Best Nintendo Switch Joycon Repair Kit

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1. Replacement N Switch Screwdrivers Joysticks Nintendo Switch

Replacement N Switch Screwdrivers Joysticks Nintendo Switch

Replacement parts for Joy-Con controllers are fit for N-Switch. 2 analog sticks, L/R charging port slider set, L/R slicker buckle lock set, and a few other items are included. It's ideal for replacing tired or damaged parts. The lock set is made of alloy. The original plastic buckle set is not as sturdy as the new one. The metal rail is secured to the controller. Installation is easy with the repair tool kits and precision screwdrivers. The video guide can be viewed using a barcode on the box. Also, note: The video guide can be seen by scanning the box. The installation skill is required. This is not an official product. To learn how to use the product, please watch the video.

Brand: Mcbazel

👤Two packs were ordered to fix the joy cons. There were two bad joy sticks in the set. The extra rails come with the led's, but not the plastic covers that go over them. I had to learn how to transfer them. I bought more joy sticks from another supplier after taking the joy cons apart more than once. There may be some broken joysticks in the box. The other components functioned as they should.

👤I used this kit and a shiny new shell to give my 4 year old switch a new life. The thumbsticks work well. The replacement rail has something in common with the replacement rail. The metal buckle lock replacements are my favorite part. They make the switch feel more solid to hold and make sure the switch won't fall out of the joycon while you are holding it.

👤I accidentally ripped the string for the lights on the joycon when I replaced the damaged joystick with this kit. I replaced that as well. All in all.

👤Everything I needed for my joycon rail replacements was in the kit. Buy it if you want to fix something. I already had a tri-wing, but the screwdrivers make it worth it.

👤It turned out to be a great repair kit for Joy con's. There were 2 pairs that were fixed. It's better to buy another set.

👤My sister and nephew like me because of this repair. I was able to fix the joy-cons with this kit. All you need is a little time and patience.

👤I needed a new left side joycon slide and this kit was the only one I could get. It's not a bad price.

👤I have to call Nintendo to fix it because the tools strapped the screws.

👤The kit is sorprendido de la calidad.

👤The kit is pretty good. It comes with everything you'd need to swap joycon. The cheap tweezers would work. The screwdrivers are better than I thought. I swapped the rails for the ones in my kit. The plastic is cheaper. The screws that come with are cheap and soft, but it's nice that they send a full set with you in case you lose any of the originals. This is a difficult job. It's not hard, just lots of little parts and takes a lot of patience. Especially the first one. You can watch the videos on the internet.

👤Super excelente, bastante, bast The excelente compra was por el precio.

👤Se rompi el desaromador de cruz, para acabarla de amolar. Le pongo 2 estrellas solo por llegada.

👤Es increble todo lo. Las herramientas estn. Ayudan mucho. Los destornilladores son promedio. Haba roto el chip, pero gracias al reemplazo, el joycon volvi a cargar. Puse 4 estrellas porque el botn, pero no me funcion.

2. Joystick Replacement Nintendo Switch Controller

Joystick Replacement Nintendo Switch Controller

If you have any questions or requirements regarding the product, please contact them and they will try their best to meet them. They recommend that you watch the full video before you replace it. Unconditional return and exchange services are provided for product quality issues. Joycon replacement works for either the left or right Joy-Con. You can repair the Joy-Con by yourself in a few minutes. Bring your Joycon back to life. No need to buy a new Joy-Con. Each product has been tested. 2 x Replacement Joystick for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Colorful Thumbstick Caps, 4 x Replacement "Y" Screws, 2 x Replacement "+" Screws, 1 x "Y" Screwdriver 1 x "+" Screwdriver, 1 x brush, 1 x Steel Tweezers, and 2 x Pry Tools. After-sales service. Please contact them if you have any questions about the product. They offer return and exchange services for quality issues. It's a good idea to study the video on the internet before fixing it.

Brand: Assenic

👤Unless you have a lot of experience working on small electronics and are a jeweler, I don't think you should do that. It is a good idea in theory to sell these kits to fix the joycon at a lower cost than a new, as the problem with the switch is so pervasive that it is considered a design flaw. There are multiple vendors that sell these kits, so it might be a problem with this vendor. The vendor's kit didn't work. I tried to install the sticks into the controller, but they didn't work. The vendor did not give instructions on how to do the repair. I looked up a video on the internet, but it wasn't the same thing. I'm returning and getting my money back, but it was a big time suck. I should have grabbed another joycon.

👤My son's switch started to behave erratically with the controls, researched the problem, and it was definitely a drift issue that many people were reporting. I researched ways to fix Joycons and found this kit, because I didn't want to buy a new set. It came with everything I needed to disassemble the joycon and swap out the stick for something else. About 15 minutes later, Joycon Drift was no more. I had to look up a video to figure out how to remove the stick from the ribbon. The new ribbon was helped back in place by the help of the tweezers. The process was easy. The kit had all the necessary tools, but no instructions. You don't need it. If you have to, watch a video on the internet. The stick works now. If it stops working, I will update, but I'm very satisfied for now. If the other joycon ever goes out, the other part will be saved.

👤ThePhillips screwdriver is perfect and the joysticks are great. It comes with extra screws, but only one very important part. The size of the tri-wing is 0. I stripped the screws from my joycon because I tried to use the wrong size tri-wing. I had to buy a new shell because I broke it. The kit is great, but beware of the wrong sized screwdrivers.

👤The screw tips didn't fit correctly and couldn't get a video of tricks or easy ways to take apart. Kid was upset when we tried to buy controllers.

👤Never used it. I've been working on technology for a long time. You name it, it's cell phones, laptops, pc. I'm no stranger to doing my own repairs. Let's be fair. The tools are terrible. The screw drivers are included. They removed the first screw. They aren't made to fit the screw head. The rest of the kit is nice. I wish I could fix my two children's joycons without having to order a proprietary screw driver set.

👤The kit was great. Everything you needed was there. I only hold a screwdriver when I hand it to someone else. I got the idea after I watched a video that didn't look like my joycon. It was easy. I took about 10m to do it. Joycons are working again. I have bad shakes so precise things are difficult. I gave it a 5 because I tested them and they worked. Hopefully they will last.

3. Version Joystick Replacement Nintendo Controller

Version Joystick Replacement Nintendo Controller

After install, please use the Nintendo Switch setting to calibrate the joystick. Their 3D Analog Joystick will allow you to enjoy your gaming without restrictions. The Joycon Joystick Replacement package includes 4 x Joycon joystick replacement, 2 x Alloy Slider Lock Buckles, 12 x Replacement Screws, 3 x Magnetic Screwdrivers, and 4 x Tweezers. Everything you need comes with it. The PCS Joystick replacement kit can be used to disassemble and assemble game consoles. The original plastic lock used to lock Joy-Con and Switch host will not work again after a long time. The Replacement joysticks set is designed for the Nintendo Switch left / right Joy-Con, can repair wore out, out of control, and drift, and bring your controller back to life. There are great backup tools for Nintendo fans. The metal lockbuckle is sturdy and durable. You can replace the damaged plastic buckle to save money. The metal rail is secured with a metal buckle and does not slip off when using the controller. The dual Material handle offers a more comfortable grip. The drill bit of the joycon joystick replacement is made of high-quality steel with high strength and toughness, so you can easily repair the game console without damaging it. The magnetic tips of the screwdriver make it easy to lift the screw after it's unraveling. All joycon joystick replacements will be inspected before they are shipped to make sure they are in good shape. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. It is the best gift for your family. Black Friday is a gift for Christmas.

Brand: Wu-minglu

👤The replacement is straight forward. It seems like Nintendo made every controller slightly different, but the process is the same for all. The kit has all the necessary tools. There are a few things that need to be careful about. The ribbon wires are not damaged by one. One shouldn't break the power leads when they separate the controller and boards. It is not an issue if one takes his/her time. When closing the two halves back together, one should be careful not to fold or pinch ribbon cables. If the instructions show how to remove the boards, there are two screws that do not need to be removed, and if they are not removed, it makes it easier to hold the buttons in place. It's not a big deal if they get removed. It makes putting everything back together a little awkward. The ribbon cables can be a little inconvenient to remove and re-insert, but you can use the tools in the kit and it is doable. Pulling the ribbon out might take a little more force than you think, but re-inserting should not take a lot of force. Check your alignment if it does.

👤I am happy that I ordered a set with 4 sticks because only 2 of them were good to go, and 2 of them were not able to calibrate. Will check how long these sticks last. joycons are locked perfectly, and metal latches are spot on. The tip of each driver got chip after applying a little force.

👤Everything you need to fix your Joycon drift is contained in the kit. The new sticks have worked well for a few months now. The settings need to be reset after the calibration. I advise you to look up a video online for instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble, as it is hard to decipher where things go. The kit is great. It works as advertised.

👤It's good for the price. Everything you need to fix drifting joycons is here. The actual product is different from the description. The Y 1.0 screwdriver and the Y 1.5 tweezers are not straight but bent. The joycon body isn't held together by the screws because the thread pattern is different from the original.

👤The Joycon is the easiest to repair and I have repaired PS4 and XBOX controllers. The screwdrivers were decent quality and magnetic, and the kit came with everything you need to repair the joystick. I watched a video on the internet and finished it in 15 minutes. If you don't Calibrate after replacing, you will drift. Update your joycon if you don't have the option to calibrate. The bumper is not secured in the joycon well and has a small spring that can pop off easily.

👤The instructions were clear so I could fix my son's controller. It has all the necessary tools to fix it. It is definitely worth the money. Shipper was very fast.

👤It works well. I know if the quality will last, but for now, it gets the job done.

4. COBUY Replacement Joystick Nintendo Screwdriver

COBUY Replacement Joystick Nintendo Screwdriver

After-sales service. Please contact them if you have any questions about the product. They offer return and exchange services for quality issues. It's a good idea to study the video on the internet before fixing it. It is possible to repair a worn out, out of control, and drift analog Joystick and make it look like a new one. One replace long use Joycon is included in the Fits Left and Right Joycon. durable The metal lock buckles are wear-resistant and durable, and the joystick is made of Original Model. All screwdrivers and repair tool kits are included. The Nintendo Switch settings can be used to set the calibration joystick. There are 2 replacement Joysticks, 2 replacement metal locks, 1 replacement Cross Screwdriver, and 1 pry. The cleaning brush is updated.

Brand: Cobuy

👤It's easy to install. The sticks are just as responsive as the stock parts were when they were brand new. The "click" of pushing in is more subdued than the original sticks, which is nice since I like to play in bed. The metal locking bits are pretty good, but my joycon doesn't like to slide it out when it's unlocked. It gets hung up for no apparent reason, but I'll take it over the plastic bits that aren't strong anymore. I have an early model of the v2 refresh. There were no issues with the one joystick. That's correct... One of my reviewers arrived DOA. I don't feel like taking the working one back apart and removing the metal clips and putting the old one back in so I can package everything up and file for a return/replacement. I will just eat the cost and purchase a single stick further down the road when the original stick finally goes bad enough to warrant another swap attempt. If you're careful with the tools, they're enough, but they're not a good reason to choose this set over another. They're not worth paying for on their own, so treat them as a welcome, free throw in. If I could do it again, I would spend the same amount of money on another set of sticks without any tools, as I would think they would have higher quality standards to make sure everything was functional.

👤Since I got the switch, I have gone through 4 left and 2 right joycons. I have been using both joycons with drift for months because I refused to buy more. I decided to give repairing some of the ones I had lying around a try because I had nothing to lose. After my first pair went bad, I wish I'd done this. It took me 30 minutes to replace both joysticks. I'm the kit. I was able to do it because I have very little patience and shaky hands. I would recommend buying this kit and fixing your controllers on your own. I will probably buy another kit and fix the ones I have.

👤Oh my word. I love this product. It came in handy for me and my kids because of out electronics, but I bought it for my game controller. If you don't already have any of the other tools, I would recommend you to get them. They are small, but they are still needed, like a height thing that I deal with on a daily basis.

👤I bought this to fix my daughter's joy con. The included tools were pretty decent. Tweezers were the worst I have used. They couldn't keep them secure on the flex cable. The bad joy con came out as it should but neither of the included ones fit. The flex was too thick and I tried everything but my own tools. I eventually bought replacements that fit perfectly. Don't buy this set.

👤It works well. I was able to use the tools in the kit to fix everything after I broke one of my joycons, and the kit gave me a new joycon to place in there. The screwdriver for the tiny bolts is magnetic so you can't lose it. I broke it a second time when I dropped it and the tools still worked. It saved me from buying a new joycon. If you have a hardware issue, I recommend it. I don't know if it will help with drift, but I was not experiencing it.

5. Joysticks Replacement Joystick Nintendo Screwdrivers

Joysticks Replacement Joystick Nintendo Screwdrivers

It includes a metal lock buckle and a Y Screwdriver. They are not responsible for any damage to the switch during the repair. 3D Joysticks are a new version. The new upgrade is compatible with Joycon and Switch lite. Bring your controller back to life with the replacement of your broken, worn-out or drifting joysticks. Metal Buckles The lock buckles are sturdy and durable. You can replace the damaged plastic buckle to save money. The metal rail is secured with a metal buckle and does not slip off when using the controller. The kit has a magnetic Y2.0 Tri-Wing screwdriver and a magnetic +2.0Phillips screwdriver. Weak magnetic screws are needed to avoid the loss of screws. Do not worry about screw loss or damage, they have 8 spare screws for you. TheThumb stick Caps are made of high-quality silicone material, safe, soft and comfortable, making it have a good touch. If you have any questions or requirements regarding the product, please contact them and they will try their best to meet them. They recommend that you watch the full video before you replace it. Unconditional return and exchange services are provided for product quality issues.

Brand: Lonandy

👤The replacement joycon sticks are almost identical to the originals, as you might expect, and they feel great. The undersides of the electronics are of a similar quality to the originals. Installation using the provided tools was a breeze, the screwdrivers were more than sufficient, and the tweezers were a must for replacing the tiny ribbon cables. I was able to use my thumbnail to take apart the electronics, since I'm fairly new to taking electronics apart. I have 2 spare joycons since I got the 4-pack, and after replacing the left stick on 2 pairs of joycons, I no longer have to wait for Nintendo's response.

👤They were easy to install and included four sticks. I have four joy-cons and all of them drift bad, so I was really happy to see four sticks and some cheap tools for this price. The tools are cheap and terrible, but they will get the job done. They lasted long enough for me to work on a laptop afterwards. Don't buy this for the tools, they're trash. There are only two replacement latches, but there are four joysticks. Do they expect the replacement sticks to fail quickly enough that they include another two spare sticks? Is the QC poor? I don't know, they all worked well for me. I was a little disappointed that I only had to replace two of my controllers. After you replace the sticks, make sure to calibrate them in the software. The sticks they ship with will be slightly different than the Joy-Cons. The sticks behaved oddly before calibration, such as moving left and right in arcs. I hope they last. I think I have had them for two months. We put at least 60 hours into it. I guess they are fine.

👤It is very easy to install new thumb sticks. After installing the new thumb sticks, many users complained about "drift". I went through all four of my thumb sticks and each one created its own drift. I adjusted the thumb stick in the settings section to make sure it wouldn't cause drift. This kit is a good value for a good price.

👤The Y screwdriver was not the correct size. It got the job done, but it was not magnitized or the screws were not metal like the others. The 3rd party joystick is noticeably. I suppose it's less smooth because of the resistance compared to the original. It's a bit harder to click the button. I was able to figure this out with a YouTube video because I've never touched a circuit board in my life. The joystick seems to be working well. If it ever starts to drift, I'll update this review but as of now it's perfect.

👤This is a great deal for just the 4x joysticks. + The tools fit perfectly. After I damaged my controller latch on removal, the extra spring was a perfect fit for my controller, and it feels great after a quick calibration. The cast controller latches were oversized. The controllers got stuck to the tablets without much force or luck. It took 1-2 hours to fit a pair of calipers and try and match the original. It fits great now. This is still an insane deal, so I will not take off a star.

6. Keten Screwdriver Nintendo Professional Security

Keten Screwdriver Nintendo Professional Security

Suggested applications include: leather and vinyl upholstery, dashboard, vinyl tops, marine upholstery, luggage. The 17in1 tri-wing screwdriver repair kit is compatible with modern Nintendo products and other game devices. Keten carefully selects 17 different kinds of tools to meet your needs. The handle is covered with a gel and has a ball bearing mounted top to make it easier to work with. It's easy to fix bit and pull screws with multi-magnetic drivers. Premium S2 material for long-term use. Professional portable hardware tools come with a waterproof transparency case. The portable case has easy storage and quick access. There is an important notice. The Nintendo System consoles are fragile and should only be opened with little strength. Please use the Y00 Tri-wing Screwdriver to repair the switch console. Package List & Long Guarantee 3.8MM Security Bit Screwdriver *1, 4.5MM Security Bit Screwdriver *1, 2.0 Philips Head Screwdriver *1, Y00 Tri-wing Screwdriver *1, T6 Torx Screwdriver *1, T10 Torx Screwdriver *1, T8 Money back and life-time guarantee are provided by Keten.

Brand: Keten

👤Do you want to open a shady Earthbound to see if it's legit? Wanting to clean the 11-year old Wii but Nintendo sealed it up with a screw bit? This tool kit is for you! It includes every single screw bit that Nintendo uses on most of their products, along with a couple of other goodies, to make sure that just about anything Nintendo or not can be opened with reasonable-ease. I used the tool kit to clean my GameCube. I accomplished my take quickly. With the help of this tool kit, I was able to replace my GBA Sp's housing as well as get even more hands on. The tools seem to be of high quality. Take care of them and use them appropriately, and you have a nice tool kit to help you with Nintendo dissections.

👤The good. Very cheap. The driver bits seem to be cut very accurately. Don't use stripping issues, just use enough pressure. The magnetic effect helps prevent the loss of screws. pry tools and microfiber are included. It's just a little extra if you work on handhelds. The bad. The drivers are different in how straight they are. One of my cars has a noticeable wobble, but it doesn't affect my use much. Gamebit screwdrivers handles are not as nice as the Y or phillips drivers. TheNintendo screws are notoriously fragile. Use plenty of pressure to avoid stripping and be patient. I think it's a great set of tools. It's not made in Germany, but it costs what it does. It's great for a person. If you're a pro doing this sort of work, you might want to look into something higher quality.

👤Everything you need to get repairs or swaps out. The tools are sturdy and durable, which isn't always the case with these kinds of kits. The Triwing screwdriver was easy to use and it didn't require a lot of pressure to get the screws out. A lot of these sets are usually thrown away after you complete the job, but this one is getting kept for a while.

👤I wanted to change the joycon case for my Nintendo Switch. The screwdriver was perfect size. The green plastic prybars were great for removing the battery connection, pry open the plastic case, and etc. The needle nose plyers were used to unlatch ribbon locks. The tool set and case are made of white foam. If the springs and screws fall on the floor, you can't find them. The case helped me keep the screws. I knew they were still in the case if they rolled around.

👤If you are like me, a mom with internet access for teenage boys' problems, then this product is a must if you need to replace a broken screen. I was browsing for a replacement screen for a switch screen and it appeared as a suggestion. My oldest son is 15 years old. He has replaced two screens and done a great job. If you want to do it yourself, the tools are a must. He would not be able to replace anything if I bumped into them.

7. Joysticks Joystick Replacement Nintendo Include

Joysticks Joystick Replacement Nintendo Include

If you have any issues, please contact them, they will offer a worry-free service for you. New upgrade joycon joystick is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch lite. Bring your controller back to life with the replacement of your broken, worn-out or drifting joysticks. The metal latch Buckles are sturdy and durable. You can replace the damaged plastic buckle to save money. The metal rail is secured with a metal buckle and does not slip off when using the controller. The kit has a magnetic Y 1.5 Tri-Wing screwdriver and a magnetic +2.0Phillips screwdriver, which can be used at any time. The magnetic screws are weak. They also provide you with 6 spare screws, so you don't have to worry about screw loss or damage. TheThumb stick Caps are made of high-quality silicone material, safe, soft and comfortable, making it have a good touch. If you have any questions or requirements regarding the product, please contact them and they will try their best to meet them. They recommend that you watch the full video before you replace it. Unconditional return and exchange services are provided for product quality issues.

Brand: Lonandy

👤They are still flawless after nearly 2 years of hard use. The joysticks that they replaced lasted longer. I wanted to repair 4 controllers. It's not hard to install. The first one took about 30 minutes, the others took 15-20 each. It is best to watch the video on the internet first. You know where the ribbons are. The controllers on the left and right are different. The right controller does not require a Z ribbon to be removed. The right controller has a vet shot Z robbin attached to the battery holder and requires some skill to remove. It likes to shoot out the locking mechanism spring. The L/R button spring may fall off. The button to release the lock has a tab and notch orientation that it wants to fall out of. You will figure it out as you go. I can't tell if the sticks are different in feel or not. The only issue I saw was that the ribbon is slightly longer and thicker than the original ribbon, so it doesn't look like it's seated correctly, but it did work just fine. The metal locking mechanism is great, but don't tighten the metal tab that holds the lock down as it won't float properly. My controllers are impossible to remove without hitting the release button because they never locked properly. Replacing these along with the analog sticks is worth it. I have no report on longevity because I just installed these. My original equipment manufacturer gave out in a year and a second pair in 6 months. Not good! If I get at least 6 months, it is money well spent. I will keep you updated when they fail.

👤The green cable is the new one, and the blue one is the old one. The green cabled ones have a hard piece of plastic to make it easier to insert into the connector. The seller immediately shipped me replacements after the little hard piece fell off. There was no directions included but a simple search showed me what I needed.

👤I love this product. I was led here after watching a video on how to fix drift. You can't go wrong if you follow a step by step video. Extra tools are not needed. I've never opened a switch before, and I replaced two left joysticks in less than an hour. That's much better than paying $160 for two new pairs. The tools and replacement pieces are of the highest quality. The new joystick has a stronger ribbon than the original one. The grip is the same as the original. If you have to replace two left sticks, you can just buy a pack of two new joysticks and replace both. We've only been using them for a couple of months, but they haven't had any drift problems yet. This is a great product.

👤If you are comfortable taking apart your joycons, I recommend this. If you are impatient or don't know what to do, I wouldn't recommend taking apart your joycons. I think you should buy this and have a friend or colleague do the repairs for you. Tools are decent quality, with replacement screws and a kit that includes locking pins and rubber thumb grips. The pry tool is not necessary for this kit, but it is nice to see them included. It's the same thing. It seems that the thumbsticks are not labeled, but if they are universal, it works that way. The joy con thumbsticks are a great deal, but I wouldn't recommend it if the price goes above $20, because the extra thumb-grips are far off from the original neon joycon colors. The tools in this bundle are pretty good quality, but I wouldn't use the screwdrivers for opening the switch more than you need to, and good don't scream "high quality metal", so I wouldn't count on that. I would recommend doing all the repairs in the kit on the first opening. The ribbon cables can be difficult to remove and plug in, but with the tweezers you can do it without using your hands. The thumb sticks in this kit are not very bright. When I first connected one to the left joycon and went to test it using the calibration screen, it was off for a while, but after sleeping the console and letting it rest, I was able to get it back to normal. The thumbsticks are a little loose or not as stiff as the original ones, which is a little odd, though it doesn't really affect the playability from my testing so far. They came with replacement screws, which is nice to see, but I just kept the original ones, and will use the replacement screws if I ever lose them. The metal locking pieces are my favorite part of the kit. The joycons are staying attached to the console and grips and only release when using the release button after I replaced the plastic ones that were broken. There was a cute little plastic case with a card with links to videos on Youtube for Joycons thumbsticks and how to add a metal locking pin. You have to type exactly as it is shown, while doing just http wont link you to the video. The blue pry tool is not as high quality as the green spudger, so it is useless for most of the time. I recommend the spudger over the pry tool if you do use them.

8. Replacement Screws Nintendo Switch Console Controller

Replacement Screws Nintendo Switch Console Controller

Replacing damaged or broken parts. When you remove the original parts, be careful with the screws and springs. Make sure you match the metal replacement part with the piece you replace to make sure it's in the right place. Saving money and easy installation is what repairing by yourself is about. The console housing has screws in it. The package includes longest "Y" screws x 4 for power adapter shell, longer round "+" head screws x 10 for console sides slide rail, short round "+" head screws x 3 for console up and down shell, and 2 sets of long 1 short button.

Brand: Cosmos

👤The Nintendo Switch console does not fit these screws.

👤Everything you need to refresh your joy con is in the great parts kit.

9. Replacement Latches Nintendo Yoelike Screwdrivers

Replacement Latches Nintendo Yoelike Screwdrivers

There are 2 replacement Joysticks, 2 replacement metal locks, 1 replacement Cross Screwdriver, and 1 pry. The cleaning brush is updated. 100% brand new and made of high quality alloy. It can help you avoid slipping or losing your handle. Special design for original Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. The replacement fee for a Nintendo switch is very high. Before purchasing, please verify your model. The metal alloy joycon latches are recommended for anyone having trouble with joycon latching because the original part is plastic and easily damaged. Also, note -- The professional repairman can install the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Buckle Lock. They are not responsible for any damage to the switch during the repair of someone who has skilled hands-on ability. The package includes 1 x Y Screwdriver, 1 x X Screwdriver, 1 x Tweezers, 1 x Pry Tools and 4 x Joy Con metal lock buckle.

Brand: Yoelike

👤The metal plated thingy is cheap and could cause metal pieces to fall into your controller. If the metal particles end up on the board, you don't know if they're going to cause a short or if they're just going to make your A button stay on. If you want to be safe, use a corner of a gift card. 5 stars, besides that.

👤The joycon will start to come out of the slides with little or no pressure, if the replacement is made from metal, and the original is made out of plastic. Installation of the joycons requires you to open your joycons and take apart some component to get the latches, which can be dangerous if you remove them. Be prepared, flying! Depending on your knowledge of electronic, this is an intermediate install.

👤Nintendo has not replaced these plastic parts with metal ones yet. I don't understand why metal rails are attached to plastic clips. I dropped my switch onto the table and it was damaged. These metal things are used to protect the joy cons. There are no regRETS.

👤Within 10 minutes, I was able to install the replacement Joycon latches. It's easy, but the parts are small so be careful. The plastic ones that ship standard with Joycons should not degrade like these metal ones. You think Nintendo would have done this for an $80 controller. It's crazy to think that there were many corners cut to save money. I can't vouch for the screwdrivers that came with the set and if they strip the screws as I have my own, but still, always on the side of caution.

👤The buttons are stronger than the plastic ones. Don't strip your screws using the cheap tools they give you. The pry tool broke with little force. I'm reviewing it as a set because it got 3 stars instead of 5.

👤The controllers started popping off the console with a small push. I replaced the stock plastic ones with metal ones. One is for left and one is for right. It won't work if you put them in wrong. I am very pleased with this product so far. I will add them to any future controllers because it is standing up to the abuse my boys give me.

👤They're perfect. It took about 15 minutes to replace the Joy-cons. The tools worked well. Make sure you use the correct driver for the screws so that they don't strip when you attempt to disassemble and reassemble the shell. Replacement springs are recommended along with theses latches. It's not necessary since you can refuse the springs you already have, but after having everything assembled, I wish I'd bought a pair for my Joy-cons' latches.

👤I bought 2 sets of controls alone last year because they kept snapping off. This was a big deal. It's not difficult to change the first one. These are great!

👤The supplied screwdrivers will strip your screws, so don't use them.

👤The metal pins were good, but the tri-wing screwdriver was not.

10. Screwdriver Kit Nintendo Switch Joy

Screwdriver Kit Nintendo Switch Joy

This is not an official product. To learn how to use the product, please watch the video. The kit includes the must have y00 and 1.5. The magnetic screwdriver heads can perfectly hold and set the screws to avoid falling or losing. The Advanced Engineering screwdrivers are made out of premium S2 steel with uncompromising quality in manufacturing, specially hardened with heat treatment which is more precise and durable than silver-colored CRV bits, and will be superior in strength and resistance to other screwdrivers. IDEAL ERGONOMICS. There is a rotating cap at the bottom of the handle for better force transfer, perfect for Nintendo Switch and Switch lite. Every kit has all the parts and tools you need to get the job done. The complete and professional tri wing screwdriver tool kit for Nintendo Switch and Switch lite includes one curved steel tweezer, two plastic opening pry tools, and one nylon spudger.

Brand: Rzkipdy

👤I bought this to clean my switch's loud fan. The kit claims that it's easy to fix your switch, but that's not true. The screw driver has no magnetic pull and the tri-wing screwdrivers will not take the screws off the back plate. The joycon joysticks don't fit on the joystick covers. Look for a better kit.

👤My daughter's Nintendo switch was malfunctioning and she couldn't turn it on. The joycon was fixed after I ordered the screwdriver kit. Took it apart and made sure all the connections were good. The joycon controller is working again. I used pry tools and the 2.0 phillips. I used most of the tools that came with the kit. I'm grateful for the product and all the pieces for $9. Yes, amazing. Just buy them and your screws will be happy. Buying a new controller saved $60. Highly recommended tools for Nintendo switch repairs.

👤I had a dead battery in one of my controllers, and the left side controller went out as well. I needed a screwdriver to get into the controller. I had surgery on one of my controllers and it worked again. The set is great value. I was happy!

👤It is cheap. My wallet is the same. The plastic tools are not as good as the screwdrivers. This will get the job done for the money.

👤None of the individual screwdrivers in the set fit the screws on my nintendo, the screwdrivers are good quality,sturdy and with good grip handles. The set would fit standard sizes. I will be able to use the screwdriver set for other things.

👤The tools needed to work on small electronics were in this set. The button covers were great. My grandson's Joy Con accessory was the button covers.

👤We needed these tools to fix the Nintendo Switch. The screw driver is needed for the little star threaded screws.

👤Tri-Point is the screwdriver you are looking for. The factory shipped screws are more sensitive than the Tri-Wing screwdrivers, so you should get the Tri-Point screwdrivers.

11. Version Replacement Nintendo Joy Cons Screwdrivers

Version Replacement Nintendo Joy Cons Screwdrivers

All joycon joystick replacements will be inspected before they are shipped to make sure they are in good shape. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. It is the best gift for your family. Black Friday is a gift for Christmas. It is sturdy and useful. The replacement fee for joycon is very high. Also, note: The original part is plastic and easily damaged, metal alloy controller latches are recommended for anyone having trouble with controllerlatching. It includes a metal lock buckle and a Y Screwdriver. They are not responsible for any damage to the switch during the repair.

Brand: Fyoung

👤My boy is a destructive force of nature. Especially when it comes to dad's stuff. The latches were smoothed out like butter after he pulled the joy off of my switch. No fun. I bought another set so the whole family could enjoy it. I tried to keep him away. My efforts eventually failed. I decided to use this handle little fix instead of shelling out another $80 for joycon. I write this review with tears of joy in my eyes. I watched as my son attacked my switch with brutality and tried to detach the controllers. He gave up after a long time and crashed the switch on the furniture. Installation was easy to understand, but you need to be careful. My pieces fit perfectly. It works like a charm.

👤I've performed this operation four times, and I think these do exactly what they're supposed to do and work great. The stock plastic ones had a problem and they made a really solid connection. Three of my joycons were loose, two from normal wear and one from a drop. These may chip from a drop, but they're not going to wear out from normal use. It doesn't seem like they'll pose a serious risk of damaging the system, but of course mod at your own risk. The operation is easy, but you can make mistakes if you are not careful. I would say this is a beginner to intermediate mod, but there are no instructions included. I recommend watching someone do it on the internet first. The screws are very small and can be lost. Losing one screw is not going to ruin you, and you can buy replacements, but be careful. You need to be very careful with the removal of the latch because it is spring- loaded and you could lose your sight if you remove it. If you know about it, don't lose that spring. The ribbon cables that connect the front and back of the joycons are easy to mess with. It's fixable, but it's a little difficult to re-insert. I did the operation on two of them, but they didn't work right after I reconnected them. It was a bit of a pain in the ass. I tightened the screw on the plate that holds the latch in place on one joycon, which made it stick a bit. I loosened it and it behaved normally. Don't feel like you have to drive these screws tight. That's all. If you're comfortable taking things apart, the latches work perfectly and include everything you need. They feel great, I'm very happy with the end result. If I get more joycons in the future, I will definitely do this again. It's possible that the seller may be using multiple suppliers with slight differences, but I didn't experience this at all. If it doesn't fit, you can ask for a replacement, as my set fit and worked perfectly.

👤I bought my switch a month after it came out, and after installing these little metal latches, my switch feels like new again! Most people, especially children, are not careful when sliding the controllers off or on, and this will wear out the plastic latches, which is why I have read a lot of reviews about this. That is not the only reason. I am a collector and I take a lot of care when handling things, and I almost always played the Switch while docked. I slid off the Joy cons -controllers. The Left controller was sliding off after about 6 months, but the Right controller was coming off without pushing in the release button. I didn't really care about it at first, but now it's a big deal and I've never found any videos, blogs, or anything about it online. When I was playing Dr. Mario, I got an error message that one of my controllers wasn't attached. I lost the stage in Dr. Mario after sliding it on and off 5 times. I was too lazy to send it to Nintendo for repairs, so I was fed up. I gave the installation 3 stars because of the difficulty in handling the tiny screws and parts. Installation of the latches is straightforward because there are a lot of videos to watch. The tool kit has a very sharp tweezer. Make sure you do one controller at a time, and notice how the original plastic latch is facing. The reviewers mention that they should be extra careful with the tiny spring. Thank you to all the previous reviews, I had no issues with the springs. I would suggest that you put these things in a well lit area and keep some small containers handy to put the screws in. My switch feels new again. I don't have to worry about the controllers sliding off because I have to push the release buttons again. If you buy a new Joy cons, keep in mind that the plastic latches will wear down. I don't know if the newer model Switches have fixed this, or if Nintendo even cares, but these latches work! After a few months, I will try to update this review.


What is the best product for nintendo switch joycon repair kit?

Nintendo switch joycon repair kit products from Mcbazel. In this article about nintendo switch joycon repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Assenic and Wu-minglu are also good brands to look for when you are finding nintendo switch joycon repair kit.

What are the best brands for nintendo switch joycon repair kit?

Mcbazel, Assenic and Wu-minglu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for nintendo switch joycon repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Cobuy, Lonandy and Keten are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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