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1. YYXLIFE Adhesive Removable Multi Purpose Hardwood

YYXLIFE Adhesive Removable Multi Purpose Hardwood

100% guaranteed by Next Day Labels. The double sided pantyhose are heavy duty. The strong tape on the market is used for double-sided carpet tape. The rug tape can fix rugs, carpets, and runners. It's easy, free REMOVAL. It is incredibly easy to use rug tape, it is a strong and durable double-sided tape. Their carpet tape is easy to peel by hand, because it is bonded to paper. Protect your family. YYXLIFE carpet tape has reinforced glass fiber and is more durable than other carpet tapes, which makes it a better choice for kids and elderly people. It is comparable with. Where can you get the carpet tape? The rug tape can be used for tiles, vinyl, concrete, wood, cement, and any other outdoor texture and rough surface without damaging them. Excellent service. Unless you want to remove the carpet tape, they are so confident in its power. It can be used for any home use. If you are not happy with the tape, please contact them. Excellent service. Unless you want to remove the carpet tape, they are so confident in its power. It can be used for any home use. If you are not happy with the tape, please contact them.

Brand: Yyxlife

👤I have tried a lot of things to keep runner rugs from sliding around. Nothing kept them in place for more than a few hours. I have had this on there for about a week and it hasn't slipped. It is not easy to cut through but it is worth it. Before pulling off the paper side, make sure to lay your sticky side down on the rug or floor. I threw a few pieces away because it was so sticky. The reviewer said it works for rugs. May not have tried that.

👤Please check out the pictures that I added. The people put the tap on the rug first. Because of the size of my project, I sprayed my garage floor spot with a little all purpose cleaner, let it dry, and then they had to stick the tape down. I wanted the rug to stick good because I am going to be playing the bass guitar. I did a lot. It is working out just perfect. I put some music on and danced around to make sure everyone was happy. This tape is the real deal. It's easy to install and work with, so I give it all 5 stars. Let me know if my review helped. Be good to each other and thank you. See the pictures.

👤I was excited to receive it. It was safe to apply the rug to the bottom of the rug and adhere it to the carpet according to the info. I tried to pull the rug up after applying it on Friday and Saturday. The rug was fine. The tape did not. I had to get the tape off of my carpet in my new house. I thought I had ruined my carpet. I would not recommend this as a rug. Ever! I was able to get it all up, but it was very difficult. This was after one day. I can't imagine if I'd left it on longer.

👤Five stars for the tape itself. I want to show you how to remove this tape from carpeting. If you know how to do it, it's really easy. Who reads the label on a roll of tape when the directions are printed on it? My wife does. The secret is to warm the tape with a hair dryer. The hair dryer made the difference when we had several strips that were twelve inches in length. We warmed the business end of the dryer for about thirty-seconds after holding it above the tape. We started rolling and lifting the tape from one end to the other. We were able to pull off the rest in a single, long pull once we had enough tape to grab firmly. There was nothing left behind. The carpet looked perfect. The job would have taken hours without the hair dryer. The whole job took fifteen minutes. Hope this helps!

👤The best double-sided tape. Over the years, I have used many brands with mixed results. The 2 most important qualities that you need in this type of tape is this tape. It sticks and stays stuck. It's easy to peel off the protective with a razor knife. Don't try to peel the tape from the end. It will be done without blood loss with a small slice.

2. Original Fix Floor Customizable Applications

Original Fix Floor Customizable Applications

Repairs SQUEAKY FLOORS. Before use, keep from freezing. Works well with heated flooring.

Brand: Fix-a-floor

👤I used this to repair a set of tiles in my entryway that were starting to shift and were audible under foot. It's not that hard to remove and reset a tile, but there's always the risk of breakage and the grout can be hard to match, and this seemed like a good thing to try first. The video shows the fluid being injected on one side of the tile, filling the space beneath and then coming out from the other side. The tile should be set with linear rows of thinset, like they were supposed to. If the installer had done what they were supposed to, you wouldn't be here. In the real world, voids are caused by an installer putting the thinset in a certain way, leaving air pockets that cannot escape, and that this product has no hope of removing. I was so sad that I had wasted my money that the tiles would have to be removed and reset. The final result was a success, and I gave it my best shot. I tapped the tiles and listened for voids, and then tried to drill holes that would allow this product to cross the void. I used a commercial carpet cleaner to remove a lot of the material from the adjacent carpet, so don't worry. After a few days, the sign of void is gone. It's unlikely that the entire voided area was crossed, but maybe all the voids led to the carpet! The installation was a complete success. The four tiles are now as silent and stable as if they had never been a problem, and the holes in the grout have been rendered invisible with a little premixed grout from the hardware store. I can recommend this product despite my initial reservations. Just make use of painters tape and other masking as necessary, keep clean water and shop towels at the ready, and have a carpet cleaner available if appropriate for a few hours of set up time.

👤We moved into a new house. Well old but new to us. We knew the house would need some work, but we didn't know how much. It's hard to tell how much work a house needs when you walk through it. On to the floor. The gray tiles in the bathroom look like wood. They were wiggly and the grout was brittle. We lifted all the loose tiles and reset them. We tried to level the floor before we reset it. We had 2 wigglers. Hubs knew this was the answer when he entered this stuff that he saw on a video. It really was. He drilled a hole in the grout between the wigglers and then squirted the stuff in. BUY IT!

👤I bought this item after reading about it. I followed the instructions but it didn't hold up. I can't tell if it's good, but I did try it out to fix one loose tile on each part, and sadly it didn't work as promised. If you are planning on doing a real repair within a reasonable time, it is okay for a quick fix.

3. Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

A set of wooden fillers has 12 different colors. Provide a solution for wood furniture stain and scratch repair. Also, note: The wooden furniture repair kit is used to fix furniture. Blending the color to match the furniture could make it less noticeable. If you want to repair small dents or cracks, please dry it with a hair dryer and air dry it for a few days. DIVERSE FINISHES: There are 12 different colors, including white, black, oak, black walnut, yellow sanalwood, and grey. You don't need to worry about finding the right color to match your furniture because you can match the colors as you please. They provide clear instructions so you don't have to worry about operating difficulties. No glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set is needed, just squeeze the repair filler into the repaired area, and use the tail scraper to smooth the surface. The furniture repair kit has high-quality formula materials that can easily blend with the furniture surface, dry quickly and last permanently. It's a great way to repair wood shears. It's good for scratches on the surface of wood. There are various damages, such as debris, cracks, dents, holes, pet marks and wear. No professionals are required to repair the furniture. Make your furniture new again by saving money and time. 100% SATisFACTORY SERVICE: Warm tips. If you find that the color is too dark, gently apply and wipe it off. It is best to mark or mix colors where you can't see, so you don't have to worry about it being inappropriate. If their products make you unhappy, please contact them, they will give you 100% satisfactory service.

Brand: Seisso

👤When I wanted to check the touch-up, I had to look for a few minutes to find the spot. That tells me that it's doing its job. This is just paint. It doesn't really fill a hole in your furniture, in my experience. If you have deeper nicks, I'd suggest a different product or a real wood filler. I wouldn't recommend following the application instructions. The back of the tube is where the paint is. Since this is paint, grab a small paintbrush and use it where it's needed. To wipe off excess cotton, use a damp cotton swab.

👤I bought it to fix scratches on wood products made of different wood and stained in different colors. I was wondering if I could fix the wide spectrum of wood since my wood and colors were all over the place on the color and saturation scale. I didn't use any special tools. I took a small plate and a couple old tshirts. I took my plate next to the wood that I needed to touch up and set my kit in a row from light to dark. I picked the closest matching tube to the wooden piece. I squeezed some on the plate. I had a small job. I used a small plastic dough scrapper for this job. I decided if I needed to add lighter tones or darker tones or more brown or black or white, I would take it from there. It's like mixing paint for painting. If you want to match the color, you just have to add a little bit. I was not worried about the process because I could change the touch up color I wanted. If it was too dark. I could either remove half of the dark paint and add more light tones or I could start over with a new spoonworth of paint. I would apply the wood filling the scratch and remove any excess once I was happy with my colors. I would wipe off anything that was outside the scratch once it filled the gap. The clean up of the colors was very easy and they did not leave any staining or dulling. It was perfect. It gets easier as you get used to the colors and you know which way to mix it. Go slow in mixing. It is easier to lighten the sample by adding a bit of a dark paint than it is to add a lot of lighter paint. It takes a lot of paint to fix a scratch. I was able to fix a small area of paw floor scratches with a small amount of match color. It was about a square yard. Some jobs were small, like a few scratches or tinny dents, and all of them looked perfect. I am very pleased with the end result because I no longer can see the flaws. The areas I fixed look great. A Kindergarten kid can do it because it is just about having fun with mixing paints, and you don't really need any previous experience to do it. Totally stress free activity. If you want to be more confident before you take a more precious piece, I would recommend you to take an old piece of wood that has a stain finish and scratch it with something and then practice fixing the color. It will build your confidence and you will have a feel of how to approach your precious piece and you will see if you are happy with the end result. I am very pleased with the purchase and the results.

4. Weldbond 8 50420 Multi Purpose Adhesive Pictured

Weldbond 8 50420 Multi Purpose Adhesive Pictured

If you want to repair or test the color of the furniture, please choose the closest color to it. The cover should be tightened to avoid dry out.

Brand: Weldbond

👤There is nothing special about this glue. I had a project that I let cure for 4 days just to be sure it held in an 80 degree dry environment, and had a fan on it as well. The glue didn't dry under the surface. Where it was dry, it pealed away. This product needs air and lots of it to cure. The description on their website describes it as a bonding agent. It holds no better than kids school glue at 8x the price. I read and followed their statement that plastic, rubber and cast metals will not produce a bond with Weldbond®, and I attached a glass rear window to a cloth convertible top, both of which should work on their website.

👤The universal glue works well. I tried attaching glass mosaic tiles to candle holders. I've used Mod Podge and it dried completely clear. The Welbond promises to dry quickly. It dries in a white glue color. I spread a thin layer of the glue on the candle holder side. I was really disappointed to see the white glue in between the tiles after I gave it plenty of time to dry. You wouldn't be able to see anything between the tiles if it was really crystal clear. I wanted my mosaic glass to look clean. That isn't what I got. I gave it a few stars because it works well as a general glue.

👤I don't know what happened, but I ordered two of these and the only thing that came out was glue-smelling water, no matter how hard I squeezed the bottles, and this fluid did not. This product went bad on the shelf, but they sent it to me anyways. The product was never kept above or below room temperature. We tried shaking it, but nothing changed. The water poured out all over our project, and wasted a lot of time making this design. My trust in this merchant is gone after this experience. I would have liked to have used normal tile glue. Shame on me, fool me once. The replacement products had to be real. I think Amazon should investigate this merchant. Part 2. The replacements arrived the next day. The first time these were received, they were very similar. It seems to be working so far. We will see if the glue works when we finish the mosaic today.

👤I have been using Weldbond white glue for a long time. It does some things better than others and has its limits. I have found that if you stay within the boundaries of its capabilities, you will achieve some amazing results. I bought it by the gallon when my shop was more active. It likes to set up as soon as it is in the air for too long. Follow the plan you have for your glue up. When possible, close your bottle back up whenever possible. I leave the last part on the end of the device. It self-seals. Next time you use it, this will peel off. Weldbond is the best glue for many different jobs because of its strong points and weaknesses.

5. Magic American Floor Stick Caulk

Magic American Floor Stick Caulk

Simply peel and stick to the surface. The score line is molded in to assure uniform positioning. An easy and quick alternative to regular caulk.

Brand: Magic American

👤I have an old house that I am fixing up, and things aren't always going to turn out as I want them to. There are gaps and things don't line up. The product saved me from having to tear out and relay tile because of the large gap between the shower pan and tile. The floor and pan had a gap that the contractor caulked, but still made the job look terrible. I came across this stuff in a random search and had to try it. I suggest watching the video on the internet first, then grabbing a hair dryer. It does the same thing as a vinyl wall base does. You can cut the glue backing with scissors if the hair dryer is used. I let it cure for 38 hours before using the shower and have had no problems. I will definitely order more.

👤It's hard to get caulk perfect. I put in new floors in 2 bathroom. The glue was very sticky. I cleaned the surface and applied it straight the first time so I didn't pull it back up. I used a rubber tool to push it down as I applied it. You can put a lot more pressure on the plastic if you use a tool that won't mar it. Make sure the glue is warm. When it's not cold, my will is very strong. I will use liquid nails to re-glue it if it starts coming off. I'm hoping that isn't necessary. The people who said their junk got some bad glue, tried to apply it when the glue was cold, or did something else wrong tried to apply it to a dirty surface. Even if I had to put more glue on it, I would buy it again. I don't think I could get caulk to look perfect.

👤The previous owner had done caulking around the tub, so I bought this product to hide it. I cleaned the area and then applied it. I cut some reliefs to help it curve around the tub after reading that it doesn't do well around curves. Less than an hour later, it has come free. I wouldn't buy this product unless you have a perfectly straight tub to caulk, and it doesn't look good.

👤The produce has 2 strips to peel off in order for it to stick to the surface. If you are going in a straight line, this is fine. The 2 strips make it easier to install. The product does not go around curves very well. It doesn't stick all the time. I have used this on a few bathroom surfaces and it is coming off on one side but still sticking in the other.

👤The full width of the plastic isn't covered by glue. You end up with a gap for water to collect, and then it will grow into something. It makes no sense as a design. I put my own caulk at the top of the piece to make sure it sticks to the tile. What do I expect from 3$?

6. AQUA X Sealer Commercial Mildew Inhibitor

AQUA X Sealer Commercial Mildew Inhibitor

Keep your shower, kitchen, bathroom, and tile flooring clean and safe. After AQUA-X Grout Sealant is used, it is recommended to remove unsightly stains and dirt. It's easy to apply this seal due to no harmful odor and low VOCs. Their amazing coverage rate is up to 75 linear feet per 16 ounces, per coat, and up to 5 years before resealing, which makes this product more expensive. It's easy to spray on application; wipe off overspray from tile. It's easy to spray on application; wipe off overspray from tile.

Brand: Aqua-x

👤So far, it's been better than expected. I have a new porcelain tiled bathroom and wanted something to keep the light grey color of the tile from being ruined by mold and milfoil in the large shower area. The water in the shower does not bead up and stays wet for hours after each use. I will add more feedback after 6 months.

👤It seemed so easy to use. 2 coats were applied 4 days apart. The entire floor was sprayed, but at least a quarter of the grout was not sealed. The grout is still wet. I have not been able to remove the sticky coating on the tile that I have not been able to get off with heavy scrubbing because my tile is glazed. Also, wear gloves. The video guy was not wearing gloves. I did it the first time and it took me almost a full day to get used to it. I should have known better since it is chemicals. gloves the second time

👤We sealed the floor and shower in the new house. This product is for the showers. So far, so good! I poured the product into a bottle to apply it. It worked well. The product protects water penetration by rolling off. After a month of use, the showers look brand new. We transferred to a different bottle for easier application, so I would only give a 4.5 to this product.

👤I wiped the drips to a more uniform layer on my shower tile and grout after applying this. I used the shower after about 18 hours. It was a big mistake. It pulled a lot of the product off the tiles. I have been working on my shower and tub for a week. It made the tiles feel sticky when they were dry.

👤The tile in the shower lost its protective coating and caused mold to form in the water. We followed the directions on the bottle and haven't had an issue since. The only downfall is that it's really sticky in the beginning. The shower floor made our feet feel sticky. That eventually went away. The protective coating is still working.

👤This product is great. I read a lot of reviews and decided to take a chance on this one. The first one was damaged in transit, luckily the other items in the box were undamaged. The company replaced it. The customer service woman was great when I contacted them about the error. I've already recommended this to many friends. We were 800-273-3217 I used this product after I cleaned the shower and let it dry. Since we used it, we haven't had a spot. I love it!

7. Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Thin-spread glue dries in 24 hours if there is no foot traffic and heavy objects moving. The repair patch is white. Use on: Roofs, Pool Liners, Skylights, Cracked Bathtub/Shower/Sink, Vinyl Skirting/Siding, etc. UV protected, won't degrade. In the outdoors. Works above or below water lines.

Brand: A.a

👤The Jacuzzi tub is cracking on the bottom because it has no support. I would save two to four thousand dollars if I just patch it and not replace it. It is silly to spend money on a new tub when the tub was always working well. This product works perfectly and you can't get a better deal.

👤I used this to repair some siding and it worked well. The patch is a little bit thick, but it looks better than it did before it was repaired. The most economical solution is not a perfect one.

👤The item seems to be doing a good job. I knew this wouldn't be a permanent fix, but it has already begun to lift at a few corners. Some of the sticky gets on your feet when you pressure it.

👤It worked well to patch a small hole in the skirting.

👤This stuff worked well for a small crack in my shower. I think it would work well on a leaking pipe.

👤I have time to fix the leaking base before I use my shower. There was a long crack that needed 2 sets of 6x12 to fix. If you expect an ugly patch, you will be happy that you stopped the leak.

👤Not good. I had holes on the outside of the shower wall, but they didn't stick to the sides.

👤The product is not up to the description. Within a month, it didn't blend with my siding. Don't buy this patch.

8. Longer Lasting Tile Grout White Whitener

Longer Lasting Tile Grout White Whitener

Simply draw over the scratch, allow it to quickly dry, and watch the scratches disappear right before your eyes. All types of wooden furniture are safe to use with these. The included sharpener can be used to sharpen the wax sticks. 2 pens with 4 extra noodles. Use their extra, included nibs to replace the worn out ones whenever possible. 2 pens with 4 extra noodles. Use their extra, included nibs to replace the worn out ones whenever possible. One tile grout repair pen can cover up to 650 feet of thin 2mm grout. That is more than what most competing offers are worth. It's perfect for any area with floor or ceiling tiles. Adherent to cleaning. They came up with a special composition that makes the grout colorant more resistant to cleaning chemicals, is water resistant, and doesn't fade after a few years. Since 2005: Make it shine with Pectro. A European manufacturer makes construction products.

Brand: Pectro

👤The tip dies very early on, even though it does the job. I was unable to finish my shower as the tip kept getting shorter and I couldn't pull it up. I would advise the company to include a couple of extra tips as the pen still have so much more product inside of it but unable to use it after the tip died on me.

👤This is the second one. A pen. The best of the two was purchased by me. Since they do wear out after a lot of use, it came with 4 extra nibs. I used only one pen and two nibs to do the bathroom re-do. This product is very good.

👤If you go outside, these pens are easy to clean up. I used a medium gray and it looked a little blue against my tile that has blues and grays, but it was perfect for me. I did a 8x6 bathroom with one pen and still have paint left. I suggest the medium tip and walls get a fine point if you have floors.

👤This is not a good idea, it is better to buy the real grout.

👤They work well, but don't last as long as expected. They are easy to use.

👤It's not very useful for painting grout. It may work better on wide lines, but not on smaller tiles. It makes a white mess. I had better results with paint and brushes. If you've already purchased the pen, don't toss it because it's good for hiding marks on baseboards.

👤Thanks worked great for sure, but have to maintain if often.

👤I have used several brands of pens. This product is the best for the longevity of each pen. The liquid is very well colored and can be easily covered. The extra nibs are a bonus. This will be my go to pen product in the future.

👤Muy fcil de unas rpidos... Is it possible that it's genial...

👤Looks great. The hallway has been refreshed. It paints quite a bit, so need to buy more. The extra tips can be used for rougher grouts.

👤The name brand pen we purchased was already dried out. This item was found at a better price. It was a good purchase, but initially it was difficult to use. The lines didn't come out clean when used vertically, so it's best to shake the pen vigorously, press the nib onto some tissue and then use it.

👤My son just bought a house and the kitchen was almost black with dirt. The pen was great and fresh in no time. Looks great! The pen is easy to use and has spare tips. Highly recommended.

👤I scrubbed the tiles but the yellow grout wouldn't clean up. The pens did a great job. One stroke of the pen and the white substance on the floor was white again. Although my line was sometimes wobbly, it was quickly wiped away with a piece of kitchen roll. I used this product in less than an hour and it was easy to use. The new grout still looks good a few weeks later. Excellent!

9. Z Patch Saltillo Tile Repair

Z Patch Saltillo Tile Repair

Apoxie Sculpt air dry modeling clay is available in 12 vibrant colors, including Natural, White, Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver-Grey-Grey, and Bronze. Their regular Apoxie Sculpt white is more of a copy paper white than bright white, so if you're looking for a bright white color, please check out their Super White Apoxie. It is easy to mix water and liquid bonder for tile filling. The one-time solution to broken Saltillo tiles is long-lasting tile repair. E-Z Patch has a bathroom tile repair kit. The tiles are Terracotta. The tile repair kit is the go-to for repairs. A safe tile repair kit for you and your family.

Brand: E-z Patch

👤The mixing instructions are not clear, and the only video they have posted starts with a reference to the mixing instructions on the label. I believe you are supposed to mix the bottles together and add more water. I mixed it in small amounts so I didn't have to use the entire contents at once. There is no way you can get the same color. Saltillo isn't the same as this, and you can't mix red/brown and tan to get the same colors in the tile. Check your color wheel. I mixed some paints and brushed them on the clay.

👤I had cracks that became pieces of terra cotta falling out. This fills the holes nicely and matches well on my Saltillo. You can tell where I repaired it. It's a lot better than just using something.

👤This patch is not an easy one. It is a powder that you have to buy. I had to go to the home improvement store to get 2 other products to make this work after I purchased this in 2 colors. I found other powders of the same color and the same purpose for 1/3 of the price. The title of the product is not honest as it is not a patch.

👤There were chips in the tile. Guessed at the color match. The color turned out ok, but it was hard to get the mixture right and never got a smooth finish. I think this is a good option, but requires more skill than I need to get a good result. I didn't want to waste it practicing.

👤The jar had been opened, spilled and put in a plastic bag before it was shipped. The spillage was not in the plastic bag and the lid was askew. We took it out of the bag and opened it. The powder was on the outside of the jar. I ordered the same thing in another color and the jar was shrink-wrapped and untampered.

👤There are very little instructions on the container. There was no response from the seller.

👤It was easy to fill the crack. The tiles look better than before, but the color doesn't match them.

👤I initially used more than I needed. It worked well on my cracks.

10. Gorilla Waterproof Patch Liquid Ounces

Gorilla Waterproof Patch Liquid Ounces

Press tape onto the surface for a ferocious hold. Water, air, and moss can be sealed out. The waterproof patch and spray is made of a flexible, rubbery coating that seals out water, air, andMoisture to stop and prevent leaks. Crystal clear is more transparent than similar products. The self leveling formula is easy to apply and will cover small gaps and cracks. When dried, the waterproof patch and seal liquid is temperature and UV resistant, which results in lasting repairs. Use on: roofs, skylights, flashing, chimney, PVC pipe joints, Windows, RVs, projects and more. Use on: roofs, skylights, flashing, chimney, PVC pipe joints, Windows, RVs, projects and more.

Brand: Gorilla

👤One of the best items to have in your home is the product. The product is clear. The window shower tiles were applied to prevent water damage. The product is very thick and very soft on the brush. If you want to avoid strands coming out of the brush and into the product, you should buy a very good paint brush. It's more difficult to spread with a sponge brush. Don't use a bad paint brush after you've finished. If you're going to use it on shower tiles, don't spread it all over the tile and grout line since the wall needs to breath out the water from the shower through the lines to prevent mold. If you decide to use it for shower tiles, I suggest you use it in a small area only. I decided to remove the old caulk from the window's seams first and then apply new caulk. I applied the product over it after letting it dry. If you're going to re-caulk/Silicon, I highly recommend using a good brand because once you cover it over with this patch sealer, it's impossible to re-caulk. If you put this product over the old caulk, it will most likely turn it yellow. I chose not to re-Silicone. It's not a huge problem, but if you like perfect bathroom and tub, then take out the old caulk and put in fresh fresh Silicon that is made for bathroom and tub. If you put too much on at a time, the product will start to drips. I applied a lot on the window. It dripped over the edge. I had to brush it away with a clean brush. Don't use a brush with paint on it that's been dried, make sure the brush you use is new. The patch liquid will make the product have a tint of whatever paint was on the brush. I waited 24 hours for the first coat to dry. Is it still tacky? It should dry more. The second coat was fine. If you don't dry the can lid and around the opening before you seal it, you will have a hard time opening it again. I used a small sheet of clear plastic wrap to put over the opening and then put the lid on to help seal the product for future use. I don't know how long this product will last, but it seems like it can go the distance. Time will tell.

👤The inside of the water fountain was leaking. I bought the black to see the coverage. The fountain had a coat of sealer applied to it by rolling it around until it looked well covered. I filled it with water and gave it a week to dry. No more leaks! Definitely works.

👤This was never very durable. I wanted something that was clear rubber or something similar, but this is not. It rubs into the powder. I wanted to waterproof a small plastic device and clean the entire surface. The product was let to dry for 24 hours per the instructions. After a couple weeks of sun, it turned out to be almost completely opaque. I was going to install it in a shaded spot but it clouded up before I got there. It was good for certain applications but not for me.

11. Roberts 2057 0 Vinyl Asphalt Structurally Underlayment

Roberts 2057 0 Vinyl Asphalt Structurally Underlayment

Moderate tack for easy application. For adhering vinyl composition tile. There are bonds with concrete, APA rated plywood, one layer of existing and finish free VCT and primed gypcrete. It's ideal for direct bond and double bond installation. The Moisture Control Adhesive can weigh up to 8 lbs. MVER is 85% and RH is 85%. Thin-spread glue dries in 24 hours if there is no foot traffic and heavy objects moving. Thin-spread glue dries in 24 hours if there is no foot traffic and heavy objects moving.

Brand: Roberts

👤I loved this stuff. Lesson learned, we got peel and stick tiles before and after laying them and they look great... No joke works great. I used a paint brush to paint the back of the tiles and gave them 24 hours to dry. I have a large furniture piece that is heavy and heavy enough to push across the tiles, but they didn't move a bit after drying. This stuff works, but you have to move fast and not get on your hands.

👤My experience with this is positive so far. I use it to lay vinyl tiles in my home. I have finished my kitchen and dinning room. I've laid down a lot of tiles. The floors look great. There is a If my tiles lift up or fail, I will update.

👤You know the surveys where you disagree or agree. 3 stars is a rating that is neither agree nor disagree. Some things may be brought together in a permanent way by this stuff. It did not work on vinyl flooring. It is sticky, sure. When I pick up a plank, it lifts up quickly. I can see it stretching from the floor to the vinyl. It is sticking to the floor. It is sticking to the vinyl. There is something wrong in the middle. I used a thin layer. The stuff is sticky, so it didn't work for me, but it may work for you. God speed.

👤This product is hard to work with. I have been doing tiles and flooring for over 50 years and the consistency was so loose that it was almost impossible to get it on the wall. The consistency was more like yogurt than peanut butter. It's difficult to remove it once it gets on something. The trowel and knife had to be soaked in acetone and cleaned with goop to make them usable again. Product isn't for the "FAint hearted".

👤The directions for use on the package were not very clear, so my experience may be related to something I did wrong. I spread the glue thinly on the plywood, waited for it to turn tacky, put the vinyl on top of it, and then left a light load consisting of 2x6 boards spacing about 6 inches apart on top of the vinyl. The vinyl was not being held down after I removed the boards. The plywood was tacky but it didn't adequately grip the vinyl. If you know what you're doing with this stuff, it might be great, but for this first time, the results were not satisfactory.

👤I'm using this as an alternative to make HO scale trees. I was looking for a less expensive option to the small 2oz. At a fraction of the cost, the product works as well as the Hob-e- Tac. Roberts 2057 is a great choice if you want to make more trees.

👤I thought it would help my tile Stay Together, but it doesn't work on your body, it's not strong, and I have to use a monkey.


What is the best product for repair floor tile?

Repair floor tile products from Yyxlife. In this article about repair floor tile you can see why people choose the product. Fix-a-floor and Seisso are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair floor tile.

What are the best brands for repair floor tile?

Yyxlife, Fix-a-floor and Seisso are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair floor tile. Find the detail in this article. Weldbond, Magic American and Aqua-x are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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