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1. Treatment Bulk Keratin Hydration Conditioner Conditioning

Treatment Bulk Keratin Hydration Conditioner Conditioning

Dry damage hair can be repaired deep. Repairing hair mask is a great treatment for dry and damaged hair. The advanced hair repair system is specially formulated to enhance the texture, softness,manageability, shine, and provide additional damage restoration. The hair mask can turn dry, dull hair into soft, lustrous, and shining locks in minutes. The Keratin Hair Mask is a hair mask. It replenishes hair vitamins and protects the hair's cuticle. It reverses the effects of environmental stressors like sun damage, UV exposure, chlorine and salt-water from swimming and constant damage caused by years. Dull and dry hair can be improved with deep conditions, Hydrates, and Revives. Almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter are rich in vitamins and minerals. It leaves you feeling soft and silky, never greasy or sticky. The hydrating hair mask is specially formulated to treat damaged, over-processed and color-treated hair. Dry and sensitive hair should use hair care products that are high inProtein. If your hair is dry and chaotic, you can use the hair mask to nourish the hair that is damaged and difficult to maintain, so that it can be shiny and smooth. If you need to take a plane, the hair mask can be directly taken on the plane without the need to go through the check-in procedures.

Brand: Cristalbox

👤I recommend this for people who bleach their hair because it makes their hair silky smooth and makes them look less brittle. Would only recommend to those who have suffered damage to their hair. I am upset that the tubes are not closed tightly and I would like the seller to fix the issue.

👤3 leaked in packaging when all were not closed tightly. I used once or twice. I am not sure if I would use it again.

👤These are great for girls spa days. They make your hair soft and give you more bounce. I use one every week and it makes my hair look better.

👤The packaging of the product was sticky and I didn't like it.

👤I like the product and hope it will help my hair growth. I started using the product and waited for the results.

👤My friends gave me a purse for Halloween.

👤No lo pruebo, pero no me llegaron completas.

2. Marc Anthony Grow Anti Breakage Ounce

Marc Anthony Grow Anti Breakage Ounce

Anti-breakage hair mask is made with hydrating oil. The deep conditioning mask helps improve texture and manageability by injecting the damaged strands with the healthy ones. Their mask helps improve elasticity and restore strand strength from the inside out. The appearance and feel of longer locks can be improved with the help of Keratin, Caffeine, and Ginseng. Their products are designed to deliver the results you want without Sulfates, Parabens, and Phthalates. The mission of the professional styling team is innovation, trends and the guarantee that each product must deliver superior results. The products are made for you. They help you care for your hair in a variety of ways.

Brand: Marc Anthony

👤This product has restored our hair. My daughter's hair is very damaged and I have thin, broken, frizzy hair. We live in a place with a lot of hard water and have tried many different products. This one changed the game. Results get better with each use. We use this as a hair mask and our results are better than anything we have gotten from treatments at a salon. After brushing our hair, we could not see any bits on the floor, and when we straightened it felt like silk. straw hair is done! It made our hair manageable and stronger. We would have liked to have found this product sooner. We only need 1x a week for maintenance so we no longer use it. The 3rd container has been purchased by us. It is just that good.

👤I can attest that this product works. I have been using this on my hair for about a month now and it is starting to work. My hair has been damaged for a long time. I wear my hair over one shoulder and the other behind my shoulder to make it appear thinner than it is. I wore my hair in front of both shoulders for the first time this weekend because it's starting to look full again. I'm hoping that with my continued use, I'll see some length, but I'm just so excited for the fullness and softness again! I didn't want to touch my hair because it was so brittle and dry. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

👤This stuff is dangerous. I have thick and curly hair. I used a lot of this mask to get full coverage when my hair was long. I took off around 6 inches of my hair after changing it to blonde. The hair mask made my hair feel soft and healthy. It made my tangles more manageable. Since using this product, I have had less split ends. Since my hair was shorter, I was able to make the rest of the jar last. I would wash my hair first and then use the mask for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it out. I will buy this again.

👤I don't have a lot of curly hair. After using this hair mask for a week, I notice a huge difference in the texture of my hair. It makes my hair feel stronger and more hydrated. Will buy again when I run out. It smells amazing.

👤I liked the product. I'm confused about whether or not you use actual conditioner after using this, because it feels like you have as smooth a hair as a conditioner usually makes. I will leave that to you. It smells great. My hair has grown three inches since I bought this. Now March.

👤This mask made my hair feel soft and strong just brushing it out of the shower, which was a big difference compared to the masks I have used before. I have been using it for a month and it has changed my hair. You will see a difference. It doesn't make my hair greasy.

3. 2021 Premium Keratin Hair Mask

2021 Premium Keratin Hair Mask

The Smooth Forces Hair Mask is a unique formula that helps replenish the shine that the hair loses when exposed to harsh chemicals, heat and styling products. Omega 3 and Omega 9 increase hair elasticity. A hair mask is used to repair and condition damaged hair. Hair is fabulously healthy and easy to manage with damaged hair treatment. It's perfect for dry, damaged, brittle and color-treated hair. The SUNATORIA hair treatment mask will help treat split ends from years of color treatments. Quality tested to ensure purity, the Hair Masque is a deep hair hydrating hair conditioner. The damaged hair treatment repairing was designed for companies in the United Kingdom using the best available ingredients.

Brand: Sunatoria

👤I went to the salon to have my hair cut. A lot of bleach was used. My hair looked black in the picture. To light. I had a treatment before my hair was cut. I spent a lot more at the salon when I could have gotten this product. My hair was brittle before I used it. The hair came out after a brush stroke. I brushed in the same spot immediately. I decided to use the hair mask immediately after I was waiting. I put it on lightly damp hair. I was liberal. I only used 1/3 of the jar, I thought I used a lot. I put a plastic bag on my head and waited 15 minutes. My hair feels like it has been cut. My hair doesn't tangle quickly anymore and I have noticed a decrease in breakage. The scent is pleasant. It smells good. The first day was very powerful. I will not wash my hair for 3 days after using this mask.

👤Before this treatment, my hair was like a Brillo pad, so I washed and towel dried it. I wrapped a towel around my head and washed it in the morning. It has made my hair silky and it has improved the appearance of my thin hair. This stuff seems to minimize my split ends, which is a near impossible task without hacking four inches off my hair, but it is that good. It doesn't cost $60 like a salon treatment and it smells amazing.

👤I was wrong to think that this would be good for my hair. I think it smells great and after leaving it in your hair it feels nice and smooth and no tangles, but after my hair dried it was more disheveled and dry than before. I decided to leave it in my hair for another 10 minutes because I was so disappointed. I wrapped my hair in a hot towel. I got the same results. If you leave a positive review and screen shot of the product, they will give you a free product. I am not sure if that is the reason for the many positive reviews. I am very disappointed and it is a waste of money. Can't trust reviews anymore. This company is pretty good, I had to follow up on the review. I didn't ask the company for my money back, but they did and I received a refund. Most companies wouldn't do that. The product didn't work for me, but I appreciated the company and hope it will work for someone else.

👤I went to the hair salon to get some highlights and it damaged my hair. My hair was brittle. I found this hair mask when I was looking for something to make my hair soft. The reviews seemed great so I bought them. The scent is amazing and lasts for a long time after I opened it. I felt a change after the first wash. If you're looking for something to bring your hair back to life, I would highly recommend this product. You can't beat the price.

4. OGX Strength Hydrate Morocco Parabens

OGX Strength Hydrate Morocco Parabens

Hydrate and repair dry hair with argan oil of morocco hair mask, which is free from sulfates and Parabens. The OGX Extra Strength Hydrate and Repair + Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask Treatment gives damaged and dry hair a renewed look and feel. This extra-hydrating hair mask is made from water-based silk and it helps strengthen and elasticity while creating soft, touchable tresses. Nature inspired hair care. This blend with rich cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to nourish and revive hair. The sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on medium to coarse-textured and thick hair and leaves it feeling nourished and renewed.

Brand: Ogx

👤I've seen a lot of alcohol issues in these reviews, so instead of getting offended, do your research. Cetyle Alcohol does nothing more than that. Cetearyl Alcohol is basically the same thing, but not entirely sure why it is an ingredient. The many oils in this product don't leave you with an oily feeling, and that's because of the dry alcohol. If you took the time to look at this review, I hope it helps people with alcohol anxiety. All of these have been used in cosmetics for at least 50 years.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. It's not hydrating. It's as if it has alcohol in it. It was updated immediately after I wrote this. There are at least 3 different alcohols in it. Who does that? Don't waste your money.

👤I live in sunny Hawaii and am frequently in the ocean. The saltwater can be harmful. I wanted a richer mask to keep that damage at bay. The same as other products with argan oil. It smells great! It is mild but smells great. I use the Argan oil of Morocco as a base for my scent. There are uses: I use this twice a week as a deep conditioner mask. If you use it more than 2x a week, your hair will be a bit more flat. To reduce the flatness from my hair products, I use a clarifying shampoo once a week. ConSISTENCY: It's more thick than a regular conditioner. I have used the brand of regular conditioner. This product is a little bit thicker than the one you're used to. If this review helped you, please click "helpFUL".

👤I was excited to use the hair mask. I wanted something that would make my hair soft and make it last longer. I tried this product a number of times and it didn't work out. My hair was different after each use. When I washed my hair, I thought it would be soft, but it wasn't. The smell was pleasant. I would not recommend this hair mask and would suggest you try a different brand.

👤My hair is soft when I use it. I have a rough hair and this made it feel smooth and added a nice scent as a bonus. I have been using this mask for a few months now and I can't live without it. I use it before I wash my hair. My hair is manageable and shiny when I use it and I regret not doing it more often.

👤I thought this would give my hair more protection, but it didn't. The directions state to only use a small amount and to smooth on the ends of the hair. Even with a lot of product, the coverage lacks. I tried to like this stuff so much that I put a shower cap on and used it as a hair mask. It made my hair feel beat up and less hydrated.

👤After experimenting with many products over the years, I find this product very rich. It has a nice smell that lasts until the next wash when most others only last a few days. It is completely worth the price. Next, I'll include background on my hair type for reference, because your mileage will vary on how it interacts with your hair. My hair is a mix of fine and medium strands that are easy to style. My typical regimen is a deep condition-rinse-wash-rinse cycle, putting a small amount of conditioner on my head to help with dry hair, smoothing some over the outside of the middle part of my hair, and then curling my hair into a ponytail. I usually wash a few times per week. I find good results using 2 different sets ofconditioner andshame. I used Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo. I find that little is needed to get good results when using this conditioner. My first use was to take out some of the products I would normally use and it resulted in hair that quickly dried up the second day. I'm using about half. It helps with controlling hair. I found that if I blow out my hair, it made it easier to have a smooth style. When you finish your routine, you may have the best results. This is a must have with my hair and it was the same with this one.

5. Hi Pro Pac Treat Extremely Intense Protein

Hi Pro Pac Treat Extremely Intense Protein

Treatments for damaged hair. Strengthening and preventing breakage. It improves manageability. The United States is the country of origin.

Brand: Hi-pro-pac

👤If you damage your hair by coloring it, this will help to restore it. I learned about this conditioner from a friend. It will fill in the holes that the color has done to the hair. It fills it and makes it stronger. It heals the hair permanently until it can grow back healthier hair. I've tried many things, like keratin treatments, and they only made it worse. This conditioner makes it better. You can use it less often if the hair feels stronger after being filled in. I will use it about 3 times in a row for damaged hair. Excellent product. I have never found anything like it before.

👤It's amazing! I absolutely adore this tuff! I have thick 4c hair and it used to break off a lot but after using this, even after the first time, I could see that my hair has less breakage. If you pair this with a good deep conditioner for your hair type, you can make it healthier. I have tried other hair products and they did not work for me. I notice a 100% response from my hair when I use this hair product. This will be a staple in my hair care routine.

👤It didn't seem to make a difference with my hair when I first tried it. I left it in my hair for 10 minutes and then washed it out, it didn't do anything. I decided to try the treatment again with a heat cap. There is a major difference! My hair was manageable and bouncy. If you don't have a heat cap, you can use a hooded dryer. The product works better with heat.

👤The ingredients list shown in the pictures is different from the actual bottle. The 12th ingredient on the bottle and the 2nd ingredient in the picture product are Hydrolyzed Collagen. I was looking for a treatment for my hair that had more of a substance in it than my regular conditioner. The pics don't represent what's being sold.

👤I am very particular about conditioner because I have long hair. My hair is straight. I used a small foil packet of this conditioner, but I liked it so much that I was excited to find a tube of it. The conditioner is a little thick and goes a long way. It makes my hair easy to comb through, and it makes my hair soft. I use this conditioner and my hair looks thicker. I think it's because my hair fluffs up a bit, if that makes sense. This conditioner is very good and I highly recommend it.

👤This item doesn't work. I tried it on my hair for a month and it didn't work. I wanted to see 888-739-5110 30 days is how long returns are. I will eat the cost but warn others. I switched back to "it's a 10 Plus". Save your time and money and get a 10. It is a bit more expensive, but it is still a long way from being worthless.

6. Hydrating Argan Conditioner Arvazallia Damaged

Hydrating Argan Conditioner Arvazallia Damaged

A salon treatment that instantly transforms the texture of your hair leaves it soft, Silky, and easier to manage. Weak, damaged, and overprocessed hair can be repaired and strengthened to promote natural hair growth. Dull and dry hair can be improved with deep conditions, Hydrates, and Revives. The highest quality oil is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Permed, Natural, and Curly hair are some of the most effective hair types. Sulfate and Paraben free. A member of the Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair System and specially formulated to enhance the texture, softness, manageability, shine, and provide additional damage restoration when used together with other Arvazallia Professional Series hair treatment products.

Brand: Arvazallia

👤This conditioner makes curly hair worse. I work as a hairdresser. I should know. Silicones and their derivatives are included in the ingredients. It's not good for naturally wavy or curly hair. I didn't see any improvement with this product. A waste of money. If I could, I would not give it stars.

👤Went through the steps of verification to write this review. This is the best hair product I have ever used. I was confused by the comments that it smells bad and makes people lose their hair. Those who use the product for no purpose tend to have straight hair. This stuff leaves my 4c Curls feeling soft and conditioned for a while. I bleached my hair and used a mask to make my hair bouncy and healthy. I wanted to make a recommendation tailored to my curly haired girls because my second tub just arrived. I am not associated with the company, but I wanted to share my experience because some reviews can be discouraging. I can not relate because it is one of my favorite things.

👤This was one of the worst conditioners I've ever used because of my coarse hair. The wash out conditioner is cheap. My hair was left more dry by this product. I don't recommend this at all. It caused a lot of hair to fall.

👤There is nothing good about this product. I had completely dried out my hair. It was next to impossible to untangle my hair after it melted in the shower. My hair broke when I tried to untangle it. My hair was ruined by this mask. These reviews have to be fake. I have a lot of hair. A good conditioner, mask or detangling product is always better for my hair than this mask. I didn't see a benefit from using this product. I will have to cut at least 3 inches off of my hair to repair the damage done by this mask.

👤My hair is not straight. My hair is damaged from heat and color. I only wash my hair twice a week but nothing has made it feel better than this product. As soon as this product touches my hair, there is a noticeable difference. It leaves my hair feeling silky even after I dry it. I'm glad I ordered it because I'm glad my mom orders it on Amazon a lot. My cat is very interested in the photo. When I run out, I will definitely recommend and buy again. If this review helped you make a decision, please rate it as helpful.

👤I started using this two weeks ago. I have stopped using the oil mask because I have changed my hair product. It makes your hair soft, but there is a big con. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem as well.

👤I had to try this product after reading the great reviews. I was left shaking my head after my first use. There was no change in my hair. I've tried it a number of times, hoping that it would improve, but nothing has happened. Don't waste your money on this product. I've never written a bad review on a product until now.

7. OGX Hydrating Anti Frizz Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

OGX Hydrating Anti Frizz Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

This coconut oil hair mask is free from sulfates and Parabens, and it is great for repairing coarse, thick hair. You should repair and improve your muscles. The Coconut Miracle Oil Hair Mask Treatment deeply quenches each strand transforming hair into silky smooth perfection. This extra hydrating hair mask is ideal for medium to coarse-textures, medium to dry hydration levels, and medium to high volume hair types. Nature inspired hair care. The coconut oil, tiare Plus, the coconut milk, and the warm vanilla scent add to the beauty of the deep conditioner. The sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on medium to coarse-textured and thick hair and leaves locks feeling revived, nourished and renewed.

Brand: Ogx

👤Very disappointed with the product. I have used this brand before and have always been happy with it. My hair was very dry and brittle, almost like it had been stripped. I don't know if it was just a bad batches, but it wouldn't buy again.

👤This stuff is amazing. I was skeptical before using it. I am a person who is hesitant about trying things out on my hair. When my sister suggested this product to me, I initially declined, but then I read the reviews and saw how many people loved it. I decided to try it. I was not disappointed. My hair is soft and I love the smell. I love another OGX product. Will be buying frequently.

👤I have long hair and it is dry. I use this mask to add to my hair care routine. I use a light weight conditioner. I didn't get great results when I used this mask until the end of the container. My hair was very soft and smelled great, but it was still dry. I left the mask on for a full 30 minutes on damp hair after using it three times. I had the same results as the first use, soft, smelled great, but still frizzy and a bit dry. I let my hair air dry. I've used a lot of other OGX products. It wasn't right for my hair. After using it up, I bought another hair mask from OGX that worked well.

👤My hair is wavy and curly. I bought this mask a year ago to add to my collection. Ha! I can't tolerate sulfates. I've used OGX for a long time. I apply this as a leave in conditioner and it makes my hair manageable and soft. It's the best product I've ever used. I don't know why reviews would be negative. You should be pleasantly surprised if you follow the directions.

👤I love this product. Most hair masks have a safety seal over them, but it wasn't done when it came. I think this is mostly an issue with Amazon. I used it in the shower after I shaved and washed my face. I have very long wavy/curly hair and it made me loose Curls more defined. I will definitely be purchasing again. There's a little more quality control from Ulta.

👤The smell, feel and effect of this product is amazing. If you've ever tried OGX products, you'll know the addicting scent. The scent of the coconut hair mask was delicious. It is definitely worth it. The product is smaller when you receive it in person. If you have regular to fine hair, there's a good few weeks use for it.

👤This mask is not good for thick hair. It made my hair greasy and it wouldn't go away for a while. I had to wash my hair to get rid of the greasy feeling. It's definitely not worth buying. I hated it because it changed the texture of my hair.

👤I have a lot of damaged hair, not because of coloring or mistreating, but because my hair is dry and breaks quickly. I didn't have a lot of high hopes for this product, but I decided to give it a try because I wasn't comfortable going for a trim anytime soon. I use it about once a week. It's not a miracle, so after a day or two the mask is gone, but I'm just thrilled that I felt no difference at all!

8. Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie

The BlackVanilla Hair Smoothie is an instant fix for dry, dull, or brittle hair and is made with rich BlackVanilla. Carol's Daughter BlackVanilla has a Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Smoothie, and Leave-In Conditioner that can be used to transform dry hair into soft hair. Black Vanila For Naturally Curly Hair is a product that uses ingredients your curly hair craves, like Almond oil, and is created for naturally curly hair. Carol's Daughter Curly Hair products are made for all types of curly hair, from loose to coiled. Carol's daughter was born in a Brooklyn kitchen in 1993 and was made with a mother's love and encouragement.

Brand: Carol's Daughter

👤I have been using this product for a long time. I received a product that had gone rancid, or they changed the recipe. It was a stark white, unlike its usual butter color. The kids play with the stuff. It didn't have its usual scent. It was more of a substance. I stopped using the BlackVanilla hair product last year because it was off of my shopping list.

👤This is one of the best CD products I've ever purchased. It's almost like the consistency of pudding before being rubbed between palms, but it can be spread on my hair when wet or dry. There is a My hair is like this because of the lack of Cantu or SheaMoisture. I wish the container was bigger. I'll give it just in case. I bleach and color like crazy so I have coily 3c/4a with color damage. It's hard to get the right amount of water in my strands. I can wash, apply oil and then coat my hair with CD-black vanilla, and it's so soft. The search continues.

👤I like the hair smoothie. My mixed sons hair is used weekly. His hair was completely different within the first week. It was soft and manageable, and his hair was more defined. It has started to grow faster now that it is properly hydrated. The product is the best I have used so far.

👤After purchasing this hair smoothie, I tried it twice. It did not leave my hair manageable like some reviewers said. I didn't smell the product. It did not work for my hair.

👤I was skeptical about buying this product because it was small and I have a lot of hair, I thought it wouldn't be worth the money. I was wrong. I used this product after washing my hair to keep it moist all day. My hair was still moist after I didn't apply the product again the next day. It makes my hair stiff, but not as much as using hair spray. The product gives your hair a healthy shine. I use this product for my curly hair days.

👤I have tried many hair masks for my fine hair, and this works. I can't believe it! Sulfate free is the best for my hair type. My baby's hair is manageable and soft. I have dry ends. I love this.

👤I increased my rating from 3 to 4 stars. The formula still had some positive changes on my hair despite the fact that it might have changed. My hair looked softer and shinier the morning after. There was a nice scent left on it. My hair is straight and fine, it wasn't dyed in the past. I first came across this product a few years ago at my local TJ Maxx. I fell in love after the first try. I could immediately smell the difference after using the product as directed in the back label. I purchased it through Amazon recently, but the product's color was different, even though it was a darker cream color. It still smelled good, but it was a bit lighter than before. My hair was left smelling nice. Before I could tell how soft my hair became, I couldn't tell. This experience may have been caused by a change in formula.

9. MAJESTIC PURE Avocado Coconut Damaged

MAJESTIC PURE Avocado Coconut Damaged

Made in the USA, the mango puree hair mask is sulfate free and infused with Biotin. For all hair types, it's formulated with beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, and Biotin to promote thicker-looking and shinier hair. All hair types can benefit from the deep conditioning and hair thickening formula. MAJESTIC PURE is not tested on animals. If you have an allergy, Rub a small amount on the inside of your elbow area to make sure you don't have a reaction. Don't get in the way of children. Before using, consult with your health care provider.

Brand: Majestic Pure

👤This product is great for my hair. I live in Florida and have 3C hair. I stopped dying my hair because of an allergic reaction. We are talking about an emergency room visit. My hair is dry and frizzy. I have been using a variety of products to restore my hair, but still needed something else. The hunt began. The products had a lot of chemicals. I found this product. I was so happy I did. I have never used a hair mask before, but when I saw the healthy list of ingredients, I thought I would give it a try. I use it twice a week after I wash my hair. I put a shower cap on and comb through my hair after I use an ample amount. Blow dry my hair after washing it out. I will continue to use this product because it makes my hair manageable. Just try it. I am on my second jar and the product has been improved. It works better than my first jar. Love it. Thank you for making a great hair product.

👤It's really amazing. I can not thank you enough for this product. I moved back to Ohio after living in a rental with terrible water. My hair is ruined and falling out after I found a shower water filter. I cried every time I tried to clean it. This was the first time that I used it and it was washed out. I was so happy that my comb slid through my hair because I thought I was going to have to cut my hair. It is a large jar for the price. Will last a long time. So thankful.

👤Colorado is a very dry place and it is particularly cold in the wintertime. I have long hair and have a curly texture. I have never used a deep conditioner before. It smells great at first, but as it sits on your hair, it's not as good as it could be. I didn't follow the instructions because I don't believe in using a hair product after a deep conditioner. I put a leave-in conditioner after I had washed. The humidity was 34% and the hair was dry. The hair products you use with this type of hair and climate are critical when you want to achieve shiny, healthy hair. 4 stars. I don't believe that my change in deep conditioning treatments was the reason for my change in deep conditioning. This is a good conditioner, but I have used cheaper ones that worked better. It is in a very dry climate. I recommend trying it, and possibly incorporating it into your regimen.

👤I have been using this product for about 3 months now and was happy with it until I ordered a new batches. The bottle is black and the product is white, but I couldn't figure out how to contact the seller. It smells better now than it did before. I am not sure if the formula is the same, but it is not what I signed for. I liked the smell and feel of it, even though it had a trace of residuals. I used this thing for the first time yesterday. I have been natural my whole life and have tried many natural hair care products. I mix my deep conditioners with different oils because deep conditioners alone never seem to give my hair that kick. I found this one a few days ago and thought I would try it myself. The smell of the box wasn't really what I was looking for. I thought the fruit in yogurt may be a sign that this is partially made of natural ingredients. I knew it would work when I put it on my hair. There was a good slip as my hair popped. My hair is not as dry as usual a day later. I'm going to buy a few more bottles to see if it's legit. I will update this review in a couple of months.

10. Nexxus Humectress Moisture Masque Normal

Nexxus Humectress Moisture Masque Normal

The hair mask is for normal to dry hair. The salon is made with a fusion of vitamins and minerals. Rich in glycerine, it deeply rehydrates hair. It is deep within hair that it is reflective shine. It protects hair and leaves it nourished. A hair mask for dry hair.

Brand: Nexxus

👤This is the only thing that works better for me. My hair is not what it used to be. This makes it much easier to clean, and it doesn't dry out between washings like it did before.

👤Hasta ahora, el tratamiento de hidratacin para el cabello iso. He probado de Loreal y Alfaparf, pero the Nexuss result mucho mejor. No es terrible, el olor es un poco fuerte. Deja el cabello hidratado y suave. No tienes perfectos, pero vale. Comprando hasta el da, hasta otro mejor.

👤I have been using these masks for a little over a year and I have a few key things to know about my hair. 1. I have naturally curly hair. I have never been able to find a product that still makes my hair feel soft after I wash it. 2. My hair is long and touching my back. This hair product always exceeds the bar of expectations, and I ask a lot from hair products. I can get away with putting this mask on my roots and not having to worry about my hair being oily. I leave a small amount of the product in my hair. I owe most of the praise for my hair to these masks. I think the baby powder smell is nice and not overpowering. It's a personal opinion. My husband and several friends were hooked on this. Just try it. It is worth buying this 10 pack on Amazon for $20, in store you can usually find them for less than $5.

👤This is a great deal for these products. I use these in my hair after I bleach it and it makes my hair feel lighter. I bought this because they are so much cheaper here. I will give them out in my bridesmaid boxes and I think everyone will be happy with them.

👤I love everything about this product. My hair needs to be soft, shiny and beautiful. My daughters hair is the same. Four females in my household have hair types that are 3B- 4B. It works well on our hair. It is worth every penny. We can easily comb out our hair with this product.

👤I've been using this for a while now. My hair is very curly. Sometimes I put it on in the shower, and sometimes after a shower, I put a plastic bag over it. I use a minimal amount as a hair dressing to make my hair easier to style, as much as you can style curly hair. After my local access stopped carrying it, I had to find it on Amazon. I've stopped using the other deep conditioners.

👤I have used this product for a long time to make my hair feel better. It adds shine to my hair, which has become gray. The soft, lovely scent of this moisturizer does not clash with my cologne. This is a win for me.

👤I have natural curly hair that is more fragile than most, I live in high humidity Florida and my hair is a constant battle as it turns from curly to frizz, what a mess! This is the only product that strengthens my hair, protects it and adds shine. You will love it if you buy it.

11. Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Ounce

Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Ounce

This item is made in both Japan and Taiwan. This hair mask is made with Royal Jelly Ex and Pca. Leaving your hair nourished and shiny. Massage into hair and rinse after using the instructions. Use 1-2 times a week.

Brand: Shiseido

👤I'm serious. After using this product for the first time, I saw a bloody halo on my hair for the first time in a long time. That made me very happy and I almost cried. My hair was damaged after I bleached it a couple of times. I tried a transparent hair manicure but it didn't help. I love this hair mask. When you comb your hair, you can feel the difference on your fingers. I found a similar product from Shiseido, but apparently that one still requires a hair conditioner after using it, so I picked up this Fino instead. I'm happy with my choice.

👤I have been using this hair mask for a decade. It works for both genders. If you have short hair, I recommend you to use the essence on hair tips as it may block your hair follicle. The smooth touch of the hair mask lasts for days and it brings a lot of nutrition to your hair. I don't think it's a good idea to use it too often.

👤I have been using this product for a year and have never seen it with a yellow color. The color is a mess. The top was yellow and the bottom was white. The hair mask should be all white.

👤It's light and absorbs very well, just like Shiseido cosmetics. I only use it towards the ends of the strands because it flattens the volume of the hair.

👤This is a high powered hair mask. I have type 2b, low porosity, Caucasian hair. My hair is not oily or dry. I used too much and it made my hair look dirty. I used a small amount and had to wash my hair the next day. I like to wash. I add a but into my hair product. It leaves my hair very healthy. My hairdresser said that the feel of my hair was good. I would use this judiciously if you have damaged hair.

👤I used a purple hair product that left my hair dry and frizzy, but it helped a lot. I don't know if it's as good as Miracle 10's deep conditioner because I haven't used it since my hair has been destroyed, but it's pretty good and has a lot of wonderful ingredients. Would definitely recommend!

👤In the past, my hair has been unruly. I don't brush my hair in the morning. After using this hair mask for a week, my hair became manageable. I don't have to use it every time I wash my hair. 100% recommend!

👤I am lucky that I have this hair mask that will fix my hair and make it soft, I was bleaching my hair so bad that I was dying it.

👤. .


👤I purchase 2 of the pot at the same time because I love this product. I can't give it a full 5 stars since I received the package and the content leaked everywhere. Half of the product is in the pot. The first pot has a loose seal and I am not sure what to do with it. I'm not happy with this purchase.


What is the best product for repair mask for damaged hair sebastian?

Repair mask for damaged hair sebastian products from Cristalbox. In this article about repair mask for damaged hair sebastian you can see why people choose the product. Marc Anthony and Sunatoria are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair mask for damaged hair sebastian.

What are the best brands for repair mask for damaged hair sebastian?

Cristalbox, Marc Anthony and Sunatoria are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair mask for damaged hair sebastian. Find the detail in this article. Ogx, Hi-pro-pac and Arvazallia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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