Best Nail Repair Oil for Damaged Nails

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1. Morovan Cuticle Nourishment Vitamins Moisturized

Morovan Cuticle Nourishment Vitamins Moisturized

The best choice for nail care is the cuticle oil pen. There were ten different kinds of taste in the Nail Cuticle Oil Pen set. It's great for gel nail polish. A high quality oil repair. Their nail cuticle oil pens are made from pure natural oil ingredients and are high quality. Natural ingredients from plants can improve the health of your skin and nails. The application of cutter oil pen is wide. Their Cuticle oil pen can be used to repair and promote healthy nail growth. It's suitable for gel nails. GEL NAIL POLISH CUTICLE OIL PEN EFFECT It is possible to prevent nail cracking, repair the cuticle, reduce epidermal wrinkling, and promote healthy nail growth with the help of nail polish and oil set. If there are any problems with the Cuticle oil pen set, please feel free to contact them via email. Replacement or refunds will be offered. They need your feedback and advice to provide a better product. It is recommended to twist the pen several times if it still doesn't work.

Brand: Morovan

👤I've been using this product for over a week now, and it's helped improve my cuticles a lot. After reading all the reviews, I decided to apply all my nails, but I didn't have a reaction. I did this for my son who was in need of some oil to help him with his cuticles. I used a pen that smelled like blueberries. I'm okay with that. When first opened, shake the oil to make sure it's not too dry and then turn the bottom of the pen upside down to use it. U are a friend of gravity. I didn't need to have the brush upside down to get the oil when I used it. It was a one time thing with the new pen. I hope this helps everyone.

👤The smell is nice, but I can't attest to how great they work with long-term use. I don't want the smell to be too intense. I feel like I have to keep twisting to get enough to do all 10 fingers, which is different from other cuticle oil pens I've used in the past. This comes with so many pens, I can't complain. I have one on my desk, one in my car, one in my purse, and one in my kitchen. It doesn't feel good, like it's healing or something, like some of the more expensive oils you can buy on social media. This is going to sound weird. It is very oily. My skin doesn't seem to absorb it as quickly as other cuticle oils have. I have to wash off the remaining oils on my fingers after 10 minutes. I will update my review if I get good or bad results.

👤The oil is great, but I have to disassemble every single one to get them to work. If you want to fix each pen in here, go for it. The only way to get the oils to come out when you twist the bottom was to take the twisty part off and shove it back on.

👤All of them were very vulnerable. The instructions don't come with it. I looked at the listing again and realized there were instructions. I followed their instructions after I realized I hadn't been doing it right. It hasn't helped at all. It's had the opposite effect. My nails are more brittle than they've ever been. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

👤Half of them will be defects. When I opened the box, I took one out and kept twisting it for 5 minutes, but I couldn't figure out why nothing was coming out. Took another one out and it was the same thing. On the third, I was successful. I had to play games on which ones would work when the third was over. I have two left that are not good. I was only able to use out of 5 out of the 10 that were in the box, but maybe others had a different experience than me. I love the idea of on-the-go cuticle oils so I will buy from a different vendor and hopefully get a better experience.

2. JASON Purifying Saver Ounce Bottle

JASON Purifying Saver Ounce Bottle

One bottle of the tea tree nail saver. It helps prevent nail breakage. Made with tea tree oil, sesame seed oil, safflower seed oil and vitamins E and C. It is free of sulfates, and petrolatum. Not tested on animals.

Brand: JĀsÖn

👤This stuff works well. I started using it because my toenails looked terrible after years of wearing nail polish. There were white spots on my nails. The nail's skin was thick and hard. They were a mess. I don't know if it was a disease or if they were in bad shape. I wish I had taken a before picture. After just a couple of weeks, they are clear and smooth and the skin around them is soft and smooth. I rubbed it on in the morning and then massage it in. I did a few foot soaks with a tea tree solution. My feet are 20 years younger between the two. I wear sandals every day. No more nailpolish.

👤I think the antiseptic qualities of the tea tree oil kept my fingernails safe from infections as I went through my treatment. I was recommended it by one of the nurses. I will always be grateful to her. I still use it whenever I get a manicure. It smells great if you like the smell of tea tree oil. The blend of oils keep it from drying out. Love is love.

👤The nail treatment is the best ever. After years of gel abuse and years of my nails being continuously pealing, I only used this once per day for a couple weeks and they completely stopped and are stronger than ever before. I have used it before to get rid of nail fungus. It's easy to apply. It's great! I use it at night. I put it under my nails and watch TV while waiting for it to soak in. The oil does not stain clothing.

👤I use it nightly on my toenails. I suspected that I had a fungal infection, even though I was not sure if it was. My nails were always discolored and weak and I never let them breathe. I tried using tea essential oil drops, but it was messy. This is very easy. I have been using this for over a year and it makes my nails look better. It's part of my routine now. I haven't painted my nails in a year.

👤When I asked my doctor about my toenails looking older and showing signs of drying out, he recommended this product. I was warned that I would have to use this product for about six months before I could see results. The bad news is that. It works. You have to be patient with this product because my toenails look like they did when I was younger. My doctor was correct. You have to use this for 6 months to see results. I continued to see improvement over the next 6 months. It worked well if I put it on once in the morning and once at night.

👤I use this for when I take off my nails. I take it to the salon with me and have them put it on after I get my nails done. It is. They have jacked up the price since redesigning their bottle and declined the quality of the brush. The old brush was like a nail polish bottle, it really is terrible. The new brush feels like cheap plastic bristles that can't be used to paint. It is a good product but not a spectacle. It is natural. The price hike is still not worth it. I used to buy it from Whole Foods, but they stopped carrying it. I may try to find an alternative now that the price has changed.

3. Morovan Strengthener Professional Effective Fingernails

Morovan Strengthener Professional Effective Fingernails

The Exquisite Nail Recovery Kit includes Nail Cuticle oil, Nail Strengthener, Strengthening Base Coat and 10pcs Nail Medical alcohol prep pads. The nail recovery kit will be helpful for the improvement of weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails. Cuticle Oil and Strengthening Base Coat is an ideal choice to keep nail shine. It's a perfect nail treatment to prevent damage. It is possible to use nail cuticle oil in daily life. Strengthening Base Coat can be used to keep the nail healthy. The nail strength is high. The Nail Strengthener Kit has a low smell and can help protect nails from chipping and brittle nails. When you seal the nail layers together, they can help the nails. The nail strengthener and nail hardener cuticle oil can be used to get off the dry damaged cuticles. Natural nails can be strengthened with a strengthening base coat. The nail surface should not turn yellow. It can be used as a base coat for nailpolish to produce an excellent surface and greatly increases the polishing adhesion of long- lasting nail manicure. Health and service are included. Their Nail Strengthener for Soft and Peeling Nails is made with healthy ingredients and is designed to care for your hands and feet. They will give you a 100% refund if you are not happy with their products.

Brand: Morovan

👤I was excited to read about other products. I can't recommend based on my experience. It chips off very quickly even with two coats of calcium and strengthener. No matter how many coats you have, one coat or two doesn't make a difference. I'm still looking for something to strengthen my nails.

👤I started using it. It might be helpful, but we don't know. It comes with no instructions on how to use it. The base coat and top coat are not known. It would be great if there was a little blurb to explain how to apply.

👤The smell is strong. The nail strengther started peeling after the next day. I followed the directions that were given to me.

👤I had had a long time of having acrylic nails. It has helped my nails grow out. I use the strength polish. My nails are healthy and nice. The oil has helped the skin.

👤I haven't been using very long and haven't been able to use a lot of time, but I can see a difference in the bonds. The calcium stuff has not been able to fool them.

👤The only thing worth having in this kit was the oil. The rest was thrown away.

👤If you wear it under your polish, it will peel faster.

👤The nail strengthener was bought mostly. The other products interfered with it sticking well. The smell is strong.

4. Maccibelle Cuticle Oil Milk Honey

Maccibelle Cuticle Oil Milk Honey

Lactic acid from milk is good for the skin. Cuticle Oil is fragrant with honey. It will strengthen your nails and nourish your cuticles. The Cuticle Oil has a Glass Dropper. It's more sanitary than using a brush. The brush or spatula should not be used to apply nail oils. These practices can cause products to be unsafe for use. Softens the skin. Light penetrating oil has anti-aging properties. The Maccibelle Cuticle Oil is bottled in the USA with the highest standards and is a Premium Brand.

Brand: Maccibelle

👤I stopped picking at my cuticles recently. I have to pick my nails if they are dry or starting to peel off. I bought this oil in hopes that they will stay hydrated. I think they feel good for about half an hour after using the product. I have noticed some improvements. The oil is nice, but my fingers don't stay oily like they would if I used baby oil. The smell is pleasant. I prefer an overpowering scent and sometimes I don't smell it at all. I think it is a great product.

👤I am a big cuticle picker. I have been making myself bleed and dry my nails lately. I was looking for an oil to help me sleep and I found it. I like it. The scent was the first thing that stood out. The smell is amazing. I noticed after application that it was very absorbing. My nails look shiny. It changed my nails after a few uses.

👤I paid for this product myself. I have never written a review for a cuticle oil before, but I felt compelled to share my opinion. The oil is the best I have ever used. I am happy that I don't have to keep looking for something that works. There is a noticeable difference in the way my nails look after using this oil. The results have been wonderful when I use about three times daily. This will be the most important oil of my life.

👤I've started picking at and peeling the skin on my thumb nails and middle finger nails because of the stress of the Pandemic. After washing my hands multiple times and showering, the skin around those nails would become soft and callous, and it would take a while for it to dry. I picked at the skin all over again. The skin around my nails has improved since I bought this oil. It's softer and less peeling so I'm not picking at it as much. This product works.

👤The best cuticle oil I've ever purchased. I've bought oils in the past that were sticky and little product. The small bottle smells great. Will be buying it again.

👤This is what I have been missing. I've tried a lot of different oils and my bicyle would still be dry. My nails look great but my nails are not. The difference is amazing now that I apply this every day. There isn't a strong odor whenAbsorbs quickly.

👤I applied first. It dries up within minutes. I have applied it several times a day and it still doesn't work.

👤This is amazing. I have a very dry cuticles and it helped them the first day, but I use it 3 times a day for the last week and it heals my skin around the sides of my nails. This has been great. I'm glad I discovered this. I have bottles. I'm sure you can get results like mine with one use a day. After I've completed a full set of nails, I use the gel nails on myself and my friends. My friends are very fond of this. It was very easy to use. It had a nice scent and was moisturizes better than other brands.

5. NAILS INC Superfood Cuticle Repair

NAILS INC Superfood Cuticle Repair

Give your nails a manicure. Inc.'s oil is called the Superfood Repair Oil. Drop the oil directly onto the nail and gently massage into the nail to help absorb it. Allow the oil to absorb into the nail. For maximum care and repair, use twice weekly. If a polish is to be applied, you should wash and dry your nails. The Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil is made from Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis. The item display volume is 14.

Brand: Nails Inc

👤There is a sticker on the back of the knock off bottle, but there is no text on the front of the bottle. The back of the real bottle has a text such as 'Made in France' that isn't on the knock off. I've been buying the real product online for years and know what a great product it is. NAILSINC makes. This isn't it. Save money. If I had given it no stars, it would be a better rating.

👤It's hard to remember twice weekly.

👤I am surprised the product got mediocre reviews. I have problem nails that split into the quick and also separate the nail from the skin. This is the only product I have found that works to stop my nails from doing this. I have to use it every day. I bought my jar more than six months ago and it is half full. Highly recommended.

👤Excellent oil. Softens my nails.

👤This oil works well. It strengthens my nails. It is difficult to get the oil out of Negatives, and it is a little expensive compared to other cuticle oils.

👤After only using Shellac once, my nails were dry and broke. I got this after reading a review. I love the product and it is pricey, but my nails have improved a lot since December. It does a great job.

👤There was no smell or scent. The product can be put into a syringe if you push the top of the bottle with the plunger at the top. The product is very oily so you only need to apply a small amount to a nail before massaging it in. The product is absorbed quickly and oiliness completely disappears. If you follow directions to use twice a day, your fingernails will improve immediately. If you need serious attention to your nails, this is a good product.

👤I use nail envy to help with weakened nails that grow but break once they gain length. I almost gave up. It was not working. I thought I would give this oil a try. It does state application once a week. I have been using it nightly, hoping for quick results. My nails are growing but not breaking and they seem stronger. It has been so good so far. It's worth a try if your nails have been ruined from pre lockdowns.

👤I have used many nail oils. I have been left wanting in most cases from the high end to cheaper options. I still use a nightly oil for my nails, but I use a twice weekly treatment for the whole nail. I have two nails that have white spots. The price strains credulity. If your nails need some care, buy this.

👤I have bought this before. My nails were ruined after I had gel nails. I've tried everything available to fix them and have come back to this. I put it on my nails at night and have noticed a difference. They are shining, healthy and so far no splitting or chipping. It's worth the money. I love all the products from Nails inc. The nail polishes are the best. ,

6. CARE Milk Honey Cuticle Revitalizing

CARE Milk Honey Cuticle Revitalizing

C Nailcare Naturale Milk and Honey Cuticle. A unique natural complex of rich oils is what makes revitalizing oil unique. C Nailcare Naturale Milk and Honey Cuticle. A unique natural complex of rich oils is what makes revitalizing oil unique. This cuticle oil is made by beauty professionals and artisans and is made with milk and honey to soothe and hydration the skin. Its lightweight and deep penetrating formula is created from high quality natural cold pressed oils and vitamins to provide intense hydration that replenishes and strengthens the cuticles and nails. This cuticle oil is free of Parabens and Cruelty Free, and has carefully selected natural ingredients and plant-based Preservatives for a scentual spa experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Brand: C Care

👤The oil smells amazing. The scent of almond was a big factor in my decision to use this product. I was worried that the bottle would be small, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. This bottle is large. It was a great purchase. I will purchase more if and when I run out. My new favorite!

👤I like that the oil is lightweight and easy to apply, the bottle is large and will last me a long time even though I apply it several times a day, I love how hydrating the oil is. I will definitely buy this again, it absorbs really quickly.

👤This bottle may last me the rest of my life. A little goes a long way. The soft, gentle scent was the most important factor for me. Parosmia has made my sense of smell and taste almost useless, and a lot of scented things smell like rotten garbage or sewage to me now. I was worried that I wouldn't like the scent of this oil. I absolutely love using it. The product is more likely to expire than I will ever get to the end of it, because it came with a glass dropper and a brush applicator. I bought a glass dropper bottle to fill up with the oil so that I can take it everywhere I go. I apply this oil to my nails 3-4 times a day and will be telling everyone about it.

👤I wanted the brush for application. I usually grab another brand with a brush, and I already have another bottle. It is just easier. I was really disappointed that the brush wasn't included as advertised.

👤I used the oil to massage the scar from the surgery. It is a light oil that is absorbed into my skin. It helped my scar heal quickly. I prefer the light almond scent over the No-scent almond oils.

👤I was hesitant about using this oil because it is very light and I didn't think it would be enough to nourish my skin. I was wrong. This is light and it absorbs quickly. I will purchase this instead of the Solar Oil.

👤This stuff is amazing. The scent of almond is just like heaven. It smelled like a sweet almond. It should last a long time for personal use, as it is a large bottle. The bottle design is cute. It has a slant in the bottom that makes it look like you are displaying it. Ooh. The oil itself. It absorbs into the skin. It's light and not greasy. I'll be back for more when I run out.

👤This stuff has a light scent and is great for brushing. It also comes with a dropper. I have other oils from this brand as well.

7. Essie Apricot Cuticle Hydrator Nourish

Essie Apricot Cuticle Hydrator Nourish

Apricot nail and cuticle oil intensely conditions nails and cuticles for softer, more conditioned nails. For healthier nails, use daily to create the perfect frame for your manicure, and massage a few drops into the cuticle after your manicure or overnight. 97 Percent Natural Cuticle Oil is vegan and has no animal derived ingredients. The perfect compliment to any essie nail polish color is the high performance essie top coats, base coats and treatments. America's nail salon expert, essie, is the go to nail brand for celebrities, beauty professionals, fashion icons and the color obsessed.

Brand: Essie

👤Oh yes, NOOOOO! I got this before and it was great. The smell was light and hydrating. The bottle made my hand orange. And it was so fragrant. I threw it in the trash.

👤I was so nervous to get it that I read a lot of reviews before I ordered it. I really like this stuff. I use this at least once a day to help my hair look nice. One review said that it was not the actual brand because it did not have an e on the top of the cap. You can see from the picture that she is on the bottle. It is more than a sticker. I think it's the actual brand. It was in legit packaging. A review said it turned the poor girls' hair orange. I was worried about it. When you first put it on, it is bright orange, but once you put it in, it is not orange anymore. It didn't bother me.

👤I was hesitant to buy this after reading a number of bad reviews, but I was pretty sure I had used it before. I'm a big fan of Essie. I decided to give it a try. It works, smells great, and did not stain my skin. It has a slight orange tint, but I washed my hands after massaging the oil into my body and had no issues with it. I'm always hesitant to try new products because of my sensitive skin, but I liked this one a lot and it helped me with my cuticles. I could push them back with a stick.

👤I don't think this is a legit product. The sample I tried from Essie was hydrating and drying to my hair, but it had an almost iodine tint. The top of the lid isn't stamped with "e", and the ingredient labeling is off-center. I just bought a bottle at the local drugstore and the packaging and labeling is different than the one I bought on Amazon, but the oil goes on clear with a faint scent of apricot.

👤This is a good product, especially in the winter, when hands become dry and chapped. I like to apply it in the evening. I put on sleep mittens when I have a rich hand cream. The next day my hands feel better. It will make a difference if you do it nightly in the winter. I use it on my toenails.

👤I bought this at the recommendation of my counselor, who was helping me deal with an issue I have with picking at my cuticles. I could do a better job of finding positive activity by using cuticle cream or hand lotion. I found this oil after hopping on Amazon. I purchased it with lots of positive reviews. Couldn't be happier. It was even better than I had expected. The apricot smell is delicious. It's not stinky; it's just a sweet scent. The oil is light and not greasy. It heals my cuticles. Highly recommend this product!

8. Bliss Kiss Simply Cuticle Starter

Bliss Kiss Simply Cuticle Starter

Repairs peeling and brittle nails in 3 days. Made with natural ingredients. The life of your manicure can be extended by reducing cracks in nail polish. The pen is spill-free. It protects brittle nails, dry skin, and hair.

Brand: Bliss Kiss

👤I have been unable to grow my natural nails beyond the stubs for my entire life, until I began to cover them with a layer of acrylic. To change this into a fresh set, I had to soak my nails in acetone for an hour. They were still brittle and cracking. The health of the nail is dependent on the health of the cuticle, so I started investing in cuticle creams from all the different stores. I decided to give it a try after taking the acrylics off. On the first day, my nails were like a desert, soaking up the Bliss Kiss. My nails became hard and thin as I applied more and more layers of Bliss Kiss. The cuticle area looked better. I didn't feel like I wanted to wash them off. The picture has proof in it. If you have a friend, I would recommend Bliss Kiss. I'm excited to have three more tubes left, which I know will last me a long time, because my 3-day challenge only used up most of one tube. You won't regret it if you go for it. I can't wait to see how my nail health goes.

👤I thought the reviews were hype since I had failed with another oil. This stuff works. I was happy with the results, I used it exactly as directed. My hands are being washed and my nails and cuticles are getting dried out. I bought this because I wanted to get my cuticles in shape before the cold weather. I believe that with regular use of the Bliss Kiss, I will be able to avoid the cracking I usually experience in the winter. I don't wear my nails long or get regular manicures, so I can't comment on its usefulness for repairing that kind of damage, but for dry cuticles and nails on hands that take a beating regularly, this stuff is fantastic.

👤The multiple pack is a convenient way to give gifts. I like how much this product seems to help my nails, and a number of other things. I don't feel like I've been oiled up when I've used it. My nails definitely benefited. After 6 months of wearing gel nails, my nails are slightly damaged. I just kept applying the oil after a few days of polishing. The nails looked better after two days of treatment. I had some trouble with the twist top, but Big Plus helped me out with the communication and helpfulness. I like the brush. I use it to brush the oil around my finger tips and it has the amount of flex needed to clean under the nails. I don't think traditional nail brushes and metal points make the white tips deeper than they should be. I can use this brush to clean my nails. It takes a bit longer, but I know I'm not widening the gap between the nail and finger bed.

👤Most of the jobs I worked for thirty or so years required constant hand washing and/or no polish on them. The result? Weak nails that split, chipped, and broke off. I would hope that my nails grew long enough for at least one manicure, only to have them break or split before I could get to the nail salon. I did an impulse buy after reading reviews, but I don't remember if I saw this product on a website. I'm glad I did. I'm filing my nails down. I can either clip them off or smooth them out, but I still have my nails! I'm ordering more because I'm down to my last pen. Cuticles are easier to clean than nails. The scent is pleasant.

9. Sally Hansen Vitamin Cuticle Fluid

Sally Hansen Vitamin Cuticle Fluid

Softens and conditions of the skin. It helps nourish dry nails. Natural essential oil has vitamins E, apricot kernels and Aloe.

Brand: Sally Hansen

👤I was torn between the CND solar oil, Gelish oil and this one. I wanted something that worked well for me, my nails are very dry from doing them at home, and I wanted a large nail. The CND oil is only 0.25oz and the Gelish had less reviews than the CND oil. I have used this one twice. I am very happy and love that it is a nice big bottle that will last a while. I have been using this product regularly and it is amazing. I apply it a few times during the day and then a thick coat at night. It seems to work well before bed. This is the first time I have ever seen my nails look pretty. I followed my gut with this one.

👤I'm in my 30s. I stopped trying on nails after the first few times. Since then, my nails have been brittle, easily chipping, and even split, if not kept short. I continued to paint my nails at home. There are pros and cons. The product does what it says it does, which is to mimic nail growth and hydration, even days after it was last applied. After my first use, I noticed a difference. My nails tend to get very dry and then rough, and that leads to me biting or picking them up, which is a bad habit. It goes back to being dry and rough when I don't use it for a few days. I massage it into my nails, but I don't put on lotion for it to stay hydrated. When I don't have nailpolish on, I use a cuticle oil to make my nails look better, and then apply their Nail Nutrition/Strengthener Green Tea & Bamboo, which is a clear polish that has a nice shine.

👤This stuff is amazing. I used to love this stuff and my nails were beautiful. I thought the argon oil trend would do the same thing. Wrong! My nails were peeling and chipping again. I have been using my new manicure twice a day since I ordered it a week ago because it was fresh and my nails responded after the first use. I redid my nails last night and they have done a complete 180, stronger and healthier, with no ridges, peeling or chipping! Don't let the price fool you. Please to the powers that are not going to stop making this! It is a miracle that my nails are back and beautiful. I would order again from this vendor. The product was packaged well.

👤After a few days, I'm seeing my nails looking better and stronger. This is amazing. I tried out an American Manicure that used gel dip and it ruined my nails. I had continuous gel manicures for a couple of months when my sons got married. It destroyed my nails. I thought they would get better on their own, but they didn't. I searched for this and was excited to try it. I'm glad I chose this because it works. My nails are starting to look better and feel better than they did before the gel dip. I would recommend this to everyone.

10. Tachibelle Professional Repair Cracked Emergency

Tachibelle Professional Repair Cracked Emergency

Tachibelle brush-on glue gel is perfect for strengthening natural nails, silk and fiberglass systems. Gel is versatile and offers maximum strength and flexibility for all nail works. The brush is on fiberglass. Step One: Use glue evenly over the broken nail. Glue shouldn't be on the cuticles. Make sure the nail is evenly covered by dipping the entire nail or the crack into the powder. Excess powder can be removed. To smooth the surface, lightly buff the nail or repaired area. It was made in the USA. Professional use.

Brand: Tachibelle

👤I just used this kit today and I'm very happy with the results. It was easy to apply and the result was like having professional acrylic applied. I lost my middle finger nail on my right hand, my thumb nail on my left hand was cracked, and my pointer finger nail was cracked below the quick. I had tried many times to glue them together. This stuff works well. I would rinse the excess powder off in between coats if I was going to do two coats, as the powder started sticking to the glue brush. A higher quality buffer pad would last a lot longer than the bottle provided, and there wasn't a lot of glue in the bottle. A great product at a great price that works. My nails are natural, and I am not a professional manicurist. I try to take care of my nails at home.

👤This product is a nail- saver for me. My nails are very low, which can be painful. I tried to fix it with tea bags, but the silk patches were left with a mess and a broken nail. This produce is easy to use, strong, and doesn't make the nail look a mess. If I wanted to, I could get away with not wearing polish. Repairs stay and the best yet. My nails are strong. The cap gets stuck a lot. Doesn't matter how careful I am with the glue. Thankfully my husband or a set of pliers or wrench was able to get the cap off. I sent this set to my mother because I liked it so much.

👤My nail got bent across the middle of my nail bed as I tried to open a package. The pink nail bed was cut into and made to bleed because of the cracked edges. I needed something strong to hold my nail in place and support it long enough to allow it to grow out, so I could trim off the damaged pieces. I couldn't use an artificial nail because it could burn the skin and weaken the natural nail. I am a licensed nail tech. It's against code to apply tips to a broken nail. This kit is great. It arrived quickly. The gel was thick enough that it didn't hurt my nail or get into the cracks. It was very easy to buff smooth without sacrificing the strength of my natural nail. It's thin and strong, and it stopped my broken nail from moving. It's almost grown out. After weeks, no lifting, it's better than gel or acrylic nails. It's almost invisible, once it's smooth it has a natural nailgloss and is clear. I keep a kit of this in the house in case I need another cast. I can't thank you enough. This is the kit you need if you have a broken nail and don't want to trim it off completely. It's very easy to use and works.

👤I have a problem with my thumb. It has been an issue for 20 years and I don't think it will go away. I don't wear fake nails and my hands are dry. I don't think it's related to work. It's annoying and painful. I've tried fixing it by coating it with nail polish, bandaids, medical tape, and nail polish over that, but they all have drawbacks, and they work for a little while but not great. I saw this stuff and thought I would try it. It works well. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because the glue that is required to make it work can only be used once, even if you put the cap on tightly, it becomes very thick and impossible to use again. There is nothing in the bottle of glue. I was expecting a bottle of nailpolish. It works well repairing broken, torn or splitting nails, but the small amount of glue can only be used once, even with the lid sealed tightly.

11. Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle

Fix peeling and brittle nails in 3 days and eliminate hangnails within 5 days. Simply Pure has no harsh chemicals. It prevents cracking of nail enhancements. Convenient brush pen. It protects and protects hair, skin and nails.

Brand: Bliss Kiss

👤My nails were thin as paper, my tips were curling up and breaking, and I was getting gel polish done once. I had been trying to cover them up with more and more polish which didn't solve the root of my problem nails. I left my nails nude for a month. I tried using the Bliss Kiss oil which was very convenient to use. I noticed a slight improvement in the skin around my nails, but not much. The nail oil ran out very quickly. I smelled the crisp scent. It was boring but it smelled good and cheap. I noticed an improvement immediately when I started using Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. It leaves my nails shiny and strong. I decided to try Hard as Hoof Nail cream after the Bliss Kiss Cuticle oil ran out. My nails are as strong as they have ever been. I like the smell of the cream. It smells like coconut. The photo is three months later.

👤I used this oil for about a month. The smell is beautiful and I used it for a few days. I bought the flavor. The scent is not sweet in the traditional sense. I love the smell of it. I was not a fan. I had to apply this oil a lot. I had to apply every 30 minutes. I would rub the coat in and leave. 30 minutes later, I would look at my nails to see if they were dry. There is a period of time that the company suggests you need to apply this in order to really see results. I don't want to spend time or money doing that. I would pick and bite at my nails. It was terrible. I keep a close eye on my nails to make sure they don't get damaged further. I can not have any dry skin around my nails because I will pick and bite at them. It is a terrible habit I have. I would have liked this product to have worked for me. I was looking for something that would keep the skin around the nail moist, but I didn't find it. I will return to solar oil. I like the way the brush is applied.

👤I am an anxious person. As long as I can remember, I have chewed and scratched at my nails. I chewed my thumb nail off while watching a horror movie. Nothing had been done. Not anymore. I have been trying to be more careful about taking care of my nails because they are really gross. I stopped. I wanted these babies to grow long and strong so I replaced the obsessive picking and nail chewing with self-care. It's natural, cuticle oil. This stuff makes my nails look great. I can take the pen with me to class and not pick at my nails because I have replaced picking with oiling. If you had told me six months ago that my nails were long and pretty, I would have thought you were crazy. I had to cut my nails because they were long. I can't remember the last time that was a problem. Anyway. I use the cuticle oil from Bliss Kiss and it has helped my nails grow and look great.


What is the best product for nail repair oil for damaged nails?

Nail repair oil for damaged nails products from Morovan. In this article about nail repair oil for damaged nails you can see why people choose the product. and Maccibelle are also good brands to look for when you are finding nail repair oil for damaged nails.

What are the best brands for nail repair oil for damaged nails?

Morovan, and Maccibelle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for nail repair oil for damaged nails. Find the detail in this article. Nails Inc, C Care and Essie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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