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1. Wallniture Organizer Modular Storage Construction

Wallniture Organizer Modular Storage Construction

Straight stick holder can hold large amount of paper. Keeping your papers within reach is easy access. You can find what you're looking for at a glance with the help of this wall file organizer. Don't settle for a messy workspace that threatens your productivity. Lisbon office desk organizers keep your files, office supplies, and more in order. The magazine rack is a great magazine file holder. It has a decent load capacity and a wide interior that can be used to store magazines or newspapers vertically or horizontally. The modular wall organizer has been designed to match any space and decor. You can find more functions other than office decor and storage if you get creative. The wall mount file organizer comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It takes minutes to put together, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Brand: Wallniture

👤This worked well for what I needed it for and was a lot more sturdy and heavy than I expected. I like that metal because I can use magnetic clips and accessories as well. The others don't have much room if you put a lot in them because I'm only using it for papers and my laptop. I love it!

👤Extra storage space is a handy accessory for your office. Once you get them up, they look great on your wall. It's not difficult to bend the metal locks, but it can be difficult to snap the metal slots together. Hanging on the wall is very easy. The page says wall mounting hardware is included, but mine didn't include screws, anchors, or anything like that. I had everything at the house needed to hang the unit, but if you don't, there is a chance you'll need to supply your own screws, etc. It's a useful, good-looking, fairly easy to install file storage system. You can order two units and hang them as one large unit if you want.

👤Excellent paint and coating. It seems like it will hold up. It is easy to assemble and allows you to modify it. I think the large hole in the center bottom is too big. I have small notes that I put in these pockets and they fall through easily. It was designed for letter size paper and could increase usefulness by making the hole a little smaller. The purchase was very pleasant and I would buy again. It's a good thing.

👤My kids are doing online school and I need a small space to organize their schoolwork. This is perfect! It took about 20 minutes to get on the wall from opening the box. It was easy to install a tiny level in the package. It has a binder, notebook, folders, and a small clipboard. It was perfect for what I needed, just what I expected, and I'm probably going to order another for my mail and paperwork.

👤If you can do ikea, you can do this assembly. To be sure it will fit, you need to determine where you will put it and measure it. I put most together except the last one because it was easier to screw the rest together. The white with holes is very pretty. If you are going to put a lot of weight on it, the system can hold a lot. It should be secured to the wall so it won't pull out.

👤It does its job. I mounted this on my fridge with Command Velcro Strips. Works well! The holder is open so only long coupons and mail items stay there. Anything small will fall through it. I made it work by adding a clear plastic bottom.

👤The wall safe is low profile and can be used in the kitchen. I like that the uppermost shelf is bigger, I use it to hold a folio style organizer at my house. The other 4 are not abnormal.

2. C Line Vinyl Ticket Holders Inches

C Line Vinyl Ticket Holders Inches

Dust and debris resistant material. It was made in the USA. Even in the toughest environments, the welded, non-rip seams hold up. A punched hole at the top for hanging. The sheet size is 5 x 8.

Brand: C-line

👤These tickets are wonderful. They are very heavy duty, clear, and perfect for storing my dies. I had to cut off the top of my dies to store them. If you are a crafter like me, you will find many uses for these shop ticket holders.

👤There is nothing more fun than finding new uses for a product. The heavy weight of the shop ticket holders makes me happy. They work well for containing my dies. Attach the die manufacturer's front cover with double-sided tape and use a piece of magnetic vent cover to place the dies. The shop ticket holder will keep all those dies from getting lost. You can put it all in a container and have it at hand when you need it. The Shop Ticket holders are 5" x8" and contain almost all brands of thin craft dies.

👤I use them to hold metal crafting dies, die cuts, and completed cards that need to be sent out. The product is thick and resistant to cat clawing, so it can be used through flat mail. I will continue to purchase this product to keep myself organized.

👤These were just a description and not very useful for me. Was trying to find a replacement product. The pockets have no room except for a piece of paper which was difficult to fit in. Maybe they will loosen, but I don't think they will be able to. I wondered how the seams would hold up if I had to pull it open a lot.

👤These are strong enough to hold my dies and magnetic sheets.

👤It was bought to organize and store larger stamp sets.

👤They are great for storing metal dies. I would definitely buy this product.

👤I use them to store my larger stamp and die sets. The stamp company versions are less sturdy. Will probably get the next size up and down as well.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was quick and the construction was solid. It's perfect for displaying larger price tags.

👤This product is great for holding my dies.

👤I have been looking for this size and these are perfect.

3. C Line Stitched Ticket Holders 43913

C Line Stitched Ticket Holders 43913

The design makes it easy to identify the contents. Work can be organized by department, day-of-week or importance. Clear construction. It's convenient for hanging.

Brand: C-line

👤The price of plastic is different between colors.

👤It's perfect for holding customer information.

4. American Metalcraft TR24 Stainless 24 Inch

American Metalcraft TR24 Stainless 24 Inch

The wall mount file organizer comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It takes minutes to put together, all you have to do is follow the instructions. A person organizes tickets in a fast-paced environment. Uses marbles in the track to hold tickets. Attaching to walls and shelves is easy. The design is made of steel. Measures 24 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

Brand: American Metalcraft

👤I bought this restaurant ticket holder for use in our home study room, and I am very pleased with it. It is easy to switch out every week because it offers great hold for my cards, but does not bend or crease them. Highly recommended!

👤This works well. I put it in my food truck to keep track of orders. When we turned on the exhaust fan, tickets would fly everywhere. This is a must have for a food trailer. If we didn't run the exhaust fan, we would be soaked in sweat. This holds them together and does their job. I like it's sleek look.

👤My daughter makes a lot of art and always wants us to hang it. She can put them up and take them down on her own, because we have four different sizes hanging in her art room. They are easy to hang and look great.

👤My kitchen area is small and675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I hang my favorite recipes at the truck stop. My childhood memories would be complete if I could recreate the taste of cigar ashes in my scrambled eggs. When you need him, where is he?

👤These are sturdy, but they do not have any mountain hardware. Not a single screw. They do not float in the air. So 2 stars.

👤If you want this for restaurant use, you don't need to worry. We tested several different thicknesses of paper and all of them jam when you try to slide, so we thought it was our thin thermal receipts. Worthless.

👤Excellent quality. The old one needed to be replaced with a larger one. The rack came with no mounting hardware. You will need to get the screws at the hardware store. It slides easily without falling out.

👤Sometimes the tickets fall off when I hang them because the marbles inside are too loose. If the product is supposed to be made in the US, it should be higher quality.

👤I gusto mucho y tienes gusto.

5. Wallniture Organizer Sectional Multi Purpose Magazines

Wallniture Organizer Sectional Multi Purpose Magazines

The insert is 9W x 12L. It's easy to keep your papers within reach. You can find what you're looking for at a glance with the help of this gray wall file organizer. Don't settle for a messy workspace that threatens your productivity. Lisbon office desk organizers keep your files, office supplies, and more in order. The magazine rack is a great magazine file holder. It has a decent load capacity and a wide interior that can be used to store magazines or newspapers vertically or horizontally. The modular wall organizer has been designed to match any space and decor. You can find more functions other than office decor and storage if you get creative. The wall mount file organizer comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It takes minutes to put together, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Brand: Wallniture

👤The trays do not have a backside. The design of the upper tray is a bad one, but it does provide a partial back to the tray just below it. Papers could easily slip through if you can't get the tray unit to flush to the wall. Getting the fully assembled unit to stay flush to the wall is difficult because the only mounting brackets are at the top. To correct the bad design, I put a thin wooden board on the backside of the trays and glue it to them. There is a picture shown.

👤Product needs attention. This simple product is a time consuming project to install due to poor directions, bad illustrations and no online support. I believe there is a flaw in the design of this product, as it relies on gravity alone to keep it together with no closing points on the metal tabs. The entire system falls apart if you push upward from the bottom. The file space is limited for a heavy metal system. The great color is the only reason for the one star.

👤Looks like the image shown. There were a lot of issues people had with assembly. I agree that directions were vague and not obvious. If you just look at the pieces and images without reading, it would be pretty straight forward. When connecting them they don't stay connected unless gravity pulls them apart, which makes connection more secure. I had to wait for my husband to approve the drill before I started. I put it on the counter and connected many connections. It only took a little rearranging to make sure they all stayed in place. And once done. I had to pull the top and bottom pieces apart to upright it. I like it as a Chinese finger trap toy. I took off one star because I agree that the hold in the middle is too large. We are trying to cover it with something. It is difficult to attach anything in the small slots. Otherwise! I am happy to have metal.

👤I did not want to break the little metal tabs, so putting it together was difficult. The item is hanging on my wall and looks decent, but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I might have given it more than 3 stars if the manufacturer explained how the 5 individual pieces lock together.

👤I love using this wall file organizers as a mail organizer. Two months ago, I bought it and have had no issues. It was easy to install and looks great. I've had no issues so far. There is a slot in the bottom of each bin that is meant to be a file organizer. I always put the mail in around this.

👤This wall file organizer is wonderful. I needed to get files off my desk and keep them neatly organized and my desk space has increased tremendously. You will love it. Don't believe the people who say it's rubbish. The assembly had no installation instructions. It would be helpful if the manufacturer provided instructions. To keep the files together, you need to line up the open spaces to the inserts and push in the small insert. I ordered a second unit because I liked this product so much. It came with instructions. I think my first order was lacking instructions.

6. Adams Repair Inches 3 Part T5084

Adams Repair Inches 3 Part T5084

The package contains a male port. There is a limited lifetime warranty and product support. Quality forms. The third sheet of each Adams repair order book has a customer claim check. There are 50 three-part carbonless forms. Customers get the top copy and you retain the bottom copies for your records. Large numbers in the upper right hand corner help you thumb through orders quickly. A round cover. The back cover should be folded between sets to keep forms legible. There is a room for customization. A blank space at the top leaves room for your company stamp, which is a big savings over custom-printed forms.

Brand: Adams

👤I use these for my small business. In my spare time, I help with computers, audio, video, and anything technical. For receipt, invoice, and repair tag all in one, this works for me. There is room for information about the client and equipment. I wouldn't recommend this size pad for anything more detailed. It's small enough to fit in my bag. It's big enough to fit everything I need. No-Mess carbon copy. I have to give it 5 stars because it's just a book of receipts.

👤There are missing invoice numbers. Next page is 385823. They didn't skip 385822? This makes it difficult to keep a book.

👤It's perfect for my auto tech to keep track of labor.

👤The paper trail option is affordable. Over the years, I have used these many times. For people who don't want to use quickbooks for one-off invoices.

👤They helped me when I started my business, and I still use them at times.

👤The invoice layout is the same as before. We've been using a solid bill book for a long time.

👤Exactly as ordered, arrived on time. If you need a basic repair form, these work well.

👤Exactly as described. Excellent quality.

7. C Line Heavyweight Stitched Assorted 50920

C Line Heavyweight Stitched Assorted 50920

The edges are reinforced for a longer product life. Colored shop ticket holders can be used to code important paperwork and make special jobs stand out. Works well for organizing work by department or importance. The heavy duty vinyl construction allows for easy visibility of documents. The edges are reinforced for a longer product life. There are three eyelets for hanging.

Brand: C-line

👤20 is more than I need. I thought so. The driver immediately asked where I got those after I laid mine on the table. I told him that the office doesn't provide these. He couldn't believe it. He exclaimed that they should. He asked me how many I had, as he looked at my table. I said 20. I was asked for some. I asked how many. He said five. I looked at him and thought he was insane. I only gave him 3 because I knew they weren't cheap. It's not expensive but it's not cheap either. Over $2 each. I think I might start selling them myself. I highly recommend.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It's a perfect size and it's heavy duty. Absolutely amazing product. It is a great value for my money. The colors are great. I got 5 of each color. It's the best in the world for me.

👤These are well built and used in a work environment. I decided to buy these after I received a Uline holder and they are a lot less expensive.

👤They do what they are supposed to do. It might be getting more soon.

👤These are great! They should have come in more colors.

👤Hold up well in the store. Looks like they can last a long time.

8. Advantus Strip Display Aluminum AVT2005

Advantus Strip Display Aluminum AVT2005

Adding more pockets and files will make it easier to keep up with your organizational needs. The roller system adjusts to hold the materials. Lift the papers up and out for easy removal. The rail holds up to 24 sheets of paper. Bulletin boards can damage artwork or important documents. 3 feet long, includes sticky tape and mounting brackets.

Brand: Advantus

👤I wanted to hang the notices, notes, fliers and receipts under the cabinets in the laundry room to make it easier to find them in the kitchen counter. The perfect solution was the grip a strip. It was easy to install and hang. It's hidden under the cabinets, yet serves the purpose. Would definitely recommend.

👤This thing does an amazing job of hanging onto large fliers and banners for displaying promotions in my bar. I put two of the rails right next to each other so I could hang signs with a width up to 6' from them. The rail's end caps are cut so you can extend a single sheet out to another rail without modifying the rail or the paper. They hold fast and don't slip, but when you're ready to take the signs down, you just pull them out at an angle out from the wall and the paper just falls out. Why only 4 stars? The amount of sticky tape was not enough to mount these to the wall. I didn't want to drill anchors into my wall for these sign hangers. I had to buy a roll of double-sided foam tape to lay across the entire width of the back of the rail to get a mount. They've been in place for the last 3 months without any issues.

👤The small screws caused a lot of concern to me. Even though my tech screwdriver fit, it broke a tooth in the attempt to install it. I pulled out the Craftsman, but it didn't have the small driver I needed for the left screw. To expose myself to a hardware store trip with the driveway iced over and temperatures in the teens, I used screws that I saved from another purchase. The instruction to push on with a downward force until the grip locks in didn't work. It should have said, "After the plastic bracket is mounted, line up the plastic prongs with the rear grooves of the strip and whack into place with the palm of your hand."

👤I made a bunch of small ones from it. I used it to hang training information above the urinals and toilets at the fire station. I put a big sign above it that says "Potty Training" because I'm funny.

👤I was not sure if the supplied two-sided tape would last, but I was able to attach the rail to the wood with two holes. It's easy to insert a single sheet of paper if you pull down straight, because the paper won't come out. Very neat.

👤I bought a couple of them. Both came via the mail and both work. They are on the wall. Is it compatible with the Drywall? I'm happy! If you use the included brackets, you only get one chance to mount them, as they only measure and mark accurately. The strip locks into the mounting brackets and does not seem to be able to open them. The brackets have to be drilled into the wall.

9. Adams Garage Repair 250 Count GT3811

Adams Garage Repair 250 Count GT3811

A white/white tag sequence. The garage repair order form gives space to detail all auto service jobs. A white, canary, white tag paper sequence.

Brand: Adams

👤Ships fast, right size, 3 part carbonless, best price. Adams and others are dropping previous forms that had more room to write up repair operations. The new forms are designed for Florida and Connecticut, so they take up too much space for the rest of us. I try to use these for simpler jobs. omitting information could have legal or mechanical consequences. I need to write down details about cars I won't remember later. Cars have had 17 character V.I.N.s for over 30 years. Can anyone make the space long enough for them to write? Adams, Rediform and other people don't read these. They could be the same company. I'll be buying a 50-pack of more spacious forms to go with each 250-pack of these. If Super Saver Shipping is okay with you, GT3811 is $45. I'm a bit slow to Hawaii. The same product costs $70 at Office Max. Oh! 2/28/15 Adams does it again. The blank space at the upper left has been eliminated by the new GT3811. There is no place for the business info stamp. The people who buy and use these are people who don't use computers. We use stamps. The form is useless to anyone except a business that wants anonymity. Did you crash? We never worked on your car. The form works if the blueheader and one line from the parts column are removed. The original GT3810 is shown in the description above, but it is now $19 more from "Adams Custom" with no Prime or Super Saver. Is this a marketing plan? I want the same thing I bought the last two times. Can it be as hard as fixing cars? Again, this form, once again. Thank you, Adams! The rating was changed from 1 star to 4 stars.

👤These are great work orders. You can stamp them with your business information. You don't have numbered invoices.

👤GT3869 was received and shown. The 3869 is ok, but was wanting 3811. Will keep and use for the price and fast shipment.

👤Tracking file for mechanics is kept on a record.

👤Thanks for the fast delivery. These forms are great.

👤These were ordered to replace expensive preprinted ones from the auto company.

👤It is convenient to get by mail when I get more orders from staples.

👤They were nice and cheap.

👤The invoices are very detailed for certain US states. It would be great if we had a version for Canada. The form has some areas that are very small and tight. The back side of the main copy has more space for labour times and more parts. Most modern vehicles don't use half the boxes on the form, so these invoices must be from 25 years ago. They will be great for me as my shop is off grid and I need a simple way to keep track of repairs.

👤They work well. The part number area is slightly cramped. They all seem to be that way. The ones I was using had a worse dollar value. They went to $42 for 50. ridiculous.

10. Alteration Manila Numbered Button XpressTags

Alteration Manila Numbered Button XpressTags

Professional dealers trust snells branded parts to perform quality repairs. Genuine Stens product packaging has the name of the company on it. It isdurable. The tags are made from 10 point paper. TEAR RESISTANT. A reinforcing fiber patch is included in the tags. There are pack contents. The pack includes 500 2-sided tags. There is a size. The tags are 6.25" x 3.125". There are alternative tags. The perfect template for your needs can be found on both sides of the Alteration tag.

Brand: Smartsign

👤Great tags! We did not have to make custom tags.

11. San Jamar CK6524A Anodized Aluminum

San Jamar CK6524A Anodized Aluminum

Winco products are used by many industry experts. The sliding check rack is ideal for providing smooth, secure check holding and sliding in busy kitchens. The construction is made of strong anodized aluminum secured with screw-on end caps. The polished glass beads allow for smooth sliding motion for quick service without melting. In front-of-house and open-kitchen environments, the sleek design blends in.

Brand: Carlisle Foodservice Products

👤It works the way it was supposed to. It holds up a lot of tickets.

👤I gave these to everyone at the office. I don't have to tap papers to my nice painted walls anymore. It's easy and convenient. I don't have to be annoyed by their personal items or excessive use of tape because they love them.

👤There are no problems hanging the thinnest paper and it is easy to install.

👤It does its job very well for our bakery. It seems like it will last forever. It is very easy to slide check/receipts. Whatever is in and out. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤I use them to hold karaoke slips at my shows. They've held up well, and it was a brilliant idea.

👤Needed for a print shop to work. Excellent quality and efficient item.

👤It's mounted on a kitchen shelf and it's great for my family to see.

👤We have a small cafe and this was the size we needed. It is so easy to use.

👤It works well. I gave it 3 stars because of the scratches and scuffs on it. Doesn't affect it. It's not what you expect when you buy a new car.

👤This item is amazing. Absolutely recommend this. It is easy to use.


What is the best product for repair order rack 24?

Repair order rack 24 products from Wallniture. In this article about repair order rack 24 you can see why people choose the product. C-line and C-line are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair order rack 24.

What are the best brands for repair order rack 24?

Wallniture, C-line and C-line are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair order rack 24. Find the detail in this article. American Metalcraft, Adams and C-line are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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