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1. Bumble While Sleep Hair Masque

Bumble While Sleep Hair Masque

This luxurious mask offers intense hair repair. Safe-guarding against future damage. It helps repair split ends and restore hair health. The package is 3.88"L x 3.88"W x 2.12"H.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I haven't done an overnight mask yet because I'm an obnoxious mover while sleeping, but I've done the 20-60 min masks and they work. I've tried all the masks at the beauty store and they don't work. Every time you use it, it improves your hair. I have thick bushy horse hair and it is very soft. After having hair loss, you can fry it with hair color. This restores all of it. It smells amazing too! Lifetime user! My gawd ladies just get the daily serum and I bought it. Do it.

👤I only get about 4 treatments out of this jar. I'm willing to pay for the benefit, but it seems a bit more than that. My hair is very damaged and brittle, once I put this stuff on it just soaks it up and almost looks dry again! But with no hair. It needs to be washed out and washed out again, but it doesn't seem to work after that. Its good. Unless the price drops, I don't think you should buy it again.

👤My split ends were completely repaired from styling damage. If your hair needs a good amount of hydration, you might want to leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. I think you should wash your hair after two days if you are using this, I find it that my hair gets heavy and stiff after two days, but pops back after the wash even without the product. I have been getting sun damage from the beach, and it was treated with small amounts of it. Overall, a great agency. The scent is ok, nothing too pleasing or soothing, but it is not an unpleasant smell. If you have split ends from styling, heat, or coloring damage, this is a great help.

👤Fantastic product! I am already seeing the difference in my hair. If you have ever over processed your hair at some point in your life and want to get it back to what it was, this is the product for you. I like the smell of the mask.

👤I use leave in conditioners all year long. I was prompted to try this product by the reviews. I had dull hair for three times, and it looked like a film after a few good rinses. Will try again.

👤Does nothing. It smells like old people. It's not possible to return and waste $30. Unless an untried item is available Prime with free returns.

👤It doesn't make a mess of my silk pillow case, and you can use it overnight. I wash my hair in the morning and it feels great. I love this product. It is highly recommended for those who don't want to wait 20 min before getting their hair done.

👤I have fine overprocessed hair and the Super Rich Conditioner and other less expensive Bumble products work just as well. The smell is like a bad insert to a magazine.

2. Bumble Thickening Big Treatment 8 5

Bumble Thickening Big Treatment 8 5

A formula that increases hair volume. Straight and wavy hair can be used with it. It helps to have healthy looking hair.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I have thin hair. The product gives a large body. It lasts all day. I love it!

👤The spray will volumize the hair shaft before blow drying. It has a small amount of stickiness. Your style will hold up when you blow dry. I am a huge fan of B&B products and this is one more in my collection.

👤This is the best thing to find so far because I have thin hair. Love it. The smell is nice and lightweight and the volume lasts throughout the day.

👤I use this on my hair every time I wash it. It is easy to use and doesn't make the hair hard or give a gel look like some other products I have tried and own. I don't order 3 bottles of it because it doesn't color my hair with any color, but it does seem to get darker as it ages, even though it doesn't color my white hair with any color. It has a shelf life. It's easy to put some in a spray bottle when I travel. The hair is dried with a blow dryer. I get some extra body when I let it dry naturally.

👤I have fine hair, but it is soft and shiny. The product made it stiff, sticky, and lost its shine in one use. After a few uses to clean the shaft, this treatment needs clarifying. I had put in a bit of hair spray and it was a bit thicker. I thought I would see if this was better than my volumizing mousse, but it is not, and it is probably 4 times the cost. The scent is strong. It made me feel sick because I don't like perfumes if I have any sensivities to them. There is a You can return items on Amazon. I brought it back to the store because I wasted time. It was a mistake.

👤Great stuff. Fine hair won't just slide out of the brush or iron, because Plumps up hard and provides texture so the curling brush can grab on too. Your hair is soft and not stiff.

👤I like this stuff. I feel like I have volume in my hair. Will be buying again.

👤When I saw that the product wasn't sticky or gummy, I thought it was fine. It's not what it said it was. There is a coat that feels gummy. I didn't want the sticky feeling and didn't use too much. Not a good product. I returned it and I think I haven't returned any of the things I buy.

👤I didn't like the product, it didn't change my hair at all, and it left my hair feeling sticky.

3. Bumble Conditioner Creme Coco 250

Bumble Conditioner Creme Coco 250

It increases the amount ofMoisture. Light conditioning. It strengthens hair. It leaves hair stronger and more manageable. The package weight was 0.55 pounds.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I like the Bumble and Bumble conditioner because it makes my hair much softer than other conditioners I've tried. If I leave it on for a short time, it won't work as well as if I leave it on for a long time. This is what the instructions recommend. It's not cheap but should last a long time since I have short hair.

👤My sister has been using the Bumble and Bumble hair wash for years, and I'd tried them at her house, but never saw the attraction. I was recommended the creme de coco line by my hairdresser. The conditioner has a coconut smell. I take the caps off every bottle of over-scented products, and I'm really sensitive to that. The scent doesn't linger in my hair either. But, oh, the non-greasy stuff! My hair is soft and full of body. I've been using the Coco on my days off with great results. My hair is silky smooth and odorless, this is a plus for me. On work days, I add a small amount of blow out to make it look natural, but still look good all day. I just went through my cupboard and donated twice as much to the local shelter as the product cost.

👤I have thick, medium to coarse brown hair and this conditioner is perfect for it. It works great with my current short cut, and I had shoulder-lenghth hair. This conditioner does a great job of absorbing into the hair, but it never makes my hair feel heavy or soft. I think it contributes to the shine and health of my hair. The coconut smell is amazing and it doesn't smell like suntan lotion. If you leave it on your hair for at least 30 seconds, it will work, otherwise you will just rinse it down the drain. I use this conditioner with other brands to mix things up, and it is always the best. It was worth every penny.

👤My hair is bleached and tends to be dry, tried various conditioners with no results, and now I have found something that will give my hair some strength and give it a nice smell. It's a little more expensive than other options but it's a big gun and you need it.

👤I like to wear curly hair to make it lay a bit better. When I can afford it, I like to use Bumble and Bumble creme de coco. I can with Amazon. I will use this once or twice a week to add some extra hydration to my dry hair. It's a heavier conditioner and is great for making waves. I get a lot of praise for how my hair smells. I had no problems with the product I ordered. It was dispatched very quickly. I love it!

👤I've used B&B products before and they've done well. I decided to try creme de cocoa because my hair is wavy and tends to be dry. I get "pouf" when I dry it straight. I don't wash my hair every day. The conditioner is not bad. It smells great. It didn't seem to do anything to justify the price. It's okay. I probably won't get it again.

4. Bumble Thickening Conditioner 8 5

Bumble Thickening Conditioner 8 5

Leave in clean, wet hair for a minute or two and then comb or work through it. The package has dimensions of 6.096 L x 14.605 H x 6.096 W.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤The conditioner I ordered from Discover Beauty Supply was not the same as previous bottles I've ordered from other suppliers. I've purchased bottles that contained a very thick white cream, but this bottle contained a less sticky product.

👤The conditioner I ordered from Discover Beauty Supply was not the same as previous bottles I've ordered from other suppliers. The bottle I received was white, it contained a product that was not yellow, other bottles I've purchased contained a very thick white cream.

👤It made my hair look bigger without making it feel oily. It makes my hair manageable. The bottle was deceptive. The product was white and the bottles were opaque. They put the product in a white bottle to make it look like it hasn't changed. The product information states the original formula, even though the new formula is yellow. I can't tell if the new version is any better than the old one.

👤I was devastated when I read the reviews. I went to my bathroom and looked at the bottle that I received. It smells like old ladies in church. This product is not cheap because I work hard for my money. This is not complaining about the product at all. Don't buy online.

👤I smelled a strong perfumed smell when I opened the package. Had to come back. I was really looking forward to trying out, but the smell was too strong.

👤I bought this because I was going to run out of my other. Didn't get to it for a while because of a bunch of traveling. The bottle was only half filled. The contents were not like what I have received before. I know that they changed their formula. That could be true. I am not sure how this can happen from a product that was my soul conditioner. I think I got one that someone returned with a different conditioner or that I was tricked by the seller. Can not tell. This is expensive and not ordering from here again.

👤I bought a large bottle of the product. The full bottle of conditioner was only half a bottle. It is unacceptable to be missing half a bottle of this stuff.

👤The smell of this product is not good, but it does have a pleasant smell, and my hair felt like straw after I combed it out, it was traumatic.

5. Bumble Super Conditioner Ounce Bottle

Bumble Super Conditioner Ounce Bottle

The United States is the country of origin. There is a lot of moist and smooth hair. Dehydration increases the strength of the hair. It helps restore lustre, elasticity and shine.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I have been using Bumble & bumble for years. The bottle that I got is different. My hair was always smooth and slick. I have a bottle that leaves a waxy texture and never untangles my hair. This product is either a knock off product or an expired product, it is awful, what a waste of money. I think it is worse than Pantene pro v.

👤The last purchase I made was the first week of December. I can't use this anymore because of the added agents on the ingredients list. I am also upset about it, because it is very hydrating. For people with sensitive skin, it no longer works. They had to fix something that wasn't broken.

👤Have you ever colored your hair at home and loved the conditioner in the box? I've been trying to find something close to that and this one really is. I have to get used to the scent because it's expensive. I like what it does for my hair. Sometimes it's worth a little more money to take care of your crowning glory.

👤It's super hydrating! I was afraid that it wouldn't be, but I love it and my hair is color-treated! I can mix it with Bumble's stronger treatments like the purple conditioner or bond building treatment. I have noticed a change in my hair since I switched to L'OrĂ©al. It is definitely worth the price. My hairs are between medium to long lengths.

👤This is a nice conditioner and I love it. You just have to use enough to leave the hair soft. I rarely buy it because it is more expensive. I have long hair and it does leave it soft. I like the smell of it. It's more thick than thinner. Try this for a week if you need more of a conditioner.

👤This is the first product that will allow me to comb through my hair in a long time. Thank you. I have blonde hair and it hurts to brush it.

👤I use the conditioners on a daily basis. It is one of the few hair products that I can use daily without fear. I recommend Bumble and Bumble to pretty people.

👤The product I received from Amazon was not the product I have used before. The conditioner I received was soupy and smelled different than the actual one. If you are going to spend money on this product, I would suggest ordering it from the manufacturer's website and not from Amazon. This was a scam.

6. Bumble Curl Butter Masque Oz

Bumble Curl Butter Masque Oz

What is it called? Curl Butter Masque is a creamy, hydrating masque that revives limp curls and leaves them soft, shiny, and springy. The oil- infused HydraSculpt Blend is used with Bumble's curl-optimizing. You need to know for lush, hydrated, perky Curls. The oils work together to help dry the hair. Oil infused Nourishes Softens Detangles Masque is 5 Oz.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I didn't know what to expect when I tried this out. In the past few years, I have grown my hair out so that it's new natural gray color, which is thick gray and white highlighted. The color is good but the texture is different. When my hair was thick and curly, this mask would have worked better. It is good. I'm trying to keep the curl without frizz and this tends to keep it down, but it doesn't enhance it. It's a good product, but maybe not for what I need right now. If you have thick curly hair, it would be great.

👤I bleach and color my hair all the time. I will only use it on my hair. My teacher found out about it when I was a student. If you use a lot of gose it will weigh your hair down.

👤I have wavy hair and some curly hair. I used this mask as a sample from a local beauty store and I was blown away. It defines your hair. It made my hair soft and bouncy. I use it two to three times a week now that I own it. Highly recommended!

👤This product is great for multicultural hair, it leaves the hair soft, hydrated and bouncy, and is great for use with the cleanser and conditioner. I recommend this product for all types of curly hair.

👤Leave-in conditioner is great for big or tight hair. It is not sticky and leaves are soft.

👤The seller goes above and beyond with their packaging and quick shipping. Thanks!

👤I switched from Deva Curl's decadence line to Bumble and Bumble and it's so much better. It makes my 3a Curls so bouncy and life-giving. I have a rough hair texture and this product really moisterizes my hair so it's not dry and frizzy.

👤I thought I was ordering a leave in conditioner that would add shine and life to my dry hair. I like the products of Bumble andBumble.

7. Bumble Seaweed Conditioner Ounces

Bumble Seaweed Conditioner Ounces

It's the perfect cleanser for curly, thick, and unruly hair. It is a conditioner for normal hair that leaves it clean. It's suitable for all hair types. A bottle of hair conditioner. The seaweeds and extracts in them are loaded with marine greens to make hair soft and lustrous. An excellent daily moisturizer that is mild and healthy. You can keep the look of freshly washed hair.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I don't think this is a legit product. The bottles were slightly different from the standard ones and the quality of theconditioner was much better. I will be contacting the companies to find out more.

👤Great product! No build-up and great at detangling fine hair that tangles easily. It feels clean and healthy for mama to get thin hair.

👤I would not buy this conditioner again. It is very light weight, thin and doesn't smell like the stuff I bought earlier. I would return it if I wasn't past the return window.

👤I was not happy with the conditioner and the shampoos that came with it. I showered one night and woke up the next morning with a greasy hair, but I am not sure which one was worse. It was terrible. This issue was too expensive to have. Will not purchase again.

👤The smell of the hotel the same name and brand conditioner is not worth half the price.

👤It did not weigh down my hair but it did not decongest it either. I'm still looking for a lightweight conditioner.

👤I use this conditioner all the time because it does a nice job.

👤I have long hair. I was looking for something that would deep condition. I pulled a lot of hair out of the product because it didn't work for my hair type. I don't know if it works for other types of hair or if I got a bad one.

8. Bumble Thickening Conditioner 8 5 Ounces

Bumble Thickening Conditioner 8 5 Ounces

It doesn't have any weight. The silk powder separates hair strands for fullness. Volumizing silk microfiber technology is applied to a conditioner. A bottle of hair conditioner. Silk powder is applied to individual hair strands for extra volume and lift. Volumizing silk microfiber technology is applied to a conditioner. Fine hair can be fluffed and bounce with this lightweight formula. It's ideal for hair that's limp.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I have been using the B&B line for a decade. The product I ordered was terrible. When I looked at the B&B site, I saw that all the reviews were for their new formula, which was one star. The girl is looking for a new product.

👤The reviews thought this was a lie. When I got it, I called them. It is not. The best conditioner for people with thin hair has been reformulated to make it worse. My hair looks dirty instantly because of the heavy conditioner that weighs it down. Some people thought the old formula wasn't enough. Those people should have tried something else. This is not usable for me or a lot of other people. I agree that the smell is bad now. It smells like hair. I am looking for a different conditioner because I am disappointed.

👤Finally, a conditioner that works. I can see a difference in the volume of my hair. It is worth the price.

👤I have very thin hair and this helps. I have been using it for many years and don't plan to try anything else. I have had no sense of smell for a long time. I don't know what it smells like. May not have a scent.

👤I bought this as I was going through therapy. The bottle was damaged from some sort of damage, but the box was ok. I can't use this. I'm trying to get a refund. Please tell me what to do.

👤The list of ingredients on the Amazon selling site said this conditioner was safe for me. When I received the product, I saw coconut as one of the major ingredients. I have an allergy.

👤The "old" formula beats the "new" formula according to what I've heard. If you want the old formula, you have to get it on the B&B website, but if you want the new formula, you have to get it on the other website. I'm not a big fan of it, but it's better than the regular formula you'll find in the general marketplace.

👤My hair is thin because of aging. I combine this product with a Fekkai glossing conditioner to get perfect results. Despite being gray and coarse, my hair is soft and shining.

9. Bumble Color Minded Conditioner Ounce

Bumble Color Minded Conditioner Ounce

The United States is the country of origin. By keeping water out and color in. Helping to prevent the washout. Provides detangling benefits.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤This combo leaves a lot of gunk in my hair, even though I am obsessed with the smell. It makes my hair greasy.

👤I always use a color minded conditioner. My colorist is always amazed at how well my color holds us.

👤I was very happy to see this product on Amazon. I have only been able to find it at the salon. Will buy again.

👤I have been using this product for a long time.

👤I use this to dry my hair.

👤I like this product. I have been using it for three years. The result is silky soft hair.

👤This product is amazing! It makes my hair look better. I am hooked!

10. Bumble Curl Conditioner Unisex Ounce

Bumble Curl Conditioner Unisex Ounce

Your hair and body will benefit from this conditioner. Leave your hair smooth. This intensive conditioning can be used to repair damaged hair.

Brand: Bumble And Bumble

👤I have always liked Bumble and Bumble products, but I don't think this one helps my hair much. I like the fact that it can either be left in or washed out, but it's not helping me get a hairier look when I use it. I will use it for what I paid for, however I will not buy a replacement once it is done.

👤Game changing. I tried to get into Deva curl products, but I always come back to using bumble and bumble products. I feel dumb for abandoning B&B curl products for so long, because I kept thinking it was my fault that they weren't working for me. I wish B&B would expand their line to be just as good as deva curl. I would love if bumble and bumble did more types of products for curly and wavy hair.

👤This is a similar product to the original curl conscious conditioner and it works for hair. I have a bit more hair. The scent is not as pleasant as the original and has a floral odor. It is more expensive for less product. They should bring back the old perfect product.

👤I love this product. It leaves my hair great. I didn't take care of my temple curls for a long time. It makes my ringlets look amazing because they come out of hiding. I use it as a leave in. I head out the door after I comb my hair.

👤I thought it was expensive when I first used it. I told the person at the spa where I originally purchased it how much I was using. When I started using the right amount of conditioner, it worked great and lasted longer. I have long, thick hair. I use a dime size amount to work through my hair. I run my hands across my head once it's worked through. I don't have to wash my hair every day because the residual amount on my hands is enough. The Bb Curl conditioner is a must have.

👤The curls can be used as a leave in or washing conditioner, and can be used for travel.

👤This product is great for getting out tangles. You can get it on Amazon. All of the products are of the best quality. I will never use anything else. It's great for all climates.

👤Everyone in my family is happy with this product.


What is the best product for repair conditioner bumble and bumble?

Repair conditioner bumble and bumble products from Bumble And Bumble. In this article about repair conditioner bumble and bumble you can see why people choose the product. Bumble And Bumble and Bumble And Bumble are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair conditioner bumble and bumble.

What are the best brands for repair conditioner bumble and bumble?

Bumble And Bumble, Bumble And Bumble and Bumble And Bumble are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair conditioner bumble and bumble. Find the detail in this article. Bumble And Bumble, Bumble And Bumble and Bumble And Bumble are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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