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1. Certified Kate Stimulate Eyelashes Treatment

Certified Kate Stimulate Eyelashes Treatment

Kate Blanc's Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil is certified by the USDA and is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, and free of hexane. 100% guaranteed to be authentic. There are long eyelashes and bold eyes. The eyelash and eyebrow kit can be used to apply eye lashes and brow lines. Eye drops and nails are possible with the glass droplets. It is possible to grow long and thicker hair in a natural way while also diminishing hair loss. There is a natural hair treatment pack for dry brittle hair. Keep your face hydrated and blemish-free without leaving your skin dry. The organic hair oil of pure castor oil is great for repairing hair. One year warranty. They want to offer the highest quality products. They will guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within a year. You can add to the cart.

Brand: Kate Blanc Cosmetics

👤It's great for skin, lashes and brows. The results speak for themselves, as I have been using it nightly for 6 years. I will always use it. I use it every night for my eye area skin and lashes.

👤When I opened the bottle, I found a bug inside the dropper. I was not happy. I took a picture and video and put it in a box to return it. I don't know how the product is, because I won't use something with a dead bug inside it.

👤So far, so good. I wanted my lashes longer and didn't want to pay over $60 for a product. This works. Don't use much, just use the brush and comb your eyebrow hairs.

👤I have used almost daily since receiving 8-20. The bottom pic is 9/3, the middle is 9/15 and the top is 9/25. I am a believer and see a difference.

👤I have tried the Rosehip Oil from this same company and I really liked it, but I have to say that the castor oil didn't work out for me. I used it on my eyebrows and eyelashes to promote hair growth, but after a few days I started to get small bumps around my eyes. I'm going to stop using the oil because they're painful and I hope they clear up fast. People should know the risk, but not everyone will have this reaction.

👤A friend of mine highly recommended this product. I decided to try it since it was cheap and I didn't have much to lose. For the first month, I used it every night. When I remembered for another month, I started using every other night. I have been using every night for the last three months. After washing my face, I noticed that my lashes were a lot more noticeable without makeup, even though I had stopped checking to see if they were any longer. I had short lashes that could barely see when I had no makeup on. I don't know when this product started working, but I'm very happy with the results, and I don't know what else to say. My brows are bigger and my lashes are longer. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a natural and safe way to ticken and lengthen their lashes.

👤It works differently for each person when it comes to things like beauty products, diet, or medication. The people who got bad reviews are the ones who didn't like the product. I have long eyelashes but they have grown shorter and thinner over time. I use this product religiously and see my eyelashes filling out again after two weeks. I haven't been wearing mascara everyday, but I apply it a couple times a day when I am at home. I don't have any irritation on my skin. I would recommend this product to others.

👤I bought this because I read online that it is one of the best ways to grow long lashes, but who has time to get a doctor referral, get a script and then possibly risk side effects like semi-permanent eye color change or having the pressure in your lashes, is not a good I wore extensions for 2 months. They say they don't damage your natural lashes. They do. I had nothing left when I stopped wearing them. I have been using the oil since Monday night. I can wear mascara and have enough to actually put in a curler, I'm almost back to what I was before I started wearing eyelash extensions. I use it for my brows and it's been great at growing out over plucked areas. It's great for the skin.

2. SugarBearHair Vitamins Count Month Supply

SugarBearHair Vitamins Count Month Supply

Those who were looking for easy to eat vitamins without the struggle of swallowing pills were the ones they designed their vitamins for. Improve health and hair strength. Clinical trials have shown that ingredients in this vegan formula can improve hair health. Their gummy bear hair vitamins are cruelty free. The active vitamins and minerals are: vitamins A, B, C, D, E, I, zinc, Choline, and Pantothenic Acid. There was no gelatin. There is no dairy. No wheat. There were no side effects.

Brand: Sugarbearhair

👤I'm black. My fellow sistas are searching through the comments looking for someone to say if or not this product works in the US. I believe this works. I've been taking it for 3 months and my hair is growing. The 3 month supply was purchased by me. I should have a few inches by the winter.

👤I first saw these gummies on my social media feed, but I thought they were overhyped, especially when I saw the advertising. I joined the natural hair community over 2 years ago. My hair texture is 4C and wouldn't grow past a certain length even with protective styles and natural oils. I bought these vitamins after reading the reviews. I changed my diet, drinking more water and eating more leafy greens to make sure I don't break out. I was surprised when I saw my hair grow longer and the sparse areas in my edges grew back after two weeks. I had new hair growing around my hair line. My nails and hairs on the other parts of my body were both unwanted. I stopped taking gummies after my sister convinced me that my hair growth was due to my new diet and healthy lifestyle, rather than the gummies. My hair stopped growing, my edges started getting sparse and my nails were not as strong. I bought the Sugar Bear Hair Gummies again in June. I wrote this review a month later and my hair is growing again. During the first week, I had some break outs pop up but they went away and I haven't had any since. The price is a con but I recommend you try it out. Sorry for the lengthy review.

👤There is no warning on this product. My daughter's urine was dark and we assumed she had a UTI. This led to a doctor's visit and lab work. She had low levels of her thyroid. The provider said that this is a side effect of biotin. We had no idea. Be careful with this product. It seems harmless, but it can cause problems.

👤The reviews had pictures of how fast everyone's hair was growing and how thick it was. I also read the ones with the skin issues. I decided to take the chance because I have never had a problem with it and I feel like I am prone to it. I was wrong and my skin was horrible. I usually get a blemish here and there. It is tiny. I had a lot of redness and pain in my face. I think my hair was growing a little faster but it wasn't enough to offset the bad for me.

👤I had to warn others, but I don't usually write reviews. I've never had a problem before and can count on 2 hands how many I've had. I assumed my skin would fix itself after I shook off a few pimples that I noticed were forming. I had a lot of redness all over my nose and the area around it. I stopped this product after two weeks because there were no signs of healing. The worse it was, the longer I was on it. I didn't see any hair growth or change in my nails. I was only on this for a short period of time. The results of this product are disappointing. Before using this product, be careful.

3. Castor 16oz Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free

Castor 16oz Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free

Sky Organics has a bottle of USDA Organic, cold-pressed, 100% pure Castor Oil. Sky Organics is 100% pure and cold-pressed. There are no added ingredients in unrefined Castor Oil. The Organic Castor Oil is a natural source of Omega 3s that are good for the hair and the skin. Organic Castor Oil is a natural eyelash and eyebrow cleanser. Their Organic Castor Oil is USDA certified Organic and vegan.

Brand: Sky Organics

👤Over the last two years, I have purchased this oil several times. The last purchase I made was due to a price drop. I still have a full bottle. There are differences in the labels when I receive my last purchase. There was an icon that was not there. "chemical-free" and "no Additives" were not listed on the attributes. The company contact information was different. It used to list a phone number, email address, and address, but it only listed an email address, which was different from my previous bottles. The last thing I notice is that the oils were different. The previous bottle of oil is a lot lighter than the last bottle. Requesting a money back.

👤I want you to not buy this product. I decided to use it after reading all the positive reviews and seeing my hair fall out. The solution made my hair fall out in clumps. Don't buy this. I am trying to keep you calm. Buy anything else. I am not sure how long this will be up, but if you see this, please click away from this product.

👤There weren't many reviews from natural 4C hair women. I bought this item thinking it was Jamaican black castor oil. I was looking for a natural product. The only difference between black and black castor is how it is made. The black and the cold pressed castor oil are different. Some people think the ash from the black castor oil can help the oil penetrate the hair shaft. I said it was based on preference. I only wash my hair once a month, so it was very confusing that the directions said to apply it and then wash it out. If you have hair like mine, it's safe to leave. It's a very thick oil, but it's great for hair growth. I've been using castor oil on my hair for a while and it's amazing. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I hope I helped someone.

👤I've used this oil before and it had a new look, but the ingredients were the same. It was cold pressed and hydrogen free in the previous year. The new version does not state that and they do not show the bottle from the other side. The description on the actual bottle does not match the advertisement, and they added some babble to make up the lines which they are not showing with their new look. I believe I will receive the same product that I purchased it for a second time. Many people have their hair fall out or are allergic to the product in the past three years with the new product version, because of the one star reviews. I bought a cold pressed and no hexane item in August of last year. The practices can be seen more often than not. The old bottle and old version of this product is the left bottle, while the new bottle is mostly white.

👤Historical documents for millenniums show that the castor bean seeds were in existence 4,000 years ago. They were found in Egyptian tombs. I use sky organics brand organic castor oil as a castor oil pack for many other reasons besides skin. These packs can help with bile removal, improve circulation, and possibly even help with sleep and muscle pains. I find that they can help with a lot of diseases, including arthritis, and I find it to work well for the muscles and pains I get sometimes. If you want to use organic cotton flannel or wool flannel, put it in a bowl of organic castor oil, wring it out, and then put it over the area you want it to go over. Place a towel over top and then a heating pad, or place a plastic sheet over the flannel, and then lay a filled hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Place a blanket over this area to keep it warm. You might want to place a towel underneath you so that the bed or sofa you are laying on doesn't get oil on it, which is its only downside I found using it. Start with 10 minutes and work up to an hour or more. I use several times a week or daily. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do not use castor oil packs.

4. SoCozy Curl Leave Conditioner Detangles

SoCozy Curl Leave Conditioner Detangles

There are conditions and cleanings. It improves elasticity and restores natural balance. The key ingredients are: Olive Oil, Plum Seed Oil, and Keratin. SoCozy has over 20 years of experience with kid's hair. No synthetic colors, dyes, or wheat are included.

Brand: Socozy

👤I should have read more carefully. It has alcohol in it which is bad for your hair. I used it once and it ended up dry and I threw it out.

👤This stuff is great for curly girls. I spray it in my daughter's dry hair in the morning and clip the top back after I run my fingers through her ringlets. The smell is amazing, and the price on Amazon is better than other national retailers. The price is worth it. Curls are soft and natural looking. My daughter has thick hair.

👤We are a large Irish family and every single kid was blessed with some unruly, thick hair. We are talking about a lot of stuff. There are boys and girls. It goes from ringlets to waves. I'm on a hunt for a miracle product that will make our lives more manageable and make us hate the ginger moptop less. I tried it out on my son's hair. He has some pretty tight ringlets and he had just gotten up from his nap, so we are talking about a serious bedhead. A run through with fingers and comb after a moderate dousing on dry hair. The stuff smelled like a cheap hair spray from the 90s. The more it dried, the more it felt like gummier. I thought "hey, let's give it another go" because his hair looked rough. I sprayed the kids with wet hair after they had a bath. Same effect. It's just gumminess. No one liked this stuff. We looked like that episode of "Seinfeld" a few hours later. It was frightening. I wanted to like this based on other reviews, but the search for a leave in conditioner continues.

👤Why did I not buy this sooner? My kids were given the most beautiful ringlets because of my actions.

👤I love this stuff so much. My son has naturally curly hair and it was getting damaged. His hair is the healthiest it has ever been, thanks to this spray. I put his hair in a silk cap and it is so shiny and soft that his curls have all recovered and the smell is amazing. I recommend it to everyone in my family and I started using it because it works better than adult leave in!

👤This leave in conditioner has been great for my hair and my 18 month old's. It smells amazing, is very hydrating, and is worth all of the hype. I've seen a few negative reviews about alcohol being a main ingredient, but the agent being used is Ceteral alcohol, which is a hydrating agent that's used in a lot of beauty products. The chemical composition of this specific alcohol is great for hair that needs more hydration. I wanted to write this review because I have been looking for a great hair leave-in for a long time and this one has been our favorite.

👤This has been a life saver for thick, somewhat fine, curly hair that tangles and screams when brushed with a wet brush and any other detangling product or oil. All our kids want me to use this spray, and it is on our subscriptions. We like the wet brush, a load of conditioner that we rinse out, then spray on, and that system works for us. If you only use a few sprays on problem areas, then your hair will not be oily, but if you use too much, it will be. This spray saved the day when I was going to cut my hair off because I really didn't want that and my hair is not mine.

5. Breakage Goddess Strength Carols Daughter

Breakage Goddess Strength Carols Daughter

Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Scalp and Hair Oil with Castor Oil helps protect hair from split ends and breakage by wrapping strands with moistener. The Goddess Strength System supports the strength of your hair as it gets longer and delivers 15X stronger hair in one use. The Regimen - Goddess Strength System with Castor Oil for hair that is weak and breakage-prone includes Fortifying Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner, Anti Breakage Hair Oil and Leave In Conditioner. The Goddess Strength recipe is made with black seed oil and castor oil. Carol's daughter was born in a Brooklyn kitchen in 1993 and was made with a mother's love and encouragement.

Brand: Carol's Daughter

👤This product has been amazing for me and I usually don't write reviews. When I bought another bottle for back up, I hadn't even finished my first bottle. I feel like I want to buy more because I haven't gone through it yet. I always have it. If you have the same hair as me, please read my review. I recently made the decision to transition from relaxed hair to natural again and this product has greatly impacted the way my hair has grown (I've been using this product for about a month now). There is less breakage and a richer color. It wasn't my favorite at first, but I have come to love it as it works well on my hair type. A little goes a long way and I'm able to work it from root to tip without too much saturation. I apply it to my hair. I don't need to do any extra combing, I have yet to find a product that can match this detangling power. I use a different product for refreshing when I apply it on dry hair because it doesn't work for me. The Carol's daughter almond milk leave in conditioning spray is an excellent way to rehydrate before my next wash day. I'm serious if you actually read it. This stuff has helped me. If you have 3c/4a hair, I highly recommend giving it a try. You never know if somthing works until you use it consistently for at least 2 weeks. Happy hair journey!

👤I trusted the "NO bad ingredients" marketing of this product so much that I didn't even bother to look at them until I opened it. I thought I was crazy, but it turns out there's more perfume in this product than just about anything else. "94 less breakage" is a false claim. The product doesn't do much when it's not true. I don't want to give a review to a company that is vegan or natural. I don't see that with this brand, nor the sincere effort it takes to get there.

👤I tried to use it as a leave in. I was very disappointed. The product made my hair tangle and tear.

👤I like Carol's Daughter's oils. The Sacred Tiara was discontinued. This is ok. It smells like dirt, but has great ingredients. The smell is still there. It makes my hair oily. I don't think I will get this again.

👤This product will amplify what you already have on your hair, since it is unscented. This product is great for my hair. It's easy to get down to the roots with the nice viscosity. My hair has grown half an inch in a month. You will not regret it.

👤I am glad I tried this line of products. I have 3b/3c hair. My hair is happy! I will buy again and again.

👤I have fine hair and my whole life has been going from greasy to brittle hair. This makes my hair look good. I like my hair for the first time. I have said before that my hair was not attractive because it was wavy. This makes my hair look wavy. The smell is very pleasant. I like it. The conditioner doesn't linger on my hair despite it's flowery smell. I noticed a difference in how my hair looked after the first use. I can't use another product. I am very happy with this product.

6. SheaMoisture Virgin Coconut Hydration Treatment

SheaMoisture Virgin Coconut Hydration Treatment

Not all muse is the same. The sulfated surfactant free haircare system is vegan, free from silicones, parabens and mineral oil, and contains no synthetic dyes. The leave-in is a sulfate free conditioner. This leave-in conditioner is great to use. Natural hair is wrapped in a coconut breeze. The leave in hair conditioner is sustainable and cruelty-free. This leave-in can be used as a daily conditioner. Generously spray this daily conditioner on clean damp hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends. Blow or dry. The leave-in is made from 100% Virgin Coconut Oil and has no mineral oil or petrolatum.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤My sisters and I have stopped using products with silicone in them due to how greasy and flat it makes my hair. The answer was to leave in 100% Coconut Oil. Silicones are full of great ingredients that condition and feed the hair. I spray a couple pumps on my palms. The scent leaves a lasting beautiful scent that hummingbirds seem to like as one would not leave me alone while sitting outside reading a book, lightly softened and released some tangles for easy combing. Thank you for the wonderful products!

👤I used this product for the first time and it was amazing. It made my hair soft and manageable and it left my hair smelling wonderful. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The hair type is high porosity, 2C/3A. To thick for a spray, fragrance is way to high in the list making it a very concentrated smell and taking up majority of the percentages for being on top. Other ingredients should be.

👤This product left my hair soft and smooth. I've never found a product that could do that at an affordable price. I will be buying this.

👤Excellent product. My hair is shiny and healthy. The item controls my hair very well. I look like a different person.

👤I've used other products from the same brand. I was hoping this product would be able to replace my other leave-in-conditioner. It doesn't seem to provide much extra hydration and my hair is not very soft after air drying. The smell is great.

👤I would like to thank TJMaxx for having this product, but I couldn't find it there. I found it at the pharmacy, but it's cheaper here. It makes hair soft. I think I have wavy hair. It can get a crazy knot over a couple of days. It also smells great. Highly recommended.

👤This works well. I use it on my sons. One has a skin fade and the other has 2 inches of hair. They were flakiness before we started using this. This is really hydrating.

👤Lleg abierto, regado, con pérdida de contenido. No huele ni se ve as. No le encuentro la caducidad... I cambie el producto. No vendosgan as con the proveedor.

👤This is ok, but leave hair greasy. I liked the leave in conditioner of the Jamacian Black Caster oil range.

7. Votala Treatment Thinning Follicles Promotes

Votala Treatment Thinning Follicles Promotes

Votala Hair Growth Serum works by stimulating hair growth on the scalp by using unique organic ingredients. It is essential for hair growth. The hair growth oil uses natural ingredients. The healthy development of hair and scalp is promoted by these ingredients. The thin hair can be improved by using this serum, which helps to balance the oily scalp and increase hair volume. Further hair loss and breakage should be reduced. The treatment for hair loss. This remedy is very effective in reducing hair loss. The product is easy to use, and you can massage it with your fingers. Use a few times a day.

Brand: Votala

👤I have been waiting for a long time to write a review for this product. I was at a loss for what to do with my hair after I tried a product that caused my hair to fall out. saw this I thought. I have one last shot before I go bald. I can't believe the results. You can see in the pictures that my hair is filling in and not falling out by the handfuls. I'm very happy with this! It does not leave your hair oily. It's like putting drops of water on my head. This product is very good for anyone who is experiencing hair loss or balding. I don't know how to explain it, but it makes your hair feel great.

👤I've been using this product for over a month. I am on my second bottle. It is applied twice daily and according to directions. Have not seen a lot of change. Plan to request a third free bottle and use it to see if the effectiveness improves. The Customer Service for this product made me add a star to my review. The company added a $10 gift certificate after they apologized and said the product didn't work for them as well as others. They are behind their product.

👤I have tried many hair fall and thinning products and have not noticed a difference. I decided to give this product a try after finding it through my search. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and it has made a difference in my hair, mainly in the front. I like that this produce is easy to use, and it smells great, unlike similar hair growth products. I highly recommend it.

👤One thing that is awesome about this product is that you get a lot of it for the money. I've been using this for a month and I'm already seeing results. It took me a while to grow my hair out but I have damage to my hair follicles that will take a long time to repair. It can grow my hair out.

👤I've tried more hair growth oils and solutions than I can remember. I was doubtful at first, but after 2 weeks, I am happy. I was going bald and every place I went, there was hair. Votala hair growth oil is what I will continue to order. I used to be afraid of losing hair. vj

👤I had male baldness after six weeks and I really like this product. I can't tell you enough about it. It was very gratifying. Does everything it says it does. My hair is growing again. I use it for the small bald spot on her head. She is happy with the results. My wife and her love of poodles noticed that her hair matches that of Ruby and Rosie, and with our horse, Nuggets. Thanks.

👤I have short hair and have been wanting to grow it out and get a wolfcut, and this has been working great! I only wash my hair once a week and use it to massage my head for about 5 minutes before hopping in my shower, which has yielded great results. I had to trim some bits that were longer than necessary.

8. OGX Moisturizing Strengthening Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

OGX Moisturizing Strengthening Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

The argan oil of morocco penetrating hair oil treatment helps strengthen hair and leave it silky smooth. The 3.3-ounce container of OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Hair Oil Treatment gives hair a renewed look and feel of silky perfection. Hair care for all types and styles. This rich hair oil is ideal for all hair types and helps to penetrate the hair shaft. Nature inspired hair care. This blend with rich cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to nourish and revive hair. The sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on all hair types and texture to help improve strength and elasticity while creating soft, touchable tresses.

Brand: Ogx

👤I've been loyal to this product for a long time. I loved it and never had any issues. My hair was protected and left shiny. The product is TERRIBLE, I believe the formula was recently changed. I bought one about 2 months ago because I ran out and the first day I opened the bottle, I was horrified at how my hair looked. It was greasy, heavy, and dirty. Even with styling the oil still looked gross because it stayed very oily and didn't absorb or dry into the hair. I thought maybe I used too much, but it wasn't the same problem. I started using small amounts that didn't protect my hair or cover it, and it became more damaged from styling tools. I said enough is enough and maybe this is a defect bottle. I bought another one so I could get my old product back. Nope, the same AWFUL new formula. I switched brands. Don't waste your money, I'm much happier now. This product is not what it used to be.

👤I saw that the bottle was made out of Morocco and contained a product recommended by Amazon. It didn't say thatOGX was renewing. The reviews indicated that if Argan was not the first ingredient listed on the content to not purchase, it was a waste of money. I tried the product right away when I got it. The perfume gave me a throbbing head. I looked at the ingredients on the bottle and found four chemicals. I enlarged the box after returning to my order. It listed seven ingredients, five of which were Argan.

👤This is either a knock off or a charge. I bought this product on Amazon because it's been out of stock in the store and I've been using it for years for my dry coarse hair. It sits on top of my hair and makes it feel greasy. Really bad stuff. This was my go to hair oil, but not anymore.

👤This didn't help my hair. Everyone in this category has different hair types, so finding hair products is hard. This smells great. Doesn't help my hair. The ends are very dry.

👤This is still my favorite. Over the years, I have tried hair treatments and masks. This does not make my hair feel good. Even if I am not using heat, I put it on my ends. If my hair is dry, I will sleep with it in a braid and rinse it in the morning. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. I will come back to this one after 10 years.

👤My hair is shiny and soft. This helps with tangles and brushing them out. This is the best product I've ever used and I couldn't find it in-store anymore. It was so good. It's not fruity or floral like a lot of hair products, it's a very neutral and sweet-smelling scent that I can't describe. My husband likes spraying this stuff on. I highly recommend this! The same thing is said about the non-spray version. I like this because it's less messy with my hands. It is 10/10 recommend. Don't leave this page empty-handed.

9. OGX Strength Hydrate Morocco Parabens

OGX Strength Hydrate Morocco Parabens

Hydrate and repair dry hair with argan oil of morocco hair mask, which is free from sulfates and Parabens. The OGX Extra Strength Hydrate and Repair + Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask Treatment gives damaged and dry hair a renewed look and feel. This extra-hydrating hair mask is made from water-based silk and it helps strengthen and elasticity while creating soft, touchable tresses. Nature inspired hair care. This blend with rich cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to nourish and revive hair. The sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on medium to coarse-textured and thick hair and leaves it feeling nourished and renewed.

Brand: Ogx

👤I've seen a lot of alcohol issues in these reviews, so instead of getting offended, do your research. Cetyle Alcohol does nothing more than that. Cetearyl Alcohol is basically the same thing, but not entirely sure why it is an ingredient. The many oils in this product don't leave you with an oily feeling, and that's because of the dry alcohol. If you took the time to look at this review, I hope it helps people with alcohol anxiety. All of these have been used in cosmetics for at least 50 years.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. It's not hydrating. It's as if it has alcohol in it. It was updated immediately after I wrote this. There are at least 3 different alcohols in it. Who does that? Don't waste your money.

👤I live in sunny Hawaii and am frequently in the ocean. The saltwater can be harmful. I wanted a richer mask to keep that damage at bay. The same as other products with argan oil. It smells great! It is mild but smells great. I use the Argan oil of Morocco as a base for my scent. There are uses: I use this twice a week as a deep conditioner mask. If you use it more than 2x a week, your hair will be a bit more flat. To reduce the flatness from my hair products, I use a clarifying shampoo once a week. ConSISTENCY: It's more thick than a regular conditioner. I have used the brand of regular conditioner. This product is a little bit thicker than the one you're used to. If this review helped you, please click "helpFUL".

👤I was excited to use the hair mask. I wanted something that would make my hair soft and make it last longer. I tried this product a number of times and it didn't work out. My hair was different after each use. When I washed my hair, I thought it would be soft, but it wasn't. The smell was pleasant. I would not recommend this hair mask and would suggest you try a different brand.

👤My hair is soft when I use it. I have a rough hair and this made it feel smooth and added a nice scent as a bonus. I have been using this mask for a few months now and I can't live without it. I use it before I wash my hair. My hair is manageable and shiny when I use it and I regret not doing it more often.

👤I thought this would give my hair more protection, but it didn't. The directions state to only use a small amount and to smooth on the ends of the hair. Even with a lot of product, the coverage lacks. I tried to like this stuff so much that I put a shower cap on and used it as a hair mask. It made my hair feel beat up and less hydrated.

👤After experimenting with many products over the years, I find this product very rich. It has a nice smell that lasts until the next wash when most others only last a few days. It is completely worth the price. Next, I'll include background on my hair type for reference, because your mileage will vary on how it interacts with your hair. My hair is a mix of fine and medium strands that are easy to style. My typical regimen is a deep condition-rinse-wash-rinse cycle, putting a small amount of conditioner on my head to help with dry hair, smoothing some over the outside of the middle part of my hair, and then curling my hair into a ponytail. I usually wash a few times per week. I find good results using 2 different sets ofconditioner andshame. I used Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo. I find that little is needed to get good results when using this conditioner. My first use was to take out some of the products I would normally use and it resulted in hair that quickly dried up the second day. I'm using about half. It helps with controlling hair. I found that if I blow out my hair, it made it easier to have a smooth style. When you finish your routine, you may have the best results. This is a must have with my hair and it was the same with this one.

10. LOreal Paris Lamellar Moisturizing Treatment

LOreal Paris Lamellar Moisturizing Treatment

Try Elvive 8 second wonder water, it will transform hair in 8 seconds. Every minute, 1 Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water is sold. Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water, Moisturizing agents and amino acid target damaged areas of hair, forming thin layers called lamellas to smooth hair's surface with no weigh-down. 8 seconds to silkier, shinier, healthier looking hair with a totally weightless feel is the longest hair care time available. If you have long hair, add 1 more dose if you have fine to medium textured hair.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have to do a review on this product. I have 3c hair and struggle with a lot of issues. My mom mentioned this product to me because we have two completely different hair styles, but I didn't take her seriously because of that. I never thought this brand would work on my hair. I have always avoided brands such as this one because of their alcohol consumption. I have never felt my hair like that before. I feel like I have a different hair color. I will be using this product for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

👤I saw this product and had to try it. I was hoping that this would help my hair, it has been full of static recently. My first concern was that I would have to use the whole bottle because my hair is so thick and wavy. I was surprised. I used this instead of conditioner. I only used a few of the 2 doses. I was so scatterbrained that I didn't want to massage it in for 8 seconds. The product was distributed well because it is watery. You can see a difference as you massage it. My hair began to feel silky. The smell was not something I liked. It's a very strong smell. After I got out of the shower, I took my wet brush to my hair and it was easy to use. I was amazed. I then washed and dried my hair. It would take at least an hour and a half to do this process on any other day. You are ready for this? 35 minutes! From shower to strait! I haven't had a problem with static yet, and I haven't used any other products in my hair. I'll definitely be buying bottle after bottle, but I don't know what it is.

👤It finally happened. I nearly lost my hair when I used a new hair product. I think I am being a little bit dramatic, but the rest of it is fine. Not cool, L'Oréal. I felt like I fell out of a Pantine commercial when I first used this product. The 4th came. I emerged from the shower with my hairs after following the directions. After about a week, I noticed that the edges on the right side of my head were missing and that there was a clump on the left. I didn't use any new products. I can only conclude that it must have been a demon. Y'all. It was so bad that I couldn't take a picture. I cried too much every time I tried. I looked insane. It took about a month for my bald spots to grow back, but I have an arsenal of products that make my hair grow like weeds. The pics I posted are from a month and a half ago. My hair is strong and can take a lot, but it did not like this. All. Maybe it isn't the best for all hair types. This works for a lot of people, but it didn't work for my hair type, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

11. Leven Rose Pressed Unrefined Moisturizer

Leven Rose Pressed Unrefined Moisturizer

A makeup removal, a skin care regimen, and more are included. Absorbs into the skin with no harmful ingredients and is non-GMO. Kosher friendly and fragrance free. It's great for hair, skin and nails to help treat a lot of diseases. The shelf life of oils is extended by storing them in dark amber bottles to protect them from oxidation. Apply to the skin on the body, including the arms, backs, chests, stretched earlobes, knees, cuticles, heels, hands, head and scalp.

Brand: Leven Rose

👤I bought this product about a year and a half ago. I needed more and started using it more recently. I spilled the olive oil while cooking dinner. It was funny because it smelled like this. This smelled like olive oil. I have noticed that others have also noticed that. Don't get me wrong. If I want olive oil products, I will buy them at my local supermarket or at the store. I'm not buying Jojoba oil. I re-ordered a different brand, and it smells like olive oil, so don't be fooled, read all reviews first.

👤I have been suffering from a lot of different things, from allergies to dark spots. I have sensitive oily skin, it's not easy to find a routine for it, anything will cause redness, I was just sick of it. I tried all the brands, with soap or face wash or face cream, as well as kiehls, clininque, nuetrogina, philceta, and 10 more. I'm surprised that this brand is better than all the other brands, I immediately got 4 more for my siblings, I'm beyond happy.

👤I use this oil for facial and hair care. I decided to test it out on my lashes after reading about it. Here are my results. In 2 weeks, lashes will be thicker, fuller, and silkier. I applied every day. I rubbed the dropper on my lashes after I rubbed the dropper on my eyes. I did the same on the floor. You are welcome.

👤The Jojoba Oil won't solidify in the fridge because it has the wax removed. I bought this about 3 years ago. I never left a review because I wasn't aware of the properties associated with jojoba oil. I decided to let others know that this doesn't seem to be of high standards. It was amazing to see the ratings. There is a difference between Coconut Oil in its raw form and Fractionated Coconut Oil when there is a temperature change. There is no reference to this Jojoba Oil. I have purchased from another vendor and am very happy with their product.

👤I use this product after I leave the shower. I put drops in my hand and use a blow dryer on part of my hair. The underneath part of my hair can get really curly. I've been pleased so far. It's part of my routine. I definitely recommend it! I use coconut oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil in my hair treatments.

👤Are you interested in long nails? Did you come from the SIMPLYNAILOGICALS video? We know you did. So did I. This review can still help you if you are not sure who I am referring to. Christine recommends that you combine the jojoba oil with the vitamins E and K. This is very expensive and impractical. If you're like me, you care about the environment. You can always reuse them, but this is time consuming and unsanitary. I used a lot of plastic in the last week because I apply nail oil constantly throughout the day. Jojoba oil comes with a dropper. OMIT is also recommended by me. If you have scars on your skin or have dry nails, you don't need the oil for nail care. To revise simplynailogicals advice, I would simply buy a bottle of jojoba oil and use the dropper to apply it to my nails, less waste and less expensive. I use this Jojoba oil on my hands and feet to keep them hydrated and to improve the health of my nails. Many people don't understand the science behind using oil on their nails. The health of your nails is determined by the health of your cuticle, which is the source of your nail matrix, and hydration is the key to nail growth. Your nails will grow stronger and have better flexibility if you keep your hands dry. This product works like a charm, it's got a price for how much you get and the quality. I highly recommend this product. If you want long nails. You have to stay hydrated. Keep your hands clean. It is very easy. I like to use lotion and oil on a daily basis. I broke the middle nail on a project so the growth doesn't seem as significant, but I have healthier nails that I think have grown faster by using this oil. I hope I can help you with this review. Christine uses a combination of Jojoba Oil and Jamieson Vitamins E and E Oil, both found on Amazon.


What is the best product for repair my hair oil?

Repair my hair oil products from Kate Blanc Cosmetics. In this article about repair my hair oil you can see why people choose the product. Sugarbearhair and Sky Organics are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair my hair oil.

What are the best brands for repair my hair oil?

Kate Blanc Cosmetics, Sugarbearhair and Sky Organics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair my hair oil. Find the detail in this article. Socozy, Carol's Daughter and Sheamoisture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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