Best Laminate Flooring Kit Repair

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1. Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

A set of wooden fillers has 12 different colors. Provide a solution for wood furniture stain and scratch repair. Also, note: The wooden furniture repair kit is used to fix furniture. Blending the color to match the furniture could make it less noticeable. If you want to repair small dents or cracks, please dry it with a hair dryer and air dry it for a few days. DIVERSE FINISHES: There are 12 different colors, including white, black, oak, black walnut, yellow sanalwood, and grey. You don't need to worry about finding the right color to match your furniture because you can match the colors as you please. They provide clear instructions so you don't have to worry about operating difficulties. No glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set is needed, just squeeze the repair filler into the repaired area, and use the tail scraper to smooth the surface. The furniture repair kit has high-quality formula materials that can easily blend with the furniture surface, dry quickly and last permanently. It's a great way to repair wood shears. It's good for scratches on the surface of wood. There are various damages, such as debris, cracks, dents, holes, pet marks and wear. No professionals are required to repair the furniture. Make your furniture new again by saving money and time. 100% SATisFACTORY SERVICE: Warm tips. If you find that the color is too dark, gently apply and wipe it off. It is best to mark or mix colors where you can't see, so you don't have to worry about it being inappropriate. If their products make you unhappy, please contact them, they will give you 100% satisfactory service.

Brand: Seisso

👤When I wanted to check the touch-up, I had to look for a few minutes to find the spot. That tells me that it's doing its job. This is just paint. It doesn't really fill a hole in your furniture, in my experience. If you have deeper nicks, I'd suggest a different product or a real wood filler. I wouldn't recommend following the application instructions. The back of the tube is where the paint is. Since this is paint, grab a small paintbrush and use it where it's needed. To wipe off excess cotton, use a damp cotton swab.

👤I bought it to fix scratches on wood products made of different wood and stained in different colors. I was wondering if I could fix the wide spectrum of wood since my wood and colors were all over the place on the color and saturation scale. I didn't use any special tools. I took a small plate and a couple old tshirts. I took my plate next to the wood that I needed to touch up and set my kit in a row from light to dark. I picked the closest matching tube to the wooden piece. I squeezed some on the plate. I had a small job. I used a small plastic dough scrapper for this job. I decided if I needed to add lighter tones or darker tones or more brown or black or white, I would take it from there. It's like mixing paint for painting. If you want to match the color, you just have to add a little bit. I was not worried about the process because I could change the touch up color I wanted. If it was too dark. I could either remove half of the dark paint and add more light tones or I could start over with a new spoonworth of paint. I would apply the wood filling the scratch and remove any excess once I was happy with my colors. I would wipe off anything that was outside the scratch once it filled the gap. The clean up of the colors was very easy and they did not leave any staining or dulling. It was perfect. It gets easier as you get used to the colors and you know which way to mix it. Go slow in mixing. It is easier to lighten the sample by adding a bit of a dark paint than it is to add a lot of lighter paint. It takes a lot of paint to fix a scratch. I was able to fix a small area of paw floor scratches with a small amount of match color. It was about a square yard. Some jobs were small, like a few scratches or tinny dents, and all of them looked perfect. I am very pleased with the end result because I no longer can see the flaws. The areas I fixed look great. A Kindergarten kid can do it because it is just about having fun with mixing paints, and you don't really need any previous experience to do it. Totally stress free activity. If you want to be more confident before you take a more precious piece, I would recommend you to take an old piece of wood that has a stain finish and scratch it with something and then practice fixing the color. It will build your confidence and you will have a feel of how to approach your precious piece and you will see if you are happy with the end result. I am very pleased with the purchase and the results.

2. WearMax Scratch Concealer Luxury Flooring

WearMax Scratch Concealer Luxury Flooring

It is designed for Click or tongue andgroove flooring. The WearMax Scratch Concealer can be used on vinyl tile floors. When the top is pierced, most luxury vinyl tile floors scratch white. Crystallization of the flooring finish causes the white line. The WearMax Scratch Concealer can be used on vinyl tile floors. When the top is pierced, most luxury vinyl tile floors scratch white. Crystallization of the flooring finish causes the white line. WearMax Scratch Concealer is a repair treatment that reseals the top layer on luxury vinyl tile floors. The product will cure to become a part of the flooring finish. All the alternative repair solutions wash away. WearMax Scratch Concealer won't remove the scratch or fill in dents. The white line will be eliminated and the damaged finish sealed to reduce the visibility of most abrasions. WearMax Scratch Concealer can be cured under regular interior lighting. Increase the amount of light to reduce total dry time. Only use as directed. Please follow the instructions on the bottle to maximize the performance of this product. Only use as directed. Please follow the instructions on the bottle to maximize the performance of this product.

Brand: Wearmax

👤When the house was completely empty, I installed my luxury vinyl plank floors, so we scratched things up a bit when the furniture moved in. I am not happy about how easy it is to scratch my floor. I tried rubbing alcohol that the manufacturer recommended, but it didn't work out, leaving a white looking scratch. I tried coloring it, but it seemed to wash off quickly. I searched online and found this. The scratches are still there, but the product removed the white part completely from my scratches. It took me a while to locate the scratch in order to take the last picture. I am no longer afraid to move on the floor.

👤You might think this does work, but it does. My sub contractor dragged our appliances on because I have a brand new flooring. This flooring was not cheap. My sub wouldn't pay for the fix cost so it was either pay $600 from the flooring company to replace it or give this a try. The scratches were not very deep. They were easy to notice. We decided to give it a try and if it didn't work we would pay for a new one. It worked perfectly because it was exactly what the directions said. My wife says she can see it when she is close to the floor, but from someone walking in, there is nothing to see.

👤I ordered this product for our luxury vinyl flooring after we had to move the refrigerator and the wheels left two skid marks on four different planks. The white line was caused by the scratches on the CoreTec flooring. I followed the directions. There are pictures of the difference before and after. This product is not intended to fill deep cut grooves. The only way to see the scratches is to stand in a spot with the right lighting. I would suggest that you go back 30-40 minutes after application to get a clean lint free cloth. This will help to remove any sheen that the concealer may have added.

👤My wife gave me this scratch cleaner after one of my grand kids rubbed my bifocals all over the wall without asking. I bought them because they were expensive and they work great. It cleaned the glasses. What else can it do if it can fix scratches on my lens? This stuff can't fix all the scratches. I used it on my car after some punk wrote "turnt" on it at the Lowe's and it made it invisible. I used it on my leather boots that were a bit damaged, but they look great. My wife says she has been using it on our teflon skillets and they look brand new, the grandkids messed them up trying to cook pennies and bolts. Pick up a bottle. 5 cleft scalpels are 5 stars.

👤This product doesn't do anything to your floors. I tried everything. Even applying it in a dark room to prevent curing. I had some brown shoe polish that I applied to the other half. There are faint lines in the bottom half of my picture. Those are the ones that have shoe polish. The lines that look like brand new scratches were fixed with the scratch concealer. Don't waste your money on this.

3. OBerry Counter Snap Wood Floors

OBerry Counter Snap Wood Floors

Wax-free, solvent-free. There are 50 screws in this kit for stopping squeaks. It's easy to follow instructions with one driver. The floor boards and squeaks are stopped by this kit. The screw snaps below the top of the hardwood when driven through the fixture. A wood filler can be used to fill the small hole. A wood filler can be used to fill the small hole.

Brand: Squeeeeek No More

👤The house is old. 160 years old, old. There were areas of the original wood floors that were loud when you stepped on them due to the shifting and age of the house. The threshold of our kitchen and living room was the most annoying. Over the last century, someone finished the basement and used concrete board on the ceiling, so trying to address the squeaks from below was out of the question. Everyone in the house would be able to see if the product turned out well, so I was worried about it. It worked well. I've outlined the steps and tips that I uncovered over the course of using all 50 of these screws. The most important part was this. I highly recommend using a stud finder. If you try to guess or use the "knock on the floor method" there is a good chance you will have a bad time. I bought a magnetic stud finder and it works perfectly. The small hole on the narrow end of the plastic guide is where the pilot hole should be drilled. This kept the drill from hitting the wood. While the box recommends using a drill bit, I found that I was having quite a few screws not break when they were supposed to, and just spin. I had a better chance of success when I went down a size. I didn't end up with a single crack because every one snapped like it was supposed to after that. The screw should be snapped using the provided plastic guide. If it doesn't snap when it bottoms out, back it out and try a different one. I switched to a smaller pilot hole after this. The fill stick or wood filler is needed to cover the small hole. I liked using a Varathane wood fill stick. Wait for the wood to dry, sand lightly, and stain/paint as needed, if you used a wood filler. And that was it! After the first few, I was able to complete this process in about 3 minutes. In case something doesn't make sense, I have included a picture of the process. If you need to get rid of those annoying squeaky floors, I highly recommend this product.

👤This seemed to be the best solution for my hardwood floor. I now understand why some people say it works well and others complain that it doesn't work, because these screws fix only the hardwood floor to the sub-floor and not the sub-floor to the studs. The A- and B-Style screws are on the website. I could see the wood block moving slightly when pressing, but the broader area moved when I stepped on it, so it was easy to identify if it was a problem of floor/sub-floor or sub-floor/studs. I was able to remove the floor/sub-floor squeaks with only one screw per wood block. The A-style screws are needed to solve the other squeaks. Let me know if you think I got this wrong, I hope this was helpful. Thanks!

4. SEISSO Furniture Touching Laminate Hardwood

SEISSO Furniture Touching Laminate Hardwood

The compound wood paint can be used with any wood furniture. The soft tube design is very easy to use to cover small scratches, cracks, and scorch. The wood furniture polish is surface fast drying, no heat is required, it can form film on the wooden surface in about 20 minutes, but it needs taking 24 hours to harden completely. The 12 colors wood furniture repair kit has the best furniture polish for wood. There are 12 different colors of wood furniture to match. The tube has 20 grams in it. The high grade wood scratch removal is made of natural resin and has a beautiful sheen. It is not easy to fade. It is not easy to fall off. This repair paste is not suitable for a frequentlytrodden surface. SEISSO will make sure you are happy with their wood repair kit. Their 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee protects you from being asked about a replacement or refund. If there is a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Seisso

👤This isn't a wood product, it's a toothpaste consistency. This is not a good color for my coffee table. I don't know how much drying time is needed or if multiple coats can be built up to fill an indentation. Save your money and get a real wood substitute. I could have gone to a craft store that would have acted the same as I did.

👤The kitchen cabinets were cracked and discolored, but I filled them in and they looked brand new. They should hire me for the company because I would love to show what I have done in more detail.

👤I needed something to cover up the spots after spilling nail polish on my table. I had to mix a few colors because my table is a really funky off gray and this worked great. You can't tell I messed up the table. The stuff saved some expensive furniture. To get the right color for your furniture piece, you should use a scrap piece of wood.

👤I ordered this set for the white tube of touch upfiller to repair some nicks in the white cabinets in our kitchen, we just moved into a condo we purchased, and although the place was in relatively great shape, there were parts of the apt. That was showing some wear and tear. I found uses for several of the other colors in order to fill in, as well as surface color, some furnishings that had some chips and scuffs, even though the white worked great on the cabinets. The tubes worked.

👤The variety of colors is nice, but I wish more came with it. I used this to get the color match I needed. There wouldn't have been enough in the tube.

👤It took a lot of product for one small scratch because the colors didn't match up. Not a fan.

👤This stuff was amazing. Highly recommended! When we moved our refrigerator, it scratched my new flooring. If you purchase this, you will not be sorry.

👤The colors and value of the money.

5. All Splendid Laminate Furniture Flooring

All Splendid Laminate Furniture Flooring

Once cured, the waterproof is 100% waterproof. To consolidate wood first, use TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy. There are two sizes: 2-Pint and 2-Quart Kit. Each kit has the same parts in Part A and Part B. 6 colors wax to be mixed. It works on wood and furniture. A scratch tool is used to finish a repair. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Brand: All Splendid You Can Make It

👤If you have the patience, it is a great product. There were some nasty scratches on the floor. It came out well, but I could have made it disappear. I have left a lot of things that will probably be used to repair more floors and countertops.

👤The quality and colors are not normal. I wouldn't recommend buying again.

6. Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

It's easy to apply. Just wipe it off. The scratch has gone away like a firework. The set includes two sets of their most powerful home improvement repair compounds. White, Black, Maple, Cherry, Gray, Mahogany, and Oak are some of the common colors to match your home. You can blend different colors to match your decor. Restore Interventions are similar to a pro and can restore nicks, scuffs, and discoloration on furniture. It's a good idea to revive vintage furNITURE quickly and cleanly. The included brush will allow you to pack your wood filler into the blemish. Remove any excess and let it dry. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime.

Brand: Katzco

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I'm really happy with this product. We had our kitchen and living room renovated last year. A lot of edge chipping happened out of the blue. The installer promised to fix things, but never did. The floors were made worse by the fact that we got a medium sized golden retriever puppy. There are a lot of scratches and wood chipping. I thought I would give this product a try. The floors were not even 2 years old. I tried the crayons, but they didn't do very well. Then tried the colored wood. The included colors weren't a good match for me because I had a dark walnut color wood, but mixing the black and mahogany colors together made a very acceptable match. The best way to work with wood paint is to use a brush and a damp paper towel to lightly remove the excess paint after about 30 seconds. The paint can bond with the wood and the excess can be wiped off. I tried on a few easy spots to start and worked my way up to the more challenging pieces. It was easy after the first 30 minutes. The product was very good and definitely recommend it.

👤Our cross country move had a lot of damage this summer. The loaders were terrible. Most of our furniture was less than 4 years old. I found this kit online and it saved our furniture. I used wax crayons for some repairs. There are many options for repair in this kit. If one method doesn't work, try something else and wipe it off before it dries. Many repair kits do not have grey in it.

👤I had a hole in my floor that was bothering me for a long time, if you didn't get close to the ground, you can't see it after I fixed it. I mixed colors and used the brush to create some texture and grain. I am pretty happy!

👤It was easy to use and made a huge difference. I dropped a pot on my wood floors which caused a scratch on one of the pictures I use, but you can't tell that there is something wrong with the floors. I would recommend this for minor wood repairs.

👤The new engineered hardwood floors looked terrible after my kids dragged the kitchen stools over them. I followed the instructions and used the lightest shade. I wiped off the scratched/ damaged part immediately after I colored it, so that I could blend it in with the cloth provided. When necessary, I repeated these steps a few times. The floors look great, I can't believe it. I was able to save them with a 10 minute fix. The color of my Swiffer Wetjet has stayed the same since then. I have felt pads on the bottoms of my chairs to help me touch up the furniture in the house. Follow the directions carefully and you will be pleased. Here is a before and after picture.

7. Katzco Furniture Repair Wood Markers

Katzco Furniture Repair Wood Markers

To get a 3rd color, combine colors. The 17 piece kit includes 8 repair markers, 8 paper wrapped wax crayons, and 1 wax stick sharpener. There are 8 unique colors that match the color of your furniture. You don't need to call a professional to fix your furniture. Become a pro yourself. There are top quality markers and wax sticks that cover scratches, nicks, and discoloration on furniture, cabinets, tables, beds and more. It is 100% effective and permanent. Simply draw over the scratch, allow it to quickly dry, and watch the scratches disappear right before your eyes. All types of wooden furniture are safe to use with these. The included sharpener can be used to sharpen the wax sticks. Simply draw over the scratch, allow it to quickly dry, and watch the scratches disappear right before your eyes. All types of wooden furniture are safe to use with these. The included sharpener can be used to sharpen the wax sticks.

Brand: Katzco

👤It took us almost a year to teach our new dog not to jump up on the back door. He did a lot of scratching in the first picture. I bought the marker kit to fix the scratches. I used a lighter color on the scratches. I had to cover them again. It took me about 10 minutes to do it, because you can see that in the second picture. I tried to fill in the scratches with the wax crayons I bought, but they didn't work. It's possible but takes a lot of work, according to a review. I don't notice the scratches unless I'm looking for the defects. This was the job I wanted. I bought the bigger pack because I have white painted furniture. The marker was on a spot. I tried the white crayon after putting on coat after coat. It's not as obvious if you're not looking for the chip. I would have liked it to fill in the color.

👤This is the second time I have purchased the furniture repair kit. I bought the 13 piece set back in April and was amazed at how well it worked. I decided to purchase a 17 piece set which included the two colors I have in my house. The white and gray touch-ups did not meet my expectations. Those who need to make stain touch-ups should buy the 13 piece set. You should buy touch-up paint for gray and white painted surfaces.

👤These are great markers for furniture or anything that you want to clean. My daughter spilled something on my table. My cats scratched the baseboards. The oak color did not match perfectly but I am happy with the results. Looks better. It's fun to look at the scratches on the furniture and see how they look after you fix them.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The scratches on our wood floor and dining table have been driving me crazy for years. I ordered these because I finally decided to do something about them. If they were never there, the scratches were gone. I know that this product worked for me, even though I don't know how it compares to other products on the market. When there wasn't a direct match, I made a mistake in choosing a lighter color. The instructions say to use a soft cloth to wipe up excess, but I might also have a soft cloth that you've already used. It may wipe off more than you intended, but it seems to lead to better blend. I would purchase again.

👤The package suggests Maple is the lightest wood, but I found it too warm and had better results with Oak. If you want to wipe off excess color, use a Clorox wipe. I let it sit for a second and then wiped most of it away so that it wouldn't stain the room. It's not as obvious because of a decent job providing color within the scratch. The wax sticks are a joke. They don't do anything.

8. REALINN Wood Furniture Repair Kit

REALINN Wood Furniture Repair Kit

You can repair all levels of damage to wood furniture by yourself with the kit. There are 8 touch up markers, 1 wood putty, 1 beewax, 2 brushes, 2 sandpaper, 1 sponge and 1 scraper. Damages such as scratches, chips, cracks, holes and discoloration on wooden floors, doors and furniture can be repaired. Smooth the surface with a scraper after applying the filler into the cracks. The markers can be used to draw wood grain. There are 12 unique colors, including White, Black, Light Gray, White Maple, Yellow Maple, Deep Pine, Earthy Yellow, Yellow Teak, Red Cherry, Cedar, Dalbergia, and walnuts. There are 8 colors of the touch up markers. High quality furniture repair markers are permanent and effective.

Brand: Realinn

👤Purchase some wood markers and wood filler. There is no color mixing guide. You have to guess. It was tried on both hardwood and laminate. Both were very noticeable.

👤The only problem with this stuff is when I open the box and the wax had leaked all over the inside of the box, it was a mess I had to clean up before I could use it. They need to package it better.

👤Not what I expected. I couldn't use wood putty anymore after I opened the container and it solidified.

👤Excellent value. The substance works well. This product has a lot of things that you would need to touch up. It's easy to use. Thanks. I buy this product again.

👤I'm not very handy or artistic, but I was able to use this product on a Vanity to fix where it had gotten wet. It was easy to match the wood color with a couple of tests. My hope is that the bees wax will protect the wood. If it happens again, we have the kit that can be used on other wood furniture. Nice product. Thanks!

👤The kit provides materials to fill in with coloring agents to match most common wood finishes via felt-tip markers, crayons and wood fill material.

👤It's easy to use and a nice package.

👤This set is great for touchups and fills.

9. CalFlor FL49133 TileFix Custom

CalFlor FL49133 TileFix Custom

What you get is a plastic mallet and floor gap fixer. Repairs for tile, stone, marble and more. Unlike other solutions, TileFix offers formulas for popular shades of white, beige, gray, blue, green and more. The kit has subtle tones and grain matching. The opportunity for a finish using the included lacquer. Save money by using this kit for multiple repairs. Water Cleanup when wet is an all-inclusive kit. Water Cleanup when wet is an all-inclusive kit.

Brand: Calflor

👤This product is amazing. I used it on the floor in the kitchen. The house is over 40 years old and had some cracks in the tile. I am a first time home owner and am fixing things, since I can't afford to replace the floor. There is proof in the pictures. I mixed it myself because I didn't see a match for my floor. I used 2 drops of the Tint C to fill the dish and it was a goldish color. I had a lot of cracks and mixed 4 batches. I took about an hour and a half to catch the first part. Wait until it dries for the clear coat. I'm very excited. It looks great.

👤I decided to try this CalFlor stuff because of the deep gash on my slate floors, which was low cost. I carefully packed the gash after watching some videos online. I have heated floors so it dry quickly. I followed the instructions and made a mixture of gray and tan. I was satisfied because I couldn't see the gash. I decided to wipe it off with a wet towel because I had some leftover from the gash. Do not do this! I had to start again after it wiped off all my paint. I think I need to put the lacquer layer on it for it to set. I loved the results after starting over. I put a thin layer of lacquer on top and it is currently drying. I plan on putting a couple more layers on top to make sure I don't have to do anything when I mop. I know how to paint, I have trained in painting, so I do. I don't think you need painting knowledge, but you need to take your time and go from light to dark.

👤The tiles in the foyer have cracked over time. They can't be replaced because they've been discontinued. I'm very happy to have found this product which has made a big difference in obscuring the cracks. I would be a better artist if I was more patient. I think I did a decent job at it, even though the result would probably be better. Blending and color matching make it look natural. One of the tiles had a large chip and it worked out well. The linear cracks are the ones that are more difficult to obscure, but the defects are less obvious and this kit is worth it's price.

👤Kit works well. They give you a lot of mix and colors. I would suggest a few tips. 1. If the hole is deeper than 1/16th of an inch, I would suggest filling it with plain white compound. You can mix the color and see if you are close. The paste shrinks if the hole is too deep. You will have to do at least 2 layers. 2. The color should be dark when it dries. Don't worry if it looks too light. 3. It is difficult to get the color right, so be prepared to do it a few times.

10. Furniture Markers Upgrade Scratches Hardwood

Furniture Markers Upgrade Scratches Hardwood

There is a furniture repair kit with 8 touch up markers and wax sticks. Markers and wax sticks come in 8 different colors - maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, white, gray and black. Match the colors of your furniture. You don't need a professional to repair your furniture. It has a wide range of uses, it is very easy to fill the scratch, discoloration, hole or separation gaps, it is ideal for any kind of wooden furniture. Dry in seconds, no more visible scratches, dents, should be in everyone's home. If you are not satisfied with their products, please contact them, they will give you a refund or exchange service so that you can buy at ease.

Brand: Dewel

👤You need to practice using this set on pieces of furniture that you don't care about. It works great once you know how much to apply and when to wipe it off. We have two rambunctious kids, so there was a lot of damage to our furniture, so I spent almost an entire day walking around fixing it. Our farmhouse style uses all kinds of looks, so I used almost all the marker colors. Our furniture is brand new. I was not expecting it to work on our cabinets and bookshelves. I messed up a few pieces at first. I suggest you immediately wipe/dab with a paper towel when using the markers. Continue until you get the effect you want. If it's not dark enough, you can always add another coat, but if you wait too long to wipe the defects off, they will absorb too much of the stain and make the piece look darker. Being conservative pays off because I noticed a lot of variation in how the wood took up the stain between my furniture pieces. I mixed a few markers to get the match I wanted. Came out well! I don't think the crayons are helpful, though I think other customers do. If your wood furniture is in a room that gets a lot of natural light, it is likely that you will be able to see the difference in colors between the touched up area and the original stain. There is no way to get an exact match. This kit is close. I don't mind this because I'd rather it be close than expose the natural wood underneath. Nobody got time for that, so the only other option would be to sand and restAIN the entire piece.

👤There is a shade for almost every piece of wood furniture in my house. The price was great. It is starting to blow my mind how I can get everything I need on Amazon.

👤My son used to chew. I repaired his destruction when we were outside of that phase. I did it in a few minutes. It could have looked better if I had been more careful. No one would know to look for the repair. I know it is there, but I don't think the random person will notice.

👤Update at the end! I was trying to find every scratch fix after receiving these. The coloring on furniture and markers was fun. These are must haves in homes. Even though I didn't purchase the package for the white marker, I have finally tested it. Try a different one if you want to get the white one. The white marker didn't do anything on my walls or wood trim. I tried to use the white crayon on it, but it took off the white marker on it. I still love this product, but not for the white marker.

👤I used the markers on my son's house. The cabinets were scratched. The cherry pool table is also included. . The scratches did not show after using the markers. I recommend starting with the closest color in a small area of the wood and wiping with cotton cloth to blend in. Try to put a small amount of marker ink on the scratch. It needs to blend in so that it doesn't look like you tried to cover it up. This seller has no issues and fast delivery. If you want to cover up an off white color, you will need to find an off white.

11. Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer Fills

Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer Fills

Made in the USA, works on hardwood, vinyl, tile, Linoleum, Terracotta and more. The easy mop-on application provides up to 50% more traction. The low VOC floor restorer is perfect for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and hallway floors. It's perfect for residential and commercial use.

Brand: Rejuvenate

👤I made the mistake of using this product on my entire first floor, which is ceramic tile that looks like hardwood flooring. This can't be used in a kitchen or bathroom where it can get wet. I have 2 small dogs who splash water when they drink, so that leaves spots as well. There is a Water stains can be left on the floor if it isn't wiped up immediately. These stains cannot be removed. Customer service told me to use Windex and non-abrasive scrubbers. That didn't do anything. I had to get professional floor restorers to remove the product. I am writing this and they are here. They are still not done and have been for over two hours. The guy had to use his knees to do the work on the floor. They said to not use this product in areas that don't get wet. It will need to be re-applied as it will start to wear off. I had my floors fixed for almost $500. I will not use this product again. I hope this will help someone.

👤I read reviews but never write them. I think this is my first one. As a veteran user of this product, I thought my experience helped first time buyers, and I saw some mixed reviews. I give it 4 starts because the reviews are not all bad. The positive reviews say that your floor will look amazing when you first use it, but it will fade away if you wash it. Even though I am a mother of 2 toddlers and wash my floors often, I still choose to use it. The floor looks great for the first couple of weeks, but after a few washes it needs a refresh. I apply it every few weeks. I still think the price is worth it, but it will only last as long as you don't mop your floors.

👤The floors look terrible. I have tried to make it look better by making it smudges and streaks, but it only makes it worse. I don't know how to get this stuff off my floor. Don't buy this. Don't make the same mistake I did.

👤I don't recommend this product for dark floors. You can't correct it because it leaves streaks. I noticed the company and was waiting for a reply.

👤I have spoken to 3 flooring companies who say that this is something they hear all the time and should be taken off the market.

👤I used to use Rejuvinate for a long time before I switched to Weiman. This product gives in just one coat and it is very durable. The coating lasts a year in high traffic areas. A single coat gives high shine and almost mirror finish. There are scratch marks and dents. There was no smell. I have used no other brand that gives the same shine orDurability after applying 3-4 coats. A bottle covered almost 800 sq ft. Even if you put multiple coats, the product doesn't build up. It is quicker in comparison to similar products. It's a tip. I prefer to apply it with a microfiber cloth with my hands than with a mop. The product spreads better with evenness. It works better in dry weather.


What is the best product for laminate flooring kit repair?

Laminate flooring kit repair products from Seisso. In this article about laminate flooring kit repair you can see why people choose the product. Wearmax and Squeeeeek No More are also good brands to look for when you are finding laminate flooring kit repair.

What are the best brands for laminate flooring kit repair?

Seisso, Wearmax and Squeeeeek No More are some of the best brands that chosen by people for laminate flooring kit repair. Find the detail in this article. Seisso, All Splendid You Can Make It and Katzco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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