Best Repair Buckles for Backpacks 1 Inch

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1. Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

The one-pin side release buckles are similar to the ones found on most top-loading backpacks. The two-pin side release buckles are a direct replacement for nonadjustable buckles. There are pins with aPhillips head. Buckles are replaced for all manner of equiptment.

Brand: Sea To Summit

👤I used this to fix my backpack. The installation went well and it feels very sturdy. It seems like there's no way for the strap to stay in one place. The ability to adjust the length of the strap and tighten it down isn't available to the strap at all. This product is great for something that needs to be buckled shut, but if you want to replace a strap buckle for something that needs to be tightened down, this isn't for you.

👤The SOG pack clip was sewn in place by a loop of webbing, so it was a huge disappointment when it broke. I used a D-ring from my pack repair kit for a while, but it seems to be expanding and will let go in time. I looked at Amazon search results and stumbled across these. They are awesome! What a great idea. I ordered an extra to keep in the pack repair kit at the ready, I wish they were cheaper. I expect them to last longer than the original clips. As I do all my reviews, I will update as needed.

👤Not since man sliced bread had a better idea come along that satisfied an obvious need. It saved me $600 for an aircraft cover. The remnants of the old buckle will be the hardest part in some applications, and this may preclude a repair in the field. These go in quick and easy when you get the old stuff off. If you need to repair both sides of the buckle without sewing, the dual (2) pin model is for you.

👤The LowePro camera bag had one of the buckles break. The repair was quick and easy because of the pins, and didn't need to work on the straps. The original buckle is slightly larger than this one, so both halves were used as replacements. It feels stronger than the original.

👤I use this type of buckle to secure the flaps of my motorcycle. Due to use and weather, the push arms on the current buckle have broken off. I installed it in a few minutes after ordering 1 to try it out. It worked out perfectly and I will be ordering more. The only complaint I have is the cost of the Buckle, which is over $8 for a piece of plastic and a metal screw. The company is making a 5000% profit. You have to have it when you have it.

👤This is the best thing I have gotten on Amazon. I had a brand new $300 pair of Lacrosse Chest waders and wore them once and broke the tailgate. This clip saved my waders and saved me a lot of time removing stitching. I cut the old clip off with side cutters and installed the new one after I bought the two pin. It took about 2 minutes. I am impressed that it has held up through 2 very strenuous hunts. I ordered a spare in case it happened again. The product was great and received 5 stars.

2. Buckles Straps Set Inch Adjustable

Buckles Straps Set Inch Adjustable

The buckle is made of polyoxymethylene plastic and the strap is made of nylon. There is no sewing required, it is easier to use. The strap can be adjusted on both sides. To lock the straps more securely, you should use an anti-slipping tri-glides slides clip. The regular quick side release buckle requires sewing on both sides. MULTIFUNCTIONAL FOR WIDELY USE: Repairing/improvement/replacement/wrapping accessories parts for outdoor equipment, luggage-rack, goods tying/wrapping/lashing, tactical gear, handling operation, auto/moto parts, backpack, waist pack, luggage, pet/dog High quality is guaranteed. Strong. Tensile strength can be up to 100 lbs. Military grade is reliable and durable. Polyoxymethylene is a high-quality plastic. The strap is made of Polyamide(nylon) fabric. 10 sets of 1 inch dual-side quick release buckles with 1 roll of 12 yards length 1 inch width nylon webbing straps/bands, plus 20 pieces of 1 inch tri-glides slides clips are included in the package. There are weapon tips. The end of the strap may become loose. Make them stick together by burning off the edges.

Brand: Hisuntec

👤It is possible to clip these together backwards and make them impossible to open. Did no one in engineering test this possibility?

👤The boat cover I bought did not have straps. I had to unthread the strap from the connector every time I wanted to install or remove the cover. The cover has ten straps so it was a little tedious. Most of the buckles you find require you to sew one end, but these do not, making it easier to install them. I didn't need the strap that came with the buckles, so its inclusion makes an already good value even better. The cover is much easier to work with now that I have the buckles.

👤A lot of the straps and buckles from the toys that my 2nd daughter has are old and have snapped. I bought this kit to replace them and I'm very happy with it. There's a lot of strap and buckles. The plastic buckles are sturdy and smooth, so they won't nick my baby while holding her down. I took off the old straps and cut new ones to the same size and laid them side by side to replicate. You should burn the cut ends with a lighter.

👤These are high quality straps. I am a full time RV'er. I use these for my strap down needs prior to departure. I used about 20 sets of these and none had failed. I spent a lot of time researching many others. I used these with 1.1 inch straps and they worked great. Most of the weight I used these with was about 150 lbs.

👤I expected nylon straps to be the same as these. The plastic material used in the parts is the same as what I see on backpacks and similar gear. They were used to tie-down gear in my Jeep. I don't recommend straps of this nature for securing gear. The straps are made for that job.

👤Everything feels good. Hardware and strap included. I used this product to replace the straps on the ATV. The quality of these seems to be higher than the original case. I would buy again.

👤I ordered these because I messed up my cover straps. They are not the same size, so they are not interchangeable, and the rv straps were not sewn onto the cover, so I was able to replace the entire buckle. I have a cargo trailer cover but the one side of the strap is sewn into the cover and I couldn't use the new buckle. The covers are tied down for the winter because I traded out the RV cover buckles. I suggest you check your trailer cover to make sure it's not sticking. I was short changed as well. I didn't get 20 as ad states. Overall, I think. The cord is as good as my 2 original cords, if not better.

👤I used this product to make straps. The backpack has attachment points so it's perfect to add more storage. It makes getting rain gear easier.

3. SGH Release Adjustable Replacement Backpack

SGH Release Adjustable Replacement Backpack

24 months warranty service is provided by their company. If you have a question, please contact them. You can adjust the strap on both sides. The male and female side of the quick side release buckles have two slots to feed the strap through, so sewing is not needed. A multi-fonction is a perfect quick release buckles for nylon straps. It's a good idea to replace the piece on the backpack and fanny Pack straps. Buckles are good for fixing broken ones. They can replace the waist strap on the baby carrier. Stronger than the original! Strong plastic stays clipped under all reasonable loads. A strong clasp is 66 lbs. No slipping with either heavy duty or standard weight. Hold the tension well. The strap is 1 inch wide. Buckle itself has a length of 2.62” wide and 1.32” thick. There is no accidental release with side release buckles.

Brand: Vvs

👤I had a problem with animals getting into the trash, so I had to find a way to stop it. I used a couple of bolts and washers to secure the clips and strap after I found them on Amazon. The clips have held up to being dragged down the road a few times but never have failed.

👤The design of the snaps will not allow them to go all the way into the buckles, so I was hoping I could use these with an existing boat cover. Send them back.

👤There was no instructions on how to fit it. I wouldn't buy these again because I was replacing a broken one.

👤It is easy to install and hold tight.

👤I picked these up to replace a broken buckle. It was easy to swap them out and the buckle held up well.

👤Don't hold when locked in.

👤They are perfect for the application.

👤I use them on my aprons. They are perfect for this application. The buckles are sturdy. I would buy them again.

4. Magarrow Luggage Buckle Packing Accessories

Magarrow Luggage Buckle Packing Accessories

A plastic Buckle is used. Wear resistant and more durable. The package includes packing straps. The strap is 1 inch wide. The total length is 78" You can change the length. If you still think it's too long, you could cut it down to the length you need. It's suitable for your suitcase, luggage bag, backpack, and so on. You can use it as a belt. There are more ways to use it. It is easy to use the secure buckle closure. This is a must-have for packing. The luggage strap is one of the best travel companions if you have a domestic or overseas trip. This is a great gift for a friend who loves travel. There is a 3 colors option. You can choose from either 10- or 4-PCS.

Brand: Magarrow

👤The picture shows the extra slack being secured with the buckle. I ordered four straps, but only received two. Disappointed with the vendor.

👤Everything else is great. You have to put the straps together yourself. Why wouldn't they finish the product, but only 80% of the way? It only takes about 3 minutes per strap to thread through the correct spots, but with 10 straps, that's 30 minutes of your time.

👤The packing straps work well. A pack of 10. Have already used 5. Some reviewers said that there were two different brands of plastic buckles sold on Amazon. I use these to secure memory foam mattress toppers when they are not used at my kid's college dorm. It takes a lot of force to squeeze the foam and secure it with straps. These straps are holding up. The single stiching on the fixed buckle appears to be strong. I couldn't find any quick release straps in local stores, so I was happy to find these. I've had them a short time, so I'm not giving 5 stars.

👤Someone who doesn't know which way to feed the strap is the bad review. If you don't know, watch the video. These are a great upgrade to replace old bungees and rope hanging surfboards and are easy to adjust on a wall at a great price. If you really need to cut them, burn the end.

👤The review was changed to 5 stars. I had an issue with one of the straps and the company was very quick to resolve it. They stated that they would communicate with their quality control group to make sure strap threading is checked before shipping. The nine straps work as expected. It was easy to tighten, strong, and no slippage at all. I received a ten pack and nine of the straps and buckles are in excellent condition. One was received with a single loose thread holding the strap to the buckle. I can not rate a product above 2 stars with a 10% defect rate for something that is obvious to a cursory inspection. I gave feedback to the supplier. I will increase the review rating to five stars if they stand behind their product and send a replacement for it, because nine of them do exactly what one would want a strap to do. I would like to thank the reviewer for mentioning these. We didn't want our Christmas tree box to be taped every year. I decided to go with 10 vs 4 after seeing some of the suggestions.

👤It is a good thing that the strap material is thicker. I figured out the proper way to thread the strap. The strap can't be pulled tight after you wrap it around something. The trial and error method requires a fair amount of patience, and you have to have the length set before you snap the buckle together. If you cut the strap shorter, you have to burn the cut end or it will break. I will keep two of them, but they are not as user friendly as I would like.

5. Metal Buckle Tactical Belt Heavy Duty

Metal Buckle Tactical Belt Heavy Duty

The metal side release buckle is part of the package. The width is 33mm/1.3inch, the length is 45mm/1.77inch, and the thickness is 7mm. The quick release buckle can be used to replace the belt clip. It is suitable for 1 inch wide fabric belts. High-quality material made of zinc alloy material, environmental protection, high hardness, anti-deformation, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, suitable for indoor, outdoor or humid environment, long service life. The zinc alloy metal buckle has a lightning quick release. Every time, the design of the belt makes for a perfect fit, whether it's a concealed carry belt, military belt, work belt or tactical belt. Heavy duty belt buckle is the proper tactical gear to get any job done.

Brand: Txzwjz

👤I used this for a belt for hunting. The build does not have a load bearing area. This is a large Buckle for 1 inch. It glides easily to adjust, is easy to connect and detach, and finally- It does all that with a minimal amount of noise. If it hits something else that's metal, it's going to make noise.

👤The release does not function properly and one of the punch rivets was off when it was set, making it difficult to separate.

👤These are nice quick-release buckles. They are very secure when fastened. The leather dog collar I bought will work perfectly.

👤The spring mechanism on one of the buckles was not functional. Too bad. I needed a 1 inch buckle.

👤The product is great and has held up well.

👤Great holds your belt in a fight.

6. Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

Sea Summit Field Repair Buckle

The release buckles are small enough for paracord to slip through them, making them perfect for paracord survival bracelets. It's comfortable to have a slight bend to go around the curve of the wrist. The pins are strong and resistant tocorrosion. A replaceable field is used. When back from the field, temporary solutions need to be replaced. There is a patent pending design.

Brand: Sea To Summit

👤I got this product because of my broken buckle. The photos showed that there was a single post that could be screwed into place, allowing the fastest and most simple repair possible. The post worked well for one of the straps. I had to cut the sewing that looped the strap around the plastic post and re-sew it on the other strap. It took more time to sew than I wanted it to. The quality of the product is good. I will recommend it because of that. It does not function as the simple repair component that the product information suggests. It seems to be the best buckle for repairs. I sewed it onto the backpack because I bought it. I recommend the product if you are willing to sew.

👤I'm surprised by the great reviews to products only to later discover that the high ratings are often because the product is cheap and not good. What's the point of talking about a good deal if you don't like it? The IDEA for the buckle is a great replacement for sewn-in clasps or buckles which would require the harness strap to be de-stitched from the backpack, bookbag, etc. I chose this product for the metal rod. The metal rod has a better strength than the plastic locking-latch repair buckle on Amazon. The metal rod for this buckle is flawed because it's made from a material that doesn't fit in with thePhillips-style head. The rod is soft metal and can't handle torquing, so the head strips. Why do manufacturers still use thePhillips-style heads instead of the hexagonal ones? It's likely to keep you buying stuff.

👤I own a high desert survival knife. It has a strap that broke. The purpose of the compartment was to hold my life sharp field seguer. I was at a loss because removing/installing these types of buckles would be difficult. This item was shown in a search by a search engine. What a lifesaver! It is secured by a screw that is fastened on one end and uses a strap and Velcro on the other. The price of a new custom sheath would cost me more, so I was concerned. It doesn't hurt to have a spare or two of these around for a handy repair option if you have a buckle that fails in the field. I am very happy with the product. Definitely five stars!

👤I love this buckle. The cheap non-nylon impregnated buckles that the manufacturer had purchased broke constantly when I bought a bag on Amazon. The problem can be solved with these buckles, they don't have to reew new pieces. Measure and pay attention to whether or not you need a one or two pin buckle. These work well and feel rock solid.

👤Military ALICE packs are the best value for backpacking and bushcraft. The non-detachable strap buckles are one of the few flaws. The one inch, one pin field repair clips are an upgrade that will allow quick lid access. It's easy to use, strong and durable.

7. Repair Plastic Buckles Release Adjustable

Repair Plastic Buckles Release Adjustable

If your item is malfunctioning, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. It's suitable for a 1 inch wide strap. It is easy to install and no sewing is required. To put half of the buckle into the webbing, you need to remove the screw and use a screwdriver. The other side put the strap into the other side. Strong plastic stays clipped under all reasonable loads. A strong clasp. If you have a question or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please note. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Deluxsa

👤I bought a Swiss gear backpack 2 years ago. The bag is in perfect condition and has been used for 2 years. The bag is new. I put the bag in the back seat and closed the car door about a month ago. The strap buckle was crushed between the door and frame. I called Swiss gear and they said they couldn't send a new buckle without a receipt, which I no longer have. If you wanted to fix the backpack, you could either toss it and get a new one, or you could try to find a way to fix it. This combo worked well. They included an extra pin. The design is well done. I would have made a small change to the design. The Swiss gear backpacks strap ends would be better suited if the gap on the strap buckle was 1/2mm bigger. The plastic pull loop on the ends of the Swiss gear backpack straps makes it easier to pull the straps tight. I tried to remove the plastic pull. The plastic strap pull had to be pushed through the small gap in the replacement buckle because it was so tight. I was surprised it didn't break, and I was surprised I was able to force it through. If I need to take it off, the new buckle won't slip back off. It will have to be cut off. The new strap buckle works well. The strap is tighter on the other side. It feels stronger than the original. I am very impressed with the design and the fact that it has aremovable pin. I will update this review if there is a change in the future.

👤Yes, pants. Not a backpack as reported elsewhere but under more stress as a belt buckle. The broken, failed, original should be removed. Both pieces. Attach the open end belt to the right clasp. Eezy-beezy. The loop sewed into the belt is on the left part. It might be a good idea to clear it with a hammer. Remove old parts. Pull the rod from the screw if you back off the screw. Don't drop! Attach the left belt with the loop into the clasp and lock the rod into place. Drop or 2 lock-tight should be suggested before you tighten the rod. If you want to remove the head, use a fine screwdriver. This is plastic and only you can tighten it. Wait for the lock-tight to be set up. Better than new.

👤I ordered four, two of the buckles wouldn't clip together, you could just pull them apart, I tried opening the prongs more, but you pushed them together tight, and they didn't go. There is a The threaded rods had to be pushed in as far as I could, but in the pieces I got to work, this still worked. I made this work for me, but I don't know if these will last for a long time. Boy, doesn't look positive. I think it's best to buy something like this elsewhere, or buy extras and just plan on some not working, and pray enough do work to get you through your project.

8. Release Buckles Backpack Adjustable Replacement

Release Buckles Backpack Adjustable Replacement

The strap is 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep. Buckles have a length of 2.62” and a width of 1.32”. Onepin's buckle is suitable for 1 inch wide webbing use, please check the width of the webbing before purchase, the male and female buckles of the buckles produced by different manufacturers are not the same, please do not mix them with other manufacturers' buckles. You can adjust the strap on both sides. The regular quick side release buckles require you to sew one of them in place, no sewing is needed, the buckle has two slots to feed the strap through. The material is hard strong side releasebuckles and polypropylene. Heavy duty buckles are easy to install and adjust, with a smooth quick-release mechanism, which makes the webbing slide in and out of the ends with ease. The quick release buckles are perfect for nylon straps. The piece on the backpack and fanny Pack straps is broken. Buckles are good for fixing broken ones. They can replace the waist strap on the baby carrier. Stronger than the original! Strong plastic stays clipped under all reasonable loads. A strong clasp is 66 lbs. No slipping with either heavy-duty or standard weight. Hold the tension well. The buckle is made of polyoxymethylene. For long time use, strength and durable are needed. The side release buckles are the best because of their easy one-handed release.

Brand: Onepin

👤Good product and a good seller.

👤The flimsy buckle that came with my North Face back pack was worse than this one. It was much heavier and more durable. It comes with two buckles.

👤The color is a problem. You can see the army ACU digital camo in the green color.

👤Came on time, low price, and they work well.

👤This is a 1 inch buckle and it works well on my dog's collar. The product is good and the fix is cheap.

👤These worked well to replace broken ones on my backpack sprayer.

👤I received the product in two days. The service was well packaged. I had to watch the video a couple of times to thread them correctly.

9. Release Plastic Backpack Adjustable Directions

Release Plastic Backpack Adjustable Directions

Can be used for many crafting activities, such as adjusting the strap length, bracelet clasp, pet buttons, toys, gifts and so on. The plastic snap inner width is 1 inch. Buckles have athickness of 2.62”, external wide 1.32” and athickness of 0.52”. Onepin's buckle is suitable for 1 inch wide webbing use, please check the width of the webbing before purchase, the male and female buckles of the buckles produced by different manufacturers are not the same, please do not mix them with other manufacturers' buckles. You can adjust the strap on both sides. The plastic snap buckle has two slots for the strap to go through, unlike the regular quick side release buckles, which require you to sew one of them in place. The material type is hard strong plastic clips. With a smooth quick-release mechanism, heavy duty buckles are easy to install and adjust. It's possible to put new clips with the perfect quick-release buckles. The piece on the backpack and fanny Pack straps is broken. Buckles are good for fixing broken ones. They can replace the waist strap on the baby carrier. Stronger than the original! Strong plastic stays clipped under loads. A strong clasp is 66 lbs. No slipping with either heavy-duty or standard weight. Hold the tension well.

Brand: Onepin

👤My dog chewed through the plastic buckle on his harness. I thought I could just replace the male fitting with a plastic one, but it seems there are hundreds of plastic designs out there. The product came with both male and female fitting. I had to remove the stitching on the ends of the webbing to make the repair.

👤Product arrived quickly. It was a bit smaller than I expected. I replaced the broken buckle quickly. I was allowed to keep something I thought was lost.

👤This is a great product. I used it to replace a broken one on the hold down on my truck top.

👤If you have a beltlike strap, these are a good remedy. I use an apron.

👤I was very happy that I could find a replacement slide release buckle for my hip pack. I wanted to keep it, but the clip broke. This was the size to fit the leather straps. I received two buckles for a very reasonable price.

👤Work as advertised. Very strong.

👤Since I need to tie a knot to keep the strap from slipping out, it must be made for straps thicker than I have.

👤The rug wasn't as plush as the photo showed. If I knew this, I wouldn't have bought it.

10. DGOL Adjustable Webbing Release Gunmetal

DGOL Adjustable Webbing Release Gunmetal

There is no accidental release with side release buckles. 10 PCS in total is made of zinc ALLOY. The inside thickness is 1 INCH (26 MM), used for a 1 to 1 web and stiffening. Special processing can be used to make really striking colors and lustrous finishes. It's used for backpacks, sheaths, leashes, and so on. If you need a specific design or size of breeches, you can find them in their Amazon store.

Brand: Dgol

👤The plastic ones are not as good as these. The plastic ones my son broke on his kayak seat have held up.

👤They look nice. Not very heavy duty. And it said 10 pieces. I only got 8.

👤These are very heavy. They were bought for making compression straps. I assumed they would be light since they are listed as zinc alloy. They can't be used for their intended purpose.

👤We figured out how to use this, but I wish it had come with some directions.

👤These are great! The gun metal was ordered. They are hard to take pictures of. All 10 were received. These were bought to make hay bags for my horse trailer. Will purchase again for future projects.

👤It's a little early to say but so far it seems very easy to use. I've been using plastic, but it's better than this.

👤Fast delivery. The product is good and intended for use.

👤These were replacements for broken plastic ones. They work well and are strong.

👤I got quick answers to my questions. These items are what I was looking for. I tested them out and they work well. I'm very happy.

11. Adjustable Plastic Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

Adjustable Plastic Tri Glide Backpack Repairing

If you have a question or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please note. Feel free to contact them. The Polypropylene buckles have good flexibility and are thicker and more durable than standard buckles. 5,000 times the experiments were done. Easy one-handed release design with a variable length on both sides. Fast and safe fastening. Great for backpacks, bracelets, purses, lanyards, dog collar, Belts, etc. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service is provided.

Brand: Eesteck

👤The quick side release buckles have a flaw that causes them to break when there is force applied to the strap. I used these to strap some scrap lumber to the wall in my garage. The buckles broke when I tried to tighten them. I broke three straps when I was installing them. I will have to buy other ones to replace them because I don't trust them to hold. There is a picture of the buckles where the break is occurring. The plastic is very thin. I don't understand why the manufacturer didn't just widen it. The flawed design of the release mechanism creates the weak point. There is an update. I found some YKK 1" buckles on Amazon that were much stronger and I'm able to tighten the straps without breaking them.

👤I put these on a work apron and they looked too big, but after putting them on the ties they are just the right size. I don't have to worry about the apron coming untied because they keep it where it belongs. I wasn't sure if they would be any good since they are so cheap, but they look sturdy and should last a long time. If I ever need more, I would buy these again.

👤The count was only received 9 instead of 10 because the Buckles are package loose. Quality and fit are worth the money, I use the buckles for gun slings there. I wish the stock person would take a little more time to count the shipment. RL Ward.

👤They helped me secure a tarp cover over my truck bed. After 2 uses, the buckles snapped in half. You can find something else if you need any load-bearing.

👤I have the ability to release my flimsy backpack from the rear rack of a bicycle in less than a minute with the help of the 1" velcro straps and a ton of flexibility.

👤The corgi harnesses don't fit my dog. I need to make some for her. The price was reasonable. I will be able to make her several at that price. Thank you! I will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤These are things I have made for a long time and they look a lot bigger. The slide adjust is the only usable part of the slide release buckle because my hands are small.

👤The belt I made for my son was very sturdy and perfect. He likes that he doesn't need to help close the clasp. I have used them in a number of different items and they have all held up well.


What is the best product for repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch?

Repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch products from Sea To Summit. In this article about repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch you can see why people choose the product. Hisuntec and Vvs are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch.

What are the best brands for repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch?

Sea To Summit, Hisuntec and Vvs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair buckles for backpacks 1 inch. Find the detail in this article. Magarrow, Txzwjz and Sea To Summit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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