Best Repair Hair Mask After Bleach

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1. Treatment Hydrating Bleached Perfector Conditioner

Treatment Hydrating Bleached Perfector Conditioner

The hair bond builder treatment has been proven to prevent hair damage while improving retention and vibrancy. The broken hair treatment repairs structural damage and hair bonds from within. Hair treatment for bleached hair and natural hair bond corrector protects and reconstructs your hair's bonds and reduces hair damage resulting in the perfect hair treatment for bleached hair. The hair bonding technology in this hair repair products was developed to smooth the hairs to give you added shine and softness, and rebuild broken hair bonds. Hair Perfector is designed to keep your hair strong and beautiful. There are no 3 repairing treatments. It is easy to apply the hair bonds repair system to damp hair. This damaged hair products for men and women can be used as an overnight hydrating hair mask. As usual, the two are the same. Results may be noticed after a few treatments. The highest quality ingredients are found in natural resources. Being made in the USA is what they pride ourselves on. Their overnight hair treatment is sulfate-free and free of harmful chemicals. Customer satisfaction refunds are guaranteed for this hair repair treatment.

Brand: Paisle Botanics

👤This stuff is amazing. I have dry hair. I don't use bleach. I color to cover gray. I keep my hair short because it looks long. It's dry and thin. It's longer because of the Pandemic. It looked bad. Like a meth addicted mugshot. I couldn't find conditioners that didn't weigh it down or leave it dry, until I found this stuff. It works on thin hair. I feel confident that I can grow my hair out. It feels soft and luxurious.

👤I saw more differences with this brand than olaplex. My hair was soft and felt healthy. I will be ordering this from now on.

👤I have wavy hair. My hair is greasy and lifeless if it is over moisturizing. I also dye my hair. It has been a challenge finding something that works. The packaging made me skeptical, but I used it last night and it balanced my hair out. The waves are like a perfect balance of both. I usually use a split end product. I wanted to use the product on its own to see what it could do, but now I think I will use this alone. I rinse it off. I leave some of it in so I can get the thick of it out. If you have wavy hair, I highly recommend it.

👤The results get better and better with regular use of my second bottle. If you ordered it two days ago, you could use it now.

👤After using the Miracle Hair Repair, I can see the differences in my hair. I have blonde highlights in my hair and there is a lot of damage from all the chemicals used, this Bond gave me the best hope. If you need the correct treatment, bug if you need to. You would thank me later if you just buy it.

👤After a few uses, my hair felt like it had been washed out and I was a box blonde.

👤I like the scent of this. I used this as an add-on to my binding treatment. I wash it out in the morning after applying it to my hair. My hair is soft.

👤It's hard to get a gift to satisfy my wife, but this one, as well as it's accompanying product really hit the spot. For a long time, my wife has been struggling with dry and damaged hair, due to years of dying and other chemicals, but it seems like the ingredients in this product are the exact thing she needed. She can't stop talking about it, even though I could see the difference with a much stronger hair. The instructions are easy and the result is great. Highly recommended.

2. ArtNaturals Purple Blonde Silver Platinum

ArtNaturals Purple Blonde Silver Platinum

BombshELL BLONDE is a color. ArtNaturals purple color hair mask can be used to remove yellow tones. Their purple cream protects your hair from the sun's violet rays. The plant-based beauty is. It is the best hair treatment. It is possible to improve elasticity with the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of the help of Sea Buckthorn is rich in vitamins. Hyper-hydrating oil is used to prevent loss of freshness. Almond and Jojoba oils have a sexy shine. Super oils formula treatment that promotes hair growth and revives dry and dull hair. For best results, use a small amount on wet hair. You can apply for 3 to 5 minutes once or twice a week. Works for everyone. It's specially formulated to work for blondes, brunettes, men and women with all types of hair. ArtNaturals was born out of a desire to free beauty from high prices, toxic chemicals and bad vibes. 100% vegan, not tested on animals. The hair mask is sulfate free and free of harsh chemicals. Say hello to healthy hair.

Brand: Artnaturals

👤No esperaba mucho de the producto. Ahora, solo puse en la mitad de Mi pelo. Amigos, lo recomiendo.

👤I love art naturals products and their purple products in particular. They are the only ones I buy. Thanks to their products, I'm never brassy.

👤I used this product in my hair for 30 minutes and it took away all the yellow brassy tones. I went from looking like the sun to a blonde. It's not certain how long it will last. They could make the tub bigger for less. They should put it in a tube. It does not stain clothes or hands.

👤I use this mask once a week during the shower for about 10 minutes to remove yellow and orange tones and it leaves my hair soft and hydrated. Leave it for 15 minutes or it will turn your blonde hair purple.

👤This product doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe it worked for someone else. I followed the directions for up to 5 minutes. I use it about 5 times a week and I don't notice a difference. Maybe I should leave it longer. I followed directions and it said it would take 3-6 minutes. The left side of my hair is what it looked like before and the right side is what it looked like after 5x use. The lighting and location of the photo are the same.

👤It didn't work on me. I highlight my hair twice a year. My highlights looked gray/white. I had to wash it out. Hated the color of my skin. If you change your hair color to white blonde, it will probably work for you. Not designed for golden blondes.

👤This is a great mask. I have tried many brands and this one gave me moreMoisture to my hair. After one use, my hair looked less brassy. I liked this mask more than the Pravana mask. The scent is expensive and fresh, but I like the more natural ingredients used.

👤It's easy to use and tones great. After the first use, my hair was softer and less brassy. I use it 1-2 times a week to keep my highlights fresh. Love that you don't need gloves.

3. Biotin Collagen Keratin Treatment Nourishment

Biotin Collagen Keratin Treatment Nourishment

No salon visit is required because their professional grade complex measures up to and often exceeds comparable treatments. Imagine how much time and money you will save. After just one use, you will notice that your hair is softer and smoother. As you use the hair mask, you will be able to prevent split ends and have a bright shine. Their product is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality ingredients. Their labs are certified. Their hair mask is safe for daily use. All-natural extracts are safe for daily use. If you are not completely satisfied with their hair mask, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Wellution

👤My multiple layers of grow-out have been fried because I can't get out to a hairdresser. Couldn't be happier that I ordered this conditioner. My hair is soft and smooth and should last another month in Stay Home, Stay healthy.

👤Desde la primera! Mi pelo ms suerte, sin frizz, hasta la cada del cabello. Hoy es una segundo da de uso, estoy segura. Amigos, unas ricos. Sper feliz! Justo lo, necesitaba.

👤I had a hair cut yesterday. I put a bag and hot towel on my head after applying. My hair is very shiny and soft.

👤The mask is the best. I have tried many hair masks in my life, but the only one that really tames my hair is the one I use. My hair is easy to manage. It was worth the try.

👤What a change! My hair has not looked good since before my blonde days. I never thought my hair would feel normal. The feel of the mask is very luxurious. It smell great. One of the smartest purchases I have ever made. I am very happy I found it and will use it for a long time. Try it and you will love it!

👤I bought this product for my wife and she wrote a review about how she had to take care of her hair during the bicyle. I immediately saw the results of using this mask, the hair became shiny and softer, and the friziness decreased. Excellent restoration treatment. Recommended!

👤It smells great and my hair feels softer but still frizzy, only my first time using it. The seal on this was broken. I used it. Coconut oil is a cheaper alternative.

👤If you let this product stay on your hair for a bit, you can rinse it out and dry it. The extra step is worth it. I am happy to have finally found a product that makes me feel good about how my hair looks, after a long battle to keep my big, fuzzy head of hair under control.

4. LOreal Paris Lamellar Moisturizing Treatment

LOreal Paris Lamellar Moisturizing Treatment

Try Elvive 8 second wonder water, it will transform hair in 8 seconds. Every minute, 1 Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water is sold. Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water, Moisturizing agents and amino acid target damaged areas of hair, forming thin layers called lamellas to smooth hair's surface with no weigh-down. 8 seconds to silkier, shinier, healthier looking hair with a totally weightless feel is the longest hair care time available. If you have long hair, add 1 more dose if you have fine to medium textured hair.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have to do a review on this product. I have 3c hair and struggle with a lot of issues. My mom mentioned this product to me because we have two completely different hair styles, but I didn't take her seriously because of that. I never thought this brand would work on my hair. I have always avoided brands such as this one because of their alcohol consumption. I have never felt my hair like that before. I feel like I have a different hair color. I will be using this product for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

👤I saw this product and had to try it. I was hoping that this would help my hair, it has been full of static recently. My first concern was that I would have to use the whole bottle because my hair is so thick and wavy. I was surprised. I used this instead of conditioner. I only used a few of the 2 doses. I was so scatterbrained that I didn't want to massage it in for 8 seconds. The product was distributed well because it is watery. You can see a difference as you massage it. My hair began to feel silky. The smell was not something I liked. It's a very strong smell. After I got out of the shower, I took my wet brush to my hair and it was easy to use. I was amazed. I then washed and dried my hair. It would take at least an hour and a half to do this process on any other day. You are ready for this? 35 minutes! From shower to strait! I haven't had a problem with static yet, and I haven't used any other products in my hair. I'll definitely be buying bottle after bottle, but I don't know what it is.

👤It finally happened. I nearly lost my hair when I used a new hair product. I think I am being a little bit dramatic, but the rest of it is fine. Not cool, L'Oréal. I felt like I fell out of a Pantine commercial when I first used this product. The 4th came. I emerged from the shower with my hairs after following the directions. After about a week, I noticed that the edges on the right side of my head were missing and that there was a clump on the left. I didn't use any new products. I can only conclude that it must have been a demon. Y'all. It was so bad that I couldn't take a picture. I cried too much every time I tried. I looked insane. It took about a month for my bald spots to grow back, but I have an arsenal of products that make my hair grow like weeds. The pics I posted are from a month and a half ago. My hair is strong and can take a lot, but it did not like this. All. Maybe it isn't the best for all hair types. This works for a lot of people, but it didn't work for my hair type, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

5. Biotin Collagen Hair Mask Argan

Biotin Collagen Hair Mask Argan

This hair complex contains essential hair elements, which reduces hair loss, and encourages new strong and healthy hair growth. Say goodbye to damaged and lifeless hair with the advanced recovery program. It repairs your hair from within. This mask replenishes hydration in dry, thin, and colored hair. It makes the hair manageable and soft. Straight, curly, and frizzy hair can all benefit from the innovative formula with Argan and Grapeseed oils. It adds shine, volume, and elasticity. Their product is made with high-quality ingredients and is free of harmful substances. They will return the money if you don't like it.

Brand: Keraproof

👤If you don't use it often, it will go rancid and675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I think that it's a good thing that there is no Preservative in it. I want to keep it fresh for a longer period so I'm going to put it in a container that's refrigerated to see if it retards it from going to the dark side. The product's color stays the same after it's smelled bad. I don't know if it will affect the texture or anything, but I don't think it will affect it's performance. I use a product in my hair that seems to encourage hair growth and is good for dry hair. The shelf life in the bathroom is what makes it a winner. One more thing. After I towel dry my hair, I use a small amount of coconut oil to comb it and let it air dry. If you use too much, the oil will take longer to absorb and dry. Coconut oil is good for my hair and skin. It may not be for you. It depends on what you like to use. I hope my review helps.

👤I use it as a styling tool to add definition and softness to my hair. My hair is bigger. The scent is light and not overpowering. My new routine.

👤My hair fell out after I had covided. I need something to keep it from falling out. My hair was shiny and not a single piece fell out. I am in total shock. It was put on after one time. I put it on for 15-20 minutes. I did not put it on my roots. My hair is soft. Let's see how the treatments go. I hope it helps my hair.

👤I love this mask. It has made my hair soft and shiny. It's never looked better.

👤This makes my hair soft and smooth. I use it every day.

👤This product leaves my hair shiny and healthy.

👤I bleached my hair and it became very knotted, this saved me. My hair is soft and healthy. I have to be careful with most items because I am allergic to the stuff, but this didn't have any in it and helped me a lot.

👤I have noticed that my hair is losing volume. I wanted to try it. It makes your hair soft. I have been using a brush to clean my hair. I am impressed.

6. Bleach Reincarnation Mask 200ml London

Bleach Reincarnation Mask 200ml London

The purpose is to accomplish something. Repairs dry, damaged, bleached or colored hair. Bring your hair back to life! SUITABILITY: It's possible. It is a good way to help protect and rejuvenation of hair. It is suitable for all hair types. ECO FESTO: The entire hair range is vegan, cruelty free and approved by the animal rights group. Their goal is to improve the sustainable nature of their business and put the environment at the center of everything they do. To use, comb through and massage hair. Wrap hair in a towel. Leave for 10 minutes. Well done. Their story. Alex Brownsell started Bleach London in her kitchen sink, but her customer convinced her they needed to turn the idea into a real life thing. The world's first salon focused on coloring rather than cutting. Ten years ago, three locations and a revolutionary product launch, Bleach London now ships hair care and color to all over the world.

Brand: Bleach London

👤I bleached my hair twice in one day to go blonde, I am a mexican woman with thick black hair. My hair was wet. I have used this twice and it makes my hair stronger and easier to work with. I don't have to spend 100 dollars for a good hair mask.

👤Compre una mascarilla para el cabello, pero resulto no tienen ayude. nada y ni puedo sentir un poco. Yo puedo honest, hay otros tratamientos veces.

👤I have ordered this product 3 times. I like the product. I don't like the container. It's very difficult to squeeze the cream out of the tube because the container tube cracks. Can't you put it in a container that is more friendly?

👤I loved this stuff for a long time, but it leaked out due to being poorly packaged, and I ordered it on Amazon and it was an awesome price, but unfortunately most of the container leaked out. Unable to return.

👤The stuff saved my hair. My hair was damaged so badly that it felt like straw. After using this, my hair felt normal again. I use it regularly and I highly recommend it.

👤My first order was never delivered. Thankfully, it was replaced by Amazon. After one wash, my hair fell out. Very strange! I have not dyed or switched up any other hair products in over 2 months. This product has a weird old lady perfume smell.

👤A nice conditioner. I swear it gave me bad skin. I would compare it to a cream like conditioner. My hair was great! My skin did not show any signs of aging.

👤You have to leave it on for 20 minutes. I see the difference if you have thick hair.

👤My hair is heavily bleached and I was trying different masks to add some hydration to it. This is the best one for me because I apply damp hair and wrap my head in cling film. Don't laugh. I put my woolly hat on and leave it on for 2 or 3 hours and then rinse it off, the smell is beautiful and the conditioner is working great. The price made me nervous but now I know how good it is, it's no problem. The tube is very tough to squeeze the last few drops out and I didn't start using the tube the proper way which would be similar to using the toothpaste.

👤This is a life saver when you have bleached your hair and pushed it a bit far on the bleach. The metal tube is the worst design ever, as so much product gets wasted, and it is more expensive on here than in boots. It helps to smooth your hair back out.

👤This product is amazing. I spent a lot of money on salon products for my dry hair, but I was disappointed. This works better than pricier ones that cost four times as much. You don't always get what you pay for.

👤Fantastic. I went from a decades worth of black to a light reddish blonde and my hair was melting away, but after an hour my hair is soft and shiny. If you haven't used bleach, give the big tube a try. I will do an all night mask soon.

7. Briogeo Conditioning Hydration Chemically Lifeless

Briogeo Conditioning Hydration Chemically Lifeless

A weekly clinically proven hair mask and deep conditioner that strengthens damaged hair and helps prevent future damage is what it is. It is clinically proven to decrease hair breakage after two uses. This hair mask is clinically proven to boost hair strength, shine, and silkiness and improve the long-term health of damaged hair. There are some illuminating ingredients. This formula restores essential hydration to dry, brittle, colored, or overprocessed hair by using rosehip oil, B-vitamins, and algae extract. 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived. It's safe to use color treated, keratin treated, and relaxed hair.

Brand: Briogeo

👤This made my hair sticky. I have normal long hair. I have been using different 100% natural hair masks for years, and thought that I would finally try the cult classic. This is awful. After washing it out for a long time, it still seemed to coat my hair when it dried. My hair was not straight. Don't think about your hair if you have fine hair. I have tried briogeo before, and it has been overpriced, but this was a surprise. If you see someone famous online rave about it, they were paid to say good things about it because bridges has a huge ad budget and they pay people for raves. Terrible! I will try it again with a different hair product and let you know if it works out. It didn't work with a different hair product, and it gave me a rash on top of it. If you read this and think natural is always safer, that is not true. I took the product to the doctor and she said it was going to cause a reaction. Don't buy briogeo products. It is all marketing.

👤Stay away from this product. I would rate this zero stars. I broke out in terrible hives a few days after I started using this product. They spread down to my neck, shoulders, and arms. I couldn't sleep at night because I would wake up scratching. I lost tons of sleep, went to an allergist, and had testing done because of this stupid hair product. I don't know if this product is fake, or if there is something in it that is just bad, but the reviews on aren't great. Just. Don't. Do it. It is. You should save yourself the pain. It makes your hair greasy, and it isn't worth it.

👤Be careful! My hair broke off because it was stiff. Please read the reviews. I have used this product for a couple weeks and it has made my hair worse.

👤The product is great, with my fine hair, I can use it daily, without weighing it down, and it really conditions well. I am skeptical about this vendoe. The second time I ordered it, it smelled different than the first jar, and definitely didn't behave the same. It was back to normal after I bought my 3rd jar.

👤I was very excited about this product, based on the positive reviews. It didn't do anything for me. I need a lot of hydration because my hair is wavy. I was surprised that this product didn't do anything for me after so many rave reviews. After using it, my hair was dry. I have gotten better results with other hair treatments.

👤The deep conditioner has been great for my hair. I left it in my hair overnight after trying it out as a sample, and it made my hair so soft and strong. The product seems to strengthen hair and not just coat it. My hair is thick and soft for a few days so I can go longer in between washes.

8. Foxybae Dont Hate Hydrate Replenish

Foxybae Dont Hate Hydrate Replenish

Their hair mask is soft, supple and protects your hair from damage. The mask for hair is clinically proven to restore your hair's strength to attain a soft and shiny hair. The deep hydrating hair mask provides long- lasting conditioning benefits, leaving behind silky-smooth and shiny hair without weighing it down. The hair mask restores hair to its original state and tames hair problems. Natural and organic ingredients in their deep hair mask help to repair hair damage, preventing the effects of heat and excess styling. Their hair mask keeps your hair moist by keeping the inside of your hair follicles moist. Their hair mask adds shine and elasticity to your hair and the refreshing oils work to hydration the damaged hair. Their organic natural hair mask works for all hair types. Their hair mask will repair and strengthen your hair bonds from within, and it also repairs structural damage within your hair. Their natural blend of ingredients help with hair growth. The hair mask is made without using harsh chemicals that can irritate your hair and scalp. The hydrating hair mask is designed to rescue the most dehydrated strands and will strengthen and condition to a level greater than seen before it was broken down by chemical treatment. This hair hydrating mask is flexible enough to be used as a daily conditioner and also intensive enough to be used as a periodic deep-conditioning treatment. This mask is rich in vitamins and helps you get salon style hair at home. Do you have a risk free money back guarantee? If you want a free return, contact them. Having a positive customer experience is their top priority. If you are not happy with your order, they will give you a full refund. They offer the best price, deals, daily deals, deal of the day, discount, sales, and deals on their hair moisturizer mask.

Brand: Foxybae

👤This is my second purchase of this product. I have to explain that I have the most unruly hair on the planet, I have used every product on the market, and this is the only one that has helped the condition of my hair. This product is not greasy, it does not weigh my hair down, and it makes my hair look luxurious. I have been a lifetime customer of this product. If you wanted, you could put it on and leave it on all night if you wanted, but I would leave it in for 15 minutes. I do both. The smell is pleasant. The only thing I can complain about is that you get a small amount in each package, but I have long hair and 2 packages work for me, so I won't stop buying it. It is worth the price and how little you get in each package due to how amazing it is. I buy this product from Amazon for the quick shipping and free delivery because I will never go without it again. 5 for Foxybae!

👤I decided to remove hair coloring with a product. I was told that it could dry out your hair a lot. I bought this in case I needed it. Even though one pack doesn't give much, this hair mask is thick even after heating it up in warm water. If you have below shoulder length hair, you need to use two packs. I didn't notice much of a smell, but I do a good job in smoothing, detangling, and moisturing hair without feeling oily or greasy.

👤I got this mask in my box. I am going on my 6th box now. I wish it came in a bottle. I have long, thick hair and I get 3 uses out of every packet. A small amount goes a long way. I use it every time I wash my hair and mix it with the Olaplex no.5 Bond because I have a lot of breakage from my highlights. It works well on its own. I put it on in the shower, brush my hair, and then clip and leave for 10 minutes. It is amazing!

👤I love this stuff. I only use it once a week. It leaves my hair feeling good. It comes in individual packaging. I can tell you that 1 pack goes a long way. It would be a good idea.

👤I was disappointed when I first tried this product, but I had to keep using it to see the results. I was glad I didn't give up on it. I like this product because it gives my hair all the benefits it says it does. I have already used 4 of the 8 packets and I see a difference in my hair. It is healthier, shinier, smoother and not dry.

👤I had to get more after I got this in an ipsy bag. I'm happy with my purchase. This stuff makes your hair feel good and you can go back to normal. I like this stuff. A friend was given one to try out. I don't usually review much unless I am amazed by it. Hopefully this will help. I recommend.

9. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Conditioner

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Conditioner

Stunning Soft Silk Hair in Minutes. Professional Renewing Silk Softener with Keratin and Coconut oils for smooth natural beauty and shine. Hair damage can be repaired with an insturment solution that restores and Hydrates color treated dry hair. It is the best recovery nutrition for hair. The Boswell & Tartar Oil Complex Structurizer is an Ultra-Moisturizing Pro Enhancing Formula for Health. Repairing a spa like after care strengthens hair. Roots and phlegm are rejuvenated. Antifrizz Ease Hydration for Frizzy Hair is an advanced hair care product. Curl Booster and Split Ends Tamer are used for smoother styling. The thermal protection shield stops heat damage. Non Oily Volumizing Product for Wavy & Normal Textures is SAFE WEIGHTLESS. Sulfate and Paraben are free. No alcohol or strong chemicals.

Brand: Vitamins Hair Cosmetics

👤I had just come from a cruise and was told to wash my hair to use a mask for my hair growth. I was interested in reading reviews on my own. My hair was flat iron straight. I have naturally curly hair. I wanted to see if the keratin would help strengthen my hair this time. I put my hair up in a towel and left it for an hour, but when I woke up my hair was soft and I couldn't believe it. It took me less time to style my hair.

👤I usually buy my hair products through my hair dresser, but I'm cautious when purchasing online. My hair has been damaged due to a few years of bleach and highlights. My hair fell out. I have struggled with growth, strength and dryness for the past two years. After reading reviews of a product I decided to give it a try. I use a mask and a hair product. I am very happy with the results. My hair feels cleaner. I didn't think my hair was damaged, but it is. So soft and looks better. The results in my case were obvious. The smell is great. My hairdresser said my hair felt better. I will keep buying this product line. Very happy with the purchase. I will keep you up to date with progress.

👤This stuff has helped my hair. The texture of my hair was so much better that my hairdresser asked me what I was using. I use heat on my naturally curly hair. My hair has never felt better.

👤I bleached my hair the day before I got this product and put mayo, coconut oil,cholesterol, and a little bit of purple sulfate in it, but it didn't help, so I bought this product and my hair looks better as well.

👤My hair was damaged and dried due to some medical treatments. I had tried a lot of things and my hair looked bad. I have been using this mask for a week and my hair has almost completely recovered. It looks a little thicker and longer. The color looks good. It is even more shiny. This hair mask made me feel better about myself. I am very happy with the results. Will definitely keep buying it.

👤I have to say The SMELL. Guys. No. Just no. It's not just your hair. Half the house smells like bar soaps from the 50's. I think it smells like an old lady, but I don't know an old lady that does that. I'm an old lady. I don't want to smell like that. I tried it about 3 times, because I went through the process of purchasing and waiting. Holding my breath and opening the windows. I cursed myself for doing it. What about performance? Nothing. Zero. When I washed my hair, it felt soft, but at the end of the day, it was still brittle and broken, and over processed. Don't bother. Did I mention the smell? GAG.

10. Treatment Application Bleaching Services Immediately

Treatment Application Bleaching Services Immediately

Damage and breakage can be prevented by hair coloring. There is 1 to 12ml. 0.40 Bond Maker #1, 1-15ml, 0.50 Bond Reinforcer #2 is made of fla oz. Medium to short hair, long and thick hair application kit. It is easy to use with color, bleach, perms, relaxer and straighteners. Outside of chemical services can be used as a strengthening treatment. There is a booklet in English, Spanish and French. Strong structural bonds are built and enforced. Does not affect the chemical service. A dozen of professional salon workers tested and approved. Alterations to developer strength or timing are not required for any bleach or hair color brand. Professional strength hair technology. Sulfates, Parabens, and the like are not allowed in the state of Michigan. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Jks International

👤If not better, it works just as well. I had a professional bleach my hair the last time and wanted to do some maintenance on my own, but I pay close attention to my hair's health since I bleached my long hair to death back in my early twenties. I noticed that this was similar to the treatment the stylist gave. I tried it for a fraction of the cost. I have long thick Asian hair that has been bleached to a dark blonde and after this treatment, and my first hair cut with an upgraded hair dryer and brush, my hair is softer and more lustrous than I have ever seen before! I put on a face mask after washing and drying my hair and then applied bleach to my damp hair and left it there for 25 minutes. I washed it out and toned my hair.

👤I used this product twice, once with a toner and once alone. My hair has been bleached twice and is damaged because it is naturally very fine and curly. I used Wella t18 with 20 volume developer. I put the mixture on for 30 minutes and used number one and number 2 as per the instructions. I was dissatisfied because my hair was still damaged after the process. I decided to give this a try as a stand alone treatment. I left the number 2 for an hour because I was busy. All I can say is wow! I can't stop touching my hair, it looks better than it did before. It is worth it as a stand alone treatment. It may seem like you don't get a lot of product, but my hair is to my breasts and a sparing application still made the difference. This stuff has a nice consistency, and it smells amazing. I would use this as a monthly or bi-weekly treatment. Leave number 2 for as long as you can for better results. They say it's between 5 and 10 minutes. It's for people who need to get their hair done.

👤I bought this hoping that it would be a comparable product, at a much cheaper price. I don't know how it compares. I needed a miracle treatment after I accidentally fried my hair. I used this as a treatment, not with any color or bleach. It made my hair soft and baby- soft. There is a The damaged middle shafts feel like they used to. After smoothing with a flat iron, the damaged ends looked better and were more manageable. I will try one more treatment on the ends, but if it doesn't improve, I will chop them off. There is a This is a good product if you want to improve moderate damage. It was better than any deep conditioning treatment I have used.

👤My hair was a level 4 with 15 years of box dye build up. I went to a professional to start the process of lightening my hair because I wanted to stop coloring it every 6 weeks. She did a bleach bath when I went back after my hair was highlighted. I lost faith in the salon I was going to and decided to try it at home. I ordered All HD Plex to use with my bleach. The first time I used half the tube, I had no damage to my hair. I gave myself a bleach bath 2 days later and my hair was lifted to a level 9. I did another bleach bath using the rest of the tube #1 in my bleach, and left it on for 30 minutes. I'm at a level 10 with no damage. I trimmed my ends between bleaches, so that helped, but this product worked wonders. I will use the second tube. I wanted to make sure I was done with it. I'm amazed by the condition of my hair. I did hair masks and treatments after each bleaching, but this product seems to have kept my hair strong and soft. I highly recommend. I went to a salon that used the "other stuff" on my hair, and I would say the ALL HD Plex worked just as well.

11. Truss Hair Frizz Intensive Repair

Truss Hair Frizz Intensive Repair

This advanced hair mask helps define Curls and restores hair health. Add Body and Luster To Your Hair With Every Use. The Intensive Curl Hair Mask Locks Blocks Humidity. Curls are kept soft and manageable with every use. Curls will grow by using this mask after every wash. Product through after use for maximum debangling effects. Damage from bleach, highlights, and chemical damage can be treated with hair supplements.

Brand: Truss

👤I saw this product line at the salon that I went to. I ordered it because I liked how my hair felt after they washed it. Can I say how much I enjoy it? It does what it says it will do and adds shine. I left it on my hair for five minutes and it felt great. It has been a long time since I have found a product that works. It is thick and creamy. I have tried many products from many different companies and have spent a lot of money. You will love this mask and you will be happy you tried it. I need to treat my hair because I get my hair highlighted every few months with no base color, so I need to avoid breakage.

👤Buensimo producto se recomiendo.

👤Highly recommended product.

👤Mi cabello, lo sper mejor, estoy producto.

👤Tengo mis dudas, sea original por qué no me deja el cabello, manejable, y y en una estética compré los originales, nada.


What is the best product for repair hair mask after bleach?

Repair hair mask after bleach products from Paisle Botanics. In this article about repair hair mask after bleach you can see why people choose the product. Artnaturals and Wellution are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair hair mask after bleach.

What are the best brands for repair hair mask after bleach?

Paisle Botanics, Artnaturals and Wellution are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair hair mask after bleach. Find the detail in this article. L'oreal Paris, Keraproof and Bleach London are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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