Best Repair Epoxy Putty

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1. Star Brite Epoxy Putty Stick

Star Brite Epoxy Putty Stick

Can be used in overhead and vertical applications. Works underwater! Every boater should have this on board. It's easy to use - knead for a minute and apply to the damaged area. Steel can be bonds in less than 10 minutes and can be cured and sanded in 60 minutes. Special Additives cut through oxidation and anodization to maximize bonding to weathered aluminum. It is ideal for manifolds, mufflers, and drive units.

Brand: Star Brite

👤I use this to cover a hair line crack on the outside of my boat and it dried hard and stayed in place. I had to use a chisel to get it off as I was going to try to use some aluminum material that would melt with a torch, but that did not work because gravity took over when trying to work from the bottom of the boat. I can't work on the boat while it's upside down. I will give an update after taking the boat out on the water.

👤I was hoping this would work as well as Weld. It worked 50% of the time, so it was 3 stars. I thought maybe I didn't mix it well enough the first time when it was dry. I used alcohol to clean the surfaces and mixed it with twice as much as possible and it did the same thing. I used it on aluminum and stole both of them easily, it worked on plastic, but it gets hard and doesn't want to stick to metal. If you need this type of product, you should buy it from a company that sells it.

👤I tried patching a small hole in an aluminum pontoon, but it didn't stick. There was still water in the hole after I sanded and cleaned the surface. I pushed this in to the hole and worked it out around the pontoon so that it wouldn't fall off. I have used it on dry aluminum and it worked great. It didn't stick to a wet surface in my experience.

👤There was a store return on eBay. It arrived with a few problems, minor except for an internal leak. The heating element for the internal hot-water tank was seated against an even surface. I'd never used this material before, but the reviews seemed legit. It's easy to prepare, like massaging cookie dough. It was easy to apply and stay where it was needed on the plastic surfaces I was working with. I left it alone for 90 minutes, a bit longer than it claims is necessary, and now it's water tight, after having just reassembled, re-installed, and tested it. It's nice to find a water-handling epoxy that does what it claims to do. So far, so good, we'll see how it holds up over time.

👤I have used other stuff, but this was easier to work with. I would give this 4.5 stars. The negative star was that the tube was meant to be a storage container. I had to cut the tube to get at the putty because I couldn't get it loose. The other point was that I asked if this was cured white. Yes. It cures off white. Not a problem for me. I thought you should know.

👤The lower unit of my Honda outboard motor was damaged. The force this section sees from the propeller makes it work. After multiple trips, still holding up.

👤The Star Brite brand putty has the same formula as "PC Marine": zero interest to anything. This won't stick to wet or dry surfaces. I tried to make it stick to wet materials by mixing it with instructions. Will not spread it to anything, dry or wet.

2. J B Weld 8237 PlasticWeld Plastic

J B Weld 8237 PlasticWeld Plastic

J-B Weld can do it for you if you want it to be big or small. J-B Weld can restore it right the first time and deliver superior performance, quality, and results for the World's Strongest Bond. J-B WELD PLASTICWELD. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild various plastic compounds and surfaces. J-B Weld PlasticWeld can be used for plastic repairs on a variety of materials. PlasticWeld is safe for contact with water. PlasticWeld takes 25 minutes to set and cures in 3 hours. The J-B Weld PlasticWeld set is not white. The J-B Weld PlasticWeld has a shear strength of 600 PSI. When fully cured, PlasticWeld can tolerate continuous temperatures up to 250oF (121oC) and intermittent temperatures up to 300oF (148oC). PlasticWeld can be shaped, sanded, drilled and cut. There are applications Plumbing, pipes, plastic, auto bumpers and trim, vinyl surfaces and siding, marine repairs, and fiberglass parts are some of the things that can be done. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. Repairs and rebuilds any rigid and semi-flexible plastic.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤I am using this to fix plastic panels in a car that have tab sockets missing or cracked. I have found that this plastic is good for shaping thicker missing pieces, but it's almost useless for strengthening an existing tab sockets, because my work was just too thin to use this material. I discovered that the existing tab sockets can be strengthened with epoxy, but it's terrible at replacing the missing material. I have a complete working panel if I use this plastic to form the missing parts and strengthen it and the cracked sockets. I needed both. I like how this material can be sanded and shaped. I am using Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy.

👤I worked the putty and it never hardened. When I contacted the company to see if they had any tips on why it didn't work, they suggested I purchase the product again and clean the surface. I cleaned the surface. Maybe it's good for soft plastic and not hard plastic, or maybe you need to work the putty for 20 minutes. I needed a plan of action to purchase and try again. Buying again seemed like throwing good money after bad.

👤I used this to fill equipment holes in my truck. It was used by the police in Texas and when they removed all the lights, radios, and cameras, it left over 20 holes. I cleaned and filled the holes with this putty after removing all the trim. I sanded them all and prepared them for painting. Some manufacturers have paint that matches the original interior colors of plastic and vinyl. You never knew where the holes were after painting. This is a great stuff that can be sands and painted. I will use this on my next vehicle.

👤My car's smart key broke. I was able to fix it and save $150.

👤This was a pretty good way to fix a plastic bumper. I had to do 3x rounds of applying sand and shape, but I finally got it to be a 7 out of 10. I had some air bubbles. Unlike Bondo, this is hard to form to the dent as you can't sand it after. You have to sand and sand and sand. If you want a permanent fix for a plastic bumper, this is your stuff.

👤My wife hit something solid with the front bumper of her car. The cut was six inches long. I tried to blend it in using regular glue and paint, but I couldn't seal the cut. I realized that the one piece of the solution I had been missing was the J-B Weld PlasticWeld when I saw it. I used white fiber duct tape to cover the backside of the bumper after I pushed it together as closely as I could. I made sure that the duct tape and undamaged edges of the cut were protected by putting the putty into the front of the cut. I probed the putty to see if it stuck to the tape and the bumper after it dried. It was a simple process of sanding it down and applying the proper paint to blend it in. It's done! You couldn't tell if the bumper had been damaged. If you hadn't tried this simple solution, this repair would have caused you to buy a new bumper. I tell myself that thousands of people have solved the same problem before me when I have a problem that I haven't attacked before. Is they smarter than me? Maybe a lot of them. I think about what needs to be done and come up with a plan. If we just think about how to do it, we can fix a lot of things. Chances are that you will learn something from making the effort, even if you don't succeed on the first attempt. Try again with your new knowledge. You will get it worked out after a few tries.

3. J B Weld 8297 HighHeat Degree

J B Weld 8297 HighHeat Degree

You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. J-B WELD HIGHHEAT. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild materials that will be exposed to high temperatures in automotive and industrial maintenance applications. J-B Weld HighHeat is designed for repairs on exhaust manifolds, tail pipes, mufflers, engine blocks, duct work and other high temperature projects. HighHeat takes 1 hour to set and cures in 8 hours after it is set. The J-B Weld HighHeat set is machine grey. J-B Weld HighHeat has lap shear strength of 800 PSI at room temperature and 600 PSI at 400oF or more. HighHeat is able to handle intermittent heat of 500oF and continuous heat of 450oF. HighHeat can be tapped and drilled at higher temperatures. Exhaust Manifolds, Tail Pipes, Mufflers, Engine Blocks, Duct Work, Machinery and other high temperature equipment are used a lot. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. 3 times stronger at high temperatures. Continuous heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and intermittent heat up to 500 degrees.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤Have used multiple times for the highest heat conditions. If you follow the instructions, it will be a very strong and permanent repair. The area must be clean. If you have a good solvent, clean the grease off first. Attach a wire wheel to a drill to clean the rust off. The metal needs to be shiny. 2. The mini-grinder has a cut off wheel. 3. Cut off the amount that is needed. Rub between your hands like you are rolling a snake. Roll another snake by folding it back. For two minutes, do this over and over again. 4. Take a small portion off and put it on the surface. Press hard. Put it on the surface. Eventually it will stick and not fall off. Do this for the entire area. It should take about a minute. 5. Press and pull the edges inward, then press again. The edges should not pull away. Use a good hand cleaner and scrub brush to clean hands. Let it dry.

👤As a 35 years-plus aircraft maintainer with the Boeing Co., I can attest to the fact that you have to prepare the surface for the glue to work. There is a Sand away any paint or rust that may be on the metal surface. The acetone shouldn't be found anywhere it doesn't belong. After removing the heavy grime, wipe the area with acetone and a clean white rag or Q-tip, only in one direction. Continue with a clean wipe, until there is no visibleContamination on the wipe. There is a Immediately after, use a spray bottle and a clean white rag or Q-tip to wipe the area. Each time, wipe acetone away with a clean wipe. When possible, spray the area and let it air dry. There is a It is advisable not to touch the area with your skin as it will leave oils and affect a good bond. There is a The metal is drawn out of it by acetone. There is a If you use the alcohol on the plastic part, it will not damage the plastic.

👤I regret buying this and putting it on my car because I was hoping it would plug my exhaust manifolds. It went on easy, just roll it into a snake and roll it onto itself for a few minutes until it becomes consistent. I prepared the area by sanding down, grinding, and applying alcohol. 2 hours of preparation and installation. Allow it to cure for almost 28 hours. It would cure better if it was given an extra 4 because of the extra sun and heat. After those hours, it started burning and causing white smoke with a terrible chemical smell. That lasted for 3 days. I wasn't able to drive my car for 3 days. I had to drive it only at night to try to burn it all off and not get stopped by the cops. They would have thought I was catching fire because of the amount of smoke. I attached a picture of how the new exhaust manifolds looked and what I was trying to cover when I did the replacement. Which was the crack on the manifold and where it meets the flange. Terrible product, not meant for high temperatures. The headaches and terrible smell should be taken care of. The money was returned by Amazon.

4. Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

There is a pack of 6 that is labeled as "Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13plus Repairs, 2.64 Grams". Seal pipes, fix leaks in tanks and drains, repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts, pools and cracks in concrete. Bonding to a range of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, marble and many rigid plastics. It is easy to use, just cut, knead and apply to the damaged area. 10 minutes: Kneading and use are done. The curing time is 10 minutes to 24 hours. Completely hardened and fixed after 24 hours. After use can be fixed, please use within a year. They will reply to your questions at the first opportunity.

Brand: Xudoai

👤It seems to get the job done. It is easy to use, even if you are not familiar with these types of putties. Take it out, guess the size you need, and cut it off with a razor blade. I think it's best to recommend approx. To start with, half inch to 1/3. Roll it into a ball and mix the 2 solutions together. Use your palms and fingers to mix. Then apply to the area you need it in. You will not need much, but use your judgement. You can shape it with your fingers, x-acto knife or sculpting knife. Attach whatever part you need to do it. Attach something to it by hand or with a weight, and hold it together for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I give it an hour because it only takes a few minutes for it to be fully hardened. If necessary, sand it down. You can paint over it to match the product you have added it to.

👤The seller got this to me quickly. The soap holder above my sink was damaged, so I bought this stick. I didn't want to take the whole thing down. I decided to try it. It worked out well. All I had to do was cut the size I needed and massage it to a consistent color. It was large. I had to do it in stages. It would have matched perfectly if I had been a little more patient. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you inspect it closely. I would get the product from this seller again.

👤I have a chandelier that the taxk welding came off on, and it is one of the decor pieces that holds the light. I put a small clip on it to hold it for an hour. It was perfect when I came back. It held the broken tack together. Highly recommended.

👤A small cement statue is being repaired. I tried several other products and they didn't work. It was easy to apply and it was fast to bond. It was very close to the cement. After adhering the broken pieces and letting them cure, I used a Dremmel tool to ground off any excess to match the statue's shape. I used it as a fill in to hide the cracked areas and smoothed them out. I can't see where the original break was. This is amazing. We'll see how it holds up after being exposed to the weather.

👤The first statue was slightly chippy and the second split almost entirely down the middle. I did the chip first and it looks great. I think I don't have to paint it because the color is a near match. It's easy to work with, but you need to stick to it. Quickly. Hope it works on the larger project. I was glad I bought it.

👤I used this to stop the leak in my sink. I used my fingers to cut off a slice from the stick of putty and it turned into a gray color. I wrapped it around the pipe joint and pressed it into place. The repair has held up for 2 weeks so far. I put someXtreme Tape around the putty just for an extra, but my guess is that this wasn't really necessary. The putty was hard to clean off my fingers. I had to use soap and water on my nails. The package told me to wet my fingers. This might have made a difference.

5. J B Weld 8277 White Pack

J B Weld 8277 White Pack

All of the paints and coating are made in the USA. J-B WELD WATERWELD. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick is ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tub and showers, drain, pool and spa, boats and more. J-B Weld WaterWeld is safe for contact with water. WaterWeld takes 25 minutes to set and cures in one hour after it is set. The J-B Weld WaterWeld set is not white. J-B Weld WaterWeld has lap shear strength of 1300 PSI, can tolerate continuous temperatures up to 300F (149C) and intermittent temperatures of 350F (176 degrees Celsius), and is chemical resistant against petroleum, hydraulic fluids and other chemicals. There are surface applications. Iron, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, plastic, and PVC are used. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤Don't buy from AMAZON! I keep getting the same product. It's either old or not in good condition. I've been using 1 -2 tubes for 5 years and I'm familiar with them. I receive tubes that are either rock solid or extremely brittle. It won't work if it's not very soft. It doesn't have any glue at all. Over 50% of the tubes I've received have been different degrees of defects. It seems like it's ok to buy from Amazon again. I haven't had any issues with Amazon since I started buying again. I had to check each tube before purchasing in-store, so it was something on the manufacturers end.

👤This is an excellent product. I suggest you rethink your approach if it didn't do the job for you. Why would I say that? We bought the house a couple of years ago and the outdoor water supply was engineered, so I had to tackle multiple active leaks on an outdoor fire hydrant-like bit of plumbing. Multiple active leaks were developed by the unit. The main water supply has water pressure. The leaks were on the order of 1/16 inch holes. First, clean the surface. I used dish soap and alcohol with rough sponges. Sand the surface. The putty should be kneaded. I think the package says grey but to my eyes it was white, so make sure you knead it to a homogeneity of color, and cut the roll in half longitudinally. The mixing of the core and shell components will be aided by this. It will start to smell like urine when it's ready. Use a volume of waterweld that will allow you to apply good pressure without it getting too thin. I was fighting active leaks. I learned that for this type of problem, you have to apply the waterweld to the leak and then apply constant pressure for about 10 minutes so that it can resist the water pressure. If it isn't, the water pressure will cause it to bubble up and cause a hole. I applied pressure myself. It's not fun to do. It worked. Make sure you push it down so that you can get good contact. I applied more of the sides and the top just for measure. It worked great against active leaks from the main water supply when prepared properly. Gloves would be a good idea, but I found it hard to manipulate with bare hands. If you wet your hands it will make it easier to manipulate, as I had to apply manual pressure for a long time, and the putty sticking to my hands. I ended up with a encrusted hand because of the leaks. I suggest using acetone to remove dried putty from your hands. I soaked triple layers of paper towels in acetone and then wrapped them around my hands and used a soaked paper towel to scrub the gunk off my hands. Put your hands in water. All done. Waterweld is great.

👤The product works perfectly. I've used it to fix sinks, a leaking hull, and other things. It does the task and can be finished well. Do not purchase this from AMAZON. I love supporting Amazon, but the few times I've tried, the product is delivered to me compromised. It can be exposed during shipping or stored in an enviornment where the temperatures and humidity affect its curing. Three instances of ordering came with compromised performance. If you want to experience this product in person, you can purchase it at your local hardware store or mass retailer. I know it won't be as convenient as having it delivered to you, but some things are meant to be bought in store, and this is one of them. This product does not benefit from weather and storage. It would be like ordering a head of lettuce from Amazon, selecting "No-Rush" shipping, and seeing the condition it would arrive in a week later when subjected to fluctuating temperatures and environments. Go support your local business by purchasing this item, and keep the image of that head of lettuce in your head. There is still a good reason for retail.

6. PC Products PC Pool Moldable 41116

PC Products PC Pool Moldable 41116

The temporary crack repair in fiberglass, cement, plaster, marcite and gunite is provided by the use of Epoxy putty. No need for mixing or application tools. The service temperature can range from -20 to +200 degrees F. The cure time is 60 minutes and the work time is 3 minutes. Can be used in overhead and vertical applications. Can be used in overhead and vertical applications.

Brand: Pc Products

👤This product was used to fix a leak in my swimming pool. There was a leak on the exterior of one of the Schedule 40 pipes. I slid out the jet nozzle so the junction between the 112" pipe and the cement wall could be seen, because the fitting for the jet nozzle was not a good fit. A utility knife was used to dig out any loose cement around the pipe prior to starting. A suitable length of the rod was cut off and mixed by hand. I was unable to push any more into the gap between the cement and the Diamond Bright until I was forced to. Liquid food coloring and a children's oral liquid medicine syringe were used to identify the leak. This allowed placing small drops of coloring in the water near the leak, then watching the water flow through the wall gap. The food coloring showed that the leak was fixed.

👤I bought two to keep a backup for a leak in my pool. It didn't stop the leak. I used it as directed and the leak is small but it was still able to force its way through the putty with ease. It cured quickly, so that's nice, but it failed in its intended purpose. Save your money and look for other options.

👤We bought this stuff because our pool was leaking all summer and we took a chance. We were able to stop the leak with the help of this putty. It was worth the money because we had to put more putty in the cracks after we vacuumed it a couple of times. It saves us a lot of money on water if we re-apply every month.

👤I didn't want to let the water fully out to do the repairs until the end of the swim season because we had some pool repairs we needed to have done. I bought this and it worked great. We plugged some base holes until we could get to the end of the season and do the repairs we needed to do, because the putty was easy to use. Highly recommend this product.

👤The manufacturer claims that it cures quickly underwater. I followed the instructions and applied it to the concrete in my pool. It works but falls off. This is not true advertising.

👤I had never tried to seal a pool leak. There was a gap between the two things. The area was cleaned and the leak was fixed. I mixed the product and didn't know there were better instructions for inside wrapping. Next time... I would only use a small portion and save the rest if I ever need it again.

👤We had a slow leak around a jet in our pool and have tried many products to fix it, none have worked. This product was easy to mix, just pull a small piece off and roll around with your fingers for a few minutes. If you wait too long it will get very hot, so you need to work fast. I used it under water and it worked well. So far, so good. I have almost all of the tube left in case I need to apply again.

7. J B Weld 8257 KwikWood Stick 1

J B Weld 8257 KwikWood Stick 1

The weight-233G is included in the measurement. J-B WELD is from the area. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild wood. J-B Weld KwikWood is designed for all wood repairs. After kneading the two part formula together by hand, it takes 15 to 25 minutes to set and cure. The J-B Weld KwikWood set and cure color is light tan. J-B Weld has a lap shear strength of 900 PSI. The wood can be stained, molded, tapped, drilled, sanded and shaped. There are applications Repairs for window and door hinges, dry rot, Gouges and cracks in furniture, knot hole repairs and more are available. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤This is great. I've been using it for more than five years to do basic repairs. There are a few tips for those who gave bad reviews. The mixing ratio must be correct because it is an epoxy and it must be cut with a knife. It will become less elastic over time so only cut as much as you can. 2. It should be mixed thoroughly. You usually finish kneading in about 2 minutes. There should be one color. Once it is in the right spot, apply immediately and stop touching it. 3. Wait until the cure time is over before allowing it to get stressed out. 4. If you can, keep the unused portion in the original container. 5. If you use an old product that has sat for a while and feels hard, put it in the oven for 15 minutes to warm it up. It will mix well. I live with it because I've found nothing better. It's expensive to use freely. If it weren't so expensive, I could reform parts or fill gaps. 2. It's kind of waterproof. It won't stain but will paint like wood. 3. Shelf life isn't great. I would buy a lot of it to make sure I always have some, but it doesn't last past 2 years. It's best suited for wood. There are other products that work better for general repairs.

👤The ikea display cabinet they bought was broken during delivery because it was shrink wrapped too tight and the hinges were ripped off. This was the best option for repairs because the holes were damaged and not just stripped. Handling playdoh is the same as using it, it's easy to use and not messy. It will never set if you fold it together before you use. The perfect tools for filling in the holes were a knife and comb. You can poke pilot holes before it sets.

👤You will not regret buying this if your dog chews. The product saved my butt. Our dog wanted to prove that he can ruin anything if he puts his mind to it. He chewed the siding on the house. I saw this product and thought it was worth a try, so I was going to hire a handyman. The product is easy to use. I was able to repair it in one day because it dries fast and I was able to paint over it. It smells like peanut butter so be careful not to leave it somewhere that pets or kids can reach. I'm pretty proud of my repair. Probably saved a few hundred dollars. Product is ready for paint after being dried to a cream color.

👤Superb stuff for basic repairs. It's very easy to work with and it's easy to make something that's rock-hard. I used it to mold it into a shape that would fit into the undamaged wood surrounding it. There are two things with that said. 1. If at all, the stuff takes stain well. I saw that it was best to mix the stain with the wood while I was kneading it to get it ready for use. I wish I'd done that. The stain took forever to dry and I'm not sure if it will ever cure. I'm not sure if I want to seal it. It's a huge drawer, will rarely move, but I could see the stain coming off if you had to hold it tightly to pick it up or move it. 2. When it is hardened, it becomes hardened. It is very difficult to sand after it has hardened, so you should make sure it is in its final form before it is fully hardened. I did this, so I have no regrets. There are a couple of small waves that I thought could be smoothed out with sand, but this proved to be very difficult. I let it go because these are small issues. It is highly recommended with the cautions.

8. PC Products Adhesive Two Part Marine 160114

PC Products Adhesive Two Part Marine 160114

The two-part marine paste bonds materials in a variety of environments. Many materials are bonds, including fiberglass, concrete, metals, glass, ceramic, and rubber. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications with a temperature range of 35 to 115 degrees F. In overhead applications, high-tack paste can be used. Resists mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, and fresh and salt water.

Brand: Pc Products

👤Sometimes I wish I could give a "six star" rating to a product that I am positive about. This is one of those times. I am very happy with this. I've used a lot of epoxies. It has good consistency. It's easy to mix. It's easy to apply. Good life with pot. The sets are very hard. I love it! I had to repair a crack in the fiberglass tank of the pool filter, which has to hold up to 20 psig pressure. I used a fiberglass cloth to reinforce the inside. I hammered to form and affix with epoxy, four steel strips across the crack, which I then covered over with more epoxy. The repair is holding up well and I hope to get more life out of the filter. I've used it for many other repairs. Totally satisfied.

👤I ordered this product because I know it is a good one and I hate when people give bad reviews to products because of shipping or other problems unrelated to the quality of the product. , I want to warn people. I purchased this, 1lb 2 part epoxy paste, and it arrived with a large crack in the lid of one of the containers making it impossible to seal and preserve the product. I returned it and was very pleased with Amazon, but it had the same damage to the lid as the first one, so I had to return it again. I don't think I'll get another replacement because I think it will have the same damage.

👤This is a thick product so you will have to build your arms up to mix it. The thickness is good because it won't fall on a vertical surface. I used it to patch up a deteriorated piece in a fountain and it looks like it's the perfect product for that. It doesn't move, sticks like a stick, and sets hard. The can says 30 minutes, but it really takes about 24 hours to set hard. I used a metal food can for mixing, but don't use a plastic cup unless you're mixing a very small amount - it will break when mixing. I recommend using disposable nitrile gloves as they tend to get on your hands during mixing. It can be cleaned with a paper towel and some alcohol.

👤I am not sure if this product would do the job. I don't see how it would cure under water unless you use a lot of gardener, more than equal parts. I applied it using equal parts at about 11am the day before, and it was 60o f the next day. It's still sticky and gummy after 54of, sunny, no rain. I think they should give a gardener once more. Equal parts are not doing it. They stay gummy for a period of time longer than specified, but then they become gummy again and become hardened after several hours. This one is still sticky, gummy and uncured after almost 23 hours. Frustrating. Unless you use a larger amount of hardener, I don't know how this will cure under water. Equal amounts are not doing it.

9. PC Products 167779 Two Part Multipurpose

PC Products 167779 Two Part Multipurpose

Colorado won't. FADE TO YELLOW, or SHRINK: It should be formulated to keep it's color and keep it from sagging once cured. Two-part Multipurpose epoxy glue works as a bonding agent, sealant, and filler for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. Many materials are bonds, including fiberglass, wood, concrete, many metals, brick, glass, ceramic, and rubber. Plumbing and masonry cracks can be found as well as oil, gas, and water tank leaks. It fills holes and casts. The application temperature range is 35 to 115 degrees F, and the service temperature range is -20 to +200 degrees F. PC-7 For large and critical jobs, which allow the user to make changes, the user can work for extended periods of time. Overhead and sidewall work can be done with a high "wet grab" or tack of PC-7 Paste Epoxy.

Brand: Pc Products

👤Great substance. It does not dry very quickly. There are a lot of good comments and user reviews about how temperature affects curing time. The instructions should be read. I've used it to fill a chip in my counter top, to patch holes in a brick wall, and to fix plastic parts that CA wouldn't adhere to. I used a clothes pin to hold it in place while it cured. I can confirm that PC-7 does not stick to wax paper. This stuff seems to stick to everything else. I did not remove stars from the review, but I did mention that Amazon's packaging was not up to par. A pound of plastic containers should not be shipped in an envelope. Before cutting the shrink wrap plastic that holds the containers together, make sure you check your containers. One of my plastic lids was damaged during shipping.

👤The truck's drip rail was starting to split, letting water in. The correct repair is to replace the roof of the truck. Not happening. I was looking for an excellent 2 part epoxy but couldn't find it in the quantity I needed. I found this stuff, cleared up the rail with a wire wheel, and applied PC 7 in the crevasse with a gloved finger. A bit of sanding, primer and paint.

👤This stuff is amazing. It's difficult to work with since it mixes to the consistency of a peanut butter but it dries to a hard, permanent repair. I used this to fill in a few holes in a leather helmet, one of them being about 4 square inches. You can't tell the hole was there because of the different color of the dried epoxy. It takes work to cure the cured epoxy. I used an air powered angle grinder and a sanding disk to remove the dried epoxy then hand sanded it. I have found a replacement for JB Weld with this epoxy and am very pleased with it. The cure time is dependent on the temperature and can take up to a couple days to fully harden so it's not really the go to product for a quick job. For the price of two JB Weld kits, you can get a kit that is 20 times the amount of product.

👤I tried this a few years ago and it worked well. It was used maybe 3 times. I didn't need to use it again because I forgot about it. I needed it and opened the bottles. The containers were sealed. I bought the saw around the year 2015. I thought. "eh... Maybe it has a shelf life. In April of this year, I ordered some more. It was almost hard to open the bottles. Wow. It would take more than a tongue depressor to get it out of the bottles. One trying. I got equal amounts of cardboard to mix. It's like trying to stir cement. It will not mix. This was a good experience. I stopped trying to save and just bought the stuff that this brand mimicked. For reference...JB Weld. I found the tubes in the tool room. I got them a decade ago. Still works, guess what? Tra La La.

10. Quick Wood 471050 24 QuikWood Putty

Quick Wood 471050 24 QuikWood Putty

There is no drying alcohol, no perfume, and no Parabens on skin. There are holes, scratches, gauges, cracks, dry rot and knot holes. Fix furniture, frames and other items. Reshape woodcarvings, remold wood knobs and handles. Can be sculpted or carved. The applications of the interior and exterior. The applications of the interior and exterior.

Brand: Quick Wood

👤Unlike otherfillers or putties, QuikWood can be used to build up missing pieces in broken wooden objects. I have successfully repaired and made new again broken wooden balusters with the help of QuikWood. I searched for weeks to find balusters that matched the old one, but couldn't find any. I filled in and built up the parts that were missing by using QuikWood. It looked perfect after some sanding to shape it and smooth it out. It looked brand new with a little matching paint. Excellent stuff. This product is very good.

👤It works well for filling nail holes. Spread it with a putty knife after slicing off as much as you need. After a few minutes, it becomes impossible to sand. It has a long shelf life and doesn't dry out in the tube.

👤I am a professional furniture painter and have a lot of work to do on furniture before it can be painted. I've tried several products that claim to behave like wood, but they don't, and they also tend to crack and shrink. I have used Quickwood to rebuild parts of legs that broke off on some of the Jacobean pieces I have worked on. It dries quickly and hard. It's difficult to work with until you get a feel for it, but it's worth it to deal with the smell because the finished product is so good. It has a good working time. You slice off the amount you want from the tube, mix it together, and then start shaping it. I order from Amazon every month or so, and have made it a habit to order 2 tubes with each order. I don't want to run out as it doesn't seem to be available in the area. I buy the natural color if I need it to show through the paint I am using. I have tried staining with it, and it does not stain the way wood does, so find that matching the color closest to what I need is the best bet. If I were to use this on antiques that I am not painting, I would probably paint it with oils that match the wood grain, rather than try to stain it to match. Good product!

👤It's easy to use, just put it in your hand. The smell is strong, but it cures quickly. It is workable for less than 5 minutes. 3 minutes is at the high end of the time that is workable, but I didn't look at my watch when I was using it. I was able to drill and tap the material after that.

👤It works well as a wood carver. It's hard to cut off a small amount when you need it. It is easy to sand and can be painted over.

👤I'm using this for art. It's important to only work small, but build it up. Adding mustaches to my Santa gourds was great.

👤I use this product on wood frames. It will stick quickly. It dries very quickly. I use this on a lot of my crafts. I made a foot out of it for a plastered rabbit. It was painted and could not tell it was missing. I can make flowers, arms and legs for the gourd. They made a corn cob nose by making snow gourds with their arms and buttons. There are many uses.

11. XUDOAI Repair Plastic Ceramic Multi Purpose

XUDOAI Repair Plastic Ceramic Multi Purpose

Set in 5 minutes for emergency or permanent repairs. It is used to seal the leaking pipes after kneading evenly. A variety of materials can be bonded, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, fiberglass, stone and many hard plastics. It's used for filling and repairing. It is easy to use, just cut, hand knead and apply to the damaged area. The time is mixing evenly. The curing time is 5 minutes to 24 hours. Completely hardened and fixed after 24 hours. The temperature of the product is between 50 C and 120 C, and the rest is kept in a cool place.

Brand: Xudoai

👤The product is garbage. Doesn't work at all! The package starts off hard. Instructions state that it needs to be in place before it starts to change color. You have to make the white and green parts of the same color. It is impossible to do this before hardening. It is like dried out Play-Doh. It is dried and crumbling in your hand before you can mix it. The product has the word "epoxy" in it's name. "epoxy" means sticky, glue or glue. The product has no trait. I would have been better off using my spit.

👤The green colored mixing component was very stiff and difficult to blend, so I had to return and place a reorder. The application window was closing when the two were uniformly mixed. If you have a task that takes more than 10 minutes, you may have to beat the clock.

👤This didn't work out. Is the pipe still leaking?

👤They couldn't come together because of the dry weather. Both of them couldn't use it.

👤No sirve para pintar de otro color. It is not suitable for painting in another color.

👤The product that fixed my curtain pole was a quality product. The sets are like concrete.

👤A hole in a floor tile and a missing bit of trim on a dishwasher were some of the repairs that it said on the tin.

👤This product was not what it was described to be.

👤I have used similar products before. It was easy to get some from Amazon. There is a I assumed the package's weight would be the same as the price elsewhere. It wasn't. The product was mixed up like play dough. Without cracking, it could not be spread thin. It could not be spread thin or smooth because it wouldn't get into cracks. It got harder. There is a You had to apply a big blob that was not water tight. You used more material than necessary and still needed to apply a water tight layer over top. I will use similar products again.


What is the best product for repair epoxy putty?

Repair epoxy putty products from Star Brite. In this article about repair epoxy putty you can see why people choose the product. J-b Weld and J-b Weld are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair epoxy putty.

What are the best brands for repair epoxy putty?

Star Brite, J-b Weld and J-b Weld are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair epoxy putty. Find the detail in this article. Xudoai, J-b Weld and Pc Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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