Best Repair Damaged Hair Oil

Hair 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Okay Jamaican Castor Leave Conditioner

Okay Jamaican Castor Leave Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioning Treatment is used for dry brittle, stressed and damaged hair, breakage, tangles, frizz, elasticity restoration, hair loss prevention and hair growth. The natural oils in the hair are nourished and strengthened to make it thicker, more manageable and more beautiful. Black Jamaican Castor Oil is rich in vitamins E and Omega 6 and 9 which can help with hair growth. Two of nature's renowned hydrating agents are rich in emollients and fatty acids. This Leave-In Conditioning Treatment is made in the USA and is safe for the entire family.

Brand: Okay

👤When I started my natural hair journey, I used Okay Black Jamaican Castor Oil leave in a deep conditioner. The conditioner has a great smell and it's a good product.

👤It's definitely recommend but use a scent to cover the smell.

👤It's okay, but found a better product.

👤The product makes my hair softer, but it has a strong scent. It smells like a fruit. I may use it as a pre-conditioner, but I will not use it as an everyday product. The scent is strong.

👤It leaves my hair looking good.

2. OGX Hydrate Morocco Strength Conditioner

OGX Hydrate Morocco Strength Conditioner

This extra powerful blend is infused with argan oil and can be used to repair dry, damaged, brittle tresses. This blend is infused with silk that gives hair the look and feel of silky perfection. Soft, assertive, subtle: This rich blend of argan oil of Morocco + silk proteins help repair even the most severely dry, damaged strands by hydrating them and helping to strengthen them. Argan oil has magic in Morrocan. Beauty pure and simple. Nature inspired OGX hair care products. They don't try to make hair look perfect because they want it to look better and smell better. You should rock what you've got. The OGX hair care products are designed to bring out the best in your hair no matter what type or texture you have. They have everything you need for curly hair, protection for colored hair, and more. Real quality, real beauty. Unattainable looks don't inspire them. The OGX hair and skin care product collections can help you look your best. They are pure and simple. A blend of argan oil. Repairs and strengthens.

Brand: Ogx

👤I have used thisconditioner for many years and always bought it in person. The quality of the mail was very good. My husband mentioned it. Returned it. Will pick this up from Target.

👤I've seen reviews that say this is a knock-off because of the different color and consistency they are used to, or because the bottle is different shaped and 888-270-6611 This is extraordinary. It is not a knock-off of the original argon oil conditioner from OGX. I received a bottle of extra strengh through Amazon and it was the same as the one I bought in the store. The seller is not a third party. I wouldn't have purchased it again if I didn't like it, I think you may not like it in comparison to the original. I prefer the extra strengh formula. I think it works. It might work for you if you give it a try. I wanted to post this review to clear up the misconception that this is a fake. It's true.

👤I've been using it for a little while now, because I'm about 1/3 of the way through my bottle. It seems to leave my hair soft and nice. It didn't clean my hair at all. I feel like I have a build up of dead skin on my head, and it's not a good feeling. I used Head & Shoulders to try to reduce the gunk on my hair. I will not be ordering this again. I would say 5 stars for how it left my hair, but 1 star for how well it cleaned my hair, which is why the rating is 3 stars.

👤I have bought this product before at Walmart and Target and it works wonders for my hair. Although the difference is very subtle, I think they might have made the product more concentrated. It is not the real deal. The smell is off, and the consistency of the product is very different than what I have seen before at the store. I could be wrong, but I have been using this brand for so long that it is my go-to brand. I used all of it and it did help my hair, but it wasn't as soft as it would have been if I had bought it from the store. I don't think I'll be ordering again because of my suspicions and less positive results I had with this particular bottle vs store bought.

👤I've been using Kinky Curly products for many years. I tried OGX Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner a week ago because my hair was dry and I wanted to try something new. Before I used these products, my hair was bouncy, full of volume and had just the right amount of wave and curl, but it was a little dry. My hair has been lifeless, oily and has lost its natural waves and Curls since I used these products. It's hanging in a limp state. I have been using a clarifying hair product every day since and it is still limp and oily. I think my hair will recover, but it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon. I used them once. Seven days ago. Don't waste your money.

3. GIOVANNI Repairing Blackberry Coconut 2 75oz

GIOVANNI Repairing Blackberry Coconut 2 75oz

There is hair care. 2chic Repairing Super Potion Hair Oil is made with coconut milk and Blackberry. The repairing serum works to add shine and enhance color. Pizza free control. 2chic Repairing Super Potion Hair Oil is a hair oil that reduces flyaways and breakage. Rub a small amount of the serum onto damp or dry hair to add shine and reduce frizz. Colorado is safe. 2chic Repairing Super Potion Hair Oil Serum is free of harmful chemicals. Look in the ingredients for a list of certified organic ingredients. GIOVANNI Products are Leaping Bunny because they use a number of organic ingredients. It is certified to be cruelty free. GIOVANNI Products are not tested on animals. The GIOVANNI products do not contain harsh chemicals that are used in regular beauty products.

Brand: Giovanni

👤I use this every time I have hair. It accentuates the waves and Curls even if you only have braids in. The smell is amazing but not a really artificial smell. It makes brittle ends look better. It makes hair feel better. I wouldn't use it on the roots of your hair. I only need one pump for my hair. I only use a leave in conditioner after my hair is dry. This makes my hair shiny all day.

👤I've been using this product for a while, and have tried others, so I wanted to leave a review. I love it! I live in Seattle and have naturally wavy hair. You can see my problem. I researched a lot of products because I need to keep my hair straight during my bus commute and I also need to keep my hair out of my face. I'm a huge sweater and I dance a lot. Maintaining straight bangs is not possible with all of those things. I can keep my bangs straight all day with this product. It doesn't hold up in straight up rain, but if I avoid getting them wet, I can usually just wipe my forehead or comb them back straight. I use it every day after I blow-dry my hair.

👤I have been using this product for about a month and I really like it, my hair is still damaged but it is under control and my curls are better than ever. I used to get my hair straightened every day. It feels a lot more hydrated than it did before. I was confused by the legal disclaimer I saw when I went to re- buy. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not meant to cure or diagnose a disease. They put this up because they wanted to make sure that people consulted their doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition program. Am I missing something?

👤I found this stuff in the organic section of my grocery store a few years ago. I thought I'd try it because it had no scent at all. I get headaches from strong scented hair care products. I'm an auto mechanic. I don't want to smell feminine. The woman who cuts my hair has commented on how well this stuff works on my dry curly hair, and I found that it works better on my dry curly hair than anything else I've tried. My local grocery store stopped selling this stuff and I tried some kind of oil which didn't work very well. I was very happy to find this hair oil on Amazon and it was only a few dollars less than I was paying at the grocery store.

👤My fine hair is either heavy or dry when I use hair treatment and styling products. This is amazing. It makes my hair shiny and soft. It doesn't affect my hair at all. I need to wash my hands off with a soap because this serum leaves my hands oily. It's great that I ordered different one in this line. November 2021. This is the serum that is still being used. I live in a place with high humidity. If I see my hair is slicked down, I won't use this serum. I work from the ends to the roots of my hair.

4. Hairfinity Nourishing Botanical Naturally Ingredients

Hairfinity Nourishing Botanical Naturally Ingredients

Chemical free. There are no anti-Inflammatory benefits with the use of Additives. All of the ingredients and essential oils are derived from nature. Sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum and fragrance are free. The hair and skin care products are infused with essential oils. This blend of vitamins and essential oils will help you reduce breakage. For faster hair growth, increase shine and elasticity. For all hair types, including color, permed, natural, and curly. For men and women. It's perfect to deliver botanicals to areas affected by hair loss. Best used with healthy hair vitamins and hair growth products. Coffee and caffeine treatments can be used to grow new hair. It's a great overnight spray.

Brand: Hairfinity

👤I have a condition called PCOS and balding is one of them. I moved to the hot east coast and stopped wearing wings. I have been bald for a long time but I didn't know it. I'm showing you how it works. I applied it every day. It has filled in a little bit. My pictures are old. When I am on my next bottle, I will update again.

👤If you are having hair loss, buy thissssss. I lost my job in January and my hair was falling apart. My hair is growing fast. My edges. Buy itttt!

👤The first picture was taken on July 5th and the second on July 13th. It goes on well, but be careful not to put too much into it. I did it for the first time and it broke my skin out, but I am very happy with the results so far. When I walk by the mirror, I am happy because I am not hiding behind my hair. Can't wait until after a month.

👤I like this product a lot. I have been using it for about 2 weeks. How much a bottle goes a long way is something I want to say. I keep my hair braided under my wigs so it is easy to apply on protective styles. My hair is not as brittle as it used to be and my edges are growing crazy. My hair is not Shedding much at all. It has only been two weeks. I have noticed a big difference. I have the pills but don't use them often.

👤I love this oil. I put this oil on my head. I like the Brock beauty line. The oil is good for my hair. It has a lavender smell. This is the best hair oil I have ever purchased.

👤The hot oil treatment on my hair was done with this serum. I used a heat cap to get into the hair shaft. It made my hair soft and healthy again. It isn't working as well as a regular serum. I can't seem to get the right amount on so that my hair doesn't look oily. I have light blonde hair. The oil is golden. It doesn't make my hair look nice. It smells good. It is a great hot oil conditioner. I hope this is helpful.

👤I have been using this product for a year and a half and it has grown my hair over 10 inches so far after I trimmed it three times already. If you have wavy or curly hair, it doesn't weigh down your hair much. I love it!

👤Hiarfinity products are very good but could be a lot cheaper, I have been using them for over 6 years. It has a nice smell and is almost satisfying for me. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤I have been suffering from hair loss due to seborrheic dermatitis. I was left with persistent dandruff and thin hair after using other products to clear up the dermatitis. Being a 19 year old girl and my hair being my crowning glory was really upsetting. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance, and I could not have made a better decision. I think my edges are even thicker than before. I can only assume the rest of my hair is growing too, but it is hard to tell because my hair is long. It definitely feels like it has increased my root strength. It has helped to calm my dry hair and make it less painful. These things take time to work. I wasn't expecting such results in a few weeks. You can leave the house without worrying about your hair looking greasy because the oil on the applicator helps get it on your head. I'm starting to feel more confident in my hair style as my thin patches aren't as noticeable. Will buy again when my bottle runs out.

5. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Conditioner

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Conditioner

Stunning Soft Silk Hair in Minutes. Professional Renewing Silk Softener with Keratin and Coconut oils for smooth natural beauty and shine. Hair damage can be repaired with an insturment solution that restores and Hydrates color treated dry hair. It is the best recovery nutrition for hair. The Boswell & Tartar Oil Complex Structurizer is an Ultra-Moisturizing Pro Enhancing Formula for Health. Repairing a spa like after care strengthens hair. Roots and phlegm are rejuvenated. Antifrizz Ease Hydration for Frizzy Hair is an advanced hair care product. Curl Booster and Split Ends Tamer are used for smoother styling. The thermal protection shield stops heat damage. Non Oily Volumizing Product for Wavy & Normal Textures is SAFE WEIGHTLESS. Sulfate and Paraben are free. No alcohol or strong chemicals.

Brand: Vitamins Hair Cosmetics

👤I had just come from a cruise and was told to wash my hair to use a mask for my hair growth. I was interested in reading reviews on my own. My hair was flat iron straight. I have naturally curly hair. I wanted to see if the keratin would help strengthen my hair this time. I put my hair up in a towel and left it for an hour, but when I woke up my hair was soft and I couldn't believe it. It took me less time to style my hair.

👤I usually buy my hair products through my hair dresser, but I'm cautious when purchasing online. My hair has been damaged due to a few years of bleach and highlights. My hair fell out. I have struggled with growth, strength and dryness for the past two years. After reading reviews of a product I decided to give it a try. I use a mask and a hair product. I am very happy with the results. My hair feels cleaner. I didn't think my hair was damaged, but it is. So soft and looks better. The results in my case were obvious. The smell is great. My hairdresser said my hair felt better. I will keep buying this product line. Very happy with the purchase. I will keep you up to date with progress.

👤This stuff has helped my hair. The texture of my hair was so much better that my hairdresser asked me what I was using. I use heat on my naturally curly hair. My hair has never felt better.

👤I bleached my hair the day before I got this product and put mayo, coconut oil,cholesterol, and a little bit of purple sulfate in it, but it didn't help, so I bought this product and my hair looks better as well.

👤My hair was damaged and dried due to some medical treatments. I had tried a lot of things and my hair looked bad. I have been using this mask for a week and my hair has almost completely recovered. It looks a little thicker and longer. The color looks good. It is even more shiny. This hair mask made me feel better about myself. I am very happy with the results. Will definitely keep buying it.

👤I have to say The SMELL. Guys. No. Just no. It's not just your hair. Half the house smells like bar soaps from the 50's. I think it smells like an old lady, but I don't know an old lady that does that. I'm an old lady. I don't want to smell like that. I tried it about 3 times, because I went through the process of purchasing and waiting. Holding my breath and opening the windows. I cursed myself for doing it. What about performance? Nothing. Zero. When I washed my hair, it felt soft, but at the end of the day, it was still brittle and broken, and over processed. Don't bother. Did I mention the smell? GAG.

6. MAJESTIC PURE Avocado Coconut Damaged

MAJESTIC PURE Avocado Coconut Damaged

Made in the USA, the mango puree hair mask is sulfate free and infused with Biotin. For all hair types, it's formulated with beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, and Biotin to promote thicker-looking and shinier hair. All hair types can benefit from the deep conditioning and hair thickening formula. MAJESTIC PURE is not tested on animals. If you have an allergy, Rub a small amount on the inside of your elbow area to make sure you don't have a reaction. Don't get in the way of children. Before using, consult with your health care provider.

Brand: Majestic Pure

👤This product is great for my hair. I live in Florida and have 3C hair. I stopped dying my hair because of an allergic reaction. We are talking about an emergency room visit. My hair is dry and frizzy. I have been using a variety of products to restore my hair, but still needed something else. The hunt began. The products had a lot of chemicals. I found this product. I was so happy I did. I have never used a hair mask before, but when I saw the healthy list of ingredients, I thought I would give it a try. I use it twice a week after I wash my hair. I put a shower cap on and comb through my hair after I use an ample amount. Blow dry my hair after washing it out. I will continue to use this product because it makes my hair manageable. Just try it. I am on my second jar and the product has been improved. It works better than my first jar. Love it. Thank you for making a great hair product.

👤It's really amazing. I can not thank you enough for this product. I moved back to Ohio after living in a rental with terrible water. My hair is ruined and falling out after I found a shower water filter. I cried every time I tried to clean it. This was the first time that I used it and it was washed out. I was so happy that my comb slid through my hair because I thought I was going to have to cut my hair. It is a large jar for the price. Will last a long time. So thankful.

👤Colorado is a very dry place and it is particularly cold in the wintertime. I have long hair and have a curly texture. I have never used a deep conditioner before. It smells great at first, but as it sits on your hair, it's not as good as it could be. I didn't follow the instructions because I don't believe in using a hair product after a deep conditioner. I put a leave-in conditioner after I had washed. The humidity was 34% and the hair was dry. The hair products you use with this type of hair and climate are critical when you want to achieve shiny, healthy hair. 4 stars. I don't believe that my change in deep conditioning treatments was the reason for my change in deep conditioning. This is a good conditioner, but I have used cheaper ones that worked better. It is in a very dry climate. I recommend trying it, and possibly incorporating it into your regimen.

👤I have been using this product for about 3 months now and was happy with it until I ordered a new batches. The bottle is black and the product is white, but I couldn't figure out how to contact the seller. It smells better now than it did before. I am not sure if the formula is the same, but it is not what I signed for. I liked the smell and feel of it, even though it had a trace of residuals. I used this thing for the first time yesterday. I have been natural my whole life and have tried many natural hair care products. I mix my deep conditioners with different oils because deep conditioners alone never seem to give my hair that kick. I found this one a few days ago and thought I would try it myself. The smell of the box wasn't really what I was looking for. I thought the fruit in yogurt may be a sign that this is partially made of natural ingredients. I knew it would work when I put it on my hair. There was a good slip as my hair popped. My hair is not as dry as usual a day later. I'm going to buy a few more bottles to see if it's legit. I will update this review in a couple of months.

7. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Marvelous

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Marvelous

The oil with Almond, Olive andAvocado oils instantly delivers intense nourish and 3x hydration to treat dry to very dry hair. The full regimen includes everything you need to complete your Triple Nutrition hair care routine. Garnier Fructis has a wide range of hair products to help you care for your hair. Since 1904, Garnier has blended naturally inspired and derived ingredients into breakthrough formulas to nourish and care for hair. Garnier has an array of products for your hair and skin care needs, from shampoos, color care and styling products to formulas that cleanse, moisturize and repair skin.

Brand: Garnier

👤The first time I came across this, it was in our local supermarket. I've been buying no less than 3 bottles at a time ever since. I would hate to run out. My daughter loves using this in her hair, and I enjoy using it in my hands. I'm a mixed chick and my texture is very thick, like Tracy Ellis Ross. My daughter's hair texture appears to be more coarse than it was when I was her age. If you don't touch it, you wouldn't know how soft it is. She would have a tightly curled afro by the time we washed and dried her hair. You can't tell her length until you pull her hair out. I was looking for something new to manage my tresses so we started using the "miracle" oil from Garnier Fructis. I used them on her just for the sake of it. I thought the product was called Miracle Oil until I searched for it. I was able to comb her hair, blow dry her hair, and finger comb her hair without a twitch from her, because of a few pumps in one section of her hair. It was a miracle that there was no gripping of foreheads. We met over two years ago and are still in love.

👤The stores around me stopped selling it. Why? It's great! I dye my hair every 3 weeks to cover my gray. This ends up damaging my hair. This product is good for my hair. I am happy that Amazon carries this.

👤The cost and product is very nice. Compare to similar products. The amount and quality of this one are good. Does the job the others do. I will keep getting this one.

👤I like this product. I use a pillowcase, non-damaging hair wash, and oil on my hair before I go to sleep. It's not greasy, it just disappears into your hair. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my hair and scent. The scent is not strong. Sometimes the scent at the end of the day doesn't smell right, but it does change slightly. I don't care because my hair looks great and I don't notice.

👤This stuff is great. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, and I usually put some oil in it to make it feel greasy. I used this in my hair for 3 days in a row and it was still not greasy at the end of the day. It made my hair feel more hydrated than any other product.

👤I use it as a leave in conditioner, then blow dry and apply more after drying. They should make a bigger bottle.

👤I bought this in June, 2021, and the oil I received is not miracle oil. I don't know why they haven't changed the picture, but if you've been searching for your favorite hair oil, they've changed the container, but it's the same wonderful goodness. I have fine strawberry blonde hair. Lots of it, but fine... which means tangles. It isn't thick enough to stay flat, but it floats about. My hair is strong because I have two things: a wet brush and oil. Is my hair greasy? Nope! This stuff is light and slick. It speeds up the drying process. It makes my hair shiny and tangle-free. I use it on my daughter's hair as well. She has a bit more hair than I, but she has a wild cowlick that goes up and around the crown of her head. It's not easy. I've tried to layer it, but the oil doesn't work. The smell is sweet. I can smell a trace scent in my daughter's hair, but not too much, and the shell fades quickly. It can be used wet or dry, but I usually put about 3 pumps in my han.

8. Luseta Biotin Collagen Shampoo Conditioner

Luseta Biotin Collagen Shampoo Conditioner

Luseta biotin and conditioner combo is proven to reduce hair loss. It increases hair strength and thickness. Natural hair growth shaver and conditioner. Their key active ingredients such as vitamins B7, B7, and Hydrolyzed Collagen, which help to restore necessary nutrition into every strand, and plumping collagen, which adds volume and dimension, make your hair look stronger, fuller, thicker, and healthier. Anti hair loss spray for men and women. The Herbal Proprietary Blend protects your hair from further damage caused by external factors that lead to hair loss. It is sulfate free and can be used as a treatment for regrowth of your hair, it helps to soothe the scalp, and creates a shiny finish. Their promise. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are not happy with their hair thickening shampoo.

Brand: L Luseta

👤I am very happy with this product. My hair is soft and smells great, I only use it 3 times now. I think my hair is getting more volume. I have very thin hair and it doesn't grow fast. I had weight-loss surgery which made my hair thinner and I bleach and dye my hair. I'm constantly looking for the same thing. I think this is it. My bottles were damaged in shipping. I couldn't get out of the bottle with the broken pump because a decent amount of product leaked all over the box. I contacted the company and asked if they could just send me new pumps, because I didn't want to send the bottles back, but they sent me all new replacements without having to return the original order. They went to the ends of the earth to fix the problem. I am very happy with the product and company.

👤The set works great for me. I have to clean the water stain on the sink every day, because I just moved to a hard water region. I realized I have a hair loss problem after a month here. The issue is much better now that I have begun using the Luseta set. It helps to strengthen the hair and thicken it. The scent is neither strong nor weak. I recommend this set for people who have the same issue with me.

👤I don't write reviews, but I thought I should tell people not to buy this product. The product was terrible, but people had different experiences. The worst hair product I have used. I bought it because of positive reviews, but it didn't live up. I disliked it so much that I threw it out. There was no lather on the thin shampoo. The conditioner was not thick. If you are trying to strengthen hair, it is not a good idea to leave it brittle. The scent was not present. I only used it once so I can't report on it. I could tell it wasn't for me. It made my hair feel a little itchy and funny. That never happens to me. You can get the sulfate & paraben free formula at half the price in the drugstore. I have used other brands for half the price. I was trying to mix things up. This is not for me.

👤I read the comments that were positive and thought it would be great. I have thin hair. I used this set again tonight. I am crying because of all the hair that came from my head. I am losing it in large amounts. This was not an issue before using this product. It makes my hair shiny. I didn't like it that it added some volume but didn't help my hair.

👤Even though my hair is damaged from color, it is still very dry and breaks easily. I've tried many products that make it oily on top of dry. The product has changed my hair in a way that no other product could. Thank you.

9. ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Mask

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Mask

Agan oil hair masks. This natural moisturizer is known for keeping hair hydrated. It can help repair damaged, brittle, and dry hair caused by blow-drying and flat ironing. Their hydrating natural hair mask is perfect for all hair types. Many styling masks contain chemicals that can cause long-term damage to hair. The hair is enriched with argan oil to repair damage. This hydrating hair mask makes your hair shiny and beautiful. It will allow you to wash off excess oils and dirt that may be hiding inside your hair. Their natural moisturizer mask is sulfate-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic.

Brand: Artnaturals

👤The hair mask is making a difference. I have been dyeing my hair to get a new look and it has dried out my hair and caused a lot of damage. I tried everything. It's a 10 product, without any real results. Within a few uses my hair has come back to life. I have never seen a product that heals hair after one use, but if you are patient with this mask, you will see your hair's thirst start to quench, and your hair will bounce. It has helped with stopping breakage. For the best results, I add a little jojoba oil and a little tea tree oil into the mask, and I've seen that bring my hair back to life. Make sure you have a good leave in conditioner. I'm using coconut hair milk from the company, and it really helps my hair. If you have a freak out about the health of your hair, give this a try. I've tried other hair masks, but none compare to this one. It helps my bank. Double win!

👤This has helped my skin. It helps my hair grow longer. It makes my hair smell great. This is a great product for people with hair issues or people who need extra hair love. I think it might have too much scent for some people. It's not a feminine or masculine scent. My hair smells like it when I wash it.

👤It's advisable to MIND BLOWN. I had a lot of hair. I have dark hair. It was obvious and made me uncomfortable. It left me with a lot of skin on my head. I was also dealing with hair loss. I have tried many products and none have solved my problem. I tried this along with the conditioner and the shampooing for a full 20 minutes. I am still shocked that my hair is almost gone after one wash. When I say gone, I mean that I have very few small particles. I feel confident that my dandruff will be gone by the end of the week because I will continue to use this. I am very thankful for this product. My hair is soft and smells great. I have been using this as my new regular hair mask and conditioner for the past year.

👤I have only used it twice, but I am in love with it. Normally, my hair is soft for a day or two. One day, I will wash it. My hair stays soft for days after using this hair mask. My hair was not enjoyable as a person who has dyed it multiple times, blowdries it, irons it, etc. This thing has given me new hair. I tell my boyfriend to feel my hair because it's so soft. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for my hair that has been damaged by bleach. I got this because it says it has all the oils. When I received my order, the container was different from what I was shown, it only had one oil of all the ones it claims to have, and the ingredients were completely different.

10. 2021 Premium Keratin Hair Mask

2021 Premium Keratin Hair Mask

The Smooth Forces Hair Mask is a unique formula that helps replenish the shine that the hair loses when exposed to harsh chemicals, heat and styling products. Omega 3 and Omega 9 increase hair elasticity. A hair mask is used to repair and condition damaged hair. Hair is fabulously healthy and easy to manage with damaged hair treatment. It's perfect for dry, damaged, brittle and color-treated hair. The SUNATORIA hair treatment mask will help treat split ends from years of color treatments. Quality tested to ensure purity, the Hair Masque is a deep hair hydrating hair conditioner. The damaged hair treatment repairing was designed for companies in the United Kingdom using the best available ingredients.

Brand: Sunatoria

👤I went to the salon to have my hair cut. A lot of bleach was used. My hair looked black in the picture. To light. I had a treatment before my hair was cut. I spent a lot more at the salon when I could have gotten this product. My hair was brittle before I used it. The hair came out after a brush stroke. I brushed in the same spot immediately. I decided to use the hair mask immediately after I was waiting. I put it on lightly damp hair. I was liberal. I only used 1/3 of the jar, I thought I used a lot. I put a plastic bag on my head and waited 15 minutes. My hair feels like it has been cut. My hair doesn't tangle quickly anymore and I have noticed a decrease in breakage. The scent is pleasant. It smells good. The first day was very powerful. I will not wash my hair for 3 days after using this mask.

👤Before this treatment, my hair was like a Brillo pad, so I washed and towel dried it. I wrapped a towel around my head and washed it in the morning. It has made my hair silky and it has improved the appearance of my thin hair. This stuff seems to minimize my split ends, which is a near impossible task without hacking four inches off my hair, but it is that good. It doesn't cost $60 like a salon treatment and it smells amazing.

👤I was wrong to think that this would be good for my hair. I think it smells great and after leaving it in your hair it feels nice and smooth and no tangles, but after my hair dried it was more disheveled and dry than before. I decided to leave it in my hair for another 10 minutes because I was so disappointed. I wrapped my hair in a hot towel. I got the same results. If you leave a positive review and screen shot of the product, they will give you a free product. I am not sure if that is the reason for the many positive reviews. I am very disappointed and it is a waste of money. Can't trust reviews anymore. This company is pretty good, I had to follow up on the review. I didn't ask the company for my money back, but they did and I received a refund. Most companies wouldn't do that. The product didn't work for me, but I appreciated the company and hope it will work for someone else.

👤I went to the hair salon to get some highlights and it damaged my hair. My hair was brittle. I found this hair mask when I was looking for something to make my hair soft. The reviews seemed great so I bought them. The scent is amazing and lasts for a long time after I opened it. I felt a change after the first wash. If you're looking for something to bring your hair back to life, I would highly recommend this product. You can't beat the price.

11. Conditioning Conditioner Pure Body Naturals

Conditioning Conditioner Pure Body Naturals

There is a jar of Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Hair Mask Conditioner. It's a perfect hair cream for women and men because of the benefits of coconut oil with shea butter. Sulfate-free hair cream is great for color treated, curly, and frizzy hair. Pure Body Naturals works with artisan partners around the world to bring you tested, safe products. It's always free of nasty chemicals, toxins, added fragrances, dyes, alcohol, and bronopol.

Brand: Pure Body Naturals

👤This is a great hair mask. My hair was getting damaged from years of highlights and color. I bought this based on the ingredients. All natural. And healthy. I covered my head with a disposable shower cap after applying root to ends. I did some cleaning and left it on for a couple of hours. I rinse my hair out on the weekends. Definitely stronger. After your hair has been damaged, nothing is going to fix it. It takes a long time to grow out your hair after it has been damaged. You can get the damage under control and lay down good products. The mask did the job for me. The product is a great price.

👤I haven't used this product very much since I bought it more than a month ago but I was expecting good results when using it since it has coconut oil and natural ingredients without any toxic chemicals which I really liked about it, but unfortunately it leaves my hair dry and stiff. The mask is not expired and I notice a change in the mask color which should not happen. Unless the mask I received was very old and/or spoiled before the expiration date, it should keep its white color. I paid for a fresh product and I wish I could have my money back. So disappointed.

👤I did not seem to have an allergic reaction. That is not a given. I jokingly say I am allergic to the world. I can't avoid them because they use fragranced products. This didn't seem to condition as well as my everyday conditioner. I only used it once. I will try to rinse less next time. Is it possible that my hair just needs less rinsing? If that doesn't work, I'm going to use a small drop as a leave in conditioner on the ends. I'm excited to find something that doesn't cause allergy problems. I have had worse conditioners because of my allergies. I have nothing for intensive conditioning. Any suggestions from the company on how to make it work better for me would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see an update that it is conditioning better due to user adaptation. I would like to find a way to make this work for me.

👤I've tried a lot of products to help my daughter's hair, I never realized my hair was wavy and not curly. My daughter was born with a lot of hair and grew it out. I was able to save most of her hair by dematting her hair with my hands. We're prone to getting fairy locks because we have irish hertiage. If you have a child or yourself, you need something that helps dematt your hair without leaving a ton of residual or something that you can mix with water to use in as a leave in conditioner without your hair feeling greasy. I used this and it helped keep my hair free of tangles and kept my hair fine.


What is the best product for repair damaged hair oil?

Repair damaged hair oil products from Okay. In this article about repair damaged hair oil you can see why people choose the product. Ogx and Giovanni are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair damaged hair oil.

What are the best brands for repair damaged hair oil?

Okay, Ogx and Giovanni are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair damaged hair oil. Find the detail in this article. Hairfinity, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics and Majestic Pure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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