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1. Triple EFA Guard Softgels Perque

Triple EFA Guard Softgels Perque

Omega 3,6 and 9 fats help protect small and large blood vessels for better heart and brain resilience. Improves brain, heart, and immune health. Purer oils are nitrogen distilled to prevent oxidation and rancidity damage.

Brand: Perque

👤The doctor recommended these for my husband. The four supplements we bought from this company have been great.

👤Very happy. It was recommended to me by my doctor.

👤These vitamins make me feel better.

👤I found the best ratio and it worked out well on my skin and I feel less hungry.

👤My healthcare provider put me on this and I like it a lot.

2. Liva Guard Forte Softgels Perque

Liva Guard Forte Softgels Perque

The result is that the liver is protected from cell and tissue damage. The benefit is that it gives the liver a needed boost. Formulated with the preferred form of Coenzyme Q10 for powerful protection against radicals.

Brand: Perque

👤These have helped my health. It helps me to feel better.

👤There are a lot of good things in this supplement. Check it out.

👤It was on time. Excellent product. This is a new order.

3. Endura Pak Guard Capsules Perque

Endura Pak Guard Capsules Perque

60 capsule is the unit count.

Brand: Perque

👤I took it for 6 weeks after I had some muscle testing for some issues. I wouldn't say it improved anything, but it did raise my blood sugar 20 points on average. It's not good to be a diabetes patient. Everything is fine now that I'm off it. If you have diabetes, be careful.

4. Perque Digesta Guard Forte Count

Perque Digesta Guard Forte Count

Magnesium and Vitamins C and L are derived from palm fruit and leaf. 3.4mg. Billions of livebacteria, B. bifidum R0071 500 million. B. breve R0070 200 million, B. longum R0175 600 million, L. acidophilus R01418 1000 million, and L. casei R02015 400 million. L. paracasei has 400 million. Lc. lactis ssp. lactis R1058 1000 Million / S. thermophilus R0083 200 Million / Maltodextrin 358mg / vegetable capsule 75mg

Brand: Perque

👤During my long-term antibiotic treatment, my doctor recommended this probiotic along with Saccharomyces. After 6 solid months on antibiotics, I had no lower GI issues. My daily dose was 2 pills, 3 times a day, with 2 Saccharomyces pills at lunch as well. I'd love for them to be cheaper, though, because they are well worth the price. I kept the bottle out of the fridge, but I had to pull it out of the mailbox quickly because the bottle was in the sun. If you can plan ahead, you might want to order more in the cooler months to last through the summer. The pills are small enough to be taken by most people.

👤I was able to get off of the prescription I was taking because of this, as it was recommended by my doctor years ago.

👤The only thing that works is the probiotic.

👤It is easy to tolerate without having issues with the stomach.

👤My doctor suggested that I use the probiotic for antibiotic use. My GI track was disrupted by the probiotics. I trust the products of this company. This was not a good fit for me. I was a child who was Lactose-insensitive and had a history of Mast Cell Activation, but I'm pretty sure that I don't do well with the probiotics that contain Lactose.

5. Perque Potent Guard Powder Ounce

Perque Potent Guard Powder Ounce

The result was powerful personalized protection. In six peer reviewed outcome studies, fully buffered and reduced 100 percent L Ascorbate was shown to be the most effective form of vitamins C. It is a fact that triple recrystallized under nitrogen enhances potency.

Brand: Perque

👤The mid-range rating shows that I have not come to a conclusion about the product's effectiveness. It is recommended for many different purposes. I am concerned that despite the expectation of effervescence when placed in water, I've never seen it since opening the container. One source said that the lack of fizz may reflect product that is too old, while another said it works. I hope it helps. If the bottle was old, I wouldn't be concerned.

👤An excellent product. It has a good balance of l-ascorbate and electrolytes. It tastes good and is not overly sour like some ascorbate powders. Some buffered "C" powders taste like chalk because they are made from chalk. This one has high quality minerals, which are better absorbed. Perque Potent C Guard is a good choice for those who can afford it. Even on Amazon, some vendors are more affordable. I would look for other buffered C powders for those on tight budgets. Make sure they contain l-ascorbate.

👤I used this product for a flush. It was the only buffered C product that met the requirements, so that my electrolyte balance wouldn't be thrown off during the flush. It tastes like Alka Seltzer and feels like it is coming out. Don't do a C flush if you don't know how to do it. Dr. Teitelbaum has a good set of instructions. If you are in a poor state of health and want to continue taking the C, you will need the bigger bottle. It's a bit expensive but worth it. It is only available to physicians, and it is safe.

👤It's the best vitamins for us with MCS. It doesn't work. It's very powerful. I can't get the vitamins from food. This works the best of all the C's I've tried. The price is too steep, thanks for carrying it. It's made from potatoes. A jar is enough. Why the $30+ mark up?

👤It's great for loading up on a colon cleanse. Been using it for a long time.

👤This was recommended by a health professional and it has made a difference in my health.

👤It's the best C on the market, it's an anti-histamine, it's great for the body, and it can shut a cold down.

👤I have tried a lot of vitamins and this is the only one that worked for me. I do a few shots of this if I feel like it. I will be better by the next day.

👤One of the best vitamins.

👤Excellent price and product!

6. Perque Pain Guard Forte Tabs

Perque Pain Guard Forte Tabs

Gelatin 428 Lemon oil is 40. Purified water is 66. The amount of Glycerin is 198. The result is to promote healing by using the cells responsible for repair. Benefits include reducing stress and improving comfort. Formulated with Quercetin dihydrate is a plant that reduces allergic and inflammatory responses.

Brand: Perque

👤I have been using this product for over two years. It helps with inflammation.

👤This product is very expensive and does not work for me.

👤I didn't find much difference.

👤The doctor recommended a health institute. It's good for joint pain.

👤I like this product. It takes a couple of days for it to start. It helps once it does.

👤Excellent product! It's the best way to deal with pain. This is the kind of science that the pharm companies need to push. works in conjunction with Inflamase.

👤I am not sure about the effectiveness yet. The Perque Repair Guard is a good one. I wanted to try the Pain Guard because I don't like magnesium very much.

7. PERQUE Repair Guard 180 Tabs

PERQUE Repair Guard 180 Tabs

180 tablets are included in the unit count.

Brand: Perque

👤I'm battling cancer and have a lot of pain. I get more pain relief when I take 6 of these before my meal. The product is anti- inflammatory and has an effect on cancer cell growth. We had a lab test three times and all three times it showed that Quercetin was blocking the growth of my cancer cells. 40% of the cancer cells were inhibited by the test. Each person has a different number. Quercetin is an amazing ingredient and is anti- inflammatory for all people and should definitely help other people with pain relief like it does for me.

👤The ingredients are natural. It is patented, which makes the product of the highest quality. We can be sure that it is the best.

👤We use it for pain. When my husband does yard work he takes care of his back pain before he starts. It works well.

👤I take this in my quest to keep my cancer from returning and to help with the pain that comes from several surgeries. Quercetin is a good cancer fighter.

👤Along with diet and exercise, it helps to keep bones strong.

👤I have been taking this for a year and have definitely felt a boost in my immune system and joints. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder around my joints.

👤The product is amazing but expensive. A lot of supplements would go by the wayside before I let this one go.

8. Perque Potent Guard Powder 16

Perque Potent Guard Powder 16

The serving size is 1 rounded half-teaspoon. Amount per serving is based on the amount of l-ascorbate and corn free in the serving. The amount of Potassium is ascorbate. 99 tablets. 40 percent Calcium, 40 percent Magnesium, 16 percent Zinc, 600 percent.

Brand: Perque

👤I used to take this vitamins to cleanse my colon before I had a colonoscopy. Everything was out of the protocol. The doctor gave me an "excellent" rating for my clean bowels. It works better than drinking gasoline prescribed by the doctors, and is beneficial for your body. There are online directions for doing a cleanse for vitamins C and E. All of the vitamins are not the same. The Perque product has the correct balance of electrolytes to create the conditions for the cleanse. I don't remember, but regular brands of C contain larger amounts of calcium and magnesium that interfere with cleanse. I had to fast for two days because I couldn't tolerate the "allowed" list of foods. The cleanse should start with 1/2 of a cup every 15 minutes. I take Perque because it is bioavailable and cost effective, and because I need a lot of vitamins for my body.

👤Very nice! I ordered this to treat the skin infections. I am not an expert. I am convinced that we are our own best doctors after many years of trying. Insurance and medical doctors have been useless to me. I get by with common sense when I learn from a doctor, a Naturopath, books and the internet. I'm aware that there is debate about the safety of oral ascorbic acid, but I don't think that studies used a formula like this. You Tube has an introduction to Dr. Jaffe's research. There are other reasons to try this. I needed to do ascorbic acid because it raises urine pH. Some scientific papers I found show that a more alkaline pH is less favorable for cancer. The ability to make a paste for a wound with amazing effect is a surprising benefit. My advice to anyone who will listen is to only listen to someone's advice, not to listen to anyone else's. You need to be willing to correct misinformation you've been told to avoid. You should learn about how pervasive and likely it is to be one of the toxins you're living with while you're at it. You have to listen to your body and understand what a range of the best experts have to offer. I like the song "Acid Alkaline Balance" on You Tube.

👤I don't believe a cure from allophatic and I don't believe in taking any pharma drugs, but I would like to suggest taking vitamins c and m for any health issues. That's what I think. My advice is to research. Be well.

👤I wanted to do the C flush. I used to use Source Naturals Ultimate Ascorbate. That did the job after only a few minutes. I had to take 10 grams to get a flush. I end up with a bloated belly and gas if I take less. I took 9tsp the other day and ended up with horrible gas pains all day. 1/2tsp is the most I can take without a stomach upset. This was designed to be used for the C cleanse as well as for large dose vitamin C therapy. I'm not impressed at all and I hope my old brand is back in stock soon.

9. Perque Potent Guard 1000 Tabs

Perque Potent Guard 1000 Tabs

There is a pack of yogurts.

Brand: Perque

👤I used to purchase this product from Amazon before. Exp. The year was 2022. There is plenty of time left. I received this product twice. The normal vit. is the original. C's white is due to oxidation. I want to find out why. Is the Amazon warehouse temperature control problem? Or the manufacturer's?

👤All of Perques vitamins and supplements are high quality, but you pay more for it. I took this brand and one other when I was diagnosed with cancer again. I am cancer free and still alive. I had it all over my body when it came back. One of the main brands that saved my life was this one. The brand was developed by a regular doctor and is used by many doctors and clinics.

👤Product received does not work as compared to powder version. I was excited to buy the pill format without having to taste the disgusting powder version, which tastes and smells like licking a rubber tire. Even though my bottle expires in Dec 2022, I am tossing this into the trash.

👤I have been unable to find a source of the only vitamins C and E that are not derived from corn. It's very easy on the stomach.

👤This stuff is amazing. My family has been taking them for the entire flu season. When I started to feel a cold, I double up on the pills and it knocks it out. I have a 13 year old daughter who gets sick at least 4 times a winter. She has been taking the powder version of the pills and has not been sick. I was glad my sister told me about them.

👤We have taken these faithfully for 3 years and we don't get sick anymore.

👤The Pperque Potent C powder is convenient for traveling. I feel the difference with this vitamins, it tastes good and it wards off colds. Emergen-C is loaded with crap.

10. Perque Bone Guard Forte Tablets

Perque Bone Guard Forte Tablets

The unit count is a mixture of non-veg and unnamed tablets. Formulas for bone support.

Brand: Perque

👤My doctor confirmed the quality of the supplement.

👤The product was a gift to my mom, and it has worked wonders. It was gratifying! A family member recommended this product. It has helped her with her joints and her pain. Soon, you will be able to place another order.

👤The bottle was smashed when it was shipped in a paper package. The bottle was torn up.

👤The bone guard works to maintain bones for up to 12 years by the advice of my doctor.

👤These were recommended by Dr for bones and detoxification. The pill is not easy to swallow.

👤It works well to fight ostopene. I won't use a Drs script that is too dangerous.

👤My doctor recommended this product to ward off osteoporosis. It is doing a good job.

11. Perque Pain Guard Forte Tabs

Perque Pain Guard Forte Tabs

The unit count is 100 capsule.

Brand: Perque

👤I have been taking pain guard for at least 5 years and it's worth the money, but I would rather take sennas than it.

👤The product is pricey and it alleviates some symptoms. You can get the same product for a fifth of the price at several vitamins shoppes. Do your homework.


What is the best product for perque pain guard and repair guard?

Perque pain guard and repair guard products from Perque. In this article about perque pain guard and repair guard you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding perque pain guard and repair guard.

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