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1. Nice Live Safemend Non Toxic Self Adhesive Graffiti

Nice Live Safemend Non Toxic Self Adhesive Graffiti

We do their best to provide the best product and service on the market. If you don't satisfy, just contact them and they'll find a solution for you. The wall repair ointment is waterproof, non-toxic, non-irritating, formaldehyde-free, and is made of wall glue, high-quality resin, and titanium dioxide. 100% safe for children and pets. Efficient & Perfect RepairJust squeeze the wall covering and make it cover the area to be repaired, then smooth the wall. The plaster can be completely dried in 4 hours, which will give you clean walls. The wall repair patch kit can be used to repair cracks, peeling walls, moldy walls, nail holes, and graffiti on the walls. The wall hole filler can be used multiple times. The best storage temperature for the product is 28.4F 113F. If the temperature is too low and the patch is frozen, please put it in warm water and let it thaw out before you use it. The nice-live drywall patch kits include 2 x 130g wall mending agent, 2 x scraper, and 2 x nozzle extender. You will get a response within 24 hours and a worry-free money-back or free replacement guarantee. The nice-live drywall patch kits include 2 x 130g wall mending agent, 2 x scraper, and 2 x nozzle extender. You will get a response within 24 hours and a worry-free money-back or free replacement guarantee.

Brand: Nice-live

👤The tubes were hard to spread. Couldn't get the sparkle up into the nozzle. I would barely get 1/3” at a time. It was hard to use. It was quite dry. I will not buy again.

👤The thin tube end of the product is too thick for the sparkle. It is marketed as being able to insert into the holes in the wall. If you squeeze it hard, it will come out, but the back end will break apart. I used the scraper tool to remove the bottom of the tube. I used my fingers a lot. The whole point of the packaging was unimportant in the end.

👤It's used for nail holes and cracks.

👤The 14' x 1/8" crack in the textured ceiling was repaired by the time the arrived. I would definitely order again. Thanks.

👤It seems to perform like a spackle or similar product.

👤After a few days, the substance turned soft.

👤The product wouldn't fit through the nozzle. The tube burst open because of the pressure of squeezing. I had to use it from the back of the tube.

👤I really like using this product.

👤J'avais par faute d'espace utilisé beaucoup d'étagres. J'avais aussi installé deux télés crans plats. Mais ensemble m'a permis de tous. The mur blanc was surtout sur la plupart du cas. a sche et la spatule, permet de laisser le mur. Excellent, je le recommande.

👤The hold in the drywall was fixed with this product. Get appropriate amount in one time and close the cap asap to reduce the speed of dry out. Put the paste in the bag. The bag has a hole in it. When you need it, squeeze it. It is a good way to prolong the life of paste. One tube is enough to fix all the holds in my family.

👤The repair kit is easy to use and it's not too dry, as some of the users have said. The white color needs to be colored after use if it is going to be used for a dark wall. I don't know how long it can stay wet after unsealing. It should be stored for a longer time.

👤It's easy to use and a little goes a long way. It's easy to put something in a tube. It has a scraper. It fills the holes and spreads well. It was quick. We were able to paint in a few hours.

👤There is a hole on the wall. This paste is easy to use and apply. I have to cover it with another decoration because my wall is not white.

2. Spackle Safemend Graffiti Non Toxic Self Adhesive

Spackle Safemend Graffiti Non Toxic Self Adhesive

The jar contains 50ml of cream shoe polish. The repair cream is made from wall glue, high-quality resin, and titanium dioxide. It is safe for children and families. It is possible to repair damaged walls in 4 hours. It is easy to squeeze the wall plaster and make it cover the area to be repaired. When you need it again, you can open it again. Drywall repair can be used for repairing cracked walls, peeling walls, perforations, moldy walls, nail holes, and graffiti on the walls. Customer satisfaction comes first. They will respond to you within 24 hours. You will be given a money-back guarantee. Customer satisfaction comes first. They will respond to you within 24 hours. You will be given a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Nice-live

👤I had purchased a similar item and it was watery and hard to open even after I sealed the cap. I made sure to move around the plaster on the inside, just in case the water came out, but once I opened the tube, there was no water. I pushed on the tube after opening it and holding it up side down. I was able to fill some of the holes with plaster by sticking the opening inside. It was easy to sand down and paint over after it was dry. I only used half of the tubes after the first day. I put saran wrap over the opening and the cap. I used it the next day and it was manageable. I didn't use the first tube again for a few days because I still had some left over. I was able to finish the first tube because it was still soft. It never hardened on me. It fully sealed cracks and holes once it was dry. All the cracks and holes are not even noticeable a few weeks later. I'll be ordering this again the next time I need plaster.

👤I thought it was a great idea to tackle in a tube. I thought it would be easier to fill in since it has a creamy consistency. It does apply more easily than traditional spackle, but it shrinks when it dries. I used it to fill in two small holes in the wallboard. The holes were small. The second application photo is attached. On the first application, I filled the holes completely and used a knife to remove excess, leaving a smooth, flat surface. The next day it dried and shrunk so that the holes were not full. I filled the holes completely with this spackle and left a smooth surface. The next day it dried and shrunk again. It will need two more applications to be smooth. The result may be slightly better than traditional spackle, but it's crazy that it needs four applications to fill small holes in drywall. Maybe it's just for very fine cracks.

👤This is something that I love. I can cover all the holes in the house. I had developed a new hobby.

👤This product is terrible. It did not dry evenly, it was still wet even on TINY nail holes. I tried many applications and could not get it to dry without a dip in the middle of the hole. Every other hole filing product I've used would have been a better choice and the job would have been done a thousand times faster. Going straight to the garbage. I can't understand why Amazon makes you give 1 star for products like this.

👤I bought this to fill holes. After about 3 coats and a little sanding it is perfect for painting.

👤I saw an ad for a spackle. I tried to use standard spackle when I had to fill a small hole or crack, but I was hoping I could use this on larger areas. The flexible yellow spatula that comes with the product makes the application easier. I bought a spatula that I thought was the same as the larger one, but it didn't have the flexibility or smoothness that I was looking for, and it was a bit more difficult to apply. It may take up to three times to fill the area that has been damaged. You don't have to wait long between applications because it dries fast. I will see how well the final result is once I sand it and paint it.

3. Mending Drywall Scraper Plaster Graffiti

Mending Drywall Scraper Plaster Graffiti

Good value. Every patch from the pack has been carefully checked and they care about their customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please let them know and they will either correct the situation or provide a replacement immediately. Thank you. The dry wall patch kits are made from wall glue, carbonate and resin. It is friendly to children, adults, and the elderly. Gloves are required when applying this cream. The repair kit is fast and effective. It can fill drill holes and quickly solve wall cracks. The repair cream will completely dry in 4 hours, making you look more professional. Squeeze the wall repair cream onto the wall and then use a scraper to remove the repair cream from the wall, which will take 4 hours depending on the weather. This patch is very good for repairing cracked walls, peeling walls, pinhole holes, wall flouring, nail holes and wall graffiti. It can be used on interior surfaces of a home. 2 x 130g wall mending agent, 2 x scraper, and 2 x nozzle extender are included in the package. They want to provide customers with the best products. If there is a problem with the usage of the product, please contact them, they will do their best to solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Susin

👤Over the years, I've done a lot of home improvement and repairs. I like so many people on Facebook and thought maybe they came up with a new formula that works as shown in the videos. I found the product to be thinner and less effective than standard spackle at hardware stores. Don't waste your money.

👤It is very messy and not easy to spread. It cracked after drying. Would not recommend it.

👤The product seems to work well, but it might be better on latex. The tubes are hard to squeeze. It took 2 hands to get it out of the tube and then the force popped the bottom seam. Product is larger than depicted. I will try without the spout next time.

👤It works as advertised. It is amazing with deeper gashes. When we moved out, I used it to fill in nail holes. It was very easy to use. It has everything you need. Sand paper can make a finished product look nice.

👤A friend gave me this product. It is easy to work with. I had a large area to repair so I had to sand it.

👤My son's dog tried to get out of the house. After sanding the paint and wood smooth, applying this product and then painting it made the jamb look new. It took a little work but was worth it, with easy application and clean-up. If this happens again, the product will be sealed.

👤The wall mending works well.

👤The scraper was very useful and easy to use.

4. Drywall Patch Walls Also Self Adhesive Putty(100g)

Drywall Patch Walls Also Self Adhesive Putty%EF%BC%88100g%EF%BC%89

The Plaster Washers are designed to anchor the plaster against the Lath. It's a good way to repair a wall at home. You will get a professional tool kit with the wall repair patch kit. The wall paint is completely dry in 4 hours. The spackle paste should be selected according to the actual needs. 24 hours after the sale, there is a free replacement service. 24 hours after the sale, there is a free replacement service.

Brand: Vincrey

👤My wall turtles are cracked af and my eyes are not being punched, but I tried this and they are fine. It's hard to squeeze out of the tube and it doesn't cover as well as typical spackle. I'm afraid of Delta as well. I understand. We should all go to the hardware store and get some spackle.

👤I ordered this to fill in some holes in my wall, but I missed the wall studs. It worked out well. After filling 6 large holes completely, I have a lot left over. The included scraper was used to make sure the end result was in line with the rest of the wall. Great product!

👤I had to fill in a bunch of nail and screw holes that had accumulated on my textured eggshell walls. This worked well for me. The spackle wouldn't squeeze through the tube when I tried to use the extender. I did not use the scraper. It was easy to put a small amount on my finger and over the hole. The thickness was perfect. The biggest hole I used it on was about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

👤I build houses. This product is amazing. I don't need to sand because it hides small cracks and holes. I have used it on museum walls and it is invisible. I bought enough to keep it in stock.

👤I couldn't get it out of the tube because it was so thick. As I pushed, half the tube was empty before anything came out.

👤The item arrived without the "spatula". I don't know if I'll return it or buy the spatula at the hardware store. It puts a danger on my paint project.

👤I love this. It's so easy. Better for patching holes. Goes on with one stroke.

👤It was very hard. During dry, I got some cracks. Like air clay.

5. Mending Spackling Pinholes Graffiti Self Adhesive

Mending Spackling Pinholes Graffiti Self Adhesive

The special customer ingredients blend will not shrink or break, which makes it easy to store. It is effective to repair and quick. The safemend wall mending agent can be dried and used to repair wall cracks and wall damage. It can be completely dry in 4 hours. You can repair the drywall better if you include a wall patch. It's simple to use, clean the wall surface before use, and squeeze plaster wall repair on the wall to be mended. Remove the repair paste with a scraper and let it dry naturally. To make the repaired wall flat, you have to use sandpaper. Safemend Wall Mending Agent Free Scraper is made of Talcum paste,vegetable gum, and inorganic filler cover. It is safe for everyone. Most wall damage problems can be solved with wall putty. It is good for repairing cracked walls, graffiti, peeled walls, and wall stains. It is possible to repair plaster wall with wall repair cream. Wall mending can be used in a lot of places. 2* wall repair cream, 2* putty knife, 2* nozzle extender, 2* sandpaper, and 1* drywall patch are included in the package. Wall mending can be used in a lot of places. 2* wall repair cream, 2* putty knife, 2* nozzle extender, 2* sandpaper, and 1* drywall patch are included in the package.

Brand: Jollcyn

👤When we moved in, there were chips in the corners of the walls. The product was easy to use and fix the damaged walls. The other products are going to be out of business. We didn't need to sand. The texture is on the wall. The second photo is ready to be painted. The product is white when it is dry.

👤It's easy to spread, but when it dries it pits. It dries very hard and you need an electric sander to clean it. It's much easier to just get something.

👤I thought this would be a nice compact kit to keep with me because I am always running into my plaster walls and making dents and holes. It comes with a straw and a metal patch. The patch has a decent adhesion and it smells gross. It heals the wall but it feels cheap and it wipes off easily. I think you should get a spackle kit instead of this product because it doesn't feel like it will last long-term in patching your wall. It's okay for what it is, but not the best.

👤You can get more than enough spackle to deal with small punctures and cracks. It's close enough to match my white paint color. It is easy to use and includes the spatula.

👤I ordered this product to fix the crack. I was not sure if it would work. I hoped it would help me avoid calling someone and paying for something I might be able to do myself. I thought the product worked well. The product filled in the cracks rather well and I haven't completed the project yet. The set comes with a repair grid, sand paper, and two tubes of product. It comes with plastic attachment that screw onto the nozzle to give you a more fine top repair.

👤I needed this product to fix a patch in my wall. You can't tell what happened when things dried up. If you are in the same situation, you should definitely suggest this product.

6. 3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

It takes 5X more time to make repairs than traditional vinyl spackling. The repair pantyhose are 5” in diameter. For exterior repairs when sealed with exterior paint. There are damaged areas on walls and ceilings. It is possible to repair large holes, cracks and damaged surfaces in plaster, stucco, concrete and wood. No cracking, sagging or shimmying. It is easy to sand after application.

Brand: 3m

👤The 12 oz was only 6.4 ounces. Stuff works, but we should get what we paid for.

👤I bought this because my cute and non disposable living floor cleaner kept chewing holes in the crown molding of my house and after patching it with 2 other brands and having her just chew it out again, I needed something stronger. It has fibers in it to increase strength. I believe that. After opening it and almost being stunned, I thought that she might not eat it and that I would feel bad for her. If you have any experience with patching or plastering walls, like many people with rage issues do, then you shouldn't have any problems making this acceptable looking. It will go on rough and need to be sanded down like a furniture restorer, so make sure that you add a little more than you think you need. I think that's a win. This bonds well with wood and particle board. I broke the lid on it because I was bored and it was going to go bad.

👤It's not better than the cheap compound from a dollar store, but I bought it for the fiber component. It may dry a little faster, which is not the best thing, especially if you are working with tough surfaces like window and door opening corners. I only give it 2 stars because it did the job. It's overpriced for that kind of job. Next time, we'll go with a regular compound.

👤It took a bit of patience to get that stuff to stick and fill the hole. I didn't take a picture of the hole because I didn't think it would work, but I spread it with a butter knife and it attached to itself and stopped falling off. My hole was about 2 1/2 inches long. I didn't attempt the gash above it because I was more interested in the hole. I was going to paint it. Since the siding is sky blue, it was hard to match the paint I bought, and it was hard to find anything at your local stores during the Pandemic. I mixed in some white. At least it's not a glaring hole, I'm still slightly off on the color. I tried to sand it after smoothing it with a wet knife. I stopped because the dried putty was coming off.

👤It worked well. It will smooth better if you are generous with it. Don't fool around, it's important that you're quick. It vaccums up nicely. Don't let the little pieces fall dry before you clean them up. The metal spatula I bought worked better than the plastic ones. It got the job done quickly. It smoothed out a rough wall surface after filling it with a patch. There was a lot of product left over after I did a 10x4 wall area.

👤This stuff has become a miracle fix for me. I will show one such case. I was replacing a bathroom light fitting and found a huge fist size hold in the wall behind the old light. I had to cover the hole because the light fitting is narrower. I tried to fill as much of the hole as I could, because I didn't have a backing to use. They filled the rest of the hole after I let this dry. The material was solidly in place, like it was part of the wall. I painted it and you wouldn't know there was a big hole there.

7. DAP 12330 Indicator Spackling 1 Quart

DAP 12330 Indicator Spackling 1 Quart

2 x Wall mending agent, 2 x nozzle extender, and 2 x scraper are included in the price. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any other questions. The United States is a country of manufacture. The signal it is ready to sand and paint is unique. It is easy to use the squeeze tube. The use of the interior and exterior. The use of the interior and exterior.

Brand: Dap

👤I am just a house wife trying to get some repairs done. I had goggles wall repair cracks and they suggested this item. Went to read the reviews on the item and how it should be applied to buyers who had used it. I ordered it and gave it a try. I cleaned the surface, took out the chips and sand paper, and applied the mixture to the surface. It was left to dry for 24 hours. I sanded it out and painted it. It looks better than it did before. I think I need to apply 2 layers of the mixture to get a flawless finish. I will make it better next year. Works well. Highly recommended.

👤I heard that spackle helps to fill in the chips before painting, so I wanted to touch up some of the paint. I did a section without spackle and it turned out well. I applied some of this stuff to the area that had a lot of chipping. It was very thick and hard to apply evenly, it felt like I was working with dough. It only takes 10 minutes to dry, according to several reviewers here. The directions on the container were for less than an hour. It took 8 hours for it to dry. I tried to smooth it with sand paper but it peeled off the paint from my walls. I wouldn't recommend this product. I am going to sand paper the chips and paint them since it worked better than the spackle.

👤It is almost impossible to get a decent amount out of the tube. A bead is about 1 inch long when you squeeze with both hands. You can't get it out of the tube unless you have pea sized blobs. The reason I used this was to be able to easily fill gaps in corner joints. This stuff is useless. I will try to find something that works in my caulk gun.

👤I had a large hole in my feet. Water damage to the wall made it weak. I should have just cut and fitted a new piece of dry wall, because I used four different sparkling compound and patches to fill in the large hole. After filling in the hole and running out of spackle, I was left with an even surface to smooth and level. I believe in dealing with other minor repairs and have found this DAP spackle to offer superior performance. I didn't have to worry about it falling off the wall when I first appled it. It smooths over the surface. There were little to no breaks or gaps. A few minutes into the application process. I have a Wee Pee pad against the wall that caught a lot of spackle that fell off the wall. Only one time did DAP fail to adhere. The consistency and smoothness of it is similar to that of Crisco. That was a good way to do it. I like it.

👤I used this to cover nail holes which cover great and tried on two larger holes, one deep and one not deep, but they were both too small. It covered 888-739-5110 If you have a large hole, I would add patch tape to the walls. The one that was the size of a nickle looked rough but it covered perfectly and you wouldn't know there was a hole there. It was better than expected and looks perfect. I smoothed it and sanded it but it wasn't perfect. I finally got it to work, but it's not perfect, but it looks okay. I highly recommend this. It's pasty and easy to smooth, and it's also very easy to dry with a cheap sanding block. The pink cream is white so you know it's dry. It's easy. Anyone can do it if I can do it. It was very easy to do. I was worried about it. It's funny. If you receive a dry or hard product, it's old because my product was pasty and dried to a white finish. No streaks or paint on top. You can't tell where I put it. I forgot where the holes were. Good stuff. I wish I would have used patch tape first and then smooth it out on top of the larger hole because it looks a lot better now. The other is clean. Really pleased with it! It is easy to use and works.

8. Drywall Mending Self Adhesive Plaster Surface

Drywall Mending Self Adhesive Plaster Surface

It is used for joining plasterboard, mending cracks and holes, and strengthening and finishing joints of interior drywall panels. The Safe Wall Mending Agent is made from a variety of materials. This wall repair cream is green and free of harmful substances. Green ingredients are safe for people and pets. Please be sure to wear gloves while applying this cream. It's easy to use and fill a drill hole with graffiti and stain. Remove and repair holes and cracks quickly. The repair cream can be scrapered to make the wall plaster smooth. You can use it again after you open the lid. It is easy to repair broken surfaces on the wall and can hold a nail or screw. White scrub resistant will give you professional looking results. Within 4 hours, wall paint can be dried completely and repaired easily. Water won't be sucked in. This patch is perfect for repairing cracked walls and peeling walls. It can be used for a variety of projects at home. You will get professional looking results from the mending. You will get 3 x Wall mending agent (100g), 3 x nozzle extender, and 3 x scraper. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon. You will get 3 x Wall mending agent (100g), 3 x nozzle extender, and 3 x scraper. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Supbec

👤I was expecting bigger tubes than I received. If you have small nail holes, this would work well on smaller areas.

👤I was able to fill a hole left behind by a wall mounted telephone jack and I am a novice at this type of thing. This stuff is different than any other spackling compound I have tried before. It works better if you do less feathering. I would love to have a little cap on the top of the tube, but it would take a while to keep it fresh. I have read about dry spells on Amazon, but this was an excellent batches.

👤I work well and need it. It is light and can be used for punching holes and small cracks. The pipe works better when the bucket of putty dries out before I finish it. There is a The regular patch is better for big patches. I like the pictures in the tube. The wall looks new after use. My friends will be recommended by me.

👤It is great for repairs. It is a great cover up for the small holes in the walls.

👤There is a small cap for the tube.

9. Drywall Patch Solution Walls Also Self Adhesive

Drywall Patch Solution Walls Also Self Adhesive

If you have any questions, please contact them and they will be happy to answer them. The products include a Wall repair paste and a Nozzle extender. The theoretical value of 4 hours is the Wall Mending Agent completely dry time. Water will roll down naturally when splashed, it's a good weathering effect. After completely dry, there is a white scrub resistant effect. Green environmental protection is valid. It can be used for a variety of home projects.

Brand: Sccjgl

👤I bought a tube with high hopes. I wanted to like it. I wanted it to work. I watched the videos and read the reviews but decided to give it a try. I have patched a few holes in the past, so I am not completely new to this. The videos are not real. The product I was sent is not the same product they are using. I didn't have a problem with it being thin, but the videos show that you can use a nickel size of the product, smooth it with the scraper, and it's all good. Not the case. The first misconception is that you can smooth it after applying the product. You can't or you will continue to struggle. scrape...fill. You have to wait for a while before smoothing. Depending on the size of the hole, it may fall flat. It's awful. The small tub they sell at the Dollar Store has improved my results. It's messy. The scraper is too wide to get the precision you need. The scraper is not strong. Plastic utensils are more sturdy. The only thing this was good for was covering the marks on my son's wall. Paint or primer can do this. The Magic Eraser can do the same. I paid $10 to cover some marks on my son's wall. The money was wasted. Don't buy.

👤This stuff is not worth the money. Buying a small container of spackle for five bucks is the same thing. This was a waste of time and money.

👤Product quality is terrible. I will not fill in holes even if I use a lot of product.

👤The product was terrible. I had high hopes but it didn't work out.

👤The holes I needed to fill were small. The tube was very small. It was enough for me. I am not a contractor and my walls are textured. As long as the holes are small, you should be fine. I didn't know what I was doing and with textured walls it was better than leaving the holes.

👤I bought this product to fix a part of the wall. This isn't made for a deep spot. Almost the whole tube was used and didn't fix the wall. It's good for removing nails or a whole from a hammer. Nothing big.

👤It was hard to get out of the tube. I wore several coats. It kept cracking. I would never buy it again. Unless I had a bad day.

👤Shrinks too much. To repair a hole, you have to apply 3-4 times.

10. Fowong Including Paint,Drywall Self Adhesive Sanding

Fowong Including Paint%EF%BC%8CDrywall Self Adhesive Sanding

You will get 1 x Wall mending agent (100g), 1 x nozzle extender, and 1 x scraper. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon. Simply apply half fluid and paint, pre-mixed, to where you need it, and you can do the repair yourself. The wall hole patch kit has tools that are needed. Sanding Pad, 1 Putty Knife, and 1 Putty Scoop have been prepared for you. It is difficult to fall off of a damaged wall, so save it. High density will give your wall long time protection. Water leaks in concrete cracks are permanently stopped. Free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is harmless to your family. A smart choice for a small repair project. You can do it yourself with this kit. A small cost will give your walls a new look without the hassle of painting the entire wall. Please stir evenly. It's better to consume the paste as soon as possible because it's easy to solidify after opening. You can do it yourself with this kit. A small cost will give your walls a new look without the hassle of painting the entire wall. Please stir evenly. It's better to consume the paste as soon as possible because it's easy to solidify after opening.

Brand: Fowong

👤Most people are looking for this to patch up holes made by the fists of giant man babies with poor attitudes. It works well.

👤I hope I did it correctly because directions are in different languages. Some people think that the lid won't stay on the wall, but it will keep the wall from drying out and you can put a seal back in if you want. It is easy to use. There was a hole in my wall. There is plenty in the small set to fill in multiple holes if I have to use it again.

👤Everything seems to be of good value. The only bad thing is that the jars don't stay open. You can't seal the jars of spackle and paste after they've been opened. I only needed this to patch up small holes and dents before I moved.

👤If you want to stop being lazy, go to Home Depot or ACE and get higher quality products. I was trying to cover a 14 x 14 area, but it barely covered everything. It seems like quality is subpar. I might have to do it again. The instructions are in English, but the order in which you use it isn't clear. I asked a professional what the Chinese were doing to their walls and he wondered if they needed two compounds.

👤The sand paper and brush did not fit in the kit. If items are missing, the product should have been discounted or the customer notified. Unless it is a packing error. Double checking to make sure the customer is present in the box is mandatory for the success of the product. This will work if you want to repair something small. The length of my palm is shown in the jars. The tools are small, but they get the job done. The roll is large but the amount of putty is not in line with it. I want to give more stars, but I can't.

👤The spackle and putty jars can't be closed once you open them. I thought they could snap back over the ring that holds them in place once I applied my mallet. Use it once and then throw it away.

👤I'm a novel handywoman. There are holes in a wall that used to be a bathroom cabinet. I found that placing two strips of mesh tape over the hole made it easier to apply the paste. The jars are small, so I only gave it 4 stars. I ran out of paste. This product is great for patching small areas. Everything I needed was included.

👤The set is too low in quality and material to be considered a useful one, even though it will do the job just right with a small crack or repair to be taken care of. The kitchen toy was popular in the '80s. This set reminds me of something else. I think that's all...

11. SAISZE Sandpaper Non Toxic Renovation Repairing

SAISZE Sandpaper Non Toxic Renovation Repairing

If the item is dry under cold weather, use 40 C-50 C warm water and soak for 5 to 10 minutes. If you have a quality problem within 6 months, please contact them. They will make sure you are 100% satisfied. Are you still worried about the wall? You can get a completely new home with the help of the SAISZE wall mending agent. It is suitable for the surface of wall, doors, cabinets, windows, ceilings, indoor furniture. 100% SAFE and NON-TOXIC: Made of natural materials, tasteless, odorless, and safe. It is easy to repair a damaged wall, apply the paste to the area, apply a scraper, and grind it with a piece of paper. You will get a wall repair kit with 2 x wall repair paste, 2 x nozzle extender, 2 x scraper, and 6 x sandpaper. The package has all the tools you need. If you are dissatisfied with the item, please contact them for a full refund.

Brand: Saisze

👤Comes with everything you need. It was easy to use. It seems to do what was needed.

👤There is nothing I disliked about this product.


What is the best product for repair putty dry wall?

Repair putty dry wall products from Nice-live. In this article about repair putty dry wall you can see why people choose the product. Susin and Vincrey are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair putty dry wall.

What are the best brands for repair putty dry wall?

Nice-live, Susin and Vincrey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair putty dry wall. Find the detail in this article. Jollcyn, 3m and Dap are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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