Best Repair Fire Tablet Screen

Tablet 7 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Kaisi Professional Electronics Non Abrasive Anti Static

Kaisi Professional Electronics Non Abrasive Anti Static

Pick the anti-tear nylon bag package, take out the handle, choose the right bit, and begin your repair journey from a beginner to a professional master. This feeling is wonderful if you let your electronic products evolve into monster performance. You can give it as a gift to your family and friends. The Kaisi 20 PCS opening pry tools kit is for smart phone repairs. Professional grade steel construction is used. There are 7 nylon pry tools and 2 steel pry tools. There are 1 protective film tools and 3 screwdrivers. It's easy to replace the screen cover for any plastic case. It's easy to replace the screen cover for any plastic case.

Brand: Kaisi

👤All I wanted was a cheap set of tools to open up my laptop and install parts. I needed a pry tool and some screwdrivers for this task. The first few tools broke when I used them for the first time. The plastic tips broke. The included screwdrivers wouldn't remove the screws that held the laptop case on. I had to dig out my other precision screwdrivers, cheap Walmart ones that were about $7 for a set, because they worked on the screws. The only thing I found useful in this kit was the pry tools, and one broke immediately, and I was very gentle with it. I didn't think it would be perfect. I was expecting a cheap set for light work. I didn't expect it to last so long, but it did. I expected Phillip head screwdrivers to fit standard laptop screws, but they were too small and would strip the screws if you tried to make it work. The product set is not of good quality. I wouldn't buy this again. It's going to be thrown away.

👤The kit contains all of the necessary items for cell phone, tablets, and small screen repairs. There are many kits with the same items, but this one has the best selection. The pieces are of good quality. Good service for many repairs should last a while. The pry tool is stiff enough to cut through the glass and thin enough to get under it. The plastic pry tools and picks are made from a tough plastic that should hold up if used correctly. Many people said they were cheap because they were bent. If this is the case, you are probably using the wrong method to pry. A good kit that includes all the tools needed to perform cell phone screen repairs. There is no reason to spend more on individual tools. You can get this kit and watch videos on repairs. If used correctly, this kit will last a while. The same quality tools are used by professionals. The price and value are great.

👤There is a great selection of other things you can use with this set ofspudgers. When you need to replace a batter for a pricey cell phone and don't want to damage the soft plastic case with a screw driver, this set comes with several different flavors that will meet the needs of most jobs. If you do this kind of work frequently you'll want a more comprehensive set of drivers, and the included screwdriver set is functional and will suffice for most projects. This tool kit is an above average quality for pro's or anyone willing to take on a project for common electronics such as phones, tablets or laptops. My main tool bag has a zip bag that I use to keep everything together. This was a great purchase for me and exceeded my expectations.

👤I bought this cheap set of tools because I needed to fix a friend's laptop in my own time, and MzE The kit was too thick to make the job easy and controlled, but you get what you pay for. I was able to get the job done because of my experience opening laptops, but the quality of the tools wasn't as good as I would have liked. We use the iFixit pry tools kit at work. It is relatively pricey, but the high quality makes the task of opening laptops easy and risk-free, perfect for someone looking for peace of mind when doing their own laptop repair/upgrade.

2. Kaisi Adjustable Fastening Compatible Samsung

Kaisi Adjustable Fastening Compatible Samsung

Silicone Mat is applicable to your daily life, such as the kitchen, baking house, and also suitable for electronic laboratory, computer maintenance, mass production of electronics workshop etc. The holder is easy to use for phone repairs. The rubber pad will not hurt the screen. When you replace a screen on your phone, don't put it in the sink or bulge it. A universal clip fixture can be used to fix things. When your cellphone is not working, make the screen to fit the frame perfectly.

Brand: Kaisi

👤I like them for phone repair. I need to use exact pressure to seal the screen, and that's when I'm most vulnerable. I have used them to secure fabric.

👤I don't recommend it. This doesn't work in a long time. It won't hold straight. The rubber paddings will slip out because the glue that was used to stick them appears to function like balm. The image has four clamps. The rubber paddings were moved to the right side and the two clamps were tightened to the left side. This is a very bad piece of engineering. The 19th century Rocket, built by Stephenson, probably had tighter mechanical tolerances than this excuse. Is it any good? It's possible for postage stamps to be put onto envelopes. Do not buy these contraptions if you value your time more than money.

👤I needed these when I applied the screen to the frame. The screen will not settle completely after I applied the tape and placed it. The adjuster opened up thicker than my 12promax and closed down more easily for small adjustments. It is important to find the best locations so that it can apply pressure to cure and setup. Remove and inspect in a short time. You can achieve compression with a large book or manually, but you risk to little or to much with no control. That is all.

👤When I replaced my screen and battery, I didn't have these. It was difficult to press the screen down. I did my wife's phone last week. It was easier to get the seal with these. Hold the screen down with no fingers.

👤Going to order another set. It's much better than using spring loaded clamps. Looks professional and puts pressure where you want it. I use mostly on iPad repairs.

👤I cracked my screen with it because I put too much pressure on the speaker grill, but that's my fault. So. It's good to have.

👤I needed these to hold my phone back cover on. They are easy to adjust and have padding so they won't cause any damage. There are small holes in the sides if you wanted to mount them to something. I was glad to have these, instead of using my hand or my husband's woodworking clamps.

👤No ha ayudado a realizar las reparaciones de una forma.

👤Se recomienda solo para phones. The relojes digitales pues son pequeos.

3. Facebook Portal Calling Screen Display

Facebook Portal Calling Screen Display

Even if they don't have portal, you can video call with friends and family using your Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom account. You can catch up hands-free with the smart camera that automatically pans and zooms. Be heard. Smart Sound makes your voice sound better. Experience even more together. You can join or host a group call with Messenger Rooms. As you read along to well-loved tales with music, animation and augmented reality effects, you will become some of your children's favorite storybook characters. Listen to your favorite music and streaming apps, display your photos from your social media accounts, and more. Work smarter from home with partners. Even if they are not in the office, connect with your co-workers.

Brand: Facebook

👤It was good while it lasted. We bought three. My sister's family and my parents are important to me. We loved our nightly get togethers. The picture was good. Everything was great. We used them for a couple of weeks. And then... The page on my Facebook was compromised. The password and email were changed. I've been trying to get support from Facebook. Hit brick walls. Do you know that Facebook can't help you? I can't add my husband to the portal because I have to log in to Facebook first. The portal is useless here. It was wasted. Pass until Facebook has better support and customer service.

👤I bought two of these for my grandparents and I am a tech savvy person. I tried it out and it worked well when I called my friends and family who already had a Facebook. Before Christmas, I unboxed the two for my grandparents and began the process of making a Facebook page for them. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a way to add Facebook contacts using the app, but I was not concerned because I already made new emails for my grandparents for their accounts. What do you know? Both emails were rejected and their accounts were disabled before I could even get to the part of adding a picture for them. I don't know why, it said that my 100 year old violated the guidelines. There must be a mistake because I immediately clicked for a review on Facebook. If I would give them a phone number they could text, they would do a review. How did a 100 year old respond to a text? I can't use my phone because it's in my account. What do I do? There is no way to complain. Facebook sells a product that is easy to use, but does not make it easy to set it up. I don't know what to do other than keep trying different emails until the great Facebook will allow me to video chat with my grandparents.

👤My mother is in a nursing home and we had the Grandpad for almost 2 years. It worked because we wanted to be able to connect face to face whenever convenient. It had issues, like it couldn't hear her voice, and no matter how many times I tried to call her, it never rang on her side, so I had to wait for her to call me. I decided to use the Facebook portal in my home if it didn't work out, so I tried it to see if it was better. I'm very happy we got this. Number one is that it hears her soft voice even from across the room. Number two she's in a wheelchair and likes to move around when she's talking, so would constantly drop the grand pad, but with Facebook portals sitting on the desk and tracking her movements, she doesn't have to hold it, so it never gets dropped. It's great when a nurse or someone comes in the room to include both of them. She doesn't have to touch the screen at all, which is great because she would get lost in the different options. She has more limited intellectual capabilities, so she just has to say "hey Facebook call" and it will do! I'm getting a second one for my house because we are all very happy with this purchase.

4. Black Screen Digitizer Samsung Galaxy

Black Screen Digitizer Samsung Galaxy

It's easy to replace the screen cover for any plastic case. Each item has been tested before shipment. The kit has all the necessary tools for repair and installation. The replacement kit is for the cracked screen or unresponsive touch screen. For the SM-T580 SM-T585 2016 for the Tab A. Even though you are not a private repair technician, you want to replace it yourself? You will find it easy to replace the turorial videos on YouTube. This is the only best quality one that gives you the best value for your money, and only on Amazon.

Brand: T Phael

👤My wife's phone broke the glass when it fell off her nightstand. I have replaced a few screens on phones and an earlier version of the tables, so this is not new to me. The kit has lots of tools, a Digitizer screen, and instructions to search for a video on how to do it. I used a box cutter to start the separation of the plastic case from the frame, but I couldn't get it to release with the included tools. I was able to get the case off with the help of the pick and metal tool. The screen was easy to release due to the falling and breaking. I disconnected the battery cable from the backside before I released the screen cable. I made sure there was no dust on the screen surface after removing it and feeding the new cable through the frame. The removal of the protective film was easy once I got it going. To make sure the screenAdheres, you press around the edges of the screen. I cleaned the new screen well, applied a better case, and reconnected the battery cable. I used the tweezers to thread the cable through the hole in the case. I am happy to have all of the tiny screwdrivers as I can use them occasionally when working on other electronics.

👤I have a screen that is missing a sensor. They said it must have been missed in the assembly. The second one has the same problem. When I make a call, the phone goes black. It doesn't seem like I have it in my ear. The screen doesn't react like it used to. I will try another vendor.

👤The seller went to great lengths to collect all the bits needed for a top-quality replacement. Even the tools are first class. The heat gun is the only large tool you will need. I have nothing but praise for this product. The job is not for a beginner, but I'm a skilled handyman and it went well. I used the internet for guidance. There was no trouble fighting with fit/finish quality issues because of the excellence of the kit.

👤I replaced the shattered screen on my daughter's tablet with a new one, because she couldn't use it due to pieces coming off. I replaced the screen by taking the glass off and watching a video on the internet. The touch screen has been working perfectly and the thickness of the screen felt exactly like the original one. It's as good as new with less than $30. If you need to replace a broken glass screen but don't want to use a lcd screen, I recommend this.

👤The screen replacement product was never installed because I destroyed the attachment where it connects to the main board. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find a broken screen or damaged digitizer for a low price.

👤This was the thing. It was a good fit and included some tools as a bonus.

5. Digitizer Replacement SR043KL Generation Release

Digitizer Replacement SR043KL Generation Release

What you get is a touch panel digitizer glass lens screen replacement and tools for Amazon. HD8 7th Gen is out. All items are tested before shipping. If you have any pre-sale or after-sale questions, please feel free to contact them, they will be happy to assist you. The assembly kit has a touch screen and a tool kit. You can find installation video online or consult the professionals if you don't know how to do it.

Brand: Bosstouch

👤I thought I had a kindle fire 7 when I saw it. It doesn't fit.

👤It came with the correct tools I needed to replace the previous screen.

👤My order didn't include wipes to clean the screens. I need to buy something else because the screen did not have any glue.

👤The tool kit was not useful. The screen was the only thing I used.

6. Kaisi Professional Electronics Screwdrivers Cellphone

Kaisi Professional Electronics Screwdrivers Cellphone

All mobile devices, phones, tablets, smart watches, cameras, touch screens are compatible with Universal. 100% compatible with readers. The opening pry tools kit for smart phones was upgraded. The nylon carbon fiber is sturdy and professional grade. There are 3 nylon carbon fiber spudger pry tools, 2 steel pry tools and 5 plastic pry tools. 2mm screen double sided tape, a carving knife, a big rubber cup, a cleanning brush, and a cleaning cloth are included. It's easy to replace the screen cover for any plastic case.

Brand: Kaisi

👤The toolkit arrived quickly. I used it to take apart a mouse. The metal spudger was able to remove the delicate pads on the bottom without damaging them and I was able to reuse the glue to attach them. The pry tools worked well to separate the mouse and the tiny screw drivers worked well for the tiny screws inside the mouse. The tiny screws were easy to manipulate with the tweezers. The good news is that my kit was not missing the rubber spudger. It wasn't in the box. I contacted the seller but they told me it was an order from Amazon and I had to go to get it replaced. They gave me a phone number. Amazon will only accept a full return on the kit. I have to ship the old one back or I will be charged for another kit. The kit is very nice. I would give it five stars, but with a missing tool and the hassle of getting it fixed, I just can't give it more than three stars. Count your tools and don't count on Kaisi support if you buy the kit.

👤My husband bought this to fix his phone. He hates change. He used it to disassemble his phone, install a new speaker, and add a microphone. He didn't need more tools. He got his money worth more than taking the phone to a shop.

👤I had to replace my phone because the old battery wouldn't last more than an hour, but my husband changed out the phone battery for me and we charged it up to 100%. The battery lasts me all day. I use my phone a lot. I would recommend it.

👤The item did not have the plastic sheets on the right side of the photo. The item arrived late and is a box with unsorted tools. Do not recommend.

👤It was used by my husband to get a phone that had been malfunctioning.

👤There are enough tools in the package for repair of laptops, phones, and general electronics. I haven't found any issues with the quality of the tools.

👤I think anyone would need a tool for repairing phones or other small devices. The X-act knife can be used with some tools. Everything came in a little pouch and did what I expected. Can't really ask for more than this.

👤There are a lot of tools. I was able to repair my phone. It comes with a nice case to keep everything safe.

7. CPB Heating Compatible Smartphone Separator

CPB Heating Compatible Smartphone Separator

It's better to put your tools in the 4 notch and 30 screw positions to classify and store IC components, which will make your operation station clean and tidy. If you use the screen regularly, it's not a problem with service life of 10 to 15 years. Two Smart Modes,phone mode settable temperature 50F-248F(10C-120C) and tablet mode settable temperature 50F-194F(10C-90C),time and temperature controlled, is safe and high efficiency. The heating pad is 15 x 7.9 x 1.46 inches and can be used for a variety of devices. No need to use a transformer, this product is perfect for 100-240V input voltage.

Brand: Cpb Ienbos

👤The heating pad is a great way to open phones and tablets. A lot of detail has been lost in translation so it may be hard to understand the instructions. Controls and settings are easy to set up. The heating pad is large, but only a small area gets hot. The hot zone is the same size as a sheet of paper, but if you're working on phones, it's bigger. The foam in the middle of the heating pad keeps it cool while it gets hot. The seller of the heating pads is very responsive and will let you know if the product is out of stock and how fast they can get it. I received my product from China in four days and it was wrapped in black plastic and tape. If you choose expedited shipping, it ships with ups. Let me know if you'd like to see a video review with a comment of thumbs up.

👤The product I purchased is very similar to the ones I've read before. This is the smaller size that has parts boxes across the top. To make sure it will work, it was tested on an old phone. It was very hot. It takes a lot of heat to get to the glue on the back plate of a curved phone. In the future, I will probably heat the entire back for a little and then hold the phone at an angle to heat one side of the glue line. There are two modes, one has a timer and the other has a limit. The phone mode can be set for a fixed temp without a timer. It worked out as I expected. The temperature control appeared to work but was not checked for accuracy. It's good for phone repairs if you have a good size. It's questionable if having a working surface with tool and parts storage on the same mat is a good idea. I think this is being used to heat the device and then move to another work surface for repairs. I don't want to burn myself if I touch the pad at the right temperature. Why do parts and tool storage exist? I don't think it's added function in my opinion. I believe that the "LCD screen separator" is a stretch. I think this is to get it to show in searches rather than being a viable device for someone doing screen separations. I don't do separations so this is just my observation. There is insulation under the pad, but the bottom of the desk got very hot. You would want more insulation under the pad if you were to use it for long periods of time. I wouldn't trust left plugged in to power when not in use, because it was made in China with no testing. I have used the product a number of times and it has worked as expected. You need to make sure it sits on the right surface because it gets very hot on the bottom. There is no electrical standards on the product. Nothing, except for TUV, PSE, and nothing else. I don't want to find out that it wasn't safe after the fire. I will look for something else when it goes in the trash.

8. Alvar Digitizer Replacement Release Adhesive

Alvar Digitizer Replacement Release Adhesive

The kit includes a touch screen digitizer and tools. You can save the text instruction picture from the listing if you want, but not in the package. All items are tested before shipping. The installation instructions shown in the product image are for reference. If you have any other questions before installation, please look for video on Youtube that will be helpful, their instructions only show important tips. Installation should not be recommended without experience. If you have any pre-sale or after-sale questions, please feel free to contact them, they will be happy to assist you. Each item has been tested and is in good condition. The replacement Touch Screen Digitizer is compatible with the Amazon Fire HD8 7th Gen. What you get is a touch panel digitizer glass lens screen replacement and tools for Amazon. HD8 7th Gen is out.

Brand: Alvar

👤There is a need for directions for installation. You tube has a video on it. I cut the wrong wires. I don't agree with things being disposable, but it's easier to buy another one.

👤I watched a video before trying to fix the cracked screen. The screen was almost ordered the wrong way. I couldn't choose the wrong one if I opened the cover before ordering. It was a very delicate procedure to get the correct screen, but it fit and the tablet looks new.

👤The screen worked for repairs.

👤It was a breeze with ytube.

👤The first screen was not working and the seller quickly responded and sent a new one.

👤I tried, but couldn't. Don't purchase unless you know what you're doing, there's no video on how to do it with these specific tools.

👤My child had an Amazon Fire Tablet 8. There are small screws that hold the board up. The battery should be disconnected before taking the device apart. The glass will shatter and break if you use a blow dryer and clear tape on the front. It works and fixes an out of warranty kids fire 8 tablet. I watched a video that fixed the tablet.

👤They couldn't install it because it wasn't forCPR.

9. ClearView Protector Smartphones Tablets Protection

ClearView Protector Smartphones Tablets Protection

Clearview Liquid Screen Protector is an invisible liquid coating that is easy to clean. It improves scratch and impact resistance by bonding to the glass of your device. It can be applied to more than one device. Adding an additional layer of glass does not fix or repair existing damages. Does not affect the fingerprints. Can be applied over the camera and speaker. Does not cause any damage to the device. Universal is compatible with all devices. Excellent with both curved and foldable screens. It is 100% compatible with the readers.

Brand: Clearview

👤I followed the instructions in the package. They wouldn't take my phone because they said there was a crack in the screen. The smallest cracks. They told me to contact the person who gave the liquid protector because it didn't work. Yes, it's easy to install. It is scratch resistant, no.

👤This stuff isn't what it seems. You can't see how it works. I have put this stuff on a lot of my glass surfaces but I don't think it works.

👤It is cheaper than the liquid glass at my store. I tried several layers and that's not going to fill any scratches that already exist. It improves the screen quality.

👤This is the best screen protection. It is amazing. I am very happy with my purchase. The screen does not have fingerprints on it and it does not interfere with the functions of the cellphone.

👤I liked that it comes with a warranty and that you can't tell if something is on the screen.

👤The screen on my daughter's phone shattered when we put this on it. I am very disappointed in the product.

👤Did not prevent scratches. Nothing else was in my pocket when I put the watch in my pocket.

10. LIQUID GLASS Protector Smartphones Protection

LIQUID GLASS Protector Smartphones Protection

Liquid Glass is a wipe-on screen protectors that bonds to the glass of your device and offers enhanced scratch, moisture, and impact resistance. The glass is suspended in a liquid solution with the help of a substance called silica dioxide. It should not be used to repair broken screens. Does not fix scratches or damages. Adding an extra layer of glass that is scratch and shatter resistant increases the strength of the glass to 9 H. Does not fix existing damages. It's easy to apply a wipe-on application for curved screens. All mobile devices, phones, tablets, smart watches, cameras, touch screens are compatible with Universal. 100% compatible with readers.

Brand: Liquid Glass

👤I have used liquid glass before and am excited to try this product. It was not easy to get the liquid out of the bottle. I could hear the liquid inside the bottle, but I have no idea what it was. Follow the directions. I was careful not to dump the entire bottle on one device, but I never could get anything to come out. Nothing came out when the poker was held upside down. I had to open the bottle. I don't notice a difference in the way my device is protected from scratches after applying.

👤When I first got my phone, I didn't put a screen protection on it, but I had a series of small scratches on it. I was reminded that my screen was protected and so far I'd been lucky. The product said it could be used on up to four devices. That meant there was a lot. I applied a layer as instructed. I applied a second layer the next day. The micro-scratches are gone after the second application. I chose liquid glass because I wanted that result. I've used this before and know that it protects my screen from the little scratches. I applied a coat to my smart watch. I haven't noticed a problem using my touch screens. I will buy this again when I need to protect my device.

👤My screen was scratched a week after I used this product. A new phone is ruined. Thanks for nothing.

👤The liquid glass was easy to use. I used it on my husband's cell phone, and you can't tell it's there. If you tap it, you know it's there. It is well worth the money because you can do multiple phones with it.

👤Just a few drops and you're on your way to smoothing the liquid glass on your phone. I don't have a problem with my fingerprints being read, maybe that's why my fingerprints aren't always read.

👤It is easy to install added protection.

👤I was skeptical about this product but now use it all. You get enough in the package to do 4 phones, which is a huge plus to start with. I apply 2 layers at the same time. It's a great product, but I have to reapply it every 4-7 months, depending on how much you're protecting your phone from.

👤It was used on a cell phone and a tablets. It was easy to install, feels good, and no noticeable loss on touch on initial installation, but it will be seen how well it holds up to sensitivity and whatnot.

11. GANGZHIBAO Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

GANGZHIBAO Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

40 x Car Retainer Clips,4 x Precision Hook Picks,6 x Stereo removal Tools,10 x Adhesive Cable Clips,12 x Car Trim removal are included in the automative TRIM REMOVAL TOOLS KIT. Tools, 1 x Trim Clip removal pliers, 2 x U-Shaped removal tools, 2 x Upholstery Fastener removal, 11x auto terminal removal key tool. BYNIIUR has a 12-month support for faulty item service. A repair tool kit is a set of tools that can be used to repair electronic devices. This versatile electronics repair kit has 56 different screwdriver bits. If you are an amateur or professional in the IT world, you can easily use this electronics tool kit to repair computers and phones. The repair kit is a good gift for your friends, father, husband, son, etc. Various repair tools, including anti-static wrist strap, complete pry tools set, Anti-Static ESD tweezers, magnetizer, for computer, phone, and more. The repair tool kit can be used to fix everything from computer to electronic, such as replacing the macbook screen, battery or repairing pc,phone, laptop by yourself. Magnetic screwdriver bits are made of quality S2 and have a hard surface. A great gift for an IT technician, technical engineer, electronics enthusiast, scuplture, DIYer, student, housewife, and so on. If you have a question, they will try their best to solve it within 12 hours.

Brand: Gangzhibao

👤The wide variety will strip easy, so make sure to match the size of the bit you need because these all strip out easily. It would be great if someone could release one of these kits with quality hardened bits that don't strip out so easily, as the one I bought from ifixit is just as bad.

👤These tools were poorly designed and made. I haven't been disappointed in an item in a while. The product looks and sounds great, but it is not. It has all the right heads, but they are easily damaged. The case that holds the different screw driver heads doesn't hold them in place. It's almost impossible to get them back in their correct spots when they come out because the lettering is so small. Even a person with 20/10 vision would be hard pressed to read the instructions in a small print. The bits would fall out even when locked in the down position. The plastic pieces were cheap and didn't last long. You can only use the metal tools on a few things. The only good thing in this kit was the AntiStatic strap, which could be plugged into the ground of an electrical outlet and not just clip onto a grounded object. The screw driver set was the biggest issue because it was difficult to grip to get any Torque. It was difficult to use the tool kit to remove the screws from the camera. I was hoping for a good long lasting tool kit out of this, but instead I got something that I will throw away because of the terrible instructions and horrible plastic case. I don't think this is a good idea, like the plague. I'm not having much luck finding the perfect set of tools to work on all of the small electronics I'm trying to repair.

👤The kit they stuffed a lot into is poor quality and does not last. The bits bring me back to write this review. I stripped the most common allen bit that I have used and only took a few electronics apart. It has taken out and put in an estimated 30 screws by hand. These are very small screws and need very little Torque to put in. The Chinese used a cheap alloy to maximize profits to the absolute limit, so they have no reason to not have held up for a long time.

👤This set was everything I needed and more. It's a great buy for either a novice or pro when it comes to taking and resembling electronics. It's perfect for me and where I'm at with learning.

👤I have a complete kit at work that I can fix almost anything with, but I had a poor selection of tools at home that made it difficult to fix things at home. This is a solid kit, I treated myself and saw this as a deal. I have used and broken the more expensive ifixit bits and they are the same. If you're not careful with the precision bits they will break but they are durable for most situations. The kit has a lot of tools and is an all-in-one kit for PC or phone repair. Would definitely recommend.


What is the best product for repair fire tablet screen?

Repair fire tablet screen products from Kaisi. In this article about repair fire tablet screen you can see why people choose the product. Facebook and T Phael are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair fire tablet screen.

What are the best brands for repair fire tablet screen?

Kaisi, Facebook and T Phael are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair fire tablet screen. Find the detail in this article. Bosstouch, Cpb Ienbos and Alvar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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