Best Repair Patch for Jeans

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1. Patches Colorful Clothing Jeans Repair

Patches Colorful Clothing Jeans Repair

It's widely used to decorate and repair jeans jacket, blouse, shoes, bags, vests, hats, backpack, clothing, curtain, pillow, scarf, and quilt. The package includes 29 iron patches, each with a size of 3.8 inch. The ideal size for denim patches is 4.9%. You can choose the different colors to match your outfit, denim patches will fit with almost every kind of blue jeans, decorate your clothes to breathe it into the new life. It will take a few minutes to repair your clothes, but you can use machine wash and tumble dry. You just need to iron to press the patches, they have fine stickiness after being heated with hot melt glue. If the cloth sticks off after a period of time, or if the ironing iron temperature is too short, it might be because the ironing time is too short.

Brand: Stkygood

👤The selection and value are great. Didn't stick as much as I wanted. I tried a lot of heat. I tried to do less. For a short time, I tried more heat. Nothing seems to work. I have had to replace patches many times. Don't stick to my jeans for more than a week. I wear them quite a bit because I got them to repair my work jeans. If I only wore jeans occasionally, they might work.

👤I got these to patch up some jeans, but they are so stiff that I didn't like wearing them anymore. It works best for small patches.

👤They're cheap and thin. Within a few hours, the peel off will begin. Don't waste money or time.

👤The patches worked well on the items I used them on. It was washed and pressed well.

👤There is a nice variation of colors. Inexpensive fix. The patches stick well.

👤After ironing them to jeans, these patches do not stay on. This product was very disappointing. Don't bother buying them.

👤I use clothing as a tool for some projects. I can apply my designs in a way that covers the flaws. I didn't have any peeling of the ones I used. The product is nice.

👤It's great to have small holes on items you love. There is a great color assortment.

👤I used this to patch up my entire crotch on multiple jeans, but all of them have come off after first wear, even after I tried to iron them again with hemming web. Avoid!

2. Sheets Mending Clothes Patches Pockets

Sheets Mending Clothes Patches Pockets

ironing can be done if you have an iron at home. If you don't, sew the patch yourself. You will receive 15 sheets of iron-on jean patches in 5 different colors, including black, dark blue, blue, sky blue, and light blue colors, but also invisible enough for you to see. The black, dark blue, sky blue, light blue patches are invisible enough to fit most of your clothing, so don't worry about being abrupt when applied on your clothes or handicrafts, there are 5 different colors for you to choose, 3 pieces for each color, so don't You can use iron on fabric patches to make many different applications, such as mending, reinforcing and decorating, and you can even use them to make Christmas clothes. It's simple to use, you need to flat the clothes, cut a shape you want and place it in the cloth, leaving the iron on it for about 10 seconds, then you can move the iron back and forth, only a few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes These versatile patches can be decorated or die-cut and are also suitable for reinforcement and decorative applications.

Brand: Syhood

👤I got this product after searching for denim patch material. It is made of a very thin material. You can see through the cloth after the backing is pealed. This material is not suitable for denim patching, but it could still be used as a decorative patch. It's not a patch for a heavier fabric.

👤After one wash, there is no sign of adhesion. It was used on my husband's jeans. The pocket has 4 inches split by it. I have used many patches before and they did not stay. The jeans were thrown away. Quality control is where?

👤I loved the color and size collection, but it doesn't feel like real denim. I expected sturdy denim patches.

👤I was looking for the best buy. I'm happy with my ears. I use them to cover the holes in my chair. I don't want the iron to be too hot or the synthetic fabric to melt. A low setting with patients works.

👤It was very easy to apply. Cut out the shape you want, peel off the backing, then press on the hot dry iron through the tea towel for 20 seconds. I had a large tear in the knee of an old pair of overalls, which took 4 iron presses to cover, but this worked out fine. The process was repeated on the inside of the fabric.

👤The trousers were fit for service despite Mrs B going through the knee. They now look good after she cut out a patch.

👤When will I learn? The patches on my jeans fell off when I wore them.

👤I can recommend these patches, better than trowing the clothes out, because they are so easy to repair.

👤The pantalons are covered in genoux.

3. Pieces Patches Repair Clothes Jackets

Pieces Patches Repair Clothes Jackets

If you can't determine the color of the product you're ordering, please let them know. As soon as possible, they will assist you. The jean patches are made of denim cloth and are hard to be worn out and safe to use. You will get 30 pieces of iron on denim patches in dark blue, royal blue, sky blue and light blue, sufficient quantities to meet your sew needs, making your jeans different all the time. The iron on denim patches are easy to use, just cut them into the right shape and heat them with iron on the clothes, they are well made with hot melt glue on the back, which has stickiness after being heated. It only takes a few minutes to repair or decorate your clothes if you use iron on denim patches. The denim patches are not recommended for use on nylon or rayon fabric.

Brand: Boao

👤I was skeptical at first, but these are a money saver. My husband is a mechanic. I bought these to save the jeans he has and they work better than I expected. I doubled the hole on the front and back. They are still holding up after a few washes. I don't have an iorn. After pressing and holding for about a minute, they stuck on and have lasted. To get a good hold, pay special attention to the edges and let it cool before handling. I was able to get close to some spots that I can't even see unless I'm looking for it. Great value and savings!

👤The amount of patches you get is good, but the patches themselves are garbage. They have no instructions. I looked at other reviews to figure it out. I applied them according to their direction and how I thought they should go. All failed. After 30 minutes of him wearing them, some came off, others after I washed them, and one popped off. I tried sewing them on, but it was a mess. If I had to do it again, I would throw the jeans away and use the patches.

👤These did not last one wash. I was disappointed. After the first wash, the jean material and glue material separated, leaving me with a glue patch instead of jean. They were cheap. I wouldn't use them on everyday clothes.

👤The patch fell off after I washed the jeans. Worthless. I bought leather glue to glue the patch on.

👤Within a few hours of use, the patches began to peel off the pants. If the patches were in an area that doesn't get a lot of walking trouble then they might be okay. They aren't worth the money spent on them.

👤I redid each pair of jeans six times after just one wash because they do not last. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I bought iron on patches to attach to the inside of the pant leg of a pair of jeans that came with a slight flaw. I cut a piece with rounded corners and used an intermediate cloth rather than ironing on the patch to follow the instructions. The patch appeared to be secure even when tested by lightly pulling up at an edge. I wore the jeans a few times and then washed them in the washer. When they came out of the dryer, 1/3 of the patch was detached. I have used other iron on patches over the years and have never had to redo a patch after a single wearing and washing. I don't recommend this product.

👤After reading the reviews, I purchased. It was easy to iron the patches on. I immediately sewed a patch on. I wore jeans for 3 or 4 days. I made a funny noise when I walked. The unseen side came up on one corner after I washed it in warm water. I sewed the other side, and everything is good. The glue won't stay on if you wash them. The purpose of glue on was defeated.

4. Stretch Patches Strong Holey Assorted

Stretch Patches Strong Holey Assorted

Only an iron is required to use. Put the patch on the spot you want and iron it over with pressure for 60 seconds. The hot-melt film on each patch is very durable, you don't have to sew it on or use further fabric glue. It was dried at a high temperature. Save your favorite jeans.

Brand: Holey Patches

👤This was a waste of money. I had to rip the jeans more to get it off the white paper.

👤These patches are not good. The glue doesn't hold at all. Don't waste your money, I followed the instructions sent to me.

👤It worked very well. I put a patch on 4 pairs of jeans and they are still as good as when I first ordered them. They are out of stock.

5. SINGER 00065 Patches Clothing 2 Count

SINGER 00065 Patches Clothing 2 Count

Each size is 1-1/4 x 13 and includes: Light Pink, White, Light Blue, Yellow, Navy, Grey, Green, Brown and Black. Iron-on patches are ideal for many different jobs. These patches are not recommended for use on nylon or rayon. The patch is 5 inches by 5 inches.

Brand: Singer

👤The application was very easy and the seal was really good. These patches are not meant for inner thigh repair. It's curvy. I sounded like a DJ scratching a record whenever I walked as the patches loosened.

👤I have been on my nylon backpack for about two months now. The corners are rounded and thus not five inches corner to corner, which makes the patches at 5-inches smaller than you would think. If there is a flaw underneath the patch, it will show when you iron it on. The patch is rugged but thin and will reveal flaws in the underlying fabric. It's a smart tip to heat the underlying fabric with the iron first, then apply the patch and heat over it. Enjoy. It's been over a year now, no curling at the edges, no unsightliness. Still sticking. It's good.

👤I made some changes to the instructions. I heated the pant material and then put a patch on it. I continued to iron until I saw steam or smoke coming from the patch on the pant. I left the patch in place. The center of the patch and the edges were the same.

👤I sewed a piece of the patch onto the inside of my pajama pants to make up for the torn butt. I'm not very good with an iron, but I used the hottest setting I could find and made sure to iron the edges and corners. It worked well. The patch survived the first wash. I'll update when the patch is undone, but so far it's been good.

👤These have not held up well after I followed direction. The crotch area of my 5.11 stryke pants is not made well or enforced, so I am trying to fix it. These don't want to stay on. More and more is coming apart. I have trouble sewing as I don't have a professional machine, but I sewed on more. Glad they were cheap. If you get them you should do more as it's not a 100% solution.

👤A tough patch. It was used to patch a hole in my son's soccer pants. Set iron to high heat for cotton, put a patch on, and then pressed down hard for a few seconds. After the first 5 seconds, I checked to make sure it wasn't hot. I picked at the edges of the patch. It worked out great. In three games so far, I have held up to sliding and stretching. It looks like it is still holding strong after being washed once. I bought three more packs.

👤The patches are easy to use. My boyfriend's jacket's pocket is repaired by them. This is the second set of patches purchased by this seller. I applied the patch to the material. I would recommend trying it.

👤I was very pleased with the patches. I put them on my daughter's softball pants, because there was a hole from sliding, and they held up well through the rest of the season.

👤I read reviews about the corners and had some concern. I made sure to cover the corners consistently with the iron and after washing and drying I had very few other items in. The first two times I checked it in the dryer, I looked at the adhesion. There were no problems. My grandson is happy that his pants can be repaired easily and he doesn't mind the look of the patches. I'm very pleased with the purchase and happy that the problem was solved quickly.

6. Pieces Fabric Patches Repair Clothing

Pieces Fabric Patches Repair Clothing

If the cloth sticks off after a period of time, or if the ironing iron temperature is too short, it might be because the ironing time is too short. You will get: 30 pieces iron-on patches, different colors and different shapes are provided to you to choose, sufficient quantity to meet your craft or daily sewing needs, also comes with drawstring for you to use. The jean repair patches are made with hot melt glue on the back and can be pressed with an iron to save time and effort. You can use different colors to match with different clothes, because all of the colors are solid. You can use them to decorate clothes, which makes it through multiple washes and dry cycles, and they're still going strong. The iron on patches are made from quality denim and twill cloth, durable material to use, not easy to wear out, the size of each patch is different, please refer to the picture for details.

Brand: Willbond

👤The material in most women's jeans allows them to stretch. These patches have no meaning. You can see where I'm going with this. The patch on the jeans does not peel away from the jeans within a few minutes of wear. If the jeans are cotton, the patch stays in place for a bit longer, but still comes loose after a day's wear. What is the solution? Add a few stitches to hold it in place.

👤I bought these to repair ripped knees in work jeans, and they're barely as thick as the original fabric, and they're 888-282-0465. I don't think they'd last more than a couple weeks. I wanted them to be useless for the purpose they were intended for, which was to be used for decoration or repair of tears in lighter-weight fabric.

👤You want a patch that will hold up. I end up using Superglue on the edges that pull up, as these don't stick all that well. The heat glue is insufficient and will release. There are tears. It's not good for work or hard use.

👤You don't have to cut to fit a set of patches. I am not sure if they are good 888-405-7720 888-405-7720

👤The item was packaged in a variety of sizes and colors. I was very happy. If necessary, I will order again.

👤Cheap product. After a few minutes, the glue slowly peeled off. You will have to reinforce the patch with stitching if you buy this product. This product is not enough to patch clothing.

👤It was easy to put on my husband's jeans.

👤They don't stay attached for very long. Very disappointed.

👤Un patch de chaque coleur.

7. Wright Products Bondex Patches Pkg Faded

Wright Products Bondex Patches Pkg Faded

Bondex iron on patch. Bondex iron on patches can be washed and dried. Just follow the instructions, and your garment will be as good as new. Before use, read complete instructions and cautions. 5x 7faded denim.

Brand: Wright Products

👤I couldn't give it five stars because the edges are starting to peel back after a dozen or so washings. Let's be clear, you are using them on jeans that you're not ready to throw out yet, right? These are the best alternatives. Don't put the jeans in the dryer unless you use very low heat. You can try to re- iron the edges if they peel a little. I'm glad I bought these. It's easy to extend my gardening and outdoor work pants. Not adding to the garbage heap as soon helps the environment.

👤I have used iron on patches for years and have bought them locally, but they were limited to the sizes available. I found these patches and realized the size was exactly what I needed, after buying and using I would not recommend, the patch was very poor and did not hold up to one washing after properly iron on, I have been patching my jeans for years and know the proper way, locally. The price was great.

👤I use these on a few pairs of diesel jeans I own that are old and they look amazing. The jeans will hold for months if you smash the edges of the patch with the iron. I ordered them multiple times.

👤I used the iron on patch to fix the hole in my shorts. There are canvas work shorts that are not cheap. I was able to put a patch on the inside of the tear. The iron on process is simple. The shorts were washed in hot water and dried at a high temperature. If I get a tear, I will use these patches again.

👤It stuck after ironing. I have worn and washed the cut-offs many times. I tried to use one to patch Jean's, but they ripped again. The patch was too heavy for warn-thin garments.

👤After the first wash, the item released the glue that was supposed to be used to patch the hole. You will need to sew the patch in place if it looks good. It was easy to apply, but beware.

👤The denim color blends well with many jeans. It had to be sewn on because of the hole. I will definitely purchase more if I need to.

👤I like the fact that it works, but I only got one patch in the package that was supposed to be two. I gave this product 2 stars because I felt gipped out by this purchase.

👤patching your jeans is a chore for someone who doesn't know how to sew.

👤One of the least expensive buys bought through Amazon had excellent service. I wouldn't hesitate to shop with Bondex iron-on patches the next time I'm called on by my family to save a favourite pair of jeans. Thank you!

8. Azobur Adhesive Waterproof Tenacious Lightweight

Azobur Adhesive Waterproof Tenacious Lightweight

The Extra-large patch is perfect for repairing holes, burns, and tears. The nylon repair patch is very high in viscosity. The price is cheap, the appearance is luxurious and convenient to operate, cut off the suitable size and stick to the broken part, press with heavy weight, it will hold tightly, about 30 minutes, it can work. It is easy to wash and can be used for a down jacket, rain umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag and air mattress. Make your jeans different all the time with sufficient quantity of fabric patch supplies. It's not easy to paste in a stain or break. If you don't like the color in the picture or description, you can complain. You can contact them within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Azobur

👤It was easy. I used to fix a torn spot on my blanket. Peel and stick is easy if you trimmed loose threads, lined up fabric edges and put tape over smoothing out all areas. Couldn't be simpler. This is a great fix and boy, does this stick and stay put. I can't remove this bad boy if I wanted to. This purchase was very happy with. The turnout blanket is new and not noticeable. I bought the CLEAR repair tape.

👤I didn't know there were fabric patches. I need an old bedquilt to last a few more months to clear my christmas debts and I plan to replace it. I was looking for patches to keep him from getting stuffed on stuffing, so I found these that would set in as little as 30 minutes. They are made of nylon, so they are not a good idea. I used a cutting board and a bag of charcoal to make the actual rip, the Amazon ad said to use something heavy to press it, I used a flat piece. The bottom of the sandwich was the mattress. Let it sit for 3-4 hours with the weight on it, hope it lasts and the dog can't tear it. The two roll pack was the cheapest I could find. I thought I had gotten gypped, there was only one roll. I opened the bag and saw 2 strips stacked and rolled into a bigger roll. You know to check and verify before complaining. Even if it worked well, I wouldn't have given it a star. Before leaving that review, double checked. It seems to work so far, hope it lasts long.

👤I used transparent tape to patch the flag. It was easy to work with, and it held its shape without curling on the edges. I wanted it to be thin, but I didn't want the edges to show. There were no directions, but they are not needed. You peel off the backing and apply. I cut some small pieces for the smaller holes, and it still worked. I wouldn't try to apply a strip longer than 4 or 5 inches as it might be more difficult to work with. I can't speak for the flag's resilience if it's exposed to the elements.

👤I have never used this tape before. I have a jacket for work. A tear was just outside of the right pocket. The nylon material was so thin that it would have been difficult to maintain the look of the jacket. The tape worked well for me. I was able to repair the coat, and I think it looks great. I put tape on the left and right side of the jacket to make the patches look intentional. I would buy again.

👤I bought Azobur nylon repair patches to fix a 30 inch tear in my furniture cover. The cover was damaged due to the rain. I tried to fix the furniture cover with the patches, but they were too small. It works well. It was very easy to apply. Apply the tape after cleaning the surface. It doesn't need heat to apply. It is strong enough to hold a few gallons of water weight.

9. Colors Patches Premium Quality Clothing

Colors Patches Premium Quality Clothing

This clothing hole repair set is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you are not happy with your iron on patches, they will send you a replacement or a refund on the spot. Would you like to change the look of a pair of pants? The iron on patches are perfect for repairing clothing. These patches are enough to meet your different craft projects. No-sew and no-iron patches are great for crotch repair areas, knees, elbows, pockets and embellishing jeans, work shirts, skirts, jackets and uniforms. The front side of the patches is made of denim and the rear side is covered with a hot-melt film. If you want to repair or decorate your outfit, place iron patches on clothes for about a minute after preheating your iron. The package contains 26 colors of iron on patches, different colors for you to choose, sufficient quantity to meet your craft or sewing needs. The size is 4.9 x 3.7in.

Brand: Yuntop

👤Adhered fell off in the dryer. The product had no directions. Garbage!

👤They're thin and don't stay put.

👤All of my crafting and making skills are on the mechanical side of the house. I decided to plaster the ottoman slash scratching post with a full set of cute sets of the kind that kids have on their jean jackets, after I found it in my possession. If an idiot like me can do it, it's proof. I had my iron on medium high and I like to live dangerously. Rub back and forth a few times. He would be proud of it. I was doing this on a solid surface. One is supposed to reverse the surface and iron from the back of the fabric. It wasn't necessary for the iron on adhesive to fully adhere. The stuff is completely melted and adhesed. It should be from ironing from the top surface. I didn't read any directions or watch any instructional videos, but I did say out loud "well, if I were an iron-on patch, how would I work?" I would rate the product's ease of use an A+, the product itself five stars, and a thumbs up, after I turned the iron on. I used to be a college professor and I know how to grade.

👤I used iron on patches to cover up my child's backpack. Pottery Barn kids had a backpack and a lunch pail. The plastic on the inside of the lunchbox makes ironing on it very dangerous. I had my iron with no steam on the highest setting and only pressed down for a short time. I put a towel on the back of the embroidered part to make sure it didn't melt. The patches worked well so far.

10. ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Patches Assorted

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Patches Assorted

The size of denim patches will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes and will allow you to create your own design. You could barely tell the difference between the different colors of jean patches. The package includes 10 iron-on denim patches. The ideal size will help to hide the weaknesses of both small and large holes. Four different shades of blue and black are perfect for your denim clothes. The patches are made of cotton and covered with a hot-melt film. High quality materials are used to make the patches. It will take a few minutes to repair or decorate your jeans, as only an iron is required. Put the patch on the desired spot and iron over it with pressure for 60 seconds. The hot-melt film on each patch is very durable, you don't have to sew it on or use further fabric glue. Do not use hair straighteners or other heating objects to apply patches, only use an iron. You can put patches on the outside of a garment. You can cut the patches with scissors or die-cut machine, the package includes several templates to help you decorate your clothes. You can apply patches from the inside of a garment, this way the shiny rear side of the patch shows through the hole. The glue will look like normal fabric after a couple of washes. Applied patches can be tumble dried on a high temperature setting. If the patch starts to peel off, re- iron it. Even after washing, one patch can be re-ironed at least 3 times. To prevent the felting from curling up, pay special attention to the corners, butt areas and seams when applying the patches. Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron.

Brand: Zefffka

👤These are a good send off for girls without the thigh gap who get holes in their jeans before they wear them for two months. I am actually getting some real wear from my jeans because of these patches.

👤I've tried a lot of patches. The Zefffka fabric is thinner than the other two brands. The patch is more comfortable once applied. I fixed the glue with fabric glue that I bought separately on Amazon. I use a chronometer to precisely time my applications, and I also use my iron temperature to give all the patches the same chance. The softer fabric of this patch brand will allow you to stitch it after you glue it.

👤These patches can't be attached with an iron. I'm not sure why others seem to have different experiences, maybe it's because they have different fabrics. I used them with standard cotton pants, and although they stuck briefly, it was obvious that they wouldn't last through a day of wear. I was hoping to avoid sewing them on, since I'm terrible at sewing. One pair of pants has been through the wash and the patches have curled off the fabric everywhere except for the corners. If you're good at sewing, these might work for you. I will not buy them again.

👤I couldn't bear to part with the jeans I accidentally cut on. I saw these patches on Amazon and thought I'd try them. I bought a packet of different shades of blue to match my jeans. The owner of Zefffka sent instructions to my email account before the package arrived which I thought was a nice touch. The steps worked great for me. I have been through two wash and dry cycles and have held up well. They match well enough to not be seen unless someone is looking closely. I got my broken in jeans back.

👤I use iron patches on bib overalls, they are hard on, and name brand canvas bibs are expensive. I used this product to patch up a few spots that were getting thin and threadbare. The material became stiff after ironing, more so than the heavier patches I use on the knees. The edges were curling up after 2nd time through the wash and I just peeled them and replaced them with the proven standbys. They looked good but were a complete bust for my application.

👤The patches are very easy to use. It was difficult to get the exact match. I think it did well. Nobody will be able to tell because it is in the inside. I was able to save my favorite jeans. I am very pleased with the product.

👤I don't do a lot of reviews unless I love or hate the product. I've seen mixed reviews of these patches. Some people say they didn't stick. Some say they fell off, others say they worked. These were used to patch up my distressed jeans. The light pair had a hole in their pocket that would pop out whenever they touched it. The dark pair had several holes from the manufacturer that were slowly starting to rip out and I kept putting my toes through the knee hole ripping it further. These patches are great. I've washed and worn my jeans many times. 5 stars from me. It was strong and thick. Good quality patches.

11. Wrights 230008091B Bondex Patches Pkg Beige

Wrights 230008091B Bondex Patches Pkg Beige

Each patch is made of cotton. Each package has two fabric patches ready to use. Machine wash and dry. Each patch is sold separately in a variety of colors and patterns.

Brand: Wright Products

👤I've purchased these patches before. The first attempt was a complete failure. The patch was gone the next day. I wanted to give them a second chance before giving a negative review. When the last patch failed, I threw out the pants and bought a new pair. There is a hole in the left thigh area of my work pants. The material is very thin and it will be a long time before the whole forms, so now is the time to put on the patch. I was very careful to follow the instructions. The corners are starting to peel off. The product is not working for me. It's too bad. My pants only last me for 6 months because of a hole on the left thigh. I could get many more months out of a pair of pants if these patches worked.

👤I have become a pro at patching because I am married to a welder. I've patched patches to make them last a bit longer. I usually cut the back of the legs from a worn out pair of pants to make a patch. I had to buy a patch for patching my son-in-laws carhart pants. This was the best option that I could find. I didn't think ironing them on would work. I'm like everyone else and would like the easy route but iron on patches or self-adhesives never stay put. You just need to sew around the edges. I put the pants on, laid them on the patch, and then I put the patch down. After they cooled, the edges of the patch started to release their fabric. I sewed them on with my sewing machine. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can use a needle and thread. It is time consuming but you just listen to the radio. If you sew around the outer edge, that's all you need.

👤A mouse chewed on some holes in a barbecue cover in a storage shed. The ragged holes looked bad. I made two repairs using only one of the patches sent, because they were large enough. After cutting two round patches per hole about 1/2 inch larger than the mouse damage, ironing one each to the cover front and back made an excellent repair. The cover looks better now that the patches have been on for a couple of weeks.

👤I have an old couch that I'm trying to prolong the life of. I had a small Bondex patch that I got at Walmart and it worked great, the color was the same as the couch, and I had a smaller patch. It started to peel a little. I wanted a bigger one to fix the problem until we get a new couch. This did the trick, but it is a lot darker than beige. I think it's a kacki color. Since the couch is long for this world, I really don't care. I would like it to be lighter in color. You need to put a cloth between your iron and the patch to keep it from melting. Learned that the hard way.


What is the best product for repair patch for jeans?

Repair patch for jeans products from Stkygood. In this article about repair patch for jeans you can see why people choose the product. Syhood and Boao are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair patch for jeans.

What are the best brands for repair patch for jeans?

Stkygood, Syhood and Boao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair patch for jeans. Find the detail in this article. Holey Patches, Singer and Willbond are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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