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1. Patch Shield Power Tape Clear

Patch Shield Power Tape Clear

Save time and money by providing easy and nice repairing effect without leaving obvious repair marks. Fix any problem. Gaffer Power's Power Patch Tape is a flexible butyl tape that creates professional-grade seal results in a pinch and in the long term. Use 4” wide tape for the perfect roof patch, nail hole patch, pipe & gutter leaks, and it will be a breeze to repair. 100% waterproof keeps you dry. Their patch tape is designed to keep water out wherever you need it. A tight, even seal is created when 100% waterproof tape is used to fix above ground pools, water tanks, drums, and storage containers. The tape should be in the back pockets of every American homeowner. Don't get stuck out on vacation with a leaking RV or tent, or at home worried about catching drips from the ceiling, if you use heavy duty all-weather use. Gaffer Power's waterproof tape has an ultra-strong backing that sticks to any surface and holds up under extreme cold, heat, and humidity. From 70 to 200 degrees F! It is made in the USA. Gaffer Power is committed to the Made in USA process. The sealant tape is manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines. The Power Patch is American made. They know you'll love the endless uses you'll find for their waterproof -roof patch tape. If there is a problem with the patch tape on Amazon, they will give you a replacement roll or your money back. They know you'll love the endless uses you'll find for their waterproof -roof patch tape. If there is a problem with the patch tape on Amazon, they will give you a replacement roll or your money back.

Brand: Gaffer Power

👤All summer, I knocked wasp nest from the soffits. They were leaving holes in the soffit. I caulked and patched because I didn't want to spend money on new soffits. That did not hold up. I covered it with white Gaffer tape and caulked and patched it. The surface is too slippery. The tape was very thick. It has been held through two weeks of rain and wind. The glue is strong and only cautions. It is necessary to cut the exact size and peel the backing paper to install. The contact paper can be pulled apart. Forget if the Gaffer tape clumps together. It's not a bad feature that strong adhesion is a good thing for endurance. It's a bit difficult to install. Knowing this ahead of time should help.

👤I bought this to use to repair a section of a tarp that had come loose. I was impressed with how easy it was to apply and how firm it was. I was going to tape the other seams on the tarp after I ordered four more rolls. I looked at the tarp and the taped seam had completely come apart. Attached is a picture. I contacted Amazon to get a refund for the failed roll and I am returning the other four. Don't buy this product.

👤I didn't use it for what I wanted, but I was glad I had it around. The storm brought with it strong winds. Two large limbs from one of my trees fell on the roof of my car. The back windshield was my immediate concern. It broke and left a gaping hole down one side, and the rest was held together by the window tint. I didn't know what to expect when I applied the tape in the pouring rain. It stuck hard. In the rain! I couldn't believe it. I will be buying more of this in case something unforeseen happens.

👤My goal was to use it to repair some cuts in a heavy duty vinyl liner that I use in a creek-like water feature in my yard. I cleaned and dried the area. I smoothed the tape over the cuts and let it cure for 48 hours before refilling the water feature. The repair did not hold and the water was leaking through the cuts. I had positive expectations that it would work after applying it. Very disappointed that it didn't. I replaced the entire liner with rubber roofing. I contacted Gaffer for a refund and they responded quickly. Great service and a return for their product.

👤I used this tape to patch a pool. I put one patch on the inside of the pool and another on the outside. It has been 2 days and no leaks. It's much cheaper than flex tape and works great when used in a pool.

👤I used this tape to stop a small leak where 2 gutter are joined. I tried this tape because the area was hard to caulk. The tape is hard to see because the gutter was dark brown. It's been about a month since I used it and so far it's been great. It's easy to cut-to-size and it's very sticky.

2. J B Weld 8237 PlasticWeld Plastic

J B Weld 8237 PlasticWeld Plastic

J-B Weld can do it for you if you want it to be big or small. J-B Weld can restore it right the first time and deliver superior performance, quality, and results for the World's Strongest Bond. J-B WELD PLASTICWELD. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild various plastic compounds and surfaces. J-B Weld PlasticWeld can be used for plastic repairs on a variety of materials. PlasticWeld is safe for contact with water. PlasticWeld takes 25 minutes to set and cures in 3 hours. The J-B Weld PlasticWeld set is not white. The J-B Weld PlasticWeld has a shear strength of 600 PSI. When fully cured, PlasticWeld can tolerate continuous temperatures up to 250oF (121oC) and intermittent temperatures up to 300oF (148oC). PlasticWeld can be shaped, sanded, drilled and cut. There are applications Plumbing, pipes, plastic, auto bumpers and trim, vinyl surfaces and siding, marine repairs, and fiberglass parts are some of the things that can be done. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. Repairs and rebuilds any rigid and semi-flexible plastic.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤I am using this to fix plastic panels in a car that have tab sockets missing or cracked. I have found that this plastic is good for shaping thicker missing pieces, but it's almost useless for strengthening an existing tab sockets, because my work was just too thin to use this material. I discovered that the existing tab sockets can be strengthened with epoxy, but it's terrible at replacing the missing material. I have a complete working panel if I use this plastic to form the missing parts and strengthen it and the cracked sockets. I needed both. I like how this material can be sanded and shaped. I am using Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy.

👤I worked the putty and it never hardened. When I contacted the company to see if they had any tips on why it didn't work, they suggested I purchase the product again and clean the surface. I cleaned the surface. Maybe it's good for soft plastic and not hard plastic, or maybe you need to work the putty for 20 minutes. I needed a plan of action to purchase and try again. Buying again seemed like throwing good money after bad.

👤I used this to fill equipment holes in my truck. It was used by the police in Texas and when they removed all the lights, radios, and cameras, it left over 20 holes. I cleaned and filled the holes with this putty after removing all the trim. I sanded them all and prepared them for painting. Some manufacturers have paint that matches the original interior colors of plastic and vinyl. You never knew where the holes were after painting. This is a great stuff that can be sands and painted. I will use this on my next vehicle.

👤My car's smart key broke. I was able to fix it and save $150.

👤This was a pretty good way to fix a plastic bumper. I had to do 3x rounds of applying sand and shape, but I finally got it to be a 7 out of 10. I had some air bubbles. Unlike Bondo, this is hard to form to the dent as you can't sand it after. You have to sand and sand and sand. If you want a permanent fix for a plastic bumper, this is your stuff.

👤My wife hit something solid with the front bumper of her car. The cut was six inches long. I tried to blend it in using regular glue and paint, but I couldn't seal the cut. I realized that the one piece of the solution I had been missing was the J-B Weld PlasticWeld when I saw it. I used white fiber duct tape to cover the backside of the bumper after I pushed it together as closely as I could. I made sure that the duct tape and undamaged edges of the cut were protected by putting the putty into the front of the cut. I probed the putty to see if it stuck to the tape and the bumper after it dried. It was a simple process of sanding it down and applying the proper paint to blend it in. It's done! You couldn't tell if the bumper had been damaged. If you hadn't tried this simple solution, this repair would have caused you to buy a new bumper. I tell myself that thousands of people have solved the same problem before me when I have a problem that I haven't attacked before. Is they smarter than me? Maybe a lot of them. I think about what needs to be done and come up with a plan. If we just think about how to do it, we can fix a lot of things. Chances are that you will learn something from making the effort, even if you don't succeed on the first attempt. Try again with your new knowledge. You will get it worked out after a few tries.

3. Gorilla 4612502 Waterproof Patch Black

Gorilla 4612502 Waterproof Patch Black

The volume of air in your mattress can be adjusted to fit your sleep pattern. A simple turn of the inflate/deflate valve will make a restless night into a relaxing one. Permanent: A permanent bond is created that instantly seals out air, water, and humidity. The waterproof patch and seal tape is great for indoor and outdoor repairs. An extra quirk. There is an extra thick layer of backing. It is possible. The forms are used to repair holes, cracks, gaps, and tears. There are flaws in the system. Repairs to roofs, rubber, plastic or vinyl pool liners, and so much more. 2X more tape than other tapes. Also available in White! Also available in White!

Brand: Gorilla

👤This tape works great, but it behaves differently than other kinds of tape. It comes off the roll easily and doesn't seem very sticky. Not as sticky as normal Gorilla tape. If you don't get it where you want it at first, it's easy to use and move it. The glue becomes very sticky after a while. It will be very difficult to remove it after that. Don't be concerned if this tape doesn't stick well when you apply it. You won't be able to get it off if you give it half an hour.

👤The easiest way to fix a leak is under the sink. There was a hole punched in one of my tubes. I smoothed out my sink with some tape and it was fixed and no more wet floors. I tried it out. Yes. It is working great! There was no water coming out. Definitely recommend. Happy!

👤We only had the waterslide for a week because my dog chewed 2 holes in it. The tape is working great. After application, it is very sticky and waterproof. I'm not disappointed at all.

👤Wow! This stuff sticks. It was a huge education for a first time user. The previous owner of my car had closed the sunroof. The seal was old and leaking again. I couldn't get to the drain holes to clean them out because it was sealed shut. I was left with the most drastic measures because nobody would touch it with a pole. To make sure it's sealed this way. It came out with a few surprises when I tried to put it on. It looks good even though I didn't want to cut it on the fly, and a tiny bit of overlap when I didn't want to. First, just know these things. It's never coming up again if you stick a small piece down. 2. There is a small amount of glue on the tape. The glue is there for life, so be careful if it gets on your car. 3. If you can, put the extra glue under the tape. I used a steel ruler edge for this. 4. The tape is long. Depending on how you use it, it can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It would have been helpful to know ahead of time. 5. The tape cannot be rolled out. Don't use those pieces at all cost. Even if it means buying an additional roll. Trust me. It's worth it. 6. Use nail polish remover to clean the glue off your scissors and exactoknife. Pick something to trace rounded corners for you to cut evenly. It is worth the extra effort. There are 8. It was used on a trailer in high desert country where it gets hotter and colder than here, and that was 20 years ago. It's doing just fine over there. The promise of hot/cold resistance is no joke. Hope this helps. By the way, girls... I was able to do this all by myself with an audience of men watching. We aren't completely helpless after all, so put on a trashy t-shirt, some fun music, and show them. You can do it!

4. Install Bay ABS116 Universal 16 Inch

Install Bay ABS116 Universal 16 Inch

It's great for all your needs. There are new ideas and products. There are new ideas and products.

Brand: Install Bay

👤The material I needed. I bought two of these items from the manufacturer and the other from the seller. Amazon reviews can help you save money. The measurement of the 12 x 12 is not accurate, but close. I've done some "fabricating" with a number of materials. The center console of my MGB is being fixed using the 1/16" material. Several years ago, I did the same thing with aluminum. The small pieces are from several suppliers and cost about $8 each. A Dremel is a fabricator's friend. Most "seriously sticky" labels come off with a bit of patience.

👤The material is fine, but sticking a barcode on the back side makes it difficult to remove. The substance is permanent. Don't put the label on the product if you spend the extra money. I know this is trivial to some, but it has made half the material useless to me.

👤Not with Goof Off, not with alcohol, and not with ammonia. I know that acetone will work, but it will be bad for ABS.

👤The rock that hit my car was not my own. The hole was about one inch in diameter. The grill cost about $275 and the installation cost was $150. I started looking at other ways to fix it. The grill plastic is a matt black color. There is a glossy surface on the opposite side. I bought some black bonding glue from the shop. I used an exacto knife to cut a section of plastic. The piece of plastic was roughed up, and the damage area was cleaned. Unless you know where to look. The product was very easy to use and my total cost was less than 25 dollars. I'm happy. It's highly recommended for occasional repairs that don't need a total replacement part.

👤I needed plastic that was flexible enough to be moved repeatedly without breaking, but also weird enough to be mold into a shape. The stuff was perfect. It's easy to cut with a pair of scissors. It is easy to sand to get rid of sharp edges. If you hit it with heat, it's very easy to mold it into shape. It holds its shape well after that. The textured side is great for grip. I would grab this again, I am ecstatic with it.

👤It was used to repair a motorcycle. Cut to size and welded together. It works great now and doesn't notice any issues after painting and clear coat. It is a good value for a small purchase. One side is smooth and the other side is textured. I didn't check annual dimensions vs nominal.

👤This item is similar to the description. I think it is a bit less shiny than the pictures show. It doesn't work for me because it isn't as shiny as I expected. Amazon should not state that this item has free returns. I tried to return the item, but Amazon wants me to pay $5.99 to take it to a drop off point. The only way to get a free return is to go to a store. It makes no sense. The closest store to me is 60 miles away. I will spend more on gas than I will get back. Shame on you, Amazon.

5. 12x12x 062 Plastic Moldable Projects Strength

12x12x 062 Plastic Moldable Projects Strength

The heat deflection temperature is high. Every order includes 5 plastic sheets. Their plastic sheets are thin and durable. The material is durable. The haircell pattern on one side of the sheet makes it non-shattering in terms of properties. Their black plastic sheet is the best choice for many applications, whether you're preparing for a robotics competition or creating a costume. They made sure that their plastic sheets were moldable. Their plastic sheets are easy to mold.

Brand: Usamade

👤This isn't a "moldable" plastic, it's just plastic. The heat from a heat gun makes the craft plastic moldable in less than 10 seconds. I hit for 45 seconds to get a shallow impression. I used a wooden dowel to roll it. I had to heat it for a while and then let it cool with pressure on it, because it blew out after I took pressure off. It's plastic sheets. When sheets are heated, hopefully they are not toxic. I hope so.

👤It's worth it because it's a bit of a pain, but I used it to make a set of armor for airsoft so it could take a punch, and I got full, so it's worth it.

👤The product was good for the price. The kydex is easy to work with. It was much cheaper than other places. This is the only thing that I dislike about it, it is shiny and not dull. I used it for the IWB holster. You will never see it.

👤I wanted to replace the radio in my vehicle. It would need a custom part. I wondered if I could buy some plastic sheets, and did a search on Amazon. Sure enough. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I used a paper cutter with a rolling cutter to cut the material. I scored a perfect line after a couple of passes with the cutter. The line was folded to give me a perfect cut. I'm very excited. From idea to execution. I'll have 4 1/2 sheets left over for this project. Just right.

👤Product is a flat piece of plastic. It was worthless for what I wanted. It's not good for heating and shaping. Very disappointed. I thought I was ordering something different because I didn't read description well. I would return it if I had already cut a piece out of one of the sheets for the project.

👤It is shiny and flashy, but not bad. It is easy to form, mold and place. The heat gun makes it difficult to create for whatever purpose you want.

👤They're not as easy as I thought. A little thinner would have sufficed, but now that I have a heat gun, they're not difficult to work with. All sorts of things can be made with moldable plastic.

👤It is very hard to cut. It's a bold face lie to call it'moldable'. Don't use a heat gun to bend it. When it's hot enough to shape you will burn your hands. Save your money by buying a worbla.

6. Sayopin Leather Repair Couches Self Adhesive

Sayopin Leather Repair Couches Self Adhesive

Look at the pictures to see how to repair and restore worn and faded colors. Don't use extra tools for this self-adhesive leather repair kit. If you have a leather problem, just peel off and stick on. Press the button to remove the protective film. No waiting times. Quality materials and technical data are included. Their synthetic leather repair kits are almost completely repaired leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics. Sufficient space will make your sofa without obvious patches. Coffee is black, beige, and light. easy cutting The product size provides plenty of free cutting space. You can cut the leather repair kit into different shapes with scissors. You can expect a simple application for an immediate repair with the Leather Repair Kit. WIDE APPLICABILITY The leather repair kits can be used in the home, office, car and more. It is possible to use Patch First aid for leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics. SUPER STICKY The Sayopin leather patch kit is made of latex and has high viscosity, which makes it difficult to lift. Increasing the service life is achieved by peeling patch tougher and abrasion resistance.

Brand: Sayopin

👤These patches worked well. The patch is the size of a piece of paper. I don't know what they'll be like in the future, but as of now they are great. It's an improvement over the cracked faux leather.

👤When you buy a patch kit like this, you are likely to find the cheapest method to fix a rip in your furniture. This won't bring that furniture back to its former glory. It won't match what a new coat of paint would do. For its purpose, it does an excellent job. The faux leather fabric of my wood bend chair has been damaged over the years. Since the chair has no tags or markings from the company that made it, it's hard to find a replacement cover. I decided to buy a patch kit to match the black cover of the faux leather. I was skeptical about going this route because I knew that a simple patch on the chair could be a complete disaster. There were three large patches inside the envelope. This was more than I needed, but for the price, it was a good deal, since I would have more patches standing by if there were more tears in the chair. I measured the rip in the chair and cut a patch to it. The application and patch backing were easy to remove. The patch is holding up well after a few days. You can look at the attached photos. I was not able to smooth out the crease because of a slight bubble that occurred after I discovered the smoothing tool. The patch is not a big deal. The chair was black. It's obvious to anyone who knows that this is a simple patch job, but I would bet anyone could walk into the room and not see that the chair was patched. It's not like putting a bad toupe on a bald head. Most people won't notice it at first.

👤The product was easy to use. Nice. It was applied as directed. Looked good. The chair arm is good. The bad The patch is separated from the glue. I made sure the chair arm was clean and separated the glue from its own glue. It could have been done better with a piece of vinyl. I have a huge sheet of glue stuck to my arm. There is no way to contact the seller after the item is delivered. I was not happy when I bought the three pack.

👤I only needed the one sheet. I didn't want to replace my office chair because of the crack on the seat. I wrapped the front of the chair with a sheet. It has held up well after a few months and is not showing any signs of wear. The product is a great price.

👤I have an armpad on my office chair that has the vinyl wear away where my elbow rests. A threadbare area is not a hole. You should use a good pair of scissors to get a clean edge. I blackened the edge after cutting to make sure there were no light spots. It is easy to apply, holds firm, and is soft enough to turn down the edges. If you make a mistake and need to cut again, there is a lot of material. It is recommended. After a full year of use, this patch is holding up just like the day I put it on, which is great. Highly recommended.

7. Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Thin-spread glue dries in 24 hours if there is no foot traffic and heavy objects moving. The repair patch is white. Use on: Roofs, Pool Liners, Skylights, Cracked Bathtub/Shower/Sink, Vinyl Skirting/Siding, etc. UV protected, won't degrade. In the outdoors. Works above or below water lines.

Brand: A.a

👤The Jacuzzi tub is cracking on the bottom because it has no support. I would save two to four thousand dollars if I just patch it and not replace it. It is silly to spend money on a new tub when the tub was always working well. This product works perfectly and you can't get a better deal.

👤I used this to repair some siding and it worked well. The patch is a little bit thick, but it looks better than it did before it was repaired. The most economical solution is not a perfect one.

👤The item seems to be doing a good job. I knew this wouldn't be a permanent fix, but it has already begun to lift at a few corners. Some of the sticky gets on your feet when you pressure it.

👤It worked well to patch a small hole in the skirting.

👤This stuff worked well for a small crack in my shower. I think it would work well on a leaking pipe.

👤I have time to fix the leaking base before I use my shower. There was a long crack that needed 2 sets of 6x12 to fix. If you expect an ugly patch, you will be happy that you stopped the leak.

👤Not good. I had holes on the outside of the shower wall, but they didn't stick to the sides.

👤The product is not up to the description. Within a month, it didn't blend with my siding. Don't buy this patch.

8. Q Bics Flexible Plastic PROTECTIVE Sticker

Q Bics Flexible Plastic PROTECTIVE Sticker

There are 15 different car trim tools, including 9 plastic trim removal kits, 2 steel trim tools, 1 upgraded fastener removal tool, 1 foil scraper tool, and a pull wire tool. The ideal gift for car lover is the trim removal tool kit. Each mirror has self-adhesive back and is easy to use. Great for Everyone can be used as interior decoration, beautification, and spectacular reflection to make the interior space spacious; can be used instead of glass mirror for bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc; when you go out to travel. The material is made of good quality plastic, not real glass, with a smooth surface and good texture, and can be used with crafts and easy to paste and peel. One pack contains 3 sheets of mirror tiles stickers, they are great for craft projects and other places. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them as soon as possible. Also, note: The surface of the product is covered with a protective film to prevent damage. Simply peel off when the project is done.

Brand: Q-bics

👤The pictures speak for themselves. No return policy says anything.

👤I would buy them all the time. The clarity is amazing if you take off the protective film. They make my cubicle seem bigger.

👤I needed a broken mirror for a prop. This worked well. I put the pieces on the piece of cardboard. It looked like a broken mirror without the risk of glass.

👤These are not good. I removed the protective film. Spaghetti reflection is warped and warbly. Not usable. If you want a mirror that looks like it is mirrored from a far distance but not actually a mirror, then these are fine. As a stick-on mirror, they are a complete waste. I'm throwing them away because they aren't returnable. I don't understand how they have so many positive reviews.

👤Three of the mirror accent pieces broke when my clock fell. I was able to cut them to size and use them to replace the broken pieces. I couldn't tell the difference between the original glass mirror pieces and the pieces I replaced with these mirror sheets after removing the protective cover.

👤If you only want a good laugh, buy theseMirrors. I suggest you don't buy them if not. We're actually quite funny! It feels like we are at a fair.

👤The background of my fish tank was perfect for it. It's easy to put on.

👤I bought these because I wanted to use them to take photos with reflections in the shot. When I opened them, they were almost useless. They were scratched so badly that you couldn't see anything in the mirror. I like the idea of two stars. These did not deliver.

👤Great mirrors, easy to cut, were used to make periscopes with the grandchildren, 3 sheets included in the pack, so plenty to play with. The camper used the spare sheet. There is a The sheets are easy to remove from the mirrored surface because they are sticky on the reverse.

👤There is a Looks like a mirror. It's easy to apply, but you need to peel the sticker off the surface.

👤A circus mirror is not very strong. The mirror is not of the highest quality since the image is warped and the back is not strong enough to hold the mirror on the wall. Very disappointed.

👤We wanted to make a mirror for our toddler grandson. He loves it. He looks at himself, he dances on it, crawls on it, and drives his cars and trucks across it. This mirror is being used for many things. I might buy more and use it to mirror my granddaughters book shelf, which she uses to hold her dolls and stuffies. The reflection is perfect if you are wondering. To reveal a real looking mirror, it was easy to peel the backs off.

👤It's as smooth as Thano's bald head, but it doesn't reflect as well as his gauntlet. It's okay for a product, it feels like aluminum foil that's thicker and smoother.

9. Polycarbonate Plastic Robotics Industrial Shatterproof

Polycarbonate Plastic Robotics Industrial Shatterproof

The best resource for building a quality robot. Clear plastic sheeting is used in the VEX Robotics Competition and around the home, workshop, car and more. It is great for thermo forming with clear plastic. It's better to use glass sheets or clear Plexiglas. The sheet is easy to cut, drill, bend, and thermoform. Cut and standard drill bits with simple tools. Simple to bend with a heat gun. It is often used for vacuum mold. There are a number of brands of transparent polycarbonate. Clear Acrylic Plexiglass is better for workability than other types. There are three (3) 12x 24" precision square and straight cut sheets of 1/66" thick Polycarbonate in this package. The exact size sheet is 12x 24", unlike other nominal sheets that can be up to a quarter of an inch smaller than specified. 1 foot by 2 feet is 1/16 inch thick. A picture frame can be replaced with a glass sheet like the one pictured. A plastic sheet. The best source for plastic sheet. Rule R9 is allowed for use on VEX Robotics competition robots.

Brand: Robosource

👤The quality of the acrylic is great, but the exact measurement I took was 11 and 7/8th" x 23 and 7/8".

👤I've spent a lot of money trying to find a new cover for my aquarium. Nothing worked when I tried flip glass cover. Here it is people. It requires a little work to cut the material. It's not very hard to cut through the plastic with a little muscle work and hard press. It works better than what's out in the market. You can change any openings you want. I didn't think of this before. When it's clean, plastic is almost like glass. Good quality. Not very strong. Stays on top.

👤The chicken house is made of wood and can't get the morning sun. This was perfect because the girls can tell it's morning and it's safe. It worked out perfect.

👤The length and width of the plastic sheet are not the same as it is clear. There is a This isn't the piece of poly plastic you need. I am going to use this for a stiffener in the back of a folding bow saw and ax case. I will double it and glue the long edges and bottom so that it can be used as a sleeve to store extra saw blades in a separate pocket behind the pocket that the saw is stored in. This is a nice piece of material, but it is off spec.

👤The sheet is tough and can be cut with a Forstner bit. Without heat, the bend will be about a 6-7" radius and will spring back. You have to score very deeply to get some success. Wear gloves or be careful when cutting with quality sheet metal snips. You must keep your speed low or you will melt the plastic, I was very pleased with the holes I made with Forstner bits. I used a drill press, but Forstner bits are hard to use in a pistol drill with any material.

👤The cheapest glass I could find. I was looking for a glass that would fit my needs and look as well as the one I already have. I've found cheaper stuff in stores. I used three sheets for my project. Like glass. Good quality and well packaged. The film kept the glass clean. Instructions on how to trim and work with the product are provided.

👤I have only cut one lure bib and it broke a few minutes after I used it. I'm only giving a one until I find out why it broke, I'll send it back if another breaks.

👤These faux stained glass panels are perfect for a home decor project. The protective sheets were jagged and the edges were rough, but other than that, they're perfect. I measured them and they are exactly 12 x 24. I was delighted that the project was not affected by the size of the project. The package of 3 is lightweight, crystal clear and delivered on time. When the time comes, I'll order more.

10. Stapler Plastic Welding Machine Repairing

Stapler Plastic Welding Machine Repairing

Their product has a 1-year warranty. The welding repair tool kit is for repairing plastic parts of a car. It is suitable for repairing bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, car and motorcycle plastic device. It is possible to prolong the service life of broken parts. Strong for shock and twist. The rubber handle is comfortable and will not make you feel tired. It was quick and easy. There are different types of nails. No training is required. You can learn to use in seconds. There are different types of nails. No training is required. You can learn to use in seconds.

Brand: Snnetwork

👤Great product! It works well and is easy to use. Make sure to use a spray bottle to squirt the repair before attempting to remove the gun. You will be holding it there until the repair cools down. You'll pull the metal staple right out if you're too soon. The case it arrives in is the only complaint. It's very cheap and does the job. It's definitely stronger than the temporary repair if done with two part epoxy, and it was used to repair a broken piece of my dash.

👤I went to Amazon to see what they were about after seeing these on a Facebook ad. I decided to try it out because it has good reviews. I used it to try to repair 2 heavy duty trash cans that the trash service had broken up, and the trash pandas were pulling trash out of the cans. Cut the time to fix it. Plug it in, insert the staple of your choice, and pull the gun. The wire will melt into the plastic when it warms up. I would recommend buying a refill pack because I used almost everything in the kit on these 2 cans. You are stitching the break back together. I was done after that. How do I break the ends off? I cleaned my grinder with a diamond blade. You will need something else than the wire cutter. I purchased a plastic welder to melt the plastic over the repair to make it solid. It was as strong as ever after I did that. It survived the next trash pick up. This seems well built and worked well. It's a fun tool.

👤I bought this as a last resort to fix the damaged Honda ATC plastic fender that is no longer available new. Reviews on glues were not good for this type of plastic. I watched some videos. I can't say enough good about this product and wonder why I didn't see it sooner. It's perfect for repairing my plastic. I will use a plastic welder and mesh screen to fix it. I put the staplers in from the bottom to hide the repairs. The kit has different types of staplers. I smiled as I thought I would use a few of them. I am ordering 500 packs of stapler.

👤The plastic bin on the inside of my refrigerator door broke. I thought I would just buy a new refrigerator and throw the rest of the fridge away, since GE wanted a replacement bin for 70 dollars. I thought I'd give this hot stapler a try, after several unsuccessful attempts to glue the broken bin using different "Super Glues". It took about 5 minutes to figure out how to use the hot stapler. I put 3 or 4 staplers in some places I thought were strategic and it has been several weeks without failure, so I guess I picked good places. If I never use it again, it has paid for itself.

👤It is easy to use and a life saver. The large fender on the backhoe was broken across and in 4 pieces. Use a sanding grinder to remove sharp edges, staple on the backside, clip off the ends. I used a plastic welder but didn't have the correct rod. Unless you plan on painting something, that step isn't necessary. Side cutters worked well for me. I kept a spray bottle of water to help set the plastic up. I only needed a few times when I was just starting. I didn't find twisting them out of much help. Wait a second, then wiggle.

11. 3M Clear Repair Yards RT CL60

3M Clear Repair Yards RT CL60

Their highest priority is your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns, please let them know and they will give you a solution within 24 hours. It is designed for use on a variety of surfaces. The design stretches and conforms to provide a tight seal. Water and UV resistant. It is designed for exterior or interior use. The roll is 1.88 in x 20 yd. Pack size is 1 roll. Use scissors to cut tape. Use scissors to cut tape.

Brand: 3m

👤I fell in love with the product after reading the description, but now realize it's the same plastic based duct tape all the other no name suppliers sell. The good stuff is better with the Nashua Cloth Grade Duct Tape. I use this tape for everything from holding signs to fixing broken tie rods on my Baja 500 race car. Plastic tapes don't offer straight and durable qualities. Gaffers tape is used throughout the motion picture industry.

👤I bought this as a last ditch effort to save my wallet from some expensive dealership repairs, after caulking my never-used-yet-leaking sunroof on my Toyota 4-runner for the 2nd time. It's been a rainy month, but it seems to be holding up. I was left with plenty for the inevitable patch jobs, because it was easy to apply. $5 is a great option. I'm happy, but I'll be sure to update my review if this changes, I have no complaints so far, only a dry passenger seat. It's easy to apply, it's waterproof, and it's an upgrade from regular duct tape. If you have any questions, please send me a message. * If this review has helped you, please select the YES option. Thank you.

👤There is no comparison between this and the all weather tape that 3M makes. I used it outside to tape my AC units, but it didn't last a month before peeling off the face of the unit. This stuff is not as good as the AUTO all weather tape. If you're planning on using it outside in the weather, pay a little extra and get the auto all weather.

👤Sticks are as advertised and leave no trace. After only 3 weeks of review, the tape was removed and there was as much as the other brands of duct tape that didn't advertise any. I have to spend a lot of time trying to remove all the remnants.

👤When I was an adult, I needed to use duck tape indoors, but I didn't find the need for glue to stay behind after sticking it to something. Does this stuff work? It's as easy to tear with your fingers as the original, but has a darker, deeper gray color. You don't have to sacrifice strength for the bonus of not leaving glue. I need it to hold up my lights, but it's not strong enough. This is worth the extra coin compared to the standard'sure tape'. The sticky gunk left after one use of the other stuff. The tape leaves no glue or slime on the wood after a few weeks. I will only use this for construction and work projects in the future.

👤It's made for tarps and is specifically used outdoors. I used it to cover my outdoor storage with tarps and it was so good that one piece came off in my book.

👤I have a folding vinyl truck bed cover that started to weather along the edges, but no holes. I decided to tape the edge of the cover. I cleaned the surface with this tape and 2 strips. In October it was good but within a month it was back to normal. I pressed it back down and it lifted up. There has been no hot weather or rain. I will have to remove it and clean up the mess that is left from it.


What is the best product for repair plastic sheet?

Repair plastic sheet products from Gaffer Power. In this article about repair plastic sheet you can see why people choose the product. J-b Weld and Gorilla are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair plastic sheet.

What are the best brands for repair plastic sheet?

Gaffer Power, J-b Weld and Gorilla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair plastic sheet. Find the detail in this article. Install Bay, Usamade and Sayopin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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