Best Repair Broken Nails Rubber Base Coat Air Dry Uv Gel

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The blooming gel for spreading effects of the UV light is required.

Brand: Mia Secret

👤I love it! The trick is to use a thin layer. I recommend using a nail paint brush. Too much product comes off of it.

👤It's easy to use and excited to use more of it. I would like to practice a lot.

👤I end up with both wrong items after ordering twice. The gel was described as blooming. They sent me twice the gel.

👤This is not the person in the picture. Wrong item.

👤Love, love, It is easy to use. I put down my base coat, cured it, then used a detail brush with the Mia secret polish and added the gel colors, and then used a dotting tool to add the colors.

👤The effects are pretty. It was my first time trying it and I had to apply a super thin coat right after I cure my base coat. Don't cure it, add your marble gel colors on top and wait for the effect to settle. Then cure. It's simple! I would purchase again.

👤It is fun to work with this nailpolish.

👤It worked like a dream when I made tortoise shell nails. Make sure you work one nail at a time. Doing them all at the same time made my design slide around a bit.

2. Fiberglass Adhesive Reinforce Extension Protector

Fiberglass Adhesive Reinforce Extension Protector

It can be trimmed to fit. Fix damaged or damaged nail tips and strengthen your nails. When coated with top gel, you will become invisible. Natural nails can be scratched, so keep your polish nails beautiful. It's ideal for nail experts or nail learners. It's suitable for use in nail salons.

Brand: Nt-ling

👤The 2 star rating is for the fact that the glue does not work for me. I gave this 4 stars. Why? My big toe does not have a nail. Even though the silk wrap doesn't work, I peel off my nails even though I can't see the glue. I use a hand file to shape it up after I put it down and use the gel base and UV to dry. I am not suppose to do it since I have no nails, but it is what is carrying me through the summer until it grows back. I use the gel color UV light to illuminate the base and then put the top coat up. I took it off after 3 weeks, but it didn't come off my toe. I was surprised it stayed on despite the storm and only using the gel nail polish. The wrap is very strong even though the glue does not work.

👤The products work well. The nail is held together. It lasts my clients the full 2 weeks before their next appointment, and I use it on any cracks.

👤I thought it was self-adhesive. You need to use glue and then do the rest of the repair because it doesn't stick to the nail. It would be better if it were self-adhesive.

👤I bought it to fix a couple nails that were starting to break at the edges, but used glue because I didn't think the tape was self stick enough to stay put. It began peeling up two days later. I used glue before putting it on. It should not have left. It came up and took my broken nails with it. It doesn't work.

👤This is not what it was advertised as. The box is small and the wrap does not become translucent when glue is applied to the surface. The wrap did not become translucent after 3 coats of gel on top, and when it was filed with a nail file, it was torn off. It looks like a linen wrap from the 1980s. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Save your money!

👤I wanted to see if it would fix my nail. I followed the directions that were posted. This only sticks to nails. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

👤The description on Amazon said it was not fiberglass, but silk. If you get your hands wet, it will come off like any other wet sticker.

👤It was difficult to get the backing off the wrap, but once I got it on my nails, it looked pretty good for about 2 days. It started peeling off. Will not use it again. Too much trouble.

3. NYK1 Builder Amazing Sculpture Strengthener

NYK1 Builder Amazing Sculpture Strengthener

The sculpting polygel nail builder strengthens your nails, whilst protecting the natural growth structure of the nail as an overlay. Fix damaged nails or nail extensions in minutes. All top shellac gel nail polish brands are compatible with this builder gel. It is recommended for use with NYK1 Nailac Gel top and base coats. Overlay, extension or use as a stripper is used on weak natural nails. A special soak-off formula was used. It is recommended for use with NYK1 Nailac Gel top and base coats. The poly gel is perfect for nails. Become a professional with their full instruction guide. The application brush has a complimentary brush.

Brand: Nyk1

👤It is a very soft gel and it levels like a dream. If this starts chipping or lifting, you should remove that whole nail and start over. I didn't buy their base coat. I only use a certain brand of base coat because I am sensitive to bonders. I'm not sure if that would have made a difference. I did file my nails down a few days ago. The lifting had gotten so bad that I had to do a whole new set. I had a bubble lift in the middle of some nails from where I hit a nail, which caused a separation. I've never had that before, but it's a very soft hard gel. It doesn't damage my nails or make them weak. It's a great product, but maybe for someone who prefers their nails shorter, it's clumsy or rough with their hands.

👤This is the first time I have used a product to do my nails. I used this product to strengthen my nails. The directions were easy to follow. I pay less to have my nails done in a shop than I do for the entire kit. If I continue to do my nails myself, the kit will pay for itself over time. I recommend this product. I haven't tried removing them yet.

👤Hola, yo trabajo manicurista e Utilice el producto en un sistema de gel en lmpara UV, result bueno. 100% recomendado, Es fcil de usar y es bastante.

👤There is nothing wrong with the product. I changed my mind about using nailpolish. I am going to get my nails gelled. I didn't think I could do a good job with the nail builder gel or regular polish because of the shaking of my hands. Thanks for your concern!

👤It has a heat spike and is not the strongest builder.

👤I love this product. My nails were easy to use and made them hard.

👤I like this product. It makes my nails smooth and helps to wear gel polish for a long time. It is expensive, but I think it is worth it.

👤I was happy to open the jar and see the beautiful gel. I thought I could practice a new skill. I was taking my time while sculpting the nails because that's how gel works. There is time to sculpt stress-free. cure when you're ready The gal in the jar was getting thicker and less watery. There was only one crate in the middle that I could stick my brush through. The gel was getting stronger. I am not a professional, but I have done my research and found that gel should stay on my brush until it gets cured. I can only use one product for this amount of money. In the picture, you can see that my brush is bending.

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4. IBD Ibd Second Brush Resin

IBD Ibd Second Brush Resin

Without running, it holds its shape. The package is three quarters of a liter in size.

Brand: Ibd

👤I thought I would try this product because I had been trying to grow my nails long again. I thought it would help strengthen them. It is supposed to be used to silk wrap the nails. I used it as a base coat under the tips, then I used a ridge smoother to even them out. I applied a few coats of clear hardener. I needed more strength for them to grow. It worked on my nails. Thank you.

👤I was hoping that it would be easy to use, so that I would have more strength to grow my nails. I garden and bake a lot, and I wear gloves in the garden, which highlighted my most annoying problem with this product. It doesn't give! Once the product is applied, there is no flexing of your nails. I attribute the rougher texture to my innability to apply nail polish correctly. I went to the garden and realized that nails weren't my life's blood. I thought I'd broken a couple of nails when this stuff cracked so badly. They caught on everything as a chip would, so they were not comfortable living with the cracks. I decided to remove it all after two days. I'm pretty much of the opinion that this stuff will have to grow out, because I dipped and filed my bottle of remover, and read the reviews, and I'm pretty much of the opinion that this stuff will have to grow out. Crazy glue in a bottle? It seems likely! Skip to a couple of weeks later, and I am so disgusted with myself for buying this stuff. It has ruined my nails. This formula has caused my nails to be thinner and weaker than before, because it cracked and wouldn't come off, and now every nail that I had so proudly grown has broken off. I'm writing this to warn others because I don't understand it. If you want to strengthen your nails and use your hands to do things that might require some flexibility to your fingernails, then this is not the product to choose.

👤This product saved my nail. I had a break on the side of my nail. I tried regular nail glue to seal it and let it grow out a little so the break wouldn't be so deep as my nail would be painfully short, it didn't help, I kept having to reapply the regular nail glue at 2x/day. I was desperate and ordered the product immediately, but I didn't have much hope. I applied this product immediately after I received it. My nail has been saved so far with just one single application, it stayed sealed and perfect! The product is a life saver. I would definitely recommend it, and I would buy it again.

👤The silk was dried quickly. If you glue your fingers together, don't touch them. Ask how I know. What are the components? 1. It is ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate. The risk of glue fingers together is caused by the major component of superglue. 2. Poly is in a much smaller percentage. This is something called LUCITE or Perspex, to you Brits. The main component of this fast-setting nail lacquer is superglue. I looked up the components after reading the material safety data sheet.

5. Supernail China Silk Wrap Inch

Supernail China Silk Wrap Inch

The item is new and unused. The Wrap is 72 inches. Buy SuperNail China Silk Wrap 72 inches and get a manicure in 100 pure silk. SuperNail provided the details.

Brand: Supernail

👤If you have a broken nail or a split, you can simply cut a patch and glue it on, then apply glue to the split and let it dry. Go ahead and have your manicure. It will allow your nail to grow out past the split. If you're in water, a false nail can fall off, so it was better than this. If you want to, you can wrap all your nails, I just create a nail tip or patch. If you use a couple of coats of opaque polish, it will not be visible. For a good price, this is a large quantity.

👤You have to trim your small piece here. I bought it because it made it strong enough to pick up guitar strings, and because it mended a broken thumbnail. In case of disaster, carry it in your sundries with glue. You will need a small pair of scissors. This may save you if you have a nail disaster. If you break your nails, you can make reinforced tips for them. Unless I'm doing household chores and forget "gloVES!", I'm usually good. My middle nail and thumbnail are at risk of breaking. This is a guitarist talk. If you are scratching your head and wondering why someone is fussing over split nails, trim the thing and move on, you need nails to play classical and they break. I was able to trim the nail after the silk patch had been trimmed.

👤Silk wrap is the best for toenails and fingernail repairs. Stick It is the glue that I use for it to work its best. The silk is very strong and can be applied 2 layers. Make sure to cut a large enough piece because it will fray a bit after you cut it. Place the silk on top of the glue and then pat down with the orange stick. Attach additional glue to cover excess wrap with nail scissors. Allow to dry completely. Do not touch the glue while it's wet. It's not called'stick it' for nothing.

👤It's annoying to work with. This is the first time I have done a silk wrap and I am expecting it to be pretty standard. I think it will be hard to work with if it stays at 72 inches. They have something a little more sturdy. It is hard for me to do small tasks because of my large hands and fingers. This does work well and is cheap. I hope I get better at it. It won't be a problem.

👤I ordered the Sally Hansen silk wrap as well. I prefer the pre-cut because it's easier to trim and hold the full piece of silk since I have developed old Arthur. It's difficult for me to maneuver now that I'm trying to glue it. It's still an excellent product to have. The coverage was very good when I got it on, it has a nice thickness not as sheer as the pre-cut one, but once you glue and buff it, it has a decent sheerness to it.

6. AIMEILI Nail Polish Wipe Lacquer

AIMEILI Nail Polish Wipe Lacquer

21 days of high-gloss wear. The finish is mirror shine. There are no chips or Nicks. Under manicure lamp, it is necessary to dry. The polish should be applied in a thin coat. Thinner is stronger. No chips or Nicks. Be careful if you have an allergic reaction. Before doing a manicure, please take a skin test. 21 days high-gloss wear, On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes.

Brand: Aimeili

👤Great product. You can see a wide range of manicures, some horrible looking and some okay, if you look at the pictures of the negative and positive reviews. The application is more important than the product when it comes to manicures. It took a lot of applications to get my perfect gel. If I don't clean my nails, I get nail dust and the base coat on my nails. Your base coat won't function as it should when this happens. After 10 manicures, I find that I have gotten junk in my base coat and it's time to throw it out. I always use good lighting when applying all layers, as the top coat leaves parts of the nail untouched. I am getting good coverage of my top coat. Shake the base coat and top coat before applying. When I first started using gel polish, I used thick coats, but the longer I've been using it, the thinner the coats are. I've been using and then I get a manicure that lasts longer. The French tip look is now perfect. I love this coat.

👤I've never used gel before, but I love this base and top coat. I bought some cheap $2 gels awhile ago, but after I saw how bad the reviews were, I decided to stop buying them. I had no peeling or chip on my nails with this base and top coat. I soaked them off after 2 weeks. I love this stuff. Very impressed. I just wanted to say to make sure you buff the nail a little, use alcohol to dehydrate the nail, apply each layer as thin as possible, and make sure you don't touch any skin, after reading some reviews.

👤I've used Gelish for my base and top coat before, but I decided to try this out because it was so cheap. I've been using these for the last 6 months and I feel like the quality is the same. If not better than Gelish. My polish lasts a full 2 weeks and doesn't chip anymore. I've been doing my nails with gel for about 4 years.

👤I searched for UV Top Coat's on Amazon and bought this product. I have been unhappy with the top coats I have been using from the Salon supply store by CND, I have gone over my application and prep method, and I have chips within 72 hours. I decided to try something new because I never had that problem with the products before. I used a UV light from Creative Nail Design to cure my nails. Most companies don't want you to know that your UV light will cure polishes and that you should buy their light, but that's not the case. It will take longer for a UV light to cure bothLED and UV polishes. There are some great articles about that on the Nails Magazine website. I went to school to be a manicurist and I keep up with my continuing education even though I am working in another field. I prepared my nails as usual for my application. After cleaning my nail beds, I pushed back the cuticles. I put my nails under my light for the highest time setting. I applied 2 coats of UV/LED nail polish to cure between each coat. I cured the top coat under the light for the full amount of time between coats. There is a After, I grabbed some rubbing alcohol and ran it over my nails to finish curing them. I don't have any chips after 5 days. The only issue I have with this product is the placement of the sticker over the instructions. If there was a second set of printed instructions inside the box, it would be nice, but for the price you cannot beat this set of base and top coat. I would try other products from this company. There is no smell with this product, that's not the case with many other polishes. There is a smell. It smells like nailpolish. If you have issues with scent, you may want to consider that. It's not offensive and you won't be smelling it in your house or on your hands for a long time. The scent doesn't linger when the bottle is closed. I paid full price for this item and am providing a review for informational purposes. Thank you.

7. Legacy Nails Nail Liquid

Legacy Nails Nail Liquid

Professional quality is important for professional results. Bonds perfectly with the powders. The formula is non-yellowing. The setting time is medium. Always use in well ventilated areas, low-odor compared to other monomers.

Brand: Legacy Nails

👤It has mma, although it doesn't have any it dose, and when I applied it to my nails it would heat up like crazy. I was disappointed with the product because it didn't disintegrate like other acrylic, instead it has a gum like texture.

👤I love it! I like it more than mia secrets.

👤I'm giving this two stars because it says on the bottle that it's low odor, but that's not true. It has a strong smell. I did one of my nails last night. The smell of a strong chemical lingered in my house most of the night. I had to open the windows before I went to sleep because I couldn't get rid of the smell. The smell is worse than what you would smell in a nail salon so I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It wouldn't recommend that the acrylic is cloudy.

👤The smell was very strong. I opened the bottle and the smell lingered in my house for hours. It worked well.

👤No me parece, aun dice q es ligero su olor! He usado!

👤The scent of this monomer is very strong. I chose this one because it's stronger than the previous one, I have a sensitivity to smell.

8. Magical Extension Fiberglass Glass Builder

Magical Extension Fiberglass Glass Builder

Professional formula, free of harmful substances, is safe for nails and skin. No scratches, highly flexible. No nail form or nail tip is required. Just apply and cure to have a perfect nail extension. It's not necessary for a professional tool orskill to be used for home use or professional use. Three easy steps: trim, apply and cure. This fiberglass sheet can be trimmed to fit any nail length and shape, such as round, almond, square, and the like. Extending by 8 cm! You can get the nail shape you want. Natural Ultralight is a softer and lighter nail polish. It won't affect your daily life or make you feel it. "Professional Nail Art" It is not easy to break or scratch this item. It can last up to 30 days if you use it correctly. It can repair broken nails.

Brand: Grospe

👤I relied on the reviews instead of reading what I was buying. My mistake. I got a bottle of top coat and fiberglass strips. I didn't pay attention to what I actually needed because I didn't know that the base coat and some other items that give the nail a form were missing. Don't be me. I think this is a refill.

👤This is a note to anyone who comes across this product. I used this to repair a split nail. Since there were no instructions, I had to figure it out on my own. Prerequisite 1 is required. The instructions for the UVLED nail lamp are 1. Take a sheet of fiberglass and cut it to your desired length and width. 2. Apply a base coat to your nails. If you're not careful things can get messy. You can apply a coat of the Fiber Builder to the top of your pre-cut sheet of Fiber. 4. You may have some challenges getting the fiber sheet to stay put on the nail in some cases. This stuff is not glue. But it is not. 5. The tip of your fiber sheet is where you should finish painting. It is important to note that this is not a new thing. The sheet will shift on your nail while you do this. Put your nail under the lamp. I tried using this stuff without the lamp, but it didn't dry after 6 hours, as others have stated. The stuff seems to react to UV light. The UVLED Nail Lamp is quick and does not cost much, so you can stick your nail in direct sunlight and wait. Excess Fiber Builder is what makes your nail feel terrible when you touch it. You won't get all of it to dry if you try to put the nail under the lamp again. Rub the nail with your fingers after rinsing it with water. It will come off as if it was left from a sticker.

👤The liquid does not dry, the sheet is difficult to apply, and the nail does not stay on it.

👤The base coat does not come with instructions. Fibers are square pieces. No nail form was included. * It is hard to use the fiber builder because it is so thick. It was the first time.

👤The builder gel was so thick that I had to put a bottle in hot water to brush it off. I used a UV/LED light to illuminate my nails. It was a mess. I don't know if my gel was old or not, but I won't be buying it again.

👤The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the fiberglass strips. I cured my nails with the help of the glue and brushes it on. They wouldn't stick for nothing when I tried to put them on. If you're going to buy it, get the builder gel.

👤Don't waste your money! I couldn't get one on because they don't stick to the nail. They did not come with any directions, just a bottle of stuff and a small baggie of white squares. This product is terrible.

9. Mia Secret Glass Finish UV LED

Mia Secret Glass Finish UV LED

Cures under a light source. It's easy to use. Natural nails and nail enhancements can be done with a top coat. Can be used over natural nails. Mia secret has salon-quality nails at affordable prices.

Brand: Mia Secret

👤This is the best no-wipe top coat I've seen. I use a lot of chrome and holographic powders and this is the only top coat that doesn't take away from the mirror shine of those powders. I have tried to make the shine look dull or glittery instead of mirror glass. It is a little pricey but worth it. I received it much quicker than I anticipated.

👤Este producto is excelente.

👤The glass finish is the truth. I love it, I don't have to worry about my nails chipping, spots, or showing scratches, even if I bump it.

👤Mia just told me her secret. This top coat is gorgeous! You wouldn't believe how many I've tried. Each had their own flaw, but this one is the one that I like the most. The glass finish seems to be what it seems. I roughed on the nails last week to make sure they were strong and didn't peel. The nails look the same as they did on the first day. I'm safe. The others would peel or the brush would get hard and drag as I was on the hunt for the perfect finish. I have had no issues with this one. Some of the reviews stated they had a poor experience, so I don't know how it applies to natural nails or gel nails. I used this top coat on my dip nail extensions. There were no complaints here.

👤I'm under the impression that mia secret is a quality brand, so I wanted to love this top coat. I'm very disappointed in this product. Freshly done nails make me happy. This product doesn't cure the silky smooth finish we expect from a no wipe top coat. The end texture is very squishy and made me wonder what was wrong. I tried thinner coats, extra curing, and checked my primer application, but nothing came up. I ordered a new light because the bulbs might be weak. The surface of this finish was the same as before. Going back to my old coat, Dr Mode. Very disappointed.

👤I loved it! I used to buy the one from Organic Nails, but it breaks to easy and it leaks, to many accidents, and it is expensive, first time using this brand. I loved it!

👤I have never seen a coat like this before. It is long lasting and very durable. The product arrived well packaged and not tacky.

👤It would recommend for a lustrous shine. It's great to use nail art.

10. Bottle Lasting Mirror Effect Formula

Bottle Lasting Mirror Effect Formula

Off base coat 10ml+NO. Adhere to the nail with a strong base gel. The long lasting mirror shine top gel keeps the high shine from 14 to 40 days for different people. Natural extract is an ingredient of pure water, natural extract and mineral powder. They recommend you do the skin test. These Gels are for your first time. 8 different brushes from 5 suppliers were compared and tested before the selection of this quality brush was made. The package is portable. The new package is more portable and less likely to leak. 100% WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE -- They stand on the side of the customer. Send them a message if you have a question about this product. They will deal with it quickly and make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Ga&en

👤We were new to gel/uv nails and had purchased a 48w lamp and set of polish. We followed the instructions, but the polish was not as strong as it could have been. When we came across this product, we were almost done trying after three tries. We followed the instructions on the package and the time specified under the lamp. Base coat, color polish, cure, 2nd coat, cure, top coat. It is amazing. It was shiny and cured hard. A family member goes to a salon. Ours was just as good. She wants us to do her nails. We are going to experiment with our other colors. You can get a good result with this product. It was what we needed.

👤This is the first time I've ever done gel, and I started doing them on my own to save money. The base coat and top coat are very nice. I have had my polish on for a week now and have not had any issues. The top coat is so shiny that it looks like I have new nails. It saves me an extra step because you don't have to wipe the sticky part off the top coat. The product is amazing.

👤A nice set. The base and top coat were tested without polish. It's wonderful, high shine, quick drying, no issues at all. Will buy it again.

👤I love it! My nails are glossy.

👤I am allergic to most nail polishes. I have to do my own nails because it is easier for me to figure out which nail polishes I am allergic to. I have been allergic to every gel base and top coat. You can see where my fingers are still healing. I am very happy that I bought it. I have had this coat on for 3 days now, and just washed my bathroom with bleach, and my nails are still intact. I love the shine of the top coat, and I will be sticking with this brand. I have used other base and top coats, but they have a strong chemical smell, and it is very expensive, but this one is very affordable. I had bad allergic reactions to just a top coat and it cost me upwards of fifteen dollars, so I am happy this includes both base and top and it is affordable. This is my go to brand of gel base and top coat and I am hoping they have a matt top coat as well.

👤I was skeptical when I first ordered this, I've bought many top and base coats and never get the effect I was looking for. Untill now!! The way it's easy to apply makes this a great set. The top coat dries in a matter of minutes, it looks like you went to the salon and had a set put on. You will be very proud of the set you bought. Update! I took a photo of my nails after I used this product, and they look like I just went to the saloon. This product will save me a lot of money. I don't have to sit in the saloon for hours. Thank you so much.

11. AIMEILI Nail Polish Builder Lacquer

AIMEILI Nail Polish Builder Lacquer

The package includes a builder base and no wipe top coat. The base can be used as a base coat. AIMEILI No Wipe Top Coat is used to seal all the color gel and will dry with a high-gloss finish. 21 days of high-gloss wear. The finish is mirror shine. There are no chips or Nicks. Under the U V orLED lamp, it is necessary to dry. Also, note: It would be easy to cure inside the bottle if AIMEILI was kept away from stronger UV lighting. Be careful if you have an allergic reaction. Before doing a manicure, please take a skin test. Once you feel uncomfortable, stop using immediately.

Brand: Aimeili

👤A quick and easy product! Sometimes I want a quick easy mani and this stuff is it. I'm shocked at how much I love this. I bought the aimelie gel polish. The top coat is gel. This product is used in a tut as well. I highly recommend. Aimelie, please sponsor me... I love your products.

👤The product was easy to use. I was prepared to go to the nail salon and have them fix my nails if I fudged it up, but I think they turned out pretty good. I dried my hands twice with one coat of builder base. The base was tacky and not hard. I did one coat of Aimeili. Again 60 seconds twice. 60 seconds later, there is a second coat of No Wipe Top Coat. Success!

👤Really wish came in a bigger size. A strong bond can be made with a dehydrator and gel bond primer. Is this a soakable product? The shiney top coat has a seal. Wrap nails in acetone. You can file gently with efile.

👤I got this product today. I just threw it on and tried it out. My nails are always paper thin and easy to peel off. This makes my nails harder than they have ever been. I just put on a thin coat because it is thick. It was easy to put on. I hope they can grow long now that I don't have to break and peel them anymore. This product is exciting to me.

👤I love all Aimeili products. All their products are thick, but you need to be careful and apply thin coats because otherwise you will flood your cuticles. The builder gel is great. I use the builder gel to protect my nails before I do my mani. Their base coat and top coat are all pretty and shiny. All of their products come in small bottles. I wish they made bigger bottles. I am very happy with all their products.

👤This stuff works for a person who has tried many types of nail products and found that they don't live up to their expectations. I found this very easy to use, and you can add as much or as little length as you want. The best part is that it lasts. I have tried dip nails and poly gel, but they both lasted less than a day. This has been going on for a week and looks great. I did not do anything wrong. I painted them after the picture was shown. You have to purchase the forms.

👤I use this as a base coat for my nails. They work well as a set for a strong natural nail look, or as a set with your choice of gel or regular polish. I usually paint my nails before bed, then wake up in the morning and put on the gel top coat, because regular polish needs to be super dry before adding the top coat.

👤It's frustrating that this builder gel is so difficult to work with because it worked well in giving my nails strength after an aggressive nail tech damaged them. This was far beyond what the builder gel was supposed to be. I used it as a clear coat to build strength. It was difficult to spread on the nail because it was so thick. It did not self level because of the consistency. The coat took over 60 seconds to cure and required a wipe with alcohol. It was a pain to remove. I did the soak off routine for 15 minutes after breaking the seal. Other products are usually enough to remove the polish. The product stuck to the nail even after a 15 minute soak. I had to rewrap for another 7 minutes. It didn't feel like it all came off. I used a buffing block to get the little bits off. After applying the polishes, they worked well. Lifting at the edges gave my nails weakness.


What is the best product for repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel?

Repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel products from Mia Secret. In this article about repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel you can see why people choose the product. Nt-ling and Nyk1 are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel.

What are the best brands for repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel?

Mia Secret, Nt-ling and Nyk1 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair broken nails rubber base coat air dry uv gel. Find the detail in this article. Ibd, Supernail and Aimeili are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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