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1. VIORI Shampoo Bars Hidden Waterfall

VIORI Shampoo Bars Hidden Waterfall

The scent of the amber aroma found along the forested paths to hidden Longsheng waterfalls is reminiscent of Evoke the Senses. All natural, sulfate-free, and eco-friendly shampoo bars are ethically and sustainable, with 5% of profits donated back to the Red Yao Tribe, from which their rice issourced. Natural benefits include: Strengthens, Rejuvenates, Volumizes, Increases Natural Shine, Repairs, and Gently Cleanses Hair and Scalp. It's best for dry hair. Natural ingredients and their function include Longsheng Rice. Cocoa Butter is soft. The conditions of the butter. Rice Bran Oil and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein increase shine and volume. It is possible to use the word "alacho Vera" to mean "renewal, rejuvenation, repairs, conditions, smooths, increases shine." Smooths, repairs, rejuvenation, and shine are some of the benefits of bamboo. Natural essential oils include cedarwood oil, mandarin, jasmine, and amber. This fragrance is made with natural and/or natural-equivalent compounds. Their fragrances are free of many potentially hazardous chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, organ toxins, acute toxins, prop 65 chemicals, and any other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Their products are compliant with IFRA.

Brand: Viori

👤People who have severe allergies to scent buy unscented products. I was excited when I found this product, but it wasn't until I got it that I realized it was unscented. The shipping box was perfumed with a flowery perfume scent and the cardboard wrapping on the bar was very perfumed as well. The bar absorbed the scent from the outer wrappings. It is not usable. I had to remove all the packaging from my house so I can't return it. I was very disappointed that I wasted my money.

👤The smell of the bars and the packaging are amazing. The scent I chose was "Terrace Garden". I got the package in time for my shower. When I used it in the shower, I noticed my tangles were easy to deal with, and after applying the condition, my hair was softer and silky. My hair won't feel great in the shower, but not after drying off, because my hair has had time to soak up everything I've used. Not this time. When I was finishing my after shower routine I had to use a little split end saver on my hands and I couldn't stop my hair from growing out. No knots! My hair is soft and smells great. 100/10 would recommend, but it would be 110% and will buy again.

👤I put off buying this product because of the price. Sulfate free products are expensive and stink, and I have Psoriasis at the nape of my head. I bought the fruit. The smell of the citrus is amazing when you open the box. It's not strong, just right. I washed my hair. You don't have to lather it up a lot. Rub through your hair and use your hands to lather it up. When you rinse your hair, it doesn't take as long to rinse as regular shampoos do. My hair is still clean two days later. My skin condition doesn't bother me by scratching. The conditioner bar was purchased by me. I will definitely be buying more of this product.

👤I am washing my hair. I am losing my hair but the smell is nice. I tried to leave a review for the bar shampoo, but the web page doesn't show, so I didn't. It's bad, you can see it by the picture. I used this product for the last time today. I regret buying a set for my son at the viore website because he lost a lot of hair.

👤I liked the smell of the bar, but it didn't clean my hair or my scalp, which is oily, and it dried out my hair. It may be good for other people's hair, but I have coarse hair. My hair dried out after I used this bar. I spent my money on it. I won't use it on my hair again.

👤I wouldn't recommend this product. I lost more hair than I normally do.

👤This product was used for the first time yesterday. The soap lathered well and the conditioner was special. My hair has not felt good in a long time. My face, my neck, and my forehead have all broken out. This is the only new item in my routine. My face stays the same. Absolutely do not recommend this bar.

2. Ethique Eco Friendly Solid Shampoo Wrangler

Ethique Eco Friendly Solid Shampoo Wrangler

Frizzler is a vegan hair care product that will keep your hair smooth and shiny. It's a perfect cleanser for dry hair, curly hair or frizzy hair. Their Too conditioner bar is a good match for this. There are naturally derived ingredients. The coconut smell makes the hair very curly. It's made from coconut oil, creamed coconut and cocoa butter. It is safe for all skin types. Their bars are safe for damaged or color-treated hair. Palm-oil and aluminum are free. Excellent value and eco-friendly. The bars are packaged in boxes that are fully recyclable. The bar is good for up to 80 uses. No more plastic bottles. There are products that are safe for the environment. There are no toxins from synthetic fragrances, waxes, and silicones. Ethique's full line of hair care, skin care and self care products are made from fair-trade cocoa butter and coconut oil. There are bars for pet and kid hair.

Brand: Ethique

👤The product smells great and cleans my hair. I don't think I'll buy this brand again because I'm done with this bar. The only benefit I see is how soft my hair is. My hair is wavy and this product strips it's texture making it hard to style in the morning. I have a mess of hair that wants to be curly but can't. I thought I could just sacrifice my hair and shower at night. That is a very disappointing feeling. I bought this product because I wanted to go plastic-free. They used a lot of PLASTIC to ship it. If I had just gone to the store and bought a plastic bottle, the amount of waste created by ordering this product would have been less. I was disappointed by that. I hope they stop using plastic. I don't recommend this product if you have thin hair. My hair is very thick, and it is very easy to style. I will continue my search for a product that's right for me once this bar is done. I wanted to be a part of this bar. Oh well.

👤I have only used this bar once and it was amazing. I went back to the ingredients and did a deeper dive because of science. There are credible chemistry explanations of what sodium cocoyl isethionate and sodium coco sulfate are, which is why I find it disturbing that a company with the name "Ethique" claims that this bar has no harsh stripping surfactants. I think Ethique should reimburse me for the bar because I didn't realize it on the front end. It would be ethical to do that in line with the company name, rather than making misleading product claims.

👤This is a great product. I have naturally curly hair and it kept my hair straight. I washed it on a Tuesday and didn't wash it again until Saturday. My hair was clean and light. I ordered the conditioner bar to go with the shampoo.

👤I was looking for a natural, vegan, and good for the environment bar to combat the problem of Dandruff so that I could switch to it. I found the Heali bar after doing my research. I am very happy that I did. I've been using Head & Shoulders for a long time but it left me with dry patches on my hair, and itchiness on my skin. This bar has helped combat all of those problems. I was skeptical at first, but I noticed a difference. It smells amazing, lathers well, and my hair feels normal for the first time in years.

👤The year of less plastic is here. I started with items in my bathroom and have been struggling to get a bar. I am so glad I did it. I will probably still use a conditioner because the salt can dry my hair out. I am happy it didn't make it super oily like other natural products. I have highlighted my hair, which is a bit wavy, but it didn't dry it out, it didn't leave my roots oily, and it didn't weigh it down. It lathers so well that it feels like using a quality hair product. I have a lot of their other products in my cart and I'm going to buy them for the family.

3. SheaMoisture Manuka Yogurt Hydrate Shampoo

SheaMoisture Manuka Yogurt Hydrate Shampoo

This sulfate free hair care product works alone to gently cleanse hair and strengthen strands from root to tip when used with their conditioner. Restore and repair with this scuplture that replenishes theMoisture to dry, brittle strands while promoting a healthy shine. Apply this conditioner to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Remove thoroughly. Their repair conditioner is the best for best results. This hydrating cleanser is made with honey, yogurt extract, Mafura Oil, and shea butter. This is the only hair care product that has been tested on their family for generations and never used on animals. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no animal testing, and no petroleum in this moisturizing shampoo.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤Really disappointed in this. I've gotten it before from a store. I ordered this on Amazon and am certain that the package was tampered with. The seal on top was cheap and easy to remove. It looked like it was on one of those bottle seals that were pressed on top and weren't really sealed down. The cleanser was very thin and watery. I bought this product in a store and it was very thick and smelled great. There is no way this was not altered. I threw it away. I would have taken a picture. I did not. Be careful when buying beauty products online.

👤This product made my hair very dry. My hair doesn't get knotty. Like always. I would not need to brush it with a brush. After using this product, my hair was dry and frizzy. My hair was sad. I couldn't run my fingers past my ears because they were all knots. I would have to use up to 10 pumps of this conditioner to coat my hair. This was not what I was expecting after using the same line of products.

👤I have coarse hair. My crown is very brittle because it is the driest. I've been looking for a product that would make me feel better. That was accomplished by this shampoo. I took a chance because I have tried other lines from the same company and they all have bad results. I have the leave in and the conditioner. I found something that works for my hair.

👤I used a conditioner and a cleanser and it left my hair very dry. When I purchased this product, I thought it might be too heavy on my hair, but it was just the opposite. My hair looked straw.

👤I am about to use a facial cleanser on my hair because all of the shampoos are drying my hair.

👤The smell is similar to my grandma's 50 year old Avon perfume. I've never had a smell like this before. I will never use a fake perfume.

👤Sally's beauty product smelled amazing and I have been buying it. When I saw it on Amazon, I was happy. Buyers beware... The smell of the product I buy at the store was off when I used this. It smelled like it was expired.

👤I like quality in a product. Something gets canned if it doesn't perform well. I have been trying to find a high-quality and affordable natural, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, andparaben-free hair product for a while. I bought this on a whim, and it has proven to be a great purchase, and it is my new go-to for hair care. I can rely on a thorough clean with less than a dime size of product. This formula doesn't make your hair greasy or weigh it down.

👤Me dej el cabello, me encanto lo manejable, para el m├ętodo curly. I am a pequeo, pero con poca cantidad.

👤El champ, anterior de Shea Moisture, no me convenci aportaba mucho peso. Contenta con la compra.

4. Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ketoconazole Dandruff

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ketoconazole Dandruff

It's a circumstantial trait. Dandruff stays off your head and shoulders with this treatment. Twice a week is the amount of time you should use your regular hair care products. Works on all hair types. KONAZETOCOLE: The ingredient that makes this dandruff relief shampoo works by binding to your hair's natural proteins to kill the disease. Your hair is manageable with the thick lather of the shampoo. Dandruff is caused by the cells regenerating at an accelerated rate. Nizoral is a clinically proven anti-dandruff cleanser with 1% of ketoconazole. Nizoral is a clinically proven treatment that helps maintain a healthy scalp. Twice a week, use a soft shampoo with ketoconazole to keep it free of hair. There are self-care solutions. They focus on consumer needs to help provide innovative solutions to everyday healthcare problems. Nizoral is an anti-dandruff product.

Brand: Nizoral

👤I bought this stuff to use as a face wash. I've tried every face wash and prescription face stuff, but nothing would get rid of my skin problems. I only get a small amount of redness on my chin, but it is constant and annoying. I read online that using a face wash with "Ketaconazole" as an active ingredient was effective at getting rid of acne. I've tried a lot of things, but nothing seemed to work, so I was skeptical. The stuff has cleared my face. I wash my face with this stuff in the morning and night, and let it sit for 1-2 minutes before I wash it off. I use Vaseline on my face overnight to protect it from the elements. I used this product and Vaseline and it worked for me. My routine should work. I will update if it doesn't.

👤I have been a Nizoral user for decades. My immune system is not great and I am sensitive to mold and fungus. I didn't have to worry about burning, itching, or sore my hair because of this shampoo. That has changed. The company that makes Nizoral changed the formula of their product to be mostly citric acid, dye, alchohol, and BHT. The smell is different. They've cheapened the product and sold out at my expense. I don't have the strength to deal with all that acid on my head. It may bother you as well. Night and day are different for me. The skin on my head starts to sting a few moments after I put it on. It hurts while it is drying, and leaves me with blisters on my hair line. I have an allergy and I have to assume that the change has caused a flare up. If you are finding that Nizoral is not the same, you are not alone. This company has a lock on the market for humans. I wonder why we're putting them on pets, since they can have harsh ingredients that can hurt humans.

👤I switched from head and shoulders to devacurl products a year ago because of my curly hair. I noticed that I was developing a skin problem. I tried the home remedies but didn't like them so I didn't make the recipes. I said forget it and went on with my life. I was embarrassed until someone pointed out my problem. I went to Amazon determined to get rid of this annoyance and I found a really good product that had high reviews. After a few uses, my hair was gone. I would have liked to have bought this sooner. I use this shampoo and it has helped me get rid of my dandruff. Trust me, if you are on the fence, try it.

👤I have had a lot of flare ups with the disease. I tried this product and was hopeful. I could not tell if it did anything or not. I researched the cause of dandruff recently and discovered that there are many causes. Some are from dry skin, others are from anxiety, and still others are from a kind ofbacteria that lives just beneath the top layer of skin. I tried a variety of home remedies, including applying a greasy cream substance to my head at night. I used over the counter triple antibiotic cream. I will report my findings to my doctor if I find that my dandruff is caused by that just-under-the-skinbacteria, and maybe a specific antibacterial product will kill off those little nuisances that cause my dandruff flareups. Best of luck to everyone with their hair issues. If this product doesn't work for you, I'd still not try triple antibiotic cream from the drug store. If you notice an improvement, see your doctor.

5. SheaMoisture Manuka Intensive Hydration Shampoo

SheaMoisture Manuka Intensive Hydration Shampoo

The intensive hydration shampoo is sulfate free and has intense hydration. It is possible to repair and revive damaged hair with a rich hair wash and oils. The key ingredients in this sulfate free hair product are Manuka Honey, Mafura Oil, and fig extract. Apply this hydrating cleanser to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Remove thoroughly. Sulfate free hair wash with fair trade butter. The intensive hydration shampoo is made with no sulfates, no Parabens, no mineral oil, no animal testing and no petrolatum.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤This is not free from synthetic fragrance. I have bought this brand before and it was fragrant with essential oils. This is not disclosed on the website. I wasted time ordering this. My wife has asthma.

👤Why do companies have to change their products? The first bottle was thick and creamy and made my dry hair feel amazing. I ordered 2 of them and this last bottle is like an idiot. I am so upset that I have dry fuzzy hair again and thick and creamy went right out the window, don't put too much of this in your hand or it will run right out and onto the shower floor. The first bottle was amazing, no product was needed to finish hair after shower. I never had a problem with the first bottle, but you lost one customer because of it. After rinsing my shoulders and back, it doesn't smell, feel or preform the same as before. Do you know how long it took me to find a product that worked? You don't know how upset I am. I swear it is this product that makes my hair thinner. I can't tell how bad this brand is.

👤I used to have 3B curly hair. I noticed that the hair was well-hydrated and had good curl definition. I didn't think it dried out my hair when I used it. After 6 mos, my hair grew used to it and no longer felt silky soft after every use, but I still use this to take a break from my other more expensive cleanser. I recommend this for anyone who likes natural products and needs to keep their hair moist, as the price is excellent.

👤There are two different versions of this product. One has essential oil blend and the other has perfume which is higher up on the list. I have to return the one from Target and the one from Amazon.

👤The product lathers well, smells great, and is free of most of the big offenders when it comes to endocrine disrupting chemicals. The product I got has something called "fragrance (parfum)" in it. You can see the images attached to this review for proof. I contacted the company in advance because I was worried about it, and they stated that the product was scented with an essential oil blend. The product is the same if you purchase it from either of our websites. I bought this product because of their recommendation. Their statement is not true. I have to rate this product three stars because the company misled me and their product can contains fragrance, which is an "undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients that were used as fragrance dispersants".

👤I bought this for my dry hair, and I love it. I had to purchase an additional bottle because my entire family started using it. It has made people feel good about their hair. It's free of the bad stuff found in most shampoos. It was worth the price for us.

6. SheaMoisture Hydrate Conditioner Damaged Conditioner

SheaMoisture Hydrate Conditioner Damaged Conditioner

This sulfate-free, natural-smelling, hair-care product works alone to gently cleanse hair and strengthen strands from root to tip when used with their conditioner. Apply this conditioner to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Remove thoroughly. Their repair conditioner is the best for best results. The Hydrate + Repair Conditioner is a rinse-out conditioner that helps repair damaged hair. The deep hair conditioner smooths rough, dry cuticles and seals for split end repair. This hair treatment can be used to restore hair that is dull and lifeless. This conditioner and wash has been tested on their family for generations and never on animals. It can be used as a hair treatment.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤I was not happy with the product. I've been using the products from the company for a long time and always loved them. Your hair feels stripped because of the great lather that the shampoo had. The conditioner does not have good slip. I did not have a problem with this product because it left my hair very dry and frizzy. After trying them, I decided not to keep them.

👤This is a good product, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing it in a store because of the packaging and how much product was wasted.

👤It combs my hair very well and I love it. I am African American.

👤The bottles are a decent size and the smell is great. I thought I was not rinsing my hair well because it was feeling dry after I let it air dry. I stopped using it because I thought it was the conditioner. I made sure to rinse it all out, which made my hair feel a little dry and tangled after, but it still happened. Not sure what is happening. I have never had an issue like that before. My hair feels greasy quicker than usual. I was hoping it would be better than it is.

👤This is the best cleanser ever. The scent makes my hair soft. The light weight of the conditioner may make it seem like your hair isn't silky in the shower. I promise that when you leave your hair will be softer and shinier. After one wash, I got my hair back to normal. I will buy again and again.

👤I bought this to give my hair some strength. It made my hair brittle and dry and it did not smell great. It was difficult to brush my hair. Even using a lot of conditioner. I noticed that my hair was falling out more. I won't be buying again.

👤Also purchased the Shea butter Leave in Treatment. The smell is so delicious! I received a lot of praise for my hair. I am so happy I bought these. I have 3B type hair. A picture of results when dried was shown. My hair was lovely and fluffy after it was dried, not like ramen noodle curls.

👤I have been trying to switch my products to clean ones. One of the brands that offers clean ingredient shampoo at a reasonable price is shuyla. This is a decent cleanser, but my hair doesn't feel soft or healthy like other products I've used before. It is a clean product, and not many options in that price point. The smell is hard to describe. Very neutral.

7. Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo Damaged Hair

Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo Damaged Hair

Powerful fusion is what heals hair damage with the Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo for damaged hair. The salon experience is brought home by the first step of the treatment. KERATIN SHAMPOO reaches into the hair fiber to help repair it. You have silky and glowing hair because of continued use. There is a treatment for hereditary diseases. You can heal signs of damaged hair with the help of the new salon product,Nexxus.

Brand: Nexxus

👤I ordered theNexxus Keraphix Shampoo and Conditioner because I was having a lot of hair loss and I hated hair wash days. My hair was brittle and dry no matter what I put on it. I thought I would have to cut my hair and start over. When my products arrived, I couldn't wait to try them. I like the smell. Very nice and not powerful. The first time I washed my hair was with the Nexxus Shampoo, and the second time was with the hair itself. The way that my hair reacted was amazing. I was able to pull a comb through my thick, natural, 4C hair after my curls appeared. I've never been able to do this before. I had barely any hair in my comb. I hadn't used the conditioner yet. I had to stop and look in the mirror and say, "Omg, I cannot believe this!" I've never experienced a hair wash like this before. After washing my hair, I went on to use the Nexxus Conditioner. More amazing. I sat under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes with the conditioner on my hair, under a plastic cap, after it said to leave on the hair for 3 minutes. I washed away all of the conditioner after my time was up. My hair was manageable. I was able to section my hair so that it would dry overnight. It only took me 30 minutes to dry my hair. I've never been able to complete this process in such a short time. I'm very satisfied with these products. Even though they are expensive, I will be buying them again. I told my mom about my experience and am going to try it on her hair, to see if she gets the same experience and satisfaction that I did. Thank you Amazon for carrying the wonderful products, and thank youNexxus for the wonderful products. It's a must try on the Nexxus Keraphix. This is the first time I have written a review. I was very pleased with the products.

👤I received this in a beauty box. This was the first product I was compelled to buy after receiving hundreds of samples. My hair was lifeless and dry. My hair is soft and shiny. This is the first time I've seen noticeable results after just one use of the product. If you are sensitive to perfume smells, this may be too strong for you. I like the fact that my hair is held for more than 24 hours. The smell of this one still comes through even after using a different one. If you have greasy hair, this may make it worse. At the end of the day after using this, there is a subtle heaviness to my roots. This is my new favorite beauty product.

👤I got a sample of the two products. It is not the same as I have used before. I have medium length hair, and I have had to use more than usual on my hair because of the thickness of the shampoo. This is actually making my hair thicker. When my hair is in itscurly phase, this adds some bulk to it. It makes my hair soft. * It feels like my hair never washes out, but it is. My hair feels cleaner than it has in the past, except for my normal brand which always feels clean. As far as the scent is concerned, Keraphix has a pleasant scent. Unless you put your hair to your nose, it doesn't linger long after you dried it. This is definitely salon quality, as theNexxus brands are found in salons. It does most of what it promises, but not everything. I haven't found a conditioner that is 100% perfect and I've used all brands. I have two hair care systems, one of which is the Keraphix system. I have found that alternating between the two works best for my hair.

8. Love Beauty Planet Sulfate Free Multi Benefit

Love Beauty Planet Sulfate Free Multi Benefit

The Moodscentz fragrance of sun-kissed mandarin that is infused with vegan biotin and citrusy, fresh Moodscentz fragrance of sun-kissed mandarin that evokes happy feelings to bring positive energy to your day is their hair care product. A multi-benefit sledgehammer. The sulfate-free shampoo has five benefits: deep cleansing, hydration, strengthens, creates visible fullness, and leaves hair soft and shiny. Yes safe for colored hair, yes Sulfate-free, yes vegan, yes ethically-sourced Mandarin, yes vegan Biotin. There are 6 free ingredients in the perfume form. This multi-benefit hair repair shampoo is formulated with naturally derived ingredients and is also safe for all hair types. There is a desire to love beauty and the planet. They believe in doing good and looking good at the same time. They made their bottles with 100 percent recycled plastic and packed their hair product in them.

Brand: Love Beauty And Planet

👤The conditioners are great. After you wash and rinse, your hair doesn't feel stripped like other shampoos. You need a little conditioner after that. My hair is clean and soft. And my hair is back! Since I started using this, I have gotten a lot of praise.

👤The scent of this product is great. I will not be buying again unless the seller can find a way to ship without spilling. The first bottle was sent back because it had leaked in the shipping box. This review is written to make others aware of an issue.

👤I found the larger bottle at Target, but I like that it comes with a pump. I love the scent of oranges. I have been using natural, alcohol and chemical free hair products for a long time and this is a great one. Good for fine hair, no greasy mess, and good for tangles. I love it!

👤These days, people are trying to get cleaner beauty. The less harmful stuff is better. It leaves my hair clean and soft. My skin feels good and it has life, like I don't need the apple cider vinegar rinse. It lasts a long time and I'm eager for more sustainable packaging in the future. I don't want to smell like coconut, seagrass, or anything like that. It was not unpleasant but strong and not to my liking. I don't like high concentrated floral, or a soft berry smell.

👤The hair is brittle and dry. There was no shine or softness. Return began.

👤It left my hair dull with no shine and a smell that was like it had been left on my hair.

👤It's baffling how anyone can rate this. I wanted to try this because I have thick hair. This isn't lightweight and doesn't rinse out. I had to wash my hair again in order to get rid of this product. My hair was dry and sticky. I've never seen a product that made my hair feel that way. I would never recommend this to anyone.

👤I ordered this one because I wanted to try it. It is vegan, has no sulfates and is safe for the environment. I like how it cleans my hair. I have the conditioner as well. This is a good cleanser.

9. Just Men Control Reducing Shampoo Gradually

Just Men Control Reducing Shampoo Gradually

Every wash, CGX Innovative hair color shampoo reduces grey. Increasing volume is achieved by gently and thoroughly cleaning and revitalizing. It reduces grey hairs gradually, unlike other dyes. There was no ammonia or peroxide. A triple patented formula keeps hair strong and healthy. It is best for light brown to black hair. All you have to do is wash your hair. If you like what you see, use it instead of your regular hair product. If you want to maintain the look you like, alternate with your regular hair product.

Brand: Just For Men

👤Many of the reviews state that it doesn't cover small stubble or coarse hairs on the side of your temples. The amount of time on your head is the most important thing, especially on the coarse hairs on the sides. You're not going to get any effect from it in a great way with such little time, the directions state only use it for a minute or two. I used it on my head for at least 10 minutes after the allergy test. I have all the time in the world. I did this three times a day. My hair was mostly Gray when I first got it. At the end of day three, I used it three times a day for 10 minutes each time the top of my head looked perfect. I have my sides cut short because of the greys on the sides. My barber would leave the hair dye on for a long time. I decided to use it only on my sides for 20 minutes at a time. I play bingo after two days and then three times a day. I can use the maintenance dosage once every two or three days. If you leave it on longer for about 20 to 30 minutes in the beginning, you will get the results you want quickly and you won't have to worry about the greys.

👤Don't rely on the negative reviews, they're simply following the directions, which incorrect advise to leave the hair in for 2 minutes! There is no hair color in the world that can bond your hair in 2 minutes. It should be left for at least 10 minutes. The longer it sits, the more it oxidizes and the darker it gets. I put it in when I first get in the shower and let it sit until I'm done, so I'm personally going for complete gray coverage. Leave it in 10ish minutes if you're looking for less intense gray coverage. Clear your hair of everything by washing it first with another cleanser. Don't lather it in, just mush it into your hair, and apply it with gloves, because it will stain your fingernails. You will see results within a few applications if you follow the instructions.

👤I used the Grey Reducing Shampoo for my beard, not the BeardWash. The picture on the left is before using the product, and the picture on the right is after using it for two weeks. It works. I ordered more. I put it in my hair and beard at the beginning of a shower and then rinse it out at the end. I will use it a few times each week to maintain color. It leaves a stain around the drain of my shower, but it scrubs out.

👤It is great for men and women with short hair. It will reduce your grey hair over time. Just use it as your cleanser. Use it every time you wash your hair. I used it in the shower for two weeks. I wanted my grey hair to go from 60 to 30%. It was gradual so people didn't think it was a big deal. Then wash it out once or twice a week. Do you want to experiment with what works best for you? For faster results, leave it in your hair for 1-2 minutes or longer. The skin allergy test is the first thing to do. The name Just For Men is misleading, so I mentioned use for women with short hair. People with long hair would not find this easy to use. The tube should last 3 to 5 weeks for everyone else. You might have color in your hair if you don't have an old ratty hair towel. I hope my review helped you. If yes, please click the HelpFUL box. Thanks!

10. PURA DOR Thin2Thick Conditioner Ingredients

PURA DOR Thin2Thick Conditioner Ingredients

The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner are made with amazing hydrating properties that will encourage hair to grow out thicker. The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner has a potent blend of vitamins and minerals that can help repair damaged hair. Apple Cider Vinegar balances the pH levels of your scalp by cleansing, locking in moisture, and reducing itching, flaking, and dandruff - all the while improving hair manageability and reduced frizz. WholesOME BOTANIC INGREDIENTS: Their blend of 15 Key Active Ingredients is packed with natural goodness to help promote thicker, fuller, and healthier hair without the use of sulfates, parabens, or any other artificial Additives. There is a guarantee that healthy hair for happy customers. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are not happy with their Apple Cider Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

Brand: Pura D'or

👤I stopped coloring and highlighting my hair about 3 years ago. After coloring and highlighting my hair, it became brittle, product-needing, and thin. I had to use more and more products to make my hair look nice. I started working for an older woman who had the most incredible head of shiny and thick salt and pepper and silver hair. I asked her what she used and she said nothing. She told me she washed and conditioned. She said the secret to keeping your hair healthy was to not color it. She said to take care of your hair, and not to abuse it once it has grown out. It was simple advice. I stopped coloring and highlighting after that. I will not lie. It was rough at first. I felt ugly. The grow out was difficult. I cut it short to get rid of all the fried hair. I'm glad I stuck with it. My hair is growing like a weed three years into my natural hair journey. I have brown hair and a silver streak on my head. I had no idea what my hair color was. When my hair grew out, I wanted to invest in a product that would nourish my hair and promote a healthy scalp. This is the best way to wash your hair. My hair is light and full of body, and I no longer have the problem of Dandruff. I now wash my hair and let it air dry after years of blow drying and using a straightener. I have beach waves with volume and no hair. This cleanser does not strip my hair. I only have to wash my hair twice a week. I have noticed that my hair is less in the drain and that my hair is no longer itches.

👤I bought this at the beginning of the month. I used it for two months straight. I noticed that my hair was falling out around the middle of December. I was losing a lot of stuff in the shower, combing, and more. I began to notice how dry my hair was. It feels like straw. Worse than before! I was not sure if it was from the conditioner or the shampoo, but I am wondering. I stopped using it as soon as I realized it was the culprit. Once I cut my hair off and start over, I hope it goes back to normal.

👤I thought it was good to be true, especially for the price, when I looked at the ingredients when I was about to buy the product. I have lost a lot of hair. It is on my brush and in my shower. I lost almost nothing on my first use of the product. I thought it was weird when my hair fell out. I checked the ingredients and they only have organic materials, which are known to cause cancer and hair loss. I feel like I will use this product for a long time and I am looking forward to getting my hair back. The second review was by Yoo. I have finished my bottle. I got it on January 26 and February 20. My hair is almost a month old. I don't have to cut 6 inches off my hair because it has been made like those commercials. It is soft and shiny, my ends are together. The smell and feeling is what I live for. I will buy this product forever. I found bigger bottles at the store for a lower price. You can get it cheaper and bigger if you have a card from the wholesale club. It's a good thing.

11. LOreal Paris Repairing Conditioner Conditoner

LOreal Paris Repairing Conditioner Conditoner

EXPERT REPAIRING FORMULA: L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner is a set for silky, healthy, stronger, supple, and easy to style hair. There are ingredients for caring. It has up to 9 percent repair concentrate with a lot of vitamins and minerals for silky, healthy-looking hair. The Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner create a perfect synergy of intense care without the weigh down. Irresistible fragRANCE: L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5's has a creamy blend with green notes. The L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Power Restore Multi-Use Treatment is a complete repair system.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I am embarrassed to say that I have expensive hair care products. They don't hold a candle to the Elvive line. Try this and save yourself a lot of money.

👤I love this conditioner. I am careful about what I use on my hair as a former cosmetologist and someone with color treated hair. If I use products that are too harsh my hair will break easily. I use a harsh chemical on my hair and this conditioner works with all of my other hair care products. After styling my hair has never felt softer or more resistant.

👤My hair had been damaged and processed for over six months. My hair changed from lustrous and long to dry, brittle, broken and dull as a result of a busy life, stress, too much coloring and straightening and plain laziness when it comes to conditioning. I was horrified when I saw the condition of my hair. I decided to try Elvive Total Repair 5 instead of buying a more expensive brand. It's supposed to be great after reading about it. Well, wow! My hair is growing back. After one use the products... My hair came back to me. My hair is soft and bouncy and shines like glass in the sun. I can't even say that I am thrilled. I just wanted to give a quick review because I found my new hair product. I can do this myself at home, so who needs the salon? Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this product. It's a great secret that needs to be shared.

👤It broke my hair off so bad that it began to fill out so bad, and it also burnt my hair.

👤I love this when my hair is older. It is great for the younger people. It was soft soft!

👤I got a small sample of this at Walgreens and it changed my life. I got this sample about 3 years ago. The balm is called #hairgoals. It makes my hair soft. I use Overtone Deep Coniditioner to keep my hair vibrant and colorful, it has blue color in it, and I use it to color my hair every week. Since it takes more time to do both, I started slacking on using the Loreal conditioner. I was confused as to why my hair looked so amazing after using the Loreal again. What did I do differently? I made two and two together and a long story short. I use this conditioner to make my hair bouncy and wonderful. It's cheap! Your hair will thank you if you buy it.

👤I was disappointed in the results of my deep conditioner I had been using. I bought this on a whim. My hair is straight and long. It is dyed blonde every other month. I thought it had gotten really dry. I needed a conditioner like this. There is no more "dry bleached hair" look.

👤This stuff doesn't weigh my hair down and it smells great.

👤Mi cabello estaba a las seco y maltratados. The aroma is agradable. 100% recommendable!


What is the best product for repair shampoo bar?

Repair shampoo bar products from Viori. In this article about repair shampoo bar you can see why people choose the product. Ethique and Sheamoisture are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair shampoo bar.

What are the best brands for repair shampoo bar?

Viori, Ethique and Sheamoisture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair shampoo bar. Find the detail in this article. Nizoral, Sheamoisture and Sheamoisture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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