Best Repair Order Organizer

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1. EasyPAG Mounted Organizer Literature Compartments

EasyPAG Mounted Organizer Literature Compartments

Storage capacity is large because each pocket is 13'' wide x 7'' long. It's a great place to store Letter Paper and regular size folders. Does not fit in a folder. The hanging file organizer is made of high quality metal material, elegant and attractive mesh wire construction, anti-oxidation and anti-rust, suitable for many years and can be used a lot. The 1 bottom flat tray is great for stationary, desk accessories, and it has 5 vertical pockets wall mounted file organizers with small label to classify your documents. Space saving is achieved by mounting on the wall, you can use your vertical space or stand on your desk, make your desktop tidy, give your office or home the professional organized look. It's important to make sure everything stays in its place and that you have easy access to the contents in the files you store. The wall mounted file holder is easy to mount. The dimensions are :12.75 x 4.1 x 16 inch, five file compartments, and a bottom compartment.

Brand: Easypag

👤The tray doesn't span the width of a letter-sized piece of paper, so if it's even mildly humid, your papers will droop and stay that way.

👤Our kids leave their devices on the floor or on the couch. We had to replace one that got stepped on and ended up with a cracked screen. They now have a place to store and charge their devices. This is very sturdy and easy to install.

👤I wish I'd bought this first. Couldn't get any simpler. Take out the box and put it on the wall. A box of parts fell out when I bought the "amazon recommend" first time. I'm Grrr. I bought this for my bedroom after setting it aside. Don't be me. Buy this one! 5 minutes install. Working well.

👤Clean lines and a nice file holder. The grey color matches well on the ends of the wire kitchen shelves. I use them for notebooks with stiff covers because the wells are deep and supportive. If you plan to use these for loose paper storage, be aware. There is a tendency for the paper to droop because the depth of the wells isn't enough to completely support it. A piece of cardboard cut to size under the paper will solve the problem. They are fine for my purpose. The welds seem to be holding after a month or two of heavy notebook use, they look good, they are generously sized, and they come with hanging hardware. I use large hooks to hang them on wire shelving so I don't know how well they work for heavy loads. I think they will do well. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This has made my home office setup a lot easier to use. There is a wall near my whiteboard. The tray on the bottom makes it easy for me to keep my markers out of the reach of the children. It is a good holder of bills and letters that need to be sorted. The original item that was shipped to me was damaged in transit and sent to the carrier in an open box. There was a big gash on the side of the item. Everything worked out just fine once a replacement was sent. I was concerned that a damaged item was shipped out in the first place, since the post office had a sticker on it saying it was received in that condition.

👤This product is very good. I use this to store and sort mail until I am ready to put them away. I needed a tray and 5 holders, but it didn't cost a lot. It was perfect for my needs. Sort, Shred, Store, Magazines and Bills are my categories. There are a couple pens, envelope openers, stapler and sticky notes. I look forward to sorting through mails and my kitchen counter and dining table are clean. The sides are closed and there is a small curve that helps flip through contents and prioritize without having to pick up everything in hand until ready.

2. DEFLECT Conversion Jackets Pockets DEF93604

DEFLECT Conversion Jackets Pockets DEF93604

Measures 9.3 by 0.1 by 12.5 inches and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from Amazon. The wall file turns the wall space into a file area. Attaching pins minimize damage to the mounting surface. Each pocket has mounting hardware. Adding more pockets and files will make it easier to keep up with your organizational needs.

Brand: Deflect-o

👤I own two sets of these. They help me organize my school papers. I used Command Strips to put them on the wall so I could easily put them under a child. The school year is over and these are still going strong. They have not fallen off the wall. The ones for the 4& 5 year olds are not included.

👤I think they would hold a whole ream of paper if they had to. I like the black look of them. The organizers is durable and nice. They have fallen on the floor many times. They are hard to break, especially when they have been kicked more than once and thrown across the room. You would ask why one would kick or throw these. They don't stick to anything. They sent sticky stuff with it and it's pathetic. I didn't have the chance to overload them before they fell off the cabinet. This was only the first week. I finally made a run to Dollar Gentral and bought some double sided velcro strips. So far, so good! I need these in a place where it is not possible to drill the screws. If you can't use the screws, I would suggest a stronger type of glue. They are no longer a victim of my abuse now that they are sticking where I need them to. When I need more of these, I will purchase them again, and I would recommend them, just add some velcro strips.

👤I got the file jackets a month ago. The Amazon box looked like it had been mashed up. The file jackets did not break. The installation was very easy. I was very happy with my purchase. I ordered 18 more sets of 3 for my office. Please don't make the same mistakes when you install them. I screwed the jackets to the wall, but the screw was too tight and the plastic around the opening broke. The rubber washers I bought at Home Depot did not break.

👤Here is the skinny on the wall file. It was good but not easy to install. Why? The trick is that it comes in three pieces, not one. You have to connect them first and then recommend wall anchors. Get a handyman or family member if you don't know what wall anchors are. If you don't connect them right, it will be weak, so definitely some work there. There is a I don't want you to be scared away, but I do want you to know that the price and quality are there, but if you lose a screw, things could go wrong in a hurry.

👤I ordered three more packages because this product worked well for me before. Each of the three packages only had four screws, so I had to mount them individually with 6 screws. I had to find more screws to mount them onto the wall. I was very disappointed that it didn't come with the proper mounting hardware. It is a great product.

3. Adams 3 Part Carbonless Canary T5868

Adams 3 Part Carbonless Canary T5868

Heavy-gauge construction. Quality forms. Adams repair order books have space for costs. Back printing. There is space on the back of the forms. Give customers one copy of the form and keep the other two copies for your records. A round cover. The back cover should be folded between sets to keep forms legible. There is a room for customization. A blank space at the top leaves room for your company stamp, which is a big savings over custom-printed forms.

Brand: Adams

👤I saw TikTok from a husband. It's great for Wife's to communicate with their husbands. I fill out the work order so my husband can hang it up where we decided to go. He fills out his part on the work order when he sees what he needs to do and then puts it in a receiving box. The carbon copies on this pad are in case something is lost.

👤I use them for my bike shop, but for the amount of money I pay for one book, it should have more pages.

👤I needed to be more official with my billing and ordered these. They work well and are what I needed.

👤My wife uses these for her list.

👤We had to keep up with service jobs. The Addresses Phone Numbers part number works perfectly.

👤It arrived in pristine condition and was protected by the bubblewrap.

👤The invoices are not numbered. Not good.

👤It's good. I needed a work order book with a claim check and good price and quick delivery.

4. Adams Garage Repair Inches GT3810

Adams Garage Repair Inches GT3810

There is space for all auto service jobs. The carbonless is a sequence of white, canary, and white tag paper. There is space at the top for the company stamp. 812 x 11 inch. There are 50 sets per book.

Brand: Adams

👤If you use the work orders to write, they will be a great value.

👤I do a lot of work on the side as a mechanic. The repair forms have everything you will ever need. They are thorough in the information they give. These are perfect because I want to give them something as proof of what I did to their car.

👤I will purchase these again when they run out. You will not find good quality for this cheap. Love it. It works well for our garage.

👤Good product. I wish they would put a sub total line in.

👤The husband uses to buy at the stapler. Twice the exact product.

👤I ordered more of these invoice books.

👤No work order numbers will be purchased again.

5. Paper Holder Spike Stainless Steel

Paper Holder Spike Stainless Steel

36-inches in length and 2 12 inches in width. 2PCS silver color paper memo holder The bill fork spike holder has a base diameter and stick length. Made of high quality steel, it can be used for a long time. The rubber stick tip cap is easy to stand on and prevents employees from touching the tip. Straight stick holder can hold large amount of paper.

Brand: Dorexlon

👤The base of this item is not finished. It will work for you if you don't care about scratching your desktop. You can check out my photo. I was disappointed that it was so cheap.

👤I use them for sticky notes on my desk.

👤I bought this for a restaurant that I frequent. They use it to make barchits. The old one broke. The management didn't replace it for a week and the chits were piling up next to where I usually sit. I bought a new nail. Two, in fact. The value is great. Works as advertised.

👤It's not much pricier than I hoped. They do the job as needed.

👤It is easy to assemble. A heavy product. I think it was a good purchase. There were no complaints. Fast delivery.

👤It works but it seems cheap.

👤Just okay. You can get a lot of them for a good price, but they aren't sturdy. The job is done, but just again.

👤The screw that holds it together is not strong.

6. AmazonBasics Expanding Organizer Folder Letter

AmazonBasics Expanding Organizer Folder Letter

Before repairing, it's important to clean and dry the windshield. Drop the glass repair liquid into the crack and cover the cured film. Drop the liquid on the cup, glue the cup together, and then lift the cup with your index finger to expel the bubbles. Protect your documents with poly files. Adding cord and flap for added security. Each pocket expands to a 7/8-inch. The quality is acid free, vinyl free and archival. It's measures 9.5 x 13 x 1.6 inches. Hold up to 260 sheets of paper.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤If you are trying to organize regular 8 1/2x11" papers in this file, don't bother, because your papers will completely obscure the dividing tabs, which are set very low, defeating the purpose of the organizers.

👤This was bought to hold greeting cards. They are strong. One was black and the other was gray. Each pocket was labeled by month. I labeled the pockets by the events. Engagement, wedding, baby, friendship, etc. If your folder is completely expanded, the elastic loop won't work. The solution is to loop a rubberband through an elastic loop. The elastic pony tail holder can be used to make it look more professional.

👤The structural plastic used for storing paperwork is not good for everyday use. This folder is being used to store paperwork for a long time. The accordion function works well to fit a lot of paperwork, but the stretching cord used to secure the top doesn't stretch very far. I have enough paperwork to make the folder bigger. The cord won't stretch far enough to wrap around the disk on the cover flap. I had to use a split ring to secure the cover. It will serve its purpose for me.

👤It is hard to explain. There is a small piece of plastic at the bottom of each section. If you don't move the paper to the side of the catch, it will stick up and obscure the labels. It is an annoying design flaw. I will be buying the type of expanding files that are made out of brown paper. The file is too small to allow it to fully expand.

👤You get what you pay for when you pay a cheap price for something. They don't seem particularly sturdy and as others have said you can't properly close them if you come close to the amount of paper it is supposed to hold. I took one end of the elastic band that was supposed to hold it closed and threaded it through the hole in the back of the folder so that only one side of the band was still attached, and then looped the loose end around the button in the front. I would have bought one of the more expensive options.

👤I was initially impressed with the look and layout of this expanding file folder, but it quickly became apparent that it just doesn't cut it. It has more insert separators than most of the similar files I've looked at. I found out there's a major design flaw with this item when I tried to use it to only 25% of its supposed capacity. If you try to put in enough paper to where the folder has to start expanding out even just a little, you'll be able to fill this folder with quite a bit of letter sized paper. If you place standard letter sized paper in this folder, you have to place it in landscape mode. The tabs that are placed at the top so you can quickly find the category of the section you have stored certain documents in becomes completely covered by the papers inside. The tabs would still be visible above the papers if the file folder's dimensions were about 1/2 taller. This is a major flaw that defeats the purpose of having "tabbed" inserts. Does it hold paper? Yes. It doesn't do a good job in the organizational properties. If you intend to use this with even larger capacity, be prepared to hold the cover closed on your own, as the clasp on the circular holder won't reach over to lock it in place.

7. Adams Invoice 2 Part Carbonless NC2817

Adams Invoice 2 Part Carbonless NC2817

The descriptions are incomplete. There is a lot of room for descriptions in a letter-sized form. You keep the yellow duplicate if you give clients the white top copy. It is made for service and repair. The fields include labor, material costs, and misc. There are expenses. It is possible to make it custom. You can personalize the blank space at the top with your logo or company stamp. Order several to keep your favorite forms on hand, the pack includes 100 white/canary sets.

Brand: Adams

👤My husband uses these to turn in his invoices and bid on them for his house painting business. They are easy to read and use, we have a stamp with our logo and address on top of the page, and we just fill it out and turn it in.

👤These invoices are not bound together. I received a pile of invoices. I thought that it was an "invoice book" that they would be bound. The invoices are all over the place, instead of being in a book. It's really annoying to have to find a folder to store these in, rather than just the book. Will not re order again.

👤What I received was not the same as what I ordered. When you open it, the packaging matches the website. It is not the same as the other form.

👤These are perfect for my part-time service business. I only use these for new customers and it was not worth the money to have them printed with my logo. I printed my logo on them and saved about $75.

👤My brother needs to keep his finances in order.

👤I've had to find them online since Office Max closed. The same product is on Amazon for a lower price. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The cover sheet is different from the estimate/invoice sheets in the package. Will be back.

👤The product is great and the second paper looks like I wrote it down.

👤Excellent value and fast shipping. Would buy again.

👤The individual sheets should be added to the description. It's not clear. Great forms, but very disappointing. Have to figure out another storage solution.

👤All the pages are loose. Not apart of the booklet. It was messy.

8. Adams Invoice Inches 2 Parts D8140

Adams Invoice Inches 2 Parts D8140

Large numbers in the upper right hand corner help you thumb through orders quickly. The quality of the information. Adams invoice books provide a professional invoice or customer receipt, which is easy to personalize by using the extra space at the top and your company stamp. 50 two part carbonless forms. The yellow copy is retained for your records. A round cover. The back cover should be folded between sets to keep invoices legible. Large numbers help you quickly read invoices. Order several to keep your favorite forms on hand, and stock up on the 50 white/canary sets in each book.

Brand: Adams

👤I love the size, carbon copy, but the divider is missing to make sure the ink doesn't go through.

👤I've run my handyman business with these for over a decade now and they function great and the larger size is always ample.

👤It's perfect for what we need in our business without having to order preprinted ones. It is cost conscious which the customers understand and like.

👤It's great for writing instructions for my clients.

👤I came to make a bill car that didn't come in the description.

👤An invoice book is what it appears to be. Useful information is included in a large size. It works well for my husband's business and he will continue to use it. A stamp is used to personalize it.

👤I will always purchase on Amazon.

👤The book is nice. If needed, the receipts were purchased for work.

9. Adams Repair Inches 2 Part D5084

Adams Repair Inches 2 Part D5084

The wall mount file organizer comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It takes minutes to put together, all you have to do is follow the instructions. There is space for costs in materials and labor. Each set has a last sheet with a customer's claim check. A white/white tag sequence.

Brand: Adams

👤Been using this product for a long time. Love it.

👤It's perfect to put in bids and sales receipts.

👤I've bought this product multiple times from Amazon and also at stapler, but the last time I received it, the item didn't line up, so I had to tear out and line up the item to use, just didn't want to go through the invoice.

👤The pages are hard to tear out.

👤The invoices are cut off center and the perforations don't allow for a clean tear off of the original copy, which seems to be a first quality item.

👤We do auto repair on the side and were getting sick of using notebook paper and being hard to follow. It's easy to keep track of your income and expenses at the end of the year with these.

👤Fast shipping and big enough to write a work order.

10. Madesmart 2 Tier Organizer Dividers Large

Madesmart 2 Tier Organizer Dividers Large

Hold up to 260 sheets of paper. The madesmart 2-tier organizers are multi-purpose. The tiered design maximizes space with 2 storage baskets for easy access to items and 2 dividers for custom organization. If you want to simplify your morning routine, use their baskets as under sink organizers and storage for bath products. The storage baskets can be used as a desk organizer to utilize otherwise unused vertical space in the office, which is why the 2-tier organizer is so important. The tiered design ensures efficient storage of items, and it's a good idea to find a permanent home for tricky-to-organize items like makeup, electronic accessories, toys, crafts, medicine, and so much more. The madesmart 2-tier organizers are made with high quality plastic and feature dry-erase labeling on the baskets and dividers.

Brand: Madesmart

👤I don't write reviews, but I needed to. I love them. My refrigerator is on the other side. I never had a room there. It was difficult to get to something in the back because everything was stacked on top of each other. Well not anymore. I ordered 3 sets of these. I was able to put 2 of them on the shelves at the same time. I used the single container side by side in the 3rd set instead of doubling up. I have the most organized fridge. I don't have to worry about stuff being put on top of each other or taking everything away. I thought they were more sturdy than they are.

👤It is easy to assemble. I bought a couple for under the sink storage. The storage capacity was doubled. Everything is in order. The frame makes it easy to pull the top out. I put more weight in the back. This has not been a problem and I would purchase again.

👤I love the bins. They are easy to assemble. I bought two more for my daughter's bathroom. I am very happy.

👤Really wanted to like this. The metal piece that holds the top shelf up was too big and it caused the shelf to fall. The drawers were only 1/3 full because they didn't slide easily. I expect too much, but I will fill the shelves if I have them. I wanted this to work well, but I was able to get it to do what I needed.

👤Since I can't go shopping in person, I had to deal with it. It is not sturdy at all. The plastic is cheap. I read reviews that were different from what I expected. The dividers are not enough. I wish they had more space for this product. Assembly isn't as easy as people say. It took a while to get it right. I couldn't get this item from $5 below. If you can get it somewhere else, then product will make do until then, so don't waste your money if you can't.

👤Too much weight on top will cause the shelf to fall when you pull out to far. Just be careful.

👤It is crazy. I like to organize in my old age. These bins are great. It's easy to put together and organize my junk. I would have done this sooner. I support a woman owned company.

👤My bathroom cabinet was always a mess, so I was really excited to try this. This is great if you share a bathroom with someone else. They work as drawers so you can pull them out. It only comes with 2 dividers and is a little pricey, but I would not complain about that. It would be worth the price if it came with 3-4 dividers. It is not so big or small.

👤They slide out smoothly and don't topple, because they hold under-sink stuff. The baskets are made of a brittle plastic, and one of the sets I ordered had shattered, so I don't think they will tolerate being dropped or struck.

11. Smead Cascading Organizer Pockets 92060

Smead Cascading Organizer Pockets 92060

There is a patent that was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. There are 6 file folder pockets with bright colors and 1 clear front pocket in the hanging wall organizers. Each pocket holds 50 sheets and has 6 clear pockets in various colors. The loop on top makes it easy to hang up your wall mount organizer wherever you need to go, and the elastic cord closure makes it easy to transport it to and from meetings. The clear letter size pocket on the front provides extra storage and can be used for important references like calendars, frequent contacts or project milestones. Poly material is easy to clean and is tear and water resistant, making it a good choice for protecting your documents from dirt and fingerprints. Acid free and free of all chemicals.

Brand: Smead

👤I bought this to use in our family's kitchen "command center", which is in a highly visible area of our house. I wanted something that was functional, low-profile, and not a big deal. The organizers is perfect. There are enough pockets for each of our family members, plus a few more that I have designated for bills and other correspondence. It helps keep the paper out of the counter. The clear front pocket where I keep my 2nd grader's specials calendar makes it easy for him to see if he has PE, art, music or computer lab on any given day. The bright colors help to liven up my kitchen but are not tacky. The colors can be ordered in any order you want. Since we don't have more than a medium-sized hook, I use 3M Command strips to hang as many things as I can on the walls, in order to not leave holes. I know I need to put things away when the pockets are bulging. Highly recommend for a family command center.

👤If you don't have the space for a file cabinet in your office, this is perfect. It would be helpful if the folders were a little bit taller. If I put a business or larger envelope in a folder vertically, it will cover up the label. The envelope won't be visible if I place it in the long way. They don't stick. The file folders had labels that didn't stick to them. They just start curling.

👤These are perfect. I nailed mine into the wall instead of relying on the hook. Since everyone said they peeled off, I went with the standard labels. The plastic is what makes the labels peel so it's not the label. I taped it over. I need to be easy and accessible, so I purchased several for that. It is on sale for $12. Yes, please!

👤This thing is amazing. There was a deal going on and I bought two. My success as a good teacher is dependent on my organization. I'm not the most organized person in the world, so I'm always on the lookout for things like this wall hanger, that can help me to better organize my schoolwork, as well as save me some space as we live in a small house. There are 6 different folders and a clear folder on the bottom that you can use. I put schoolwork in the clear folder when we are still working on it. You can label what each folder contains with this wall hanger. I teach my son a lot of different subjects. I immediately ordered a wall hanger for my son after I saw what a time and space saver it was. One of his weaknesses is organization. I hung one in his room to help him organize his schoolwork. I made a side of his room that was related to school. He has a wall calendar, hooks for his coat, and a desk with pencils and paper. I have attached pictures of my wall hanger and my son's wall hanger, as well as how we use them to organize his school related things. If you pick a day at the end of the month, you can save what you need and discard the rest.


What is the best product for repair order organizer?

Repair order organizer products from Easypag. In this article about repair order organizer you can see why people choose the product. Deflect-o and Adams are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair order organizer.

What are the best brands for repair order organizer?

Easypag, Deflect-o and Adams are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair order organizer. Find the detail in this article. Dorexlon, Amazon Basics and Madesmart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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