Best Repair Plate for Shower Valve Brushed Nickel

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1. Delta RP54870 Renovation Kit Shower

Delta RP54870 Renovation Kit Shower

There is a suit for spa, hot springs and more. This repair parts kit can be used to update your existing tub and shower trim. The replacement kit includes: shower handle, deck plate, screws, cap, sleeve, seats and springs. One of the most popular finishes in the bathroom is chrome, thanks to its stunning gloss and innateVersatility. The shower handle renovation kit is a genuine Delta repair part. The shower handle renovation kit is a genuine Delta repair part.

Brand: Delta Faucet

👤My first product review. I read all the reviews. Looked at a lot of videos. Some comments are here. The flat lever type is what the kit replaced the crystal ball with. The parts fit. You have to be very careful with the old parts. My sleeve and end piece were covered with snow white minerals. I sprayed mine 3-4 times a day. The soaking made it pop right off, even though I was about to cut it off. I bought the "reversing" ball in case. I used the kit's new ball and installed it with the large hole in the instructions. The water was hot on the right and cold on the left. I put the large hole facing up and cured the problem by taking the kits ball. The reversing ball and kits ball were the same, so Delta must have corrected the issue and never told anyone. Why they said there was a large hole down is beyond me. I have to return the ball. The conversion kit has a problem. The difference between hot and cold is about a quarter of an inch. You have to let the water get hot before you move the handle. It can go full on hot in an instant if you go cold to hot. Don't touch the handle in the shower. The updated look of the lever arm is worth the effort. Delta needs to do more engineering on the kits ball to get better H/C water flow. You may have to experiment with your 600. Good luck!

👤A poor effort by Delta. The crystal ball was on the end of the 600 series. The seals were leaking and needed to be rebuilt. The kit will technically work, but you should read possible limitations to your application. 1. The old ball had something inside that it did not. I am assuming this is a flow restrictor as the output at the nozzle is less than before. 2. While getting a new handle is great, it did not have a set screw in it. I found a fine thread set screw in my stash even though it seemed to be unusual. 3. The shower activation shaft has a hole near the bottom. There is a new face plate, but there is no hole in the shower shaft. I had to reuse the old one. The install is new and partially shiny. 4. The packing nut that holds the ball and seals in has no knurl like the last one. You can only use a strap wrench or similar to tighten it all up. It's a cleaner look but it's a bigger pain than the previous design. I had to donate a set screw and new parts to make it work. I have found that companies don't care if a retrofit kit doesn't function completely. I use only Delta in the house and honesty expect a better effort for this amount of money.

👤The Delta Tub/Shower faucets were leaking from the stem. The crystal-style handle was just begging to be updated, and I knew I could just order the guts and replace those to stop the leaking. This kit was perfect for the bill. I searched for "Delta 600 series" on the internet. The first video was uploaded by ramonasplumber and it was very good. Excellent assistance! The biggest challenge of installing this kit is removing the old dome screw cap from behind the handle. If you try to turn it by brute force, you will damage the underlying valve and need a complete valve replacement. I used a rubber mallet and large channel locks. I hit the channel locks with increasing force until they gave way, like an impact wrench, because I had a good hold on the cap. The method I used to rebuild the 2 Delta faucets worked great with some patience. It's easy to do the remaining job once you get the cap off. I learned from the video that the best way to prevent rubber o-rings from swelling is to use silicone plumbing grease. The handle movement was very smooth after the job was done. I was sure I messed up when I installed one of these kits on a faucet. The weight of the handle kept closing the valve on its own after greasing the steel ball. I imagined being in the shower and not being woken up. The pressure fixed the problem after I tured the water back on to the house. No problem! I've prepared several complaints about the valve being opposite in turning on the hot and cold water. I'm not sure what they're talking about as the bottom of the handle points towards the right temperature. Left for hot and right for cold. The instructions for the kit mention that the steel ball should be installed in a certain way to ensure proper operation. The water pressure for each faucet out of the shower head was slightly reduced. I did notice it, but it wasn't enough to bother me. I'm not sure if it has to do with increasing water usage reduction regulations, but I'm not sure if it reduced it enough to make me research it. The high-quality kit gave me a new, updated faucet without having to replace the valve or rip apart the wall. It should be good for another decade or so.

2. BrassCraft SK0230 Plumb Shower Chrome

BrassCraft SK0230 Plumb Shower Chrome

BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH SINGLE-HANDLE will allow you to control the shower temperature with a single function. China is the country of origin. The package dimensions are 12.0" L x 22.5" W x 25.0" H. The package weight was 12.0 lbs. The package weight was 12.0 lbs.

Brand: Brasscraft

👤It's always a perfect fit for the valve. You need to know what valve you have. Only two types are made by Moen. This product and Positemp. There is a If you can lower your water pressure, then you have a moentrol. If you only get a full blast or no blast, then you have a Positemp valve. Both are reliable. Hope this helps. Ps. If you are still having trouble identifying what valve you have, you should know that the faceplace screws are side by side. Positemp valves have one above and one below the handle.

👤I really wanted it to work, but it doesn't. There is not enough space in the plate for the knob/handle to operate the faucet. I am attaching a picture of the BrassCraft plate to the actual MOen plate. I have to return the product. Be careful in terms of returns. After you initiate the return process, the seller has to authorize the return, so Amazon waits until the seller says so. I tried to return the product and it cost me $13 to send it with the cheapest option at USPS. You can either get a direct replacement for Moen or you can return it for only $8. If you need to replace a MOEN plate, it will be cheaper to just buy one.

👤I just bought a second one that I used to use to turn on the water in my shower for years. I turned a blind eye to many unaffordable problems over the years because I was the only parent of 2 that went through a condo conversion. If you are on a budget and want to take out old Delta or Moen builder grade fixtures, you can do it and this package was an exact match. I am so happy to see customers sharing their experiences with products. I learned how to change out 20 year old tub faucet overflow caps and shower heads and save a hundred dollars. This item was easy to swap out. I am happy and proud to have accomplished this, but there are still many things to do.

👤Many people say that they used this piece to replace an old Moen shower handle, but it also worked for our old 1980's American Standard shower handle. It was a perfect fit. I was very happy to find this item. I would have had to pay $300 to have the wall torn open and a new valve put in. The new valve and handle cost a lot. My shower is clean and shiny.

👤The most important thing for me was the price of the items I needed, separate items were available but would not be the same as what I was looking for. It seems like other vendors want to make a lot of money on a few items as opposed to selling items that most customers would benefit from and at a fair price, I bet you will be in business a lot longer than many of your competitors, thanks for being there for us.

3. Moen T2151BN Brantford Posi Temp Traditional

Moen T2151BN Brantford Posi Temp Traditional

All items covered under the limited lifetime warranty of the Sumerain preferred online dealer. A warm and inviting look is provided by the brushed nickel finish. It's required. The trim kit requires a valve. To complete installation, you need No. 2510, 2520, 2570, or 2590 You can update the faucet style in the future without having to replace plumbing with the built in M-PACT common valve system. The Posi-Temp valve helps maintain water pressure and temperature even when other water sources in the house are not used. There is a collection of cookware. The Brantford Collection has other faucets and accessories. There is an ADA complaint. Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Backed by a lifetime warranty from Moen. Backed by a lifetime warranty from Moen.

Brand: Moen

👤We used the depth ring to install the posi-temp valve. The depth of the valve should be set from the wall. It doesn't fit. There is a one inch gap between the handle and the plate. They said this was crazy. The pictures they use to sell the faucet don't show the gap. The handle is almost flush with the plate. The only solution is to sell you a escutcheon extension ring. You only get 1/2 inch and won't close the gap completely. It's insane to spend $100 for a ring that doesn't always match the color of the house. The design by Moen was poor. Should have gone with Kohler or Delta.

👤The product is of good quality. The color is off and easy to install. I got my shower head and bathtub faucet from different buyers and they match. This one is a bit pale.

👤The models and pictures are not real. The result will stick out more than half an inch, and the handle will not be flush with the trim. The plaster ground was within the wall, but it didn't look right. The handle is wobbly and not firm, probably because it sticks out so far. All of their models will do this, so no help was given by Moen support. The solution seems to be to avoid Moen.

👤It's easy to install my shower valve. The shower handle protruded more than I wanted it to. I was able to shift the shower valve mount around to take up more space. The handle and surround are better than my last one.

👤This faucet works well. There is a gap between the handle and the wall of the shower. It is not nice. I checked with the manufacturer and they said it was supposed to look that way. I would have looked further if I had known that.

👤The shower arm was not included in the original. The replacement did not have the shower arm, shower head, or tub spout. The product is likely just fine, but it seems like a flawed system to get all of it. I have the mechanism that regulates the water, but not the rest of the system, because everything in that kit had to be returned together.

👤The brushed nickel matches my shower heads. It was easy to install. Good value for money.

👤This is a nice looking product. We had to replace it because the finish was so yellow in comparison to pure brushed nickel, that we ordered it to match other brushed nickel. It was different than other products.

👤Looks great. The handle is moving as if it is loose. Give the design a low quality feel. Does the job well.

👤The quality was original. It was instant fit. Delivery time is great. What more can you ask for?

4. Moen 16090 Collection Replacement Escutcheon

Moen 16090 Collection Replacement Escutcheon

The package weight was 12.0 lbs. TILE DESIGN: The chrome finish is reflective for a mirror-like look. There is a replacement part. It's ideal for repairing plumbing fixture that needs to be replaced. The authentic replacement part for Genuine Moen. It is designed for hassle-free installation. It is designed for hassle-free installation.

Brand: Moen

👤I used it for a shower remodel in 1983 where I had to knock down all the old tile and the new install I needed a super tight seal, but I don't like the escutheons that protrude from the wall. I couldn't find this cover anywhere else. I like the flush and flat appearance, it is clean and has a good sealant around it. The universal install kit from Danco is plastic with a chrome color and it makes a bubble in your shower. No. I was furious when I saw plastic at Home Depot. This is metal. The old Escutcheon wasn't chromed but was made of steel. I don't know what year it was. It looked gross, deposits and minerals were bad. I wanted that look again but when I found a CHROME finish from this seller, I was overjoyed. I replaced it with a nicer one. It looks like a diamond in the shower. It's like a glove. Look at my photos. I had to get a new diverter spout and shower head because I loved throwing it on. I can confirm that it comes with both seals. It cleans with a towel. It came to me in one day, it was a great product and a great seller. You know where Home Depot can stick that Danco...

👤This is a great product. The metal escutcheon is about 1 inch larger than the original one and is made of all metal. This part has a gasket on the back side to prevent water from dripping behind the plate, and a weep hole on the bottom. The escutcheon had a flimsy gasket and no weep hole. The back side of my old one was full of hard water deposits, so it was definitely trapping water against the wall when I removed it. Who knew? I decided to replace all the trim pieces before tearing up the walls because of a leak behind my shower wall. I don't know if this solved the whole problem, but it definitely took care of part of it. The outside edge was caulked by my plumbing professional, who was careful not to fill the weep hole. He had to install a new shower arm. There were big gaps where the pipe sticks out of the wall. It was wet inside the holes. You have to close the holes behind the fixture and install it. If you can't get a complete demo/remodel for your older bathroom, this is an inexpensive thing to try.

👤I replaced my old Moen plate with this picture. Around 1980 it was installed. This is the plate I wanted to have. The rubber gasket on the new plate is snug against the shower wall. It fit really snug because of the rubber gasket around the tube opening. I thought the opening was too small, but I applied a little pressure and it slipped onto the tube. This chrome replacement looks great. There are symbols for Hot and Cold instead of the letters, which I did not care for.

5. Delta T13020 SS Monitor Valve Stainless

Delta T13020 SS Monitor Valve Stainless

It is designed for hassle-free installation. Classically styled faucets and accessories are easy to use. Single lever handle for easy temperature control. The monitor scald guard valve keeps the water temperature within 3 degrees. The rough valve body is used with MultiChoice Universal. Quality and reliability are ensured by solid brass construction. The ADA is compliant. The maximum handle rotation is 120.

Brand: Delta Faucet

👤The shower trim on our home says Delta 1400 Series. I assumed this trim was the same as the existing one, but it has a different handle to replace the old one which has outlived its purpose. I was going to install it and get a brand new cartridge that should last us for several years, but I hit a glitch that could have been avoided if Delta had placed more thought into it. The old one in width does not match the new one at the point where you insert it into the valve body. The old one is too small for me to use, so I have to get a new one. Why do you change the dimensions of the cartridge? I have another issue if I use the old one. There is a gap between the handle and the trim plate in the old one. Delta is sending me a longer sleeve that should fix the problem. I have had good experiences talking to their team. I get someone quickly and they are based in the US. That is two huge Delta! I wish all companies were as responsive as you are.

👤This kit is for shower parts that were installed after 2006 I didn't know that Delta had changed sizes on a few components over the years. The parts in our shower were built in 1992. The spacing of the hot/cold inlets was changed so they can't be used. There is a collar nut in the instructions, but it is not included in the kit. The collar nut from the old shower is too thick to fit over the new sleeve. The new collar nut was sent to me by Delta. I had to order a longer sleeve because the sleeve is too short. Unless you do your research first, these are lessons learned after you get everything. Delta customer service was helpful and the parts are all good.

👤This thing has a corgi. It's a good price since they run $25 or more on their own. It comes with a shower head, shower head crook pipe, shower head pipe trim, tub faucet, and of course the shower valve handle and trim plate. This doesn't come with a body. A universal valve body is not a big deal. It is possible to purchase the "Faucet-R10000-UNBX-MultiChoice-Universal-Shower" on Amazon.

👤The gold color fixture in the master bathroom shower was updated with this. It's easy to install a shower arm, just take off the handle, trim piece and two screws. I cleaned the tile when everything was off. The brushed nickel shower head we already had matches the color well. I can't comment on that because I never used the shower head. It builds up water spots very quickly after a few uses. I found that using car wax on it after you clean it will keep it cleaner for longer. If you're having this problem, give it a try. The pictures I took tried to show the water spots, then how it looks after a quick application of car wax. The shower head picture shows how the product matches up. The brushed nickel shower head shown is not the one included in the kit.

6. SUMERAIN Included Components Customized Acceptable

SUMERAIN Included Components Customized Acceptable

You can easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger if you have a shower faucet with Touch Clean soft rubber nubbins. It's helpful for areas with hard water. All parts of the shower faucets are made of metal, ensuring a long-term and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The brushed nickel shower faucet is resistant to rust. The shower valve and trim kit is easy to install with standard U.S. plumbing connections. All items covered under the limited lifetime warranty of the Sumerain preferred online dealer. All items covered under the limited lifetime warranty of the Sumerain preferred online dealer.

Brand: Sumerain

👤Instructions are poorly written, but an experienced do-it-yourselfer will be able to install. The tolerance for the wand connection is very tight, so make sure to account for the thickness of your backboard, waterproof, thinset, and tile.

👤This shower system is something I am obsessed with. I like the modern look. It has a lot of pressure. Be careful with what you use on it. My contractor used a strong one that messed with the coloring but it was not bad. I will be buying 2 more for my bathroom renovation.

👤The junction box for the water was not a good idea because of the difficulty in installing it, but they turned out great. The only real issue we had was that the plumbing man stripped the screw that held the shower head or wand and broke it. The replacement was sent out the next day after the contact was made.

👤We are in the process of installing and uploading photos. I like the look and feel. It is the color we wanted. We changed the pipe to make it a rain shower head. I am impressed by the price. After installation and a few months of use. It is still great. The kids and dog can use the hand nozzle. It can get rusty if you don't clean/dry it. Happy with the purchase! We had to get another part as our unit was put further back in the wall, and their service via email was helpful.

👤The product is great and the one I returned was very cheap. The shower head is well built and has great water pressure. It made a difference in our bathroom renovation. I bought a second one for the bathroom we will be in.

👤We put this in the master bath shower. It seems well-made and packaged well. Would recommend this faucet.

👤The product looks great in our bathroom. Water pressure is great and you can't go wrong. Will buy another bathroom for friends. After using it for a week, we are very happy with the purchase. I will buy it again.

👤This was installed by our contractor this week and it is leaking. It is out of the period of the return period even though it was just installed. Don't waste your money.

7. Moen 2510 Posi Temp Balancing Connections

Moen 2510 Posi Temp Balancing Connections

Delivery times in the USA, CA, EU, and Rest of World are typical. The temperature is controlled. The Posi-Temp valve helps maintain the water temperature. You can update the faucet style in the future without having to replace plumbing with the built in M-PACT common valve system. The connection size is 1/2 inch. The original equipment manufactory has a genuine replacement part. Backed by a lifetime warranty from Moen. Backed by a lifetime warranty from Moen.

Brand: Moen

👤Not sure what to do. I took the box out of the Amazon box and it was clear that it had been used, returned, and reaold to me. The box was ripped on one side. The valvue is covered in scratches. There is a screw on the black plate that is missing, and a white plastic placeholder that is loose in the box. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed in Amazon or Moen. This is happening more and more often. I can't order because I'm stressed. The plumbing company is coming tomorrow morning.

👤This item was part of a larger order. My contractor was not able to use it because it was faulty. Since I ordered the piece 2 to 3 months before the work started, it was past the time to return it. Not a happy camper.

👤The shower valve was leaking and I needed to replace it. All copper pipes. I did copper to PEX and it was centered perfectly. Night and day are different in temp control. I couldn't keep a consistent temperature with the original delta ball-style valve, so I was having issues with it. My shower stays at the temp I set. The shower lever I purchased was very easy to use. I decided to upgrade my entire master bath to the brushed nickel series from Moen. Highly recommend this valve. If you haven't done plumbing before, you may want to spend $150 or so on the PEX tools/pipe/fittings rather than $400 for a plumbing professional to do it for you.

👤I thought the plastic piece holding the valve needed 3 more screws because there were only one screw in it. The instructions said that the plastic piece would be used to line up the direction of the valve. The plastic piece was used to show which direction the valve should be placed, and the one screw was used to hold the two pieces together. I wish there was a brief insert explaining the pieces included in the box and the purpose other than the installation instructions.

👤2.5 months old. The shower head has begun to leak. It is possible that the plumbing person did something to the machine. An investigation is about to start. It is connected to the shower set-up. The handle may place too much leverage onto the stem, which could cause it to be damaged over time. The set-up does not seem strong. The previous system lasted 23 years and had no issues. The bathroom was renovated. It looks like most products have issues right out of the factory, unless it was damaged during installation. It worked for more than 2 months.

👤Is it possible that this is only full on? Only controls temp. I had to call tech support to confirm it. If you want to control the volume of water in your shower, look at another unit.

👤The water pressure was very low after the valve was put on the pipe line. I turned the main water off and the water came back on. If there was debris in the valve, I put the cartridge back in the valve at low pressure. I removed the old one and installed the new one after I turned off the main supply and the water was good. I'm thinking that the valve is malfunctioning or that I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions are welcome.

8. Kingston Brass KB6238LL Legacy Shower

Kingston Brass KB6238LL Legacy Shower

BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH SINGLE-HANDLE will allow you to control the shower temperature with a single function. Solid brass construction. The Duraseal washerless cartridge is not a washer. Installation of a wall mount. Fine artistic craftsmanship. The spout flow rate is 80 PSI. The shower flow rate is 80 PSI.

Brand: Kingston Brass

👤It is very good for the price I paid. The quality of the parts, feel, and look are all excellent, once again, for the price. If you are looking for a value solution, then you should go with this. It's a nice stop gap, but it's not going to last forever or even 10 years before the internals need to be replaced. It was easy. I didn't have to change my plumbing to fit it in, and the diverter works perfectly. It looks nice. For the price, it's nice and recommended. If you are looking for long lasting superior quality, you should pay more for a better set.

👤I moved into this house and my diverter never worked. I had to use a handle diverter and spout with diverter in order to transfer the water flow to the shower. I was told that I needed a new valve. Since my sink faucet is brushed nickel, I set out to find a 3 handled tub/shower set that was also brushed nickel, and that was a challenge to say the least. The style of the set looked similar to my sink setup. I ran into two unfortunate things, but I thought it would be beneficial for others to know before they return the set. Most of the valves for sale now have a 1.8GPM flow rate, so be prepared to lose water pressure. I thought a valve was a valve, but my plumbing man was not happy with the flow rate, so he installed a new one. There is a I was worried about the diverter as my spout was very close to it. It hit the spout and couldn't turn. I think that the down-turned diverter looks strange, as I mentioned before, but you can either do it or not. The cheapest way to get a Danco for Delta clear diverter knob is to go to a hardware store. Another option is to order a brushed nickel diverter from Kingston Brass. The diverter is made of brass and brushed nickel. I am attaching pics of my setup, the new set with the Danco diverter, and the other set with the KB diverter. Both diverters work well. I am not happy with this set. The finish does not seem to be brushed nickel. It has a rose gold tint at times. It was very strange. I am stuck with it since I am limited on options, and the plumbing man slaved away on this one for hours, and said the cold water valve was initially backwards. Not willing to go through more drama made it work for now.

👤These are well made and heavy. The finish is very good. The kit is all I need to replace our 39 year old fixture. The tailpiece from 38 years ago used a smaller screw on the overflow than the new one. The Kingston uses a screw. I could either fix the problem or not. One option was to buy a new tailpiece which only came as a kit for $65 and the other was to drill out the old screw holes and accept the 1/4-20 screws. If you want to take out the old piece and put in a newer one, the first is fine. I chose to drill and re-tap it. It took about 20 minutes. My old tailpiece was made of heavy brass and it was easy to drill and tap it. The new strainer assembly is designed to fit either the old smaller drain or the newer larger drain.

9. Danco 10002 Universal Brushed Nickel

Danco 10002 Universal Brushed Nickel

Installation is easy. It is compatible with the Posi-Temp and Moentrol shower faucets. Replacing existing shower trim kits with and without diverters is the reason for the change. To properly install this product, you need to open the wall at least 3 inches to allow the offset portion of the trim plate to sit back in. This is a project that can be done with simple household tools and includes accessories to fit Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing and Moentrol tub and shower faucets. BILT 3D INTERACTIVE INSTRUCTIONS download is a revolutionary way to assemble and install products with voice and text guided directions and step-by-step self paced instructions to help you finish your install quickly and efficiently. There is a kit included. The shower trim kit has a clear handle. 35 in x 1. 6 in and a metal handle. The shower valve trim can be replaced with screws, adapters, and allen wrench. The sturdy construction is for reliable performance in the shower trim kit. BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH SINGLE-HANDLE will allow you to control the shower temperature with a single function. BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH SINGLE-HANDLE will allow you to control the shower temperature with a single function.

Brand: Danco

👤They can't make this kit with a metal back plate. The metal handle is the reason I bought this kit. The metal back plate was bought by me. You have a trim kit that someone should be selling, but they're not. The fake plastic back plate is terrible.

👤The back side has a protruding flange. The design is stupid because the entire escusion has to be recessed into a large hole in the shower tile. Is my factory flat? It is difficult and messy to make this work. Do you want to grind out the existing tile? The finish shows that it is all plastic.

👤The alan safety set screw is cheap. You will try to tighten the handle because it feels loose. The weak metal of the set screw will strip once you do it. It will take a grinding wheel to remove the handle when it starts to peel off. Danco would have to pay a few cents to upgrade the set screw. The screw hole is made of weak metal and not the whole depth. The alan wrench was not very useful to hold on to. See the picture. Go to a hardware store and buy a set screw and toss it. I liked the regular 6/32 x 3/4". This is the best replacement part I have found.

👤I found the quality lacking in two ways after installing two of these. The plastic plate that is fitted against the wall is a variety that will show wear and scratches. I installed the handle and realized I needed to snug up the two retaining bolts that hold the plate against the wall, which required removing the handle that was attached to the wall. The cheap hex bolt head was stripped when I tried to remove the frozen bolt. The included tool is useless, so you have to remove the bolt and the cheap wrench. Ended up drilling a hole in the handle. YIKES. I will pay more for better quality.

👤I ordered 2 sets and 1 for each bathroom that I wanted to redo. The single handle shower unit performs well and the oil rubbed bronze finish is very nice. There is a round, silver metal collar that is screwed into the shower hot and cold. Attaching the silver metal collar to the single handle is the purpose of this round. The metal collar has a threaded hole. The holes in the silver metal collars were too big for the allen screw, which was supplied on both sets that I purchased. I had to use a tap and die kit or make a blind nut to put the handle on since I had all the old fixture off and was too far into the job. The blind nut I made came out perfect. I would have given this purchase 5 stars if the allen screws were the correct size and the collars were threaded properly. If you don't need this product, it's not a good idea to take off the old fixture and screw the new one on, it's more time consuming and harder to do. .

10. Delta Faucet RP29827 Inches Chrome

Delta Faucet RP29827 Inches Chrome

The cover plate for the shower. Up to 8 in. The two-handle shower installation should be converted to one-handle. Call 1.800.345. DELTA for technical assistance. For use in shower applications. Also available in other browsers. For use in shower applications. Extra holes up to 8-Inch centers are covered. Also available in brass. Also available in brass.

Brand: Delta Faucet

👤This is plastic but nice. The standard valve plate is mounted between the wall and the wall, so it sticks out a bit more than if it was mounted tight to the wall. The distance between the valve body and the standard plate is increased. If you need to source longer mount screws, your local big box store probably won't have them. They are here on Amazon.

👤It's plastic. The product description is a complete lie and it is plastic. I can't find a way to contact the seller to inquire about their incorrect description information or to inform them of my purchase. The range in price for this product is ridiculous. We bought oil rubbed bronze faucets and they are not good. The piece of colored plastic is over priced. The chrome is $19. I wouldn't be upset if I spent $19 on a piece of plastic. I wouldn't be happy about it, but I wouldn't complain. $65 on a piece of plastic in a different color is outrageous. Not happy! The color of the trim on the shower valve matches the one we purchased, so it's getting 2 stars instead of 1. I will continue to look for a match in a metal product that is superior quality. The money was sunk into this and I am not happy about it.

👤This was added to the shower valve replacement. The shower wall had to be torn apart to make room for the new valve opening. The larger opening was slightly larger than the standard trim. The plastic has a brass finish. Many reviewers have complained about the high price for being plastic, but the finish is very good, matches my Delta shower valve finish, and the plastic is solid when it has good backing. Other brands were thicker for less money, but would have affected the shower handle installation if they didn't have enough attachment. This was the cheapest retailer to buy from.

👤We use them with any shower valve that matches the finish. We have used these with many other companies. There is a A lot of other manufactures make these plates. They are ugly. In a situation where you don't want to re-do all the tile, the Delta is the best looking. It is the slimmest that I can find, and comes in a variety of colors. The quality of the plate is the same.

👤It works well to cover the holes left in the wall when you change from a 3-handle tub or shower faucet to a single handle faucet. It is chrome-colored plastic, and it is sturdy for being plastic. If you have tile on top of a thick mud job, anchoring it to the wall can be difficult. It flows well with most current round faucet trim kits. Most trim kits have rectangular back plates. It is difficult to replace a tub/shower valve with just a cutout in the wall. If you can, I would recommend cutting a hole in the wall behind the tub/shower so you can work from behind.

11. Install Stainless Brushed Nickel 10008

Install Stainless Brushed Nickel 10008

Backed by a lifetime warranty from Moen. STAINLESS STEEL is made to match existing plumbing and bathroom décor. There are three dimensions - inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness. A brushed nickel finish is a great way to make a tub look better and cover holes where the tub spout meets the tub. It fits most standard tub spouts. Installation is easy. Installation is easy.

Brand: Danco

👤I had a problem in our kid's bathroom and this Danco spout ring was the perfect solution. The issue was that there was a gap between the tile wall and the spout which could have let water pool behind the wall. Since ignoring the issue was not an option, I had to either cut the copper pipe or add the spacer since the diverter spout could not be tightened further. I decided to add this spacer because I didn't want to risk threading the spout wrong after I hacksawed it. The diverter spout was tightened up around the copper pipe after the ring fit over it due to the foam in it. The ring is made of metal. It turned out that this was a great solution to the problem of water getting behind the bathroom tile wall, which could have been expensive and dangerous. Some pictures were posted for reference.

👤I picked the 10007 escutcheon over the plastic Danco model 80001 because I was told that it was 1/32” deep, but now I see that it is 1/22” deep. I didn't care for the fact that it was metal or plastic for the small trim piece as they both look and perform the same. The tub spout pipe comes out of the wall crooked and there is a gap on one side that reduces to 3/16” on the other side. The tub spout sits against a raised metal back plate that limits the ability to adjust the depth of the spout within the ring. The plate is filled with foam and is only about a quarter of the way up the trim ring. It was a frustrating design. Instead of returning it, I got out the tin snips and cut the splices around the inner plate for the rest of the circle, and then trimmed the teeth so they didn't extend beyond the base. The tub spout could be inserted beyond the plate on the side where it was screwed on the wall. It took me hours to do the retrofit. I made this work and I would have preferred a simpler and more flexible 8001 hollow ring design.

👤Also, note: At the bottom of the review is a picture of a Kohler spout. If I could, I would give this thing 10 stars. It has a nice even finish, no burs or mars, and it has the look of nickel. Kohler products are matched to a tee with the brushed nickel finish. The plate and foam piece are flexible and can fit over any copper pipe for a faucet or tub spout. I had a Kohler diverter that failed. Kohler backs their products from leaks for life and sent me a replacement, but they also decided to make the spouts longer. The spout was only 7 years old. I was angry. Kohler sent me two replacements that are an inch longer than my spout, so I have to wait until they hit the wall before I can screw it onto the pipe. My options were not good. I need a plumbing professional to cut my pipe. 2. You can cut the pipe or switch to a slip-on spout. 3. If I can get enough length for the replacement spout, I'll buy it. I went option 3 because of the recommendation of my plumbing professional. I ended up with a gap between the wall and spout because the shortest one I could find was about half an inch too long. It's an ugly thing to say the least. I ordered the Danco spout ring to use. The gap was filled by it all. There is a gap but it is not noticeable. Also, note: This is what I ordered if you have a Kohler spout that is a few years old. I replaced a spout that had a lot of pipe run out of the wall. The new ones use a pipe run. I bought a Anderson Metals Brass Pipe fitting. I was able to use the new spout with a gap. I bought a product from Danco. You don't need the Danco ring if you can find a shorter pipe adapter.


What is the best product for repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel?

Repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel products from Delta Faucet. In this article about repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel you can see why people choose the product. Brasscraft and Moen are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel.

What are the best brands for repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel?

Delta Faucet, Brasscraft and Moen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair plate for shower valve brushed nickel. Find the detail in this article. Delta Faucet, Sumerain and Kingston Brass are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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