Best Repair Cat Scratches On Couch

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1. Teliaoils Leather Conditioner Waterproofing Upholstery

Teliaoils Leather Conditioner Waterproofing Upholstery

Can be used on any Leather item. Teliaoils has the complete leather protection you need, from restoring dehydrated car seats, to protecting your handbags from sagging, to keeping your leather boots looking new. It's easy to make Prada leather. The Teliaoils waterproof leather protector has premium quality beeswax in a neutral color so that it can be used for any kind of leather and all colors. It is easy to apply directly onto any surface and can penetrate deep inside the leather to offer a unique shine. Protection against water, salt, snow, sun, rain, liquids and environmental pollution is perfect. Keep this multi-use leather repair balm handy in your home, car or business and use it on any leather surface that you need to preserve from future decay. It is suitable for furniture, car upholstery, bags and purses, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, jackets, coats, saddles and any other leather surface that you can think of! The natural solution to leather care is designed with both effectiveness in mind and is completely free from nasty ingredients. It is the most eco-friendly solution to pristine leather, as it only contains pure olive oil, olive butter, propolis and beeswax. Order risk free and your satisfaction is guaranteed, join the community of hundreds happy customers that have successfully used their products to keep their favorite leather surfaces intact. Teliaoils offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Order yours today and it will look like new.

Brand: Teliaoils

👤I have a high quality boot balm. It leaves a greasy layer on my phone and bag. It is perfect for applying to those items. I have a Snakehive leather phone case, and this balm makes it feel better than it did before. I have applied it to a leather bag strap, a large leather bag, and a leather purse. I have added this to subscribe and save.

👤Absolutely! There is a The best leather conditioner I have ever used, and the best oil for leather.

👤I have a leather couch that was starting to crack. I applied the product to it and it restored it. The leather is more supple and there are no dry spots. The cracked spots are still hard to see. It made the couch look newer and softer. I would recommend this product.

👤A conditioner that goes on easy and works in all those nooks, crevices and folds. It's best if it's applied with your finger tips. Have used for shoes, jackets, and even my sofa. 5 stars in my world.

👤I bought moose-hide moccasins with no soles because I wear them outside on the grass. This was perfect. Can't go wrong with it.

👤It works great, I love it. It makes leather soft. There are small scratches.

👤The leather wallet was washed in the washing machine and I bought this to restore it. The leather was not shiny. The wallet is new after I applied this with my hands. You can see in a few places where I messed up, but it's not too shabby since it was my first time.

👤It gave back a rich sheen. It can make greyed out leather look darker. It is not a color.

👤Muy buen producto. Mis artculos de piel rejuvenecieron.

2. Coconix Leather Recoloring Balm Brown

Coconix Leather Recoloring Balm Brown

Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message. Leather and vinyl sofa, car and bike seats, office chair, belt, bag, purse, shoes are restored and renewed. It is easy to apply waterproof and flexible. Glue or patches are not needed. Sufficient for a full car interior or a 3 piece sofa set. 2 gloves and 2 applicators were included. Professional results on genuine or premium upholstery. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤I bought this to stain the front seat of my truck and to make the seat on my motorcycle black. The company promised support for the product. I bought this product. I arrived in a nice package. I applied the product to my seat because of the statement on the package. It went on very quickly. I told myself that it needed to dry. I put it on my motorcycle seat. Same result. Very small. I followed the directions. It needed to dry. No luck. It was very sticky after 2 days. After a week, it's the same. After a week on the motorcycle, my pants became stuck to the seat. They called their customer support and no one answered. I was left with my name and number after another call. I used a bottle of alcohol to get rid of most of the garbage after the third call. The box says that it is wrong to just apply and let dry, and that it is wrong to pay for professional results. There is a The only positive thing I can say about this product is that I was able to completely remove it with lots of rubbing alcohol and labor. Garbage, save money.

👤The product was very good. Half of the pot came from the paint that looked like paste. It needs to be passed in one direction. If you try to pass a second hand, the paint will come off. It is not waterproof. After more than 72 hours of dry and ready work, some water fell on the chair and the paint came out like a plastic film. I'm not happy.

👤I have couches that are medium to dark brown. I have medium and dark brown shades. Dark brown worked better. The other one was too light. The dark brown seemed to be lighter in shade than chocolate. At first, I panicked. After drying the color blended well with my couch color. I don't know how it would work for dark brown leather, my leather is not too dark brown. The paint will come off in a few minutes. My son was sitting on the couch and there was a brown line on his back. It was very light. The line was given by the painted part of the couch. Maybe needs more drying. Overall pleased with the results. My couches are new. The color came off after a few uses. I have to keep reapplying. Changing the start.

👤My 15 year old dark leather couches were renewed with this product. The couches are in the center of the living space. It worked just fine, even though it was a bit lighter in shade. The product is easy to use. Don't be surprised that the container is only partially full when you open it. There is plenty of room for you to work without spilling the 8 oz. I used this to recolor the worn places only and then blended it out to the new places with a light coating all over. Then, wiped down the entire couch. The combo is amazing. Not sure how it will look. I'm very happy for now.

3. Adimmobilize Anti Scratch Training Furniture Protector

Adimmobilize Anti Scratch Training Furniture Protector

Cats don't like sticky paws and sticky surfaces so their double-sided tape can help you train your cats to not scratch your furniture. You can easily remove this transparent tape if your cats think it's unattractive to scratch this surface. Their transparent anti cat scratch tape is easy to install and clean, and it protects furniture from cats scratching without sacrificing its original aesthetic. The anti scratch cat tape can be applied to most surfaces. This cat scratch deterrent tape is not suited for use on faux leather or bonded leather. Cat Safe is safe and non-toxic, not harmful to your skin or your pet. Just stick any areas you don't want to be scratched, and get creative! The scratch deterrent solution eliminates clawing of your furniture without resorting to traumatic solutions such as de-clawing. It can also be used as a general double-sided sticky tape for applications such as bonding, mounting, holding, packaging and splicing. It's easier to cover a larger surface with 4 inches of width. If you're not happy with the product, please contact them and they'll give you a 100% replacement or full refund. Before applying tape to an area, it is advisable to test a small piece of tape on an area.

Brand: Adimmobilize

👤I like the fact that this tape is 4 inches wide. It does what it is supposed to do. My cat is no longer scratching and pulling the carpet up at the door entrance. Some reviewers thought the tape was white. The white paper has a sticky clear side.

👤One of my cats, who was the worst at scratching at the doorway in my house, was stopped because of the sticky tape. I left the tape on for a while before removing it.

👤The corners of furniture are where our cat likes to stretch and claw. She hates the stickiness of this tape so far. Will buy it again.

👤This is amazing. My cat destroyed my old place's doorframes when I moved there, so I was hoping to save my deposit this time. He no longer climbs to the top to yodel anymore because I taped all of my doorframes halfway up. I thought I'd have to tape all the way up, but the bottom half seems to deter him completely. He no longer tries to get to them, but he does enjoy yelling at them, and any counter he isn't allowed on was taped off. I made my own stickers with the leftovers. If you cut a tiny notch in the top corner, it's much easier to tear the backing off. It's seriously. I wasn't happy until I figured this out.

👤Amazingly sticky tape! There was a small roll of clear tape. I assumed the smaller roll was for the removal of double-sided tape, because there was no instructions as to what it was for. The floorboards were lifted off because of the sticky cat tape. The cat won't go near the taped areas after the first try.

👤There is an update. The seller made it right after I contacted them. It's not practical to have sticky tape on furniture. I found some vinyl that is sticky on one side.

4. Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

It's easy to apply. Just wipe it off. The scratch has gone away like a firework. The set includes two sets of their most powerful home improvement repair compounds. White, Black, Maple, Cherry, Gray, Mahogany, and Oak are some of the common colors to match your home. You can blend different colors to match your decor. Restore Interventions are similar to a pro and can restore nicks, scuffs, and discoloration on furniture. It's a good idea to revive vintage furNITURE quickly and cleanly. The included brush will allow you to pack your wood filler into the blemish. Remove any excess and let it dry. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime.

Brand: Katzco

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I'm really happy with this product. We had our kitchen and living room renovated last year. A lot of edge chipping happened out of the blue. The installer promised to fix things, but never did. The floors were made worse by the fact that we got a medium sized golden retriever puppy. There are a lot of scratches and wood chipping. I thought I would give this product a try. The floors were not even 2 years old. I tried the crayons, but they didn't do very well. Then tried the colored wood. The included colors weren't a good match for me because I had a dark walnut color wood, but mixing the black and mahogany colors together made a very acceptable match. The best way to work with wood paint is to use a brush and a damp paper towel to lightly remove the excess paint after about 30 seconds. The paint can bond with the wood and the excess can be wiped off. I tried on a few easy spots to start and worked my way up to the more challenging pieces. It was easy after the first 30 minutes. The product was very good and definitely recommend it.

👤Our cross country move had a lot of damage this summer. The loaders were terrible. Most of our furniture was less than 4 years old. I found this kit online and it saved our furniture. I used wax crayons for some repairs. There are many options for repair in this kit. If one method doesn't work, try something else and wipe it off before it dries. Many repair kits do not have grey in it.

👤I had a hole in my floor that was bothering me for a long time, if you didn't get close to the ground, you can't see it after I fixed it. I mixed colors and used the brush to create some texture and grain. I am pretty happy!

👤It was easy to use and made a huge difference. I dropped a pot on my wood floors which caused a scratch on one of the pictures I use, but you can't tell that there is something wrong with the floors. I would recommend this for minor wood repairs.

👤The new engineered hardwood floors looked terrible after my kids dragged the kitchen stools over them. I followed the instructions and used the lightest shade. I wiped off the scratched/ damaged part immediately after I colored it, so that I could blend it in with the cloth provided. When necessary, I repeated these steps a few times. The floors look great, I can't believe it. I was able to save them with a 10 minute fix. The color of my Swiffer Wetjet has stayed the same since then. I have felt pads on the bottoms of my chairs to help me touch up the furniture in the house. Follow the directions carefully and you will be pleased. Here is a before and after picture.

5. Leather Repairs Scratches Handbags Dashboards

Leather Repairs Scratches Handbags Dashboards

It's versatile and dependable for a lot of things, including car interiors, boats, furniture, leather jackets and clothing, leather accessories, household and automotive applications. It can cost up to $425. If you want a professional finish on your car seat, sofa, dashboard or jacket, you can get it with a repair kit from the same company. The repair kit matches colors so you don't have to. Their lab has researched and tested 5 real leather dyes to make sure that they will match your leather perfectly, without you having to mix the colors yourself. Don't replace, fix it if it's broken. Restore old leather or vinyl clothes, couches, car seats, dashboard and furniture. You can restore your old items to their former glory with dyes to match all colors with the help of the repair kit. FOOLPROOF INSTRUCTION. The kit is easy to use, with their five real leather dyes, no need to heat to finish. Clear instructions on how to use will make you the professional with any strains, cracks and scratches. Their lab technicians really pulled out all the stops on this one, you will be in awe of the finish you get! If your repair is noticeable rather than invisible, they will give you a full refund. Click "add to cart" now and you will be INRDeals

Brand: Kraftex

👤Don't waste your time trying this. It doesn't take long. It takes a long time. Eachlayer requires an hour drying time. When you reach the final step of pressing the grain texture into the patch, it wipes out the entire patch. I tried to repair a shoe 3 times and it was destroyed beyond repair. There would be no stars if the review allowed it.

👤The elbow area of my jacket was torn. I patched it with Tear Mender, trimmed any loose threads/bumps, and then used black vinyl to paint it. It took 6 coats, with 1-2 hours in between. Other reviewers have noted that it was staying "sticky". I used alcohol and a lint-free cloth to clean it up. I had to remove it with alcohol and do another coat because I didn't stick to the repair. The final fix is not as good as the jacket. Will address by getting leather ink and doing a coat of the whole sleeve. I'm wearing the jacket that it saved. Unless I point it out, most people won't notice. The first picture is after Tear Mender. The first picture is after a few coats, the second picture is after a few coats. If this had not been a black jacket, I have no idea how I would have made it match.

👤I bought this because I noticed a bad area of damage along the back seam of a chair I picked out in the store, but I did not get the one I picked out in the store. I didn't want one of those tacky looking patches on it. They rarely match in the first place. I had to use two shades to match the chair's color. I didn't know how to get it exactly. It did make it look a little better, which is why I'll give it two stars instead of one, but you can clearly see it's still messy. I don't recommend this product to anyone who is trying to repair a leather product.

👤I wanted to like this so much. I had a leather jacket that had started to get loose around the neckline, so I chose to repair it rather than buy a new one. I thought so. It didn't work. I followed the directions and pressed the imprint paper against the repair spot, but the paper was fused to my jacket. I tried to remove it, but it ripped to shreds. My jacket has a bunch of paper and plastic stuck to the neck, instead of the flaky neckline. I was bothered by the fact that the papers are only about 4x4 inches, and you only get one imprint of each pattern. It's even harder to get an even coat across the layers if you need to repair an area that's longer than 5 inches. It just didn't work for the concept. It's a pity.

👤I scratched the toes on one pair of shoes and the side of another because they were in good shape. The interior and soles were in good shape despite the rough appearance. My goal is to use items as long as possible, but I want my clothes and shoes to look like they are in good shape. I was skeptical at first about this kit. The colors are off. I realized that the trick is to mix the colors so that you can see a close match, but you can't tell. They give you some leather texture paper to help with your look. Both of my shoes were in good shape. The papers were not used. Follow directions. I had to trim some raggedy edges and use my already mixed pots to fill in the worn areas after I cleaned the area with alcohol wipe and let dry. Let it dry and smooth it down. Very pleased with the results.

6. Chemical Guys COM_129_16 Scratch Remover

Chemical Guys COM_129_16 Scratch Remover

The product type is auto accessory. Moderate to heavy surface imperfections can be removed with this. Works on all colors. It works like a compound, a polish and a cleaner. Eliminates surface flaws. Silicone and wax are free. Silicone and wax are free.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤I used all of the v series compounds on the paint job. I had problems with swirls after using the V38 compound. I ordered some to try and solve the swirl issue. I believe the swirls were worse. I tried every pad, pressure, amount of polish and duration. I bought some 3M ultrafine ex #3 polish and an 8 inch pad. The swirl marks are gone after about 15 minutes of work. I used the 3M number. If you're having issues with the product line, try the 3M product. You won't be disappointed.

👤This is a wonderful product and it was prepared well. If you're worried about hurting your paint, study up and slow down. Paint correction requires preparation and patience. I had a beer break and had wonderful results. Below the stripe is the before photo, it shows one pass with this product. The civic was 16 years old.

👤This product is best used with a DA polisher. It works best on black paint. It is not as polished looking on gray. You have to spend time to get the scratches removed, that's because the solution starts to be coarse, then as you polish the car more, the granules break down to aid in polishing the car. Coarse to remove scratches, break down to polish. Don't rush the work. It should be a dry haze because the solution has broken down. You will not regret the results. I'm not sure what those other reviewers did, but you shouldn't get more scratches on your car. Maybe they were too impatient. You have to wait for the solution to break down.

👤At some point I have to get rid of my garage. It scratched my 2016 pilot. I was a bit nervous when we applied the product. It goes on thick. The chemical guys video shows how to apply it. The product is thought provoking. It got the whole scratch out.

👤This stuff seemed to be the ticket for my swirlmarked, water spotted, and scratched truck after my first attempt at paint correction. I bought a cheap Harbor Freight polisher, a 3 pack of Chemical Guys pads, and a polish. The polish seems to work well at getting rid of swirl marks, water spots, and light scratches. The scratches on the roof of my truck were not completely gone after one pass with this polish, but they were knocked down to the point that they were much harder to see. There are no water spots or swirl marks left. The deeper scratches need a more heavy-cutting polish to be completely removed, but the VSS did a great job of hiding them.

👤There were two areas on the car that had some damage. The hood was dull because of all the random microscratches. I wondered if it was a bit oxidation or if it was worn off. There was damage to the side panel from something that rubbed it. Before I polished the hood, I clayed it. I used a clay "bar" or "pad" on the hood that left a lot of new scratching. I used my Torq 10FX random orbital polisher to work on the paint. I wiped it off. Take a look at my before and after pictures. It's obvious which are before and which are after. I tried a small area, rather than using a random orbital polisher. Not close to the same results and possibly leaving some light scratching. Maybe it was due to my technique. I used this stuff and my RO polisher to remove it.

7. Sofisti Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape Double Sided

Sofisti Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape Double Sided

Save your SoFA by loving your cat. Are you tired of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture? Their solution eliminates clawing of furniture without resorting to traumatic solutions. There is a change to the cat breed. Cats don't like sticky paws. The double-sided tape is effective in teaching your cat not to scratch. It is not a fun place to scratch your cat if it is placed on your furniture. The cat and gunfire are safe. The anti scratch cat tape is safe for both cats and furniture. The Sofisti Cat furniture protectors are ideal for couches, chairs, and drapes. This tape is not suitable for use on leather. Cats will not be able to scratch furniture if you keep your home stylish. Family and friends will only see that you have good furniture and a good cat. It's a good thing. Their 2.5”x15 yards rolls of cat scratch tape provides enough tape to cover and guard your furniture, while you can use the leftovers for other home and craft projects.

Brand: Sofisti-cat

👤The mirror in my bedroom and the mirror in my daugter's bedroom are places the cat likes to scratch. The cat has been doing it for 3 months and never misses a night. There is a While I was ordering from Amazon, the FLB walked across my keyboard and rubbed his head against the computer monitor. I told Prime I would get it in 2 days. He stopped banging the mirrors on the floor that night. He hasn't tried to scratch or bang the mirrors since I ordered it. I have a roll sitting on my kitchen counter that I use as a reminder to him, and it works perfectly without even applying. The reputation of this product was enough to stop the FLB. I can't recommend this enough.

👤My cat is scratching at my door frame and door. You can see the damage in my photos. I got this tape today. I applied the tape and he hasn't scratched it since. He is very smart. I don't know how he knew it was there, it is clear and odorless. He didn't want to touch it. He will occasionally go to the door and sniff it, but then he walks away. He is checking to see if it is still there. I love this tape. The purchase was worth it.

👤Two years ago, our most recent additions, I had a cat who scratched furniture. We didn't realize it was a problem until they started using the corners of chairs as scratching posts. I wasn't sure if this tape would work, but so far it has. I bought a new scratching post that we got at the same time as the tape, and they are now using that instead of the furniture. They preferred the chairs over the scratching posts, so we didn't have them anymore. The old posts are being used as well. I will leave the furniture with tape on it for a few months to make sure they are not using it again. We are going to have to replace a few chairs and I want to see if the habit is still there. I will make sure to update the review if there is a problem after I take the tape off. I think that residual stickiness is more important than ripped-up furniture. If the strips come off or start to lose their stickiness, there is a lot of tape to refresh them. I have the tape on 6 chairs. I used one strip on each corner to make sure it hit both sides. It seems to give them enough protection. It's possible someone else will need two strips down each corner to get wider coverage, but you still have plenty with this particular roll to do that and still have leftover.

👤The tape is sticky. It does pull off from the couch, but we tested it and it was not very useful. Cat hasn't touched it since, but he likes rubbing up against it, so it's disgusting right now. I don't like removing the backing paper. The roll was a bit more expensive than others. It would have been nice to split the middle down the middle for easy release. Not a thick tape, but very sticky. Would recommend.

8. Amazing Shields Furniture Protectors Repellent

Amazing Shields Furniture Protectors Repellent

Their cat scratch pad protects fabric upholstery from pet paws and claws. Not recommended for use on real leather. The Extra Large couch protectors can cover a full section of your sofa upholstery with a few sheets. Cut the transparent pad to size for the perfect fit. Simply peel off the self-adhesive pad and apply the sleek cat furniture protectors. If necessary, use the provided twist pins. Their furniture protectors from cats are strong enough to cover all corners of your couch and thick enough to prevent scratching. Their team will be happy to assist you with a solution that sticks if you have a question about this cat tape.

Brand: Stelucca Amazing Shields

👤I just purchased a new leather couch and a couple months prior to that, I became the proud mother to a very precious 2 month old kitten, so I spend a lot of time reading reviews. I knew I needed to purchase a solution to his desire to SCRATCH my furniture before it arrived. I have a few cat scratching posts that he uses often, however, I have seen him at times try to use the corner of the fabric couch. I found these protectors after reading many reviews. I am a first time cat owner and I am not sure how much scratching they do. There is something appealing to them to want to claw at the fabric despite the many alternatives he has. It is nice to be able to place the protectors into the desired place and then slowly remove the back covering. I used a hardcover book to spread it over the area to make sure it wasn't wrinkled. The sheets are made of a pretty thick vinyl material and are completely clear, which is a great feature to have. I haven't had to use the new leather couch because my cat hasn't gone near it. Yet! He likes to sneak up on the protectors on the back and sides of my recliner to get a lazy stretch and a scratch. I watched him try to do his maneuver over the vinyl and he looked at me with confusion because it didn't satisfy him at all. The sheets have been on for 4 days and he hasn't left the house. I'm so happy that I had them ready and waiting because they are an incredible value, worth every cent. They're easy to apply for, and almost anyone of any age can do it. They can be cut to fit your exact area. I used a large sheet to cover the back of my recliner, which is positioned in a way that when you walk into the room, you don't see it, unless you are actually looking for it. The packet I purchased has protectors and twist pins. If you have a stubborn cat who really wants to scratch, the pins would be very helpful. I would recommend using this brand of sheets over some of the others that are tight in a tube. I returned the ones that came in the tube because I couldn't get them to lay down. I will purchase a second set of this brand if my cat decides to scratch on another area or if I have to purchase a second set. The brand comes in other sizes and comes with a scratch board and some catnip. I shared a sheet with my neighbor who said she couldn't believe how great they were. If you have an indoor cat that likes to scratch, I would recommend you to me.

👤I had to replace two chairs because my cats clawed them to death. I'm not going to declaw my cats as this gets expensive, and I was determined to not let this happen again. I have had the new chairs and product on them for over two months. They have worked great so far. It takes time to do it right. You really need fabric pins if you sit in a chair that challenges the adhesion of the fabric. There is a good amount of product. The cats don't want to touch it, but they are smart enough to find places that it isn't. I had to add a product to catch them doing this. I'm going to win the war with these chairs.

9. Leather Complete Refinish Restore Recolor

Leather Complete Refinish Restore Recolor

If you're dissatisfied with the product, return it for a full refund, no questions asked. It is formulated for all your leather and vinyl goods. The easy to use kit has 3 color shades to blend with. It's great for restoring or changing a color. Easy clean-up with water, and Filler for Repairs. Comes with instructions and links to other websites. Look at the pictures to see how to repair and restore worn and faded colors.

Brand: Blenditon

👤It is amazing! The leather sofa was several years old. We decided to give it a try after we talked about having to replace it. It worked well. The sofa looks brand new even though it takes a little to match the color. A money saver! The only thing I would suggest is to buy the top coat. We learned the hard way that the finish will come back off with time if not sealed, and that this set does not come with a tip coat seal. It's not sure why they don't include it with the kit.

👤This is my most recent update after a few months of wear. The Blend It On Complete Leather Repair Kit is no longer being applied. It looked great for the first 2 months, but then it started to look like it did before I applied it. It would probably last a long time if it was on an area that wasn't used a lot. The sofa seats are used a lot. It is an awesome product for light use repair, but not for normal wear and tear. I am updating a review from a month ago when I first applied Blend It On Leather Refinisher. It is amazing how well this product works. I was able to get a sofa and recliner set for $22. The set was only 4 years old but it looked worn out from where the leather had fallen off. The store where we bought this set had a professional come out and do some work on it. It started to itch again. It should be blend. Before I replaced them, I had to do my last ditch effort. Our family room has this furniture in it. It still looks great after applying Blend It On Leather Refinisher. I am surprised and pleased with Blend It On. I give it a strong recommendation.

👤Is this a 10 stars? The product is the best ever! The real leather sofa was ruined in 3 short years. It got sore in the eye. I used this product and it made my couch look new. After I treated it, my dog jumped on the couch and stayed there. Can I become a spokes person?

👤It was very easy to apply. . If. You do it your way. I'm sure the included directions will work, but they seem inefficient. To clean the area, use a cotton cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any oils and then dry it out for a few minutes. Next, apply a small amount of the lightest color dye using a clean cotton rag, rubbing and Blending, then buffing off any excess. The final step is to use a cotton rag with water to remove the dye that hasn't been absorbed by the leather. The desired result is achieved if the steps are repeated as needed. If you want to go darker, start with the lightest color. Don't use any leather cleaning or conditioners for more than a day to allow the dye to cure. Before and after pictures have been included.

10. Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

To protect and ensure a perfect factory matched finish, a clear coat is needed. Black and dark paint splatters are repaired. The Ultimate Black Edition Car Paint Scratch Repair Kit is designed to be used on dark paint. You can use it on any paint. If your car has light scratches, swirls, or other marks, you can easily fix them with their Scratch & Swirl Remover Kit! Their specially formulated compound will allow you to remove years of wear and tear from your vehicle's paint and appearance using the included buffer pad! If you have deep scratches that can be felt with the tip of your fingernail, the product may not help as much. This will remove swirls and scratches and restore the shine and gloss of your paint, which will bring it back to its original brilliance! Water spots, oxidation, and other contaminants will be removed with the special rubbing compound. Their included buffer pad can be used to buff it all out. There are premium chemicals. They make sure their products are the best. It's easy for anyone to use. They use the best chemicals and don't use color dyes or scents. You get the best cutting polishing compound in a formula that's specifically formulated for you and a kit that lets you go right to work. Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message. Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message.

Brand: Carfidant

👤I don't write reviews for products. I think this is my first. I'm not sure if product claims work but this one really works. The black paint on my car scratched some of the surface. I'll be interested to see how long it lasts, but first impressions are that it does what it claims.

👤The product is just as described and it removes small scratches easily. The instructions say to apply in a circular way, but it worked for me as my scratch was straight line. Highly recommended.

👤It's simple to use and it hides scratches and minor dents.

👤Simply bag in a plastic bag with a bottle and a pad. The product does not have a backing that can be attached to a polisher, and is rather hard compared to what I have used in the past, but it will work for most average consumers. In my test, the actual scratch and swirl removal worked well, removing most of the scratches on red paint with a clear coat with less than 200K miles on it. I am satisfied with the product and would consider buying from Carfidant again, though I would not suggest using the applicator pad that came with the product, instead use a polisher pad equivalent. An average consumer is at risk of damage to their vehicle due to improper technique.

👤I am in awe of the Carfidant black car scratch removal. It is amazing. It is very easy to use. I used the sponge that came with it and it worked well. If it takes a few minutes to start seeing results, do not be discouraged. It took me about 15 minutes to apply the solution to the sponge, buffing it in, re-applying and buffing again, over and over. I didn't use gloves, the solution didn't get on my hands, and I didn't find it messy. I used a larger yellow car sponge, made of the same material as the one that's included, to finally buffing the car after 15 minutes. I am very happy. And relieved. Thank you so much!

👤I own a fleet of 2 black luxury vehicles. I tried a scratch and swirl removal on my car, it worked great. I expected it to help but it didn't. My car looks new, my costumers says the same. Awesome!

👤The Carfidant Ultimate Scratch Remover is black. It did what I was hoping it would do, as well as what the product details said it would do. I have no more small scratches on my paint and it looks as if nothing was done to it. There is no difference between the two colors. I get a lot of praise for referring people to this product. I am satisfied with my purchase, as I received it quickly, which was nice. I will be giving some of the other products a try. I will do a follow up review in a month or two. To let everyone know that it's holding up. *

👤The product is very good and highly recommend!

11. Skidmores Restoration Restorer Conditioner Non Toxic

Skidmores Restoration Restorer Conditioner Non Toxic

We will give you your money back if you love this product. There are cleanings, restoration and conditions for leather and wood. Removes scratches, wear spots, fatigue, and UV damage caused by the sun. It is easy to apply, it absorbs deep into the leather or wood and restores the original glow. Natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free is only used for natural oils and ingredients. A small family business in the Pacific Northwest has been making Made in USA since 1982. If you're dissatisfied with the product, return it for a full refund, no questions asked. If you're dissatisfied with the product, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Brand: Skidmore's

👤I waited 8 weeks to review my first purchase to see how it would hold up. I was comparing it to two Leather Honey applications. I have used two containers of the Skidmore's since I put it on my subscription. It was easy to apply and soaked in. I have a really old top grain leather sofa that was purchased second hand and had dried out with lots of tiny cracks and a couple of huge scratches. I didn't think to take pictures of the before and after. The sofa looked great after being applied. The small cracks are no longer visible and the large scratches are not as noticeable. The leather has a nice sheen. The Leather Honey was easy to apply and not greasy, but after about a month the sofa started looking dry. The Skidmore's held up well. I applied a second application of the restoration creme because the sofa was so dry when we bought it. I've used it on a brand new leather chair and my car interior, and it looks better than it did when it arrived. There is no smell after application. The ingredients are natural. I don't have to worry about toxins. It works on wood as well. I collect mid-century wood decor and it does a great job of reconditioning the wood. It helped disguise the raised grain from the water mark on the table. I'm sure I'll find new ways to use this product around the house because it's a staple in my home cleaning supplies.

👤We have a large puggle named Ike, who has done a great job of scratching up our interior doors, which look like someone took a cheese grater to them. The builder of our condo did a poor job of staining and caulking the woodwork. It's like they only put one coat of stain on all the wood surfaces, so brushing against the doors causes scratches. Are you wondering where my review is? Don't worry, it's right here, and it's a miracle in a jar. My before and after photos of my front door show that this stuff works wonders, and even the deepest scratches are improved, so my doors are no longer an embarrassment. I waited two weeks before taking my photo because some conditioners look great for a few days, but then they evaporate and the wood looks sad and unhappy. All I know is that it's the easiest way to bring dull wood furniture. With out breaking the bank, I'm back to life. I'm hoping SRC works on my leather sofa, which I'll be conditioning next. Update pending... I have multiple chemical sensitivities, and often products like SRP make me ill, but so far I'm not experiencing any nausea or headaches. This is a big deal for people like me.

👤I have an old leather couch and a bunch of cats. Cats jumping on a couch can cause superficial scratches. I was looking for a product to cover the scratches when I found this. I was embarrassed by my couch's condition while I was having company. The product made my couch look younger. It was very easy to apply, it smelled very nice, and it brought out a beautiful luster in the leather. The scratches were gone upon application. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend the cream.


What is the best product for repair cat scratches on couch?

Repair cat scratches on couch products from Teliaoils. In this article about repair cat scratches on couch you can see why people choose the product. Coconix and Adimmobilize are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair cat scratches on couch.

What are the best brands for repair cat scratches on couch?

Teliaoils, Coconix and Adimmobilize are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair cat scratches on couch. Find the detail in this article. Katzco, Kraftex and Chemical Guys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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