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1. Kevin Murphy Untangled 5 09 Ounce

Kevin Murphy Untangled 5 09 Ounce

A leave-in conditioner is made with Australia. rut extracts. It helps to strengthen and restore hair. Eat protection.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤I am a huge fan of Kevin Murphy, but this is one of the best products I've found. I like the scent and it seems to work. I have long hair that is straight and fine. I get tangles after showers. It helps take out the tangles and it smells good. I think it works as a heat protectant, or at least my hair doesn't seem to get any more damage after blow drying.

👤I used the last Kevin Murphy product. I didn't think I needed to use it, but discovered that it makes a big difference It protects my hair from heat damage. I have purchased expired products, but this is not one of them. It was brand new, smelled great, and worked the same way it was bought from a salon. The bottle was protected in the packaging and shipped fast.

👤I like Kevin Murphy products. The one that didn't meet the expectations. It might be a good quality product and gentle on hair, but it doesn't untangle my hair. I used to use an Amazon brand that untangles my hair better than the one I use now. I have to spray a lot of this product to get it untangled because it is much more expensive. I spray a few times with other products. It is not a bad product, but not worth the price.

👤My hair is well-manicured and color treated. It's difficult to find products that don't weigh it down. I've tried to save money by using other hair products. I came back to this product. It doesn't make my hair fall down, but it does work. It smells great. I don't want a product that will change the smell of my conditioner from the amazing one I use. The product allows my scent to come through without being overpowering or smelling too perfumey.

👤I have very fine hair. Kevin Murphy does a trick to keep half of my hair from falling out. My wet brush goes through my hair after just a few sprays in the troubled areas.

👤The product was recommended to me by my hairdresser. I use a spray on my hair before blowing it out. It helps protect from heat and preserve color and luster. This spray has a lot of water so it's a bonus when using it. Highly recommended. I have naturally curly hair.

👤I have long hair that is wavy on the outside and curly on the inside. I like a more relaxed vibe in the summer. This stuff is great for my hair because it brings out my Curl without all the Friction. The smell is not strong and pleasant, but a little goes a long way. It enhances my hair and waves. I put some oil on my hair while it is still damp and then use a conditioner. That seems to be the recipe for success.

👤I was expecting a "WOW" effect, but I haven't gotten anything. This product doesn't work with my hair. It makes them worse. It makes my hair tangle. I will never buy it again. I would definitely return it if I had the chance. It does not make my hair shine, it is not smooth, the hair is not light, and the smell is chemical. It is better to not use it at all and use a good mask. It will smell better and hair will have a wow effect. I don't recommend buying this product for people with good natural hair.

2. Kevin Murphy Repair Wash Rinse

Kevin Murphy Repair Wash Rinse

Reconstructing conditioner is what repair me rinse is about. Enhancing manageability and providing a reflective shine are some of the benefits that come from using a strengthening conditioner withShea Butter andAloe Vera extracts.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤The bottle was open when the package was delivered. I would understand if it happened once, but then I ordered it again, and the bottle was open the second time. It spilled all over. I didn't use the products I spent a lot of money on.

👤This is not a real product. There was no seal on that one.

👤They were delivered in a bubble envelope and were leaking all over the bag and bottles. Are you going to replace?

👤It was a huge mistake to buy these outside of the salon. I've been using this product line for a while. I'm pretty sure the conditioner I received was either old or inauthentic and didn't hold up to the Kevin Murphy standard.

👤Where do I start? I've been looking for the right rinse and cleanser for a long time. Trying different things from one to another. If you're like me and color/bleach your hair often, then you've probably been down this road as well! I had to take a break because my hair was so bad I couldn't bleach it or color it. It was destroyed. Kevin Murphy was introduced to me by my new hairdresser. My journey began! The hair is back! Thank God! It feels better than ever. I started coloring before I started bleeding. This is the right combo for you if you do a lot of that. Don't hesitate! Begin your hair journey today!

👤They wrapped my order in a plastic bag so it wouldn't leak. I got 1/3 if I used my hair product. The lids loosened during shipping. I was disappointed with my hair but didn't loose much conditioner. About a quarter of it was lost. It's too expensive to let it go. In the future, you might want to tape the lids. I wanted to let you know about the future. Thank you so much. I need to take a picture. I cleaned it all up when I got home. I apologize for writing all this afterwards.

👤I have a dry hair. I tried all sorts of products that made my roots less oily, but then I got terrible dandruff. My hair feels soft and silky, thanks to this duo of conditioners and washes. The bottles are easy to carry if you travel a lot. I was hesitant to look at the price and ounces, but you don't need to use a lot of this product to get optimal results.

👤The conditioner is not real. The conditioner seal is broken and is not like authentic Kevin Murphy.

👤My hair product was open and leaking. It doesn't seam like the original product. Very disappointed. I am not sure if it is the original conditioner or a different one.

👤It would be nice if you didn't have to put the product in a bottle to save it.

3. Kevin Murphy Repair Rinse 8 4

Kevin Murphy Repair Rinse 8 4

Product type:Conditioner The item package has dimensions of 2.794 cm L X 6.604 cm W X 15.24 cm H. The item package weight was:0.295 kilograms. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤Didn't know it was not coming back. I will never order from this supplier again. Product oozing all over bag. It's notusable. I should have read all the other reviews.

👤It is a great product for curly hair. My hair feels like silk even after a brutal color strip from jet black to mid strawberry/ with auburn low lights, because it takes all the tangles away with first use. I hope they don't change the formula because I don't want this product line to change.

👤I have blonde hair. I use this conditioner to keep my hair hydrated and healthy. I don't spend a dime on my hair and this product is very affordable.

👤This product is very good. It makes your hair feel great. This product seems poor because of the delivery. There was a crack in the bottom. Still works well. I wonder why they would send this in a bag. This is what caused it to break.

👤Very hydrating. It is good for my hair.

👤A bottle is leaking inside a package.

👤I've gotten this many times from a salon. My hair is like silk and the smell is amazing. My hair was not hydrated when I bought it from Amazon.

👤The product was great but could never be used from the seller as it was shipped TWICE in a simple bag and cracked both times. It needs to be shipped in bubble wrap.

4. Kevin Murphy Repair Rinse 8 4

Kevin Murphy Repair Rinse 8 4

Kevin Murphy did some repair work. The United States is the country of origin. The package is 9L x 6W x 3H.

Brand: Km

👤I bought this over a year ago because my hair was always great after I used it. I liked the smell, but I didn't like the results. I used it a few times, and then stopped. There was a small amount of the bottle left. I colored my hair a week ago and the bleach made it feel gross, like plastic Barbie hair. I broke out this rinse. I can see what it is intended to do. It is almost gone. I think I will buy again.

👤The product was not sealed when I received it. I decided to try it, and it made my hair dryer. It has a weird smell like a perm solution. I don't believe this is authentic so I'll be returning it and ordering elsewhere.

👤My hair was damaged by the sun. Kevin Murphy makes my hair soft and healthy. My hair is back in place. I use it with Kevin Murphy Blond Angel to make my hair soft and shiny. I rinse it after 15 minutes. I use a leave in conditioner and wash my hair every 4-5 days. I love my hair. Kevin Murphy's products are worth a lot. My husband likes to tell me how soft my hair is because he knows I was sad about how it felt before.

👤Love it. Excellent conditioner with all of the good stuff. It works great in my hair. I have high expectations because I am a cosmetologist.

👤I like the conditioner. I can brush my hair without a second spray conditioner.

👤Kevin Murphy was not a scam.

👤This product makes my hair feel good. Sulfate free is a great plus. It also smells great.

5. Kevin Murphy Repair Strengthening Conditiner

Kevin Murphy Repair Strengthening Conditiner

This conditioner strengthens hair while gently lubricating strands to help protect from damage, enhance manageability and provide a reflective shine.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤Two years ago, I bought a small bottle of this and my hair was flourishing. I live in a dry area and wear my hair in an afro most of the time. This gave my hair a lot of strength and it didn't have to use a lot of leave-in conditioner. I stopped because of cost. It was a regret. I'm staying with this brand. It's expensive. It works well. I did damage to my hair trying inferior products. All the pieces were wrapped in bubble wrap. There was no damage. Attach the pump.

👤I bought both of these in a salon and had some left in the bottles.

👤I don't think this is the real thing. I had a lot of hair loss. It created a build up. Immediately noticed a difference after I stopped using. I missed the return window because I was waiting to run out of my previous conditioner. I have had good experiences with Kevin Murphy products on Amazon.

👤It's the only conditioner that works for curly hair.

👤This product leaves my hair soft and light.

👤My hair is falling out. I would love to come back.

👤I can order this on Amazon and get it in a few days. I have used this for over five years.

6. Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse Ounce

Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse Ounce

A conditioner. Hemsleya root is rich in Oleanolic Acid. Restores and strengthens hair. The item package has dimensions of 9.0" L x 6.0" W x 3.0" H.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤It is hard to believe that I was sent a conditioner that was not sealed and that it left my hair greasy despite being thoroughly washed. I returned it. I wouldn't recommend purchasing from this buyer. I got this rinse from my salon after I returned it, and it was a bit whiter in appearance than the product I was sent from Amazon, but I was able to confirm that the bottle from the salon has a seal.

👤This isn't legit. The conditioner is usually white, but it has a weird yellow color. I held them next to each other because I had a little bit left in the bottle I got from the salon. They look the same. My hair feels different after using it. It was dry and brittle. I will not be buying anything else from this seller.

👤It's worth the money if you have fine hair. This product adds volume without being sticky. It contains a more natural hair product.

👤The label on the product was worn like it had been used in a shower. The plumping wash had no seal when I bought it from a store. I can not tell if this is the correct product or not because I have never used it before. I'm returning the product.

👤The product seems great and I like what it did for my hair. I have sensitive skin and it made me angry.

👤I wanted to use this product, but the scent is overpowering. It is like a bottle of perfume on your head. There was a scent free option.

👤These arrived without seals.

👤I was on vacation in Texas. The hair salon recommended that I have thin hair. This product is not sold in Charlotte, NC or in stores.

👤A great product. Your hair is growing out.

👤It would definitely recommend it.

👤Nun ist bestellt. Ich finde so angenehm, wie es hier beschreiben, aber es hat ja. Es ist die Haare. Ich dadurch nun weniger Haarverlust bzw. Haare bekomme, Ich ist dato, Ich ist es, wenig benutzt. Einziger Punktabzug ist, die bei uns ist. Is the Kondenz selbst fnfssig ist? Man kein Pumper exra. Leider war hier kein Pumper. Ich ist die Flasche leer.

7. Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse Coloured

Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse Coloured

This is a weightless volumising conditioner that increases regrowth of hair. This protects and protects hair without weighing it down. This is free of harmful substances. Angel can treat brittle and broken hair. Kevin, rinse. Murphy's volumizing conditioning rinse is made to soothe and protect hair. The volumizing conditioner doesn't weigh hair down.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤The bottle was not sealed from the manufacturer. There was tape over the cap so it wouldn't leak during shipping. Who knows if the product was tampered with. The product is not the same color as the one I bought at the salon, and the seal is missing. The results after using are not the same. I wish I'd looked more closely before ordering. The product is not returnable.

👤This is a great product for my hair. I have been a fan of Kevin Murphy for at least 8 years. It would be great if it were still carried in a local salon. The rinse has a great quality that allows my hair to grow out and not clump together, and it has a nice shine. The supplier delivered as promised. I am relieved that it doesn't seem altered or watered down from what I'm used to. According to some reviews, this seems to happen with some suppliers. Thanks for a very fine transaction.

👤The reviews said they received fake products and the shipping window was long. It came quicker than thought. Very happy! This is the conditioner if you need to repair your hair. It took six months for it to work. She was able to lighten my hair and make it gray. I have used a lot of different conditioners and this one works the best. I can't tell if it's a synthetic scent or not. I think I can always tell. I won't use soap in public restrooms to avoid getting synthetic fragrance on my hands, which my nose complains doesn't go away for 24 hours.

👤I knew it was unlikely that I would get a real Kevin Murphy on Amazon. I was feeling desperate because of the closing of the salon in my area. I have used this conditioner for years and it is not authentic. It doesn't smell right, it's not the right color, and it doesn't leave my hair bouncy like the real thing. I am too lazy to return it, but I wanted to warn everyone.

👤I use Kevin Murphy hair products directly from the salon and they leave my hair healthy and smooth. I realized this is not the real Kevin Murphy product after using it for a month. My hair is not conditioned. I wish I could get my money back. Never again.

👤The large size is a great value but a bottle that large and tall should come with a pump, especially at this price point. The 90 degree turn at the neck of the bottle is silly form. I like the product for my gray hair.

👤Excellent value and a great product!

👤A good conditioner. Very light! I needed a stronger defense for my hair.

👤I have been trying hundreds of conditioners for my hair and finally found one that doesn't strip the colour from it.

👤It feels amazing and tangle free.

👤It smells great.

8. KEVIN MURPHY Preservatives Multicolor AD484

KEVIN MURPHY Preservatives Multicolor AD484

A complex of 20 Amino Acids, Bamboo and Lotus are used to strengthen hair. It's mixed with mango seed oils to tame hair. The Kakadu Plum extracts are highly concentrated with natural Vitamins C and K.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤I bought the Kevin Murphy Young Again wash and rinse from different sellers. The shrink-wrapped, protective cover on the bottle opening made the smell good. There was no shrink-wrap, the bottle was scratched up, and there was no cover on the bottle opening when the rinse arrived. There was no scent with the conditioner. I regret using it because I think it was not authentic. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤I used this product in my salon and it was great. This vendor ordered it. It is a poor quality conditioner in a bottle. Consistency, quality, and fragrance are some of the things that come to mind. This is a product switch. Don't buy from this vendor.

👤Product purchased from a salon is not the same as product purchased from a store.

👤It smells good. It makes my hair look good.

👤The real conditioner was not what it looked like. My hair was stiff and waxy. I had to go to a salon to get my hair done.

9. Kevin Murphy Young Again Conditioner

Kevin Murphy Young Again Conditioner

The item package has a dimensions of 8.6 The package weight is 2.5 lbs. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤My hair has been missing since I moved, and I used to get Kevin Murphy products from my old salon. Kevin Murphy doesn't like over the counter hair products. It was nice to be able to find them online. My hair is back to being easy to manage.

👤It was not real KM but it smelled good. Not authentic. Very upset with the price.

👤Awesome products! My hair looks great. I have been buying these products for a couple of years now and I love them.

👤I have bought this before from my hair salon. I bought from this seller on Amazin because of the price. This is not the real thing. My hair was sticky and waxy. I had to wash my hair several times to get rid of the waxy feeling. This is not a real product.

👤The bottle has the wrong liquid in it. I've been using this conditioner since it came out and it's not the right one. The liquid is the color of clay, and it is white. It was very strange.

👤This product is good for the hair and the scalp.

👤What a great product! Before Kevin Murphy products, I had to have my hair straightened daily. This conditioner is good for my hair. I don't have to do anything after blow drying most of the time.

👤It seems to leave my hair stiff. It was gross and unmanageable. I have been using other products in the brand without any issues and I expect more from it.

10. Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Kakadu Infused

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Kakadu Infused

The packlage is 12L x 9W x 4H.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤I used to work in a hair salon that carried Kevin Murphy and I can tell you that this product is fake. I live in Hawaii and it is hard to get Kevin Murphy here, so I thought I would buy directly from them. It smells like alcohol and is not real.

👤I have been buying this product for a long time and it appears to me that it is a different product than the one I have been buying.

👤This is not a real product. I've been using this conditioner for a long time and I know what it smells like. This isn't it! The original product has an amazing scent. I received a product that looked like hand lotion. The scent was terrible. This product is nothing like the Kevin Murphy product, so don't waste your money on it.

👤The product was a plum color. The product I bought was white. Didn't think it was real.

👤Kevin Murphy products are the best I have ever used. My hair is in great shape and the scent is great. My hair was damaged from color treatments and is now soft and healthy.

👤I use Kevin Murphy products a lot. This product is not real to me. The packaging and color of the product are different from my previous ones. I order off Amazon for convenience. Will not be doing that again.

👤I have used this for a long time. Medium length hair only requires a small amount. It is a bit expensive but worth it. Good ingredients.

👤Kevin Murphy products are beautiful. I get more comments on this rinse than on my Le Labo fragrance. When you run your fingers through the shower, it will instantly decongest your hair. I have dry hair and it helps to keep my color from fading.

👤I love Kevin Murphy products and Hydrate Me leaves my hair soft, shiny and in good condition, I am in my 50's with colour treated hair. My daughter uses Angel wash and her hair is lush.

👤I bought some hair products. The package was well packaged and arrived on time. The hair looks lovely. You only need a small amount. I use the Easy Rider product to give my hair texture. It's a good recommendation.

👤Excellent product and service.

11. Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Kakadu Infused

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Kakadu Infused

Normal to dry hair can be washed with a super smoothing and hydrating wash. The hair is a healthy glow due to the fact that this is still packed with oxidants.

Brand: Kevin Murphy

👤This isn't a genuine Kevin Murphy product. The consistency of the product is not the same as the one I bought from my hairdresser, and the container was not sealed. It has been changed. I don't normally write reviews but in this case I don't want anyone else to waste their money.

👤I have had a mediocre experience after purchasing this product from this vendor. I wish I'd read the post first. I have used this product in the past from my hairdresser. I purchased online to save time because I haven't had time to go to her shop. Mistake... I am pretty sure that this product has been altered, the color is not the same as it is when I buy a bottle from my hairdresser, and it is not as creamy as it is when I buy a bottle from my hairdresser. When I wash and conditioning my hair, it doesn't feel as good. I was concerned that the bottle had something on it. There is a paper/foil seal on the bottle when I buy from my salon. The bottle did not. I'm going to stop using it because my hair isn't the same, I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. I'm interested in purchasing beauty products on line. I will not purchase here again, I think that's what I get for cutting corners.

👤I have been using this rinse for a long time and when I received this bottle it was filled with a substance that wasn't Kevin Murphy hydrating! It looked like someone had taken out the original product and filled it with something else that was not the same color, scent, or consistency as the original product. Total ripoff!

👤I have used Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me for a long time and it is not Kevin Murphy - Hydrate Me. It has a different smell, it has a different color, it has a different texture, and it doesn't condition the way Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me does.

👤Does what it says will happen. The smell is beautiful. The rinse from Kevin Murphy is one of the things I love. My hair has become brittle since I used this rinse. It is very soft and easy to care for. It works great with color treated hair. I find that using Kevin Murphy products gives my hair all the benefits without leaving a lot of heavy residual like other brands have, making it possible to wash and condition my hair less frequently.

👤I love this conditioner. It is worth the price. I love it even though I wish it smelled better. The update from 2016 is here. I bought this product from my hair dresser. Both are the same. My original rinse came with a pump. I bought a rinse from my hair salon. She may have thought I had one. I still like this product. I buy from Amazon when I forget to order more from my salon. Any other condition can be compared.

👤This product is not real. I would have liked to read reviews on the weird bottle no seal, smell and product.


What is the best product for kevin murphy repair me rinse?

Kevin murphy repair me rinse products from Kevin Murphy. In this article about kevin murphy repair me rinse you can see why people choose the product. Kevin Murphy and Kevin Murphy are also good brands to look for when you are finding kevin murphy repair me rinse.

What are the best brands for kevin murphy repair me rinse?

Kevin Murphy, Kevin Murphy and Kevin Murphy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for kevin murphy repair me rinse. Find the detail in this article. Km, Kevin Murphy and Kevin Murphy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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