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1. Binding Super Lineco Book Making Supplies

Binding Super Lineco Book Making Supplies

The package weight was 0.35 lbs. Acid-free cloth is used for bookbinding. The cotton leaves the spine of the book flexible. Excellent penetration of glue for attaching signatures. Natural neutral color.

Brand: Lineco

👤This is a type of liquid. Go and buy a piece of cloth.

👤This is a great material for binding books. Is similar to what they've used for a long time. The seller has a photo of two packages. It should not. One package is sent.

👤I used this cloth to make a new version of the Hebrew Bible. The binding on the book is bad and can break apart within a year or so of purchase. This cloth is used to repair the spine so that it never happens again. Use a good bookbinding glue like Lineco.

👤This is what I needed to fix the cookbook. It is not decorative. I put a light cotton fabric over it to match the book cover. This is strong and flexible enough to work with cloth. Depending on the book's width, there is enough in one package to do the spines. The cookbook will last longer than I will. I used Mod Podge and didn't use any special book glue.

👤I found the Bookbinding Super Cloth to be very helpful in stabilizing the page signatures in handmade journals.

👤I watched a video on how to fix the broken hinge on my wife's Bible, and I used this cloth along with Books by Hand pH neutral PVA Adhesive to make the hinge. The repair is working well.

👤I took a book binding class in college. It was great to work with these materials again. I used to buy a piece of cloth that could work, but it was not as durable as this stuff and I trust it to hold my pages together better.

👤It did the job when I had to repair my Bible.

2. Stretchable Clear Book Repair Tape

Stretchable Clear Book Repair Tape

Money back and a guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their book binding tape. No questions asked. They are so confident that you will love their book repair tape that they are willing to give you a risk free offer. The tape is firmly in place when pressure is applied. Clear Book repair tape is 15 yards long and made from a safe stock. The stretchy plastic material makes it highly conformable. Book binding repair is easy with this tape. Bookguard products are made in Kansas.

Brand: Bookguard

👤It did a great job. It works, but it is not as clear as I expected. I am pretty sure I was shooting for the stars.

👤I have been buying all my toddler's books, so they already have a little wear. I've started taping the spine of the board books because they all start wearing fast with my little reader. It doesn't show on most books. I will buy the wider tape next time, since it took two strips to cover the spine on his thicker books. I'm hoping this will help give us decades of use since I'm a teacher and these books will be moving to a library classroom when my child outgrew them! I feel better putting something in my dad's books that were repaired with plain packing tape that was yellowed and cracked because they are meant to last.

👤I use clear tape to fix sheet music. Most tapes tear vertically along the length. I need a tape that won't do that. This tape doesn't tear easily, so it suits my needs very well. I bought more rolls.

👤I use it for book binding. I don't like the fact that it leaves fingerprints on the tape. It was hard to handle after it was cut. It is not much different from heavy duty scotch tape. The price is too high for what it is supposed to do.

👤The spine of my father's 45 year old bible was taped with Book Tape. My parents used this Bible a lot. I have the Bible. The cover of the spine fell off. The tape worked well. I'll see how it holds up over time. I gave the overall rating a 4 star because I don't know how it will hold up over time. It's nice to be able to see the cover and words of the book on clear tape.

👤This is the best quality book tape I have ever used in my toddler's tear up their books.

👤This tape worked well in repairing an old cover. The clear tape makes it look like a repair. I hope it holds up and doesn't yellow, but only a few years will tell.

👤I like this tape. I use it to fix splits. The 1 inch is wide enough to fold over the edges of a split lp. You might want to go with the 1.5 wide. Once it goes on, it's the right flexibility and almost invisible. I am not sure if it will stay clear with age. I hope so.

👤I'm very happy with the way it fixed the book. I thought it would be stretchy but it wasn't. The book I was working on would have been better with a matt version. This tape is better for glossy, shiny books. It has a nice, smooth feel and is very durable. It sticks very well and once set, it even sticks to a book. I used it to fix veneer banding on a shelf that was peeling off at the corners. This tape has many other uses.

3. Scotch Book Tape 2 83 Roll

Scotch Book Tape 2 83 Roll

It's used for: Prescription, Label protection, Overlamination, Light packaging, Gel and book repair, Paper repair, and holding applications. It is used for repairing, reinforcing, protecting and covering bound edges and surfaces of books and other paper material.

Brand: Scotch

👤I have used Scotch 3M Book Tape for almost 11 years to protect my children's books. I decided to order more before I ran out. I went for the wide one in order to have more space for the binding on some of the books. I don't think it was a bad idea to aim for this, but the 3M Book Tape is not the Scotch 3M Book Tape. I have been using. The thin roll is too easy to rip and it's 888-270-6611 It's not in a red box so maybe it's not. It's not worth the money to try to use it to protect books. I wouldn't use this for packing because it's thin, it's good for adhering pages that have come loose from the binding, but I wouldn't use it for anything else. There is no way to provide a picture other than the packaging you see. Hope this helps you.

👤If possible, I would not give it a star. One of the books I bought was an heirloom hand-me-down from father to daughter. The tape began to break before I was done binding the first book. I had to use a sharp edge and discard inches and feet of tape to get the pieces on the roll back to one piece, because my fingernail wasn't enough to lift up the still-adhering pieces on the roll. The tape stuck to everything: the book, my fingers, my clothing, the table I was working on, and not a single thing else. The same thing would have happened if packing tape had been used. I would return the rest of the roll.

👤This tape is not good for books. Don't let it fool you, it's not book tape. It is the same as packing tape.

👤What did I not like? Hmm. The glue stuck to my scissors. They had to clean them. I made sure the edges of the books were covered. I covered a book. I like the width of the tape. It did what I was expecting. It had enough space to complete the job.

👤This isn't suitable for books. It doesn't allow that. It was very difficult to work with. The spine of my book was repaired. It has bubbles and folds. This damage could not have been prevented. I am good at applying film. This is not a good product.

👤I'm spending my own money to process books because we're still waiting for our budget. The roll is thinner than the usual Scotch book tape I get. I will not buy this again.

👤The product should not be called book tape. It splits when pulled off the roll. I'm going with Scotch No. 845. 3M's product couldn't be used for shipping tape. It is worthless.

4. Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

The 1 inch tape is kept firmly in place when pressure is applied. 13 mil is the amount of cloth tape. The cotton cloth is archival safe. 15 yard total. Shrink wrapped tape was finished on a 3 inch core. Book binding repair can be done with this durable, colored tape. Bookguard products are made in Kansas.

Brand: Bookguard

👤My husband wanted me to order this so that he could use it to put a large hat inside. I suggested this because he'd tried other kinds of tape and they didn't work. He finally got smart and took the hats to a leather repair shop. It's good for repairing books. I learned how to use it when I was in high school.

👤The cloth canvas looking tape is a good quality. I used it on the edge of a photo that was stretched onto canvas. It worked and looks good.

👤The cloth binding is strong and beautiful. I have repaired many children's books and they hold up well. This looks better than duct tape. It's funny. The tape is soft and holds the repair in place. I have purchased several colors. Buy.

👤I picked up the tape because I have several damaged record album covers. I have a few pop up pictures albums that are perfect for holding together the inside pages of a story book.

👤I bought this tape to fix the book I ordered. The hardcover separated from the binding when the book arrived. Since I live outside of the U.S. it was too expensive to return the book, so I bought this tape to fix it. It worked out well. It is an excellent product. It is easy to use.

👤It's what I was looking for. Sticks firmly to the books and its edges. It works great.

👤I needed to fix a church hymnal.

👤This worked out as I had hoped.

👤It seems to be holding up well so far.

👤I used great tape for book repairs.

5. T R U LP 20CC Repair Crystal Protection

T R U LP 20CC Repair Crystal Protection

It's an acid-free glue. Low-density LDPE film is used for carrier/backing. The service temperature is -40F to 200F. The core is 3 inches in diameter. The temperature range is from 32 F to 140 F. Premium grade general purpose tape. Provides a seal with good visibility. Ultra-clear polypropylene film premium grade general purpose and label protection tape is UV resistant with a non-yellowing solvent-based acrylic adhesive. It's used for: Prescription, Label protection, Overlamination, Light packaging, Gel and book repair, Paper repair, and holding applications.

Brand: Ggr Supplies

👤It worked well to repair my grandchildren's picture books. My 4 year old granddaughter's picture books were torn by her 1 year old grandson. I've had experience with repairing books. The tape was thin and covered the tear well. It takes patience to place it while keeping the book propped open.

👤It is the best use of my time. Extra-thin weight doesn't bulk up the edges as much as magic-mending tape does. Well griped. thicker tapes would probably be worse than stretches and contracts with the roll. The reflective surface makes placement easier. One roll of tape does about two-and-a-third music rolls. It must be removed from the roll or it will tear and leave you with a stuck-on end. I can't vouch for it yet, they claim it won't yellow. I'll be buying more of it.

👤The tape is very thin and can be stuck to. I ran out of book tape and needed it fast so I bought this. The name brand tape tears easily and does not provide any extra strength. I fixed a book that needed to go back to the spine, but I felt like if I just pulled a little it would have ripped all over again. Since I work at an elementary school library books rip constantly and when I repair them I need something durable for the little ones that will be handling the books, this tape just does not hold up.

👤It's wonderful to mount paper on a board. The surface is so smooth that it's good for soft pastels. It doesn't mess up your color judgment by putting all that blue into your field of vision. I wish I had thought of clear tape a long time ago.

👤I bought this tape to cover the book spine labels. The tape is so thin it won't cut cleanly across and it will tear down the tape every time. The only way to cut it is with scissors. It works just fine if you get it on without wrinkling it. Next time, I'll buy a different tape.

👤I had a roll of quality clear packing tape in my drawer, but I am very disappointed in the quality. It is difficult to lay flat when wrapped around the book spine. I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to lift off evenly. I don't know if it's so thin, but it was difficult to work with.

👤The tape is great for teachers. I don't have to use two to three pieces of packing tape to tape down my signs. A portable holder/cutter is the only thing that would make this better. I saw a huge one that looked like a library book, but it was too cumbersome to carry around in my classroom. The tape is strong and wide for teachers. I will show my teacher friends and buy it again.

👤This is clear tape. I have used it in a variety of settings from taping gift rap on gifts to torn pages in old books, and it has proven to be worth the money. I would recommend this tape.

6. MIUSIE Bookbinding Practical Beginners Complete

MIUSIE Bookbinding Practical Beginners Complete

The most complete binding kit includes 1 steel ruler, 2 wooden pencils, 2 oxbone knives, 1 stapler brush, and 4 wax threads. Personalized tools are good. This bookbinding supplies kit can be used by beginners to make a special book, if you want to seek your own style or be unique. If you own the bookbinding starter kit, you don't need to worry about missing a tool in the sewing process. You will be able to make your favorite book with ease with this one of a kind bookbinding kit. Pick a tool that is user-friendly and you will be making stunning crafts. You will love it! A great gift idea. If you want to design a unique book gift for your special friend or family, then this book binding kit is for you. Surprise the handyman in the family. Spread the love by sharing it.

Brand: Butuze

👤I will progress to the worst things first. I like that the ruler is metal and packaged in its own plastic. It's double sided. Very useful. The compass came with a nice little storage case. There is a refill tube in the case, but only 2 pieces of graphite. The metal point loaded in it makes it a positive thing for me. The straight needless have a nice storage tube. None seem to be missing. The brush was sheathed in plastic to keep it safe. The scissors are very nice. The tip cover was a nice surprise. The handle of the awl is smooth. The point isn't as sharp as I expected and the black plastic piece on the end is solid. The threads are clean. Not much, not very much. The colors are not as varied as I 888-276-5932s. I thought there would be a bit of a darker shade in the deeper colors. The color difference is not a big deal for me. The metal binder clips are strong, but they will close crooked on things because of the thin connection point at the back. They're pretty, but the color doesn't stay the same and 2 of mine didn't have the same color. The pencils are cheap. The tip protectors are nice, but the erasers are loose. The curved bone knife seems sturdy enough for now, even though it may have a slight crack or flaw. It has a nice edge. I'm not happy with the straight bone. The edge of the tool is more dull than the product pictures show, and it's smaller than the picture indicates. The edges are not thin enough to do much with creases. This piece was very disappointing. The fabric tapes were not rolled and were not white or colored. I had to roll one myself to see if it was the same amount as the pictures. I am not sure if I was shorted or not, but I had been hoping for a paler color in them. The smaller one had an extra thought coming off one end. The tape is 70.5 inches. I can't remember how much it was. The needle threader was not well made, had ink that was "worn off" before I took it out of its little plastic bag, and the wire was bent to one side. I don't think this thing will be usable. The wires are not all the way down in the pinched shut folds that should hold them together. The only worse thing is the ring. It's thin, flimsy and easy to warp. It's likely to cut into flesh and be very uncomfortable. This thing is dangerous to use. It's time to trash it.

👤When I received my kit, I was surprised. It was wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised that I went through it all better than I anticipated. I decided on a thread color and threaded one of the needles to make a journal. I used the cover from the old photo album to make watercolor paper. It came out great. The materials are great and the price is great. This is a very good value. I will shop here again.

7. Lineco Neutral Liquid Adhesive White

Lineco Neutral Liquid Adhesive White

Bookguard products are made in Kansas. The country of origin is the United States. The model number is 901-1007. The package dimensions are 3.81 L x 3.81 W x 16.0" H. The package weight was 0.35 lbs.

Brand: Lineco

👤I discovered this product while repairing some of my books. When I ordered certain volumes, they would arrive with the spine partially unhinged or the dust jacket with tears that threatened to grow with time. I read online the value of using acid-free paper and glue for any repairs in order to find a fix. I bought some Japanese mulberry paper. I had to find the right glue. Flexibility andDurability are emphasized on most websites. The best option was wheat paste. I decided to use the PVA alternative because I was afraid of messing up the process, and Lineco sells wheat starches. It seems like it's just as effective as the natural alternative. I had no issues with the glue that the other reviewers had. I assume the damage happened during the shipping process. My glue leaves the tube in a smooth consistency. You need to apply more pressure to get it to emerge. The only other work that needed to be done was piercing the top of the container. The glue has a nipple to ensure a longer shelf life. I was happy with how it turned out. I recommend leaving it alone for at least three or four hours in a stable position, since it is a relatively quick drying glue. My book jackets are still in place, but with more flexibility to allow for cautious handling. My repairs should last for decades. If you can call it one, I have only one complaint. If someone is unaware of what type of projects it is typically used for, they might think the product is overpriced for normal school assignments or children's crafts. It is an affordable item for professional purposes. I will purchase it again in the future.

👤The glue works well for mending the seams of books to keep the spine from falling apart and for keeping the pages from falling out. Cracking at the seam is a common issue in books from the 1800s. I work for a library that doesn't have a lot of money to spend on professional repairs. The books are kept from falling apart by this glue. After it dries, it is invisible. It doesn't dry completely stiff, so it will move with the spine of the book.

👤Lineco glue is good for paper crafts. It dries quickly and you have a short time to re-position if you need to. It is archival. It is perfect for scrapbooking. I have been using it with paper, fabric, beads and more for years and it has never let me down. Highly recommended!

👤The glue is useless. The instructions for the bottle were well-received. What a joke. I thought the top part would be thinner at the bottom. It would not be possible to stir this. This product is not up to date. Since I can't return the product, I only write reviews. I would give zero stars if I could.

👤The glue works well on page repairs. It is not clear and leaves a trail. I was repairing a torn page when it was darkened. It works well if you use it in a place where the glue won't be visible. It is not viable as a glue for page repair since it is easy to see on torn pages.

8. Lineco Books Hand Neutral Adhesive

Lineco Books Hand Neutral Adhesive

The material is made in the USA. Lineco is a trusted brand for high quality art, photography, and framing supplies. It is easy to use because the professional quality glue is water-soluble when wet and can be thinned with water to extend the drying time. When dried, acid-free, non-yellowing properties make it fast and clear. It's ideal for bookbinding, paper projects, as well as mounting artwork.

Brand: Lineco

👤It works very well. Hopefully it will hold up. I have little doubt that it will. The glue is invisible. Also very flexible. I used it to repair dictionaries that were brand-new. The original publisher/printer skimped on the original glue, so it's better. The product is very thin, so use it lightly, and be prepared for the mess when you start working with it. If you clean up any excess, it may be able to evaporate on its own, but this thinness helps eliminate any residual clumping once it's hardened. There are no instructions on the bottle. You should figure out what you're doing on your own. The final caveat is that this product should not be purchased in the dead of winter when there is a chance it will freeze during transport, because it will based on other reviews I've read. It takes about 48 hours to dry and is workable for 3-6 hours after initial application. 16oz will last you a long time. You could probably mend the spine on 100 books.

👤I got bad luck and my bottle looked like it was dragged on the floor. It's still sealed. The cap on the label is missing and the lettering is not legible. I will use a glue gun to make a new cap. I shouldn't have to do that. The seller was very nice in offering a replacement.

👤Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral PVA Adhesive is a purchase that has changed my life. I was searching for archival quality glue to use on the spine of several worthless but beloved school books, signed and mistreated by my relatives over a century ago. I was about to buy the smallest bottle I could, but I reconsidered when I saw the better deal on the 16-ounce bottle. I realized that a woman who owns thousands of books, many found in second-hand stores, was going to find a lot of uses for this product. I was correct. Don't judge me! I run a line of PVA down the wrong pages of favorite old paperbacks and they hold and flex as if they had never left. My children's books are in good shape. I use this product to conserve family history records and create biographical notebooks. I am the clumsiest person I have ever heard of, but I have never made a mess with this glue. During this 2020 pandemic, I've used glue to seal envelopes almost every day, and I always struggle to make the glue flow, and then to clean up the mess on my desk and hands. This Lineco glue cleans quickly and easily when I use a little too much, and that hasn't happened with it. I'm very happy.

👤I've never bound a book or used this glue before. I decided this was the glue to use after reading the reviews. I'm very happy with it. I'm taking off old covers. Make sure to work quickly because I learned how to set this glue quickly. If you glue the new leather on and several sheets of the book with it, you'll lose the wax paper between the cover and the rest of the book. It is important to not spread the glue so it covers the paper edges. The glue is very strong after 24 hours. It sets way faster than the glue I used to use. I use my glue brush to paint on the container. Don't use too much or it will start to solidify in the container, so be careful. It cleans with water. I wash my container and brush thoroughly. It rinses clean. There are no directions on the bottle for things such as setting time or how to clean, which is my only complaint on this glue. If there wasn't questions on Amazon by other shoppers, I'd be at a loss as to how to use this glue. There is a This stuff is for binding a book. I put leather on the books I'm doing and it sticks.

9. XFasten Binding 15 Yard Library Archival

XFasten Binding 15 Yard Library Archival

The country of origin is the United States. The XFasten Fabric Book Repair Tape is a great way to repair your book. Your old book can be restored to its pre-injury condition with the tough linen backing that exceeds the strength of many book covers. This black cloth bookbinding repair tape is equipped with a mess-free glue that doesn't degrade, dry or ooze out on extreme humidity and temperature, empowering it to endure any beating! The linen hinging tape is the toughest fabric repair tape to date because it is laboratory-rated to endure stress for over 9000 page turn actions without tearing. The smooth surface of the library book binder tape makes it comparable to pristine book binders. It's ideal for old books, library materials, bibles, leather covers and paperback books that have aged. It was designed to care. This repair tape is acid-free and will not damage sensitive book materials. Dark spot formation and harms caused by bad handling are Resists.

Brand: Xfasten

👤Useful for both books and general repair where good flexibility is required. I fixed the guitar case. Cut and trim with Xacto or similar blade, it will fall apart at rough ends. It's used with general purpose craft glue to get good results. A roll will last a long time. Other colors are desirable.

👤This was listed as bookbinding tape. It is just gout. It sticks well to paper, but doesn't stick to wood or paper material under any type of stress. It doesn't stay stuck to paper. I would never use this stuff for bookbinding because it would fail on the cover of the book.

👤The tape doesn't stick to books. It starts coming off over time.

👤The first 1 meter was okay, but the rest is useless and not worth the price.

👤I have used this tape for many books. The glossy board binding and the tape sticks to cloth. It's easy to tear to the size you want. I have not had any issues after a month of use, the only issue I have is the book coming off of a book in areas that I used only small pieces or around ledges without much wrap around. I am very satisfied with this product and will likely order again in the future. A book binder hobbyist.

👤The book was not moved the next day. I put more tape on and it came off. I didn't touch the book. I used duct tape because it did the job.

👤The tape feels like cloth. The glue is not very strong. It will come off easily. It needs a second bond to stay put.

👤It doesn't stick so it's a waste of money.

👤This is the best book binding tape I've ever used. We used it to fix the menu cover that looked terrible. The tape is very strong and takes on the texture of the menu covers. The inside of the tape is black, so the cut edges don't show up white or gray, which is the best part. I now have this tape in stock at the restaurant to fix rather than replace each menu. What a find!

👤I bought this tape to bind my books. The tape began to peel after I put it on. I don't recommend this product at all.

👤I like the idea of bookbinding tape but it has a weakness. I have to put glue or double-sided tape on the book cover. I would like to return it. I'm out of time.

👤This was used for paper repairs. did not adhere well.

👤The tape works well. I secured the spine of 4 books with it.

10. Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

Bookguard products are made in Kansas. The 2 inch tape has high abrasion resistance and is very aggressive when applied to clean surfaces. The cloth tape is 13 mil. 15 yards of cotton is finished on a 3 inch core. The brown color is impregnated into the cloth not a coating. Book binding repair can be done with this durable, colored tape. Bookguard products are made in Kansas.

Brand: Bookguard

👤I bought this to cover the front of my mother's microfiber furniture that her cats scratched and suck up, because I wanted to use it on books. The tape is very sturdy and the color is close to each other. It works on books like armour and on the front of her chairs. Her cat's aren't interested in trying to scratch this. The glue is clean and strong. It cuts to shape and overlasps don't look bad. It was relatively easy to work with, so far.

👤The glue did not work as well as I thought it would. I used this to cover the recliner that had a split or tear. The repair wasn't on a fully flat service and that may have caused the tape to peel back up. That is not what this tape was intended for.

👤After several months, the repair starts to loosen.

👤A book. It had gold detailing in some places. I had to be careful with the placement of the tape as it is very sticky, but it did the job. The tape is made of cloth, so it would hold up well. I will try it on an old hammer that has a worn handle.

👤I used this tape to make journals. It works well and is easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to repair or replace a book's spine.

👤The cloth tape used for hinges inside antique trunks was replaced with all types of tape. Other tapes did not work well. They either didn't adhere or were too flimsy. Your tape has a smooth surface. And the right stance. You should talk to the people who sell parts for old trunks. You could try some stores.

👤I used this binding tape to repair a very old book binding that had let loose of an old family photo album. The problem was fixed as new. Thank you for being an Amazon merchant, I would never have found this product.

👤It was used to secure the ends of my carpet runner. Even under heavy use, has held up well. This has met my needs.

👤Won't stick to anything. You can see where the glue should be by looking at the sticky side.

👤It was easy to use, my baby survived. It was great for me to hand down the books.

👤I used it to bind the edge of a rug that I had cut in half. It worked well and looks great.

11. Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

Colored Premium Cloth Binding Repair BookGuard

It was designed to care. This repair tape is acid-free and will not damage sensitive book materials. Dark spot formation and harms caused by bad handling are Resists. The 1 inch tape is kept firmly in place when pressure is applied. 13 mil is the amount of cloth tape. The cotton cloth is archival safe. 15 yard total. Shrink wrapped tape was finished on a 3 inch core. Book binding repair can be done with this durable, colored tape. Bookguard products are made in Kansas.

Brand: Bookguard

👤Not bookbinding tape. This is nothing more than a piece of tape. Gaffer's tape is used in the film industry and it is not stuck to for long. It comes off over time. Do not use it for bookbinding projects. It's from my project.

👤This item is used to bind books. I have a lot of experience with different tapes and I think this one works the best so far, but I am not sure how well it will stick. It has been a week. It looks good. I used Pro Gaffer tape and it did not stick. This tape would definitely take over other brands. The tape sticks pretty well over a year and a half. The tape isn't sticking as well to the edges of some books. I have used other tapes in the past and it sticks a lot better than this one. It has been almost a year since the last update. The tape is starting to come off. I have found that this tape had as much leftover as most tapes do when they come off. Replacing the old tape will be much easier.

👤The edges of my bag were ratty. In the heat, duct tape peeled off. Bias tape with fabric glue was ugly because of the glue that soaked through in some spots. I tried this tape. I was able to apply it right over the previous repair. There were no bubbles or wrinkling so far. Morbo likes this.

👤I am making small handmade journals. I had a narrow spine so I ordered one inch black bookbinding tape. I might order a bigger size in the future. The tape is thin and flexible like masking tape. This would be perfect for repairing torn spines. The tape is woven so it won't tear. I recommend tape for book repairs. The price is well suited for the 15 yards in the roll.

👤The tape is high quality. The weight of the fabric tape causes long strips to stay flat. Scissors are always better, but clean rips with just hands. Good bond on metal and upholstery. It will work well on a book binding. It is a great cloth tape, but I can not speak to its long-term properties. Many tapes have an obnoxious toxic odor.

👤I can attest that tape won't work on a book spine. This stuff is just as good as the tape I used to use. I had to tape the spine of an old book that was getting a lot of use, and this tape worked great. It held up well through heavy use and was well-aligned to the spine gutter. It has a cloth texture that is not pleasing. The product was very good.

👤Where has this tape been all this time? I used this tape to bind my mini album covers and it worked great. I have been looking for high quality strong tape for a long time and this product worked well for me. It's easy to use and stick to as you can see in the photo. I would give it five starts, but had to take one star off because it was too expensive for a 15 yard roll. I can say that this tape will be great for repairing books with hard cover. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for high quality tape for their book binding projects.


What is the best product for repair book binding?

Repair book binding products from Lineco. In this article about repair book binding you can see why people choose the product. Bookguard and Scotch are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair book binding.

What are the best brands for repair book binding?

Lineco, Bookguard and Scotch are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair book binding. Find the detail in this article. Bookguard, Ggr Supplies and Butuze are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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