Best Proenamel Sensodyne Toothpaste Whitening Intense Enamel Repair

Toothpaste 24 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pronamel Intensive Enamel Toothpaste Strengthening

Pronamel Intensive Enamel Toothpaste Strengthening

Extra Fresh Sensodyne Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth is a 3.4 ounce tube. Toothpaste is used to repair demineralization, repair microdamage and rebuild strength. The sensitive enamel toothpaste 3 pack protects you against pain. Acid erosion from exposure to acidic foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. Sensitivity toothpaste is made to protect you against cavities. Extra fresh toothpaste leaves your teeth clean. Twice daily, brush for two minutes with this sensitive toothpaste.

Brand: Pronamel

👤The Sensodyne toothpaste has the same two active ingredients...potassium nitrate 5% and sodium fluoride 0.15%. The inactive ingredients are the same as before, just listed in a slightly different order. Sensodyne was recommended by my dental hygenist. She probably never looked at the packaging information.

👤I've used several versions of the Sensodyne Pronamel toothpastes for years and decided to try the repair version when it became available. My gums became sore and irritated from this formula. I used it for a while before I realized it was causing pain and irritation. My problem disappeared when I stopped using it. I may be allergic to something in this formula, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is having irritation after using it.

👤After I got my first crown, I was very picky about what I used on my teeth. This repair has made my teeth less sensitive to cold temperatures. I used to grimace on a cold day because the air hurt my teeth, but after weeks of use ice cream barely bothered me.

👤These are small tubes. That's less than a tube of toothpaste. I didn't read the fine print when buying them. The price per tube is not very good.

👤I started using this toothpaste about 2 months ago in order to get ready for the bleach processes and dental work. I wanted to make this process as painless as possible because my teeth have always been sensitive. I accidentally bit into an ice cream cone the other day and I hadn't thought about it. There was nothing to scream about. I did it again and again, but nothing happened. I have never been able to bite anything cold. I've spent most of my life ordering drinks without ice because it would hurt my teeth. I can't believe it! I hadn't even realized that my life-long tooth sensitivity had been reversed in only 2 months. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤The pack of 3 is not worth the money.

👤I have sensitive teeth. I've been using the original for a long time. I was told by my dentist that I need some toothpaste. I prefer sensodyne to other brands for teeth sensitivity, so I thought I would try this. This is a waste of money. It almost feels like you are brushing your teeth. It hurts my teeth and makes them bleed. I'm very disappointed. Sensodyne needs to be in stores. Some of the new things they've come out with are painful and don't work as well as they should.

👤I really like this product. The new packaging of the tube is very attractive. I've never been disappointed when I've bought Sensodyne. The quantity you get is less than most other brands, that's the only negative that I see. I'm not sure, but it might be because it's a higher end specialized product that it's more expensive. It's ability to help with sensitive teeth... I don't have any complaints.

👤This is my first purchase from this seller. I'm used to seeing print and packaging in this way. It is slightly different. The Sensodyne toothpaste has a seal. This one didn't. I'm just thankful that it works the same. Have used it for a couple of days. My teeth hurt when I brush with other types of toothpaste. Thank you. The one with red tick is what I had been buying from a different seller.

2. Pronamel Toothpaste Strengthening Multi Action Cleansing

Pronamel Toothpaste Strengthening Multi Action Cleansing

A tube of Sensodyne Pronamel Multi-Action Enamel Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth is needed to strengthen and reharden the teeth. Acid erosion toothpaste protects your teeth from the effects of exposure to acidic foods and everyday acids by delivering minerals directly into the enamel layer. It protects your teeth from pain caused by temperature changes, acids, sweets or contact. Strong toothpaste that protects against decay and improves your dental health. Whitening toothpaste that removes stains from teeth. The mint toothpaste leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth. Twice daily, brush for two minutes.

Brand: Sensodyne Pronamel

👤I have been using it for a couple of days and am in a lot of pain. I used to get relief from the store-bought ones. I am in pain all over my teeth, as if I'm not using Sensodyne or rubbing sugar on my teeth. You can read below. The boxes are open. Something is not right. This is it. I won't be buying them again. The product is great. They arrived in cardboard boxes. There was no seal or anything in place that would show tampering. There was no seal inside the cap. Nothing to protect the contents from tampering. This didn't sit right with me. It is not acceptable. You would never know if someone would mess with the toothpaste inside. Not okay.

👤The product is supposed to help sensitive teeth and suppress nerve endings in the mouth. I don't feel anything different. "Pronamel" is a standard modern toothpaste that has 2.5% flouride. It's expensive to get what you want, which is toothpaste at a higher price. I don't think it will help anyone.

👤You can buy the same toothpaste in the store. It has helped with tooth sensitivity, and it also helps reduce the amount of residual saliva on the lips that other toothpastes cause. It doesn't have a strong flavor or taste, so it doesn't keep your mouth fresh. The Sensodyne toothpaste is a little more expensive than other Sensodyne toothpastes, and more expensive than some other toothpastes in general. It does not come in a 2-pack like other Sensodyne toothpastes, but it would be nice if it did.

👤When I received this tube, it was completely destroyed. The tube cap was broken. I don't know what happened but I hate that I have to return something that should have been in one piece.

👤It tastes good and has a variety of care. The packaging stinks and I can't find any fault with it. If you try to push the product from the bottom of the flexible tube, it will fly out of your hand. Don't think about rolling the tube as it empties. This allows for a lot of waste.

👤The multi action series has always hit home for me, even though I enjoy the sensodyne brand as a whole. It feels like everything is clean with a good brush. The after effect is not the same because the other variations focus on one or two things. This is the version to get if you don't need a specific use.

👤I have been using Sensodyne toothpaste for over a decade. I have tried others that hurt my teeth. I use the multi-action and fresh breath and have never had any sensitivity issues. Shipping was fast. There were no issues. I would recommend this product to everyone.

👤I'll use this because my teeth become very sensitive. They aren't great at lightening and the flavor isn't strong at all, but it does foam up and help get plaque build up, depending on how often you brush.

3. Colgate Renewal Toothpaste Whitening Restoration

Colgate Renewal Toothpaste Whitening Restoration

Bleeding gums and inflammation associated with gingivitis can be prevented by using revitalizing gum toothpaste.

Brand: Colgate

👤This product has the best display of marketing techniques. The packaging and phrases are eye catching, but they lack anything noteworthy. Stannous fluoride is found in many more economical options.

👤This toothpaste is amazing. The flavor is mild and surprised me. This makes me happy, an effective toothpaste that doesn't make you feel like you've eaten a pound of mint. It's great on the gums, if you're as sensitive as I am. I just switched my ten year old to this toothpaste, it's great for him.

👤The pasted tooth has helped my gums. No more pain!

👤I'd like to say hello to all. I'm not a toothpaste snob. I don't think about what I use. I used to use sensodyne. I bought it on Amazon thinking it was the same toothpaste. Wrong! I have canker sores in my mouth. Also cuts. I have never had a sore canker. I have been in pain since using this toothpaste. I used it once. I was researching how to get rid of them and came across an article about how canker sores can be caused by a lot of toothpaste. I have never had a reaction like this before.

👤I love this product. The gel leaves you with a fresh mouth. I don't know what other people are tasting, but this toothpaste tastes the same as other toothpastes. The plastic tubes are my only complaint. They don't collapse during use like other toothpaste, so you're always slamming it against something to get the last of it out of the bottom. The classic packaging is what I hope they return to.

👤I don't have gum problems so I can't say if it cleans them or heals them. The taste and texture were good.

👤I would have returned them if I hadn't opened the package. I am sure dog poop tastes better. You don't offer negative values on the stars.

👤I was told by my dental hygienist that I had good teeth. There is nothing special about this toothpaste. I use it at night and Sensodyne in the morning. I also have floss and a water ipo. Like your mind and body, you have to take care of your teeth.

4. Sensodyne Pronamel Whitening Strengthening Toothpaste

Sensodyne Pronamel Whitening Strengthening Toothpaste

There are three tubes of Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Teeth Whitening Enamel Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth. Acid erosion toothpaste protects your teeth from acid erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks. Sensitivity toothpaste protects your teeth from pain. Strong toothpaste that protects against decay and improves your dental health. The toothpaste restores the natural whiteness of your teeth. Fresh breath and clean teeth can be achieved with refreshing sensitivity toothpaste. Twice daily, brush for two minutes.

Brand: Pronamel

👤I only used this product for a week, and I can see the difference. It looked more full and my teeth sparkle when I use it. I use low abrasive toothpaste to keep the porcelain on my teeth from cracking, and I have two porcelain veneer on my front tooth. Although it made my teeth feel stronger, full and sparkle, this toothpaste was gentle and did not make my teeth look worse. It only took one week of use to make my teeth yellow and dry. The more I used it, the yellow color of my teeth became like an orange carrot. People say it took them a couple of weeks or a month for the toothpaste to whiten. I don't think it will work for me. I will tell you this... If you already have a white teeth, and you use this toothpaste, you will feel stronger and it will shine like you are going to a dentist. I had to change toothpaste brands to get my teeth back in color. Maybe, I'll choose between two toothpastes. I don't need this brand of toothpaste since my teeth were never sensitive. It works, but it changed the color of my teeth. I use a brand of toothpaste called arm and hammer extreme advanced whitening just for anyone wondering what my alternative toothpaste was...

👤The cap design has become impossible to use, despite the fact that I like this toothpaste. It is difficult to close and do the snap thing when paste collects in the grooves. The package twists as it gets empty, preventing a way to get a purchase on it, because someone thought it was a great idea to cut down on the thickness of the plastic tube. It was really a pain. There is an update. I suffered through use of all three tubes because I dislike wasted money. I don't know if it's the Alpine Breeze flavor or not, but in all three cases, when I got to the end of the tube, I had to throw it away. Not a big fan.

👤I was told by my dentist that I needed to use Sensodyne. I could find hot and cold drinks. Ice cream hurt my teeth for 2 seconds. After using this product for a few weeks, room temp water kills my teeth. It was so much pain. To keep the pain away, I have to brush and waterpik. So disappointing. I have 3 tubes of toothpaste that I no longer want and it was a waste of money.

👤I have had gum recession from being in braces for over five years, and also from over bleaching my teeth in my 20's. I had metal braces as well and they caused a lot of gum recession. The product is effective in getting the teeth clean. The Sensodyne toothpastes are free of abrasive particles. The mint flavor is my favorite. The tube lasts me for a month. If you are using regularly and ongoing, you will notice a difference with the whitening Sensodyne. I use Sensodyne but have some sensitivity issues with regular toothpastes.

5. Sensodyne Sensitivity Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Sensitivity Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive

Stannous Fluoride is an active ingredient in a 3.4 ounce tube. No.1 dentist recommended a brand for sensitive teeth. Increased protection from temperature and touch is built with continued use. The ingredient is clinically proven to target the cause of gum problems. Twice daily brushing helps to remove stains from teeth.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤It takes a bit to get used to flavor. It is not bad, but it is not my first choice. I quickly got used to it. I am a heavy coffee and tea drinker and my teeth haven't gotten any more yellow, so at the very least, it maintains my current shade. It's too early to review as well. Those were not the reasons that I bought this. My teeth have become sensitive to the point where chewing mint gum on the left side of my mouth would hurt. I started using this because I didn't want to deal with that. How fast did my sensitivity go away? I had improved within a day or two, but not immediately. Within a week, I feel like I don't have any sensitivity at all. I never thought I would say that. I used to go to the dentist with a waterpick. I used to experience pain due to my teeth. I went back recently and didn't flinch. Thanks to Sensodyne, I feel great. If your teeth hurt with cold items or mint, please take care of yourself by using this, I will only say that if your gums hurt for no reason, please take care of yourself. I think it will help you.

👤It made my entire mouth raw. There were lie bumps under my tongue. It went away completely when I stopped using it.

👤For the past four years, I've had to have my dentist push back the swelling in the gum above the rear upper molar in order to treat the beginning of decay below the gum line. The gum would swell in the tooth when I had certain acidic foods. When tooth brushing hits that area, it will cause bleeding. I tried rinsing with salt water and it didn't work. I brushed Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum with a soft bristled toothbrush after brushing my regular toothpaste. The gum was no longer swollen or sensitive by the next morning. I have been following this procedure with no bleeding, swelling or sensitivity to the gum area. What a relief!

👤The toothpaste is slightly thicker. I love that it has stannous flouride. It strengthens gum tissue and protects it from decay.

👤I've been using sensitive tooth toothpaste for a long time. This is the first one that has stopped my pain completely.

👤My gum and tooth sensitivity were gone within a few days. The taste isn't bad. I like the thickness. I don't think you need more than a pea sized amount. I wish it came in a larger tube. I will deal with that for how much I like it. It's worth it.

👤I really like the product. I will never buy from Amazon again. I just got a new tube of toothpaste from my dentist. I ordered this three pack from Amazon. There is a strong smell to the toothpaste. I would say it was a kind of toothpaste made from the active ingredient in marijuana. This tastes nothing like the brand my dentist gave me. I don't feel safe using it and I'm going to use three tubes.

6. Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Protection Whitening

Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Protection Whitening

A tube of Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, Cavity Prevention and Sensitive Teeth Whitening. Whitening toothpaste that gently polishes away surface stains for a whiter smile. It provides 24 hour sensitivity protection and relief. The same benefits of regular toothpaste can be found in Anticavity toothpaste. Formulated to reduce the build-up of plaque on teeth. It leaves you with a pleasant taste. Use this toothpaste twice a day to whiten sensitive teeth.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤Whatever whitening it does, it has kept my teeth from degrading past their normal state. I switched to this brand several years ago because of the no SLS in ingredients problem. Even with my mediocre flossing, I still get good news from the dentist each time. This is the way.

👤I am shocked here. I bought this toothpaste because of a review by a YouTuber. I've tried the whitening gel from the dentist office and it caused a lot of sensitivity and did not make a noticeable difference, but this toothpaste has made a hug impact. I only used it for a week and my teeth weren't as pretty as they should have been. After only 3 days my husband asked me to order some for him since my teeth were clearly white. My teeth are not sensitive to heat or cold. You have to try it.

👤I used the entire tube and didn't see any color change to my teeth. My family has been in the dental field for 75 years, so I know exactly what I am saying. Most companies just want to make money and most consumers just want to help them find the right product. This product isn't my experience and it may be helpful to some people. I think zero teeth Whitening and also over priced.

👤The box was opened and the toothpaste was inside. I don't like using this product.

👤They sent me a sample after I reordered. The old tube is above the one I just received. There is an update. I used the product that was not sealed. It caused my mouth to swell. My doctor took the rest of the tube to be analyzed.

👤My way to it. I don't like string tasting mint tooth paste that is green in color. Yuck! I noticed this helping with sensitivity early on but am an avid user now and don't notice it as much. Whitening not sure about that. My teeth are not getting yellow anymore. Maybe it's working? Will continue to be my toothpaste. A pea size and a half is enough for my adult mouth. It doesn't make skin peel off inside the mouth like other brands do. The price is expensive but it is worth it. It is an evil necessity but I trust it so I buy it.

👤I like this toothpaste for my sensitive teeth, but I haven't seen much improvement in my teeth lightening. I used to have white teeth. I am not trying to change the staining that I did. I like toothpaste because it cleans well and keeps my breath fresh, but I haven't seen much of a difference in my skin tone from using it.

👤It was crushed and completely opened when I received it. I've bought toothpaste from my local pharmacy before, but this is not what it is supposed to be. This has to be breaking health safety codes. I'm asking for a refund. I am not sure why Amazon continues to allow these things to be sold. You would think that health safety would be the top priority right now. I spend so much here that I don't want to be sold products like this.

7. Sensodyne ProNamel Clean Intensive Repair

Sensodyne ProNamel Clean Intensive Repair

Acid-weakened enamel can be repaired. Protect against acid erosion. Provide sensitivity protection.

Brand: Pronamel

👤Even though my teeth are healthy, the enamel is starting to wear down. I was given a sample of the repair toothpaste. The other flavors are too strong, so it was a challenge to find the Clean Mint flavor. The toothpaste is soft. Don't need much on the toothbrush head. I want to stick with this flavor so I ordered 3. Buying Synsodyne in store is too confusing because there are so many different types.

👤It was wonderful. My toothpaste seems to restore the weakened enamel. Applause. Really.

👤I experienced a problem during shipping. It was packaged in a plastic bag. It got crushed. The vendor was kind enough to give me a refund. I threw it away because it had made a mess, and therefore didn't take a picture. The vendor trusted my explanation and I am very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Medical.

👤I couldn't eat anything hot or cold because of my sensitive teeth. My toothpaste had worn down my teeth. I stopped using the whitening toothpaste and started using Sensodyne.

👤I switched to this product after trying another one and noticed a big change for the better. This product works.

👤I like this toothpaste. It works well for me. Thanks for having it.

👤It's worth it for sensitive teeth.

8. Crest Enamel Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

Crest Enamel Toothpaste Advanced Whitening

There are three 4.1 ounce toothpastes. Advanced Whitening toothpaste is formulated for Crest Gum & Enamel Repair. Gum problems can be treated at the gum line. It is proven to help reverse gingivitis. It is a mild abrasive for cleaning. Penetrates tooth surface.

Brand: Crest

👤I've been using this toothpaste for about 3 weeks and it's not even the main result it claims to be. I had gingivitis, which was red and sore, and my gums were higher in places than they should be. This toothpaste is amazing. I havePeriodontal disease and no oral pain for the first time in a long time. My teeth are back to where they should be and my smile is beautiful again.

👤This product is for people with rare talent of accumulating plague despite brushing and flossing daily. I have been blessed with a genetic makeup that has allowed me to accumulate plaque and gum line even though I tried to keep my teeth clean. For the first time in my life, my periodontals are healthier, my pockets are no longer 3-4 on the scale, and my dentist told me that it was a good job for once. It helps to whiten my teeth, not the artificial white looking color, but an overall natural whiteness that doesn't come with any teeth sensitivity. It is a little pricey and doesn't last very long, but it still beats paying for my deep cleaning copays.

👤My teeth were discolored and painful. I was unable to use a toothpaste because of my sensitivity. I was thinking of having crowns. I was skeptical when I found this toothpaste on Amazon, but I would give it a try. The problem has been reversed by this toothpaste. I have been using this toothpaste for several months and it made my teeth white. I still can't believe the dramatic improvement and the fact that I can see sparkling white.

👤This stuff works. I don't go to the dentist often because I was a smoker for a long time, and I have some receding gums. I have seen a marked improvement in my teeth since I started using this toothpaste. The areas where it is just starting to go down are better. I have one area that isn't quite there. It is better than it was. The taste is great and I haven't had any issues with staining. It is cheap to buy 3 here as well as in stores. Very happy.

👤Only one pack was delivered.

👤Just got back from the dentist. He is happy with my teeth, they were worried about my gum, but they are happy with my teeth. I think this toothpaste helps my teeth by keeping them healthy. Will continue to use.

👤I was shocked that I was seeing a difference. You see your teeth changing, but not for the best. I don't have to have dentures because I have my own teeth. After two weeks, it seems to work. I will post again in three months.

👤I've been using the Crest Gum Detox paste and the Crest Enamel Paste and I'm glad they decided to combine them. Stannous floride can stain your teeth but is more effective than sodium floride. I've been using these premium toothpaste for a while now, along with my Water Pik and Oral B, and I still get scolded by my Hygienist who thinks I chew tobacco. The cost is the biggest negative, so you have to think if it's worth it.

9. Sensodyne Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth Whitening, 6 Ounce is part of a pack.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤I continue to order this product because it is a very good product.

👤The toothpaste has a nice taste.

👤I have sensitive teeth. When I drink my drink with ice in it, I use drinking straws, and when I see someone bite into an ice cream cone, I cringe. I will never use anything else after my dentist recommended Sensodyne. I've been brushing with it for over a year and it's worked well - I still don't like ice cream, but cold drinks don't bother me. If the restaurant doesn't provide drinking straws, I don't have to go without liquids. Ana Mardoll.

👤The packaging was terrible. The toothpaste tubes were shipped in a flimsy paper envelope. All three were ripped and crushed when the package was opened.

👤The 3 tubes were open to the air and not sealed. Prepare them to leave. They are used in hospitals.

👤I love my sensodyne, but it's expensive.



We collaborated with Mother Nature to deliver a toothpaste with the most effective ingredients for teeth Whitening. This chemical-free wonder is powered by Activated Charcoal, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, and Baking Soda. Made in the USA, it is vegan, floride-free, SLS-free, Gluten-free, Peroxide-free, and Safe for Kids. Whiten up to 7.7 Shades Whiter is clinically proven to whiten up to 7.7 shades. All the ingredients are needed for a natural everyday toothpaste. Zero Peroxide Sensitivity and No Mess! The Pacific Mint flavor cures bad breath and will leave you with a fresh mouth. It's also infused with Xylitol and Peppermint Oil. You don't need to use the messy powder version of charcoal to keep your sink clean.

Brand: Cali White

👤I noticed a change after the first use. This stuff is great. I get excited when it's time to clean my teeth. I don't know how many times a day I should use it, but for now I use it in the morning and regular toothpaste at night, and it works great!

👤I made three changes. I got a water flosser and toothpaste. I hadn't been to the dentist in over a year because I hadn't kept up with brushing. When I go in, I have a lot of tarter. The hygienist said that I had no tarts and was impressed with how clean they were. When I asked the dentist about activated carbon toothpaste, he warned that a lot of research is still needed to make sure it won't damage your teeth. If it is abrasive enough that it can remove a year of tarter in a week, then his concerns are legit. It is a good idea to use this product for a week at a time if you get behind on brushing or buffing them before you whiten them. The claims about this stuff being a whitening product are only true if you remove plaque andtarter from your teeth. You need a peroxide product if your teeth are discolored.

👤I was not disappointed with my first charcoal toothpaste. It doesn't foam like normal toothpaste, but it does throw me off a tad. It is not harsh with the mint flavor, as I 888-276-5932s 888-276-5932 This toothpaste didn't make my eyes or nose itch. I don't fault the toothpaste for not having dental work in the photos. This was done after one use. It was brushed for 2 minutes. I drink coffee and smoke.

👤Another happy customer here. I had coffee stains on my teeth. I couldn't get them off with regular brushing. I found this product and found that the stains are gone after less than a week. I am going to work on my teeth. Great product!

👤The taste was bad, but the reason I didn't like it was because it didn't change anything. I used it every day for four weeks. I think I will stick to my white strips. It's easier to make a difference.

👤My teeth are sensitive and I can't use any tooth Whitening products. I was interested in this potential solution as my teeth have fought againt my current coffee addiction and previous soda addiction and I was turning that wonderful yellow everyone strives for. After a week of using it, my wife is very happy with the results and I have started to notice a huge difference. The carbon doesn't stain at all. The sink, counter and tooth brush are all the same color even after spots and drips. If you're wondering if you should use a chemical or not, ask yourself this question: why use harsh chemicals that weaken and breakdown your food mashers? You can use something natural to do the same things if you include the oil for pullingbacteria away from the teeth.

11. Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Whitening Sensitive

Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Whitening Sensitive

Three tubes of Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. Sensitivity toothpaste can be used to clean away surface stains. It provides 24 hour sensitivity protection and relief. It is possible to use toothpaste with flouride that fights cavities. You will get a 3 pack of toothpaste that will keep you stocked for longer. The benefits of Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste can be experienced by brushing twice a day.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤There is nothing special about the ingredients. I found something that made my pain go away. I had been using Sensodyne for a long time and didn't get any relief, so I bought a Hydroxyapatite toothpaste, which my dentist said was what teeth are actually made out of. It will be away in less than a month. I am amazed that brushing my teeth hurts. I found something that actually helped, I have been dealing with the pain for a long time, and no one is giving me any compensation or discount for this information. I don't know if Amazon will let me, but I will link the product below, which is called Pearlie White Active Remineralization Toothpaste. Pearlie White Active Remineralization Toothpaste is free of floride. Hydroxyapatite and Xylitol are included in the remineralizing toothpaste for tooth repair.

👤This is not real. Do not buy. There is no logo on the top right corner.

👤If your teeth are sensitive, and you eat ice cream or eat a hot burger, then this will help you a lot. If you have a receding gum, or if you brush your teeth too hard, you will expose your tooth dentin, which will cause shooting pains in your mouth. This toothpaste fills in the holes in the tooth so food can't get to the nerve and cause a shooting pain. I used this toothpaste for a long time. At one point I switched to another toothpaste and the pain came back. There are no other toothpastes that reduce the pain as dramatically as this one. Different versions of sensodyne might be more expensive than the regular toothpaste. I would buy any version of sensodyne that is the cheapest you can find if you have healthy sensitive teeth. They are all the same ingredients and will help with sensitive teeth. The cheapest I have been able to get locally is the 3 pack on Amazon.

👤I bought this pack a month or so ago, but I am not a happy camper, so it is too late to return it. I opened the first tube a couple of weeks ago, and every time I use it, the inside of my lips and cheeks have peeled. I thought it was caused by the sugar-free smiln discs I bought at the same time. I stopped eating those, and was able to narrow down the new phenomenon to the morning after I used this toothpaste. It hurts when my mouth peel off. I've tried it out enough to know that it's the toothpaste that's causing this. I switched to the Sensodyne brand because my dentist said the Sensodyne brand worked better than Colgate Sensitive. It was a bad decision. This is the first time that toothpaste has done this to me. If you have the same problem, open it and try it out right away. It was terrible.

👤This is not a real product. I've used Sensodyne for a long time. I noticed tooth sensitivity after using the toothpaste I bought on Amazon. Painfully shocking "zingers" and an ache in my front teeth started. I felt something in my mouth after brushing my teeth. I pulled out the Q-tip from my mouth after I ran it along my gum line. The skin on my cheeks, gums, and roof of mouth was burned off. This stuff is caustic and can cause mouth infections. I bought Sensodyne from my local store after reading similar experiences. It worked well. Not sure what this stuff is. The hologram seal is missing. Don't buy here! I'm not sure what I've been brushing my teeth with.


What is the best product for proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair?

Proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair products from Pronamel. In this article about proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair you can see why people choose the product. Sensodyne Pronamel and Colgate are also good brands to look for when you are finding proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair.

What are the best brands for proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair?

Pronamel, Sensodyne Pronamel and Colgate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for proenamel sensodyne toothpaste whitening intense enamel repair. Find the detail in this article. Pronamel, Sensodyne and Pronamel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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