Best Repair Laminate Flooring Kit Gray

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1. Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

It's perfect for residential and commercial use. It's easy to fill a chip, crack, hole fill, screw or knot cover. Excellent fix for the best finish in any colored desk. There is a repair compound, no glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set needed. The results on any material include painted or natural, dark, light, and maple. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤The marker and crayon wood repair set I bought before buying this set. I didn't think those were ideal for deeper repairs. The markers worked well for small scratches, but not for large scratches, and the crayons weren't good for dents, chips, or big scratches. I tried it because of the high reviews, but wasn't sure what it was. It is a set of several tubes of paint and a tube of wood putty. The wood putty is used for deep repairs and the paints are used for shallow repairs. The wood putty was too dry and it wouldn't trowel on very well. The instructions said to mix it well. I didn't think the wood putty was any better or easier to use than the putty, which you can buy at a big box store. The paints were great. They are thick enough to deal with scratches, dents, and chips. The crayons in the other wood repair set were not as good. There is plenty of paint in each tube to last a long time. I'm happy with the paints. I prefer the markers over the paints for very thin, shallow scratches. The paints are too thick for scratches where you don't really need to fill in, but just even out the color. I'm still happy with the kit, but it seems odd to market it as a full wood repair kit, but not include markers.

👤I bought this product to repair the damage caused by my puppy on my floor. The kit includes tubes of different colors that will be used to create a custom color for the repair. The color chart included shows the many shades of color that can be mixed. It is difficult to pick the right color from the chart. I started to use a tiny bit of the colorant to make some combinations on a scrap of paper. I was shown in the bottom of the picture. I decided to email Coconix customer assistance to ask for their expert assistance. Maria was the Customer Success Manager at Coconix. Maria gave detailed instructions on how to recreate the grain of the wood using the colors that I had chosen. The pictures are only shown with the colorant applied. I ran out of the color. Maria at Coconix volunteered to send more colorant so that I could finish the repair for free, after she followed up to check how the repair was going. Coconix does a great job at customer service. I haven't applied the grain or top coat yet because the colorant needs to be completed first. Maria made suggestions about what could be done to restore the top coat. You must be patient and take your time, this product is excellent for a indistinguishable repair. You will get used to using this product after you make some test colors. If you want to get the color correct before you do the actual repair, mix the color, then test it on a piece of scrap or in a remote area. The artist's pallette knife is shown in the picture. The blade is flexible and can be used to level off the filler and create clean lines between the wood floor planks. If you would like a professional grade repair, give this product a try. Take a picture of the damage so that it reflects the actual color. Don't use flash. A cell phone picture with a distant room light is good. Purchase the kit and send the picture to Coconix with the damage description. Take your time to get the best results. Coconix will help you get a great repair.

2. Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

Katzco Total Furniture Repair Kit

It's easy to apply. Just wipe it off. The scratch has gone away like a firework. The set includes two sets of their most powerful home improvement repair compounds. White, Black, Maple, Cherry, Gray, Mahogany, and Oak are some of the common colors to match your home. You can blend different colors to match your decor. Restore Interventions are similar to a pro and can restore nicks, scuffs, and discoloration on furniture. It's a good idea to revive vintage furNITURE quickly and cleanly. The included brush will allow you to pack your wood filler into the blemish. Remove any excess and let it dry. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime. Do it yourself heroes trust top-rated quality. A special carpenter quality formula is used to match delicate wood finishes and seals in to last a lifetime.

Brand: Katzco

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I'm really happy with this product. We had our kitchen and living room renovated last year. A lot of edge chipping happened out of the blue. The installer promised to fix things, but never did. The floors were made worse by the fact that we got a medium sized golden retriever puppy. There are a lot of scratches and wood chipping. I thought I would give this product a try. The floors were not even 2 years old. I tried the crayons, but they didn't do very well. Then tried the colored wood. The included colors weren't a good match for me because I had a dark walnut color wood, but mixing the black and mahogany colors together made a very acceptable match. The best way to work with wood paint is to use a brush and a damp paper towel to lightly remove the excess paint after about 30 seconds. The paint can bond with the wood and the excess can be wiped off. I tried on a few easy spots to start and worked my way up to the more challenging pieces. It was easy after the first 30 minutes. The product was very good and definitely recommend it.

👤Our cross country move had a lot of damage this summer. The loaders were terrible. Most of our furniture was less than 4 years old. I found this kit online and it saved our furniture. I used wax crayons for some repairs. There are many options for repair in this kit. If one method doesn't work, try something else and wipe it off before it dries. Many repair kits do not have grey in it.

👤I had a hole in my floor that was bothering me for a long time, if you didn't get close to the ground, you can't see it after I fixed it. I mixed colors and used the brush to create some texture and grain. I am pretty happy!

👤It was easy to use and made a huge difference. I dropped a pot on my wood floors which caused a scratch on one of the pictures I use, but you can't tell that there is something wrong with the floors. I would recommend this for minor wood repairs.

👤The new engineered hardwood floors looked terrible after my kids dragged the kitchen stools over them. I followed the instructions and used the lightest shade. I wiped off the scratched/ damaged part immediately after I colored it, so that I could blend it in with the cloth provided. When necessary, I repeated these steps a few times. The floors look great, I can't believe it. I was able to save them with a 10 minute fix. The color of my Swiffer Wetjet has stayed the same since then. I have felt pads on the bottoms of my chairs to help me touch up the furniture in the house. Follow the directions carefully and you will be pleased. Here is a before and after picture.

3. EZARC Laminate Flooring Installation Double Faced

EZARC Laminate Flooring Installation Double Faced

Only use as directed. Please follow the instructions on the bottle to maximize the performance of this product. The Complete tool kit contains all the essentials you need to install a floor. The package included a pull bar, rubber tapping block, double faced hammer, protective foam keen pads, and wedge spacers. The mallet with the rubber grip helps absorb vibration. The mallet head is 35mm in diameter and the double-faced rubber head delivers a softened, positive strike. Extra thick steel made pull bar designed with 3'' wide front edge and felt pads at back help to prevent damaging and scratching your plank during installation. Premium vinyl rubber made tapping block can be used for flooring installation. It is suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) flooring. The foam knee cap is waterproof and provides excellent protection while kneeling on hard and slippery surfaces. It will be easier to do your work. More wedge spacers are included to facilitate the installation of large flooring area. Once a board is placed against them, the edges of the spacers arerated to lock them into the correct position. More wedge spacers are included to facilitate the installation of large flooring area. Once a board is placed against them, the edges of the spacers arerated to lock them into the correct position.

Brand: Ezarc

👤It's much easier to have a pack with everything you need. I will probably never use the knee pads again. I wore them around with out worrying about scratching the new floor because they are so soft. We kept putting our shoes in. Also- The rubber mallet and brick helped me move a bit faster. Cons! The black angle medal piece has too much vibration and doesn't work as well as I think it should, other than that. It is definitely worth the money. Good luck!

👤The set does a great job at what it is supposed to do. I want to take 1 star away for the longevity of the tapping block. I can't fault them because they used this set for LVP and also installed some hardwood floors, but we had to hammer the black very hard to squeeze some boards because we had to tooth in a section. It did get beat up because we weren'ttapping it. Even though it was a bit beat up. It is still working and that is something to say about it.

👤My husband has been using this kit day in and day out while we have been replacing our carpeted floors. I am so glad I made this purchase because every piece has proved to be a necessity. Highly recommended. The quality is good.

👤This kit is fine if you just do one room and don't plan to use it again. The metal tapping bar is soft and doesn't hold it's shape, so I had to bend it back into shape. The 90 degree bend made it difficult to tap the ends of the rows. The metal tapping bar is the most important part of the kit, according to me.

👤Did help a lot. The floor was 300 sq ft. It was a good purchase. The heavy duty puller is a 1 star less. It gets hit with a hammer. I had to bend it back up a few times, if it makes sense. When it got hit, we had more felt under the puller.

👤The tools I used to install the floor were incredibly helpful. They are made to last. I had to deal with some stubborn spots, but I didn't have any issues with any of the tools. The knee pads were better than the ones I had before. I would like it to have now spacers. I did manage. I would recommend it.

👤The pull bar, mallet, and rubber block were all perfect. We could not have done it without these tools. The pull bar can be used in tight spaces against walls and along the edges of carpet. The mallet and rubber block are great for this. The knee pads were a bonus, but not as good as other knee pads. They work just fine. The little spacers were an extra that we used, but not a lot. It is an excellent value for your money.

👤If you are installing vinyl flooring, this is the perfect setup. Everything you need is in this kit. You are good to go if you have a special cutting machine. The included tools are easy to use.

4. Weiman Wood Repair System Kit

Weiman Wood Repair System Kit

You can blend multiple markers to match your wood surface. Long- lasting beauty can be maintained with the help of Filler Sticks. It's convenient and ideal for daily touch up on finished wood surfaces. Light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black colors can be used to replicate any wood tone. Wooden furniture, cabinets, floors, bedposts, wood-veneer, doors, frames, and more are used on.

Brand: Weiman

👤I rarely leave reviews, but I feel compelled to because I am so grateful. I'm a big fan of these. I bought these in case there were scratches on the plank after we installed it. I came downstairs this morning to find that one of our new dining room chairs had left a huge, deep scratch on the brand new floor. I decided to give it a try after I remembered the kit I had bought. I'm very happy I did. The marker covered the scratch better than the crayon. You can't see it anymore unless you know where to look. It was a bit nerve-racking to draw on a brand new floor with a marker, but the result is definitely worth it! I rubbed the marker with a clean paper towel so the dye wouldn't accumulate after I colored it in. The results seem to be the same if you only coloring in small amounts at a time. There are pictures of the scratch before, during, and after being treated. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I have used several Weiman products with success and I have used similar products. The markers in this kit are terrible. I was touching up some nicks on a picture frame with a brand new marker, when it fell out. The dark brown stain on the floor was caused by the fall of the wicks. I decided to use the light brown marker. It held up for a while, but fell out. I wanted to return the kit, but it's not a good idea. I have to clean up the mess I made when I bought this product, because I am out the money I spent buying it.

👤The pictures speak for themselves. A dog that loves to run. His nails were all over the floor. It looks great again.

👤Absolutely rubbish. These are a bunch of markers. Nothing special at all. I could have saved myself 8 plus dollars if I had known that before I bought it. I could have bought a pack of crayons at the store. The product doesn't work at all. It is only good for drawing lines.

👤We found the product better than what we found in hardware stores. Multi-colors were used to blend the dark brown floors. I have been able to fill quarter to dollar sized holes in the floor. This does not fill as caulking would. It was difficult to get the color to adhere to the edges of furniture.

👤These are for our stools. The kids slam them into the counter top and then scratch it with their teeth. The light colored wood was not as dark as it should be. I had to use a liquid cover to get the job done. I kept them because they work well on other wood items.

👤The sticks were not very impressive, they crumbled into small pieces but did not fill the hole. It would probably be enough for a shallow scratch. The marker sticks did a good job, after I used wood putty to fill the gap, to help match the surrounding wood.

5. CalFlor FL49111CF Mix2Match FloorFix Laminate

CalFlor FL49111CF Mix2Match FloorFix Laminate

1 x tapping block, 1 x mallet, 1 x widen pull bar, and 40 spacers. Repairs for wood, laminate, and wpc flooring. Tools and lacquer are included in the kit. You can use one of the 27 easy-to-follow Color formulas or create your own. It's easy to mix, easy to apply, dries quickly, and can be tailored to your needs. Wax-free, solvent-free. Wax-free, solvent-free.

Brand: Calflor

👤If you've read my review, you will get useful feedback. The base cream that comes with the kit is useless for anything deeper than a scratch. It takes a long time to dry and build up in layers if you try to fill it in a short period of time. It doesn't accept stains like it says it does. White Bondo all purpose putty is the same material body shops use for minor car body repairs except it's white rather than pink, which is available on Amazon and at the big home centers. Bondo can be sanded in 15 minutes and is really useful for coloring it. The setting of the Bondo is unaffected by the coloring agents. If you want to mix a quantity of the right color, it's possible to play around with the coloring tone before adding the activator to Bondo. It will sit indefinitely if you keep it in a sealed tight container.

👤Don't expect it to be easy. Matching any natural striation of colors is time consuming but not impossible if you have the patience and can follow directions. I'm attaching two pictures, one just after applying the plain putty fill, and the other just after the crack is about an inch wide. The second picture was taken after hours of mixing colors. It's not perfect, but it's as close as it can get to showing my house to potential buyers. They hid the crack when it was installed, but it wears away over time. The kit comes with a few coats of lacquer. Use several coats to dry.

👤This is the replacement for a dime sized chip in a ceramic kitchen tile. The product instructions were clear, and it only took a few minutes to mix up my preferred color. After mixing I applied the putty to the tile and let it dry. I applied the lacquer two hours later. I had to look for the chip location when I went back to take the "after" photo. I'm happy with the results and hope they hold up.

👤I bought this kit because there were many different surfaces in the house I was renting that needed a touch up. I wanted to make sure I got my deposit back, even though spots were there before I moved in. The reason I decided on this kit was the fact that it stated that it works on virtually any hard surface, and after I paid my bill, I thought it could be a life saver. I was able to touch the chip. I used a mixture of the clear lacquer and tints on the spots I couldn't work putty into. I was able to fill and match the graining of the floor that was large. I was able to repair the vinyl flooring in the bathroom. The color was going to be hard to match. I can't find the spot now. I was impressed. I got my deposit back at the end of it all.

👤It took me a while to mix it up. Easy instructions. To get the colors right, you need a 'color eye'. Don't believe the color mix chart. There is still no big deal. Instructions were not very clear. I went to the website to watch the video. They were a little more clear. I think I did a good job of matching up my tile fixes, they were small and not bad to begin with. Why would a company give you all the items to mix? The mixing board is probably one of the most critical elements. You are supposed to mix it up once. Hello? The mixing bowl and application tool are made of plastic. The mixing board is made of wood. Really? That is stupid. The price of this kit is ridiculous. I am not happy. I used the mixing board to estimate the amount of putty. The mixing board is set up as a multi-use area.

6. FCHO Laminate Include Suction Scraped

FCHO Laminate Include Suction Scraped

It's ideal for domestic and professional use. A floating flooring tool is used to repair floor gaps. Only use on smooth furface, not on handscraped surface floor. The mallet has a length of 11.8 inch and a weight of 0.96 lbs. The cup is made of aluminum and plastic and has a heavy duty plastic handle. What you get is a plastic mallet and floor gap fixer. What you get is a plastic mallet and floor gap fixer.

Brand: Fcho

👤I was sick to my stomach when I saw the gaps. I thought I would have to pay someone to relay them. No, no! 5 minutes was the time it took me to fix the gaps. I went back to the wall because I had to fix one. Don't spend a lot of money on the other one. This one works.

👤It is supposed to stick to the flooring. I couldn't get it to work. I tried wet and dry methods to clean the floors. It wouldn't hold. The first time I hit it it broke off. I had to put my weight on the handle and beat it slowly. I thought it would work better than it did.

👤When thinking about purchasing this product, pay attention to the description. I couldn't use it, that's the only reason for my poor rating. It is said that it is not possible to use on the surface floors. You have no idea what that means. I bought it to fix my floor gaps. My floors are textured and have grooves in them that did not work. The product is only for smooth surfaces. I kept it because I needed it for something else, but I had to buy another one. Hope this helps.

👤I was skeptical about how well this would work, but I was not going to rip it out because I had gaps in my flooring. I gambled less than $20 and got a chance. There isn't much to this because the instructions weren't great. After reviewing questions and previous reviews for tips, I placed the cups firmly on the board with the most noticeable gap, pressed down firmly, and then gave the tool a few taps with the mallet. The separated boards slipped back into place with very little effort. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This was bought to help with the re-orientation of the laminate flooring planks that have become separated. My flooring does not have a perfect flat surface, but it does have waves in the texture of the floor that make it appear more natural, and the cups grab on and hold. The cups are easy to use and keep grabbing when they become dirty. I didn't need the rubber mallet, but the other suction cups were more expensive and had worse reviews.

👤Went online and watched a video of a man using a $60 tool to pull back a piece of wood. The video explained the process well. Went onto Amazon and saw the less expensive tool and ordered it. This less expensive tool works. I had no issues hitting the handle with the mallet. My runs were over 20' and closed tight as advertised. Another great purchase!

👤When you put down a floating floor, using this and floating floor flex glue has fixed my problems. I would attach the tool to the floor and lightly pull it on, the included hammer is made of soft plastic, and it comes up very easily. Try different taps and pulls to see what works.

7. Escest Furniture Markers Scratches Sharpener

Escest Furniture Markers Scratches Sharpener

The assortment of Varathane Wood Stains is provided by the color group. Make stabs in the stomach completely disappEAR. Their kit contains 8 touch up markers. There are 8 wax stick crayons. Both come in 8 handy furniture colors. Don't worry about the cuts in your fur. The solution is simple, use their furniture repair markers to completely cover and paint over the scratches and make the damages completely disappear. You will be amazed at how easy it is to color and fill in the scratches, and how good it looks. It's easy to repair these wax crayons and touch-up markers because they come in a special range of 8 furniture colors and a sharpener for the sticks. In areas where the furNITURE was more severe, the waX is especially helpful to fill in large gaps. The markers colors and crayon wax lines are very easy to apply, you can apply several layers and it will look like one. You don't need to hire a professional repairman when you can do it yourself. You can't go wrong. Try it. You can use the markers to repair and refresh your furniture. It is easy to use and looks brand new. Is there an issue with cuts, marks, and shards on fabric? Don't worry. This product has been voted #1 by furniture repairs groups. The wax crayons are good for a furniture restoration project. The thick felt tips on the markers will last you a long time. Is there an issue with cuts, marks, and shards on fabric? Don't worry. This product has been voted #1 by furniture repairs groups. The wax crayons are good for a furniture restoration project. The thick felt tips on the markers will last you a long time.

Brand: Escest

👤I should have restained it because it is so clear. After 3 years of not getting around to it, I went to town on my nightstand tonight with one of the markers. It looks a million times better now than it will ever be. I use these markers for touch up. I have worked on furniture all over the house.

👤It's great to fix scratched wood. I'm glad it worked because we used it to fix scratches on our furniture. Replacing items would have been too expensive.

👤It worked wonders on my desk. Any area that lost lacquer needs a lighter marker. This set will damage a light stained piece. I think the lightest option to be as dark as my desk is the maple one. I didn't try to use this on my grandma's antique light colored one because my desk is closer to cherry.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. My dining room table and chairs were damaged. The finish on the table top cracked due to a lot of small scratches. It was a pleasure to use this product to restore the table and chairs. If you look closely at the chair, you can see where I put the gouge. The eye is no longer drawn to the imperfection. After finishing the dining room set, I went around to the rest of my oak furniture and found some small flaws. Everything looks new again. This product is very good.

👤After our neighbors gave us their old dining table set, we bought these markers. Markers help blend in the color and make the nicks and wear on the legs less noticeable. It's a great way to give your furniture a face-lift.

👤Wow! I thought I had ruined the floor. It was terrible to have these done a touch up scratch. The colors were not close enough to be a furniture marker. I had alcohol and was able to remove it as it looked horrible when it touches your item. Not like a normal name stained marker as you control it by wiping excess off.

👤I used these markers to fix scratches and mars. You have to wipe the scratch off with a napkin. Then apply another color for Blending. It's easier than I thought. All my wood and furniture was improved greatly. I used to work on some baseboards.

👤The product saved a table that was damaged. The markers and crayons saved the day when I wanted to try to repair rather than shipping the whole thing back. The table was distressed. I was able to make the damage look like a distressed area. It was perfect!

👤The pen colors are different to the cap colour and the waxes are brittle.

👤Good color match.

👤These are expensive crayons and felt tips.

👤It's easy to cover marks on furniture.

8. Magic American Floor Stick Caulk

Magic American Floor Stick Caulk

Simply peel and stick to the surface. The score line is molded in to assure uniform positioning. An easy and quick alternative to regular caulk.

Brand: Magic American

👤I have an old house that I am fixing up, and things aren't always going to turn out as I want them to. There are gaps and things don't line up. The product saved me from having to tear out and relay tile because of the large gap between the shower pan and tile. The floor and pan had a gap that the contractor caulked, but still made the job look terrible. I came across this stuff in a random search and had to try it. I suggest watching the video on the internet first, then grabbing a hair dryer. It does the same thing as a vinyl wall base does. You can cut the glue backing with scissors if the hair dryer is used. I let it cure for 38 hours before using the shower and have had no problems. I will definitely order more.

👤It's hard to get caulk perfect. I put in new floors in 2 bathroom. The glue was very sticky. I cleaned the surface and applied it straight the first time so I didn't pull it back up. I used a rubber tool to push it down as I applied it. You can put a lot more pressure on the plastic if you use a tool that won't mar it. Make sure the glue is warm. When it's not cold, my will is very strong. I will use liquid nails to re-glue it if it starts coming off. I'm hoping that isn't necessary. The people who said their junk got some bad glue, tried to apply it when the glue was cold, or did something else wrong tried to apply it to a dirty surface. Even if I had to put more glue on it, I would buy it again. I don't think I could get caulk to look perfect.

👤The previous owner had done caulking around the tub, so I bought this product to hide it. I cleaned the area and then applied it. I cut some reliefs to help it curve around the tub after reading that it doesn't do well around curves. Less than an hour later, it has come free. I wouldn't buy this product unless you have a perfectly straight tub to caulk, and it doesn't look good.

👤The produce has 2 strips to peel off in order for it to stick to the surface. If you are going in a straight line, this is fine. The 2 strips make it easier to install. The product does not go around curves very well. It doesn't stick all the time. I have used this on a few bathroom surfaces and it is coming off on one side but still sticking in the other.

👤The full width of the plastic isn't covered by glue. You end up with a gap for water to collect, and then it will grow into something. It makes no sense as a design. I put my own caulk at the top of the piece to make sure it sticks to the tile. What do I expect from 3$?

9. Furniture Markers Sharpener Scratch Restore Set

Furniture Markers Sharpener Scratch Restore Set

The furniture repair kit has 12 wood fillers, wood repair markers, wax sticks, sharpener, brushes, and scraper. There are 42 in this set. The Great Kit for Wood Scratch Repair is suitable for cover furniture scratches and restore, such as: repair cracks, hole, discoloration for wooden door, floor, table, cabinet, etc. Smooth the surface with a scraper after applying the filler into the cracks. The repair markers can be used to draw wood grain. The colors are unique--White,Ivory, Wood White, Oak, Original,Amber Yellow, Yellow Sandalwood, Padauk, Gray, Black Walnut, Black. Markers in 8 colors. There are Maple, White, Gray, Cherry, Oak, and Black. Pet marks, scruffs and cracks are some of the damages that can be restored. Do not need experienced professionals to touch your furniture, you can blend colors.

Brand: Seisso

👤If you want to expand the color range to the color spectrum, just spend $3 on a 64 Crayola Crayon box at the local store. I needed an orange red to touch up an item that had been sprayed and it dried hard no matter what I did wrong and came off with strong rubbing alcohol. I will drop it into the cup next time because you can't brush it on to match the spray finish. I would like to know what the base is.

👤It was in a small pack. It's very easy to store them. I tried to use a marker. I'm very happy with the results. It helps to blend the scratches. You can find a match in this pack. You will be very satisfied with the results if you are patient. It's almost impossible to find the repaired part. The pen was soft. I didn't like it very much. It didn't fill the deeper scratches. I paid for it and am happy with it.

👤Los colores no son consisten.

10. REXBETI Ultimate Installation High Strength Fiberglass

REXBETI Ultimate Installation High Strength Fiberglass

UpGRADED METAL RIVETS. The previous model had a problem withrivets popping off. They stay in place because of the updated design. If you have any issues with the rivets, please contact them and they will send a replacement unit for free. No return is required. A mallet with a rubber grip helps absorb vibration. A softened, positive strike is delivered by a double-faced solid rubber head. The head of the mallet is usually 1 inch in diameter, but it can provide more powerful force. The handle is made of fiberglass and will not break. The mallet is long and heavy. The upgraded pull bar is thicker and stronger than others. Others are usually only 1 1/2 inch thick and 10 1/2 inch long. Theirs is 3/16 inch thick, 12 inch long and has soft pads on the back to prevent scratching the floor during installation. The tapping block is made from solid material and is suitable for most types of floors. 40 spacers are included to make installing a large flooring area easier. The package had a rubber hammer, pull bar, tapping block, and 40 x spacers. It is used for installation of hardwood or laminate flooring.

Brand: Rexbeti

👤The tapping block and steel pull bar are necessary when installing locking vinyl flooring. The spacers are useless because they keep falling over. These tools are used to get a tight joint. I used a scrap piece of flooring to close the gaps, but it won't last. There is a grooves in the block that fits the tongue perfectly and is much quicker than locking and opening a piece of flooring. The pull bar worked well when you were on the last piece of floor against the wall. The hammer is great for tapping the end seams for a perfect lock.

👤There are a lot of these sets, but I chose this one for its reviews, price, and amount of spacers. Even with the amount they give you, you will want more. This product already has more than the comparable products and that is not a fault. The rubber mallet is ideal for hammering boards on the short end into each other and the yellow metal mallet is ideal for hammering boards on the long side together. The edge spacing you need for installing a laminate floor like Pergo depends on the spacing of the two pieces of the spacers. A small pry bar with a long and short edge is included in this set. This worked well when the row reached the end to seat all the floor boards in a straight line. If you want to make sure they are connected, slip the shorter edge against the wall on either side. The tapping block worked well, but you have to be careful not to damage the plank because the block is always flat on the floor. I broke the grooves on the board when I caught it not seated. If you want to lock the boards in place, you should use a weightier mallet, as I feel like trying to do that with this mallet would be difficult. I had no issues with the mallet coming apart, as some reviews mentioned. At the end of the project, the tapping block was badly damaged, but still looked like it would survive another project. There is a sticker with the company name on it which had come off almost completely, and there were some serious bending and dents in the side where I was hammering it from. A set like this is necessary for installing laminate flooring. I think this set was high quality. I would like it to come with more spacers. The amount it comes with is more than most of the others. Thank you for the great product!

👤The bar is not wide enough. The bars are almost as wide as the plank if you look at some of the other install kits. This one is small and damaged my 3rd piece.

👤If you ever tried to ask a girl for her number, you're not going to speak. Just like laying LVT without this type of kit, it doesn't work. Get yourself something like this flooring and know how to use it, you won't be a slob playing video games. Kit jams suck. It broke after 80 sqft. I just fixed the lil devil by popping its head back on with a double bubble and banging the plank, I'm a man and that's all. Done deal.

11. One Sight Professional Installation Reinforced

One Sight Professional Installation Reinforced

More wedge spacers are included to facilitate the installation of large flooring area. Once a board is placed against them, the edges of the spacers arerated to lock them into the correct position. The new version of the vinyl flooring installation tools kit has a rubber grip on the mallet. The mallet head is 40mm in diameter and will not fall apart. The upgraded knee pads have better knee protection than the old version. They try to make installing the flooring painless. The new pull bar is 4mm thick and others are usually 3mm. The new one has bigger surface protectors to reduce the amount of friction between the pull bar and the floor. The tapping block is very hard to break when hit by a hammer. A small backpack is provided for packing the tool accessories. The tool is suitable for most of the flooring currently on the market.

Brand: One Sight

👤I was reflooring about 1300. sq. ft. This set was a good all in one deal. The knee pads were a little tight, the spacers aren't great, but I really liked the tapping block, pull bar, and mallet. They became my favorites for a few days. The mallet head came off at the end of the 4th day. I had to run and pick one up. I didn't expect much out of the kit, but it was a bad deal to replace half of the items.

👤It has everything you need. A basic knife would have been nice. The pieces are worse than I've used. The hammer is the best part. In my house, the wall board has a huge gap between it and the bar, so the ends should be tapered to get into those tight spaces. The tapping bar could be more user friendly if both sides had the same position at the bottom. You're not trying to find the right side. A mark on the top is good. The plastic was beaten down halfway through the job. I would suggest two tapping blocks in the kit.

👤I had to repair an existing floating laminated floor where some of the boards needed to be replaced and to tighten the gaps between the ends of the board. The installation kit had all the tools needed to complete the job. Plastic wedge pieces and knee pads made it easier to do the job. A lot of people were saved from being able to perform the work on their own.

👤The job was done for the price. The little space tabs were useless, do not stand up while you're trying to get the new floor pieces in, and end up not using them at all. The knee pads were made with a material that was very uncomfortable. My husband decided to use the pull bar to pry something, but don't do that, it will be fine.

👤I just finished building a room. I called my friend to see if this would be worth the money. He said yes. I don't know how you could do it without these tools. I would have been frustrated without the things in the kit. It's nice to keep it all together. I hope to never use them again.

👤It's a great value for money. My husband mentioned that the knee pads were comfortable while he was doing renovations. He said they are the most comfortable he has ever used and he works in construction.

👤It's a good product for installing vinyl plank flooring. The knee protectors are useful and the tapping block is solid. The amount of spacers is not enough for a big room. It's worth the money for me to install the vinyl flooring in my room.

👤The pull bar, whacking rectangle and small spacers were useful. The soft faced hammer, knee pads and face mask were not needed. I used my hammer to get them into alignment.

👤I bought this to lay an LVT floor. The space was about 60m2 and the set held up well. The pulling bar, block and mallet were of decent quality. The knee pads were not comfortable to wear for long periods, but they held up well. All in good value.


What is the best product for repair laminate flooring kit gray?

Repair laminate flooring kit gray products from Coconix. In this article about repair laminate flooring kit gray you can see why people choose the product. Katzco and Ezarc are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair laminate flooring kit gray.

What are the best brands for repair laminate flooring kit gray?

Coconix, Katzco and Ezarc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair laminate flooring kit gray. Find the detail in this article. Weiman, Calflor and Fcho are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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