Best Necklace Repair Kit Silver

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1. EuTengHao Necklace Jewelry Stainless Bracelet

EuTengHao Necklace Jewelry Stainless Bracelet

A plastic box is included. The package included a 40 feet necklace chain, 30 lobster clasps, 100 pieces open jump ring, and 30 pinch clip clasps. There are 5 black necklace cords in the package. The necklace link is made of high quality rings. It is more flexible for different jewelry making needs to use a Rust-proof and anti-tarnish design. imitation leather cords and cotton cords are used in jewelry making. It's lightweight, flexible and durable to use and the cord ends are made of environmental alloy metal to match your jewelry. The jump rings are made of high-quality metal, which is sturdy, not easy to rust, and perfect for beading making and earring making. These open jump rings, pinch clip clasps and lobster clasps set are suitable for many projects like making bracelets, repairing necklaces, making chain mail, charms, anklets and other jewelry related projects.

Brand: Eutenghao

👤Great chain. I didn't need the jump rings. That was not a new value. I only use the steel for my jewelry, not sterling silver. Don't let anyone else's skin turn green. Hopefully this will work.

👤I made my first chained necklace. It turned out great.

👤Exactly what I needed. For the price, it's very durable, but wouldn't put anything expensive on it. To be safe. I use this in my store for my charms.

👤It was perfect. It was exactly what I ordered and it arrived in time. I am very pleased with the products I ordered. This was what I needed to make jewelry. Thank you Amazon.

👤I make cute necklaces and bracelets and the chain is pretty strong and so far I have not had any problems with it.

👤I am afraid that the chain will fall apart because it looks cheap.

👤The jump rings they sent wouldn't fit in the holes of the chain they sent. What? It was a great set. If you don't plan to use that part, go for it.

👤I will be using the cord in my jewelry because it is high quality and all the pieces are good. This was advertised and shorter than I needed. Will use happily in other projects.

👤Aditamentos para collares y pulseras.

👤No lo esperaba, pero la cadena tienen pequea.

👤Producto, fcil de cortar, resistente al uso.

2. Jewelry Making Zipper Storage Crafting

Jewelry Making Zipper Storage Crafting

Please confirm your size and type before purchasing. Please don't buy the kit if you don't know how to fix the pulls. If the pliers you received have oil on the head, please do not worry. The jewelry pliers have oil on them. Please wipe them clean with a cloth before using and apply oil to them to keep them free of rust. The jewelry repair kit comes with a black zip pouch that you can keep your tools in, it's easy to organize. There are super absorbent pantyhose. The kit has three jewelry pliers. The double leaf spring and non-slip handles make the plier safe to use. The jewelry repair kit makes it easy to make and repair jewelry. It is perfect for both amateur and professional jewelry making lovers to do their jewelry making project. The 19 pieces jewelry making supplies have everything you need.

Brand: Paxcoo

👤The cutter pliers are dull and cannot cut a thin wire. I'm very disappointed because I really needed the cutter pliers in this set. Let's see how the rest of the tools hold up.

👤The kit has a lot of tools. The cutter is sharp. Be careful, it is very sharp. When I got them, they were a bit bent. I was able to bend them back. This isn't bad for how many tools you get for the price with the case. Some of the tools aren't the best quality, but it is expected. The cutter tool was greasy. I took 10 minutes to clean it. There was oil in the pouch. Maybe it didn't rust while it was sitting there. It was a bit unnecessary. The kit will probably do you just fine if you need any of these tools for fixing jewelry.

👤This should be filed under "get what you pay for". The kit and the price are the same. There are a few items I can use, but it's cheap. There are real details for you: wire cutter. Wouldn't cut through the smallest head pin. I had to hold the wire with the cutter, then use pliers to remove the piece. Wow. A cheap plastic thingie that will break before you know it is the orange measuring device. The device is blue. That wire is thin and cheap, so it will last about a week. There is a The wire I was using was marked by the pliers. They aren't so smooth. The carry case is useful and the jump ring holder is ok. I'll use this until I can afford better equipment. It might be a good start for a teen.

👤The bag I opened had all the items that one would need to make jewelry repair or construction at home. This seemed to me to be just a kit with no information about the purpose of each tool. The inexpensive tape measure was one of the easily identified items, but it was not long-term use. The metal used in the tools made of made me question their long term use and tendency for rust. The tool was cheap and not impact proof. It was difficult for me to appreciate the product because there was no manual or labeling inside the case. This tool kit is useful for beginners, but not for me.

👤I have had jewelry making tools in the past, but never such crude ones. The rusty tools would be harmful to work with. I could have bought it at a store. Most of the tools are being dumped or returned to Amazon, which is disappointing and my first negative review in all my years on Amazon.

👤The tools did not hold up well. The nylon cord will no longer be cleanly snipped by the two cutters. The tension on the tweezers wasn't enough to hold them at the end of a necklace with knotting. I tried the crimping tool and it didn't have a grip. The price was good and for a beginner or child, they were probably better than a pre package kit. The case is not very pleasant. I have never been able to get the tools to fit back correctly and close properly. If you're on the fence, you should spend the extra money on a better quality. If it was a first time project, the price was great. I'm looking for another.

3. UGems Sterling Silver Infinity Lobster

UGems Sterling Silver Infinity Lobster

The metal is sterling silver. Please see the images for size comparisons, not for small necklaces. The feature is double interchangeable. Both sides open at the same time. One end is 2.5mm thick and the other is 3mm thick. If you need free split rings to adapt your double clasp, please contact them via seller messaging. Don't think of the size by yourself, choose the size you need.

Brand: Ugems

👤The bracelet would fall off if the silver clasp was not replaced. The bracelet is very heavy and I always noticed when it fell off. I have had a new clasp for a month and my bracelet has not fallen off even once. I don't take it off. So far, so good!

👤I wanted to add some charms to a pandora bracelet, but they were too small to thread. I bought these to make up for that. They worked well for the purpose, though they had to be threaded not closed over the bracelet. There were charms with small attachment that wouldn't fit due to the thickness of the clasp. I managed to use all 5 of them, but I will look for another option for the smallest charms.

👤I use the clasp to easily put my wedding ring on my necklace because I work in a veterinary clinic and prefer not to have it on when working with fecal samples. It works like a charm! It's a good thing.

👤It is difficult to work as both sides open at the same time. Rings are too thick for small chains. I didn't solve my problem.

👤I was afraid to lose my bracelet because it kept slipping off. This is the perfect size to keep the bracelet together.

👤It solved my broken clasp problem.

👤I don't know if it will remain rust or untarnished in the long run after not having it for a long time. The lock appears to be very high quality after receiving it. This appears to be very sturdy. I bought a necklace with a flimsy closing. The lock worked well.

👤The clasp is great for shortening a necklace. I like it to shorten a link bracelet or a necklace that may be too long. The only challenge would be for those with dexterity issues to open and close their jewelry box.

👤I used it on my wrist chain.

4. Sterling Silver Split Rings Charm

Sterling Silver Split Rings Charm

The jewelry making supplies kit is packed in a container to make it easy to find. The storage container has a design that allows the lid to be opened and snapped shut individually as well as all together. It's perfect for keeping the jewelry findings and supplies small enough to not distract you from your work. There is a new set of split rings. It's great for connecting clasps, charms, links and other jewelry. They work like key chain rings without soldering. Each is approximately 3 inches in diameter.

Brand: Findingking

👤I have never had magnetic sterling silver before. I realize this purchase isn't a lot of money but these rings are advertised and described as being sterling silver and sadly they are not.

👤These are magnetic, but they are advertised as sterling silver. It is not magnetic.

👤These connect charms to my bracelet. I got the hang of connecting them after a few tries. When you add a key to a ring, you have to twirl it around until it is fully connected. If you have longer nails, it will help to get it started. These are better than using claw clasps. They're really STURDY. I put two of these split rings on each charm. I don't want my charms to fall off. It took me more time to secure the charms with two rings. I recommend these to anyone who wants to make charms for bracelets, it would be great for any jewelry maker. I attached charms using split rings.

👤I needed them to do what they did. I have a bracelet that I broke a charm on. I used these to attach the charm to the bracelet and then put it back on it, as you can see in the picture. I only use sterling silver, so I had to wait a bit, but it was worth it. 25 of these is a lot, enough to fix a few things. I have other jewelry in my jewelry box that needs to be repaired, and now I can do it. I'm looking forward to it! These are hard to open, and tight, but you will get what you want on them. These are like key rings, so as soon as you get something on them, it's not going to come off easily. It's not likely that it will open the ring back up. Excellent product, real sterling silver. The review is honest and accurate, and I bought this product at full price.

👤Don't buy! Beware! They contain steel because they stuck to my magnet. The seller states that these aren't sterling silver. Ask for your money back.

👤I used these to fix a necklace that I wear daily. It was being pulled off frequently. I have had various rings soldered on, but they would break when pulled with a little force. The little rings seem to be working well and look decent.

👤I have a silver chain with a bent clasp. The clasp stretched and the chain fell apart. I caught it before I lost it, as the pendant has my family's initials on it. The design of the split rings is stronger than the bent clasps, and it's nice to know the chain will stay on if you work physically. The product is good and the price is good.

👤These charms are attached to a charm bracelet. I thought they would be more secure than using jump rings. I was correct. It's difficult to attach them to a bracelet and attach charms to them, but the extra security is worth it. These would be great for attaching delicate pendants to a chain or string of beads. What are my suggestions for using this product? If you want to use them for charms or bracelet links, don't use them the day after you trim your fingernails, because they're more likely to open when you have long fingernails. Work with them on a dark background in a well lit area. You can see them. If it takes you a while to get used to them, don't get frustrated. I took a while but now feel confident in my use of them. Anyone can learn to use fat, clumsy fingers if someone like me can teach them.

5. PandaHall Stainless Bracelet Necklace Pendants

PandaHall Stainless Bracelet Necklace Pendants

They can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to replace pendant necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Their open jump rings and lobster clasps are made of 304stainless steel, which is anti-rust stable and durable. It can hold up long-term and has better performance than alloy ones. 120 open jump ring with 60 lobster claw clasps are included in the kit. The basic combination is for beginners to make jewelry accessories. The lobster claw clasps are 9in in length, 6mm in width, 3mm in thickness, and hole is 1mm. Jump Rings are perfect for making chainmail armor, trying out new weaves, making spectacular jewelry items or anything else you can think of. It's suitable for making earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, jewelry, waist chains, eyeglass chain and do it yourself crafts. The lobster claw clasps and jump ring are individually packaged and packed in a plastic bag and a clear plastic box. No more worry about falling and losing.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤The size of the jump ring and lobster clasp correspond, so be sure to check the second picture before you order so that you know the exact dimensions of your item. Be an informed consumer. On color. These items are made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL, so expect them to be steel colored. Think about what your fence looks like. It's the same color, only polished. Don't expect a silver color. If you want silver color, you'll have to buy sterling silver or silver plated findings, as even 316stainless steel still has that "steel" color, though it is a bit brighter. SIZING: The clasps on the 4mm jump rings are 9x6mm. It is difficult to find lobster clasps in this small, even from standard jewelry supply stores. 304 is just fine and I would have preferred the brighter steel. My main concern is tarnish resistance. There were 60 clasps and all of them function. Some have a quicker action than others, but they all work. I only need enough to attach the clasp since there were more than 60 jump rings. Love the packaging. The little plastic case is very useful and can be used to protect items in transit. I will purchase this item again if I need more.

👤These are great to add to homemade stretch bracelets. The lobster claw clasp can be used to interchange charms. The chams hang nicely. They don't bend. You can slide these on your cord. They're great if you make clasp jewelry. These are made of steel. I haven't had a problem with them tarnishing.

👤Excellent closing. The round rings they come with are a little flimsy. I am happy with them. I would buy them again. The delivery was delayed by 4 days but the rings are a bit more sturdy.

👤The description is misleading because the clasps are tiny. Would be helpful if there were photos of the clasp next to the ruler to show the true size.

👤I didn't like it at all. The items are old and not shiny. I'm not sure if they'll be used for my projects. Very disappointed. It's a mistake that's very rare.

👤It worked well when I ordered it to fix a necklace. It was not a big deal because it was very small and hard to handle. It got the job done, can't complain!

👤Product and container broken.

👤I got an empty package on the mail, but I finally got my second shipment and my rings are open and not 120 will come back.

👤The jump rings are very sturdy. I find that necklaces stay secure even when I wear them in the shower. I haven't found any other product like this one so I will definitely keep buying from this company. They don't tarnish or rust. Shipping to Canada takes a long time. I have purchased this product many times.

👤The lobster clasps are very small. I haven't had a break yet, they're sturdy and look nice! The o-rings come pre opened and are very good quality. Overall, love this.

6. Kingsdun Jewelry Findings Tweezer Assorted

Kingsdun Jewelry Findings Tweezer Assorted

The ring making and shaping tool kit includes wood ring Mandrel and a rubber hammer. There is a repair kit for jewelers. The jewelry repair set includes a needle nose plier, jump rings opener,tweezer and box of jewelry accessories. The jumping jacks are open. There are different sizes of jump rings for jewelry making, 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm, 5 different sizes for your choice of gold and silver color. The lobster claw clasps are in gold and silver. It's easy to store. It's very convenient to take out the 12 grid in different sizes from the box, it's easy to figure out the size and take out with the curved Tweezer. There is a tennis racket opening. It is possible to slip a jump ring on like a ring to open and close it.

Brand: Kingsdun

👤The tool was hard to use and sticky. Rings are not very strong. I kept it because I already used some of it.

👤Unless you need pliers that meet up flat, the tips are not aligned, and the cutting area is not close, don't buy this. The spring between the handgrips has failed and the ends don't lock together. The metal colors are off and too orange on most jump rings so that any repair or use will stand out. A size 6 or 7 ring is used to close the jump rings. I didn't spend any money for a pair of shop tweezers because I left a pair of bent nose tweezers to review. 78 other reviews were faked to give this junk a 4 rating. This junk should be returned to AMAZON.

👤Skyviewlv works well and is easy to use.

👤Too many small hooks. There is need for more of the other sizes.

👤I ordered this item for the rings that I needed to complete the chains in the bracelet and necklace. It was a nice bonus for me. All came with a nice case. The price is a good choice, I am pleased with what I received.

👤Parfait pour fabrication. Plusieurs grandeurs d'anneaux. Fait assez solide. Petit kit with pins, c'est génial et sa va bien.

👤These are very thin and flimsy. It is pulled apart by any pressure. The jump rings are not recommended because the pliers are good.

👤I was able to purchase a jewelry supply bundle that saved me money.

👤I don't think I can say much bad about it. I am not a jewelry expert. I bought it to fix my daughter's necklace. It is well worth it for the money, and it would have cost more to have a shop fix it.

7. KUUQA Jewelry Making Findings Starter

KUUQA Jewelry Making Findings Starter

There are 4 different lengths and 2 different colors extension chains. Different sizes and colors meet your needs. There are 15 kinds of jewelry findings in the package. There are four kinds of beading wires: black nylon cord, reel of silver tiger tail wire, reel of clear beading elastic and coil bracelet memory wire. The kit includes: 4mm/ 8mm open jump rings, 7 x 12mm lobster clasp,26mm head pins,10mm screw eye pins,2mm crimp beads,20mm earring hooks,10mm iron ribbon ends,8mm ribbon clamp crimps with loop. A full set of jewelry making kit is a perfect gift for beginners, packed in plastic boxes, so easy to carry and arrangement. There is a small part, keep away from kids under 3 years old.pliers are not necessarily the color of the picture, a total of two colors, random delivery.

Brand: Kuuqa

👤This seemed like a good price for everything. The claps are weak, and the wire cutter did not work, which really sold me on this item. As a matter of fact, the wire that is provided with this. The cutter did not cut the wire.

👤The gold colored ring that helps with the opening and closing of the catch rings is not in the package. I ordered it for that only, I won't use there products again unless they send me a crafting ring. The ring was hidden in the back of the wire reel, but it wanted to stay on the wire.

👤The findings and case are nice. The pliers aren't as pointed as pictured, cheaper quality, and even though they came in plastic, the cutter part has some weird sticky stuff on them. I was trying to cut it. That got pinched.

👤I bought the kit to make some necklaces for my sisters. I wanted to put the stones on the thread with a nice clasp. The kit had a good thread option, but it was a little more delicate than I thought. I had some of my own wire, which was not usable for wrapping stones. It was a great purchase. I think what I did looks professional.

👤All good. The thread they send is shredded thigh. It looks like someone stomped on it after taking a box knife to it. There were bits of plastic and string in the box. The pliers have also been used. There are stains on the grips.

👤I think you get a good variety for the price, but it's flimsy. The pliers couldn't cut the wire. I had to buy better quality pliers. It's a good set for a kid who is just starting to make jewelry. It doesn't have a direction, so you have to watch some videos on the internet. I think it's good for older kids.

👤Everything is described. I have tons of leftover pieces for future projects and I was able to do exactly what I needed. If you are trying to make a necklace or other jewelry, you should definitely use this item. I used mine to make a necklace for my husband, who passed away.

👤The pliers are terrible and will be thrown away, I didn't expect this to be stellar quality for the price. I had to throw away half of the tiger tail wire because it was so tangled and unwound, and it was completely unwound. The rest of the items were decent enough for the price.

👤I brought this to fix my son. The bits were in a plastic container and the rest in a cardboard box. The pliers are not suitable for the product, you need a better pair. The tweezers are not useful. Some patients may be able to get the fitting to attach the strings. I gave up. I should have spent more money to bring a better product.

👤It was undamaged and without anything missing. The silver wire is very rough looking and not as nice as the photo in the listing shows. It's a dull shade of grey and not suitable for jewellery making. For a starter kit it is not bad. The pliers are working. Being slightly narrower at the tips could do with that.

8. Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

There is a small part, keep away from kids under 3 years old.pliers are not necessarily the color of the picture, a total of two colors, random delivery. If the pliers you received have oil on the head, please do not worry. The jewelry pliers have oil on them. Please wipe them clean with a cloth before use and apply oil to them to keep them free of rust. There are 10 different style jewelry findings in this jewelry making supplies and findings kit. The accessories are used for jewelry making. The jewelry tools set comes with 4 types of beading wire, which is needed for a variety of purposes. There are memory wires. These are the things you need to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, hair accessories and other things. The jewelry supplies kit is a must have for beginners and professionals alike. It is a great kit that is perfect for making jewelry. All the tools and accessories are packed in a bag that is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Paxcoo

👤My daughter has bracelets with pink beads. They cost $30 each, but they cost more to repair. They seem to last around 8 to 10 months. A jewelry store wants weeks to repair a bracelet. They don't make them anymore because they keep breaking. We had two broken ones. I decided to buy a jewelry repair kit. My daughters have used a lot of bead kits to make their own jewelry. How hard could it be? Turns out it was a lot of hard. The repair cost is high. It took me at least an hour to repair both bracelets, but I know it was my first time. I did it! I learned a valuable skill while saving money. I am confident that I can fix broken bracelets and necklaces in the future. It would have been easier if I had more light. - Sometimes a second pair of hands. A good standing scepter would have been a real plus. It got the job done. The kit stinks to high heaven. I wrapped it in the plastic that came in. It was terrible. Tweezers and measuring tape were sticky. - There were grease stains on the tweezers. I wondered if I had gotten a used kit. - There is no tool for cutting the wire. I tried using the thicker wire, but my scissor wouldn't cut through it. I was able to cut through the wire in the little plastic bag, but my first cuts were not perfect, and you need them to be perfect to thread stuff through.

👤Don't forget to leave a 1 star review. You get what you pay for. Dropping 10 bucks gets you anything fancy for a jewelry kit. For a real review. The kit seemed like a high schooler would get in a home ec class when I opened it. The pliers are junk. A trip to a big box store can make you better. The bread and butter is made from different materials. To learn the skill, I needed to practice. Everyone knows that you're going to mess up the first few hundred times. That is the reason you get this. Once you burn through these, get a better set. If you decide jewelry crafting isn't for you, you're only out ten bucks.

👤This set is terrible. The pliers are the only thing worth saving. Everything else is cheap. The kit was a waste of money because the charms wouldn't fit on my charm bracelet. Very cheap made.

👤It seems cheap. Other reviews seem to exaggerate the quality. For the price, but will get better quality next time.

👤I wanted to take a break. The hardware is not very good. The lobster clasps have small loops. The rings are not springy and they fall off easily. The kit was very cheap.

👤The quality is what I expected. I'm not disappointed but I am astounded. The price is great. All this and Prime shipping is $11. Like... Yes. I can use it. The pliers work well and have a wire cutter that works on the kit. Tweezers are thin but they work well. The wires and findings are good and the findings come in a neat little box. It all comes with a woven canvas pouch that could be used for anything. You still have the pliers/cutters, two pairs of jewellers' tweezers, a plastic case, and a zip up pouch when everything is used up. This is great stuff. You cannot do better than this if you need some jewelry making or repairing supplies.

9. Handyman Crafts With1000PCS Keychains Necklace

Handyman Crafts With1000PCS Keychains Necklace

There are noxious emissions. They will say, wow, that's beautiful, when you give homemade earrings to your family or friends as a birthday gift, graduation gift, Christmas gift, or any other kind of gift. Package is a term used to describe a collection of things. The box has more than 1000 jump rings, 40 lobster claw clasps, and one jump rings opener. The open jump rings and clasps set are suitable for many jewelry related projects, such as linking small chain and earrings, making bracelets, repair necklaces, making chain mail and other jewelry related projects. There is a great selection of sizes jump ring for jewelry construction in the jewelry making supplies. There are five different sizes of open jump. The rings are ideal for making my bracelets, repair necklaces and jewelry related projects. The lobster clasps are 12mm. You can easily figure out the size of the box when you store it in a different size. Pick open jump rings that are in good shape, and then use the opener to open the jump ring, and use the flat nose pliers to fix the jump ring. The open jump rings are great for kids and adults. A plastic box is used to pack open jump rings. The quantity of their products will exceed 1000. Money-back service is offered for any issues. If you have any questions about the Open Jump Rings, please contact them.

Brand: Handyman Crafts

👤The pieces are a nice color, but the package was open and spilled all over the place. The manufacturer should use a different lid. I have to sort the pieces by size to get them in order. Not a lot of fun. Some people fell on the floor. Good product. I'll update later on whether or not they tarnish.

👤I opened the package. That cute little contraption? It's broken. There were gold circles all around my kitchen table and floor. The cat thinks it's a field trip to fun land, but I'm trying to sweep them up. He's batting gold circles around the floor. If you don't want to finish your jewelry pieces, forget it.

👤The jump rings are great, but I'm not sure if quality control is something that can be achieved wherever these rings were put into their factory packaging. There are 5 different sizes. The broken container allowed the different sized rings and lobster claws to mix together in the plastic bag they're shipped in. The three broken compartments allowed the remaining three to mix with everything else. I've ordered jump rings from other companies before and they have all worked out. The product is good. Could this have happened during shipping? Possibly. I doubt it. There is a sticker in the center of the 6 compartment round and there are 5 different sized rings underneath. If you have 4 hours to separate them all, buy them. I will be looking for another source.

👤When you open the package, be careful, I found a lot of them at the bottom of the package and a lot out of the container.

👤The ring sizes and clasps were mixed together, making it difficult to find the correct size, which defeats the purpose of having different compartments. The rose gold lobster clasp is missing. It was very frustrating to find anything. The rings are not very sturdy and can be easily opened with fingers. I am trying to use these to make a keychain, but I don't think they will hold up.

👤The rings are suppose to be great. Not much. They arrived with a plastic container and a plastic bag. Since they arrived, I have been vacuuming and picking up rings.

👤Rings are made to last and are worth the money. There are pros and cons. The rings will be all over the envelope. You have to sort them and replace them inside the container. An annoyance. The opening ring wasn't included. There is a main reason for the lower rating.

👤If they skin contact, the rings will brown. I used a lobster clasp on the ring and it turned brown in 3 hours.

10. Beadaholique SSJL04 20 Piece Sterling 20 Gauge

Beadaholique SSJL04 20 Piece Sterling 20 Gauge

The jump rings for jewelry making and the lobster clasps are packed in a plastic jewelry case that makes it easy to find and carry. Jump locks have a style/shape. Jump locks have a style/shape.

Brand: Beadaholique

👤I've been buying these for a long time. I'm pretty sure I lock them at the opening, but it doesn't matter if you can because they close securely. The opening lines up nicely and they close regardless. The only way to open the jump rings is with pliers. It's a happy day. You can get a better price at beadaholique or, but prime is always a good thing.

👤I've been using Beadaholique products for a long time and I know they measure jump rings by their ID or OD. The rings are too small for my purpose. I bought all the Beadaholique rings through Amazon.

👤I am not sure if I received the wrong product or if I was sent the right one. The ring is flat at the edges and not curved like in the beadaholic video. There were 17 in my bag, not 20. I have ordered a lot of items from beadaholic and have great results, but this item is lacking.

👤These are great to keep your charm from falling off. You need to know how to use them. They work great once you get the hang of how to use them.

👤I use them to repair broken chains. The little loops are a challenge to open up. The link won't be broken by a tug on the chain. The wire is substantial and does not change shape. The repaired items are more confident than the originals.

👤These jump rings are made of sterling. It is easy to snap back together. It's hard to see where the break is when the ring is closed. If you need to put together a charm bracelet or other jewelry, think only of one way to go.

👤I purchased it for my wife. These seemed smaller than she expected. Measurement for inside diameter and exterior diameter is possible, but it is hard to judge without experience. Will not come back for a bigger size.

👤Quality metal is very strong when closed. Excellent for jewelry making. The price is great.

👤I ordered a 4mm Jumplock ring from this seller because Beadaholique were out of stock. I could tell they weren't the correct rings when they arrived. I had some genuine Beadaholique Jumplock rings to compare. The genuine Jumplock rings were not sent by the seller as they were 4.5mm diameter and 22G.

👤These are smaller than I thought and can be used on another bracelet. I can get back to wearing it. I will order a bigger size now.

👤Habituée, Je plus Je. Is it possible that the mesures are impériales? Ce qui n'enlve rien la qualité, sur mes pices de 1/6 pouce.

11. VALYRIA Sterling Connector Findings 7 0mmx0 7mm

VALYRIA Sterling Connector Findings 7 0mmx0 7mm

It won't hurt your skin if you use lead and nickel free jewelry making supplies. Outside diameter is 7.0mm, Inner diameter is 5.8mm, andWire is 0.7mm. 10 pack split ring It's perfect for jewelry making, bracelets, earrings, anklets and other projects. A piece of jewelry can be attractive.

Brand: Valyria

👤I really like these. The charm bracelet that I bought was the 5.0mmx0.5mm size. I used a needle to open it and it worked out well. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I have used split jump rings before. I make a lot of jewelry. These are a big disappointment. The rings are made of the wrong wire. They are too soft and easy to lose their shape when using a tool to add them to a project. If you get a few on that don't loom mangled, they are doomed to fail because they end up being really weird. Total waste of time and money.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. They are a bit thin. I used two. I bought these to hold a turquoise rock type nuggets on my necklace. I think they'd work well for small weighted pendants. I don't take my necklace off, I don't shower, or swim in the lake, and the rings still look brand new after 7 or 8 months. There's no damage to any part of the body. They're still holding their shape even though they're 1-2 years old. I wear a single heart pendent. There is an update. They are still new two years later. I highly recommend these rings.

👤These lose their shape too easily, even though they are trying to be careful. When trying to attach them, they get bent out of shape and have to be replaced if you get any on the first time. Unless you put them on something very thin and have no chance of rubbing against clothing, they are not useful.

👤The silver is too soft to not be bent up when you attach it to an object. Unless you're very careful, you end up with something that is not symmetrical or round. The fact that they use real silver should make you aware of the possibility of malforming the ring in the act of using it.

👤The size is perfect. The jump rings pass the test. Thank you. It's a good thing.

👤Amazon is not my go-to place for buying sterling silver jump rings. I decided to look at what they offered. I was surprised that they had what I needed at a price I could afford. I ordered them and they arrived on time. The order was exactly what I ordered, and the quality was excellent. This is the kind of surprise I get on Amazon. This product is very good.

👤Did the job well, but be sure to use them carefully so they don't bend. It is likely that pendants will be kept on more reliably than usual loops.

👤It's used for bracelets. I was served my needs well.


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