Best Nail and Cuticle Repair Oil

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1. Onsen Secret Cuticle Conditioner Serum

Onsen Secret Cuticle Conditioner Serum

We tested different products on the market and discovered the weaknesses and made an improved and unique product that delivers a higher level of benefits. With their improved formula, they added Japanese Seaweed,Aloe Vera, Rich Bran Oil,Shea Butter, andVitamin E to make this nail oil the ultimate nail care must have. You can see the results instantly with Onsen Secret Cuticle Serum. They found the Hot Spring minerals in Japan after many years of research and spending time there. Every Onsen product has a core value of those minerals. They add an extra boost to all their products, which deliver incredible results to your nails fast. One of the most popular items in any nail care kit for women is their Formula for Optimum Treatment, a nail strengthener and repair cream that leaves no mess and is one of the most popular items in any nail care kit for women.

Brand: Onsen Secret

👤I had a manicure that tore up my nails so I had to do something to fix it. Within a week, my cuticles were back to normal after I ordered this cream. The fingers are very soft. The before and after photos were taken a week apart.

👤Absolutely amazing product. My hands and hands on my fingers are very dry in the winter. It hurts! I don't want to go through another winter with a feeling of embarrassment. It's within a week and a half. My nails look great again. Thanks for an awesome product! It is definitely worth the money.

👤After a month, I have no hangnails because I have replaced my bad habit of picking at my cuticles. Very happy with the product!

👤The tube makes it very easy to apply. It leaves no oil behind and has a pleasant scent. It's made in the USA and works. I would recommend it.

👤I bought this because I get manicures that are very rough when the polish is removed. The effects are obvious and almost immediate, and I have been using this cream for a while because my nails are weak and scratched after the polish is removed. My nails look less damaged when I apply this, and it helps me get them back to normal. It smells great and feels light on the fingers, unlike some other nail conditioners. It is well worth the price.

👤When I get my nails done, I use a dip polish. I did get them taken off because they were ruining my nails, but now I don't. She told me to give my hands a break after I did the dip polish because my nails were soft, but I knew I needed something that would help my nails. I followed the directions and my nails got better after two weeks. I'm so happy that it worked and I'm going to order another bottle of it.

👤I have to go on line for this product because I don't know where to buy it, but it is worth it. It was a thoughtful gift from my daughter in law, and she did what it said it would do for you. I wouldn't be without it. There is a product from Sally Hansen. That is in my husband's drawer. I remind him to use oil since his nails are split and his cuticles are dry. Since my husband does a lot of paper work, I send Onsen to work with him so he can continue to care for his nails at work, since Onsen isn't oily. Doesn't happen with onsen. I like the product. If there is enough to keep and use at home, I will do it for myself.

👤It works well and stops the nibbling. The scent doesn't linger. A generous tube that will last a long time. The product is good value and quality.

👤I bought this product in May 2020. I had a split in my thumb nail and it kept growing for a long time. The split could be seen from the tip of the nail. A Chinese nail bar glues it. It grew again. It's extremely annoying. The whole nail has healed after I found this cream and followed instructions. It's like a miracle. It works.

2. Blossom Scented Cuticle Infused Flowers

Blossom Scented Cuticle Infused Flowers

The blossom cuticle oil is very hydrating. There is a fresh floral scent. The bottle is their best selling bottle.

Brand: Blossom

👤I've been using this oil for three weeks. The only difference I can see is that I have more hang nails from dried cuticles. I wouldn't recommend this product. I will be using a pure essential oil instead of the usual olive oil.

👤I ordered the cherry. I thought it would be bigger for the price. It smells good. I bought this oil a couple of weeks ago. I don't think it's for me. It seems like it makes my nails brittle. I have to use it at least 3 times a day.

👤I bought this to see if it would make a difference. It did, to my surprise. I didn't know if I should put it on my nail alone or the whole nail. I applied it to the nails and the bicyle because I thought it was a nail polish. I wiped it off after a few minutes because the oil was still there. After a couple of hours, I noticed a difference in my nails. The smell isn't unpleasant and it helps with hydration. If you also suffer from dry cuticles, I would recommend this product.

👤I have been using this for a few days and it seems to work. After washing my hands, I apply it to my cuticles. The smell is very good.

👤I bought this product to help with my dry and cracking skin. I have bad cuticles and wearing acrylic nails makes them worse. The oil makes the dry parts of the acrylic look better blended into the real nail. It lasts a couple of hours. I believe the rose scent is a true rose scent. I would go with another scent if you don't like it, it does smell a bit more like an older woman's scent.

👤If used at night, it does a great job of smoothing the skin. The scent of a rose is wonderful. I ordered the small bottle to see if I liked it, and I would probably order a larger bottle again. The flowers are in a bottle. The brush is the only thing I don't like. It's too thin to get product on nails. The product is too thin. I prefer a brush over a dropper for applying oil. I would recommend it to a friend and they will probably order again.

👤This oil is great. I could tell a big difference after one use. The smell was good and I got the strawberry flavor. Not much, not very much. The bottle was smaller than expected, but that has been the only negative. I will get a lot of uses with this bottle alone. The flowers are pretty. It worked wonders for my nails. I would buy again. Highly recommend this one!

👤The oil in the background of the picture is important. It is a really nice oil. A little goes a long way. I have been using it for a week and a half and I love it.

3. Sally Hansen Treatment Cuticle Rehab

Sally Hansen Treatment Cuticle Rehab

This treatment calms and heals your cuticles. Reducces breakage helps restore dry cuticles with jasmine and rose extracts infused with vitamins E and C. It's important to make sure the nails and cuticles are always hydrated. It is easy to use and apply. Rub in the bottle and brush gel.

Brand: Sally Hansen

👤I wash my hands often at work. My nails are dry and ragged. Whenever I remember, I carry one of these in my pocket and apply it whenever I call. I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser at night. The two products are helping. I have to stop biting my dry nails.

👤The Sally Hansen cuticle rehab is already making a difference, I purchased it yesterday. It's an application brush that you can use to apply oil to your skin. I like the way the brush is applied, it makes the process mess free. The product is very absorbent and smells great. My nails get very dry and cracked and this has helped them. The size is also great because you can put it in your purse or office drawer and it won't get lost. This will help me this winter. This product is great value and was cheaper on here than at the pharmacy benefit manager.

👤This is a good cuticle rehab. The liquid mixture stayed where it was applied, and it was easy to use. The scent was pleasant and I liked the thickness of the liquid mixture. It didn't seem to absorb into my nail bed as well as the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab Oil Cuticle Balm. After using the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab Oil Cuticle Balm, my nail beds felt better, but there was a clear difference between how my nail beds felt after using this product and after I used the same product. I preferred the balm texture over the liquid ones. I bought this treatment along with the Sally and the scent was not appealing to me and the mixture on my skin seemed to sit on the surface of my skin more and did not absorb into my nail bed. I was surprised by the quality of the priducts of the OPI Pro Spa, but I would choose this product over it.

👤I decided to give this a try because my cuticles were very dry, cracked, peeling, hurting and bleeding and I had to write a review. It is amazing. I just ordered another one and plan to have one in stock all the time. It was very impressive and reasonably priced. Love it.

👤The gel works well. I thought the brush applicator would be a game-changer. The gel is thick. The bristles spread out when it comes out in the middle. It's not as precise as you think. I end up applying too much. It's a little messier than it seems. The instructions say to apply and then rub it in. You could just drop some oil on your nail and rub it in, and it would be quicker than tracing your nail beds. It works well. It is not useless. I think I can save a bit of time and money by going with something more basic. This is probably one of the few cuticle treatment options that has a low chance of leaking, seeping, or otherwise somehow unexplainably ending up in the bottle. You know what oils are. There is that. It seems like a very good purse. I didn't notice the scent at first. I had to smell it. It is heavenly. I would wear it as a perfume.

4. Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Honey Ounce

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Honey Ounce

Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil is a unique natural complex of rich oils to provide hydration, protection, and nourish dry, brittle, cracked cuticles, nails, and skin. Its lightweight and deep penetrating formula is created from high quality natural cold pressed oils and vitamins to provide intense hydration that replenishes and strengthens the cuticles and nails. This cuticle oil is made by beauty professionals and artisans and is made with milk and honey to soothe and hydration the skin. This cuticle oil is free of Parabens and Cruelty Free, and has carefully selected natural ingredients and plant-based Preservatives for a scentual spa experience right from the comfort of your own home. Cuccio has natural milk and honey. Cuccio Naturale's Luxury Spa Products include butters, Scrubs, Cuticle Oils and Whipped Cream for a decadent spa experience.

Brand: Cuccio

👤I have been using solar oil for a long time. It helped, but my nails still couldn't grow past a certain point. I bought this oil 3 weeks ago and my nails have grown longer. I use my hands all day. The bottle is large. Even though I apply several times a day, it will last me a long time. The scent is mild and not overpowering. I cleaned up my kitchen this morning. My nails might look a little dry since no oil has been applied.

👤I like the way this feels on my hand. I am a nervous picker at my cuticles and this reduces my desire to remove my damaged one and also relieves the pain I caused prior to application. I've never actually purchased this before and only had it applied when I get my nails done, but I definitely don't regret this purchase! The bottle has two different sitting options where you can sit it straight up or tilted, which makes it a hassle. I've tried to screw the cap back on, but the bottle keeps changing and spilling. I ruined one of the shirts I was wearing because the oil got on it and wouldn't come off. Love the product, but don't like the bottle.

👤This oil is great for nail technicians. It has a nice smell. The dropper is in the lid and causes it to leak. The price is good for the amount of oil you get but if you use it on a regular basis it will stop The Dropper from working.

👤The oil is light but still hydrating on my hands. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a oily film, and I love how light the scent is. I don't like scented things. I get my nails done a lot more frequently than I think. I like a clean manicure or a fresh set of nails. Before this, my favorite cuticle cream was the lemon butter one from Burts Bees. It is still my favorite because of how well it keeps my hands and cuticles healthy and also for the smell. I am done with this Cuccio oil. I think I spent $9 on the 2.5 liter bottle. The bottle is going to last forever. I use the oil on my desk because it's a quick way to get the extra care for my hands. I can apply it and rub it in during a call and be done by the time I get home so I can send an email or grab something off the printer.

👤This is a good product. It is absorbed quickly by the skin. The smell is nice and it has a lightweight texture. My nails are getting stronger because of my healthy cuticle. Very recommended!

👤My nails are healing. My nails are damaged. I have a daily ritual of applying oil to my nails and filing jagged edges on them, as well as painting them at the smallest amount of polish. I received this oil today and it was amazing. It soaks in very fast. If you work in a medical setting, the scent is clean and light. It smells like milk and honey softsoap if you've ever used it. The oil absorbs quickly. I was using a different oil that left my nails dry. I recommend anyone who would like to add a nice oil to their routine to check out this.

5. Super Nail Cuticle Oil Ounce

Super Nail Cuticle Oil Ounce

The item package is 6.35 cm long. The package width is 7.62 cm. The package is 13.97 cm high. The package weight is 0.249 kilogram.

Brand: Super Nail

👤This oil is made with only 2 ingredients, mineral oil and beta carotene. I was not expecting it to be so watery, but I thought it was a thicker oil like castor oil. The cuticle oil works. I put one application on when it arrived because my cuticles are very dry and ripped up from work. I got in the jacuzzi and did dishes after forgetting to put it on. I was going to put some on before I went to bed but my nails were still soft from the application earlier in the day. I will use this until it runs out because it works and is cheap.

👤There is a lot of oil here. It works great if I put it in a few of the little dropper bottles. My nails are soaking it up. I'm sensitive to strong scents and it's also unifier which is great for me. When I run out, I will definitely buy more.

👤It's mineral oil. I think this is better than a lot of other cuticle oils. It's baby oil. That's why it's so cheap.

👤This does not have the pleasant smell of the nail shop, but it has helped my cuticle. This doesn't bother me because it does the job. It is not stinky or scented.

👤I bought this oil to make my own scented oils. It was just received and mixed. I can't talk about longevity. I've been using the pen style cuticle oils and they're convenient, but they're not as effective as the oil itself is. The scent of the oil in the pens is fleeting. I always felt like I needed to apply again. I can cut back on my use of it because it provides better coverage, and I have gotten into the habit of really putting it on. I enjoy having my favorite scent at the intensity I choose.

👤Cuticles hurt like crazy when using this product. It's like not using anything at all. Will try something else.

👤I use this twice a week to keep my feet soft. I use it for more than just cuticules, and I love the value.

👤The poor person has been crying out for something like this oil. I wanted to try something because winter wrecks havoc on nails and I didn't want to pay a lot of money for tiny bottles of the cuticle oils I see at the store. I pulled the Trigger because I knew I would see what it could do. After weeks of applying it, my nails are looking better and feeling better. This is a good value and should be a staple of your nail care regime.

6. Carmichaels Imperial Cuticle Cream Strengthener

Carmichaels Imperial Cuticle Cream Strengthener

Soothing and moustache cream. This rose-scented salve can make your nails and cuticles look great. It heals and smooths ragged, dry skin and makes it easier to push back the cuticles. Regular use can prevent hangnails and nourish nails. There is a multi-PURPOSE. You can use this to treat lips. Customers keep jars next to the bed, next to the sink, next to their desk, and in the car. It has been a bestselling book for more than 50 years. Natural and cranberry-free. Their Cuticle Cream is free of harmful chemicals. The products are made in the USA. Give someone the gift of healthy looking nails. Their Cuticle Cream is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. They have a wide range of nail care products. There is a person named Cassidy. America's Original Soap and Fragrance Company, with historic, custom-made formulas, has existed for nearly 300 years. The brand is famous for its soaps, skincare and men's grooming essentials, and they always craft their products with pure, quality ingredients. Their bath and body products are made in the USA and are all sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free in order to provide a pure and luxurious personal care experience.

Brand: Caswell-massey

👤I received my balm today. I have been using this product for years, but the two I bought are not the original formula. Thay changed the smell and color as well as the consistency. It smells like imitation cheap baby powder and it's not translucent anymore. It smells like baby powder and feels like petroleum jelly. I'm angry and frustrated. You don't lie to people. There is a Do not buy thisgel if you are looking for the real original Carmichaels formula. I am returning it to you tonight. Thank you.

👤My skin was torn to the extent that it occasionally bled, as my cuticles dried out and caught on things. The only thing that worked for me was this cuticle cream. After just a week of nightly use, my cuticles are well conditioned and have stopped bothering me. I had tried a lot of things, but this product fixed my problem.

👤I've been buying this for about 10 years, it was the closest thing to Revlon cuticle massage cream, but they changed the formula, still effective, but they thought it was a fake, so I ordered again.

👤The texture of my nails has improved greatly thanks to Carmichael's cream. I have dry hands. I have no rough edges or hang nails because of the softened cuticles. I am able to push my nails back. I don't think the product is greasy and it absorbs quickly.

👤I am not impressed with this use at all. I thought it was greasy when I first used it. It feels like I didn't put anything on my skin after it dries up. I will not be buying this again unless something changes. The other product was better.

👤My nails were destroyed from the cold. They were also painful. I was embarrassed by the appearance. I have been rubbing a little of this miracle ointment on my nails and they are already 100 times better and are not sore. I feel like my nails are getting stronger. This product is wonderful and would recommend it to anyone.

👤I was expecting it to be more hydrating and less greasy. I think it is expensive for the value that it delivers. A little of this goes a long way, so be careful not to do your finger too deep into the jar, you really don't need much of this to cover your cuticles. I prefer a type of cream called a lotion type. It takes a bit longer than a cuticle cream to get into your skin. I will keep this product and use it, but probably won't buy it again because of the price.

👤I was missing my Revlon Cuticle Cream and hadn't found one that worked as well. It smells the same. It's good for dry heels as well. I'm very happy to have found it on Amazon, along with all of the comments and reviews that convinced me to try it. You will love this if you loved Revlon.

7. Cuticle Revitalizer Treatment Manicure Repair

Cuticle Revitalizer Treatment Manicure Repair

The high quality nail care set includes 8 flavors, including orange, lily, lavender, rose, aloe, lemon, and apple, which can improve the health of skin and nails. The nail cuticle oil pen is a great choice for maintaining the neatness of your fingers. It will help to prevent nail cracking, repair the cuticle, reduce epidermal wrinkling, and promote healthy nail growth. You can give your nails a fresh shine by massaging the oil over them. PEN-SHAPE APPEARANCE DESIGN is very easy to use and carry. Their cuticle oil pen is different from bottle because it allows accurate and efficient application of the oil to the base of your nails. It's suitable to apply on U V gel nails. It is suitable for personal use. There is a concierge service. They will provide excellent products and services to their customers. They will try to help you solve the problem if you contact the seller directly. They need your feedback and advice to provide a better product. Enjoy your beauty journey, thank you.

Brand: Extrapins

👤These little pens have oil in them. They are so easy to use, they only have eight pens, each with a different scent. They have helped my nails. They would make a wonderful gift for someone. Highly recommended.

👤I've had dry nails for a while. I've tried to keep my hands hydrated, but it didn't help. These pens are easy to use and the oil has cleared the problem. I would give it five stars, but the pens don't always deliver the oil consistently, sometimes you have to play with them. A great deal for the money.

👤I like these, they work well and smell great. I have one every time I go. In my car, in my night stand, in my purse. Two stars were taken away because of leaking. I would probably order them again.

👤My fingers were dry after a bad manicure. It didn't help. I used this for a single day and I can already see a huge difference. I can't smell them, but that is not a deal breaker. I will keep one in my purse, one at my desk, and one on my end table. These are easy to use and work well.

👤The scent for these is very light. That was not a big issue for me. I care about the oils. My fingers, toe tips, fingernails, and toenails are very dry because I have Eczema in my hands and feet. I don't know if it's because I'm horrible with consistency, but I found these to be pretty hydrating when I use them multiple times throughout the day.

👤These are amazing! They work well and are convenient. You can put them in your purse, desk drawer or nightstand. It is easy to use and a small option. I don't think I notice a scent in them. It is very subtle. I really don't care. These are great!

👤These little oil pens are very cute. I give them to my Color Street customers as gifts. It's convenient to keep them in your purse, car or anywhere you can find one. The oil is lightweight and they come in various smells.

👤The pens make it easy to apply oil. I keep one in my purse, desk and bed.

8. Modelones Cuticle Strengthener Fragrance Free Revitalizing

Modelones Cuticle Strengthener Fragrance Free Revitalizing

Modelone's cuticle oil is a great choice to keep your nails healthy. It can be used for nailpolish. Convenient brush cures your nail whenever you want. The brush is easy to use on natural and artificial nails. Health and eco-friendly. Natural plant essential oil, grape seed oil, and vitamins E and B are used to make it. The formula is not harmful to the body. There is an adverse effect on the environment. The nail oil will give your nails a nice shine. It can strengthen the nails. Money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If you don't like the oil, you can return it for a full refund. Sharing nail fun is encouraged by MODELONES.

Brand: Modelones

👤I was excited to buy another modelones product. Some oils are different from others. I'm picky about the scent and quality of the oil. I like to massage into the skin of the nails, not getting on the nail. The oil in the bicyle does the job and does not dry up quickly, so it looks like you need more oil in 3 minutes. Great oil for a good price.

👤I like this particular oil. I have damaged cuticles and they get very dry. I've used this product twice now, and I'm already starting to repair my nice pretty cuticles. It's giving me the confidence I have been looking for.

👤The description says it will do something. I used it a lot because my cuticles are bad and have gotten better in a few weeks.

👤This does what it says, but it would be nicer if the brush was smaller. A standard polish brush is used. It covers the entire nail bed.

👤I use this oil all the time. It's easy to use and keep my nails oiled.

👤I can see the difference in a week. I will recommend the product.

👤I like it. I'm a beginning in doing nails.

👤Nice oil. The scent is neutral. It was easy to use.

👤It works well and is easy to apply.

9. PURA DOR Organic Nourishing Treatment

PURA DOR Organic Nourishing Treatment

It's a shame and perseverance: It's specially formulated to help cracked dry nails recover and promotes strong new growth. It's safe for ACRYLIC NAILS. Their nail cuticle oil has deep hydration to the nails that have been damaged by gels or acrylics, allowing maximum recovery time between applications. The easy-to-use dropper makes daily treatment a breeze, keeping the cuticle moist and preventing cracks. Your manicure can be stronger. SMOOTHS UNEVEN NAIL SURFACES. This vegan cuticle oil is made with ingredients like biotin, vitamins E and almond milk, which make it great for healthy nails. Customers with healthy nails will get a Satisfaction Guarantee. They offer a satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are dissatisfied with their Organic Biotin Cuticle & Nail Oil.

Brand: Pura D'or

👤It can be hard for the kidneys to handle excessive oral intake of vitamins. I was looking for a form of oil that could be applied to the nails and found the one I was looking for. The quality of the bottle and glass pipet was impressive. I gave it a sniff test and no scent, that was great for those that are sensitive or want to create their own sent. I added just 3 drops of essential oil to create a light scent. After using the oil for a few days, it became my favorite oil for my skin. I like that I'm not consuming too much for my body. I suggest keeping this bottle in a dark place to make sure it is fresh and not to let the oil get into the rubber bulb of the pipet, it can degrade the rubber. I will buy this oil again.

👤The nail oil has been great so far. My nails are hydrated and looking better after a week of using it. It has helped reduce hangnails and water fatigue. The coverage of the oil is great, so you really don't need a lot of it to coat your nails; and since the bottle is 4 ounces, it should last a long time. It absorbs well into the skin, so that your hands don't feel greasy. I am not sure what the cause would be for the few reviews about an allergic reaction. Almond oil is found in this oil, so be aware that it is also a common nut allergy. If you are concerned about allergies, be sure to read the ingredients. Since you have to wait until your nails grow all the way out from the root to fully see the benefits of a new nail oil treatment, I cannot speak for the long term effectiveness of this oil. I hope I can update my review around that time. I recommend this nail oil.

👤It was sealed with plastic wrap. It absorbs quickly because it's a thinner oil. Also, it's cruelty free. I bought a pack of pens to keep in my purse.

👤I didn't realize it at first. I would use this oil on my fingers when I did my nails. I stopped using this oil. I think I am allergic to any of the ingredients in this oil.

👤I have been using this oil and I thought it was good. I have been having a reaction to it because the return window was thrown away.

👤It seems nice but my nails are stronger. After using this for a while, I am still struggling with the same concerns.

👤I used this product for a day and it transformed my nails. I am trying to grow my nails out so they look better. There are no signs of dry nails around my nails. It has a lot of honey in it and this could be why it is very moist. The consistency is a little thicker than Jojoba oil, but it has a great blend and is included in the mixture. It leaves nails looking beautiful. I highly recommend it.

10. Sally Hansen Vitamin Cuticle Fluid

Sally Hansen Vitamin Cuticle Fluid

Softens and conditions of the skin. It helps nourish dry nails. Natural essential oil has vitamins E, apricot kernels and Aloe.

Brand: Sally Hansen

👤I was torn between the CND solar oil, Gelish oil and this one. I wanted something that worked well for me, my nails are very dry from doing them at home, and I wanted a large nail. The CND oil is only 0.25oz and the Gelish had less reviews than the CND oil. I have used this one twice. I am very happy and love that it is a nice big bottle that will last a while. I have been using this product regularly and it is amazing. I apply it a few times during the day and then a thick coat at night. It seems to work well before bed. This is the first time I have ever seen my nails look pretty. I followed my gut with this one.

👤I'm in my 30s. I stopped trying on nails after the first few times. Since then, my nails have been brittle, easily chipping, and even split, if not kept short. I continued to paint my nails at home. There are pros and cons. The product does what it says it does, which is to mimic nail growth and hydration, even days after it was last applied. After my first use, I noticed a difference. My nails tend to get very dry and then rough, and that leads to me biting or picking them up, which is a bad habit. It goes back to being dry and rough when I don't use it for a few days. I massage it into my nails, but I don't put on lotion for it to stay hydrated. When I don't have nailpolish on, I use a cuticle oil to make my nails look better, and then apply their Nail Nutrition/Strengthener Green Tea & Bamboo, which is a clear polish that has a nice shine.

👤This stuff is amazing. I used to love this stuff and my nails were beautiful. I thought the argon oil trend would do the same thing. Wrong! My nails were peeling and chipping again. I have been using my new manicure twice a day since I ordered it a week ago because it was fresh and my nails responded after the first use. I redid my nails last night and they have done a complete 180, stronger and healthier, with no ridges, peeling or chipping! Don't let the price fool you. Please to the powers that are not going to stop making this! It is a miracle that my nails are back and beautiful. I would order again from this vendor. The product was packaged well.

👤After a few days, I'm seeing my nails looking better and stronger. This is amazing. I tried out an American Manicure that used gel dip and it ruined my nails. I had continuous gel manicures for a couple of months when my sons got married. It destroyed my nails. I thought they would get better on their own, but they didn't. I searched for this and was excited to try it. I'm glad I chose this because it works. My nails are starting to look better and feel better than they did before the gel dip. I would recommend this to everyone.

11. Badger Certified Organic Cuticle Soothing

Badger Certified Organic Cuticle Soothing

The Soothing Cuticle Balm is made with creamy butter and Seabuckthorn CO2 extract. One of nature's most powerful skin regeneratings and ideal for everyday use, soothing East African shea butter protects and heals dry, splitting nail cuticles. The Soothing Cuticle Balm is made with creamy butter and Seabuckthorn CO2 extract. One of nature's most powerful skin regeneratings and ideal for everyday use, soothing East African shea butter protects and heals dry, splitting nail cuticles. The essential oils of Geranium, Mandarin, Lemongrass, and Ginger are steam-distilled and have a light scent that is great for skin care. Apply daily and work on your nails. For overnight therapy, apply liberally and cover hands with cotton gloves. The toll of digging in the earth can take on the skin of the hands. Carrying beauty in your hands, pocket or purse is easy with Badger Balm tins. There are free-of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, and synthetic chemicals. Their philosophy can be found from the ground up. They use botanical ingredients that are filled with life force. They make for better products, healthier people, and a healthier planet.

Brand: Badger

👤I was that person that didn't know what to do with my nails. What do they do? Do I trim them? I chew on them. When I searched online, this product jumped to the top of the list, because I had been getting tons of hangnails and peeling skin around my nails that were just painful. I've been using it for a week now and I can't believe my toenails are gone! My nails look like they are taken care of by an adult woman. I would 100% recommend.

👤Since the proof is in the pudding, you can see the cuticles on the red and blue nails that have been chewed and dried. Immediate can't underscore that enough... Relief of sore, cracking, torn and rough cuticles all without a single scary chemical. Anyone with sensitive skin should buy with confidence. I'm very allergic to most products so it's a little miracle that I only have a few minutes for tight skin. I want to apply it all over my body because it feels very hydrating and light, and it has a lovely scent from the mandarin and lemongrass. That is amazing because most perfumes set me off. There is nothing but smiles and healthier hands. Badger Cuticle Care is like applying a layer of love that lasts through your daily tasks. If you've ever had a professional manicure and left the salon with your fingers moist, you'll understand what I mean when I say it's a healthy glow. To make it easy to apply, use one finger to swirl and warm the balm. If you do this for 30 seconds, you'll have enough product on your finger to apply a generous touch up to your fingers. You can lightly massage that same finger again. The same thing is done with the other hand. Voila! You can type on your computer or use your phone. I used to have red and dry hands, but now they are beautiful, happy, lush, soft skin. No more hiding in pockets. 100 points for making my hands look younger in no time. I'm going to be a fan for the rest of my life.

👤This product is very hydrating. I have a problem peeling my cuticle, and it's caused by messing with it. I am getting under control of my nervous tick but until that happens, this product helps so much. It makes them soft and supple. I don't think I need to mess with them. This helps keep my urges at bay when I have weakness.

👤Bag Balm, an animal husbandry ointment for cow teats, has always been my go to for dry skin. There is no nod to the luxury of fragrance because it is a pharmacological salve. I used Dr. Hunter's Cuticle Cream for 2 years because it smelled of roses and I could safely put it on my lips and hands. It sounds weird, but I think it must be something harmful if it can't go everywhere. After Hunter's outpriced them, I switched to the cheaper Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, but after 2 canisters, I found it only minimally worked on my cuticles. I chose Badger Cuticle Care because of reasonable pricing and art work. What a treat! It's great to smell and taste lavender and citrus, and it leaves my lips and face dry and smooth. The formula reminds me of the essential recipe question in the film, Duplicity: "Is it a cream or a lotion?" It's a perfect texture between a balm, salve, and a cream. It absorbs into dry skin and lips. When the tin gets cold, shea butter can become a little rough, so be sure to rub it in, and skin will retain hydration and elasticity a full day after one use. The badger is a great companion.


What is the best product for nail and cuticle repair oil?

Nail and cuticle repair oil products from Onsen Secret. In this article about nail and cuticle repair oil you can see why people choose the product. Blossom and Sally Hansen are also good brands to look for when you are finding nail and cuticle repair oil.

What are the best brands for nail and cuticle repair oil?

Onsen Secret, Blossom and Sally Hansen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for nail and cuticle repair oil. Find the detail in this article. Cuccio, Super Nail and Caswell-massey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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