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1. TUFF Tape Assorted Adhesive 6 Pack

TUFF Tape Assorted Adhesive 6 Pack

Outside clothing like hiking jackets and waterproof trousers, and inflatable canoes and beach toys are included. You have cuts on your fingers. Outside clothing like hiking jackets and waterproof trousers, and inflatable canoes and beach toys are included. You have cuts on your fingers.

Brand: Stormsure

👤It's easy to apply. I cut mine to smaller sizes and rounded corners so it wouldn't peel off. I can wear my jacket again and it is not noticeable where I repaired it.

👤I accidentally ripped my jacket and I am thankful for that. I can wear the jacket again after fixing the rips.

👤The product was brought with clear colour patches and can recommend it. I wish it was a little less expensive and had a couple of bigger patches, but I think it did the job. I have brought some more to protect other things. I used mine to repair a Rab jacket that I tore.

👤Would have preferred more of the circular stickers. Didn't stick the material, but it kept opening up again. Not worth it.

👤I bought this to fix my coat. It didn't want to be too accessible. Thanks to a video, I was able to use rhis product under the tear.

👤My mistake was that these patches were going to be bigger than what there was. Needed to fix wellies. There are seven small patches and one big patch. The bigger patches were used. It needed glue to hold it together. So far holding.

👤I ripped my new jacket, so I researched how to fix it, and found these repair patches. It's not invisible for my jacket, but at least it stops it from getting any worse and keeps it all waterproof without sewing and potential making the jacket no longer waterproof.

2. Jacket Repair Patches Black Self Adhesive

Jacket Repair Patches Black Self Adhesive

There are nylon patches for the repair of sleeping bags and down jackets. A strong, soft and subtle repair is guaranteed by high quality fabric patches. 30 second repair is easy to apply. There are seven patches in the kit, five of which are small and the largest 4.1 cm diameter.

Brand: Djr

👤I thought they would be worth it if it fixed the small tear in my vest, despite the high price. I washed the patch because it seemed like the perfect solution. The gentle cycle didn't help, the patch was in the bottom of the washing machine. I thought it would be an awesome fix.

👤My headline is correct. I used a toothpick to tuck some of the down inside the tear. I pressed the repair patch on the torn sides. I kept my thumb on the patch for a long time as I read that heat helps the patch adhere even better. The patch has not budged for months. My coat is dark in color. I can't see the patch unless I lift the coat material closer to my face. It's not a perfect match, but it's better than I expected. If my coat hadn't torn, it would be better. The kit comes with several patches. I would buy these patches again.

👤I ripped a hole in the elbow of my Arcteryx puffy after wiping out on my bicycle on a bit of black ice in the parking lot. Two years later, I would have to look very carefully to find the patch, because the repair was so easy.

👤I only put it on 10 minutes before the wash because it stays on after a wash/ dryer on low setting. The color is a little off, but it still saved me over $150 when I bought a new one.

👤It's ideal for jackets and gear that you want to wear. I have to search for it even though I know where it is. The pre-cut sizes are ideal for the small holes that plague this type of gear. There are cheaper options that work well, but this is the best way to make it happen, and it is easy to use.

👤These patches are easy to use. I tried to find a patch with no luck. I looked on Amazon and found what I needed. It's a little pricey for a few patches, but it's worth it. There are different sizes. I would recommend this to anyone with a tear in their jacket.

👤Great product! I used it to fix my jacket.

👤A great fix. The nylon shell of my down jacket became brittle when I sat too close to the fireplace. I need to send it back to Arc'teryx for a better repair before I can fix these patches. I know the patches are invisible to everyone else but they are a great fix for my expensive jacket.

👤If you have a hole in your jacket, this product is better than a hole. These patched to have a bit of cross-hatch texture are not smooth. The product is not shown in the photos or in the photos that show it being applied to jackets that don't have a texture. I was surprised to see that it has a textured pattern on the patches. The description and photos need to be updated to show what the product looks like. I would have bought a different type of jacket that was smooth and blended into the jacket's texture. So buyer beware.

3. SATINIOR Self Adhesive Washable Repairing Clothing

SATINIOR Self Adhesive Washable Repairing Clothing

Tents, airbeds, Pond Liners, inflatable canoes, beach toys, cracked plastic, outdoor clothing, and waterproof coats and trousers are some of the things that are included in the list. You have cuts on your fingers. Reliable material: the down jacket repair patches are made of fabric material, safe and durable to use, soft and easy to wash by hand or machine, can work well for nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic and other synthetic materials. The black fabric repairing patches are easy to use without sewing, you can choose the patterns you like and directly paste them on damaged or stained places, you can also use iron to press the patches and make them more stable. The self-adhesive fabric patches can be used for repairing down jackets, jeans, tents, shoes, bags, coats and other things, without leaving obvious repair marks. There are different styles of fabric patches, which are suitable for repairing clothing and can be beautiful decorations. You will get 8 sheets of self-adhesive repair patches, each sheet contains many repairing patches in different sizes and shapes, you can easily choose the one you need, enough quantity can meet your different repairing use

Brand: Satinior

👤The stickers fell apart in the first wash after being applied. The black fabric is coming off, leaving white glue on my coat. I will have to figure out a way to cover a large patch of glue mess. It feels like I ruined my coat.

👤They don't stick very well. They came up at the edges after a few days of wearing my jacket. These are great for most of the time. I wish they had more glue on them. The big bear is the best. The designs that are falling off are the small ones.

👤Fun shapes adhere well to my jacket. It looks better than a bland patch. The snow patter stuck to my jacket.

👤These are great and are holding up well.

👤I've used the rolls of tape to patch jackets before, but these are so much more fun. My daughters now have cute designs on their jackets.

👤There are lots of sizes that are perfect to cover a hole in the jacket.

👤The material seems good and the sizes are what I expected, but it's not black! It is blue. I didn't have time to try something else. Very disappointed.

👤Shapes and sizes are available for any repair need. They blend in perfectly to my three black jackets.

👤A friend pointed out that this type of thing existed. I love it! My coat is black. The rip was covered by the colour matching perfectly. There are many different shapes and sizes. It worked well and was easy to use. Happy with the product.

👤Me ha gustado that se tienen pegar, sin tener, pero tras el primer lavado se ha despegado. No recomiendo.

👤Parches de un buen resultado. Parecen de color negro, son de color azul. Ahora, por lo dems funcionan.

👤Fanno il loro lavoro. Non farle staccare ad ogni lavaggio, ho dovuto.

👤It's facile d'Utilisation. Ce colle simplement s'en avoir besoin d'un fer. Les formes is super. Ai mis sur mon sac de montagne, la matire du sac n'est pas elasthanne, et pourtant lorsque je fais mon sac. voir le temps.

4. Self Adhesive Flannel Microfiber Patch,Can Handbags

Self Adhesive Flannel Microfiber Patch%EF%BC%8CCan Handbags

The repairing fabric patches include 8pcs nylon repair patches, 4 sheets contain 96 different styles and 4 sheets have 48 circle patterns, enough for you to meet your daily use or as a backup. Their goal is to make the best products for their customers. If you have a problem, please contact them for a replacement or full refund. The size is. The patch is large enough to meet your needs and create more possibilities. There is a new product. The velvet repair tape has a super sticky backing, it is easy to repair, and the fabric is more silky and supple. Premium quality materials. No odor, 100% eco-friendly. The affordable price and luxurious appearance blend in perfectly. Trustworthy: You can bring your furniture and clothes back to life with this velvet patch. The repair patch firstaid works on many upholstery fabrics, such as car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases and leather jackets. Every product is backed by a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the repair patch, please contact them and they will give you a full refund or exchange it.

Brand: Azobur

👤This worked well to repair the blankets and robe that my puppy chewed on. There are not a lot of products that are easy to use. There should be a multi pack of different colors. You have to buy a lot of one color. The product was very good.

👤This tape is very sturdy and easy to use. Does it blend well? It works as I need it to. I ordered 3 different colors to find the best match for my furniture and will be returning the other two colors. Hopefully, my cat will be able to leave the edge of the couch alone.

👤Sticks blend in as long as you get the right color.

👤This is perfect. It can be used many different ways. I wanted something new, and I was tired of sculpting teddy bear noses from leather. It is easy to shape and can be used in many ways. I'm making a nose for a teddy bear.

👤My dogs like to destroy things. This was bought as a last ditch effort. It's sturdy and works well.

👤It's easy to use and repair a cut in a microsuede sofa.

👤It's wonderful! The peel and stick application was easy. Kitty can stay.

👤It was used to tape the torn cambric. Our cat ripped through the upholstery of the sofa. We don't have a staple gun, so the black dust cover could have been stapled back. The velvet textured tape worked well. It is easy to cut into strips. It's sticky enough to adhere the fabric to the wooden frame below the sofa, but not so sticky that it sticks to itself.

5. Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Lightweight Clothing

You can cut nylon patches into different patterns with your hobby. It's practical to cover the holes in your clothes, but also beautiful and appealing, if you stick it to the broken part. 15 pieces of nylon repair patches, sufficient quantities to meet your sew needs, help fix many kinds of fabric very effectively is what you get. nylon is a quality and durable material. They are durable, hard to be worn out and safe to use, and can last a long time. These patches are easy to use and provide fast, instant repairs to holes in clothing, without sewing skills or ironing required. Each patch measures approx. You can cut the repair patches into different sizes and shapes to meet your needs. You can use them to decorate and repair your clothes effectively, suitable to be applied to mend or reinforce your clothes, bag or other needs, these patches can be shaped to different design again, nice for craft works as well.

Brand: Willbond

👤I was looking for a quick patch. My dog ripped a small hole in it while we were playing. I was going to put a piece of black electrical tape on it, but I thought about Amazon. Sure enough. I'm not saying it's perfect, but I might have taken a little more time to cut it. I tried to find the patch the next day but it was hard to find because it was in my coat. Reviewers commented on the issues after washing. I'll put a new coat on if it doesn't stick, but I won't wash my coat like I would a pair of jeans. I recommend.

👤I couldn't get a replacement vest because it was out of warranty. It was cold and didn't know what to do. I found these on Amazon. The paper had to be removed from the patch to apply it. The patch blends well with the nylon fabric of the vest. Absolutely pleased!

👤Simply won't work in the washer or dryer.

👤The material was perfect for fixing my jacket. The slave got too close to the heat when I started a fire in the fireplace. The rest of the jacket was in great shape despite the melted portion. The jacket is new after I applied a piece of patch material. Highly recommended and easy to use.

👤I liked this product for a number of reasons, but not the least of which is that it doesn't bend like fabric. I use duck tape to protect furniture.

👤I scratched my coat. The product covered the spot. The patch is almost invisable after I washed it. The life of my coat was saved.

👤My son has a small hole in his snow pants. This was easy to cut to size and has stayed on for many wears. Very pleased! It is thin enough to fit on gear.

👤The product did not stay stuck. Immediately after applying it, it pealed up.

👤Initial thought was brilliant. The patch came off when the garment had to be washed, but it was on a gentle short wash. Don't buy it if you have to wash it.

👤The product is amazing. It was easy to apply the good glue. You can cut to the size you need. I wish I had found them earlier.

👤The patches I used to use to fix my inflatable hot tub were very versatile.

👤Not as good. Maybe on a flat surface, but not on clothes.

👤Good value and good glue. It should come in more colors.

6. Pieces Jacket Patches Self Adhesive Outerwear

Pieces Jacket Patches Self Adhesive Outerwear

If you don't like the color in the picture or description, you can complain. You can contact them within 24 hours if you have any questions. The package includes 80 pieces down jacket patches with 2 different shapes and 8 different sizes, and 50 pieces round styles with 5 different size and 30 pieces oval styles with 3 different sizes, enough for you to meet your daily use or as a backup. The jacket repair tape is made of nylon and is durable and smooth to touch. The down jacket patches are easy to use, just pick the right size and stick to the position you need to fix, then wait in 30 seconds, don't need sew skills and other extra tools. You can make your own nylon patch to fix your clothes and hide the flaws of both small and large holes. The jacket repair tools can be used for down jackets, jeans, knee patches, tents, sleeping bags, gloves and so on, which will help you save sewing time and energy.

Brand: Boao

👤I was skeptical when I bought this, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well these worked to repair my jacket. I chose this kit because it had a lot of patches, and I wanted a small patch just 5mm in diameter. I used a hairdryer to heat a patch and remove the smallest patch from the backing sheet and stuck it on my jacket. The photo was posted three months ago. The patch is still holding up. Is it a black color match? It's better than a hole. I don't use a clothes dryer so can't comment on whether glue will hold up after drying, but multiple cold washes have been fine. Replacement shouldn't be an issue because of the many patches provided. I had a lot of different sized patches on several sheets. It is a great value and has worked well so far. It is highly recommended to use a hairdryer to heat glue/patch.

👤I've been buying them at the local store and other places for years. They are my go to fix leaks in anything that is puffy and down filled and has still good legs to go for a few years, but has this tinny hole that appears out of nowhere and makes item unusable otherwise leaking the down like crazy. This is a miracle. I have a couple of expensive Parkas. There are lots of kids jackets over the years. It blends in perfectly if you place your color neatly. You can't tell it has a black patch on a black jacket. Any holes that are larger than the applicable size are sealed fabulously. Don't be afraid of size. There is a lot of room around the hole. There is plenty of grip and coverage if the patch is larger. I aim for a patch that is half an inch larger than the hole. There is a If you have access to both sides of the fabric, you can sandwich a hole on either side. Not always possible and not necessary. It is very easy to apply. I tried to keep it on. It stays on. I run some heat over it to make it stick better with fabric for better grip. The tool I use is the hairdryer. You can do iron. I find the dryer to be more precise. The dryer is turned on high. I blow at it very close and I press the edge of the dryer over the patch as I go in the tiger move. I use the dryer as an ironing board. I make sure that the patch is hot enough for me to blow for some time and then let it cool before washing or using it. It stays on forever. It is necessary to wash and dry and wear. If you really wanted, it can be removed. There is a I tried to remove the patch after a year because I changed my mind about the color. I was able to take it off with some strength. It was good to know that I could take it out. If you can afford it, I always suggest you try a new product in a place where you can test it out. Put a piece of clothing on, let it dry, then try to remove it. You will know how it works. Over the years, I've been happy with those peonies.

7. QRZEK Leather Self Adhesive Furniture Handbags

QRZEK Leather Self Adhesive Furniture Handbags

Soft and odorless. The sofa will not be affected by this leather sticker. Before buying, please compare the texture and color with the leather picture to make sure you get a perfect match. Their leather repair tapes are made of high-quality leather with classic patterns and 8 colors. The leather they choose is compliant with EU environmental requirements. Do you spend money on new furniture if it is damaged or scratched? No. You can save a ton of money and time by restoring your furniture with the help of the QRZEK Leather Restoration Kits. The thickness of traditional products is usually around 0.2mm, 0.4mm or 0.7mm, they are made of high-quality high-quality PU leather with a thickness of 0.8mm, which is sturdy, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. High AdhesionQRZEK High leather patch leaves no mess, repairs and conceals flaws in seconds, while also making your furniture and clothes look better and bring them back to life. They support returns and refunds for no reason. If you have a question, please contact them. Rest assured to buy.

Brand: Qrzek

👤The leather repair stuff was terrible. The back of our couch was damaged when our dog was a puppy. The first leather patch stuff was just to light in color, so it was meant to be a replacement. This was a better match. It had no quality. I used this on the back of the leather that had been torn by our puppy to make a sandwich. The product wouldn't hold for more than an hour together.

👤I had a customer who used bleach to clean the mold on her boat, which destroyed the threads holding some of the vinyl together, and this worked perfectly for her needs. We were able to stop the damage before she had to replace the seats.

👤The edges of the tape don't stick well on my interior car door handle. The tape attracts dust and dirt. It leaves a sticky mess but not enough to hold the tape down. Every time I try to open my door, the smell comes off. The rip in my door handle would have been better if I'd purchased it again.

👤The material is very nice, and the color matches perfectly. The glue is sticky, but could be stronger. I am very happy with this purchase, as it made the arm rest in our vehicle look better and won't scratch our elbow.

👤The repair kit arrived quickly and was easy to use.

👤Super glue works better now after it did not stick very well.

8. Leather Repair Couches Self Adhesive Furniture

Leather Repair Couches Self Adhesive Furniture

Why settle for oil for leather that won't last long? The best leather furniture repair kit is for faux leather and authentic leather items. You can use this leather scratch repair as a leather dye kit, leather paint for couches, and leather sofa repair kit that understands your restoration needs. IDEAL REPAIR PATCH. There are 4 pieces in the leather repair patch dimensions. The repair patch kit uses high-quality leather and glue. There is leather tape. It is widely used for leather repair, emergency surface repair of reclining chairs, sofas, chairs, car seats, bags, wallet, boots, down jackets, belts, cushions, suitcases, etc. No need to worry about damaged leather. Their repair stickers have a perfect surface, large volume, no heating, no ironing, no tools, no sewing, no waiting. They will not make your leather look old. Premium design. The leather tape has three layers, made of wear-resisting leather, resin forcement layer and Crypted mesh. The three layers are not separated. Before buying a color, please compare the patterns and colors, choose the right color, and blend it. Easy installation. Remove the bottom paper from the damaged area and stick the leather stickers on it, so that your furniture will be renewed immediately. Quality Assurance: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they offer high quality products and service.

Brand: Cashger

👤It's not a bad solution for peeling leather. The wine red chair was a good match for the color, it is a little raised so it doesn't disappear completely. I added hot glue and it solved the problem. So far, so good.

👤It's easy to use and a life saver.

👤It was stuck until someone sat down. It was cheap, so what did I expect?

9. MOONSJONES Tenacious Waterproof Patagonia Self Adhesive

MOONSJONES Tenacious Waterproof Patagonia Self Adhesive

Useful function: when your favorite clothes break, you can use the clothing repair patch kits to fix them, and you can choose the cute styles and shapes to match with the clothes, and then you can get pretty effect with your own styles. It's easy to use, it's self-adhesive, peel it and stick to specific areas, no sewing or ironing is required, it's easy to operate, and it's easy to wash after 48 hours. This nylon jacket repair tape is suitable for down jackets, jeans, knee patches, tents, sleeping bags, gloves and is easy to operate and use. The wall repair patch kit comes with different patterns, you can choose the one you like, or you can also create your own design, which will make it easy to operate without sewing. Their repair tape for down jacket is made of nylon, which is smooth to touch, waterproof, soft and stain resistant, and works well for nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic. The repairing fabric patches include 8pcs nylon repair patches, 4 sheets contain 96 different styles and 4 sheets have 48 circle patterns, enough for you to meet your daily use or as a backup. Their goal is to make the best products for their customers. If you have a problem, please contact them for a replacement or full refund.

Brand: Moonsjones

👤I rolled the patch with a glass bottle and dried it in the dryer after waiting 48 hours. The patch was stuck to the inside of the dryer drum after it came off the jacket. I'm not happy with this product. The website wouldn't let me submit my review so I selected 1 star.

👤So disappointed! These were bought to patch up our puppy's coat. I followed the directions, but every patch came off in the first wash. What a waste of money.

👤The complete junk! Don't spend your money on this product. I followed the video and put them on a few holes in some shorts and let them sit under the weight of the world for a night, but then the patches were gone an hour later, and that's just from sitting around.

👤My son got a small tear in his jacket while at college. He doesn't like to sew. I ordered these for him and they worked well.

👤The patches were easy to apply to my jacket. The burn holes are covered.

👤I had a tear in my vest. The product patched the hole and saved my jacket.

👤These seem like a quick fix. They don't stick very well to my coat. I followed the directions.

10. StormSure Tuff Tape Repair 500mm

StormSure Tuff Tape Repair 500mm

Tents, airbeds, Pond Liners, inflatable canoes, beach toys, cracked plastic, outdoor clothing, and waterproof coats and trousers are some of the things that are included in the list. You have cuts on your fingers.

Brand: Stormsure

👤I used this tape to repair small holes in my feather comforter, which has been there for 22 years. It was a month ago. I accidentally tore a hole in the comforter and a piece of the tape mended it. The comforter will be washed in a front loader in the coming weeks. It can be difficult to get the tape off of the plastic background. I haven't figured it out, but there's probably a secret to it.

👤It's perfect for repairing my coat. I watched a video online to learn how to apply a patch to a tear.

👤I used this product to repair my daughter's jacket. It worked well. I was very pleased with the product.

👤It is difficult to get fabric to lay out flat.

👤Four years old and worn every day, I needed to patch two splits on my wellies. I think the tape is not good for my requirement as the two splits on the wellies bend while walking. Within a day, it came off. It's better to use straight splits/tears which aren't going to be bent in use. I'll use it for anything flat in the future. I think the tape is of good quality, but sadly not up to the standards of wellies which are in constant use tromping up and down hills. Would recommend for other uses.

👤I used it to repair a rip on the bottom of my leather backpack. I put a heavy object over the top of the bag to help keep it stuck down. After a day and a half, it appeared to have done the job, but after a few uses, it began to peel off. After applying it again, it fell off completely, so I just sewed it together with a needle and thread, and it has stayed that way ever since.

👤I used this product on my carcoon and within a few minutes it was fully up and running, I would recommend it to anyone that needs a quick fix or a long term fix. Big hand clap to the guys who made this stuff very versatile and easy to use, just cut to size and stick is easy.

👤The way it is packed means you are limited to the size you can use in one go, as the bends don't flatten out, I was hoping to use it in one go but have not been able to. This is not good to man or beast.

👤I will not be buying this tape again because I am happy with stormsure products. At first it seems to adhere well, but it doesn't stay secure for long and leaks.

11. XIWENQUKU Adhesive Tape,Layer Waterproof Sportswear

XIWENQUKU Adhesive Tape%EF%BC%8CLayer Waterproof Sportswear

It is easy to use, just make sure the place you want to paste the tape is clean and dry, then cut the tape into the proper length and width, tear off one end, and the film needs to be evenly pasted from the beginning of the repaired part. Tools that can be used are hot air pressure glue machine, high Frequency heat seal machine, flat heat press, electric iron, etc. Specific steps include sticking the smooth surface of the strip with the coated surface of the cloth, using a white paper to press and iron, and cooling down with an electric iron. Widely UseFor Sealing Sewn Seams: Repairs on Polyurethane (PU) coated breathable waterproof fabric: leisure waterproofs, sportswear, uniforms, protective clothing, tents, covers, awnings etc. This fabric repair tape is waterproof and won't peel off during a wash. It remains soft and flexible after application. The length is 20m/65′s width is 2 cm/0.78" and the thickness is 0.1 cm/0.04. It can be used for a long time and can be cut to a length that's right for the crack. The color is clear. The package contains 20m of hot melt seam seal tape.

Brand: Xiwenquku

👤It's clear. The other side is a bit rougher than the other side. Only one side will adhere. An experiment will tell you which side you are on. It's difficult to align tape on a seam while cloth is placed over it. There are no instructions. I knew about the cloth. A piece of paper with instructions would make things better. A customer that doesn't know about the cloth cover will mess up the iron.

👤I bought this to seal the home. It wouldn't stick. I placed the tape over the seam and used heat to get it to stick. It would stick to some fabrics if I put a lot of work into it. This stuff is hard to understand. I was able to get it to stick. The nylon is on the uncoated side. Sometimes it took a bit more heat than other times. I tried the tape on the side of the Cordura that was coated and it was not very effective in pulling off in other places. It worked well. It is difficult to get PU4000. I don't know what this stuff is for but I don't waste time trying to get it to work on any critical gear unless you are willing to spend a lot of time testing and applying it.

👤You have to press very hard with the iron to get the edges of the seam tape to stick along the sides of the tent seam.

👤The product failed to adhere to anything, no matter what iron setting it was in. It is useless for adhering any material.

👤Ironed on, but began peeling off soon after.


What is the best product for repair jacket tape?

Repair jacket tape products from Stormsure. In this article about repair jacket tape you can see why people choose the product. Djr and Satinior are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair jacket tape.

What are the best brands for repair jacket tape?

Stormsure, Djr and Satinior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair jacket tape. Find the detail in this article. Azobur, Willbond and Boao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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