting it'melted in' at the start is the key. The patches are warm, but they are nowhere near the heat and melting you need to do.

👤It's the same thing. Singer puts heavy duty staple through every piece and trying to get them out will ruin a few threads in the product. The staple and anti-theft staple are the most sturdy pieces of metal I have seen used in packaging outside of a heavy-duty staple. Pulling those things out, no matter how delicately, tore a few threads on every piece. There are at least 2 little bumps on every single piece, the big ones have 6 bumps. If you put the paper on the items, it will cause the bag to fall down. Attach the bag to the cardboard with a staple. Simple, and you don't ruin the product. It's not a big deal since we are using this to mend clothing that is inherently imperfect, but starting with a damaged product makes me sad.

10. ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Patches No Sew

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Patches No Sew

Before the garment is mended, it is advisable to wash it. Pre-heat garment area, position patch and press with an iron. The life of your clothes can be extended. The package includes 10 iron-on denim patches. The ideal size will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes. Black will match your clothes. The patches are made of cotton and covered with a hot-melt film. High quality materials are used to make the patches. It will take a few minutes to repair or decorate your jeans, as only an iron is required. Put the patch on the desired spot and iron over it with pressure for 60 seconds. The hot-melt film on each patch is very durable, you don't have to sew it on or use further fabric glue. Do not use hair straighteners or other heating objects to apply patches, only use an iron. You can put patches on the outside of a garment. You can cut the patches with scissors or die-cut machine, the package includes several templates to help you decorate your clothes. You can apply patches from the inside of a garment, this way the shiny rear side of the patch shows through the hole. The glue will look like normal fabric after a couple of washes. Applied patches can be tumble dried on a high temperature setting. If the patch starts to peel off, re- iron it. Even after washing, one patch can be re-ironed at least 3 times. To prevent the felting from curling up, pay special attention to the corners, butt areas and seams when applying the patches. Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron.

Brand: Zefffka

👤The patches stayed on well after a few washes. I put them on a sweatshirt. The fabric is thin and not as flexible as I had hoped. I was looking for a denim that was softer. The dye seems to be cheaper. The color is fading after a few washes. It's still very dark and approaching the navy. I'm happy because it's not a critical piece of clothing.

👤I love that I could cut the patch to the size I needed and that I could iron it on both sides of the material to make sure it stuck. I like the fact that if it starts to come away from the material, I can rehir it to use the glue again.

👤I haven't used yet, but it's not solid black. Like charcoal gray.

👤These work well. They were on a pair of pants. After a few washes, still on there! Would buy again.

👤The inside of jeans and a work shirt were used and turned out great. It seems to be holding.

👤You can cut to size, it's easy to use.

👤I used the patches after I got a hole in my jeans. They were easy to blend with the color.

👤The product was promised and I got it. It is used the way it was designed. It's a good thing.

👤Good quality patches. It's easy to apply with a hot iron. They stick to fabric very well. After several washes, the patches are still in place, even though I cut mine to size on jeans. It's good to repair torn fabrics.

👤It ist. Deko schlecht obwohl, I am anleitung. Ich wollte das erste Waschen berlebt.

👤Cuando lo has pegado con plancha segn instrucciones, por cierto en inglés, todos los bordes se despegan. No recomiendo.

👤Utilisé pour essayer de rattraper jeans, un noir et un gros foncé. Issu qui reproduit assez le jean. J'ai porte le pantalon sur le patch. Les patches ont placés sur l'intérieur du pantalon. A person. Le tissu du patch est rigide. It is impossible to finalement le jeter (alors that je souhaitais allonger un peu leur durée de vie). Ces matchs s'agit sur l'extérieur des tissus... Je regrette.

11. Waterproof Self Adhesive Clothing Patches Jackets

Waterproof Self Adhesive Clothing Patches Jackets

The Iron on patch is made of denim, which is not easy to fade and break. The jean patch is waterproof, so don't worry about the jeans falling off during washing. Iron on fabric patch can be used to cover holes, reinforce worn jeans, decorate clothes, jackets, shirts, vests, hats, backpacks and other household items, and extend the service life of your favorite clothes. The denim patch is self-adhesive. If you remove the protective film on the back and paste it directly on the place that needs repair, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. The repair patch size is suitable for repairing items of different sizes. You can cut it into a suitable size for repair, by designating your favorite shape and pattern. You will get 30 denim patches. There are 5 different colors of denim in the package, which include blue, black, light blue, sky blue and dark blue. Different colors of denim are needed for daily maintenance.

Brand: Lzymsz

👤My mom needed patches for one of her denim coats, and the color matched perfectly.

👤It is difficult to separate the patch from the release paper. ironing the patch onto the jeans causes the patch to separate from the patch and the patch doesn't stick. Don't buy. Other brands that do not have a glue do a better job.

👤I spent a lot of time with the iron. Came off in one piece.

👤They still don't stick after being ironed. It was useless.

👤I washed my jeans.

👤I tried to patch a weak spot on my jeans, but it kept rolling up and not staying.


What is the best product for jean crotch repair patch kit?

Jean crotch repair patch kit products from Azobur. In this article about jean crotch repair patch kit you can see why people choose the product. Htvront and Johnson & Smith are also good brands to look for when you are finding jean crotch repair patch kit.

What are the best brands for jean crotch repair patch kit?

Azobur, Htvront and Johnson & Smith are some of the best brands that chosen by people for jean crotch repair patch kit. Find the detail in this article. Gear Aid, Willbond and Pimoys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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