Best Quilt Repair Kit

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1. Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

It's perfect for residential and commercial use. It's easy to fill a chip, crack, hole fill, screw or knot cover. Excellent fix for the best finish in any colored desk. There is a repair compound, no glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set needed. The results on any material include painted or natural, dark, light, and maple. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤The marker and crayon wood repair set I bought before buying this set. I didn't think those were ideal for deeper repairs. The markers worked well for small scratches, but not for large scratches, and the crayons weren't good for dents, chips, or big scratches. I tried it because of the high reviews, but wasn't sure what it was. It is a set of several tubes of paint and a tube of wood putty. The wood putty is used for deep repairs and the paints are used for shallow repairs. The wood putty was too dry and it wouldn't trowel on very well. The instructions said to mix it well. I didn't think the wood putty was any better or easier to use than the putty, which you can buy at a big box store. The paints were great. They are thick enough to deal with scratches, dents, and chips. The crayons in the other wood repair set were not as good. There is plenty of paint in each tube to last a long time. I'm happy with the paints. I prefer the markers over the paints for very thin, shallow scratches. The paints are too thick for scratches where you don't really need to fill in, but just even out the color. I'm still happy with the kit, but it seems odd to market it as a full wood repair kit, but not include markers.

👤I bought this product to repair the damage caused by my puppy on my floor. The kit includes tubes of different colors that will be used to create a custom color for the repair. The color chart included shows the many shades of color that can be mixed. It is difficult to pick the right color from the chart. I started to use a tiny bit of the colorant to make some combinations on a scrap of paper. I was shown in the bottom of the picture. I decided to email Coconix customer assistance to ask for their expert assistance. Maria was the Customer Success Manager at Coconix. Maria gave detailed instructions on how to recreate the grain of the wood using the colors that I had chosen. The pictures are only shown with the colorant applied. I ran out of the color. Maria at Coconix volunteered to send more colorant so that I could finish the repair for free, after she followed up to check how the repair was going. Coconix does a great job at customer service. I haven't applied the grain or top coat yet because the colorant needs to be completed first. Maria made suggestions about what could be done to restore the top coat. You must be patient and take your time, this product is excellent for a indistinguishable repair. You will get used to using this product after you make some test colors. If you want to get the color correct before you do the actual repair, mix the color, then test it on a piece of scrap or in a remote area. The artist's pallette knife is shown in the picture. The blade is flexible and can be used to level off the filler and create clean lines between the wood floor planks. If you would like a professional grade repair, give this product a try. Take a picture of the damage so that it reflects the actual color. Don't use flash. A cell phone picture with a distant room light is good. Purchase the kit and send the picture to Coconix with the damage description. Take your time to get the best results. Coconix will help you get a great repair.

2. Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

Leather Repair Adhesive Handbags Jackets

The leather repair tape has a width ofX15 (ft). Sticks well to a variety of surfaces and leaves no mess. The price is cheap and it is hard to find paste in the break or stain. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. 100% environmental health. Their repair tape is on leather and vinyl couches, chairs, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture.

Brand: Azobur

👤The product works as expected. We plan on replacing furniture in the next couple years so I wouldn't call this a permanent solution but it seems very sticky and covers a hole in the couch. I just put it on so I can't speak to the longevity, but they send you a good sized roll so if it comes off, I can re-tape it. I would recommend it.

👤The product is not mentioned. I need to fix a patch on my couch. The tape is67531 due to lack of glue. It is useless and a waste of money. The vendor should make sure that the tape has the right amount of glue on it. I will not recommend this product.

👤This stuff is great. We moved into a rental that has a bar with vinyl on it. I would tear it out if I had the choice. My husband's job here only lasts for a year, so it's a corporate lease. I'm not putting a lot of effort into this shack. Someone repaired the bar with duct tape after it was torn. It had to have happened a long time ago because the duct tape was bad. I am not trying to live like that. I went to Amazon. I was going to buy vinyl graffer tape in a similar color but I found this. It worked well. It looks like a new ugly vinyl strip. I have never done anything like this before, so you can imagine there were a lot of mistakes. I had to make about 100 cuts. The stuff is very easy to understand for things like that because you can't tell if it's one solid piece or not. I was going to patch the part that had tape on it, but I ordered the wrong color. I went ahead and did the whole thing again. I had to pull it back up when I had bubbles or creases. The tape was the same as it was the first time. I have one piece of ugly brown vinyl that goes down the side of the bar. I am going to order another roll and do the last piece today. If you're still with me in my novel-of-a-review, I wish you luck in your repair and recommend this product to everyone.

👤There is nothing surprising here. The job was done. My favorite chair was saved.

👤Don't buy this product. Does not stick. Glue and looking very cheap. Don't buy. It was easy to return.

👤It works well. I melted scented hot wax on my chair and left nasty looking streaks. The tape was very thin and strong. The tape should be a shade darker. I hope it has a bigger selection of brown. Unless you focus, it's not really noticable.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. I have had to replace it on my couch 3 times. I am leaving the hole on my couch.

👤I think this works well for a first try. If you need a quick fix at home on a piece of furniture, I would recommend it. I use this on my leather desk chair that is about 8 years old. It was in excellent shape before the current work-at- home situation. After sitting for nine hours a day for the past few months it has obvious wear in the lower leg area. I thought this would be worth a try because I noticed pieces of the leather cracking and breaking off on my floor. I have a dark brown leather chair, and if there's no light on it, it might look black. I chose the dark brown. It is a great match. It has some variations, but I think it would match most people's dark leather. It was sticky on the first peel. I thought the stuff was going to be like duct tape, but much more sticky. The outer area is not like duct tape. It's almost like a plastic shower curtain if that makes sense. If the furniture you're applying this to has a lot of crinkles and non smooth areas then you might want to look for something else. You will be able to tell. For my purpose in a chair that no one will care about, it works just fine. The pictures I took before and after are helpful. If I can remember in the next few weeks, I will take a follow-up review. I don't think it would hold up very well on a couch with animals. You're taking your chances if you put it in a place that's not heavily hidden. If you're looking for A-1 quality to make expensive furniture look good, this won't do it. It's just a quick fix, but it's worth it for me.

3. SINGER 00097 Mending Fabric ClothesWhite

SINGER 00097 Mending Fabric ClothesWhite

Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron. Iron on patch contains one iron on a white fabric patch. No seWing is required. You can repair a tear, worn area, or hole in clothing. Flat patch. No pattern or texture. The materials are 65% cotton and 65% polyester. Not recommended for use on nylon or rayon.

Brand: Singer

👤It has been 5 months. I wash the blouse at least once a week, it is still perfect. It is the same color. The corners and edges are still sticking to the garment. The cuts that I made on the patch are still intact. I am very impressed with the value I have gotten out of these patches. This product is very good. I sewed a patch into the seam of the garment so you can't cut it out. It has been great to cover the tag with this patch. I cut as much of the tag as I could so that I could iron it on and have it adhere to the garment. It has been washed for about 3 months and no issues have arisen. It is nice to know that products can still be made with quality. Original. I used this for the first time and it worked out well, because a blouse got ripped at the collar from a plastic hangers at a hotel and I like plastic ones. I cut out a bigger patch than the tear and then a small patch on the outside to cover the tear. It is completely covered by the collar. I like how thin these are, they are translucent once ironing on, so you can see the pattern through it. It seems to move with the cloth instead of being rigid. I can't feel it on my neck because it's on the inside and thin. I am very happy with this solution. How will it hold up in the washer and dryer is the big test. After a couple of washes, most patches will start curling and lose their glue. I am very happy for now.

👤My iron has settings for steam and temperature. Even though I wasn't planning on using steam, I assumed it was where I would set the iron. The dial was set to 20% above the lowest steam setting. I decided to measure the temperature after it worked well. The iron seems to control the temperature at that setting. I placed a second smaller piece on the opposite side of the patch to cover the actual hole in the fabric. It worked well. I had to move the iron as I was heating the patch because I couldn't cover the entire area with the iron. I think it's a good idea to keep the iron moving. There was an area of the patch that let less of the original color show through. The material underneath is thin, so if there is a color contrast, it will show through. It seems like it will be durable. You could see a difference in the area where everything had gotten to the correct temperature for a sufficient amount of time and the area which had not, when you looked at the pocket I was repairing. The area which was not heated for a while still looked like the original patch material. I worked that area with the iron until it looked the same as the rest of the patch. I can only describe it as not turning translucent. It seems to have stuck well when it looks like that. You need to heat it longer if it still looks like the original patch. This received a very poor rating in one review. I think the iron may have been set too high. Before I started, I didn't see that review. I was worried that it could be possible to over heat the glue. It would be good to quantify a temperature that worked well for me after reading that review. There is visual feedback once you do it. You wouldn't know that if you did it once. I used a non contact temperature probe to measure the temperature. Hope this helps other people.

4. Bedsure Alternative Comforter All Season Quilted

Bedsure Alternative Comforter All Season Quilted

Machine wash is done with cold water, line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Bedsure down alternative comforters remain evenly distributed over you, creating a most relaxing sleep without any fill bunching. This down alternative comforter is stuffed with 300GSM whole piece 100% microfiber and keeps it from clumping to provide you the luxurious softness and warmth. The Classic style down comforter is great for all season use and enhances the beauty of any room. The uniform tile-like stitching suggests a feeling of stability. Bedsure's comforter can be used as a comforter or a duvet insert to match your favorite cover in order to change up your bedding style. It is easy to wash separately in a washing machine. It was tumble dry. Do not use bleach or iron.

Brand: Bedsure

👤I bought two of these. I wanted something heavy in weight but cool in temperature. Both arrived in a clean package. Both were very soft to the touch. I washed them according to the instructions. The temp is low on the dryer. It says to not dry clean the tag. The washing machine has an agitator in the middle and one duvet in it. After washing and drying them, they looked great. The batting was not bunched or ripped. I needed something to wash the dogs that sleep in the bed and this was very important to me. They fluffed up a bit after drying. I used a king size duvet cover. There is a small loop on each corner. We slept with it for 3 nights. The two sheets of bedding give me a very fluffy, yet weighted, feeling to my blankets. I haven't gotten hot at night with them. We have been sleeping with this product for about six months. They were washed 3 times and dried 3 times, without any damage to our two duvets. They both look great. We changed to one duvet because it was too hot. Our hot weather is perfect for a single duvet with a cover. It's not too hot, but still cozy.

👤The comforter is nice. There were bugs all over this blanket. The blood on this white is visible as to where the bugs are.

👤It was very flat when I got it. I threw it in the dryer with tennis balls and puffed her up. A good blanket should keep you warm while also keeping you from sweating, and it should look good on your bed for a long time. I want the cover to look white longer. I would recommend this blanket to anyone looking for a cheap comforter. My cat loves it, it's worth the purchase.

👤I love this comforter. It is warm and soft. I can use it as a duvet insert if I want. It is soft and sharp.

👤The comforter is light and smooth. The dark gray color looked good on the bed. This is not the right comforter if you are looking to sleep under a soft fluffy cloud. It is flat and a little bumpy. It didn't help to fluff it up in the dryer.

👤I searched for 500 different blankets on Amazon and bought two of them. I am happy we went with these. They are thick enough to keep you warm. My husband and I are both blanket hogs and can't share a blanket, so we have 2 on our bed. Our old blankets were heavy and felt like they never had an end to them, so I like that there isn't too much bulk hanging around everywhere. One blanket came perfect and the other had small tears and black marks, too much of a hassle to return, so I will be keeping it and fixing it myself. That was the only disappointment of this purchase. I am sure this was a mistake and doesn't happen often, as my other blanket is just fine. It was an amazing blanket so far. Will update after the first wash and dry.

5. ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Fabric Patches

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Fabric Patches

The patch is 5 inches by 5 inches. The package includes 12 iron-on fabric patches. The ideal size will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes. The colors will match your clothes. The patches are made of cotton and covered with a hot-melt film. High quality materials are used to make the patches.

Brand: Zefffka

👤These patches are made of iron. There are 12 large patches in various colors. The patches adhere to the fabric very well. The more you wash them, the softer they become. Highly recommended.

👤After 2 hours of wearing pants, the corners came loose and the patches fell off. This product is useless.

👤I wore the pants with the patch. Carefully followed instructions. The second patch on the pants is peeling off.

👤It has khaki colored patches.

👤No sirve en telas, porque tienes una plancha para pegue.

👤You patch your pants, they will live longer. I have washed these pants several times. The patches have held up.

👤I patched the inside of the pants because I was sad that they were thin. Thanks!

👤These were easy to use. I patched a hole in my husband's pants. It was easy to iron on, it matched, and it looked better than if I had tried to sew the hole. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I used these patches to repair a rip in my Rohan trousers, but it was not cheap. I patched on the inside of one of the patches, which was exactly in colour. The patch was washed for 1 hour. If the iron is too hot, some non-natural fabrics will melt. Definitely recommended.

👤Even after washing, it was very good. The area treated feels thicker and stiffer than it would have otherwise.

👤I have used this for a sofa repair and it looks really good and there are lots of different colors.

👤It is very easy to use. It's great value for money.

6. Bo Nash Bonding Mending Complete

Bo Nash Bonding Mending Complete

It's easy to apply, just sew it on, iron it on, and use tips, but please use hot iron, and be careful when applying it. The package includes a 9 x 6 inch fiberglass ironing sheet and a bottle of bonding agent. The starter kit can be used to repair fabrics from delicate silks and laces to canvas and denim.

Brand: Bo-nash

👤I was looking for a way to repair holes in Cashmere and watched a few demonstration videos. It works well if the instructions are followed. 1. I collected fibers by using a sweater stone and a lint shaver, rather than cutting the seams of my sweater. 2. I put the fibers and powder in a container. 3. I put one of the fiberglass sheets under the hole. 4. The powder grains would only end up in the hole if I surrounded it with scrap pieces of paper. 5. I put a pinch of the fiber mix into the hole and then sprinkled more powder on top. 6. I covered the area with a lightweight piece of cotton and held it down with a finger before blowing away any excess powder. I used my mini iron to apply heat to the patch after covering it with the other fiberglass sheet. You wouldn't know there was a hole from the right side of the garment. This stuff is amazing.

👤I used this product on a charcoal wool suite that had two holes in it. The holes were small. I watched the video a few times, read the directions, cut a piece of the extra fabric, and applied a cotton patch as suggested, after making fuz as shown in the video. The wool suit is not shiny despite the product filling the hole. Is it better than a hole? The area is a bit stiff. The video does not state how long to iron the patch, I did it for about 10 to 13 seconds, since I stopped to check.

👤I used this product to fix the holes in the pants. I followed the directions and chopped up some material from the cuff. You don't need to mix a lot of the product with the fluff. The iron sheets with the iron on high heat did the trick.

👤Bo Nash made a quilt sandwich. I don't like the idea of spraying something. The quilt sandwich is held together by it. It is soft. I like it. One of the local quilt shops started caring for it after I told them about it. I don't have to worry about removing pins when I use it for my quilt sandwich, I have used it many times. I use a bottle for the average quilt.

👤There were a few small holes that I wanted to repair. It was a big mistake. I used fiberglass protectors on both sides of my shirt. This is not for Wool. See the picture!

👤If you see it on the front of your garment, it's probably because it has more of a shine and sheen on it, because when the fusing powder dries, it becomes a bit shiny. When you fill a hole with a cluster of tiny fabric fibers that you have to mix with the fusing powder, you get a shiny sheen on that one spot of your garment. Even though the hole has been filled, it's still obvious to see. The videos made it look and did not make the holes invisible. Filled in or patched the hole. You have to decide which is worse, the hole that you can sew, or the shiny spot on the fabric.

7. ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Fabric Patches

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Fabric Patches

It can be machine washed and dry. The package includes 12 iron-on fabric patches. The ideal size will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes. Black will match your clothes. The patches are made of cotton and covered with a hot-melt film. High quality materials are used to make the patches. It will take only a few minutes to repair or decorate your outfit, as only an iron is required. Put the patch on the desired spot and iron over it with pressure for 60 seconds. The hot-melt film on each patch is very durable, you don't have to sew it on or use further fabric glue. Do not use hair straighteners or other heating objects to apply patches, only use an iron. You can put patches on the outside of a garment. You can cut the patches with scissors or die-cut machine, the package includes several templates to help you decorate your clothes. You can apply patches from the inside of a garment, this way the shiny rear side of the patch shows through the hole. The glue will look like normal fabric after a couple of washes. Applied patches can be tumble dried on a high temperature setting. If the patch starts to peel off, re- iron it. Even after washing, one patch can be re-ironed at least 3 times. To prevent the felting from curling up, pay special attention to the corners, butt areas and seams when applying the patches. Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron.

Brand: Zefffka

👤These were easy to apply. I put them inside and made them glue side out. I had to cover the holes in my daughter's jeans. She could wear them to school. It worked well. Put the paper under the patch to keep it from sticking to anything else. My daughter was very happy that the glue side showed through the holes and made it look glittery. You need to iron both sides to get a good bond. Press down slightly as you move the iron slowly for 30 seconds to get good edges. It doesn't peel.

👤I sent an email to the owner of the company asking about using the iron-on patch to mend a hole in a sweater, because a message from the owner invited questions. I received instructions after a prompt reply. The patch worked perfectly on the fine wool fabric and made an almost invisible repair that saved a sweater from being thrown away. Excellent product and excellent customer support.

👤Disappointing. Not fabric, at all. They are thin pieces of plastic with a felt-like coating on one side. After multiple washes, still stiff and uncomfortable. After a few washes, the exposed glue will disappear. The exposed side is now a mixture of black and white remnants. I should have bought something from the fabric shop.

👤I only started wearing jeans a few years ago, and it's been driving me nuts how the thighs wear-through while the rest of the pant is still perfectly fine. I put these on as preventative and repair and so far they've been excellent. They go on easy and stay securely, even though I put a few stitches in the corners to be safe, and even though the edges bond with the pant really nicely, and even though it makes the pant feel nicer to wear. I ordered my second batches in light colors so I can do the rest of my trousers.

👤I'm not sure how you can complain about the price. I use an old pair of pants for chores. A weak spot in the knee became a tear. I wore a pair of thick cotton socks through my toe. Both repairs are holding up. After initial application, it was a bit slippery, but after washing it softened up.

👤I work in construction and my pants get beat up. I thought the patches would help prolong the life of my pants. They did not make it through one wash cycle. Some have fallen off. The glue isn't effective. From the moment I fixed them, most of them were sticking around the corners. Time and money are wasted. I would return them, but I am so confident in my abilities that I used them all at once, so now I have about five pairs of pants with peeling iron on patches. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

👤Very impressed. I bought the pants to try to save them. I put the patches on the inside of the knees that were worn all the way through as a preventative measure. I've done 4 patches and they function perfectly in keeping the holes from getting bigger and also protecting my knees from dirt. They've been through many washes and are still holding up.

8. Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Professional Electronics

Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Professional Electronics

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like it, you can return it within 30 days and they will give you a lifetime warranty. Their products are not perfect for every customer, but they will do their best to help them. Don't hesitate to contact them. The Kaisi 70 in 1 electronics repair tool kit professional includes 56 screwdriver bits, a handle bar, extension bar, flexible extension shaft, anti-static wrist band and ultra-thin steel sp. All the tools that you need and none that you don't. There is a wide application. This small screwdriver repair set with case is a professional repair tools kit for PC, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Smartphone, Camera, Game consoles, PS4/Xbox Controller, Watches, Glasses and other electronics. This electronics tool kit is perfect for anyone who is an amateur or professional in the IT world. The repair kit is a good gift for your friends, father, husband, son, etc. 56 magnetic screwdriver bits are made with high quality S2 material. It's harder than the CRV-material and more durable, all of the standard size bit undergoes the rigorous quality control testing, the tip is stable and not easily stripped. The spudgers are made of sturdy steel and nylon. The handle is comfortable to hold even for a long time. The wrist band is longer and can be adjusted to different sizes so that customers with thick wrists can get a gift that is easy to store. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like it, you can return it within 30 days and they will give you a lifetime warranty. Their products are not perfect for every customer, but they will do their best to help them. Don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Kaisi

👤The tips are falling apart after 3 months. The back cover of the Dell XPS model uses the (T5) star tip and was opened using the Torx tips. The head is crumbling and the outer material is pealing. It is no longer uniform. There is one star here.

👤The kit is great, it has good quality and hardened bits. The handle is not magnetic or has a locking system. The bits fall out. You would have to tape the bits together. Maybe I had a bad handle and they will fix it. Unless I lay on my back, it is useless.

👤The kit comes with everything you'd need, but the screwdriver heads and extensions drop out of the handle, a simple magnet would hold them in place, but what I got was useless!

👤I bought this because I needed to open up my laptops and other electronics to make improvements. I was researching for the right tools when I stumbled upon this. It has everything you need to open small electronics. I bought 2 small security screwdrivers to open my PS4 months before. This set comes with all the sizes of security and more, it only came with two tools. If you know you have a lot of electronics, you should get it. It was edited for typos.

👤These are perfect for my needs so far, as I'm getting into mod laptops here. There is a lot of bits and priers, along with a static guard wrist band to protect your hardware from damage. I'm pretty sure that the delicate ends of them will degrade with repeated use, but I think that would be the case with anything similar. The quality of the magnet on the screwdriver is something that I don't like. That kind of defeats the purpose behind something like this. It's important to remove bits and pieces that are so small that they can easily be lost. Remove them safely. You can't destroy an electronic device with its inner-workings because you can't manhandle it.

👤The cheaper kit broke on the first use. I used it to replace the ram on a 2012 MacBook. I will keep it because it seems to be large for electronics work. The extra 5 bucks is worth it.

👤I have many computers and laptops from Apple,Dell,Hp,Lenovo and this kit has a bit for every screw in them. The tools are of the highest quality and fit the fastenings perfectly. They thought of every situation with this kit, they can attain more leverage by placing an extension into the handle of the driver and making a "T" handle instrument out of it, and the flexible extension can be held at any point because the rotating mechanism is protected all the way to the bottom The pry tools and the anti-static strap fit in the pouch. The devil is in the details, as they say, the tool and bits are nicely contained in a case that has a spring action to move all of the bits to a vertical position, they even have ribs across the top clear cover to make it stronger. Very nice toolkit. I am very happy with the purchase.

9. Applicator GLTECK Rhinestone Different Rhinestones

Applicator GLTECK Rhinestone Different Rhinestones

The clothing repair patch can be stuck on the clothing firmly if you press it with an iron, it has nice stickiness after being heated, and it is friendly to users. Use them in a way that makes sure they work. This is a hot fix that can add sparkle to your items, including clothing, purses, cell phones, belts, dolls, and more. It works with many materials that need to be able to absorb the glue when it is melted. 1 box of white rhinestones in mixed sizes, 1 box of 12 multi-color rhinestones, and 1 box of 5mm rhinestones are included. When you purchase from other places, make sure you use Hot-Fix style with Hot-Fix glue on the background. The Hotfix kit includes: 3 boxes of hot fix, 2 pack of hot fix, 1 hot fix, 6 hot fix pattern templates, 1 pencil sharpener, 2 cotton string knit gloves, 7 hot fix tips, and 2 Rhinestone pencil pickers. There is an on/off switch with a red indicator, a comfort grip handle, and extra-long electric cord. Quality made in a fast heat up time. There is a safety stand and 7 different tips for applying hot fix crystals. There are 7 hot-fix tips: 1 x 2mm tip, 1 x 3mm tip, 1 x 4mm tip, 1 x 5mm tip, 1 x 7mm tip, and 1 x 9mm flat tip. If you want to work with rhinestones and small sequins, these tweezers are the best for the job. The brush will help clean the glue off the tips.

Brand: Glteck

👤I wanted to make our toddler's dress more special. The toddlers love shiny objects. When I bought a Cinderella dress for her, I realized it was a bit plain and needed something more. I went online to find a bedazzler, a bunch of rhinestones, and a bottle of glue, but I am not very skilled or inclined to do this kind of project. I stumbled upon Hotfix. The kit was cheap, so I was going to give it a try. I'm very happy I did. The kit is tucked into a pouch. The instructions in the pouch are not very detailed and they send you to watch a video on the internet. I jumped in the air. I picked out the tip that was corresponding to the heating element and turned it on. After a few minutes, I put the rhinestone where I wanted it and applied the tip. I don't know how long you really need to do it, I would guess that information was in the video I failed to watch. Some of my rhinestones may fall off later, but that's user error and lazy, not anyone else's fault. I can always apply more later because it's so easy. They seem very secure so far. The material I was affixing the rhinestones with is very flimsy. I was worried that the material might melt, but it didn't! I did not have a mat. I wrapped a piece of cardboard in paper and stuck it inside the dress because I was worried that the front and back of the dress would be fused together. This is so easy to use, that's why I'm ending the post. I'm sure I'll be doing more for the toddler. I put the letter of her first name on the front of the dress. It is easy to put the rhinestones in place with the unmelted glue. If you want to attract kids and animals, get this tool. The different sizes of rhinestones were a good start. I know which sizes will work best for future projects.

👤I have only used it a few times, but it is so good. The tool is very hot and the glue is very hot. Sometimes it is difficult to pick up the rhinestones with the tip and sometimes they get stuck and don't come right out, but the tweezers included help with both of those issues. I would like the size of the case to be shone so that I can easily use the tip.

👤I do a lot of charity work so I bought this. I make hats, gloves, scarves, purses, and other items for the homeless, elderly, babies with congenital heart issues, and cancer. I sew. I wanted to make people feel special when they receive the gifts. The. It hit me! I tried on my nails and they had archrlic nails. Each stone sat in place for 5 seconds. This item is recommended by Deff. Better than the Bedazzler! Bigger stones could have made it better.

10. Tear Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Yellow

Tear Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Yellow

TEAR-AID repair patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. TEAR-AID repair patches are made from a tough, matt finish and resistant to puncture and tearing. Only vinyl and vinyl-coated material can be used for the repair patch. The oils in vinyl cause the glue to turn gummy and lose its bond. The Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches block the oils found in vinyl and result in a long lasting repair. The TEAR-AID patch is UV resistant and can work on any color. It has no sewing, no mess, and instant adhesion. The patch will not turn gummy in high heat. The patch kit contains a 3' x 12' TEAR-AID Patch that cuts easily with scissors to any size, and a 12' Reinforcement Filament for repairing tears at edges. TEAR-AID repair patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. TEAR-AID repair patches are made from a tough, matt finish and resistant to puncture and tearing. Only vinyl and vinyl-coated material can be used for the repair patch. The oils in vinyl cause the glue to turn gummy and lose its bond. The Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches block the oils found in vinyl and result in a long lasting repair. The TEAR-AID patch is UV resistant and can work on any color. It has no sewing, no mess, and instant adhesion. The patch will not turn gummy in high heat.

Brand: Tear-aid

👤I can't use the product, so I can't tell you how it works. The patch came off the box and stuck to the paperwork. I can't return it because of a ridiculous Amazon rule. I should be able to return unusable stuff.

👤Hi! I received my order from Amazon today. There is a small tear on the inflatable jump. I followed all the steps. The small patch was used for the tear. It will not stick. The sides are unsticking. The large patch/roll included in the pack is not sticking on the backing yet. I took pictures to show. I would like to get a return or a refund. I tried to call the manufacturer but there was no answer. The sides of the patches looked like they were unsticking to the pad when I opened the box. Let me know how to get back. The order date was almost $20 loss. Email for return: Jan 18. The 1 star was changed to 3 stars. It worked after applying heat using my blow dryer. The manufacturer's name and phone number listed here are not correct. A.C Kerman Inc. asked if I could help them correct the information.

👤I accidentally gashed a picture frame with an intex durabeam air mattress that I used this product to fix. The slit in the vinyl is about two inches in length, and is shown in the photo. The box I received was in good shape, but when I opened it, there was a small patch that had detached from the backing of the wax paper. I wasn't intending on using this piece anyways, it was too small for a two-inch gash. I was able to move the patch back to its proper place in case I need to use it again. There are two more The patch material is clear, so it becomes less visible when applied to the vinyl. This was something I wanted for my application. The application area is prepared with two alcohol pads. There are four It took 8 hours for the patch to adhere to the vinyl, but I have not inflated the mattress yet because the patch needs 24 hours to cure. I deflated the air mattress on the floor, and pressed the sliced portion of the air mattress so that it was parallel to the floor. I made sure the material was flat and didn't have any pleats under the damaged area. I took the gashed region's measurement and created a rounded patch shape that was about one inch larger than the slice, printed it out, and used scissors to cut it out. I scrubbed the damaged air mattress area with the included alcohol pad to make sure the patch didn't come into contact with anything. I turned on the fan in the room to help evaporate the alcohol, which took a couple of minutes. I put my patch with the protective backing on and moved it until I was satisfied with its placement, making sure to keep the edges of the patch about one inch from the tear. I removed the protective wax paper from the side of the patch and pressed it against the air mattress, because I didn't want the patch to slide. I used a debit card in my wallet as a squeegee and pulled the protective backing off to ensure no air was trapped under the patch during application. When the entire patch had been applied, I used a pair of scissors and a plastic handle to make sure there was thorough contact between the surfaces. I made sure that the edges were well-adhered. I don't have a heat gun, so this technique wasn't used in my case. The strength of the bond for the type B patch is indicated by the instructions, which show it to be about the same as the final value when a heat gun is not used. I will have to return and update this in the future, as I intend on inflating the mattress only after at least 24 hours has elapsed. The solution seems to be working as advertised, although I have taken one star for the poor packaging that led to one of my stickers partially detaching from the wax paper backing, and sticking to other objects in the box. This development did not affect my project since I only needed the larger patch. It has been a week since I did the repair. For a 2 inch gash, the repair is not a permanent solution. When I discovered that the mattress was losing air, I woke up on it. The patch stretches as the vinyl expands due to the inflation in the hole. This allows the tear to bulge open wider, which allows the vinyl to spread away from its original position, which can cause the patch to peel slightly on the edges. The problem is worse since the patch doesn't hold the tear shut. I ended up with the tear spreading closer to the edge of the patch than I had started with, which caused leaks. I had to use my fingers to press down on the patch before I went to sleep to make sure the bond was not broken. The product would probably have worked better if I had made the patch longer in order to account for the tear that develops after application. There was no longer enough distance between the tear and the patch edge for me to leak on the left side of the patch. This product would be adequate for punctures, which wouldn't cause the product to spread open and tear. I could imagine that this product could work for a long gash, if a few stitches were used to forcibly hold the gash closed. When the patch is applied over the stitches, it would be the stitches that would bear the spreading force. The patch seems to be good at making an airtight seal.

11. Fasteners Buttons Pieces Clothing Leather

Fasteners Buttons Pieces Clothing Leather

The no-Nail waist buckle can be changed to large and small, and the adjustment is firm, tool free, no-sewing, and it's not replaceable. There are 120 sets of 6 colors. There are 120 sets in total. The set is made of cap, sockets, close post and stud. The cap's diameter is about 12.5mm. The thickness is 6mm. Also, note: The snap fasteners are not suitable for thick fabric. The snap fasteners are made of copper zinc alloy with nickle-free plating craft, they remain like new even after long time use. Don't use too much force when hitting the fasteners. The package includes 120 sets of snap fasteners. It is practical to meet your needs in clothes, leather, bag, hat, craft making, repairing and decoration. You can follow the steps in the guide video and user manual to make crafts with the snap button kit. If you have any questions about usage, please contact them.

Brand: Alritz

👤I've had no problems using these, they install easily, close tightly and feel well made. I like the variety of colors. They don't feel cheap to me. I've been able to use every single snap component I've tried to use without a problem. I'll be back for more when they run out.

👤My husband's shirts are mostly western with snaps, and occasionally one comes off. The snaps in this kit are ready to be put in my sewing machine desk drawer when I need them. I like to put snaps on doll clothes to give my great granddaughter an opportunity to learn how to use them. They are useful for other crafts. The variety included and the tools to install them included in the kit make it a great choice. The kit has an easy to read instruction sheet with pictures of how to install snaps.

👤Most shirts don't fit me because of my chest size. There are button shirts that show my bra. I don't have to worry about flashing someone anymore with the button added.

👤I bought this kit to put a snap on my coat and it was easy and quick, and it looks great. I like the variety of colors. I plan to use these instead of buttons because I have seen some shirts that use them. They are easy to use and look great.

👤I cut the coat for underneath and around the neck to make it fit around the neck of the dog I bought.

👤I wanted to add a few snaps to a few things, and fix a few snaps on a heavy work shirt that I use to work outside. The kit works well. It's much easier to watch the video on YouTube.

👤I needed smaller snaps than I had and these were what I needed. I needed to thin the leather slightly, but that's what I used. Will buy again.

👤The kit has different colors for each snap assembly. It has the necessary tools and an easy to follow instructions for installing the snaps. It is a complete kit. It was much better than what I could find at the generic stores.


What is the best product for quilt repair kit?

Quilt repair kit products from Coconix. In this article about quilt repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Azobur and Singer are also good brands to look for when you are finding quilt repair kit.

What are the best brands for quilt repair kit?

Coconix, Azobur and Singer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for quilt repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Bedsure, Zefffka and Bo-nash are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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