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1. Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

Buckles are replaced for all manner of equiptment. The pins are strong and resistant tocorrosion. A replaceable field is used. When back from the field, temporary solutions need to be replaced. There is a patent pending design.

Brand: Sea To Summit

👤Excellent. I didn't know I could replace a backpack piece until someone told me the name. Amazon to the rescue! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to replace the lock because it was a closed loop, but the removeable pin on this model was very easy to put through the loop. The ladderlock fit perfectly after I was told how to find the right size. I put it on today and so far it's great. Will update if there are any issues. I hope it will hold up to regular use.

👤The backpack has a closed loop strap and you can fix it with the top screws out. The top strap on my backpack is sewed into a closed loop and the shoulder strap is two straps. The only way to attach the buckle is with a single piece of plastic. The metal bar is screws in, so you can just put it through the top loop and replace the buckle.

👤Writing this review will take me longer than fixing my Jeep which had a broken buckle. I was able to fix the top without having to change it. The person who invented this thought of the ability to repair instead of throwing it away.

👤It is easy to insert. I didn't have to disassemble anything, which is why I bought it, but I thought I would when it came. I saw that my strap seemed a bit heavier than the buckle could handle. It took with little effort and tug. I cringed every time I used the repaired bag since it was applied two months ago because it was very heavy and overstuffed. I'm getting more and more happy with this purchase, and I'm slowly calming down.

👤I began looking for a replacement after the buckle broke. I decided to try the buckle before I buy a new bag because I saw it in the searches. I'm happy that I did. It only took 10 minutes to remove the broken buckle. So far, so good!

👤Our sons backpack was broken by my husband. I was upset after I found the perfect baby bag on Amazon. This was the perfect solution for a fraction of the price. I was able to fix it in the car because it was so easy. It has a metal screw through the loop on the strap.

👤It is simple and functional. It is very easy to replace a broken one with this. It's difficult to find.

👤Returned my newer SWISS backpack to functional status like advertised. The backpack company told me to send it back if I could find the receipt. I was lucky to find my luggage, but not a receipt.

👤I don't know if I could have done the same thing to the original stitching on my daughter's backpack as I could have done with the same buckle. I gave it a try. She has been using it for a month. It's still working well. This is one of the best things I've ever bought. She is happy with the replacement rucksack as it looks the same as the original, just a tiny bit smaller.

2. VANKY Release Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

VANKY Release Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

There is a patent pending design. Are you a lover of backpacking and traveling but not crazy about the straps and handles on your bag and luggage? Maybe they are too weak for long term use. When you are travelling or adventuring with a nylon woven strap handle, you can solve these and other issues. There are wide applications. Sturdy nylon and polypropylene straps make you do your own stuffs perfect and strong. The plastic buckles kit includes 15 pack side release plastic buckles, 15 pack tri-glide slides, 10 pack D Rings, 10 pack Adjustment button and 5 yards black nylon strap. The D Rings's width is 1 inch so they can be combined and perfect. If you don't know how to use them, check their picture for step description. You should use lighter to burn the rough edge of the straps.

Brand: Vanky

👤The D rings have broken and I am taking my dog on a walk. He is not crazy, hardly pulls, and this was just a typical use. The collars were made with the D rings. Every single D ring broke. The buckle snapped in half on one of the collars. The dollar store has better quality collars. It was not worth it in the end. Will never buy this again.

👤After our young Australian Cattle Dogs chewed their way through every store bought collar that we bought for them, sometimes in as little as 12 hours, we bought this kit. We were able to figure out how to put the kit pieces together using the shredded collar. The sewing machine makes it easy to sew the webbing on. Our dogs have been able to take other collars from one another and use them as chew toys, so far not one of the do-it-yourself ones has been destroyed. The clasps are holding up well. The only thing I would suggest is for the seller to give instructions for how to assemble the collars. It might have been a bit more difficult if we hadn't had the collar on. I have to give this product 5 stars because of the quality parts, theDurability and the number of collars that you can get for the price.

👤These work well but don't give an exact count of products. I ordered it twice and each time I was short.

👤I put together several straps. I pulled on the strap with my bare hands to see if it was strong. The plastic Buckle broke while being tested. I used the strap without the buckles. I tied the ends of the roll of strap together. I could have just bought the strap myself.

👤A forty-pound dog has sprung two of the included D-rings. They are not welded and are made of thinner wire. I have had one of the buckles crack. I can't recommend this item since it's about the safety and security of our pets. It doesn't appear to be up to the task.

👤I knew that these wouldn't be high quality. They're light and flimsy, but work well for a small dog who doesn't pull.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It had the D rings and other items. It was a good price for what was in the bag. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good buy.

👤If they included 15 of the pieces needed to make 15 collars, they would be 5 out of 5. Why oh why? I have to buy 5 more D rings because I can't find 5 more adjustment buttons. It doesn't make sense.

3. EesTeck Adjustable Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

EesTeck Adjustable Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

If you don't know how to use them, check their picture. You should use lighter to burn the rough edge of the straps. The Polypropylene buckles have good flexibility and are thicker and more durable than standard buckles. 5,000 times the experiments were done. Easy one-handed release design with a variable length on both sides. Fast and safe fastening. Great for backpacks, bracelets, purses, lanyards, dog collar, Belts, etc. 2 set 1.5 inch flat side release buckles and tri-glide slides are suitable for 1.5 inch (40mm) webbing straps. Check out their shop for other available sizes. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service is provided.

Brand: Eesteck

👤My son's backpack was shut in the car door and I needed to replace it. This week is loaded to 45 lbs and broke on the first click. I used a carabiner to make a makeshift buckle. The garbage needed to be shipped quickly due to the pre-planned trip.

👤I tried out the new buckles for the first time yesterday and they wouldn't stay latched. It's really frustrating when you're in the woods. I had to tie my straps together to get through.

👤This is not good. Don't waste your money. When I sewed it on my straps, it took me half an hour, but they wouldn't lock around my waist. They snapped apart so keep your money and look for another product.

👤My dog chewed off one of my buckles. I made do without it because I couldn't find a search term for the part. I didn't feel like I was searching for something when I didn't think of "Buckle". I ordered 3 sizes after figuring out what to look for. Two of the ones I needed and two more for other uses. My favorite belt is my tool belt. These are perfect! Sturdy. It was a perfect fit. It was a perfect replacement. The little things make hiking better.

👤The belt buckles in the backpack got broken. These lasted about a week and a half. It's fragile in the cold. I replaced them with some I bought at my local outdoor store and they have lasted the rest of the winter and will be good for years to come.

👤This is a replacement for the main buckle on my backpack hip strap. It worked for about half a day but it couldn't carry the load that comes with a hip strap. It would keep popping open. Not strong enough for that use.

👤This was the right size to replace a broken buckle on a backpack. The description of the item made it clear what size strap this buckle fits. It looks sturdy. I couldn't find this size buckle in a single item, only in 2 or more.

👤The plastic buckle I bought was a replacement for my snowboard bag. I searched the internet for a replacement buckle after the original failed. I didn't want to buy a new strap for my snowboard bag. The price was double what I would have liked, but I just extended the life of my bag for years to come.

👤It was bought to fix the harness. Looks strong.

4. Buckles Straps Set Inch Adjustable

Buckles Straps Set Inch Adjustable

The buckle is made of polyoxymethylene plastic and the strap is made of nylon. There is no sewing required, it is easier to use. The strap can be adjusted on both sides. To lock the straps more securely, you should use an anti-slipping tri-glides slides clip. The regular quick side release buckle requires sewing on both sides. MULTIFUNCTIONAL FOR WIDELY USE: Repairing/improvement/replacement/wrapping accessories parts for outdoor equipment, luggage-rack, goods tying/wrapping/lashing, tactical gear, handling operation, auto/moto parts, backpack, waist pack, luggage, pet/dog High quality is guaranteed. Strong. Tensile strength can be up to 100 lbs. Military grade is reliable and durable. Polyoxymethylene is a high-quality plastic. The strap is made of Polyamide(nylon) fabric. 10 sets of 1 inch dual-side quick release buckles with 1 roll of 12 yards length 1 inch width nylon webbing straps/bands, plus 20 pieces of 1 inch tri-glides slides clips are included in the package. There are weapon tips. The end of the strap may become loose. Make them stick together by burning off the edges.

Brand: Hisuntec

👤It is possible to clip these together backwards and make them impossible to open. Did no one in engineering test this possibility?

👤The boat cover I bought did not have straps. I had to unthread the strap from the connector every time I wanted to install or remove the cover. The cover has ten straps so it was a little tedious. Most of the buckles you find require you to sew one end, but these do not, making it easier to install them. I didn't need the strap that came with the buckles, so its inclusion makes an already good value even better. The cover is much easier to work with now that I have the buckles.

👤A lot of the straps and buckles from the toys that my 2nd daughter has are old and have snapped. I bought this kit to replace them and I'm very happy with it. There's a lot of strap and buckles. The plastic buckles are sturdy and smooth, so they won't nick my baby while holding her down. I took off the old straps and cut new ones to the same size and laid them side by side to replicate. You should burn the cut ends with a lighter.

👤These are high quality straps. I am a full time RV'er. I use these for my strap down needs prior to departure. I used about 20 sets of these and none had failed. I spent a lot of time researching many others. I used these with 1.1 inch straps and they worked great. Most of the weight I used these with was about 150 lbs.

👤I expected nylon straps to be the same as these. The plastic material used in the parts is the same as what I see on backpacks and similar gear. They were used to tie-down gear in my Jeep. I don't recommend straps of this nature for securing gear. The straps are made for that job.

👤Everything feels good. Hardware and strap included. I used this product to replace the straps on the ATV. The quality of these seems to be higher than the original case. I would buy again.

👤I ordered these because I messed up my cover straps. They are not the same size, so they are not interchangeable, and the rv straps were not sewn onto the cover, so I was able to replace the entire buckle. I have a cargo trailer cover but the one side of the strap is sewn into the cover and I couldn't use the new buckle. The covers are tied down for the winter because I traded out the RV cover buckles. I suggest you check your trailer cover to make sure it's not sticking. I was short changed as well. I didn't get 20 as ad states. Overall, I think. The cord is as good as my 2 original cords, if not better.

👤I used this product to make straps. The backpack has attachment points so it's perfect to add more storage. It makes getting rain gear easier.

5. YUWON Adjustable Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

YUWON Adjustable Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

The Polypropylene buckles have good flexibility and are thicker and more durable than standard buckles. 5,000 times the experiments were done. Easy one-handed release design with a variable length on both sides. Fast and safe fastening. Great for backpacks, bracelets, purses, lanyards, dog collar, Belts, etc. 6 set 1.5 inch flat side release buckles and tri-glide slides are suitable for 1.5 inch (40mm) webbing straps. Check out their shop for other available sizes. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service is provided.

Brand: Eesteck

👤These are not strong enough to make a back-support belt. I wouldn't trust these for tie downs on a car, or anything that might cause a problem if the buckle failed, even though they would be okay for a belt around your waist. It doesn't show any damage. It doesn't hold under any sort of tension. That's not good.

👤These are not strong. They will fail if you put any sort of weight on them. I lost 3 of the 12 I bought. I don't recommend them.

👤They were used to attach a suitcase. The latch came undone every time. It was difficult to watch my briefcase fall down the escalator. It's good for a 7 ounce load. There are 220 grams. I will take them to the recycling center.

👤I tried to replace my broken drum case with these. They are not close to each other. The half of the buckles that were faulty were in this order. Would not recommend anything.

👤I was not happy with the buckles. It should have taken more force to pull them apart. When I pulled the nylon strap, the releases gave and they were unbuckled. I will look for another brand.

👤I ordered these buckles for shipping. The "Quick Side Release" feature on these buckles doesn't give me the closure power I need. The design doesn't provide a positive lock. I was able to pull the buckles apart with both hands. Again, well made, but not for high tension situations.

👤One stripped the clip pegs on the first use and the other cracked. These are great for low-load, no-impact uses, but if you are planning to use them for critical uses, they are not designed to be pulled strongly or to be able to survive impact. It's probably better to spend more money and protect what you're trying to strap down. I was disappointed with the 1 1/2 buckle.

👤There are a number of uses once you know how to rig them. A diagram for dummies would be helpful. It seems simple. I keep a couple in my bag to fix problems. If you don't need as much strength, it's easier to use a ratchet strap.

6. Military Adjustable Release Replacement Backpack

Military Adjustable Release Replacement Backpack

The buckle is assembled so the two measurements are taken with it. You can adjust the strap on both sides. The male and female side of the quick side release buckles have two slots to feed the strap through, so sewing is not needed. A multi-fonction is a perfect quick release buckles for nylon straps. It's a good idea to replace the piece on the backpack and fanny Pack straps. Buckles are good for fixing broken ones. They can replace the waist strap on the baby carrier. Stronger than the original! Strong plastic stays clipped under all reasonable loads. The strong clasp is 77 lbs. No slipping with either heavy duty or standard weight. Hold the tension well. The strap is 2 inches wide. Buckle is wide and deep,thickness:0.7. There is no accidental release with side release buckles.

Brand: Hao Pro

👤I was warned that the buckles I was sent were not the ones pictured. There are many variations of this simple device. One side of my buckle has a strap that can be adjusted through the design and the other side has a sew in place strap. The ones pictured for sale are on one side and the ones I received are on the other side.

👤I had forgotten about the waist strap of the old pack. The old one was swapped for the new one. The old pack is back in business. The whole rig was hiking. The new buckle clicked shut and held its shape all day. Couldn't ask for more from it. My old pack was brought back to use. I was very happy with my purchase. Thanks for the new buckle. 10/10 Would recommend to friends and family.

👤The buckle on my pack broke. I called the sports stores to find a replacement buckle. No luck in the area. I tried Amazon. I found this one with the same dimensions as my broken one, after looking at a few buckles. I was going to change out my buckle. I have my favorite pack back and the buckle fit perfectly. The replacement pack has two buckles. In case, I carry the spare with me. This product is recommended by me.

👤I received my order in the mail. I was curious to see if I would get 6 pieces or 4 since the bold title said 6. I made 2 complete clips from 4 pieces. I think the price was good and the clips seem good. I put them on the straps for the Christmas tree bag. The ones that came with our bag broke before we got the tree. I will update if these break or fail.

👤I have a tool belt that I have owned for 30 years and needs to be replaced. 2 machine screws and nuts were used in place of the rivets. It's good as new. Take a picture with your cell phone camera of your old buckle before you disassemble it. The guide will show you how to loop the straps.

👤There is only one male in this buckle. The female has a single loop to feed the strap. There is an important detail. Will not wear a backpack. The Kelty backpack had a broken piece. No go. Had to return it. The quality is good. The lock on the buckle is easy to open. It's suitable for a suitcase. The waist belt in a backpack was not very useful.

👤I broke the buckle on my Orca Tactical bag when I slammed it in the door of my car. I took a chance because I figured I wouldn't be out a lot of money if it didn't work. It was a perfect match to my surprise. I only wish I could get my bag in OD Green and Coyote Brown for backups because the manufacturers of my bag don't know the difference.

👤These clips were not the same size as described.

7. HJ Garden Adjustable Backpack Accessories

HJ Garden Adjustable Backpack Accessories

The size is 38x32mm and the inner diameter is :25mm. Zinc alloy is a high quality material. Webbing is used for bag strap bags and other items. Easy to use. The package includes a ladder lock Buckle. Black.

Brand: Hj Garden

👤The strap adjusters are sturdy and nice. They are advertised as black in color, but they are not. They have a shiny grey finish. If you need a black piece, you'll need to find something else.

👤These worked well. It is much better than plastic ones. They are not black as people have said. There is a gun metal grey. They are really nice if you don't need black.

👤The plastic ones that broke were good buckle.

👤It's nice to have real metal hardware.

👤Quality, heavy duty, compared to plastic options.

👤My sleeping bag's compression bag broke after 12 years of use. I can't see these bad boys breaking anytime soon, so these have upgraded the bag. It wasn't a light sleeping bag anyways.

👤It was very well made. Heavy work. The plastic ones that broke on my laptop backpack were a welcome change. Would buy again. It was reasonable compared to others.

8. 10 Adjustable Release Plastic Buckles

10 Adjustable Release Plastic Buckles

A 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service is provided. For use with 1 inch webbing. The outside length is 2.60 inches. The outside width is 1.42 inches. The buckle is assembled so the two measurements are taken with it.

Brand: Ykk

👤Some people have said that they did not receive actual YKK brand buckles or that they received incorrect ratios of male to female pieces. The package I received had no problems, so I decided to try them out. They have stamped into the product YKK, so mine were real ones, with 10 of each M and F side. I was a little worried because the barbs on the male piece that make the secure connection are a little more rounded than other buckles I have seen. I thought they wouldn't hold up to heavy pulling. I pulled the strap under my foot and held the other end of the strap in my hand, and it didn't budge, so I think it's good. I looked at the product pictures again and they match the pictures in the main one that shows up when you load the product page. The ladder lock bars are on both sides, and they work well, no slipping with as much strain as I could put on them by pulling from various angles. I think they are more solid than other models because they feel like metal in your hand. If you're making a SUL backpack or something similar, I think the solidity is a bonus. If I ever need more than 10, I will buy again.

👤The review is more about the company than the product, but they are not what I expected from YKK, there are better plastic connections out there. I ordered these on 7/15 and they were marked as shipped on 7/17. Even though they were marked as shipped out of New York, they were giving me an estimation delivery between the 24 and 31. On the 24th, the tracking updated as it arrived in Long Island, New York, then arrived in Queens, New York, then left Queens on the 25th and arrived here on the 27th. I was confused as to what was happening between the 17th and the 24th since the company is out of New York. I ordered another package from the U.K. and it arrived here before this one. The product is not what I expected. I'm not impressed with these, I ordered them based on YKK's reputation. I don't know if I will use them for what I originally intended, but I will check out how they feel when connected and disconnected. The questionable shipping processes and the product rating are represented by the 3 stars.

👤These are good. Both ends of the channels have a double channel that locks the length. I usually use at least one triglide slide, but you don't have to sew one side of the webbing. This allows you to make a strap quickly. They have a wide opening for any thickness. They're a little heavier than the smallest ones and I weighed them at.545 ounces. The male insert only inserts in one orientation. If this is an issue, use a different guide and just paint a white dot on the tops. It can be hard to figure out which of these will fit your webbing, and I've had problems buying this type of hardware on Amazon. Many of the buckles I've bought are very difficult to use. These are good.

9. Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

The release buckles are small enough for paracord to slip through them, making them perfect for paracord survival bracelets. It's comfortable to have a slight bend to go around the curve of the wrist. The pins are strong and resistant tocorrosion. A replaceable field is used. When back from the field, temporary solutions need to be replaced. There is a patent pending design.

Brand: Sea To Summit

👤I got this product because of my broken buckle. The photos showed that there was a single post that could be screwed into place, allowing the fastest and most simple repair possible. The post worked well for one of the straps. I had to cut the sewing that looped the strap around the plastic post and re-sew it on the other strap. It took more time to sew than I wanted it to. The quality of the product is good. I will recommend it because of that. It does not function as the simple repair component that the product information suggests. It seems to be the best buckle for repairs. I sewed it onto the backpack because I bought it. I recommend the product if you are willing to sew.

👤I'm surprised by the great reviews to products only to later discover that the high ratings are often because the product is cheap and not good. What's the point of talking about a good deal if you don't like it? The IDEA for the buckle is a great replacement for sewn-in clasps or buckles which would require the harness strap to be de-stitched from the backpack, bookbag, etc. I chose this product for the metal rod. The metal rod has a better strength than the plastic locking-latch repair buckle on Amazon. The metal rod for this buckle is flawed because it's made from a material that doesn't fit in with thePhillips-style head. The rod is soft metal and can't handle torquing, so the head strips. Why do manufacturers still use thePhillips-style heads instead of the hexagonal ones? It's likely to keep you buying stuff.

👤I own a high desert survival knife. It has a strap that broke. The purpose of the compartment was to hold my life sharp field seguer. I was at a loss because removing/installing these types of buckles would be difficult. This item was shown in a search by a search engine. What a lifesaver! It is secured by a screw that is fastened on one end and uses a strap and Velcro on the other. The price of a new custom sheath would cost me more, so I was concerned. It doesn't hurt to have a spare or two of these around for a handy repair option if you have a buckle that fails in the field. I am very happy with the product. Definitely five stars!

👤I love this buckle. The cheap non-nylon impregnated buckles that the manufacturer had purchased broke constantly when I bought a bag on Amazon. The problem can be solved with these buckles, they don't have to reew new pieces. Measure and pay attention to whether or not you need a one or two pin buckle. These work well and feel rock solid.

👤Military ALICE packs are the best value for backpacking and bushcraft. The non-detachable strap buckles are one of the few flaws. The one inch, one pin field repair clips are an upgrade that will allow quick lid access. It's easy to use, strong and durable.

10. Liberty Mountain Repair Tension 1 Inch

Liberty Mountain Repair Tension 1 Inch

If you don't know how to use them, check their picture for step description. You should use lighter to burn the rough edge of the straps. The country of origin is the United States. The package is 1 inches in height. The package is 1 inches in length. The package width is 1 Inches.

Brand: Liberty Mountain

👤The new Liberty Mountain replacement has an old standard flimsy tension lock. The backpack was full of 500 lbs of school supplies and it broke when Mom tried to tighten it. Mom couldn't find the same backpack as Pokemon. We were angry at Mom. The tension lock replacement came quickly. It was here in 2 days with free shipping. It was easy to break off the flimsy tension lock. The new one will take a lot of effort to take back off, which is great because we wouldn't want it off. The tension lock that comes with the backpacks is not as strong as the replacement one. Mom wants to order more and destroy any future backpacks that are purchased in the future. Mom won't, she talks in the third person, but she isn't crazy.

👤I tied a knot in the strap and had a prior tension lock that worked. I used the backpack in a limited capacity for a long time. I decided to toss it because I simply couldn't use it anymore, when I was doing some spring cleaning. I couldn't do it because it's important for me. I stumbled upon this product and thought if I could save $6 it would be worth it. I am happy to report that it worked out perfectly. The replacement tension lock is similar in style and color to the original lock. Installation was easy. The easiest part was removing the tension lock without damaging the strap. The replacement tension lock had to be replaced and tested. I am happy to have my backpack again. I will report back if this product does not hold up.

👤I have a Swiss backpack that I really like, but it was broken by a freak accident. I lost the broken pieces after the repair only lasted a few weeks. I found this buckle on Amazon and it looked like it might work. I was concerned that the gap that allows you to install it would allow the buckle to slip off. It's tight and snug and won't slip off. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up as well as the original, but that's not true. It looks like it holds up. If something should happen to the other backpack, I have a spare buckle/lock that I can use. I had forgotten that the original broke, but it's still working great.

👤I bought a backpack in London in 1999. When the right buckle broke, I looked into having it repaired. The product is great. No sewing, no hard work. I replaced the left buckle after installing this. Why? This is even stronger than the original. Great idea, great price, and you can save money on a new backpack. There is a If you have a backpack that has lasted 17 years, the new stuff out their is not as durable. New life is given to your old equipment. I'm giving this 5 stars for being easy, strong, and the best.

👤I have a very tight end loop and the buckle barely fits it. The split on the side makes it possible to get a one-inch webbing on it without it popping back off. It is very tight, which is great for my application. I use a piece of webbing to secure my deep cycle batteries to a battery tray in my RV and it locks on tight.

11. Release Buckles Backpack Adjustable Replacement

Release Buckles Backpack Adjustable Replacement

The strap is 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep. Buckles have a length of 2.62” and a width of 1.32”. Onepin's buckle is suitable for 1 inch wide webbing use, please check the width of the webbing before purchase, the male and female buckles of the buckles produced by different manufacturers are not the same, please do not mix them with other manufacturers' buckles. You can adjust the strap on both sides. The regular quick side release buckles require you to sew one of them in place, no sewing is needed, the buckle has two slots to feed the strap through. The material is hard strong side releasebuckles and polypropylene. Heavy duty buckles are easy to install and adjust, with a smooth quick-release mechanism, which makes the webbing slide in and out of the ends with ease. The quick release buckles are perfect for nylon straps. The piece on the backpack and fanny Pack straps is broken. Buckles are good for fixing broken ones. They can replace the waist strap on the baby carrier. Stronger than the original! Strong plastic stays clipped under all reasonable loads. A strong clasp is 66 lbs. No slipping with either heavy-duty or standard weight. Hold the tension well. The buckle is made of polyoxymethylene. For long time use, strength and durable are needed. The side release buckles are the best because of their easy one-handed release.

Brand: Onepin

👤Good product and a good seller.

👤The flimsy buckle that came with my North Face back pack was worse than this one. It was much heavier and more durable. It comes with two buckles.

👤The color is a problem. You can see the army ACU digital camo in the green color.

👤Came on time, low price, and they work well.

👤This is a 1 inch buckle and it works well on my dog's collar. The product is good and the fix is cheap.

👤These worked well to replace broken ones on my backpack sprayer.

👤I received the product in two days. The service was well packaged. I had to watch the video a couple of times to thread them correctly.


What is the best product for repair buckle 1 inch?

Repair buckle 1 inch products from Sea To Summit. In this article about repair buckle 1 inch you can see why people choose the product. Vanky and Eesteck are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair buckle 1 inch.

What are the best brands for repair buckle 1 inch?

Sea To Summit, Vanky and Eesteck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair buckle 1 inch. Find the detail in this article. Hisuntec, Eesteck and Hao Pro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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