Best Repair Putty Gray

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1. SEISSO Furniture Touching Laminate Hardwood

SEISSO Furniture Touching Laminate Hardwood

The compound wood paint can be used with any wood furniture. The soft tube design is very easy to use to cover small scratches, cracks, and scorch. The wood furniture polish is surface fast drying, no heat is required, it can form film on the wooden surface in about 20 minutes, but it needs taking 24 hours to harden completely. The 12 colors wood furniture repair kit has the best furniture polish for wood. There are 12 different colors of wood furniture to match. The tube has 20 grams in it. The high grade wood scratch removal is made of natural resin and has a beautiful sheen. It is not easy to fade. It is not easy to fall off. This repair paste is not suitable for a frequentlytrodden surface. SEISSO will make sure you are happy with their wood repair kit. Their 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee protects you from being asked about a replacement or refund. If there is a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Seisso

👤This isn't a wood product, it's a toothpaste consistency. This is not a good color for my coffee table. I don't know how much drying time is needed or if multiple coats can be built up to fill an indentation. Save your money and get a real wood substitute. I could have gone to a craft store that would have acted the same as I did.

👤The kitchen cabinets were cracked and discolored, but I filled them in and they looked brand new. They should hire me for the company because I would love to show what I have done in more detail.

👤I needed something to cover up the spots after spilling nail polish on my table. I had to mix a few colors because my table is a really funky off gray and this worked great. You can't tell I messed up the table. The stuff saved some expensive furniture. To get the right color for your furniture piece, you should use a scrap piece of wood.

👤I ordered this set for the white tube of touch upfiller to repair some nicks in the white cabinets in our kitchen, we just moved into a condo we purchased, and although the place was in relatively great shape, there were parts of the apt. That was showing some wear and tear. I found uses for several of the other colors in order to fill in, as well as surface color, some furnishings that had some chips and scuffs, even though the white worked great on the cabinets. The tubes worked.

👤The variety of colors is nice, but I wish more came with it. I used this to get the color match I needed. There wouldn't have been enough in the tube.

👤It took a lot of product for one small scratch because the colors didn't match up. Not a fan.

👤This stuff was amazing. Highly recommended! When we moved our refrigerator, it scratched my new flooring. If you purchase this, you will not be sorry.

👤The colors and value of the money.

2. Sugru I000948 Moldable Multi Purpose Creative

Sugru I000948 Moldable Multi Purpose Creative

It's great for repairing, bonding, reinforcing, mounting without drilling, and many other things. No mess is the formula for quick and easy application. It is waterproof, heat and cold resistant, durable, and can be insulated up to 24v. Strong holds up to 4.2 lbs on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, most plastics and fabrics. There are 8 x 3.5 g packs of Sugru in Black, White and Gray. There are 8 x 3.5 g packs of Sugru in Black, White and Gray.

Brand: Sugru

👤I have been a fan of Sugru for a long time, I even took part in their focus group when they were building their website. The shelf life of this stuff has been pushed more and more over the years. At 13 months, I remember the last time I recall it. I have purchased products from Sugru in the past and that works out. I don't know if it's the Amazon warehouse stock that is to blame, but the product I received today expires in August, and it's not really acceptable. I know from experience that these packages will be gone in June-July and not as supple to work with. I hope this is just a hiccup and not part of a plan to ship huge quantities of this over a long period of time.

👤I wanted to say that I love this product and that it is so flexible that you can make and do many different things with it. I used some on my keys to make them bigger and easier to hold with my carpal tunnel. I think this product is a great way to increase accessibility for a lot of different things. I was thinking about using some to make a more comfortable grip for my pen when I take notes.

👤This stuff is wonderful. I am a musician. Conn C Melody is my primary horn. There is an issue with the Conns that the B key has a larger gap than the Bb key. I've tried expensive metal bridges that didn't hold up. Came across Sugru and decided to try it. In 5 minutes, I made a piece for a bridge and stuck it on my horn. I played it after it was dry. Dang! Absolutely perfect! It's not much for what you're looking for. Operator impatience is the fault of the product. I may make the repair look better at some point, but this old girl now plays as easy as my newer saxes, so who cares.

👤The dishwasher racks were old. I looked into buying new ones but they were not available everywhere. We let the rust go too far and the areas were too damaged, so other products that you paint on wouldn't have helped me. I found this product on the internet and decided to try it. It worked well. I put it on thick and went through multiple packages to cover the damage. I let it cure for two days. I have run the dishwasher for over a month and the repairs have held up well. I am very happy. This product is very good. I used black. The pictures were taken in an active dishwasher. This stuff is amazing.

👤I was able to put my shadow box through the ultimate test because I needed SUGRU to attach a few different things on a few different materials. I made some hooks and they worked perfectly. I tested different weights and they held up well. I attached it to some plastic video game controllers and it held up well. Sugru has a good working time window, so you can adjust things as you work. I tried to remove two cords from it. It didn't work. I was able to pull the cords apart with very little effort. It's messy. My hands were black after I used it and I was attaching it to wood. I think it's the sugru. You get a small amount for the price. I'm sure it's used for small repairs, but I wish they offered bigger packages. I ordered 3 boxes to complete my project. There is a If you want to see me put it to the test, I'll have a video on my channel on 6/18, nothing to do crew.

3. Marine Might Repair Ounce Gray

Marine Might Repair Ounce Gray

Marine-Tex is used for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, masonry and many other plastic items. To meet the harsh demands of the marine and industrial environments, and solve many problems for home, auto and hobby applications. Provides waterproof repairs that can be used with fiberglass tape or cloth to reinforce structural repairs. The mighty repair kit can be used for emergency and permanent repairs to machinery and equipment. Marine-Tex can be ground, tapped, and drilled, and finished with most common paints and coating. Marine-Tex can be ground, tapped, and drilled, and finished with most common paints and coating.

Brand: Mti

👤I used Marine Tex to build a new barrel and stock. The Marine worked well. Make sure you have plenty of release agent on the action, barrel, barrel nut and barrel to ensure that you can separate the stock from the action after it.

👤I own 3 Ford F350 diesels with the 7.3 IH engine. There are holes in the oil pan. The design flaw is common to all who operate in the salty rust belt. The engine has to be removed. The job cost $1,800 each vehicle. I tried JBB Weld and other materials, but they did not work. The combination of heat, vibration, and a difficult substrate caused repeated failures. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this product a try. It's clear from the instructions that it was necessary. Nothing sticks to oily steel. The product will burn skin and blind eye sight. In a controlled temperature environment, meticulous application is required. I followed the directions and was very methodical. There are no more leaks. As solid as the steel is. When I finish the other two trucks, I will be thousands ahead. The quick set was used in a small area to prevent oil weep and a heat lamp was used for 48 hours to cure it. There are virtues to patience.

👤You can't save any of the contents, but it does harden like steel, so you have to mix it. I had to use a disk sander to sand the old patch. I turned my jon boat upside down to keep Marine Tex from running. It was cured in 4 hours. Since it is on the bottom of the boat, it turns black, which is fine with me. I went fishing. I keep this on hand as I fish about 3 times a week. I've tried a few things, but only one works. This is the only thing that can cause serious leaks. Chuck.

👤The first kit I received had a hardener in it. Amazon took care of the return and sent a replacement. It is difficult to mix. The hardener needs a volume ratio of 5:1. The paste is hard to get out of the jar. The hardener pours easily. I decided to mix up the whole kit, but I wasn't sure if I got the correct ratio since I couldn't get all of the paste out of the jar. It can't be more than 10%. I was close enough that it was hard the next day. Sanded and fine.

👤When I couldn't get the new replacement part for my swimming pool filter, I needed a very strong epoxy to repair it. I was surprised at how strong this marine epoxy was when it hardened. When I bought this one, I was reminded. "Regular" is not as strong as this stuff. The description says it is gray in color, but it looks black to me.

👤I used this stuff to stop a leak in my basement that was coming from the foundation of my city water supply. Water would find its way into the basement when we got a lot of rain. I waited until the area was dry and good. There isn't a lot of product in the kit. I bought three kits to complete the job. If you have a bigger job, I suggest buying the larger kit.

4. Loctite 1999131 6 Purpose Repair Cylinders

Loctite 1999131 6 Purpose Repair Cylinders

Stick bonds,seals,leaks and reparis are just some of the repairs that can be made. It's all about hand-mixable and fast-setting moldable glue for small emergency repairs that bonds to damp surfaces and can cure underwater. A two-part system consists of an epoxy and hardener putty to make a bond on a wide range of materials. It's easy to rebuild and bind with just knead and apply the putty, and it can be sanded, drilled, and painted after 60 minutes. It is resistant to water and most common solvent with high impact resistance that won't crack when drilled. It's versatile and can be used to make bonds to metal, masonry, brick, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber and fiberglass. It's versatile and can be used to make bonds to metal, masonry, brick, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber and fiberglass.

Brand: Loctite

👤I use different kinds of epoxy and they all have different physical properties after curing. This one is very easy to make with your fingers, unlike some of the others. It is very easy to sands. It is not as cheap as some of the once tubes. It is worth it for specific applications.

👤I used to mix it and it would turn hard and fast and you could mold it into anything you wanted.

👤I can throw stuff I've sculpted with this at a wall and expect it to be undamaged.

👤Not honest about cure time, one place states cure time 15 minutes, other states cure time 60 minutes. Fact is facts and not a guessing game.

👤Shipping was slow and the seller was not so good.

👤I just bought it from the store and put it on the gap, I waited for 2 hours and then turned on the water, it took less than 10 minutes. The man from menards told me that the putty wouldn't work on my pipe, but it wasn't true.

5. Erase Hole Acoustic Ceiling Putty

Erase Hole Acoustic Ceiling Putty

Not recommended for stress cracks. You can get your deposit back from your landlord if you fill holes and cracks in walls quickly with a quick use application. Works well for repairing holes in wood. A heavy weight compound is a perfect match to wood. A two year guarantee means plenty of time for filling the holes from house shifting, and it's portable, perfect for your home handyman tool box. You can fit on a ladder or in a toolbelt with a compact size. When painting your room, grab it and fill the pin holes quickly. Repairs stay fixed because of a special blend of ingredients that won't shrink or crack. The product was invented by a drywall professional who has been in the business for 25 years. The ingredients are the same as they were in 1990. College students and first-time homeowners will be able to fix drywall without the need for tools if you use a simple method. It is also perfect for plaster repair on rare wall plaster. Simply apply in circular motion, wipe with a damp cloth, then paint. You don't have to wait for someone else to fix those holes, you can do it yourself. A unique gift for your favorite person. A small family owned business makes this product. A unique gift for your favorite person. A small family owned business makes this product.

Brand: Erase-a-hole

👤The wall was left like this by the contractor. They fixed the crack and it came back a month later. The room was supposed to be painted but it turned out to be the wrong color. We were ready for everyone to leave our house by the end of the whole house remodeling process. We told them to leave and that we would take care of the issue. Fast forward to a year later. I found this product by accident and I am very happy that I did. After some light sanding and painting, my bedroom looks great again.

👤I was happy with the first Erase-a-whole, but I was disappointed with the second one. If the company had created two different products for different wall types, my rating would have been 5 stars. The product with the red cap is for rough surfaces, while the product with the blue cap is for smooth surfaces. If they separated the two formulas, it would be an excellent product.

👤I've always used a scoopable nail filling in the past, it's been great. We decided to sell our house because we wanted to spackle all of the holes left by our art collection. There are many. I decided to try out this product because I found it hard to squeeze my usual filler into the holes. Even though it's a bit pricier, I ordered it because it seemed like a faster option. The container was smashed against the side of it, as though it had melted. I twisted the cap so it could reform and work. I grabbed a plastic scraper when I tried the cap as a smoother. I twisted the room into holes and smoothed it with my scraper. I did 34 holes in 2 minutes. It is amazing. There's less product loss because you can easily twist the product back down into the tube and scraper it back into it. There are some larger holes that need a second coat. I'm very pleased with this product. Adding a plastic scaper to your cart is a must.

👤I made drill holes in my ceiling to find a stud. It looked like it would be a great solution. I had the same results with normal putty, but the concept is great. The product was not smooth to fill in the holes. I had to use my finger to fill the hole because I didn't have a scraper. It went on a bit bumpy. I had to get a scraper to smooth it out. It is normal in a deodorant. Good idea. I can see that it could be beneficial. You still have to be ready to smooth it out.

👤I am a single mom of two, working a full time job, and always maintaining or fixing our home. When I first bought the house, I couldn't decide where to hang art work, and ended up with holes on the walls. My attempts at hanging a curtain rod have failed multiple times. It is easy to use, fast and simple.

6. Sugru I000941 Moldable Multi Purpose Creative

Sugru I000941 Moldable Multi Purpose Creative

It's great for repairing, bonding, reinforcing, mounting without drilling, and many other things. No mess is the formula for quick and easy application. It is waterproof, heat and cold resistant, durable, and can be insulated up to 24v. Strong holds up to 4.2 lbs on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, most plastics and fabrics. There are 3 x 3.5 g packs of Sugru in Black, White and Gray. There are 3 x 3.5 g packs of Sugru in Black, White and Gray.

Brand: Sugru

👤It was used to fill cracks caused by sun exposure. Very easy! Roll like a snake and apply pressure to get it inside. I used a dull letter opener to remove the excess and repeat the process until all was filled. I used less than one packet for this project. I feel confident that my future projects will turn out better now that I know the Sugru product consistency. Inexpensive and small packets are better than reaching for a tube of something that dried up before you finished using it. I did not glue my fingers together. There are some things that are CONS: I feel bad that I thought that JB Weld would work well on past projects. There is a pro tip. If you can't remove it from your hands, try putting peanut butter on them with a spoon of salt. It is cheaper than Goo Gone! I hope my review helped you. I was not compensated to write this.

👤I like this product a lot. It's very easy to use. The strength you get once it is hardened is amazing. I use this to repair broken plastic pieces in my car because super glue wouldn't be strong enough to hold them. I usually only need a very small amount and end up throwing away most of the putty because it will become useless once opened. I wish they came in smaller packets or in a squeeze tube where you can cap off unused putty. If you only need a small amount, it feels wasteful. I love the product.

👤My most favorite pot is the one I got after my mom died. It needs to be at least 50 years old. One day, I noticed that part of the handle had broken off and there was a screw sticking out of it. I tried to find a replacement but they don't make 'um like they used to. The Sugru was bought to see if I could fix it, as the screw on it would burn my fingers if I didn't care. So and behold- I think I will get a few more years from this baby.

👤I saved my dishwasher baskets. After cutting the plastic, I rolled Sugru in my hands to get the shape I needed and placed it over the bad spots. It will be in contact with water and high heat if you squeeze it down past the bad spots. There is no need to buy new dishwasher baskets. That's right.

👤Sugru expired in 1 year after I bought it. 7 months was the amount of time that Amazon sent me. It turns hard inside the package. The package booklet states that it expires 3 months later if you keep it in a cold place.

👤The number of specialty materials available felt weird. It was a small amount that you have to use once and then the end never really hardened to a useful point, maybe there are other uses it's better suited to, but everything I used it for allowed it to just be. I would get better performance from other epoxies if I used this.

7. DAP 12330 Indicator Spackling 1 Quart

DAP 12330 Indicator Spackling 1 Quart

2 x Wall mending agent, 2 x nozzle extender, and 2 x scraper are included in the price. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any other questions. The United States is a country of manufacture. The signal it is ready to sand and paint is unique. It is easy to use the squeeze tube. The use of the interior and exterior. The use of the interior and exterior.

Brand: Dap

👤I am just a house wife trying to get some repairs done. I had goggles wall repair cracks and they suggested this item. Went to read the reviews on the item and how it should be applied to buyers who had used it. I ordered it and gave it a try. I cleaned the surface, took out the chips and sand paper, and applied the mixture to the surface. It was left to dry for 24 hours. I sanded it out and painted it. It looks better than it did before. I think I need to apply 2 layers of the mixture to get a flawless finish. I will make it better next year. Works well. Highly recommended.

👤I heard that spackle helps to fill in the chips before painting, so I wanted to touch up some of the paint. I did a section without spackle and it turned out well. I applied some of this stuff to the area that had a lot of chipping. It was very thick and hard to apply evenly, it felt like I was working with dough. It only takes 10 minutes to dry, according to several reviewers here. The directions on the container were for less than an hour. It took 8 hours for it to dry. I tried to smooth it with sand paper but it peeled off the paint from my walls. I wouldn't recommend this product. I am going to sand paper the chips and paint them since it worked better than the spackle.

👤It is almost impossible to get a decent amount out of the tube. A bead is about 1 inch long when you squeeze with both hands. You can't get it out of the tube unless you have pea sized blobs. The reason I used this was to be able to easily fill gaps in corner joints. This stuff is useless. I will try to find something that works in my caulk gun.

👤I had a large hole in my feet. Water damage to the wall made it weak. I should have just cut and fitted a new piece of dry wall, because I used four different sparkling compound and patches to fill in the large hole. After filling in the hole and running out of spackle, I was left with an even surface to smooth and level. I believe in dealing with other minor repairs and have found this DAP spackle to offer superior performance. I didn't have to worry about it falling off the wall when I first appled it. It smooths over the surface. There were little to no breaks or gaps. A few minutes into the application process. I have a Wee Pee pad against the wall that caught a lot of spackle that fell off the wall. Only one time did DAP fail to adhere. The consistency and smoothness of it is similar to that of Crisco. That was a good way to do it. I like it.

👤I used this to cover nail holes which cover great and tried on two larger holes, one deep and one not deep, but they were both too small. It covered 888-739-5110 If you have a large hole, I would add patch tape to the walls. The one that was the size of a nickle looked rough but it covered perfectly and you wouldn't know there was a hole there. It was better than expected and looks perfect. I smoothed it and sanded it but it wasn't perfect. I finally got it to work, but it's not perfect, but it looks okay. I highly recommend this. It's pasty and easy to smooth, and it's also very easy to dry with a cheap sanding block. The pink cream is white so you know it's dry. It's easy. Anyone can do it if I can do it. It was very easy to do. I was worried about it. It's funny. If you receive a dry or hard product, it's old because my product was pasty and dried to a white finish. No streaks or paint on top. You can't tell where I put it. I forgot where the holes were. Good stuff. I wish I would have used patch tape first and then smooth it out on top of the larger hole because it looks a lot better now. The other is clean. Really pleased with it! It is easy to use and works.

8. MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy Cracks Seconds

MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy Cracks Seconds

The product is made in the United States. The Versatile Ceramic Tile Repair Kit is great for porcelain tile repair, as well as granite countertop repair, ceramic sink repair, acrylic bathtub repair, fiberglass shower, porcelain dinnerware, and many more. Most tile damage can be repaired with virtually invisible cracks. It hides vinyl floor scratches. It can be used as a wall touch up paint. The Deep Chip Filler can be used for deep damage. You can scroll down for more information. It's as glossy as porcelain tile paint touch up but with the strength of a super epoxy tile gap filler and Revolutionary nanotechnology for structural grade adhesion and Lifetime Durability Protection. Fix Cracked Tiles, Chipped Ceramic in 4 easy steps with their tile fix. Just clean, squirt, wipe and level. There is no need to mix it. The finish can be glossy or matt. A tile repair kit can be used to mix and match colors. White, off white, beige, tan, almond, gray, brown, orange, red, green, blue, black, and more are all match colors. See the kits and swatch.

Brand: Magicezy

👤I've bought multiple kits and individual tubes for this product. There are 1 cons. It can be difficult to get a color match. You can blend if you buy the white, black, etc. 2. When you mix up a bunch, it seems to disappear on the mixing surface, so you end up short. 3. The product shrinks a lot when it's in a void, thus leading to more and more steps. "Wash, rinse, repeat." " 4." The product is shiny. If you're hoping for a repair that will blend in well and be less noticeable, this product may not be the one for you. Because it's shiny, it reflects light in a way that makes your repaired spots stick out like a sore thumb. The manufacturer suggests that you pat the repair with your finger to dull it a bit, but I haven't found that to be enough. Most of us are doing repairs to chipped floor tile, which is almost never super-glossy like bathroom tile is. It would be great to have a matt version of this product. 5. The product is very sticky when it dries on you, so keep some alcohol pads handy. They remove it from your hands and tubes. 6. While drying this product, be careful with your heatgun. The area at our animal rescue facility looked worse than it did before when I tried to fill some voids in the floor tile, because the heatgun yellowed the epoxy and clearcoat. They say to dry the repairs in two minutes, but I think you should take longer. I would still recommend this product, but I would want you to look at the process in a different way.

👤The trio pack was tested on beige tile. The paint is easy to use and dries quickly, but the results will vary depending on the tile you have and the crack size. Our tile has a mixture of colors and the beige fills the crack with a rubber like substance but it is not noticeable after a while. The first photo did not have the desired effects. The tile is a variation of colors and I mixed wet paint to match them. The foam plate was used to hold the paint in place. The razor blade was used to remove excess paint. It is cheaper to tear up the floors than it is to crack them. See the video for a sample.

👤I followed the directions to clean the area. I had to re- apply the filler every time I level off the patch because some of the material came out of the chip area. I filled the hole and let the excess dry. I used a razor blade to remove the excess from the tile. I'm happy with the results. It's difficult to see where the chip is in the old bathroom floor tile, but I was pleasantly surprised that the color match was close to it. I would recommend the company.

👤I bought the product to fix the crack in the tiles. The color I chose was a good match for the irregular pattern on the tiles and I blended the crack into the pattern after applying it. The process took 15 minutes to clean, apply and level the liquid into the crack, and then cure with a hairdryer.

9. System Three 1 Quart SculpWood Moldable

System Three 1 Quart SculpWood Moldable

The material is high quality. The window screen repair kit tape is made of high quality fiberglass and mesh design clear up bubbles and blisters, Heavy fiberglass yarn increases joint strength and structural integrity, Multi-directional design is 60% stronger than standard mesh tape. It is possible to replace rotted wood, cracks, and other defects in furniture, frames, railings, and windows. The mixing ratio is convenient and easy to use. Will not become brittle after curing. Can be shaped and tooled. It can be sanded, carved or machined once cured. Can be shaped and tooled. It can be sanded, carved or machined once cured.

Brand: System Three

👤This is the most amazing thing in the world. Bondo, plastic wood, and other products have been used to fix holes in wood. I had to fill in a large hole in my door to make way for a new handleset. I was going to have to cut up pieces of wood to match the old cut-outs, then glue them together, because the holes required are entirely different. I was worried that the door might eventually crack because it was so large for Bondo, and because I was down by the sea. A friend of mine recommended this product to me after I described the challenge. I was very pleased with it's performance. You just have to mix equal parts. It stays workable for about 4-7 hours, so there's plenty of time to mold it once it's in place. It is soft and supple, but has enough body to support itself. It cures in about 24 hours. It's not all that sticky when you work with it, so I was concerned about it's ability to adhere. There are chemical reactions involved in wearing plastic gloves, but they are not as sticky as play-dough. I made a couple little balls that were about 1 inch in diameter and placed them on a slab of wood, like a snow man. They tried to break them apart after they cured. I had to hit the little figure with a hammer to remove it from the wood slab, but I wasn't able to break the balls apart, so I wasn't worried about the adhesion. This stuff sticks to the surface. It cures a light brown color and is much lighter than wood or Bondo. It can be painted like wood. It does not chisel like wood, so if you need to make cutouts, it's a good idea to mold these when the material is flexible, otherwise you may need a tool to work the small bits. It's easy to mix and work, it's sandable and paintable, and it's waterproof, but it takes 24 hours to cure.

👤I bought this after getting good results with the EndRot kit. I'm happy with the results of my repairs. There are two tips that will help you. The SculpWood can be applied while the RotFix is still tacky. It helps you get SculpWood to stick to the wood deep in the cracks and crevices by speeding up the job. 2. The directions show how to build SculpWood putty above the surface of your repair. Then carve the excess with a chisel. This is quicker and easier than sanding. The consistency is easy to carve with a chisel, just by pushing the excess material to the shape you want. I didn't try the thinner SculpWood Paste version because my projects involved a lot of vertical surfaces and it was necessary to push the product up into holes. My next project will be outside repairs where the paste might be a better solution.

👤There was an update on 1/5/18. I love the stuff. I've used it for many projects. I used it to fill the hinge slots on the door. I was worried about how it would hold up when making new hinge slots, but it held up well. The door looks like it was never patched after being sanded, routed, and painted. I love this stuff. I've used it to repair rotten wood sections on my roof-line, deck, and door frame. All the spots that I repaired were about 2 square inches deep. I put small screws in the vertical areas, which acted like a reinforcing bar. I put flat sheet metal over the roof-line trim to give it a smooth, flat finish. You can't tell where the patch is between that and sanding. The colors don't match the wood around it. I have yet to find a wood product that is stain-able and matches wood.

10. PC Products PC Plumbing Epoxy Putty

PC Products PC Plumbing Epoxy Putty

It is ideal for manifolds, mufflers, and drive units. Fast curing stick for plumbing repairs. Works on copper, steel and other materials. Returned to service in less than 60 minutes after repairs are approved. Continuous service temperature can range from -20 to 250 degrees F. It is possible to apply a rapid seal to leaking pipes, tanks, and valves. No need for mixing or application tools.

Brand: Pc Products

👤The garbage disposal had a hole in it and the water and food waster was leaking inside. I don't know how that thing got a hole. I wouldn't buy a new garbage disposal until I could fix it. That is how I am! The problem is solved after I bought this epoxy putty. Thank God, it sealed the hole completely. This saved me money.

👤Slowed down the water leak on my food disposer. Water always finds its way through cracks and channels. You could put 5 pounds of this stuff on a project and expect it to fail, but know that it's temporary. The putty can't think for itself. If it slows down a leak to a trickle so your catch bucket doesn't fill up fast, you win.

👤This stuff works great, I had a leaking hose. The ten gallon metal bucket is now holding water with out leaking after I sealed 5 small holes in it. You just have to mix it up and apply it. It's as strong as cement. Excellent product.

👤This is the second review I have written. I was delighted when I bought the putty and applied it, but it took a few days for the leak to be stopped. I tried to repair it again, but the leak just isn't going away. I used up the whole stick. I feel like I wasted money. I need a new product that will seal the leak. It was worth a try.

👤It's a close match to aluminum once dried and is very hard. I stopped looking at other brands and steel epoxies because they were too dark and white, but this is almost a perfect match. I'm not using this for plumbing, but for fixing stripped bolt threads. I think this product is great.

👤Absolutely useless. Won't fall down. I've never seen a one-part epoxy before, but there's no catalyst to make this one set, and it obviously won't set or harden without it.

👤A few months ago we had a bad leak in a copper pipe near a wall stud and an electrical box in the bathroom. We were supposed to have to open the wall under the bathroom. After turning off the water, we dried the pipe and then cleaned it with some cleaning agents. We cut off about 1/2 of the putty, then formed it around the leak, and pressed it around the pipe. We turned on the water after 2 hours when we were sure the patch was sealed. The leak was fixed without cutting or soldering. It is still fixed months later. The leak is still fixed. I would happily use the putty again. We may have another leak somewhere else in the plumbing. We fixed the leak with a new pipe. This is a good temporary fix because it lasted over 3 years. It is even more impressive that we are on well water.

👤I don't write reviews. When a product is beyond my expectations or an absolute waste of money. This is the latter. Didn't stick to the pipe. The instructions were followed, but the epoxy fell apart. Even after mashing it and rolling it around. I checked on it after I threw it in the trash to see if it had hardened. It didn't.

11. Loctite 1999131 Purpose Repair Ounces

Loctite 1999131 Purpose Repair Ounces

It is easy and simple to use. The product is made in the united states. Bonds metal, masonry, brick, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber, fiberglass composite, china, stone, marble and many rigid plastics. Seal pipes, fix leaks in tanks and drains, repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts, pools and cracks in concrete. A hard, tough, permanent and waterproof bond can be created when putties are mixed. Loctite Repair Putty Multi-Purpose is resistant to most common solvent. It can cure under water. It can be painted.

Brand: Loctite

👤Sit down, traveler. Let me tell you a story. Learning to drive in the suburbs didn't prepare me for narrow city streets. The passenger-side mirror was knocked off. I was not able to pay $450 again to fix it. I tried using super glue and it seemed like chunks were missing and the glue was not making enough contact. I found this putty. I was a little worried because people were saying it wasn't really a glue. If you look at the pictures, you'll see that there are lots of cracks and crevices where the putty can mold into. I was pretty sure I would be able to bond these two surfaces. It took a little bit longer to become hard because it was so cold. It took 20 minutes for the tape to hold it. I'm going to let it cure overnight and hopefully my drive tomorrow will be a good test. If I don't update this post within a day or two, everything will work out. I'm going to sand away the mess and match the black paint after I make sure it sticks. I gave it four stars because I think you really need to use gloves and follow the instructions. The rest of my skin is fine, but there is a small patch that formed while I was using the putty. Make sure to use gloves. For another time traveler, the window is different.

👤The shower tile had a chip and we had to replace it. We're glad we did, after seeing the results. It's not perfect, but you don't notice it unless you know where to look. We wiped it down, applied a small amount of epoxy, sanded it down, and then took the paint Home Depot mixed for us and applied. The results can be seen in the photos.

👤This is a sealed tube. There is a hardener on the inside of the plastic tube and a filler on the outside. When you cut a piece, you get equal amounts of hardner and filler that you mix together and make a uniform color. You put it into whatever you are filling. It is supposed to be hardened in 60 minutes. It is impossible to get the proportions wrong since you are cutting off appropriate amounts of hardner and filler when you cut off a piece. I am waiting for the shallow piece that I applied to harden. It is still soft enough that I can see a mark. It is never going to be easy to sand. Don't buy this if you want to fill plastic.

👤I love this stuff when you need thick glue or solid filler. Even in small amounts, it's easy to use. Have filled surfboard digs, mended toys, and patched screw holes. You name it. It didn't crack or shrink. Knead it, fill it, sand it flat.

👤I tried hot glue, super glue, and every other type of glue to fix a candelabra that broke, and then I tried this stuff on the hollow core of the candelabra to try and hold it together. It actually worked. This stuff leaves a "ghosting" haze on everything it touches. If you're working with gloves on, be sure not to touch anything else that you don't want to have the same haze on it. You should put the newspaper under the project you're working on. The bottom line... It holds its TIGHT!


What is the best product for repair putty gray?

Repair putty gray products from Seisso. In this article about repair putty gray you can see why people choose the product. Sugru and Mti are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair putty gray.

What are the best brands for repair putty gray?

Seisso, Sugru and Mti are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair putty gray. Find the detail in this article. Loctite, Erase-a-hole and Dap are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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