Best Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Sulfate

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1. TRESemmé Shampoo Conditioner Moisture Dye Free

TRESemm%C3%A9 Shampoo Conditioner Moisture Dye Free

The TRESemmé Pro Pure Damage Repair system is an ideal beauty regimen or gift set to clean and condition damaged hair. Sulfate free and Silicone free hair care products leave hair clean and hydrated. The TRESemmé Pro Pure Damage Repair conditioner is a good choice for damaged hair because it protects against visible signs of damage. Their alcohol free, paraben free and dye-free invisible styler is the perfect complement to your clean hair care regimen. This system supports a cleaner hair care and beauty regimen without sacrificing what you know and love. Professional, affordable hair care salon-quality products are available for long- lasting damage repair and volume without the salon price tag.

Brand: Tresemmé

👤Also, note: I was looking for a product called "Light Moisture" which is the title of the product. The photo in the product description matches the one I received. I'll use it because it's very similar to the other ingredients. The title should be "Repair" or the product should be "Light Moisture". The quality of the product is better than the average grocery store brand and the price is decent. The product is easy to use on my hair.

👤I would like to get a refund for these items, but they will probably be thrown away. I have damaged hair, not from coloring. I have always had damaged and broken hair. It's terrible. Doesn't lather unless you use a lot. My hair feels like straw after. It is a conditioner. I would love to use their basic product line if I didn't have colored hair. The styler doesn't have a heat protectant, so it does nothing. It makes zero sense. I can't wait to wash my hair tomorrow. Was looking to save money. I didn't use any heat on my hair after showering because it feels dry and damaged.

👤I like theconditioner. It's great for my hair. I have not had as much fading. The conditioner is clean and doesn't leave a mess like some others do. My rating is 5 stars. If you use the styling product on dry hair, it can leave your hair sticky. It's hard to get the correct amount out even on wet hair, it's a bit sticky and the sprayer makes it hard to get the correct amount out. The jury is still deciding. It's a good price for a great product. It smells good too.

👤The curly girl method is what I follow. The conditioner is good. The conditioner's bottle is not practical to use. It doesn't get back to its original shape after being squeezed. I didn't like the styler. I like using mousse. I would only buy again if the styler is in the bundle and the packaging is different.

👤The bottles should be about 9 inches, but mine are 6.5 inches. The bottles will weigh 3.37 pounds. I'm not sure if that was each or together, but no matter what I do, I don't come close to that. I haven't tried the products yet. So far, it's not a good go of things.

👤My hair felt cleaner and had more volume. I love it!

👤I had to buy more after my friend bought this for me.

2. Shampoo Conditioner Organic Sulfate Approved

Shampoo Conditioner Organic Sulfate Approved

There is a hair grooming product that contains ricinoleic acid and organic castor oil. It makes hair grow stronger. Curly hair is approved with a natural formula that will make your hair shine and look amazing. Fix damaged hair and keep it healthy. It stays soft and smooth if you nourish it. Don't let everyday hair products make your hair look flat. This amazing hair care combo can cleanse and detoxify hair. This set is great for all hair types. It is safe for both men and women. They are vegan-friendly and never tested on animals.

Brand: Shiny Leaf

👤When I brushed my hair after showering, it was shining and I didn't loose much. I ordered again. The product has changed. I read the ingredients and found out that it does not contain biotin anymore. I am really disappointed because I started losing hair again. I would have considered it before I ordered. I am looking for other options.

👤If you have thick hair, I don't recommend buying this. You have to cover your head. That is one of the reasons I am rating it a two. The conditioner is not helpful because it strips your hair and dries it out.

👤My hair is the most unmanageable hair in the world. I saw an ad for a product on my page and decided to try it. That was the best decision I have made in a long time. My hair is still straight, but it feels and looks bigger, and I think it is getting thicker. I ordered the conditioner because I was so happy. It is as good as the hair product. I would tell everyone to try it. You will not be disappointed.

👤This is my third order of this product. My hair was falling out. I have natural silver white hair which is very dry and damaged. I was using an expensive salon brand that wasn't doing much for my hair. I was researching for something else when I came across the benefits of castor oil. I decided to try it because it was a good price and I wouldn't be spending a lot of money if it didn't work. It was the best decision I have ever made. My hair was shiny and soft after the first use. My hair is getting bigger. It is growing faster than ever before. You won't be disappointed if you give it a try.

👤My hair is getting less full and more wavy as I get older. I have a curly hair and it was making me crazy. I tried a lot of expensive products on the market that were suggested by my hairdresser, but they didn't add any volume to my hair. I think I have found my perfect product. I have been using this conditioner and shampoo together for about a week or so and I can honestly say that my hair has never felt better. It gives enough humidity. I don't weigh it down because I'm not frizzy. It is bouncy, shiny and much more manageable than it has been in a long time. It has reduced hair loss. I hope that with continued use, I will have some growth. I will be using this product for a long time even if that doesn't happen.

👤I have severely damaged hair from dying and using bleach and have been looking for a product to help it not feel like hay. After the first wash, there was already a difference. I only wash my hair every few days as opposed to every day as the bottle suggests, but after about 4 washes my hair felt almost perfectly healthy again. My hair has felt nice for a long time, almost as if I never bleached it. It's color safe, but it has drained a lot of the color out of my hair, so it's no longer vibrant, but if you're willing to sacrifice some color for revived soft hair, I will swear by this.

3. Advanced Shampoo Conditioner Macadamia Arvazallia

Advanced Shampoo Conditioner Macadamia Arvazallia

A professional hair mask system for dry or damaged hair. It's safe for color or treatment of hair. Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens damaged hair. Deep conditions, moisturizes, and instantly improves texture, elasticity, and manageability of hair. Natural hair growth is helped by Strengthens Hair. It is possible to give your hair a lustrous shine by using the highest quality oil and oil products. It is effective for all hair types. 3 Piece Shampoo and Conditioner Set includes a repair moisturizing cleanser, repair daily conditioner, and hydrating hair mask and deep conditioner. It is specially formulated to complement and enhance the results obtained with other Arvazallia professional series hair treatments.

Brand: Arvazallia

👤It worked well the first time I bought it. It was thick and luxurious. It added volume and shine to my hair. It is completely different after I rearranged it last week. The shampoo is very liquid and odorless. It was difficult to work the brush through while blow drying after washing and blowing out my hair. The results of the second time around are not as good as the first, and I think this product has been watered down. I thought I had found a reasonably priced sulfate and paraben free cleanser that would preserve the integrity of my treatments.

👤I did not receive any compensation or product for this review. It would have been nice to get this for free. It's still worth it. I want to make it clear that I am not one to post reviews immediately after using a product, I am very skeptical when a product claims to make your hair 'instantly' anything after the first use. They have a 100% money back guarantee so they are behind their product. I purchased this kit with hope and I am very happy with it. My hair is damaged. I get Japanese thermal reconditioning and Brazillian/Keratin treatment. I had my hair colored a month ago and it is not happy because it was done over highlights that were very risky and did cause breakage. It's probably the worst it's been in a long time right now. I have a lot of products that I use. I noticed a change in my hair when I got out of the shower after using this system. Before I get to that part, I used the shower to wash my hair and it produced a decent suds. After rinsing my hair felt good. The regular conditioner smells nice, and it was easy to decongest my hair without too much resistance. It left a nice feeling in my hair when it was washed. The mask is thick and leaves the hair feeling smooth. After taking the towel off my hair is dry. When I put in the Arvazallia oil after towel drying, my hair kept dripping on the ends. Good sign... I used a touch of "its a 10 miracle" leave in as well to be fair and I have always used it, but it was not the variable here as I have always used it. Yes! It moved. I let it dry naturally and then used the blow dryer. I used more oil to finish it. My hair looked great. I used the same thing I did the first time, and used all 3 products, and towel dried and then used the masque. My hair is in bad shape so I thought it needed some care. Repeated the steps after showering. The hair is even better. It is skinnier and silky. To see what the ends of my hair do, I have to grab my hair and hold it up. Do they stick out straight like a dry broom or do they droop down as the law of gravity dictates? They're not straight. It's a good thing. I have found my Holy Grail of products. I have tried every product on the market. The list goes on and on. Nothing works the way I need it to so I have become a product junkie. This only works after 2 uses. When I started looking for the best shampoos for damaged hair, I came across this. Keep on making this stuff! I love it!

4. Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo Conditioner

Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo Conditioner

For damaged hair. Smooth, shiny results. The papaya chill pill has a scent.

Brand: Bed Head

👤I ordered this a few days ago and it arrived today. I smelled it through the box and when I took the bottles out, they were both expired. I'm not talking about a few days that expired. I'm talking about a couple months. See the images. Normally I'm not afraid of expired products. Drinking milk a few days after the date? Eh! I'd rather not take that risk because I know that expired hair products can cause infections and I've read that people's hair falling out can be caused by infections. I would just leave seller feedback and leave it at that, but I figured it would be worth warning other potential buyers before they go through the process me and a few others have with this.

👤Very disappointed! The conditioner has a bad smell. I was excited to use this stuff and I love it. I have used it for a long time and it smells great. The last time I ordered from this site, things seemed to go well. It wasn't bad enough to not use it. This time? Oh no! It smells bad. It was literally! The conditioner smells like a real TIGI product, but it's not. The smell is off and greasy. It is like conditioning my hair with oil. I will be requesting a return or refund. Really disappointed with this seller.

👤I decided not to read the reviews about this being a fake product. It was a bad idea. 15 months ago, the conditioner expired. It wasn't sealed like previous reviews said, and it didn't smell like the real deal. The overpowering chemical and perfume smells were so overpowering that even someone without a sense of smell could not smell it. I regret ignoring the bad reviews, but Amazon let me return it.

👤The tigi bedhead stuff is amazing. Don't buy it online. You can buy the real deal at a salon. It's worth the extra money to get the real stuff. I ordered this and it was garbage. My best friend is a hairdresser and she had me bring it into her salon to compare it to the ones she had. Save your hair.

👤6 months ago! Even if it wasn't expired, the smell of the conditioner is like a chemical smell and the hair is not good. I thought I was getting a lot, but I should have read all the other complaints about the smell.

👤I used this for about 2 months and I noticed a lot of hair loss, which is already happening. I thought it was helping to trim my hair. I began to notice that my hair line was thinner. I scheduled a doctors appointment to get my hormones checked, even though I didn't think it was the product. My levels were okay. I only wash my hair twice a week because it's very thick and wavy. After not using it for a while, I noticed that my hair is not falling as much. It will take just as long to see regrowth as it did to notice the loss. I checked my hormones with a doctor and had no other changes to my diet or hair, so I can only assume that I had a reaction to the product. It won't be the same for everyone. My experience and observations are what I'm talking about.

5. Love Beauty Planet Shampoo Conditioner

Love Beauty Planet Shampoo Conditioner

The Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner duo is a great hair care product. Coconut Oil is used in their vegan hair care products to give volume to fine hair and thin strands. Hair products are inspired by nature. The Organic Coconut Water infused volume cleanser and conditioner has a burst of delicate flowers. Yes color safe hair care, yes vegan hair care, and yes coconut oil for hair. The hair volume cleanser and conditioner are used. Silicone free and Cruelty-free are some of the ingredients in the cleanser and conditioner. There are hair volume products. All hair types, including color-treated hair, are safe to use this thickening conditioner.

Brand: Love Beauty And Planet

👤This is a great hair product. It makes my hair shine and smells amazing. I was very excited about the product. The second ingredient in the product is a Sulfate of Laureth. A person who is a carcinogen. So disappointing.

👤The power of cleansing is strong. You can feel your hair is soft and clean after using a cleanser. The conditioner has a plastic coating on it, so it's hard to rinse off. The chemists at Unilever don't know what a natural product is. Dipropylene glycol and ppg are thin petroleum jellies. You are exposed to chemicals that have no place in a "natural" product if you add sodium benzoate and citric acid. I don't recommend. There are many brands that are truly green, don't fall for this weak attempt by unprincipled multinationals to break into the naturals market.

👤Hated it. When I got it, it was stated in the description that there was no sodium laureth sulfate. Will not buy again.

👤I love this conditioner. It is amazing. I have thin hair and I haven't really been a fan of investing in a conditioner before so I thought I would try to take care of my hair better. The first time I used it, I thought it was a mistake. Every time, the result was the same. I have never felt my hair like that. It doesn't look greasy because with thin hair it gets greasy quick. I would make it smell like coconut if I could. I don't smell anything. Highly recommend.

👤I asked my sister in law what she used and she recommended this product. I could not be happier. I have very fine blonde hair and this product does not weigh it down. The hair is always shiny and full. Highly recommended!

👤This product is not a cruelty-free product. It is made by a company that tests on animals. They aren't leaping bunny certified. Without that certification, anyone can put not tested on animals. Don't order this product for that reason.

👤The smell of this hair product is so good. The smell lingered for days after I watched it. Even though I'm not a big fan of coconut, I love the scent of it. I like that the ingredients of the conditioner and the shampoo are more natural and that they leave my hair feeling soft. It is a good price for a more natural product. The cleanser doesn't clean my hair thoroughly. The top layer of my hair is greasy, but it doesn't seem like it would be difficult for the shampoo to penetrate it, since my hair is very thin. I will wash my hair 2 or sometimes times very thoroughly. I love everything about this product. I have to use a lot of the cleanser every time, and it doesn't clean my hair properly. I have used sulfate-free hair products before and never had a problem with them, so I'm not really sure why it is this way.

👤I have a lot of THIN hair that has beenbleached and dyed. Very thin. It goes down to my back. The consistency of the cleanser is similar to that of a gel. The consistency of the conditioner is similar to body lotion. I hated how it felt in the shower when I first used it. I didn't put any soap or conditioner in my hair, it felt like it was sticking together. The end dry result is what matters to me. I was pleasantly surprised. My hair is soft, but not really soft. More like a "okay". I had soap in my hair. It feels good. My ends were what I noticed the most. They are very smooth and tamer than I am used to, and I have bleached and dyed my hair so my ends are a mess. I only washed my hair and conditioners in water. The SMELL is making a difference. You can smell it in a room. A bottle of bath and body works well. I was worried that the smell would make me have a migraines, but it didn't. It doesn't smell like coconut. It has a strong floral scent. I would describe it as close to a bath as possible. But strong. I can't stress that enough. I can smell my hair without moving. I think it's worth the price. I took a star off for it being a mediocre wash and conditioner.

6. ArtNaturals Organic Moroccan Shampoo Conditioner

ArtNaturals Organic Moroccan Shampoo Conditioner

Acron oil is known for its ability to grow hair. From blow drying, flat ironing and sun exposure, the natural moisturizer will help repair damaged hair. For all hair types, the artnaturals argan oil cleanser and conditioner set is 888-739-5110 The ultimate experience is the duo set. Natural and organic ingredients help repair hair damage and prevent styling effects from heat and excess styling. The minerals and oils help the hair and the body. Leaving hair soft and refreshed. This powerful moisturizer will wash away the excess oils and dirt from your hair to get that beautiful shiny hair. The set will leave you with no greasy hair. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied or your money back. It is risk-free with no questions asked and top customer service. You have nothing to lose.

Brand: Artnaturals

👤This combo is all you need. I leave separate reviews because I tend to run out of the conditioner faster than the shampoo, and you don't need that much of the shampoo to get a good clean. This is a great product. It has a wonderful lather for a product that doesn't have sulfates, and it's not heavy like other argan oil products. I have tried other products that feel more oily than soft, or that leaves me with hair that is not clean. I am the kind of person who is always looking for a new hair product, but I keep coming back to this one. I can not recommend it enough. I used to have dry hair. I used to feel like I didn't have good hair genes because I'm half asian. This is despite using expensive conditioners. I stopped using conditioners for a while because I didn't feel like I made a difference. I finally started using this combo and my hair looks great! It was soft and shiny. The conditioner is light, doesn't weigh you down, and doesn't make me break out.

👤Someone has very oily hair. I really like this product. The smell is the best ever. I love the scent of this stuff, but it also leaves my hair soft and shiny, and it is very fresh. I stopped using the store bought shampoos because it was damaging my hair and causing problems with my skin. I couldn't afford it but my hairdresser convinced me to use it and I couldn't deny how much better it was for my hair. I decided to look for anything else I could use after running out. I'm glad I found this and it's even better than I thought, and I'm in love with my shiny soft locks. I still have some issues with my hair, but I have noticed a difference in it, and I have started to use a treatment that combines the two, the one I use on my hair is a combination of the one I use on my skin.

👤I used to love buying the conditioner and the shampoo for over a year. The formula has changed completely. The conditioner and the shampoo are not as nice as they were before, and are now a thinner consistency. My previous bottle of conditioner had the words "Algae Vera, Rosemary, and Argan oil" on the front. I may not be buying again because I am not happy with the changes.

👤I thought I had bad dandruff for a month. This made my hair fall out. You could see the build up of my hair line. The barber said it sounded like I was allergic to it. The problem went away when I stopped using the product. It does not mean that this will work for everyone. If you know you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't use these kinds of shampoos.

👤ArtNaturals is the best hair product I have ever purchased. My hair used to be sometimes curly, sometimes straight, sometimes easy to manage, and always shiny, but it has become a healthy hair that I have always wanted. People often ask me what I use because my hair looks so good, and I get tons of compliment from others. I wash my hair three times a week with this cleanser and I don't need a conditioner because it's so hydrating. When using hair dryers and straighteners, the conditioner adds protection and shine. This product is very good.

7. LOreal Paris Conditioner Color Treated Strengthens

LOreal Paris Conditioner Color Treated Strengthens

This set of conditioners is infused with goji and strengthens fragile hair and protects against environmental damage. Strengthens and Protects: This formula protects against UV rays, water, and heat styling that can affect hair and affect your color while making hair stronger and more resistant and helping color stay pure. Sulfate Free Hair Care has a creamy formula and a fresh aromatic scent that blooms, and is 100 percent free of sulfates, paraben, gluten, dyes, and vegan ingredients. You can have a salon quality hair care routine that is tailor made for your specific hair care needs and concerns, including for dry, damaged, frizzy, thin or color treated hair. L'Oreal Paris Beauty is a leading total beauty care company based in Paris and offers innovative products and unique expertise from beauty experts in makeup, skin care, hair care, styling and hair color.

Brand: L'oréal Paris

👤I have extremely dry hair and just had highlights put in so it really damaged the ends of my hair. I was completely amazed by the price. My hair was soft and not greasy after I washed it and left the conditioner on for 2 minutes. I gave the scent 3 stars because I love fruity and feminine smells and this was neutral.

👤It's hard to give a good review because the bottle is hard to squeeze. I'm not a weakling but this was crazy. I threw it out. I don't need to spend more time in the shower. It seems to be a common problem, so I hope the manufacturers figure it out. I don't recommend this for anyone with hand, wrist, arm issues.

👤When I tried to comb my hair, it felt gummy and I experienced severe breakage. My hair wouldn't hold color. These products have made a huge difference in my hair's condition. I colored my hair for a month and it hasn't washed out. I use a leave in conditioner. They are a winning team. I am very happy.

👤I think the conditioner is ok. The scent of the products is not offensive. Since I switched to this one, I feel like my hair has become a little dryer, so I will not be buying another one. The one that has been the best so far is the one that is moist.

👤My new favorite cleanser. It leaves your hair soft and shiny. The way my shower is, it has built in places to put stuff and the cat makes a mess, bottles of stuff everywhere. It's not possible for the cat to throw around a bedside. Absolutely will buy again.

👤I colored my hair a week before I bought this conditioner and cleanser. Everything has changed with their products. I have to change my hair color again after 7 weeks. Unless you like coloring your hair, don't buy.

👤I have thick wavy hair that is rejuvenated every other day with this conditioner. You can see in the packaging that it leaked. Had it been sent with no defects, I would have given it 5 stars.

👤I love the products but I don't like the bottles. It's difficult to get the liquid out. I have to squeeze or fold like a tube of toothpaste.

👤Buen producto. There is a joke. Amigos, unas ricos.

8. SheaMoisture Hydrate Conditioner Damaged Conditioner

SheaMoisture Hydrate Conditioner Damaged Conditioner

This sulfate-free, natural-smelling, hair-care product works alone to gently cleanse hair and strengthen strands from root to tip when used with their conditioner. Apply this conditioner to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Remove thoroughly. Their repair conditioner is the best for best results. The Hydrate + Repair Conditioner is a rinse-out conditioner that helps repair damaged hair. The deep hair conditioner smooths rough, dry cuticles and seals for split end repair. This hair treatment can be used to restore hair that is dull and lifeless. This conditioner and wash has been tested on their family for generations and never on animals. It can be used as a hair treatment.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤I was not happy with the product. I've been using the products from the company for a long time and always loved them. Your hair feels stripped because of the great lather that the shampoo had. The conditioner does not have good slip. I did not have a problem with this product because it left my hair very dry and frizzy. After trying them, I decided not to keep them.

👤This is a good product, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing it in a store because of the packaging and how much product was wasted.

👤It combs my hair very well and I love it. I am African American.

👤The bottles are a decent size and the smell is great. I thought I was not rinsing my hair well because it was feeling dry after I let it air dry. I stopped using it because I thought it was the conditioner. I made sure to rinse it all out, which made my hair feel a little dry and tangled after, but it still happened. Not sure what is happening. I have never had an issue like that before. My hair feels greasy quicker than usual. I was hoping it would be better than it is.

👤This is the best cleanser ever. The scent makes my hair soft. The light weight of the conditioner may make it seem like your hair isn't silky in the shower. I promise that when you leave your hair will be softer and shinier. After one wash, I got my hair back to normal. I will buy again and again.

👤I bought this to give my hair some strength. It made my hair brittle and dry and it did not smell great. It was difficult to brush my hair. Even using a lot of conditioner. I noticed that my hair was falling out more. I won't be buying again.

👤Also purchased the Shea butter Leave in Treatment. The smell is so delicious! I received a lot of praise for my hair. I am so happy I bought these. I have 3B type hair. A picture of results when dried was shown. My hair was lovely and fluffy after it was dried, not like ramen noodle curls.

👤I have been trying to switch my products to clean ones. One of the brands that offers clean ingredient shampoo at a reasonable price is shuyla. This is a decent cleanser, but my hair doesn't feel soft or healthy like other products I've used before. It is a clean product, and not many options in that price point. The smell is hard to describe. Very neutral.

9. Moroccan Shampoo Conditioner Sulfate Organic

Moroccan Shampoo Conditioner Sulfate Organic

Hydrates and restores humidity levels with the moroccan alabaster oil wash and conditioner set. It is safe and healthy to have colored and braided hair. The UV and Thermal Protectant with Vitamins andAntioxidants will protect hair from harmful UV rays and help it grow back. Those with thick or curly hair should be recommended by a professional. The best hair care. Without harming your health, this product is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride,Gluten or Phothalates. Sulfates and other harmful ingredients can cause a number of health problems, including itchy scalp, serious skin irritation and disease, hair loss and damage, and the ability to create nitrate compounds which have been linked to cancer and cell damage. Pure Nature does not contain any of the harsh chemicals. There is volume and control. The Deep hydra repair conditioner makes hair soft and manageable, giving it incredible shine and life. It helps control and smooth hair, leaving it silky smooth and aids in curl definition. Hair that is stronger, thicker and younger looking is a result of the absorption of the vitamins E and E2 into the hair. It's the best value for your money. They have bottles that are more than 16 ounces. Each fla oz has a value. The gift set has an Exquisite box. A great gift for someone. Best hair care gift for this season!

Brand: Pure Nature Lux Spa

👤I am a dark brown with red undertones and my hair is a little over processed because I bleached it to almost Platinum. I have washed and conditioned my hair twice since I switched. My hair is softer and not weighted down by conditioner build up. I have used other more expensive brands of hair products but nothing has given me the same results. My hair has never been healthier and I have never received more compliment on it.

👤I'm really impressed. I was very skeptical. I've tried a lot of natural products that were either false or didn't work. I have developed a good amount of skepticism. This product exceeded my expectations. My hair is long, down to my back. Medium curly and very dry, not color treated. I only use a straightener on low heat for a couple of days a week. I might blow-dry once a month. I try to be as good as I can be, otherwise it will turn into a mess of straw. There is an ingredients: The ingredients list does not hide anything. All of them passed the test I looked at on SkinDeep. You can't get too upset about Dimethicone and fragrance, but that's really making a mountain out of a molehill. I can tell you that the only thing that would make hair soft is to wash it with water. Sulfates are the least of your problems because other hair products are so saturated with other harmful chemicals. This product is free of toxins. That's good enough for me. It's really amazing. I'm impressed with how natural they are and how few ingredients they have. Experience is wow. I love my hair. My hair is easy to work with. It's just better. If I don't do anything to it, it's not a mess and I can't leave the house. I didn't get it for that, can't really speak for it. I am interested in the fact that it is a toxin free product. There are three reasons for the CONS: My hair gets greasier faster. I wash my hair often. I have to wash a day earlier every 3 days. That's a small thing. If others experience it, they will understand that this isn't a bad thing. It means less oils are taken out of your hair. It feels like a cleanse. I will have to wait to see if it improves over time. If you've ever tried the "no-poo" approach, you'll know that it's minor. What others have said about a clean spa smell is correct. It's not a strong perfume smell. It is not light and airy. It smells like hair products. It smells high-end. Does that make sense? I think I have found a cleanser that I want to use for a long time. I'm amazed by the ingredients. After the first use, my hair felt great and has been ever since. It's a natural hair system that is convenient. This is more than just sulfate-free. 99% of it is toxin free. This stuff does what it says it will do and that is a miracle for me. The box was really nice. It's a ready-to-gift if you put some wrapping paper around it.

10. Daughter Sulfate Shampoo Conditioner Restoring

Daughter Sulfate Shampoo Conditioner Restoring

Their Almond Milk Sulfate Free Shampoo and Almond Milk Restoring Conditioner help to restore hair's health and strength. Carol's Daughter Almond Milk is a Sulfate-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil-free hair mask that can be used to repair damaged hair. Almond Milk For Naturally Curly Hair is made for naturally curly hair and uses ingredients your curls crave, like Sweet Almond Oil,Aloe andShea Butters. Carol's Daughter Curly Hair products are made for all types of curly hair, from loose to coiled. Carol's daughter was born in a Brooklyn kitchen in 1993 and was made with a mother's love and encouragement.

Brand: Carol's Daughter

👤It almost destroyed my hair. I also bought all of it. I bought the leave-in, the curl cream, and the shampoos and conditioner. I don't recommend this for anyone with 3B - 4C hair. I am not saying this is for us sisters. It dried my hair out and caused damage. My hair gets matted after one night of sleep. My hair is very dry and brittle. I have had bad hair for two weeks, which is very unusual for me. I am truly, truly upset that I used this product for a single month and have been damaged. I shaved my head in 2012 and have been hairless ever since. I'm very particular about my hair and products. I recommend the brand "As I Am" to everyone. Don't use Carolina's Daughter. I threw away what was left of these. I thought about putting them in the guest bathroom. Don't put this on your hair. It will take months for my hair to grow back. After 2 days of not using Carols Daughter, my hair is starting to feel less brittle and hold more water.

👤I am very excited about my product. I love this stuff on my hair. I did a wash work on my hair and when I rubbed the conditioner over it, my hair came out of my mouth. Please Carol daughter don't change a thing about this product, I will post a pic with my full head washed with the product.

👤It saved my life when I first used this duo. I went to the hair cuttery to get a new hair color because I had made the worst of choices to save money. The woman bleached my hair and it was ruined. I went to the first drug store and read every bottle label for the products I was looking for. It works because of honest ingredients, reasonable price and most importantly - it works. After just one use, my hair began to bounce back from the damage. It did wonders and I was shook by it. It's great to support a company that aims to make products for black women. Like me, you don't need to be black to enjoy this product.

👤!! carols daughter products are fake. This looks like a legit store. It's not. I have the real hair product. The fake smell is similar to chemicals. The label is a watered down copy, and the color is completely off. The size of the pump is different. I've been buying carols daughter from Target for years. Will not be putting it in my hair.

👤I've heard good things about Carol's Daughter, but this was not good. I don't like to leave reviews or complain about products. This is a seriously bad hair care product. I had to deal with serious knots when I washed my hair. I heard this happened for others and decided to endure, but since I switched from Carol's Daughter to a new brand, I have been enduring that pain. It makes your hair feel very dry. I have mixed hair, but I need good hair care. I used this to find a good replacement for the devacurl scandal. I used it for about 6 months and used a lot of bottles, but I didn't realize how bad it was for my hair. The worst part was that I went through so much conditioner. I was having to buy conditioner for every bottle of shampoo that I had, which was terrible. I think I was able to ignore the flaws of Carol's because of the price-point and the reviews seemed good. I thought it wasn't good to be true, but it was. I want people to know that finding a good formula is hard. I realized that my hair can be nice and manageable when I used a better product. I don't want to give the name because I don't want this review to seem fake or planted, but I definitely wanted anyone who has these hair struggles with this product to realize that it's probably time to move on from it!

11. PURA DOR Thin2Thick Conditioner Ingredients

PURA DOR Thin2Thick Conditioner Ingredients

The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner are made with amazing hydrating properties that will encourage hair to grow out thicker. The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner has a potent blend of vitamins and minerals that can help repair damaged hair. Apple Cider Vinegar balances the pH levels of your scalp by cleansing, locking in moisture, and reducing itching, flaking, and dandruff - all the while improving hair manageability and reduced frizz. WholesOME BOTANIC INGREDIENTS: Their blend of 15 Key Active Ingredients is packed with natural goodness to help promote thicker, fuller, and healthier hair without the use of sulfates, parabens, or any other artificial Additives. There is a guarantee that healthy hair for happy customers. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are not happy with their Apple Cider Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

Brand: Pura D'or

👤I stopped coloring and highlighting my hair about 3 years ago. After coloring and highlighting my hair, it became brittle, product-needing, and thin. I had to use more and more products to make my hair look nice. I started working for an older woman who had the most incredible head of shiny and thick salt and pepper and silver hair. I asked her what she used and she said nothing. She told me she washed and conditioned. She said the secret to keeping your hair healthy was to not color it. She said to take care of your hair, and not to abuse it once it has grown out. It was simple advice. I stopped coloring and highlighting after that. I will not lie. It was rough at first. I felt ugly. The grow out was difficult. I cut it short to get rid of all the fried hair. I'm glad I stuck with it. My hair is growing like a weed three years into my natural hair journey. I have brown hair and a silver streak on my head. I had no idea what my hair color was. When my hair grew out, I wanted to invest in a product that would nourish my hair and promote a healthy scalp. This is the best way to wash your hair. My hair is light and full of body, and I no longer have the problem of Dandruff. I now wash my hair and let it air dry after years of blow drying and using a straightener. I have beach waves with volume and no hair. This cleanser does not strip my hair. I only have to wash my hair twice a week. I have noticed that my hair is less in the drain and that my hair is no longer itches.

👤I bought this at the beginning of the month. I used it for two months straight. I noticed that my hair was falling out around the middle of December. I was losing a lot of stuff in the shower, combing, and more. I began to notice how dry my hair was. It feels like straw. Worse than before! I was not sure if it was from the conditioner or the shampoo, but I am wondering. I stopped using it as soon as I realized it was the culprit. Once I cut my hair off and start over, I hope it goes back to normal.

👤I thought it was good to be true, especially for the price, when I looked at the ingredients when I was about to buy the product. I have lost a lot of hair. It is on my brush and in my shower. I lost almost nothing on my first use of the product. I thought it was weird when my hair fell out. I checked the ingredients and they only have organic materials, which are known to cause cancer and hair loss. I feel like I will use this product for a long time and I am looking forward to getting my hair back. The second review was by Yoo. I have finished my bottle. I got it on January 26 and February 20. My hair is almost a month old. I don't have to cut 6 inches off my hair because it has been made like those commercials. It is soft and shiny, my ends are together. The smell and feeling is what I live for. I will buy this product forever. I found bigger bottles at the store for a lower price. You can get it cheaper and bigger if you have a card from the wholesale club. It's a good thing.


What is the best product for repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate?

Repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate products from . In this article about repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate you can see why people choose the product. Shiny Leaf and Arvazallia are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate.

What are the best brands for repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate?

, Shiny Leaf and Arvazallia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair shampoo and conditioner sulfate. Find the detail in this article. Bed Head, Love Beauty And Planet and Artnaturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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