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1. Neutrogena Alcohol Free Facial Hypoallergenic Formula

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Facial Hypoallergenic Formula

An ounce of Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Facial Toner. It is possible to help purify, cleanse and refresh skin without stripping its natural hydration. The alcohol-free face toner contains mild purifiers that gently remove impurities and help recondition skin. It is non-comedogenic so it won't cause problems. The gentle formula of this cleanser will not cause irritation or dry skin and will not strip delicate facial skin of its own natural hydration. It's dye free. Apply a cotton ball with Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner to the face with gentle upward strokes and it will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. For your own at- home self-care experience, complete your daily skincare routine with this cleansing face toner.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤I bought this and an organic/natural to make sure I could compare the two to see which had a better effect on me. My skin is dry, yet I still get a lot of skin problems. I can't just buy any skincare products without knowing they won't affect me negatively. I was told by my doctor that I need to get a toner because it will help in hydrating my face, and she told me to get one that is alcohol-free. I stumbled upon Neutrogena's and Beauty By Earth. I have tried Neutrogena and Beauty By Earth in the last two days. I can't give any negative comments on either of them because they work well for me. I plan to use Neutrogena's toner for a week and this review will focus on my experience. I almost feel like I am applying water to my face because of the refreshing feeling it gives me. I am a dude but I want a good skin and it hindered my confidence after being diagnosed with eczema. I try my best to take care of my skin by searching for products that do not harm it. I don't feel any burning or irritation when I apply Neutrogena's toner. It feels like I am splashing my face with water. The ingredients photo is attached. I instantly feel my face is soft. Smooth when I rub my fingers on my face. The selling price is reasonable and the size is a good buy. I got it as an add-on item. I would change it if it was possible to create a spray bottle version. A less step in my skincare regimen is appreciated. I like the fact that the other one has a spray so I can use it on my face multiple times. I know both procedures have pros and cons, so I leave it up to you. I see myself using this constantly because of the instant comfort. I will use it with my other one weekly, so I can get a better feeling. The product arrived on time and as described. If you feel that my review has helped you, and influenced your decision in buying or not buying this product, please click on the HELPFUL/YES button that says that my review is helpful to others. Thank you.

👤My wife has gone through 15 or 20 bottles of this stuff over the past few years, and she is very sensitive to skin issues. Considering the source of my information, that endorsement is about as good as you can get. Buy with confidence. If it suits my wife, it will probably work out well.

👤I am not sure how this is supposed to happen. The bottle was open. There was no sanitary lid. There is no plastic. No cover! Nothing! Very difficult! I don't know who put that dirty thing in there. It's definitely a topic of debate. I am not putting that thing on my face.

👤Before using this product, my skin felt smooth. After rinsing my face with water, I applied a bit of this to my face and immediately felt a burning sensation on my cheeks. It looks like a rash appeared on my face after I applied it. It was very bad. My skin is not very sensitive. I have combination skin, with an oily nose and under eye, and the rest of my face is dry. The rash didn't show up on my oily skin, so I'm guessing it's only suitable for oilier skin types. This isn't a bad product, but for anyone with combination skin, I wouldn't recommend it.

2. AmLactin Moisturizing Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliates Paraben Free

AmLactin Moisturizing Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliates Paraben Free

One bottle of AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion. Adding a keratosis pilaris treatment to your skin care products will help relieve rough skin. The lotion has 12 percent lactic acid to boost the skin's natural renewal. It is an ideal body moisturizer for smoothing dry skin on arms, legs and back. The AmLactin lotion bottle has a convenient pump.

Brand: Amlactin

👤I have bought this for a long time. I knew something wasn't right when I received it. It smelled bad. I compared the back of the bottle to the back of a store bought bottle. Completely different ingedients and a different distributor. This is not a real item.

👤This lotion is not original. I noticed that the consistency and color of it was different when I applied it to the skin. I bought mine from Walmart but it was always sold out so I couldn't get it. I decided to buy it. After a bottle and 1/2 later my skin became very dry, itchy and I started getting hives on from it. My skin started healing after I stopped using it. The real Amlactin lotion has a thick consistency and off color that makes it hard to apply. I throw out my money because my return window was closed.

👤I bought this lotion online because my normal store sometimes doesn't have it. I tried this bottle after finishing the bottle I bought. The smell hit me after I noticed the consistency. The smell of normal amlactin is more on the ammonia side. It smelled like it had gone bad. The bottle was darker in color. I had someone else smell the bottle I got from the store and they also knew it was not the same. Don't buy!

👤The bottle I received was off. I initially thought the bad smell was due to the intended formula. It smelled like sour milk to me, but other people say it smells like vomit. It was my first bottle. I didn't know what it was supposed to smell like. I went on a trip, didn't take it with me, and ended up buying a bottle at a local drugstore. The bottle smells like a cleaning product. I think I got a fake bottle from Amazon. Wouldn't recommend purchasing this product through Amazon.

👤I have been using Amlactin for a long time. I have never purchased the product from Amazon, but I love the product for its hydrating properties. I received my order on May 27th. The smell was rancid when I opened it. I used it for a second time today and it smells terrible. I turned the bottle upside down and saw that it was going to expire in 2020. I will be returning this for a refund. Thank you. This photo will show the rash caused by this product. I put it everywhere. I have been using a strong cream to help. I will have to see a doctor. Don't buy this product.

👤The red bumps on my arms were treated with this lotion. I used it religiously for the entire summer, only to have no improvement. I could have dealt with the smell and feel if I had seen something. Amlactin will not make your skin feel nice or smell pretty. I do not recommend this product.

👤I turned my hands soft and mostly pain free. A huge improvement in comfort and appearance is not a cure. I have recommended it to many people. I'm happy with my purchases.

3. Eucerin Advanced Repair Creme Packaging

Eucerin Advanced Repair Creme Packaging

There is a chemical named Cement Moisturizer. A ceramide-3 and natural moisturizing factors enriched formula is used to fight very dry skin. There are some essential facts. It is enriched with NMF, which is a type of natural moisturizing factor, and it works to boost hydration and prevent dry skin from recurring. A lightweight, non-greasy body cream that leaves very dry skin feeling smooth is absorbed quickly for softer skin. It is recommended that you readDERMATOLOGIST. Eucerin has been inventing skincare innovation for over 100 years. They are one of the most recommended brands. Their products are designed to protect, support, and enhance the look of skin. There is a lady named Delightful Moisturizer. The daily cream can be used on your body.

Brand: Eucerin

👤I didn't like the original Eucerin creme. Too sticky. I thought I'd try it when it was offered on the Daily Deal. CereVe was one of the high-end body lotion I had been using. Steroids for my immune system made my skin very thin and rough. The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics is one of the places I have gone to for skin care. The same thing is said by all the dermatologists. Purchase a good quality body lotion in a jar, lay it on top of a good coating of creme. The Eucerin Advanced Repair creme is soft and doesn't add pressure to your skin. It doesn't feel greasy.

👤I usually purchase a 2-pack of Eucerin creme, but this time I decided to just purchase one tub. I didn't notice that I was ordering a different product, I clicked on the product that I usually buy and it brought up the product in singles, so I assumed it was the same one, but it wasn't. I opened the package and thought it was soup pea and not the creme because it was so hot. I tried it and it felt dry. I use it on my lips as well. I was sent a replacement by Amazon, but it was the same soupy lotion that I didn't want. I discovered that I had ordered the wrong version of Eucerin creme when I investigated. I live far from civilization and am very close to being out of the right creme. Those of you who need the original Eucerin creme know what I'm talking about. When my baby needed something for her dry skin, my doctor recommended the original creme. I like it. The lotion is terrible. Don't make the same mistake that I did. Make sure you double check that you are getting the original healing version. I used up the product and ended up buying it again because it is great for my body, even though it was horrible on my hands, feet and lips. I feel better having said that.

👤So yeah. I'm a dude. I read a great review about this product and decided to give it a try because my skin has been drying and getting a bit more scaly, I blame my kids and the sun and the ocean. Holy shit! I'm on spring break in Ft. Lauderdale again and my skin is young after only a few weeks. The 80's version is not the Ft. Lauderdale version. The place where everyone was beautiful with a twinkle in their eyes of the future and the present bliss of human interaction, where guys and girls did lots of fun things together and their skin was silky, all rubbing up on each other. I don't think so. My wife thinks this stuff is a miracle and she thinks my skin feels great. I highly recommend this product over other brand names because of its cost, feel, and results.

👤I wanted to see what this formula was like. It is very soft and thick. The original formula is very thick. I decided to give it a try. I like it. I use it all the time. I can feel a difference after two weeks. My skin was soft. My skin feels silky. The original formula will be used in alternate jars.

4. CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

The product helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkling while supporting skin elasticity. Night Mistifier helps keep skin's hydration with hyaluronic acid. The look of tired skin can be refreshed overnight. The skin's ceramide balance can be disrupted with age, which can contribute to dry skin. CeraVe Skin Renewing is made with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. CeraVe is a dissection recommended. There are products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more. There is a non-irritating formula in the bottle on skin. The patented delivery system continuously releases ingredients for hydration.

Brand: Cerave

👤The CeraVe products are awesome. They have ingredients that help maintain healthy skin. I am an aesthetican. I've tried many different types of products from the very high end all the way down to the lower end. There are no better products on the market. If you want to see a difference in your skin, buy CeraVe. If you have sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin or normal skin, these products are for you. I love the night cream. I use a Retinol product to deal with signs of aging. I use the CeraVe Night Cream on top of the retinol because it causes some dry skin. The entire line of CeraVe products has been purchased by me. They were recommended to me by a dermatologist.

👤I was not a night cream person. I needed the hydration and the skin to be regenerated after a bad break. I read two lists of the best night creams and this is the one I used. I am glad I did because it is simple and the best. The photo I did and the scar I had on my face are slowly fading away. I love this night cream.

👤It makes my skin feel hydrated and soft in the morning. The product was taped shut when I got it. It looks like someone dug their finger into it. I think someone needed to protect their skin. I can't use this product.

👤I almost never write reviews. I have tried many expensive creams and with CEraVe. Next day, I could see the change. My face was very dry and sometimes it would peel off as you could see. I put hundreds of hydrating creams and nothing else. My face changed with CeraVe night time cream. I don't have a problem with dry skin. Absolutely recommend it.

👤I like CeraVe products. This is getting low stars because it's just lotion. There are two more It is very overpriced. I used to use the regular CeraVe in the tub for years, but after adding this to my night routine for months, I didn't notice a difference.

👤You can definitely feel it on your skin. It doesn't dry down, you can still feel it on your face in the morning, so I feel like when I'm laying on my stomach it just wipes off. But my goodness, this stuff is very good for your skin. The area on my cheeks is very rough. The textured area is so smooth when I wake up after putting this on. I highly recommend it if you can deal with the sticky feeling.

👤It has finally been done. I have found a good night time cream. I was browsing the skin care aisle in Walgreens and saw this new product that was purchased through Amazon, the last one being a beat up box. I gave it a try. I have combination and sensitive skin. I have purchased many of the luxury brands from department stores and over the counter skin products recommended by my doctor. All would make my skin look oily, heavy, and dull by the morning. The skin absorbs the product very well. My face is not very oily in the morning and my skin is ready for make-up. I can't tell you how many products I have left, but I can tell you how much I have left. I'm glad they came with this formula.

5. RoC Correxion Anti Aging Hyaluronic Comedogenic

RoC Correxion Anti Aging Hyaluronic Comedogenic

The dual-action Wrinkle Filler is formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid to help make the skin look plumper. RoC Retinol is powered by. It is gentle enough for daily use. The results are promising. The appearance of fine lines can be reduced instantly by filling in the creases. This clinically proven formula helps diminish the look of crow's feet in 4 weeks. Non-comedogenic. A Dermatologist tested. They have anti-aging formulas that are right for you, whether you're looking for a solution for deep wrinkling, fine lines, dark circles, crow's feet, or dry skin. Beauty and science They produce a wide array of skin care products and treatments, including daily moisturizers with SPF, niacin and hyaluronicamide acids, facial cleanser, vitamins C, retinol skin tone, and creams for under eyes, neck, and decollete. The skin care innovation. Their products are recognized by beauty industry leaders for their effectiveness. New formulas for healthier skin are being innovated.

Brand: Roc

👤I don't know why I didn't use any of the other skin care lines. I will not be leaving again. I have always taken good care of my skin. I was told I looked younger than I was. My mirror reflected that over the past year. It has been a difficult year. I was looking at the back side of 70. I remembered that a skin care called "Roc" was the gold standard for skin care, after seeing an advertisement for it. She wanted to sell me her line but didn't push when she found I used all of the products. I decided to order this product because I needed to address deep wrinkling. The change has been quantifiable since I've been using it once a day. People are telling me how old I am. I'm going to use this every day and I'm going to replace it with other products. There is a I will not be tempted again.

👤After three days, I saw an improvement in my forehead. Just get it!

👤I think there are better products out there. I take care of my skin. There is a I am not happy that this company is not cruelty free and will not be buying again.

👤It's nice... nicely moisturizes... That's all. If I were 30 years old instead of 60 it would help me a bit. Maybe it will work for you... It does feel nice, and it gets rid of the dry skin on my face, which is 61 years old. Girls don't put a lot of emphasis on fighting thewrinkle. If you want to go under the knife, bite the bullet. Otherwise deal with it. Good luck.

👤This is an updated review, wanting to show you results.

👤I noticed new fine lines every time I looked in the mirror as I got older. I decided to try this because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on skin care. I'm 30 days in and my skin looks better. I don't wear a foundation anymore.

👤fter using Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle for a year with no results, I was skeptical of the product. I could see the results of the cream in my face and in my folds. I have noticed that it is too harsh for the eye skin. I would recommend this product to anyone, but would add a Moisturizer to top it if your skin is very sensitive.

👤A great product if used correctly. A small amount goes a long way. Even though I never smoked, I still have vertical lip lines. This product is very small. This product is different and I will order it again.

👤After more than a month of use, no filling of fine lines was noticed.

👤The product is useless. The result was not as per the description.

6. Eucerin Anti Wrinkle Face Lotion Fragrance Free

Eucerin Anti Wrinkle Face Lotion Fragrance Free

It helps provide healthy looking skin. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines within 5 weeks. SPF 15 helps prevent sunburn. It's gentle for sensitive skin.

Brand: Eucerin

👤I found out about this product through a board called "pinboards". I saw before and after pictures of a woman who had problematic skin, and I wanted to try it out because it looked like a Barbie doll. I am a woman of color and I was looking for a good SPF face lotion to end my skin care routine after using rose water and a toner. I read on the back of the packet that you can put it under your makeup, and the moment I put it on, my face was so soft, smooth, and wrinkled, that I had no reason to worry. Before this product, my skin was smooth and hydrated, but before that, I had some skin texture. I have normal to combination skin and this product is lightweight and not heavy on the skin, I think it would be great for sensitive skin types. My skin is still soft and supple after using it for three days. I have been using The Honey Dew Me Up Primer by NYX for a long time and my makeup artist friends rave about it. Girl, get you some of this asap.

👤I wouldn't give this product a rating. The Eucerin face lotion I received may not be the real thing. "Made in Mexico" is what the label says. The real product has a faint perfume smell, but it is fragrance free. The lotion was greasy and heavy. After putting it on my face, my face started burning and getting red. I called Amazon to report the problem and they were very helpful in resolving it.

👤I have used Eucerin Q10 for many years. I get a lot of comments on my skin. I use this daily under my makeup. I have never felt a greasy feeling on my skin. Wait a minute or two to allow it to soak in and dry before applying makeup. I love this lotion. I am sad that I can't find it in my area, but I can still purchase it online. This product is very good.

👤I don't feel like it's as hydrating as I would like for it to be, and I can't say that I've noticed any improvements in my skin. I have to keep it away from my eyes or risk a burning sensation that I have never experienced before, because it really irritates my eyes. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤My skin is very sensitive, and I'm very careful about what I put on it. On the right side of my face, I use my usual lotion when I switch to a new product. I use the new lotion on the left. If the new lotion causes a severe reaction, I do this for about a month. This allows me to test whether the new lotion is any better than the old one. My old lotion was called Garnier Moisture Rescue for Normal/Combo Skin. The gel-cream texture of the Garnier is thinner than the Eucerin, and the scent is stronger. The skin feels softer when the Eucerin is absorbed, and it doesn't spread as easily as the Garnier. The Eucerin side feels softer to the touch than the Garnier side after a night of sleep. There is no visible difference in the size of the skin. The SPF and the fact that it doesn't have a scent are two huge positives of the Eucerin. The Eucerin makes the left side of my face feel softer than the right. I asked my boyfriend to tell me if he could feel a difference between the two sides of my face, without telling him which side was which, and he also said that the left side was softer. There is a subtle difference in texture between the two sides. The expression lines seem lighter with the Eucerin, as evidenced by the surprised face and how long it took for the expression lines to fade. I had a break this morning, and noticed something that wasn't normal. The redness bumps on the Garnier side are worse than the number ones. I would have expected the Eucerin to be worse since it's new, and I haven't experienced an increase in breakouts from the Garnier as opposed to my older lotion. The Eucerin side of my face isn't as broken out as the Garnier side, and I have a funny line down the middle of my face that shows where the clear skin ends. I'll try to soldier on, even though I think I'm going to have a hard time going a full month without changing. I've hit my limit. I'm going to use the name Eucerin. My skin is softer and calmer than the one I have been using for years. I'm throwing in the towel because I'm using a new product.

7. Neutrogena Hydrating Hyaluronic Dermatologist Recommended

Neutrogena Hydrating Hyaluronic Dermatologist Recommended

The hydrating Neutrogena Hydro boost Eye Gel-Cream is specially designed to smooth skin around the delicate eye area. A hydrator found in the skin that attracts hydration and locks it in is what makes moisturizing eye cream. The water gel formula has a long- lasting, intense moisturizing power. The daily hydrating eye gel is non-comedogenic and oil-, fragrance-, and dye-free. Under-eye cream can be worn alone or under makeup and is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine for an at- home self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤It's an okay product. I only gave it 2 stars as the ingredients are the same as the water gel facial moisturizer, except for the one ingredient: bees wax. I can't tell the difference between the eye cream and the facial moisturizers I have tried. If you like the facial moisturizer, I would just use it instead of spending the money on the eye cream, it seems like it's more of a marketing ploy. The eye cream and moisturizer have cooling effects on my skin. If you have sensitive skin, this may cause a burning sensation on your skin, as other reviewers have noted. Can't recommend.

👤I like the actual product but it will burn my eyes if I put it under my brows, on dark circles, and on crows feet. I have tried applying less to certain areas and it still moves around on my face and makes my eyes burn.

👤I felt a burning sensation after using the cream twice. Twice it was enough to damage my skin, leave red marks, and cause my skin to almost dehydrate completely, turning it extremely thin, dry, and wrinkly. I will have to use neutral creams to repair, even for burning accidents, and it will take a while to regain its elasticity. My face hurts. This product is not for everyone.

👤It is the same ingredients as the face moisturizer. I just applied some on my eyes after I returned. It seems like a waste of money to have the same product in a smaller container.

👤I wanted to love it, but it still made my eyes water. Even though I was careful that no gel got into my eyes, my eyes would start to film over after about 15-20 minutes, making it difficult to see clearly. I tried it a few times, but it was not the cause. Neutrogena is usually my go to product line, but this eye cream was not up to par.

👤After a week of use, I don't notice much. It doesn't seem to help with hydration. It isn't worth it. My eyes have been a concern for me since I was a teenager. I want to get a tummy tuck soon. I have dark circles that get worse very quickly and I believe they are tear troughs. I was hoping this would help me drink more water. I could help the makeup process by hiding it. I don't want to have a lot of makeup on my face. This didn't seem to help at all.

👤My skin reacted badly to the product. I don't have sensitive skin and usually don't have problems with any skin products I try. The skin under my eyes became red and irritated after three days. The skin started to get wrinkled. When I realized what was happening, I immediately stopped using and began putting plain aloe Vera under my eyes to heal from the reaction. It caused something like a mild burn and sting when applied to me. It took around ten days for my skin to recover from using this product. I didn't expect a bad reaction to a Neutrogena product, but it did. I found several similar accounts after digging through other reviews.

8. Paulas Choice SKIN PERFECTING Exfoliant Facial Blackheads

Paulas Choice SKIN PERFECTING Exfoliant Facial Blackheads

2% BHA is a non-absorbent Leave-on Exfoliator that helps to diminish enlarged pores, remove dead skin cells, smooth wrinkled skin, and even out skin tone. Fights redness, wrinkling, aging, enlarged pores, and blackheads. It is possible that packing may be burdensome. Dramatically improves skin's texture. The natural process of removing layers of skin is mimicked by the use of bhea, also known as salicylic acid. The fine lines of hydRATE, BRIGHTEN, and SMOOTH. Their leave-on exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use on all skin types. It removes dead skin cells and clears pores for a more even tone. Micro-tears can be caused by an abrasive face scrub, but Paula's Choice facial exfoliants are gentle on delicate skin of the face and neck. A leave-on exfoliator can improve how the pore works. Paula's Choice makes products that work. There was no fluff, no fragrance, and no parabens. Science-backed formulas that target any concern from wrinkling to breakouts.

Brand: Paula's Choice

👤You can think of any skin issue I have. Dehydration, excessive oiliness, redness, all of it, is caused by the following: I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a product that would make a difference. I have had a lot of procedures. Nothing I have ever done or used has made my skin look better. My face felt hot, bumpy, and burned when I had rosacea. My conplexion is fair and pink, but it has covered all my bases in a gentle and effective way. I have been trying to change my appearance for years. The product did it. I would give it 100 stars. It has changed my life. Sorry for the nasty pictures.

👤My skin type is very dry, easily dehydrated, and oily, and I use a nightly cream to help with my skin problems. I decided on this because of the higher concentration of salicylic acid. It's a good product that feels good on my skin for a while, but then it sinks in to something that's not shiny and I can't feel it anymore. You have to be patient. My skin feels hydrated and plump after it settles and looks smooth and I don't see my pores. It sits nicely under my makeup, I don't use chemical exfoliants because I don't have a lot of dead skin, and my skin is very smooth outside the CC. Sometimes I'll apply it further down my neck than usual, and it's so gross, but also satisfying. Those that don't use a lot of makeup will have issues with it until their skin adjusts. If you can, use this at night for the first few weeks or just accept going barefaced for a little while. It takes forever to sink in and sometimes never fully does if you apply this product to anything that you feel does not dry down fully. It's much easier to work with my essences after they have absorbed and I save them for that. My steps are similar to this most days: ACWell Licorice toner, PC 2% BHA, 10% niacinamide, Secret Key Black Snail cream, Syn-ake cream, and Sunscreen. I noticed the peeling and balling of dead skin on my neck and face on the first day, but it was quick and it worked well. Unless I'm right in the mirror and feel as if they're almost gone, they're barely visible. I have some peeling of my skin around my mouth and nose, but it's not bad because I already remove the dead skin with the tret. It is important to keep in mind that 1) don't rinse it off and 2) don't use it as a weapon. I don't understand why some of the top reviews advise people to rinse off their chemical exfoliators, it says on the bottle not to rinse and that they should leave it on until the next cleansing so they can do their job. If you rinse it off, you're either going to cause your skin to get irritated or prevent it from properly exfoliating. If you have oily skin and feel this might be heavy on you than you can probably just use this on bare skin and then sunscreen if you use in the AM or a lightweight lotion/cream and be done with it, but you need to leave it on your skin. There are two more You need to use sunscreen while using this product. You have to address increased sun sensitivity with any exfoliant you use. When you use a chemical exfoliator or use sunscreen, you need to use it daily. Less is more. If you apply too much and have to wait 20 minutes for it to sink in, you'll be kicking yourself if you slop this on your face or soak a cotton pad in it. Go easy and use a shake or two. There are four Initially, expect some irritation. You have to give yourself time to adjust to the harsh and rough chemical exfoliants. Sometimes just introducing a AHA into your routine can cause some sensitivity. Be gentle to your skin and don't panic. If you need to use ceramides or other oils to soothe your face, try to stay away from any acids or harsh products that will burn your face.

9. Olay Regenerist Retinol Moisturizer Travel

Olay Regenerist Retinol Moisturizer Travel

Their nighttime facial moisturizer is made with Olay'sVitamin B3 + Retinol Complex to work wonders while you sleep. Skin wrinkling is a problem. Their formula absorbs quickly to deliver anti-aging ingredients deep in your skin's surface for overnight regeneration. Revolutionary retirement: Their unique Vitamins B3 + Retinol Complex has no irritation. The overnight rejuvenation is over. It's a good idea to wake up with smooth and brighter skin. Hydrates your skin for 24 hours with visible improvements in fine lines and wrinkling. The results are promising. TheHydrates is better than theRetinol product. Try Olay Regenerist Whip Fragrance Free Face Moisturizer for a week.

Brand: Olay

👤The product is over priced on Amazon. I bought my mom a lot of stuff, but it was cheaper on Olay.

👤I started using it. The cream is good. The price is the reason for the bad review. I paid for it on Amazon. It is on the Olay site. Less than $18. That is a big difference. I was ripped off.

👤I love this! I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I can see the lines diminishing. I am a 65 year old woman who loves this product, I have many allergies to creams, etc., but I have no problem using this cream, it makes my skin look better as early as 3 nights using it. A wonderful product, great seller and will be purchasing again.

👤I was making bacon in the oven four weeks ago. I accidentally spilled bacon grease on my left hand as I pulled it out of the oven. I had second degree burns on my hand. I wrapped my hand in cold water for 7 days. At that point, the skin turned black. The newly exposed skin looked very raw. I have many allergies. I applied Oil of Olay Regenerist because I knew I was not allergic to it. This is not a clinical trial, but Regenerist seemed to accelerate the healing. Almost all of the burn was gone within 7 days. I wonder if there is an active ingredient in this product that can be used for burns.

👤This works well on my face. I have some fine lines under my eyes, but they are not as noticeable as they used to be. The cream is very soft and moist when it's on. There was no scent at all. I was completely blown away. I rubbed it on the back of my hands after using it for the first time. The brown spots looked a little lighter the next day. I thought it was my imagination. I used it on my hands and face. I'm using this cream for about two months. I use it nightly. I'm going to call it because the spots are so close to gone. My right hand is a little harder than the other one. I'm 70 years old and I have the old lady spots to go with it. I've been an Olay girl for as long as I can remember, and I'm just thrilled with this product.

👤I have sensitive skin. My skin was torn up by this product. It was very dry and flaky within a few days. Had to stop using it.

👤This is my first time using an Retinol night cream and I am very happy with it. My skin feels soft and silky. Most of my blackheads are gone because of it. There was no irritation. Even though I am a big fan of richer aromas, the scent is neutral and I enjoy it. The effect of the cream lasts for a couple of days. I would recommend it.

👤I had a bad reaction to the product. Maybe the retinol? I have been using Olay products for over 30 years. But not this time!

10. Gold Bond Ultimate Strength Resilience

Gold Bond Ultimate Strength Resilience

The bottle of Gold Bond Strength & Resilience Skin Therapy is 13oz. The texture of aging and mature skin is improved by the formula. The unique ingredients help plump and nourish the skin. The majority of users saw an improvement in retention. The Gold Bond Strength & Resilience Lotion has been tested by a dermatologist.

Brand: Gold Bond

👤I have to review this product because it actually works, but I never write reviews. I grew up at the beach and my skin has seen a lot of sun, but I have tried a lot of expensive creams and lotions and they didn't work. It doesn't make my skin look greasy at all and it has a nice mild scent. I was not sure if anything could make a difference. Within minutes of applying it for the first time, my skin looked better and better. I am happy just in time for summer.

👤I received this on Wednesday. I put it on my body. It was used twice on Thursday and again this morning. My crepe skin is almost completely gone. We all have an aging thing that makes us crazy. I don't like chicken neck and crepe shin on my arms and legs. I don't believe in promice products. This is a great product. I don't expect it to tighten the skin but it will look better. It is not greasy and easy to absorb. Try it!

👤I just received this lotion and tried it out on a woman who is 72 years old. I noticed that my skin texture became softer. The more I use it, the better it will get. I have all the problems older age brings to us, but this lotion is helping me fight the dry skin problems. It's definitely a winner if it can only help me with the other issues of old age. It's a good thing.

👤My 65 year old skin looks like a fine crepe fabric on my forearms due to a disease. I've tried a lot of creams and lotions and they are expensive. The Gold Bond Strength and Resistance has worked as quickly as any of the others. I didn't think I'd get favorable results, but I thought I'd still have a decent priced moisturizer. The results are not what I expected. My skin improved after two applications.

👤The first bottle didn't show the results as commercial states but after using it for a while, I have seen great results. That's the reason I keep buying more. Less expensive than Crepe Erase. I think it works the same.

👤When I turned fifty, I noticed that the skin on my forearms was starting to thin and I thought it was related to older people. Not so... The good news is that this lotion works. My skin is a lot more resistant after using it every day. No more broken bones! My arms are not as strong as they used to be, but they look great now. I ran out a couple months ago and didn't order for a while. How embarrassing! I will be more careful when ordering. Highly recommended.

👤I admit that I was skeptical but this lotion really worked for me. I'm seeing a difference in my skin. I highly recommend.

👤The cream is great. My husband's and my arms are much improved. I have sun damage on my chest and this cream has made my skin look better. I use it on my face.

11. Olay Advanced Cleansing Replacement Packaging

Olay Advanced Cleansing Replacement Packaging

Replacement face brush heads for use with Olay facial cleansing systems. The brush heads last up to 3 months each. You can experience proven results at home with superior cleansing on hard-to-remove makeup. It works with the ProX Advanced Cleansing System. The Olay facial cleanser can be used with the cleansing brush.

Brand: Olay

👤I am a skincare expert. The other well known brush that starts with a C works just as well for a fraction of the cost. Changing the brush heads is the key to using a good cleaner. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I was at home and avoiding contact with the outside world. I wouldn't let my family in because I was so unattractive. I knew the world couldn't look at my face without throwing feminine products at my naked body or covering me in pig blood, and that's because I couldn't face the world. It was as if my face was covered in a white vail. It made me feel bad. My face scrubber was delivered and it was found that I am only kinda ugly. Olay ProX, thank you!

👤Good: The Olay ProX brush head replacements are soft, but retain their shape well. The bristles will not fall or fuzz out like a cheap toothbrush. I had to add a calendar reminder to change them once a quarter because they still look new after 3 months of daily use. The price for two brushes is high, but it can be lowered from time to time. I have found that any number of $5 drug store light exfoliants work just as well as the ProX cleanser. YMMV. If you're looking for a deep exfoliator, you may want to look elsewhere. The brush's speed and softness give it a great surface level clean, but aren't a deep scrub.

👤I was very excited to receive this product and the price was very generous. It appears that one of the brushes has been used. There is a piece of hair inside the brush. Heads up. The brushes do a good job of cleaning my face. I will probably not buy them on Amazon.

👤I have used these for a long time. The main piece is 7 years old. Baking soda can be put on your face until it is pasty. It should sit for a few minutes. Put the spin brush to work and then rub it all around. Black heads are drawn out. You can use some oils on your face. Enjoy.

👤I use the Olay Facial Cleansing brush on my face. Both work well. The Clarisonic is made to last two years and you have to throw it away because the internal battery can't be changed. The OLAY has a savings of a couple of hundred dollars. My cysts respond positively to both. The most important thing is the cleanser chosen.

👤I bought the Olay Pro-X because I wanted a face brush and I couldn't justify buying Sonicare. I didn't have high expectations because of the price, but I have found it works well for me. My face feels soft and smooth when I use regular face wash. My skin is oily in the T zone and dry in the rest, but it is difficult to get combination skin. The makeup application was difficult because my T zone looked nice and the rest of my face looked like it had been damaged. I use this brush every morning in the shower and then apply a moisturizer, it has solved all of my problems. I put my makeup on, and my skin looks normal. It can't be beat for great looking skin at a reasonable price, even though the nicer brands have better aspects. The batteries need to be replaced every few months. If you use a butter knife, it will pop the end off with ease. I can't say enough good things about it. I've seen reviews that say they ended up with moreAcne after using it. I initially had a few more spots, but I think it's because it got deep into the pores and pushed the yucky stuff out. I rarely see blemish now that I use it daily.


What is the best product for repair lotion proactiv?

Repair lotion proactiv products from Neutrogena. In this article about repair lotion proactiv you can see why people choose the product. Amlactin and Eucerin are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair lotion proactiv.

What are the best brands for repair lotion proactiv?

Neutrogena, Amlactin and Eucerin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair lotion proactiv. Find the detail in this article. Cerave, Roc and Paula's Choice are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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