Best Repair Putty Black

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1. J B Weld 8267 SteelStik Reinforced

J B Weld 8267 SteelStik Reinforced

This safe mend wall repair with 3* repair cream, 3*scraper, 3*nozzle extender, and 3*sandpaper is part of a 3 pack. The essential nail hole repair agent is ready to use. J-B WELD STEELSTIK. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is steel reinforced and non-rusting to quickly repair or rebuild anything made of metal! J-B Weld SteelStik is safe for contact with water. SteelStik takes 5 minutes to set and cures in 1 hour after it's set. The J-B Weld SteelStik set is dark grey. J-B Weld SteelStik has lap shear strength of 900 PSI, can tolerate continuous temperatures up to 350F, and is chemical resistant against petroleum, hydraulic fluids and other chemicals. SteelStik can be shaped, drilled, sanded and tapped. There are surface applications. Iron, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, plastic, and PVC are used. There are surface applications. Iron, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, plastic, and PVC are used.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤It mows your lawn, it picks up the kids from school, it gets rid of facial hair, it delivers a pizza, and it strengthens. The slipper that's been at large under the lounge has been there for several weeks. It makes excuses for lipstick on your collar because it plays a mean Rhythm Master. It's only a dollar step right up, and if you don't like it, you can mail back the unused portion of the product for a full refund. You can live in it, laugh in it, sleep in it, and remove embarrassing stains from the sheets. It turns a sandwich into a banquet when it's used to entertain relatives. Change your life. Change into a nine-year-old Hindu boy, get rid of your wife, and it walks your dog, and it doubles on sax, you can jump back Jack, see you later. An alligator. It gets rid of your gambling debts, it quits smoking, and it takes your car. It's a companion. It's the only product you will ever need.

👤I broke a leg off my grandmother's side table and was sick. I decided to try a J-B Weld Steelstik before throwing it away. I dropped the table too hard on cement and it was a clean straight across break. I cleaned and sanded the leg section. You have to do it quickly. I decided to do 1/2 at a time. I had to hold the leg together for 10 minutes, I had doubts it would hold. I let it cure for 60 minutes and then did the other half. So happy that this works. The table has been painted many times and I will have to paint it again to hide the gray.

👤My wife loves the table lamps that we have. The football landed on top of the lamp shade and snapped 3 of the 4 supporting wire rods, as my son and I were in the bedroom. Causing the shade to fall. We tried crazy glue, elmers glue, and even got out the soldering iron, but we couldn't get those rods back. So Amazon to the rescue. I propped the shade against the wall and waited for my shipment. I put the three rods back in place in five minutes. It hardened quickly and was strong enough to hold the lampshade's weight despite the 3 clean breaks. My wife hasn't noticed the fix yet, but I could probably sand them down and repaint. I'm just going to chalk it up as a win.

👤I was saved on a dirt bike trip. I thought I was going to have to scrap the trip after one of my side covers cracked. While my bike was still in the truck, I pulled this stuff out and did a quick repair that held up. I prepared the area with sand paper and cleaned the area with a contact cleaner before pressing this stuff over the crack and the surrounding area. I'm not buying a new cover because Patch is still holding. I used it to fix a part on the frame where the threaded rivet that holds the lower plastic engine guard fell out. I pressed a lot of this stuff into the hole and waited until it was mostly hard before tapping a new hole. The guard hasn't come loose and the threads are tight. I discovered my son's door was sagging and there were stripped door hinge screws, which were courteous of the builder. I packed the holes with the epoxy putty and cleaned them out. I lightly sunk in some screws after drilling out pilot holes. I turned them down after it hardened. The door closes correctly.

2. Loctite Instant 0 47 Fluid Syringe 1365868

Loctite Instant 0 47 Fluid Syringe 1365868

The package weight was :0.34Lbs. It is easy to use self-mixing dispensers. The formula bonds wood, metal, tile, ceramic, glass, plastic and more. Sand able and paintable. It can be used as a wide range of materials' glue or as a versatile filler for gap bonding. Loctite Instant Mix 5 Minute is resistant to water and most common solvent. Every time, the static mix nozzle delivers a uniform mixture. It can be tinted with earth pigments, cement or sand and can be sanded and drilled. It is recommended for bonding metal, glass, ceramic, wood, many rigid plastics, china, tile, fiberglass, concrete and stone.

Brand: Loite

👤I bought this to fix the shattered ceramic pot that I found on the sidewalk. It looked sad and alone like me. I washed and dried it. I used this to mend it. No one should be ashamed of their scars, I dusted the cracks with gold powder. It is now more beautiful than it has ever been. I want to make the most broken pieces better and more beautiful than they were before. I dare ask myself, where can I find Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix glue for my torn and shattered heart?

👤I spent hundreds of dollars on caulking my driveway. I thought the cracks would be a problem for a year. I thought I'd try this because the caulking is too thick. It was easy to fill the crack. It looked like it was still wet after curing and the needle leaked and left permanent dots. I don't know if this will hold up in the elements for a long time, but I thought it would be worth trying to prevent a major crevass. The expensive caulk crumbled after a few seasons. The clear glue looks great. There were no gaps or additional cracking. Just perfect! I wish I did the other cracks sooner.

👤I needed to fix a leg. It is used in the family room. I live in Hawaii and it's humid there. That made me use the "go to" product for my project. I have never worked with something like that before. I am intimidated about getting the correct balance. The idea of a self-mixing tool was ideal. The instructions are very straightforward. I had to keep my eye on the physical shape of the nozzle and syringe connection, but that was due to my lack of attention. The fit and turn instructions are easy to follow if you look at the nozzle end. The nozzle worked perfectly once it clicked. You can control application with the dual syringe. No mess, no fuss! My inexperience caused the only mess. It was easily addressed and cleaned. The instructions are easy to understand. It's not a problem if you follow the instructions. The label says something about yellow. It was clear from the beginning. The solution was easy to adhere to and worked well. I left the joint to sit overnight. The table is back in place and there is no evidence that it has ever broken. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤The epoxy works well. The design of the plunger is terrible. There is nothing to keep the plungers. Unless you are very careful, you don't get an equal amount of the two parts. The package tells you to pull back the plungers after use, but there is no way to hold them in. You can end up putting the plungers in the wrong place if you put them in the wrong way. I think that will cause the plungers to go into the syringe. The cap that you are given to put on the needle is hard to put on. I had to hold it with a pair of pliers and push hard to get it to snap into place. They tell you to throw away the nozzles after you use them. All that glue. They expect you to only do two things. I mixed the epoxy myself using a wooden coffee stirrer, without using the nozzle. The epoxy seems to be very strong so far. Save yourself a lot of hassle. You don't have to use a plunger package if you get the epoxy in two separate squeeze tubes.

3. Rutland 500┬░RTV High Silicone Black

Rutland 500%C2%B0RTV High Silicone Black

It is rated to 2000F (1090C). Rutland Silicone is a great solution for your needs. It is a tough and flexible seal. Most clean surfaces include glass, metal, plastic, fiberglass, wood, brick, and stone. Seal fireplace inserts, repair solar panels, apply ceramic tiles to your fireplace surround, heat shield behind your stove are just some of the uses. It is rated to be able to endure up to 500 F. It is rated to be able to endure up to 500 F.

Brand: Rutland Products

👤I had a different brand the last time I bought it, and this one performed better all around. The container was easy to apply and worked well. I will always buy Rutland. One tip on replacing bumpers is to use a toothpick to pick up the bumper in the foot of the grate. The toothpick will fit into the bumper bottom nicely and act as a tool to install. It is easier to hold and keep your hands clean.

👤We had to seal a space along the top of the stove and the fireplace cover after doing some maintenance on the wood stove insert. The seal is easy to apply and it has held up well during the first month of using the stove. The color is right against the stove. This product is very good.

👤Excellent glue that is heat resistant. I used this to glue a piece of metal strip inside my fireplace so that I could cover it with a fire blanket and magnets. The metal brackets were held in place by the Silicone within 24 hours and have been working well for 3 weeks. It is not a problem for me to use it again and it will be dried up.

👤I had little hope that this high heat silicone product would work after trying 2 other high quality products. It has held its own in the desert heat even with car speeds up to 85 mph. Excellent repair and wind resistant Silicone. It's a good thing.

👤I was happy to find this product. I used this in the gap between my stove and counter to keep gunk out. The appliance and granite look professional with the dark color. My kids and I can spill and I can wipe it up, knowing that there is no mess in the crack.

👤This was purchased to replace my dryer seal. There is a The whirlpool glue costs about 20 dollars. I am glad I bought this instead. The tube was larger than expected. I had a lot left over after my project. I was able to put the seal on the dryer. I used the dryer after waiting 24 hours. The silicone worked perfectly so far. Con- The smell is similar to a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid like a liquid After a few dryer cycles, my clothes don't smell like vinegar.

👤We had to enlarge the counter cutout to accommodate the slide in black glass top unit. I used this black substance to fill the small gap around the stove. The fit of the new stovetop is made to look custom made. This is sticky and tends to fall apart. Thankfully, it's water based and it can be wiped away easily.

👤We needed to fill the gap between the stove and the cabinet. One of those cover-overs probably wouldn't work because of the height difference between the stove and the counter. I bought a tube of this product. A long line was squeezed out of the paper. I was going for the diameter of the pencil, but ended up with a bigger diameter. The goal was to shove the snake into the gap, but the diameter was too large. The product is stretchy, like a rubber band. The snake was stretched out so that it could fit into the gap and then it contracted and sealed it up.

4. Marble Granite Porcelain Restore Countertops

Marble Granite Porcelain Restore Countertops

Kit Includes A (100g/ 3.5oz) compound part A and a (100g/ 3.5oz) compound part B are combined. There are chips and cracks on marble granite and corian countertops. The kit provides professional color tint to match your needs. Food safe, non-toXIC and odorless. Even non-professionals can do a perfect job with guidance. The surface can be maintained for a minimum of 10 years after restoration.

Brand: Ht Hometinker

👤This product won't work on a crack. You will never be able to blend it in with the excess epoxy.

5. Yanyi Repair Plastic Ceramic Multi Purpose

Yanyi Repair Plastic Ceramic Multi Purpose

The temperature of the product is between 50 C and 120 C, and the rest is kept in a cool place. Repairs include pipes, water tanks, fuel tank leaks, industrial maintenance, tool crack repair, flooring, door seams, auto parts, swimming pool ceramic decoration, etc. It is suitable for a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, marble and many hard plastics. 6 * 5g individually packaged, no need to cut, fill the repair area, can be polished, painted, colored after curing. 10 minutes: Kneading and use are done. The curing time is 10 minutes to 24 hours. Completely hardened and fixed after 24 hours. When exposed to water, high-quality materials do not lose their insulation.

Brand: Yanyi

👤It worked well for patching metal. It is a good substitute for metal. It fills cracks. I placed a second order for another product to fix other metal objects since I have not found another product that works as well on metal. It didn't work for patching the wheel "holder" to the plastic container. The plastic did not adhere to it. The patch fell off when it dried.

👤I need a cheap fix for a leak under the sink. This stuff has been good for a while. Would use again.

👤I have only used it twice, but it has worked great. Glued the key back in the car. It was too expensive to order a new one and reprogram it. I used it on my wooden clothes line holder. Other glues didn't work. The product works.

👤A broken ceramic vase was repaired by me. A turtle's head snapped off. It takes about an hour for it to become rock. Even after washing your hands, it still has an odd odor on your fingers. I would like to have a 55 gallon can of this stuff.

👤I used this product to patch a hole. I placed a blob of this product four days ago. I went out today and it is still soft. The letter is not set up after I followed directions. Don't buy pure garbage.

👤I used this to fix some yard figures. The other was to fix the bunny ear. The other was making a stem from a broken pumpkin. Both items are very hard to repair. Ready to paint.

👤The bricks came loose over the garage door. It was very easy to poke small amounts of this between the bricks. It's nice to have this at the ready for small jobs.

👤The plastic around the ear piece had cracked and I had high dollar headphones. The product was easy to apply. It's not pretty. It saved a pricey set of head phones.

6. Permatex 84145 Permapoxy Black Plastic

Permatex 84145 Permapoxy Black Plastic

All Fastener removal tools from their company have a lifetime of service. If you're not completely satisfied with their upholstery combo repair kits, you can return them within 60 days for a full refund. The trim removal tool kit is a great gift for car lovers, maintenance professionals, beginners and friends on Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary, and more. Structural glue is designed for bonding a wide variety of materials. A tough, durable bond with a permanent strength of up to 3500 PSI can be formed. The product is set in five minutes. Bonds wood, ceramics, and plastic in any combination. The gap filling was 0.125 inches. The gap filling was 0.125 inches.

Brand: Permatex

👤This stuff works well on plastic. It was used to repair a cracked fan shroud. I had some reservations, based on some of the other reviews and a review I saw on the internet. I decided to try it out and see how it worked. I used a brush to make sure the plastic was clean after cleaning it with alcohol. I used a popsicle stick to mix the glue on the paper plate. The trick to mixing this glue is to do it well. People were complaining that the glue didn't come out evenly or that it didn't work in the review. If one side of the glue is coming out more than the other, you have to shift the pressure on the plunger to the other side to equalize things. It's important to remove the built in stirring stick from between the plunger part to get the glue to come out smoothly. I mixed the glue up very well. The stick was used to spread the plastic over the shroud. The first application did the trick, but I used 2 or 3 more. I was completely dry in about 45 minutes. I used to mix it with wood and a paper plate. They ended up bonding for the rest of their lives. How fast it setup is pretty impressive. It worked well on the plastic. I put some force on the plastic shroud after applying the 3rd coat. I have to give it 5 stars. It seemed to bond well with the ABS. I was not expecting it to work as well as it did. It's a plus that it's a nice solid black color, as it matches black plastic parts a lot better than some of the other glues out there.

👤Holy shit! The stuff smells like cancer. I think it would be a good idea to use it outdoors and use a face mask to mask the smell. It's probably the most powerful smell I've ever encountered. The smell just floored me when I broke the seal. Very powerful. It seems to have repaired a cracked plastic laptop hinge. The glue held for a while but couldn't handle the stress of opening and closing the screen lid. This stuff is like a gel, but it becomes plastic. Bond is very strong. It feels like it's been welded permanently. If this review fails, will update it. It's messy to work with and not ideal for precise work. The cover doesn't stay on. It was necessary to tape it around with duct tape. The poor seal will cause it to dry out over time.

👤This is the best glue I have used. I used to like the plastic epoxy from the company, but it seems like they discontinued it. Had not found a better one. I can't remember if I've tried Loctite, Gorilla, and others. I tried a black plastic welder and it had the same smell as Devcon. It was done equally well. When it's dry, most of the smell goes away. It's a good idea to use it in a well-ventilated area and not in the house. The smell can linger. I usually take the item I need to glue out in the garage because the smell still gets to me even after I open the garage door. It is a mixture of two parts. When it dries, mix the two parts well, otherwise it will not stick. Throw any leftover mixture in the garbage can. The cap doesn't close properly, so I didn't give it 5 stars. It won't shut down. I used it for the first time and it dried up after a month. A year later, the cap still has the same defect. I wrapped a rubber band around the cap. Hopefully it won't dry up again.

7. Loctite 1999131 6 Purpose Repair Cylinders

Loctite 1999131 6 Purpose Repair Cylinders

Stick bonds,seals,leaks and reparis are just some of the repairs that can be made. It's all about hand-mixable and fast-setting moldable glue for small emergency repairs that bonds to damp surfaces and can cure underwater. A two-part system consists of an epoxy and hardener putty to make a bond on a wide range of materials. It's easy to rebuild and bind with just knead and apply the putty, and it can be sanded, drilled, and painted after 60 minutes. It is resistant to water and most common solvent with high impact resistance that won't crack when drilled. It's versatile and can be used to make bonds to metal, masonry, brick, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber and fiberglass. It's versatile and can be used to make bonds to metal, masonry, brick, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber and fiberglass.

Brand: Loctite

👤I use different kinds of epoxy and they all have different physical properties after curing. This one is very easy to make with your fingers, unlike some of the others. It is very easy to sands. It is not as cheap as some of the once tubes. It is worth it for specific applications.

👤I used to mix it and it would turn hard and fast and you could mold it into anything you wanted.

👤I can throw stuff I've sculpted with this at a wall and expect it to be undamaged.

👤Not honest about cure time, one place states cure time 15 minutes, other states cure time 60 minutes. Fact is facts and not a guessing game.

👤Shipping was slow and the seller was not so good.

👤I just bought it from the store and put it on the gap, I waited for 2 hours and then turned on the water, it took less than 10 minutes. The man from menards told me that the putty wouldn't work on my pipe, but it wasn't true.

8. Milliput Medium 2 Part Hardening Putty

Milliput Medium 2 Part Hardening Putty

The black 2-part epoxy putty is black.

Brand: Milliput

👤I learned about this stuff from a video on the internet about repairing terracotta pots, but also that it could be used for a lot more. I've used it on a broken terracotta planter lid, but also on a cracked and leaking plastic christmas tree stand, and then ordered this black color to repair a plastic and metal oven door handle that snapped in two. It can be shaped like clay. Sugru is better for repairs than it was in the past, even though it is not flexible.

👤This stuff is wonderful. It starts out sticky, then becomes smooth, but there is a window of about 10 minutes where you can make something out of it. It does not stick to your hands like some of the other liquid metal or putty clays. It comes off your hands with some scrubbing. I can only say that it sticks to glass, however, it is a bit brittle once dry. You can break it with a hammer or snap it off with pliers. If you're using it to cover an engine or a drain pipe, your project probably won't have arms and legs, so you should be fine.

👤The old dining room table I was refinishing had a decorative cut around the perimeter that collected dirt and debris. I thought about filling it with an inlay but decided to use this instead. The result is just as good because it is easier and less expensive. The photo is before the poly.

👤I used the white product to repair an antique pitcher with a large wedge shaped chip and thought I would try the black. A large chip is underneath the marble top of my 1840's dresser. The marble is dark grey with white spots, so I mixed the black and white together to make it look like the marble pattern. If you looked with a magnifying glass, you couldn't see the repair. I am very happy with this product. The possibilities are endless.

👤This product is easy to use. I hate using liquid Epoxy so this putty is a lot more convenient for me. I use this if working reclaimed wood with bettle tunnels and it gives an interesting contrast to fill holes and can be sanded or scratched. It can expand so bare that you can't see it. It's great.

👤I used this in multiple art/craft projects after buying it to make teeth for a mask. It can be sanded/grinded very easily and it can be blended. I used a dremel tool to sand and shape the hardened product. There is a It will leave a colored smudge on your fingers if you don't use gloves, but I don't mind if you use gloves. If that is the case, you should wear latex gloves. I like the control and feel of not using gloves, but that is your preference. Great product!

👤Work time is consistent. If you plan to paint over it, I would recommend getting white. It is a perfect match for black UV. It blends well when filling crevices and sands to a nice finish.

9. Adhesive Bonding Between Material Instant Product

Adhesive Bonding Between Material Instant Product

The mix ratio is1:1 by volume with the Easy DisPENSE double barREL canister. There were no tools needed. It can be used for bonding rubber, tires, toys, rubber edges, rubber tubes, rubber products, and other materials. Black glue is the same color as rubber. It's very suitable for making bonding crafts. Glue can be used on all kinds of surface. It's safe and non-toxic. The rubber glue is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Super sticky This is the most economical and effective instant bonding, it can be done in a few seconds. Please note. Don't touch eyes, skin or clothing. Store in a cool, well-ventilated place, away from heat, sparks and open flames. Keep the container closed until you are ready to use it. Lifetime Technical Support, rubber special glue, rubber glue for rubber, rubber glue for rubber, and rubber special glue are included in the 20g rubber glue.

Brand: Yue

👤The use of Rubber did not stay on for a long time.

👤The sole of one of my Vans tennis shoes completely separated from the cloth material inside. The material, rubber sole and rubber outside edge were all coated with this glue. I lightly tightened it. I put on my Vans and waited for the repairs to fall apart. The glue has not failed since three weeks ago. There is a dark substance between the soul and the outside edge of the shoe in the picture. I highly recommend the product for any glue needs that require flexibility.

10. Gorilla 4242501 Epoxy Putty

Gorilla 4242501 Epoxy Putty

There are 8 x 3.5 g packs of Sugru in Black and White. The gorilla all purpose stick is strong and versatile. The strength is 1550 PSI.

Brand: Gorilla

👤I like that this thing stuck to anything I put on, but I don't like it. Make sure that you have the shape in mind so that you can stick it to your surface. I had to use my hands to mold it to my surface because it was getting hard in my hands. He wanted to take his time and make it look good. It was my fault that the bruh took longer to set. I think this thing said fast drying. I only used half the tube and the other half to fix what I was working with. If you think this is done in 30 minutes, you are mistaken. It will be done in 2 minutes. The thing dries fast. This thing gets powdery on anything it touches, so make sure you have tissues by your side.

👤Stuff works! I can't get the dinosaur off my head.

👤It works well, but the smell is terrible, my dogs smell better than this stuff, so I took it off the 2 star rating.

👤I had a toilet seat that moved. The nylon bolts that held the seat on were much narrower than the seat mount holes. I filled the holes with the kneaded putty and waited about 4 hours to cure and set it up, the full cure time is 24 hours. I had no problem marking and drilling the correct hole size. I put the seat back in place. I am very happy with this product.

👤The handle of the mug broke in the suitcase as I was going home. I would have preferred to fly back to Hawaii and buy a new one. That is not very practical. Super glue was the first thing I tried. The porousness of the break points was filled in. It did not stick. I couldn't get any other glues to work because the porousness was smooth. I needed a solution that went over the breakpoints. This gorilla glue is compatible with the bill. I attached the broken handle pieces to the mug with the help of the putty. I did not get a smooth surface because it was my first time applying it. It works! The handle is pretty comfortable. I've been careful not to swing the full mug around. I support the bottom of the mug with my other hand to be safe. I don't know if I have to do that, but I'm careful. It is still holding!

👤It was easy to use, but didn't work. We have a small leak in the basement, so we decided to use this epoxy putty to keep it from getting out. The water was turned off, the surface of the pipe was cleaned, and the epoxy was molded around the small crack. You can see the water dripping again within 15 seconds after waiting one hour to turn the water back on. Not worth it!

👤I bought this product to fix a leak. The product is hard to mix, it's gray in color, and it's supposed to patch holes and leaks, but it's hard to mix, it's gray in color, and it's hard to apply. After 2 applications, leaking did not stop. There are better alternatives.

11. Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

Yanyi Moldable Sealing Permanent Ceramics

There is a pack of 6 that is labeled as "Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13plus Repairs, 2.64 Grams". Seal pipes, fix leaks in tanks and drains, repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts, pools and cracks in concrete. Bonding to a range of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, marble and many rigid plastics. It is easy to use, just cut, knead and apply to the damaged area. 10 minutes: Kneading and use are done. The curing time is 10 minutes to 24 hours. Completely hardened and fixed after 24 hours. After use can be fixed, please use within a year. They will reply to your questions at the first opportunity.

Brand: Xudoai

👤It seems to get the job done. It is easy to use, even if you are not familiar with these types of putties. Take it out, guess the size you need, and cut it off with a razor blade. I think it's best to recommend approx. To start with, half inch to 1/3. Roll it into a ball and mix the 2 solutions together. Use your palms and fingers to mix. Then apply to the area you need it in. You will not need much, but use your judgement. You can shape it with your fingers, x-acto knife or sculpting knife. Attach whatever part you need to do it. Attach something to it by hand or with a weight, and hold it together for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I give it an hour because it only takes a few minutes for it to be fully hardened. If necessary, sand it down. You can paint over it to match the product you have added it to.

👤The seller got this to me quickly. The soap holder above my sink was damaged, so I bought this stick. I didn't want to take the whole thing down. I decided to try it. It worked out well. All I had to do was cut the size I needed and massage it to a consistent color. It was large. I had to do it in stages. It would have matched perfectly if I had been a little more patient. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you inspect it closely. I would get the product from this seller again.

👤I have a chandelier that the taxk welding came off on, and it is one of the decor pieces that holds the light. I put a small clip on it to hold it for an hour. It was perfect when I came back. It held the broken tack together. Highly recommended.

👤A small cement statue is being repaired. I tried several other products and they didn't work. It was easy to apply and it was fast to bond. It was very close to the cement. After adhering the broken pieces and letting them cure, I used a Dremmel tool to ground off any excess to match the statue's shape. I used it as a fill in to hide the cracked areas and smoothed them out. I can't see where the original break was. This is amazing. We'll see how it holds up after being exposed to the weather.

👤The first statue was slightly chippy and the second split almost entirely down the middle. I did the chip first and it looks great. I think I don't have to paint it because the color is a near match. It's easy to work with, but you need to stick to it. Quickly. Hope it works on the larger project. I was glad I bought it.

👤I used this to stop the leak in my sink. I used my fingers to cut off a slice from the stick of putty and it turned into a gray color. I wrapped it around the pipe joint and pressed it into place. The repair has held up for 2 weeks so far. I put someXtreme Tape around the putty just for an extra, but my guess is that this wasn't really necessary. The putty was hard to clean off my fingers. I had to use soap and water on my nails. The package told me to wet my fingers. This might have made a difference.


What is the best product for repair putty black?

Repair putty black products from J-b Weld. In this article about repair putty black you can see why people choose the product. Loite and Rutland Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair putty black.

What are the best brands for repair putty black?

J-b Weld, Loite and Rutland Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair putty black. Find the detail in this article. Ht Hometinker, Yanyi and Permatex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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