Best Jewelry Repair Envelopes

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1. Envelopes Envelope Gummed Garden 500packs

Envelopes Envelope Gummed Garden 500packs

We design and manufacture their own products. They will be happy with your purchase. The brown coin envelopes are made from paper that is about 3.125" x 5.5" Perfect envelope size for coins,seeds,date medications,bills,resistors,checks,little cards, and any small parts! The small coin envelopes are sealed with water glue, when you put the sorting and storing seeds, small electronic components or other contents into the envelope, folding and keeping the flap glue for 3-6 minutes. It's a simple way to keep the contents safe. The best envelope for saving seeds has the function of releasing water and keeping seeds dry. It's great for storing seeds. The small kraft envelopes are used widely. You can use the coin envelopes to organize your small accessories and save time. The brown envelope is great for home, office, or mailing. The craft paper envelopes are easy to store small parts, such as coins, jewelry, stamps, seeds, SD memory cards, and all other kind of small electronic parts. You can put the envelopes in a storage box if you need them, so that you can find them in a second.

Brand: Acstep

👤I use the envelopes on my workbench to organize my electronics. Plastic bin organizers with dividers are often used as they prevent parts from being mixed. Part leads are not likely to get in trouble. Finding and retrieving a part is much simpler with envelopes organized in card file boxes.

👤It's perfect for seed portioning. These packets are the right size for us to use with portioning seeds for 10x10 flats and 10x20 flats for microgreens production. We sell the packets to our customers, who get to try different seeds, premeasured to the exact seed density they need for their flats. It's super cool!

👤The envelopes are perfect for saving seeds. Excellent quality and a great price. I will buy again.

👤These are the perfect size for storing seeds from the garden, or even splitting up store-bought seed packs and sharing with a friend. The price is more economical than the envelopes. The boxes for the envelopes are easy to store in. The paper's ability to keep seeds dry and protected is something I like. The paper is easy to write on with a pen or sharpie. I can't say how long the seal will hold up, but so far it's been good. The seller shipped the item on time.

👤These are made from paper. I have not had any issues with the ones I have used. It's great for all sorts of things. I use them to store seeds, hold clues to murder mystery events and even hold coins.

👤The envelope is very strong. The size is what was advertised. I put a very label on them and pack up a gram of seeds inside. I used 500 envelopes in less than three months. These are my favorite envelopes.

👤I wanted to store the powders for research. The corners of the yellow coin envelopes I used to buy from office supply stores were often not seal well, and the powders would leak from them. These are leak free and are 50% cheaper than the other ones.

👤I used this product for my church's tithing envelopes. It was cheaper than the one I used from the local store, but it was a bit stronger. Since I didn't have to pay sales tax and as a prime member I didn't have to pay shipping, it turned out to be the best deal. It was a good purchase for me.

👤Thank you so much for the pay envelopes, they are cheaper than my bank.

👤Result! Papel, firme.

2. Brown Kraft Envelopes Small Parts

Brown Kraft Envelopes Small Parts

The craft paper envelopes are easy to store small parts, such as coins, jewelry, stamps, seeds, SD memory cards, and all other kind of small electronic parts. You can put the envelopes in a storage box if you need them, so that you can find them in a second. The envelope is brown. Small parts for personal or business use. 100% guaranteed by Next Day Labels.

Brand: Next Day Labels

👤I have these to give to the kids. I was happy that they couldn't see the envelopes. Like the weight of these. You don't have to fight to get your money inside them. There is a lot of room inside. I have the glue ones. They don't taste very good. They stick great. It's very well made, and doesn't come apart at the seams like most of the other stuff I've bought. The company is good to order from. I would recommend this company to you. Will be buying in larger quantities again. If you don't want to put money in these, they can be used for a lot of other things.

👤Our vet uses the same envelopes as we do for our pet meds, but sometimes sends them in a bottle. I like writing on the envelope when I give the med. I just put the label on the envelope and transfer the medicine. It's a system that works for me to be able to remember the dosages I have given, but it's hard to remember which ones I have given.

👤I need to give money to a lot of different people during the Christmas season. I bought them. I could go to the ATM and sort out the money and keep a record of where it went. They're the perfect size for money and other small items. I will find more uses for the rest of the envelopes that were left over from the holidays.

👤The weight of the paper is described in the description. The bag is a bit flimsy due to the thickness of the paper. The thinness of the paper makes it unlikely that I would recommend this product as a coin envelope.

👤These envelopes are great for storing cash. If you are like me, you have found the right place. If you need more then 50, you have plenty more. They sent a follow up email to make sure I was happy with the product, so I didn't have to worry about it.

👤I only bought these for one. I know I'm an over privileged person. I use these all over the house because they worked perfectly for my needs. It's a great place to keep coins, cash, screws, and small hardware. They're paper, so you can use a sharpie to lable them in huge letters. My eyesight is not what it used to be.

👤I bought it for my business. The reviews for this item were very good. The envelope is of the right quality. Not too thick. Will keep my merchandise inside and not let it rip. I've bought other envelopes. $10 for 50 is a good price to test them out. I am happy. Thanks.

👤It's probably a good idea to get the flap closed for $1,000 in 20s. It is nice and durable.

👤These are perfect for my tenants. Excellent value for money.

👤The envelopes were in good condition. I keep bills and coins in my home-office. I would buy it again.

3. Quality Park Envelopes 3 5x6 5 50762

Quality Park Envelopes 3 5x6 5 50762

The envelope is made from semi-translucent plastic which is scratch, water and tear resistant. It's durable. The coin envelopes are made of brown paper. 500 small coin envelopes are 3.5x6 and are made from brown paper and are perfect for use in the home, office, or mailing. Gummed FlaAP: Provides users with a sense of security that their contents will not be open. Small brown envelopes are perfect for use as coin envelopes, jewelry, small parts, etc. SEED ENVELOPES: The perfect size to package or store seeds.

Brand: Quality Park

👤These envelopes have worked well for me before. Not this one! Four out of five envelopes were open. The bottom was not made of glue. I found this out in the middle of a project as it was not obvious at first glance. I had a team of volunteers place milkweed seeds in envelopes to give to the public and support the monarch butterfly. We had to stop the project because we had to use Scotch tape on the envelopes we had already filled. I would not buy this product again, I would love a refund, and I wish I had not done it. Nothing can compensate for the wasted time.

👤These envelopes look like the same ones that others sell for much higher prices. I was amazed at the range of prices that were out there when I was shopping for some of these. I went with the cheapest brand I could find, as the application that I intend to use these for does not require precise dimensional measurements. I had store brands that cost more than twice what these do, but these seem to be on par with that. I ordered from a third-party seller.

👤The cost of the packet of envelopes was cheaper at a local store than it was at a computer store, and the information on the envelope could be printed on the computer. Will re-order if more are needed.

👤Instead of using big mailing envelopes, I bought these to store my flower seeds. I can write about the seeds on the envelope. The glue on them is horrible, like the name, height, what sun they need, etc. I have to tape each one shut because it doesn't stick.

👤These are great for collecting seeds from flowers we want to spread in the garden or on our travels.

👤500 envelopes should be in the box. Each box is missing at least 12 envelopes.

👤I use these to package my seeds for the seed swoop and for those who want a small amount of supplements instead of buying a full bottle. I have stamped this envelope and filled it in with blanks and sealed it at times because I found that the rubber stamp fits on this envelope perfectly. They are excellent for keeping up with small items and are useful for many uses.

👤I sell small items on Amazon and use these to ship them. The glue on the flaps doesn't go all the way across, so in shipping the corners can get caught in mail sorters. If you position the flaps correctly, the 5.5" label on the shipping labels will help secure them.

👤40 of them were not impressed and had to pull them open. They are not sure how well they will stay shut when sealed. Afraid that the whole box will be like that.

👤A pesar de leer la dimensin, los imaginaba un poco mas grandes.

👤A pesar de escribir billetes salen unas opciones y te confundes.

👤Great deal for the envelopes. I would like to have a self seal on the flap.

4. 10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

Save money and time. Replacing the whole vertical blind is much more cost-effective. The perfect choice for small businesses, home offices and everyday use is the 100 envelope pack, it's made with a wind-less front panel, and it's 888-282-0465. The envelopes are designed with a secure, security tint-pattern to protect contents and sensitive information. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing for any letter sized and larger documents. Premium construction measuring 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers. Click the orange button to place your order. Aimoh has researched and developed Enveguard Technology and approved only the highest quality products, which is why it is called Enveguard Technology.

Brand: Aimoh

👤Not secure at all. The numbers on the check are legible. No protection is offered. Not worth the premium. Very disappointed.

👤I bought these because of the positive reviews. There is no way this product would get a 5-star rating. The paper is not 24 lbs. The paper weight is up to 30% thinner than the competitors. The security feature is a joke. You can see through the envelope with a medium light. The glue is very thin. The paper strip is almost half the size of the packaging. The paper weight is my biggest complaint. They claim 24lb with the front and back measured together. The product is meant to be deceiving. I was suspicious when I saw the picture of the box, as it appeared to be less than the size of a box of envelopes from the same company. I know why! I think the glowing 5 Star reviews are fake or at the best, reviews that were years ago when the product was better. DO NOT BUY THESE! I'll go back to see what they have. I bought the Staples brand about five years ago and it was nice, but they are not as good as they used to be, but they are still better than these.

👤Not enough "stick-um" on the seal is not worth the hassle of a return. That has been an issue with the boxes I've obtained. I add a piece of tape since it won't stay stuck and it seems like a pointless step.

👤I had previously ordered self-sealing business envelopes and liked them, but they no longer qualify for Amazon Prime and the shipping charge was equal to the cost of the envelopes. It's time to look elsewhere. I found that the Aimoh envelopes received good reviews, but there were several less positive reviews that identified some potential problems, such as insufficient weight and a weak seal. I think the seal is good. I tried to open the envelope after it was sealed. I was able to reopen the envelope cleanly, even though I had to remove the protective strip, because it was not obvious that it had been opened and closed. I waited a day and did it again. The seal was harder to break this time, and it was obvious that it had been sealed and opened. It depends on what you want this envelope to do. If you are concerned about someone secretly opening the letter, studying the contents, and re-closing without leaving a trace, this envelope may or may not be adequate, depending on the time between when you sealed the envelope and when the envelope is secretly opened. If you want a convenient envelope that can be trusted to not spontaneously open and spill its contents in transit, I think this product is going to be more than adequate. The weight and opacity seem adequate. There was no indication that the envelope contained a check when I held it up to the light. I could see the shadow of the check, but I couldn't read it. That's good enough for me. I'm happy with my purchase. When I pay bills that don't come with an addressed envelope, I only pay 9 cents for it. It would have cost me 23 cents just for the envelope if I had gone with the brand I used before. I still remember ice cream cones costing a nickel. Whatever. I am happy I took a chance on Aimoh.

5. Quality Park Envelopes Inches 37898

Quality Park Envelopes Inches 37898

It's safe for storage. It's ideal for both mailing and storing paperwork in a 10 x 13 size. Rugged with a seal. 28 lbs. There is a deep gummed flap. The clasp design is reinforced. The envelope has a gummed flap. The metal clasps have reinforced eyelets. The flaps are heavily gummed. It's stillusable.

Brand: Quality Park

👤The envelopes inside the box are not as good as the ones pictured on the website. There is a cheap brass clasps and a thin hole reinforcements are found in the envelopes inside the box. Steel clasps and thick hole reinforcements are on the picture on the box. I didn't bother to check that the product inside was the same as the picture on the box because I wanted the picture on the box to be what I wanted. I'm stuck with low quality envelopes.

👤You get what you pay for with these. The flap at the bottom is wrinkled and causes paper jams in my printer. The metal clasp doesn't fit with the hole in the upper flap. If you want to use the metal clasp to secure the upper flap, you will have to poke through the paper and enlarge the hole. How can this happen? The most important requirement for an envelope with clasp is the hole aligning with the clasp. This is not good. I will be spending more to get better quality products.

👤The envelopes were in good condition when they arrived. The construction is ok, but I found that some of the seals are bubbled and not glue well. The lower seal and the seal by the clasp are shown in two pictures. I don't know if any of these would cause the envelope to fail, but I don't think so since the bubbled amount never seemed to be critical. I have a habit of taping the seals on all of the envelopes I use and it was passed down to me through the generation. The wet and seal flap doesn't seem to glue down well, but it's the same on all of the envelopes I use, so I'm not concerned. It may be because I didn't wet it enough or it was too much. I tape it down after. The price is very good and the envelopes are as good as any I've used.

👤The price is good, but the quality is not up to par. The metal clasps are falling off. If the metal clasp falls off, what is the point? The glue is not consistent. I tried to reach out to the seller, but there is no way to do that. Get a better envelope if you spend a few dollars more.

👤These are the people who do the job. I had to add tape because the paper is thin and the clasps fell off when I closed them. They do the job.

👤These were fine. The boxes of 100 envelopes were delivered in a plastic bag. Yep! They look great on our office supply shelf, sliding all over the place and falling onto the floor. We need a throw away box that we can put them in. They usually come in a very thin cardboard box that has the lid removed so that they can sit on a shelf. Next time, give me a box for 50 cents more. Give me a break!

6. Small Parts Envelope Gummed Office

Small Parts Envelope Gummed Office

Their 24 LB white wove envelope paper is durable and professional. It'sATURE: The #1 coin and small part envelope is perfect for coins, seeds, medication, and any small parts. The coin and small parts envelope is good for both home and office use. The brown kraft paper is manufactured from 28 LB stock. The paper will be able to handle normal wear and tear. Gummed FlaAP: The coin envelopes have a seal that is moist and deep Gumming on the flap. The flaps close with full flap GUM to make sure the envelope stays sealed so your contents don't fall out. Each box of Quality Park #1 coin and small parts brown envelopes provides a long lasting supply for your home and office needs.

Brand: Quality Park

👤I got this because I wanted to store spare keys in a safe place. I have five hundred of these little guys and that should be enough for a lifetime, so I didn't pay attention to the count. Someday, I may pass these down to my kids. It serves the purpose I bought it for.

👤The envelopes are fine for their intended use. My complaint is with the box's accuracy. I bought two boxes. One had 499 envelopes and the other only had 499. How do I know? I wanted to hold 1000 tickets. I had 12 tickets left without a home after stuffing all of those envelopes. Not happy.

👤I just had a transplant and have to take a lot of drugs. I bought these to sort my pills into packets. It makes it easier to keep my medication straight and to grab what I need if I am away from home when it's time to take it. They protect the light sensitive meds from the sun, since they are dark gold envelopes. It will be easier to travel with my medication. Good sturdy envelopes that do not tear easily.

👤Glue sticks. I had to change my review to 1 star. None of the envelopes will be sealed. At all. I will have to spend more money to seal them all. I don't think exchanging will get me a better product. Office Depot was shamed. The original review said the size was perfect for packaging seeds for friends. It's a great price for a box of 500, compared to what's on offer in box stores and craft outlets.

👤A box of 500 envelopes was purchased to be used as seed packets. There were about 9 envelopes that were stuck to the end of the box with glue, and another few that were stuck to the middle of the box. We had to use tape because the glue part of the envelopes doesn't stick. I wouldn't purchase them again because they arrived on time and all.

👤This was used for a seed swap. The quality is okay, but the glue is useless. I get a bare cling, not enough to control seeds, and the envelope seems to be absorbing water, if I hold it firmly and water careful, and if I don't remove any glue. I had to use tape. Would not buy them again.

👤These envelopes are useful at work. I received a bad box this time, but I have ordered them 3-4 times before. I would return them. I was completely out. When I use them, I have to tape each end. I hope this issue doesn't happen when I need more. Excellent envelopes.

👤The glue on the bottom doesn't seem to stick well on most of the envelopes. This side should be a solid seal. The glue flap doesn't stick when I want to seal my coins. The glue has held on to only 2 of the 10 envelopes I have used so far. The other 8 didn't hold at all, so they had to be taped. I wish I hadn't gotten so many.

7. Clasp Envelopes Catalog Heavyweight Business

Clasp Envelopes Catalog Heavyweight Business

The flaps are heavily gummed. It's stillusable. A pack of 15 single reusable envelopes is enough to serve a variety of small and large documents. It is made in the United States and has extra strong, durable, 28LB brown envelope that provides confidential protection and exceptional Rip, Tear and Puncture Resistance. Double Seal design offers reliable security for personal and professional mailing. A classic open-end style enables fast and convenient stuffing for legal letter, pamphlet, coupon, magazine and other common Mailers. It is safe for storage in the 10 x 13 size.

Brand: Endoc

👤You get 15 envelopes for the price. You can get a box of 100 9X12 clasp envelopes from Amazon for less than the price of 15 of these.

👤There were no problems. Stuff stays in when the clasp is closed.

👤These things are garbage, they were glue together so you couldn't put anything in them. The paper is very thin. They went to Office Depot.

👤I like this envelope. It was able to hold 15 pages of documents. If you are looking for a budget-friendly envelope, I would recommend this brand. It has an added seal on top of the metal clasps with a glue surface.

👤I bought this pack of envelops because of the price. The size of the envelops worked well because of the large amount of papers sent. I re-mailed the package that was originally sent. I taped the seal securely after the clasp hadAdhered well. The package was intact. I am happy with my purchase.

👤It was very thin and flimsy. I bought these to mail, but I don't think they'd survive the USPS.

👤I need to put everything in the envelopes. I mostly use them to hold important documents, such as tax receipts, Medical paperwork, and whaterever else I need to organize and keep throughout the year. I have used them for mailing. I think they hold up. I was disappointed that I could only buy one packet at a time. I use them a lot, but I'm not a business.

👤I use them all the time. I use the lessons I write for my church to last. They are lasting well with opening and shutting of the clasps.

8. Lobster Jewelry Supplies Findings Necklace

Lobster Jewelry Supplies Findings Necklace

The width is 2.6mm. 1500 pieces of gold open jump rings, 20 pieces of lobster clasps, 1x flat nose pliers, 1x tweezer and 1x jump ring opener are included in the Open Jump Ring Kit. The jewelry making and repairing supplies are neatly organized in a compact box. Useful and practical, chainmail jump rings are used to make jewelries and chain maille. There are multiple sizes for suspending small items. You can easily find the correct size of jump rings in a compact box. The jump ring can be opened using the tweezers and the copper opener. Flat nose pliers are used to fix the jump ring. A starter kit for people who like to make jewelry. The brass core gives these jump rings a nice weight, strength and feel, they are plated after being formed and cut, and they do not contain nickel or lead.

Brand: Alritz

👤I wanted to like this more but I have to take off stars for the longevity of the items. The tweezers are not very strong. The pliers are cheap. The closings are probably the worst. I used them for a necklace and it started to oxidize, along with the jump rings I used on the necklace. The necklace's closure is almost black with rust after a week of wearing it. I'm going to have to remake all the necklaces because I sell them.

👤I rearranged the jump rings to fit one size that was originally in them. The seller reached out to me and made it right, instead of receiving two slots of the same size. These are my favorite jump rings to use. They can take some getting used to. Most jump rings are thinner than they are. I hated them because I broke earrings trying to squeeze them together. I don't think I've broken an earring since I got a multi tool that allowed me to grip them better. I love that they are strong. I don't think my designs could come apart. I don't feel like I have to squeeze the jump ring to the point that it doubles up and looks tacky. I have ordered three of them. I would like to know where to buy the jump rings. I have three pairs of pliers that I don't need.

👤These will work if you're learning or practicing chainmail. If you're more experienced in making jewelry to sell, don't waste time or money. These rings will not provide a clean close. They can be shaped when pinched between your fingers. The lobster clasps are hard to open and break. The pliers are ribbed so they will not scratch the rings. They were also dirty as if they had been recycled. I paid the same price for rings that did not come with pliers that were of better quality.

👤I wanted a variety of jump rings. I suppose they up sell the price by adding a plier, which I didn't need, but ok. I had to file down the edges to remove burrs from the pliers and the spring came off with the first squeeze of the handle. If you are in it for pliers, forget it. The jump rings are in good shape.

👤The product was perfect for what I needed despite the packaging being not great and the top being open.

👤This is a great package for people who are fixing or making jewelry. When working on tinier pieces, the pliers and tweezers are perfect.

👤The material of the rings is horrible, so I suggest you look somewhere else. The main reason I bought this was to fix my own jewelry, the tools are great. I wanted the pliers, ring holder, and the ring to be out of the set. I order real gold parts to fix jewelry, not the rings that came with the set.

👤Able to use many different items. They love the different sizes and the color is too gold, but they work nicely.

9. Quality Park Envelopes Documents 37890

Quality Park Envelopes Documents 37890

An excellent value. Bright White paper makes a good impression on business and personal correspondence. The double prong metal clasp is made for repeated use and reinforced. It's great for home, office, school, interoffice or mailing. clasp envelopes are made from a heavy weight of brown stock to give them extra protection during mailing, storage and handling. The envelopes have a seal with a deep gumming on the flap that creates a permanent seal. It's great for organizing and storing things. The large count makes it convenient to reduce the amount of purchases.

Brand: Quality Park

👤The big problem is that the clasps don't line up with the hole. I bought them for the purpose of opening and closing them. I have to sort through the entire box to find an envelope that is usable. Most are off by a quarter to half inch. It's easy to see where the hole is in the picture.

👤Only 37 of the 100 envelopes had glue on the bottom of them. The ones that were not glue on the bottom had to be pulled apart.

👤The metal clasp came out of the paper when I used the first few. The clasp came off when the first envelope was replaced. The clasp came off again. It was very poorly made.

👤The metal clasp doesn't line up very well with the hole, and many times it comes unglued when you pull the sides together. I have not had this issue with other brands. I use tape on the top as an extra level of security so I will use these up but probably won't buy again.

👤The eyelets are not reinforced like on their photo and written descriptions. I have the original quality park brand and this is not. It doesn't say Quality Park on the envelope that I have. Return began. I am also very disappointed.

👤I bought two packs of these and one was used and taped up. The clasps break off very easily, I know why they were returned. I can't return them because I ordered them in advance. Do not buy these if you are offered a cheaper price.

👤I ran low on some shipping products and not having an office supply store nearby made me run to Amazon. The cost was similar to some big box stores. They are lightweight. I seal the flap with water, close the clasps, and tape it over for safety. Shipping legal documents and all types of paperwork to customers and clients has worked well. I usually ship 15 pages at a time and they fit in the envelope. There have been no problems with the items arriving. I didn't receive any type of incentive to write this review. This review is my honest opinion after doing a lot of research. I conduct thorough research before buying a product. Was this review helpful to you? Please select "yes" if it was. Thank you! It's a good thing.

👤The envelopes wouldn't seal. The glue did not seal after being dried up. I had to tape it up. It is not worth returning because of the low price. I was surprised by the poor quality of these envelopes.

👤En las tiendas, el precio fue mejor.

👤El paquete estoy excelente. Sale ms barato. Todo rpido y birn empacado.

👤Ahora carta, los documentos entran, a fuerzas.

👤It protects my mail.

👤Son de material resistente.

10. Small Parts Envelopes Gummed Office

Small Parts Envelopes Gummed Office

It is safe for storage in the 10 x 13 size. Coins are perfect for storing small pieces and parts, for seeds, and of course money and coins. If you need to send money with a child, or if a small item breaks, their pack of 100 is a great way to have them handy. High quality. Their envelopes are made with high quality material that allows them to last wherever they go. They design and manufacture their own products. They will be happy with your purchase.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤The envelopes are strong, but not very strong. My clients have complained of losing their products. I have to put a label on each envelope to make sure the bottom and other parts don't separate. Other than that... The paper is heavy grade and I like it. I will get more if the seller starts putting something in them that won't come apart. I don't get customer complaints. My customers have made complaints of losing their products when they separated the seams. Replacing lost product has cost me 2000 times more than the cost of the envelopes in the first place.

👤The envelopes are not gummed as they claim to be, as you can see from the photos. We took a few out of a bundle. At least 65% of the envelopes in the other bundles in the pack have no glitter. Don't buy these! They're cheap and not bad.

👤These are cheap but not great. Many in the pack came out slightly askew because they don't stick together well.

👤These envelopes are of the highest quality. They are made from heavy duty paper and have a strong gum. They were good for making seed packets. I couldn't be happier because they were the best price I could find for 500 of them. They arrived quickly and were packaged well. I could not be happier. Don't hesitate!

👤These little envelopes were used as seed packets. The envelopes are small, but still serve their purpose. I made a small stamp to write the name, location, and date of the plant on the front. I seal my envelopes with a small amount of tape so that they are easy to open and re-seal if I need to, as I have heard others say that the envelopes can be hit or miss. When I need to replenish, I would buy these again.

👤I use these to give a thank you or tip to airline flight attendants, or staff at vacation resorts, or on cruise ships, and I also use them to put in a Starbucks gift card. I made a label that I put on the front of the envelope that said "Thank you for your great customer service, you have been an important part of our vacation!" They like receiving small bits of appreciation.

👤These are the smallest things I can use for my soap samples. They are sturdy and evenly colored. I wanted a way to send a small sample with my business card. The Soap Crate approved of these.

👤I needed small envelopes that I could fill with money and ornaments. These worked well. The color blends well with my old-fashioned tree. There were so many that I had a lot left over. I am sure I can use them on future projects. The value is great.

👤They are the perfect size for storing seeds. I'm not sure how well the glue sticks on the envelopes, I've been using tape to close them.

👤I bought these for collecting seeds. Work well. It was easy to attach. Good quality. Work for what I wanted them to be. It is easy to share.

11. ValBox Envelopes Envelope Gummed Garden

ValBox Envelopes Envelope Gummed Garden

The craft paper envelopes are easy to store and easy to use. You can put the envelopes in a storage box so that you can find them in seconds if you need them. The brown coin envelopes are 2.25" x 3.5" and made of recycled paper. Perfect small envelope size for coins, jewelry, date medications, resistors, seeds, credit card, and any other small items! 500 counts of these envelopes can meet all your needs. Use the coin envelopes to sort and organize small accessories for a quicker process. The small coin envelopes have a flap. When you put the seeds, small electronic components or other stuff that need to be sorted or stored into the envelope, you need to wet the seal slightly with water, folding and keeping the flap gluey for a few minutes to seal. The envelope should stay sealed so that it doesn't fall out. There is a great envelope for seed storage. If you want to protect seeds, you should try these envelopes. It's great for storing seeds. ValBox #1 coin envelopes come with a sturdy box for protecting them from damaged during transportation, which is good for the unused coin envelopes organize and storage.

Brand: Valbox

👤Paper coin envelopes have been used for years in my tailoring business. I ordered them for storage. Lighter weight paper is what they are made of. The seam on the back of the envelopes was not properly fastened. I had to tape them all together. They don't fold down easily because they aren't pre-creased. I will not order this item again.

👤I left the box in the sun to absorb the sun's rays and not know what was on it. The glue strip leaves a lot to be desired. The glue doesn't adhere very well and is a lick strip. The glue strip doesn't extend the entire length of the top flap which makes it questionable for holding fine seeds. I need to buy another product to seal them. It gets four stars, but I'm not buying again.

👤They're made of good paper and look like they're 800-361-3020 The crease at the bottom of the box of 500 is so sharp that it opens as if it were a razor blade. I have to put a piece of tape on the bottom of every envelope. ... I have to order another box because they are dumpster fodder. Throw away more junk. Amazon says they'll give me a refund and they don't want the crummy envelopes back.

👤I wanted to put letters on a bulletin board. These are correct. I am happy with the construction, it is easy to write on whole and not disrupt the integrity of the envelopes. I have not torn the opening by putting items in and out.

👤We bought these for the elderly mothers. The envelopes work well. You can write on the outside without a special pen and they can be stacked in a small box. We tried other plastic bag products and they were not as good as these.

👤Don't use them for coins, but instead use them for heirloom seeds once they have been dried. The only thing I don't like about these envelopes is that some are not consistently produced, as some have doubled together and can't be made to use, and cause some waste of product.

👤I use them to save seeds. The gummed seal flaps open. The paper they are made of is strong. The construction is tight and the smallest of my seeds haven't escaped. I think they are a good value and will likely purchase them again.

👤I store my seeds in these. I put a strip of tape on top of the gummed flap feature. I can seal it and re-seal it. I write on the packet with a pencil so I can re-use it for other seeds, and these do the job perfectly.


What is the best product for jewelry repair envelopes?

Jewelry repair envelopes products from Acstep. In this article about jewelry repair envelopes you can see why people choose the product. Next Day Labels and Quality Park are also good brands to look for when you are finding jewelry repair envelopes.

What are the best brands for jewelry repair envelopes?

Acstep, Next Day Labels and Quality Park are some of the best brands that chosen by people for jewelry repair envelopes. Find the detail in this article. Aimoh, Endoc and Alritz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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